so nice to finally have this uploaded


I drew these a while back but I finally managed to upload them to redbubble!
Mainly an excuse to draw the matsunos in nice outfits…Which is actually harder than you’d think because they’ve already been put in pretty much every clothing possible"“

I always forget how hard it is to draw all six of the bros at once, they’re so simple but it’s still six characters, lol.

Anyway, enjoy! and if you have time, maybe check out my redbubble!

Yeah well… I can’t help myself. I’m in too deep with this ship.

I think I finally figured out Luna’s face. lol. (‘coz I was having trouble getting the likeness right)

The quote was from a fanfic I tried to write (but failed miserably). It’s the only thing that turned out nice so I kept it. (I deleted the fanfic out of embarrassment)

Edit: Ah crap, I saw some mistakes and I didn’t have internet connection earlier to upload an edited version quickly. No worries, I just erased a few errors - nothing major changed.

characters © Square Enix
art © annaoi

Hi, guys! I’m finally ready to do my favorites page! I’m really excited for it, so hopefully you guys are interested in it. I’m going to choose when I’m happy with the amount of notes! Message me if you have any questions♡

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Please participate! I don’t want this to go badly!

Sorry (again) for the shaky camera, clumsy hands, and noisy room, but this is the only opportunity I have for a while to get footage of my final piece. ^^;

Over the last month I’ve been working hard to produce a 32 page comic based on Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials series. My big focus throughout this piece was experimenting with layout and colour to influence the pacing and atmosphere of the extracts. I know that my drawings aren’t the best that they could’ve been, and I rushed a lot near the end, but overall I’m really happy with the outcome of this project, and I feel that all the work came together nicely in the end. 

Making comics has always been something I’ve wanted to do, so having the opportunity to make one for my final piece, and physically hold something I made, has been really rad. And yes, I will be uploading this online for anyone that’s interested when I’m able to, I’ll need to resize the files and upload them to a website like Tapas or ^^

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Welp, if you're bored I've got a few questions for you. Will you upload your stream of the DS remake of Final Fantasy IV to YouTube? Have you given RPG maker games a try(ex: Witches House, Crooked Man)? Do you read any smut fiction? Do you know you have a nice, calming presence to those of us with anxiety/depression, and on more than one occasion saved the day? Finally, do you understand that you are well loved by your community and fans, who all genuinely want to see you happy?

1. I don’t have the streams saved at all, so I don’t know if I’ll get them online!

2. I have not.

3. Not especially? I read some spicy Asagao ones but not really smut.

4. No?



FINALLY IT’S DONE!!! I am so sorry that it took this long to upload the last pages, these has been lying half done on my desk for months now but I just couldn’t find the energy to finish them. Thank you everyone for all your support! And thank you Noblemouse for their lovely story and for being here for me during these months! ♡

First page

Second page

Third page

Original story: Three of a kind

Sequel: Striptionary

Thank you for reading! Have a nice day~  o(≧∇≦o)

iKON Reacting to you Walking in on them Shirtless/Changing

A/N: Hey! Thank you for requesting sorry for the long wait loool^^ 

P.S. Hi everyone! I’m back from my long hiatus and I hope you guys know that even though I’m continuing to update, it does not mean I will be updating frequently but whenever I have the time to… Please send requests because I’m starting fresh! I need more requests so request as much as you want! Also, final exams are next month so there will most likely be a delay but overall, I’m great to upload this whole month! Thank you for everyone waiting! Love you guys <3


I can see Jinhwan getting all cocky when he sees you blushing. He’ll try to make you even more shy by walking over to you without a shirt and give you a nice big hug. 


Out of the seven, he’d be one of the shyest. It would probably one of the few times that you catch him changing. He would shyly put on his shirt quickly and the two of you would try to ease the awkwardness by rambling. 


Definitely, Bobby would not be shy at all and even make a joke out of it to ease the embarrassment that you feel. He’ll flex and make funny sounds to get you laughing and it’ll be like nothing after that. 



