so nickelodeon


Tv show aesthetic: Invader Zim

“You have to observe what these… Earthenoids consider to be… normal. Then, based on your observations, we make our disguises… and our home.“

danny fenton, casper high’s resident space nerd, who’s never seen without his jacket and wears the same five shirts and jeans in rotation, always has a water bottle + gum with him, has been hanging out w/ the same two kids since second grade, is sometimes is seen diving around empty corners, and for all anyone knows has never brushed his hair a day in his life

LGBT child characters are super rare

So Nickelodeon introducing one is extremely important. It’s a very necessary step to stop this gross ‘LGBT content is only for adults’ mentality.

I can just imagine the amount of young girls growing up with this show feeling validated and supported through this confusing time in their life.

Probs to you the loud house!