so no pretty color effects


So this cutie here is Luna Ryder. I’m very happy with her face. She’s friggin adorable and, for the most part, looks great in cutscenes. She’s currently an infiltrator, though I am tempted to get a few biotics in there. The plan for her is some turian loving, courtesy of Vetra, though who knows, Jaal make swoop in and take her.
Also, sorry for the terrible picture quality. I have no idea how to screen shot on the Xbox.


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ArtRage Review

I love it. The demo gives you a few tools for watercolor and oil painting, as well as paint rollers, sprays, etc. There are presets for each brush that have different effects. So, overall, pretty interesting to use for odd coloring!

You probably can’t see the paint streaks in the above images, but the program does have that feature. It also comes with different background types– canvas, paper, decorative, etc. I’ve yet to draw with them.

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