so nobody touches me

no offense but it makes me uncomfy that warrior cats will be a cgi/live action movie when it instead should obviously be an animated tv show?? don’t @ me

me before shaving: Ugh

me after shaving: I am smooth and perfect. I am sleek. I am the dolphin, I am the rider of ice. nobody can touch me, I cannot be touched. I am so fast. nobody could ever touch me

Strip Tease | Joker X Reader

Warning: The upcoming imagine you are about to read contains sexual content that may or may not be too graphic to read. Don’t read if you don’t like it, and don’t report it just cause ya don’t ;)

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It was my first night in the club, and looking out to the crowd, I couldn’t find J anywhere. He was nowhere to be found, not even in the VIP area. There were a few henchmen of his standing by at the entrance of it, I assumed they were waiting on him.

I got closed the door after looking into the crowd, other girls dressed in almost close to nothing sitting at their vanity mirrors and getting ready in some way. I wore something almost close to nothing, but certainly wore more fabric on my body than they had on. 

“Hey, it’s alright,” Sylvia, a dancer here at his club, comforted me. Her hand met my shoulder and she smiled with joy. “It’s scary, but once you get out there, let your hips sway to the beat and body follow the rhythm, and then it’ll get fun,” she encourages and helps with my anxiety.

I inhale sharply and exhale a smile, nodding at her. “Thank you,” I tell her. She nods, responding with a, ‘No problem’, before walking off, wearing a robe. The song finally went off and the start of another started playing, a sign that it was my turn to dance. So I left and went down, walking down the stage on the way to the pole inside the small glass box. I eventually reach it and the music starts picking up, my heart’s racing and I was sad I couldn’t show myself off to the King.

But, my mind started drifting at the imaginations of him and then, my body started swaying. My hands reached above my head and grabbed the pole, I fell down and fell back up, eyes closed but opening every now and then to keep and eye on where I move and how. I pay no attention to the crowd, but I can hear the whistles through the loud music. When I climb on the pole and flip upside down, I open my eyes to see J coming in from the back. He’s watching me, our eyes are not connected but I know he’s observing me. His body sways as he holds his cane in one of his gloved hands, and this was when I began to feel more confident.

The longer the music lasted, the longer it continued, the faster my body picked up and my hips continued to sway. What felt like an eternity later, I did something drastic that made me self conscious, but I went through with it anyways. I took my top off, and it only stirred the crowd up more. Sadly, seconds after doing so I heard a whistle and it brought my attention to him. I stopped dancing and climbed out, going through the back way to the VIP area so nobody could touch me. When I entered, I saw a very angry J and his henchmen with a dark shade of pink on their faces. As I stood in front of him, he stands up and grips my hair with his gloved hands. My lips parted and my breathing picked up, becoming heavier just from being in his presence and his touch.

His other hand slid up my belly, circled my belly button a few times before reaching my breasts and groping them firmly. I yelped with pleasure, I watched his face. His eyes were on my naked figure, mostly on my now hardened nipples. No smile was visible, but his lips were parted and I heard a low growl in the back of his throat. 

“Ah, fuck…” I involuntarily moan. His eyes connect to mine with eyebrows furrowed and head tilted. 

“What was that?” he groped my other breast again, firmer than last. Another involuntary moan escapes past my lips. “Are you enjoying this?” he asks with no sarcasm in his tone. I nodded, he grips my hair even harder and yanks it to where he’s now sitting down and I’m straddling his lap. His hands are no longer connected to my body, but I can feel a certain someone pressing against my sex, I couldn’t help but grind against it. I can see him grit his metal capped teeth together and head throw back, my arms snake around to touch his shoulders but he grabs my wrists and puts them behind my back.