He’d definitely fake the fact that he was also shy like you, laughing nervously and quickly putting a shirt on. I can imagine an awkward silence during this until you say something. 


Honestly, your jaw would drop to see them buns . He would give that adorable giggle and put on a shirt quickly, giving a wink at you, causing you to blush furiously. 


I can imagine Junhoe being the best person to play it off by giving you that jaw dropping stare. He would then say, “Like the view?” and give a wink, causing you to roll your eyes, but laugh. 


You could probably imagine at this point that yes, Chanwoo would be the most shyest member out of all seven. He would screech when you walk in and immediately you would run out the door, embarrassed. Don’t worry he’s just as embarrassed.^^ 

okay u nerds sit around and lemme tell u a story of boueibu’s origin and creation process !! !!!!! but jokes aside thank u guys so much for all the nice comments on my past boueibu translations / informational posts they make me rly happy and i love seeing u guys being excited over them !! 

just a reminder if you have any queries about boueibu feel free to send me an ask bc im always up for answering your questions !! + they make me happy bc im trash

ok so lets go all the way back to 2013 to start off with-

before boueibu even aired there were heaps of rumours about it being extremely similar to free! and it being the male version of pretty cure ;; but in reality what the producers said were completely different.. after the airing of ‘ixion saga DT’ which takamatsu shinji (the director of boueibu) was in charge of, pony canyon as u may already know, a very renowned company in japan for the anime it produces asked director takamatsu if he wanted to create an anime that will be well-selling. now pony canyon is in charge of all the boueibu soundtracks and etc 

(x) (rough) translation : “because i wanted to create the idea of ‘basically spending their daily lives loosely in their clubroom’ and under kawahara san’s order, the ideas ‘boys transforming’ and ‘for women’, the three ideas were combined to make this plan. written on april 2013.”

pony canyon’s kawahara san’s orders were ‘boys transforming’ and ‘female-friendly’ whereas director takamatsu probably wanted something in line with gintama and daily lives of highschool boys so something relaxed loose and chilled… im so glad their ideas were combined lmao

its actually revealed later that this is their second planning but from these plans we can understand that they were in fact originally targeting boueibu to be ‘BL- like’,, although its already extremely intentional bl imo aha

a rough translation of the planning-

original anime plan バトルラクラスタ-

battle lackluster (title needs to be worked on)

the protagonist who is beginning his school life in some all boys school is invited by a senior student with the eyes of a dead fish to join a club that basically does nothing called the ‘earth defense club’ as they are lacking new members. but later found out that they really are an organisation that defends earth. 

the unproductive daily lives of high school boys 

the defense club consists of four unique seniors and a problematic teacher dispatched by the earth defense institution. the characters effortlessly spend their daily lives in the clubroom. when theres a problem, they tranform into battle lacklusters and fight their enemy organisation that desires world domination. 

an earth defense club consisting of ikemen (good-looking) high schoolers 

the main story is ‘targeted for women’ and an earth defense club consisting of good looking high school boys that defend their planet therefore in other words a ‘male version of sailor moon’. the battles and their daily lives will both be illustrated along each other and during their daily lives, each characters’ ‘lukewarm relationships’ (in many contexts) will be shown. 

school background + promised battles

the main story is not only their earth defense battle backgrounds but also their school background including this ‘do-nothing club’ or ‘earth defense club’ and an illustration of the daily lives of these high school boys within this so called club. each episode’s beginning section will show the carefree lives of these boys in the clubroom and the ending section will be comprised of the ‘transformation scene’, ‘catch phrases’, their burning ‘killing move’ within these ‘promised’ battles. after everything is over, they always visit the ‘karaoke’ to sing a song. this will be the ending of an episode.

may look routined but a developing story

the main story follows a routined format like an anime predominantly targeted at children and slowly unfolds the story throughout the episodes. why was the protagonist chosen? what are the battle lacklusters? who are their enemies? their objective? etc. each episode, an important element can be hinted leading to the next episode.

