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The Shaolin Cowboy: Who’ll Stop the Reign? #2 (of 4)

Geof Darrow (W/A/Cover), Frank Cho (Variant cover), and Dave Stewart ©
On sale May 24 • FC, 32 pages • $3.99 • Miniseries
The Shaolin Cowboy hits town, and it hits back. With King Crab in hot pursuit, he runs straight into the not-so-kosher menace of HOG KONG and his twisted tale of ham-fisted revenge. High-cholesterol-fueled action served up hot with plenty of chasers!

Judaism: “So, the Messiah is gonna come and it’s gonna be fab! World peace, no hatred, full understanding of divinity.  Heck, G-d is gonna even make pork kosher so we can celebrate Messiah time with bacon!  And EVERYONE is invited!!! EVERYONE. Jews, non-Jews! IT’S GONNA BE SO GREAT!!! Even bad people are gonna just spend like a 1 year cooling off period in hell and then they can TOTALLY JOIN THE PARTY!!! EVERYONE IS INVITED!!!!“

Christianity: "THERE SHALL BE THE TRIBULATION AND ALL THE NON BELIEVERS SHALL ENDURE YEARS OF TORTURE! Those who have not accepted Jesus shall spend their eternity burning in the lake of fire! He is the ONLY WAY! There shall be NO FORGIVENESS for those who have rejected our lord!”

Christians to Jews: “OMG, Jews, why don’t you accept Christianity?? It’s full of love and forgiveness. Your old testament god is so cruel and barbaric!”


they’re back


Suga get out of there.

This is a dumb Idea i’ve had in my head for like two months now and I only just got around to drawing it. (It’s because I’m procrastinating something else)


I’m still new to this whole youTube thing although I’ve actively participated in watching videos for years. In 2016, I hope to share more of my personality and not so kosher views on real life.

We all deal with ain’t shit people… this is my way of handling them. ;-)

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Culture is never a reduced essence of something indigenous. It is whatever particular recipe of cosmopolitanism its people have produced. In America, the recipe is so multipartite that it produces Kosher Thai restaurants. In Iceland, it’s one part coffee to one part anything else.
—  Adam Gopnik on his visit to Iceland.

The scary part is that I have been asked a lot of these questions. I never know how to answer them…

Fuck cheap baby boomers

I work at a small family owned animal hospital and let me tell ya some of our clients are the worst kinds of people. Almost all of them are extremely cheap and rude when you don’t capitulate to their ludicrous demands. Anyways story time, there’s a new allergy medication (it’s been out for three years) and it’s wonderful, the only drawback being it’s cost. Yes I understand not everyone can afford the newest, biggest, and best thing around, I know I can’t. So yesterday this older guy (maybe in his 50’s) comes into pick up this medication for his dog, all is going as normal except he has this hair brained scheme of how he’s gonna be cheap about it. He thinks of he gives the next size up and gives half the pill he’ll be kosher. So I’m standing there for half a fucking hour, with other people waiting for me to help them, trying to explain that 10.2 mg =/= 8 mg and we can’t give out misdosed prescriptions. So he storms out and leaves his card on the counter and he comes back THREE whole hours later to pick it up and cusses me out because it wasn’t sitting directly where he left it three hours ago (we put cards that people left into a locked drawer. Thank god my boss had my back and refused to give into this cheapskates idea.

“tikkunolamorgtfo has identified as a Zionist in the past”

I literally haven’t, and that phrase was never in my blog description.

Apparently all Jews are the same to him. I don’t know why y'all are friends with Norr (who has now blocked me) when he keeps fucking up with antisemtism spectacularly. Remember when he called Jews mocking their persecution via blood libel an attack on Christian Palestinians and Oded Fehr was a light-skinned man in brown face?

And he says @antisemitic is a colonizer because his family had nowhere else to go but Israel when they were expelled from MENA, but he’s not a colonizer for living in Canada?

Because it’s only a problem when THE JOOZ do it.

I wonder, has he blocked users from the MENA countries who expelled their Jews (thus contributing to Zionism) and stole all of their assets? Or again, is this all “kosher” so long as the victims are Jews?

Shit like this is why I had to leave the Palestinian liberation movement. I sincerely believed we could all live peacefully together, but antisemites demonstrated to me time and time again that my optimism was misguided. There are always double standards for Jews—every place, every era, and if we ask people not to engage with that kind of thinking, we are accused of being disloyal to the cause or are outright attacked.

If this clown knew anything about me, he would know that I don’t oppose a single unified state for both Palestinians and Jews, but that I would only support it going forward with a very clearcut plan for Jewish protections (given that Jews would be a minority amongst gentile Arabs) and a lot of anti-racism education initiatives beforehand on both sides to avoid a civil war.

But if that’s too much to ask, then I guess Jewish lives mean nothing to him, and that when he talks about a land of unity, he actually means a land where Jews shut up and know their place.