“Frost! Cuffs!” he demands, a tall man standing to the right of the entrance of the VIP lounge turns and shuffles through a nearby bag, tossing them to J. He catches and cuffs my hands behind my back. “No touching,” he says. I bite my bottom lip but continue to slowly grind against his member through the fabric. In this euphoric moment, the music is mute in my ears and I see nothing but the King of Gotham in my grasp. He’s getting turned on by me of all people. A girl who could barely let a knife touch another person is controlling the man who’s killed hundreds, maybe even thousands of people just from sexual touches.

“Enough…” he breathes, picking me up by my thighs and back, moving me to my stomach. He lifts my hips up a little further and spreads my legs before cutting my bottoms off. I could hear a purr of pleasure from him once they fall from my body.

“Oh, god, baby girl…” and suddenly, I feel his bare fingers touch my sex, running up and down my slit before one finger slides in with ease. “Fuck, are you always this ready for daddy?” I find that my teeth are biting hard down on my lip so I stop once I feel the stinging pain. He moves his finger in and out, curving them and touching each of my walls. As he picked the speed up, curving and soon adding another finger, it felt like he was taking his fingers on a walk. 

My climax was coming on, but before I could find my release I heard his pants unzip and suddenly a member is forced inside my. My head is thrown back and I wiggle my body while he just stands over me, hovering and mouth against the back of my neck. 

“Fuck, you feel so good, Y/N…” he tells me, boosting my confidence. I couldn’t believe what we were doing, we were fucking in the middle of a public area, so many people could be watching but I couldn’t help but get more turned on by the thought of being watched. 

His hips started moving and immediately, I feel the tip of his member touch repeatedly against my hot spot inside me. His pace picked up, he growled, moaned and purred loudly, it all turned me on and eventually, I tried to find my climax until he paused and unlocked my cuffs, flipping me to my back and now standing over me. My eyes were closed tight and his hand once against traveled up my body and eventually to my neck, applying light force, enough to choke me but not enough to leave me no air.

Soon enough, my arousal grew and it became harder to contain my orgasm, so I released myself over his member and possibly the couch. However, I noticed he hadn’t released yet but when I did, he stopped and brought up to meet his face. 

“I did not tell you, you could cum… did I?”

Tease - Enoch O'Connor imagine - request 

request: Omg can you do a teasing Enoch headcanon? Or a slightly dirty one? You don’t have to if you don’t want to of course but I’m just curious 😂


a/n: this is the storyline/thing i thought of so here it goes ehfjhfgu i hope you like it. i tried to make it dirty or whatever you call it, but idk if it worked ://// and i’m going to sleep now bye :) hope you liek disss

“y/n, do you want to play ball with us?” millard called out. i turned around, my skirt whirling around me along with my hair.

“uh… what kind? like football or…?” i ask.

“yeah, like football.” hugh replied. “i mean, if your skirt won’t bother you.”

i paused. my skirt. i shouldn’t play football while wearing a skirt that only reached a little over my mid thigh. but i’m too lazy to go change. i really want to spend time with my semi-new friends.

ugh, let’s just not care and not jump too much. not like anyone ever pays attention to me wearing skirts. i’ll play.

“yes, sure.” i said after thinking through it. “my skirt absolutely won’t be a bother, don’t worry.”

i walked through the garden with hugh and millard and horace - who was supposedly the judge or something. we divided into two teams, but mine needed one more person. since enoch - my grumpy best friend - didn’t want to, i took bronwyn.

enoch sat under a tree while we played, he said he’d help horace with judging (a/n: lol i hate how this sounds but sfhsjdfhsdjf dying) - i didn’t think there would be needed any help.

we played a few rounds, me and bronwyn won three times while hugh and millard won two times. it was fun, playing with them. hugh cheated a few times, but it didn’t change much in the scores. all the while, i was just being a sore loser at football - i couldn’t play at all, i’m horrible at football.

i fell over, tumbled and there were only two times out of a possible infinity of my skirt flying only slightly up. but luckily, nobody saw that from behind, and we only laughed it off with the others. all except for enoch, who held an even more serious look on his face - if that was possible. he was always deadly serious and annoyed.