ok first of all… battle lACKLUSTERS?? ???,,?? earth defense institution??? ?? ARE YOU KIDDING ME 

so this is basically where boueibu began… we can see that some things were kept whilst some other things were completely trashed like fucking en yufuin (the senior student with the eyes of a dead fish im guessing) going out on his way to actually ask someone to join the club imc yring..,,, by ‘lukewarm relationships’ did u mean bl ????? ???l the extra bit at the end about them visiting a karaoke lmao that was obviously changed to a bath but i noticed that pony canyon did somehow keep the karaoke element bc as i added before pony canyon is in charge of all the soundtracks and if we look at the cd covers of boueibu theyre all in a karaoke aha ;;; tbh boueibu is nothing like pretty cure its definitely like sailor moon 

(x) another rough translation : “i aimed for it to be something like sailor xxxn so i could make the producers laugh but since kawahara p hasnt watched sailor xxxn since they lived in another country ‘usagi? what’s that?’ (bitter laughter)”

u dont even know how much i laughed at this tweet omg poor takamatsu but anyways these are the original character plans for the battle lacklusters and all i can really say is…,, its basically chaos-


tsukino sabaku (hakone yumoto - battle lover scarlet)

a first year student who entered binan high school this spring. a handsome boy with girl-like features. joins the ‘earth defense club’ as recommended by mizuno as the club is lacking new members. but as the club was really the secret headquarters for an actual organisation defending earth, tsukino transforms into lackluster moon and fights their enemy.

mizuno tadakuni (yufuin en - battle lover cerulean)

*laughing bc this is an actual name of a famous figure in japanese history

a third year student with the eyes of a dead fish, earth defense club’s president. a master at doing things at his own pace and being carefree. always seen spending his time in the clubroom. transforms into battle lackluster mercury.

hino shohei (zaou ryuu - battle lover vesta)

*means to be well known for being a player in the japanese entertainment world

a long haired second year student with a flippant personality and enjoys playing with girls. an expert at playing around, is able to turn any situation into some sort of a play. calls himself popular but doesnt give out that impression at all. transforms into battle lackluster mars.

kino kuniya (naruko io - battle lover sulfur)

*this is a bookshop name boueibu

a cunning second year student with excellent accounting skills. an expert when it comes to business and thinks of everything as cash. transforms into lackluster jupiter. 

aino kusabi (kinugawa atsushi - battle lover epinard)

a third year student with a man-like personality. holds the principle ‘live for love, die for love’ very deeply. transforms into battle lackluster venus. 

uh director this definitely makes boueibu look like a parody of sailor moon im crying but as u can see some of these aspects have been kept like ryuu not being popular with girls so after all the planning they gathered all the staffs and worked with diomedia nice nice happy ending !! !! after a meeting with producer sekiyama san and the president of diomedia kohara san it was finally decided that the characters would be named after bathhouses lmao

and that is how boueibu came into being..,, 

oh wait but i also have the very first illustration of boueibu-

(x) translation : “an illustration created at the very beginning of the plans. chizuru(the chief designer), im sorry for uploading this.”

im peeing just looking at this i mean yumoto looks the same but look at rYUUS GLORIOUS SCARLET HAIR AND ENS BLUE HAIR im guessing the one with the green hair at the very back is…. io?? i cnat even tell who atsushi is lmao

anyways this is the end of this post (there is ofc more to come ww) but i hope u guys enjoyed this and feel free to add anything yea !! !!!!! 

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It's weird how much just having a nice banner + icon, etc can motivate you to make more content. Like I've been in a rut video-wise, but I finally got the chance to make myself a new banner and now I just want to upload so much and I guess it's like refreshing ahhh

true !! its kinda like re-organizing or re-decorating your workspace

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Hi! Sorry for bothering you but I love both you and MIW so it's thrilling to see you with Chris. If you don't mind me asking, is he as nice as everyone says he is? Did you meet the rest of the band? Are they nice too? Do you have an idea of when the interview will be uploaded?? Sorry, I'm very excited haha 🖤🖤

He is as nice as everyone says :) I haven’t met the rest of the band yet but that could happen later this year - and the interview is up now! Finally! x

Double Trouble

YOI Anniversary Countdown Day 2: Two Yuris/Instagram ( @yoianniversary )

“Hey! Katsudon, how come you don’t have anything posted on your Instagram?” Yuri confronted Yuuri after practice. Viktor had ran off to eat ramen and drink again in town, so the two Yuris were left to themselves. Yuuri would’ve preferred practicing a little more, but he was cornered with the question. 