“i can’t anymore, sorry boys.” i said, holding my stomach as i tried to catch my breath from all the running and kicking.

“please y/n, just one more round!” millard whined, hugh joining after,

“i really can’t.” i said, shaking my head with a tired smile. “i’m going inside to rest a little.” i spoke and turned around to go to the house. after a few steps, i heard enoch say:

“i’ll come, too.” in a rushed voice. i looked around my shoulder and he was already catching up with me. i looked at him with furrowed eyebrows. “i need to talk to you. in my room. alone.” he said, taking my arm in a slightly firm grip.

“okay…” i said.

with enoch holding my arm, we walked into the house and walked up the stairs to his room, which basically was also mine. for i spent the half of my time in there, with him.

enoch pulled me inside, shut the door and pushed me up against it. “what do you think you were doing back there?” he growled with his face so close to mine i could hear his breath on my nose.

i furrowed my eyebrows at his question. “what?”

enoch did his iconic groan and pushed me harder against the door, earning a soft yelp from me. one of his hand was on my hip. what was happening!!

“playing the game, with your skirt flying around.” enoch said. oh, SHIT! “couldn’t take my eyes off of you. and it felt so annoying to just watch you, knowing there were so many more things i could do.”

“w-what things?” i stuttered. he was really giving me major confusion right now, what was he talking about?! “what do you mean? i don’t understand what’s going.”

he chuckled, looking away. after a short moment, his eyes locked with mine again. “how can you be so clueless about your own behaviour? you were teasing me, y/n. and i do not like that.”

“teasing?” i repeated.

“oh, for bird’s sake.” he rolled his eyes.

“uh… what are you going to do about it?” i asked, ignoring his comment. enoch grinned.

his hand traced up my side, giving me ultimate shivers all over my body. this touch felt so surreal, unknown. nobody had ever held me like this. his eyes were intently watching mine as i was looking back into his orbs, waiting for something to happen.

enoch’s eyes diverted from mine when he lowered his head and slowly put his lips on mine. when our lips met, it felt hungry, lustful, dangerous? was he kissing me? is this what kissing felt like? why was he doing this? we’re best friends!

oh, but it felt so wonderful. it was my first time… doing this, i didn’t even know what to do.

enoch pulled back and looked at me watching him. why did he do that?! that felt so… yes!!!

his eyes held regret and disappointment. oh, no, no.

i put my arms around his neck, hesitantly, and pulled him closer before he could go anywhere.

“c-could you… do that… again, please?” i asked quietly. enoch’s facial expression immediately changed and he grinned. instead of answering, he dove down and connected our lips again.

bliss, utter bliss.

i would have never imagined us kissing, but this - i bet - was better than any fantasy.

i gained my courage and finally kissed him back. he smiled into the kiss and pulled me closer by my hips. and then his hand slipped down to my bum, giving it a light squeeze, as if not to scare me off or something. i gasped and it gave the perfect opportunity for him to kiss me deeper - and with tongue.

wow. where did he learn this? how was enoch such a professional? maybe he wasn’t a professional, but to me he absolutely seemed like one.

his lips then disconnected with mine, making a whine come past my lips. but he moved down to my neck to pepper that with kisses. his lips were looking for something and after a few seconds i think he found it. he kissed a spot on my neck and that made me shiver and release a small whine that sounded a little like something else.

“have you any idea what you’re doing to me?” enoch groggily said, looking me into the eyes. i smiled.

what was he doing to me? he was making me feel every type of way, my my…

“can you show me?” i suggested. enoch’s face did an emotional flip and he nodded. his lips then kissed mine again and i kissed back, showing him i felt what he did, whatever it was.

that day totally changed my world.

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any cuddle h for the crusaders?

I never know how to write anything cuddly because m an, I am the opposite of cuddly, not even my own family is allowed to touch me rip lmao; I hope these are okay!