“Um…that is…I don’t really use it that often. I made it in college on a whim because my former rinkmate has one,” Yuuri tried to explain in an evasive tone, hoping it was a good enough answer for the teen.

“Hmph, that’s boring,” Yuri scowled and glared at Yuuri’s IG account on his screen as if his eyes could burn it or something. “Come with me then, we’ll fix this dead account of yours with new pictures.” Yuri grabbed Yuuri’s hand without waiting for an answer and dragged him off the ice.

“Eh? But we ought to be practicing more for the competition-” Yuuri protested but Yuri cut him off in his arrogant tone.

“You can always practice later! Now hurry up! There’s a food stand I want to try!” Yuri kept pushing Yuuri out of the rink. It seemed quite forceful and childish, but Yuuri was beginning to think Yuri was doing him a small nice favor for once. Yuuri smiled to himself at the younger Yuri’s hidden honesty. 

They left the rink together and headed to the food stand Yuri was talking about. When their food arrived, Yuri made Yuuri pose for a picture with his food using Yuuri’s camera and told him to upload it on Instagram immediately. It was a decent picture of Yuuri and the food looked really good to preserve the moment, so Yuuri had no complaints.

“Finally, you have a new pic on your page,” Yuri muttered when he checked his phone to make sure Yuuri did it. Yuuri stared at him with a strange look and smiled a little.

“Are you…following my Instagram account?” Yuuri realized, biting his lip to hide his amusement when Yuri looked flustered for a moment.

“Ba-idiot! I’m only following it because Viktor does too and you’re my rival!” Yuri gave an excuse. Seeing Yuri’s behavior made Yuuri laugh.

“Say, there’s some stores around here with really cheap tiger fashion, you want to check it out?” Yuuri offered and saw Yuri’s face light up like a child. After they paid for their meal, Yuuri took Yuri on a mini tour. As they browsed through shops and tried on several different fashion outfits, they took quite a few pictures and selfies together which started to fill the Instagram feed.

By the time they got back they found a half drunk and pouting Viktor waiting for them at the entrance. He jumped on both of the Yuris immediately and whined in a drunk state, “No fair! Why didn’t you two invite me? I’m your coachhhh!”

Both Yuris looked at each other and giggled to themselves. They may not be friends by the end of the day, but it was better than being disliked.

correlophus  asked:

I finally watched the entire R&J play and my god. Mercutio is so sassy and handsy with everyone (EVERYONE) and it's so lovely 😂😂! I love Romeo, Benvolio and Mercutios dynamic so much, they're such a fun trio! Tybalt started to grow on me too, he's got such a nice voice and I really like his blonde tuft? Thank you so much for providing links, I'll definitely have to watch it again :0!

AAAAA I’m so glad you enjoyed it! All gratitude is owed to my generous followers who provided links and then re-uploaded it without commercials. I also found out that those three are referred to as the “Montacrew” and I love that. Romeo is emo and full of bad ideas, Mercutio is crazy and full of WORSE ideas, and Benvolio is the constantly stressed mom friend–10/10 team. (I’m on the fence about Tybalt because his only emotions are ANGER and KNIFE but yes, good voice and great hair!)

This play holds a special place in my heart because I’ve been watching/listening to it since 2001. One of my good friends growing up was french and I could only watch it at her house because it required a french DVD player, so we would do sleepovers and put it on + all the behind the scenes stuff. She burned me a CD of the soundtrack which I’ve listened to enough to sing along with badly, and she would translate while we watched it and it just takes me back to a good time. So happy I can share this theatrical masterpiece with others!