☆ Jotaro ☆

  • It’s no surprise to his s/o, but Jotaro’s just not a cuddly person at all. At the start of the relationship he’d brush them off every time they went to touch him in any way, but eventually he did realize that physical affection’s important to them; he’s gruff about it, but he finally relents and lets them grab at him however they please.
  • He’s super awkward about returning the affection; not only is he not used to it, but he’s also afraid of hurting his s/o somehow, because they’re so much smaller than him. He just kind of follows his s/o’s lead, letting them grab his hands and guide him. The only times he’s ever the one to initiate are going to be when he’s really tired, or when he’s aware that his s/o’s having a really hard time- and even then he’s not very tactful about it, just scooping his s/o into his arms and carrying them off to bed.


  • Kakyoin’s also not used to physical affection, but he definitely craves it; once he’s got a partner, he realizes that he definitely enjoys the way they wrap their arm around his waist when they’re standing together, or how they like to snuggle against his chest and play with his hair while he’s working on something.
  • He’s the most likely to fall asleep while cuddling his s/o, but he never wants to fall asleep before they do; he doesn’t mean to sound weird about it or anything, but he loves watching them sleep next to him or in his arms. He’s just super honored that they love him so much and feel safe enough to fall asleep with him, and it’s pretty cute how they keep a tight grip on him even when they’re fast asleep.

☆ Joseph ☆

  • While he still puts on a show about being tough and wild, Joseph does still adore cuddling, even if he won’t admit it. Whenever his s/o goes to hug him, he’ll make all sorts of jokes about how they just like him for his muscles, but he honestly just thinks it’s adorable that his s/o likes his hugs so much. Well, he does have years of practice-
  • He’s the type to be overly-affectionate with his s/o, so he’s totally down with cuddling in public; here’s hoping his s/o isn’t that easily embarrassed, because he’s actually pretty sad if they’re not comfortable with public displays. He understands either way, though, and would never purposely do anything to upset or embarrass his s/o, so he’ll stop whenever they tell him to.

☆ Polnareff ☆

  • Polnareff’s also super affectionate with his s/o, even more so than Joseph can be; cuddling with his s/o is just about his favorite thing in the world because he loves them so much. It definitely helps that he’s super comfortable to be with- he’s pretty warm to the touch, and he’s just soft enough that his s/o can fall asleep against his chest comfortably. It also helps that he’s super gentle and holds them like they’re an absolute treasure.
  • He’s not really able to keep his hands still when his s/o’s in his arms. He’s constantly tracing different patterns on his s/o’s skin, or dragging his hands up and down their sides, or twirling bits of their hair around his fingers. If his s/o’s ticklish at all, he’s definitely likely to accidentally runs his hands over a spot that sets them giggling- and then he starts snickering too, because his s/o’s adorable-

☆ Avdol ☆

  • Avdol keeps himself busy throughout the day, so although he does enjoy holding his s/o, he’s rarely the one to initiate- but there’s nothing he loves more than to come home after a tiring day, just for his s/o to throw themselves into his arms. They’d been hoping to catch him off-guard for once, but he laughs, and they pout as he picks them up and just carries them effortlessly.
  • Even disregarding his stand, Avdol’s just naturally really warm; on colder nights, his s/o always snuggles as close as they can get before proceeding to wrap his coat around the both of them. He keeps warning them that they could overheat if they’re not careful, but his s/o refuses to listen anyways- instead they just curl up tightly against him and ask him to tell them stories. He obliges, naturally, and his s/o almost always falls asleep against his rumbling chest.

you are the only one a geralt/yennefer fanmix

i. draw your swords - angus & julia stone / ii. shiver - lucy rose / iii. the first taste - fiona apple / iv. nothing like you and i - the perishers / v. sleep tonight - stars / vi. fire and the flood - vance joy / vii. ain’t gonna lose you - brett dennen / viii. lover’s spit - broken social scene