Good Work Mr. Potter

Hey! <3 *//u//*
I am so sorry for the inactiviness (again)! U//__//U There are several reasons; no own pc, less time to draw and so on… I still try to figure out how to come up with a good way to handle all this stuff. But overall… my F*#&§+% wrists are aching like hell. I barely can hold a fork/knife. So drawing and writing was very hard. ;//o//;  Because of this pains I have to take long breaks, so it’s a real fight with the new pages for the Sherlock comic too…ugh.
But anyways, here is my new picture yayyy! It’s Severus Snape and Harry Potter. Omg Snape says something nice to Harry!? Mark that day in your calendar haha Well hehe I really hope that you will enjoy it and I am really glad that I could finally upload new art!! <3 *hug*
Have an awesome day/night! <3

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how do you make the gifs for your story? :O

as I always choose the harder way, now I really feel like the procedure it’s very complicated, but I’ve already got used to it, so I don’t feel like doing it differently

  • In animated pose situation, I take photos continuously till the animation it’s over
  • I edit each screenshot I’ve take separately, the same, same light layers, effects, etc. even if there are like 20 pics/frames, I edit all of them, till my eyes burn. That’s why sometimes I’m not really happy with the final thing.
  • I use gimp, so I think the procedure it’s a little different. I upload the first photo of the animation, then I open as layers the other ones.
  • In gimp to make a gif it’s like that: filters → animation → playback → file  → export as..  → select file type (by extension)  → select “gif”  → press “ export”

for sure it’s easier to press “V” in sims and edit the video, and maybe your gifs will look a lot better without a weirdoshitty texture I have on mine, but yeah, that’s how I do it! 

So today is the Twinyards’ birthday and according to a discussion by @coldsaturn and @still-waiting-for-godot Andrew would be turning 30 this year sooooo. Here is 30 year old Andrew and 28?? year old Neil (I can never remember his relative age ugh) Andrew still has the same haircut, Neil upgraded to a curly man-bun, undercut, and hipster beard. They’re at some stupid Pro-Exy banquet or something that requires them to dress nicely. Let’s all applaud Neil for finally having a wardrobe of clothes that actually fit. He’s grown so much as a person. *tear*

Also I have this dream that after retiring from exy at like 36 or something, Andrew takes his criminal justice degree and goes to law school and becomes A REALLY GOOD lawyer.

But uh yeah, markers on a printout of a sketch I did yesterday because I got SUPER IMPATIENT and didnt wanna wait until after work today to scan and upload and shit.

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1. How do you make your sigils? They're different from other ones I've seen. 2. I have chronic nausea, I get nauseous twice a day, and I think it might be due to anxiety? Do you have any sigils that could help/could you make one? Thanks 😊

Hello there!

Well, that’s what’s awesome about sigils - even with the same creation method two different witches can end up with two vastly looking sigils. We all have our own aesthetics and artistic tastes, and they definitely show up in our sigil work.

As for what method I use, it’s really inconsistent, honestly. Sometimes I stick to a rigid set of rules, sometimes I only use a few steps, sometimes I just doodle and let the sigil come out on its own. The longer I work with sigils, the more I find myself experimenting with methods and styles, and I think that’s evident if you look at the sigils at @magic-for-the-masses, and even go through @thesigilwitch. (Conveniently, I just posted a masterlist of all the sigils I ever posted at thesigilwitch [here] if you wanna check those out!)

Anyways, I will try to give you a basic idea of what my sigil creation method is currently like. This post can originally be found [here], but I am rewriting some bits and further expanding on, so it can be a better resource for this blog.

The first thing I do when making sigils is write down my statement of intent, what I want the sigil to do for me. I always do this in present tense - ”I am” versus “I will”. (There is a post about this somewhere but gods be damned if I can find it right now.) I prefer to use longer complete sentences to make sure I get exactly what I need out of the sigil; only using a couple words or even just one can work just as well, and I have done this too. To help show you some of my process I’ll use the statement “I am safe and protected in my city" as an example - a sigil I made ages ago on @thesigilwitch.

From there I remove any letter that repeats more than once. I keep the first “instance” of the letter and remove any other times it’s used in the statement after that. Some people say you should or “have to” remove the vowels as well, but I keep them, and my sigils turn out just fine; that feels very much like a personal preference thing to me, so whatever works for you. From this step, our example of “I am safe and protected in my city" becomes “IAMSFENDPROTCY.” I always tend to write my statements in capital letters too, because I guess it feels it gives it more impact, makes it stand out and is more prominent, but again, personal preference.

Once that’s done, I break down the remaining letters of my statement into smaller, basic shapes. So A would become / - \, D is just | ), and I think you get the point. :p This is very much a personal preference step. I find my sigils more aesthetically pleasing when they don’t look like the English alphabet - they look more mysterious and arcane, which is a huge draw for me, and basically what made me want to start working with sigils in the first place. Well, besides the fact that they looked super easy, not so draining of one’s energy, and the least likely to cause negative backlash, but I digress. It is good to note, as well, that it is pretty important that you like how a sigil works when you use it. This helps to add a sense of connection with it, which is always a positive thing in magic.

After that, I basically just doodle. I keep my statement of intent in mind as I draw, constantly thinking and repeating it to myself, even sometimes saying it out loud. Sometimes I use all the pieces of the letters, sometimes I use only one of each “piece,” sometimes I just wing it and don’t use any of them…consciously, anyway. This is the part of my creation process that is the most fluid, the most random and sporadic, which I find sort of hilarious. I spend the time to write out the statement, break it down as far as I can, and then most of the time I don’t even use the pieces I end up with. xD There are times when I don’t even break down the statement of intent - like my [”Amulet Coin” sigil] on my personal blog - and others when I rid the duplicate letters but never break it down any further than that - the [”Bring Rain” sigil] is a good example of that. Again, sometimes I just write down a statement of intent, focus on it, then just put my pencil to the paper and let it design itself. Other times I just repeat the statement in my head as I draw it completely freehand on my computer. It basically just depends on my mood, and what I’m feeling for each particular sigil, and also time constrictions.

Anyways, back to the creation process. I generally get a design I like in one to three sketches, but that’s because I’ve spent over a year doing this and I’ve gotten my style nailed down pretty tightly. Sometimes it takes a while to get a design that you like - last year I spent an hour and something like thirty designs for one sigil, that was brutal. It’s fine if it takes some time, just keep trying until you get something you really like the look of. There is no rush, no pressure, and nothing wrong with you or your skills if it still doesn’t happen. Sometimes it’s the universe telling us now is not the right time for us to be trying to use a sigil for that. But that’s a post for another time.

The design I went with for “I am safe and protected in my city" looked like this:

When I have a sketch that I like, I “digitalize” it. I draw a little bit outside of sigil work, and most of my artwork is done with digital art programs now, so I started neatening up my sigils that way as well. It’s super aesthetically pleasing to me, plus they look really nice uploaded to Tumblr when they’re digital. This step is another one of those absolutely personal ones, and has ultimately nothing to do with how the sigils works, just how it looks. I scan the sketch of the sigil, then use a mixture PaintTool SAI and Adobe Photoshop for making a final, digital my sigils. This sigil, “I am safe and protected in my city,“ looks like this when drawn in PaintTool SAI, and made to have a transparent background in Photoshop:

And that’s my process - for the most part. Lately I have been playing around with other creation methods, to see what sort of “looks” I can get, and to see if they’ll work as well. I find experimentation pretty important when working with sigils - they are a part of chaos magic, after all, which heavily recommends playing around and trying new things with magic. Personalization is a big thing as well, in all branches of magic. 

My creation method also really depends on the kind of mood I’m in, and how much time and/or energy I have to make a sigil. If I need to pump one out really fast, I generally just focus on my statement mentally and just let the pencil lead the way.

It wouldn’t be a post by me if it didn’t also include a ton of links for you to browse for further reading and comparison of other methods. ;) You don’t have to stick to one method - you can even Frankenstein steps from multiple methods to make one unique one of your own. It’s all about what you want, what will work for you, and what you like. :)

* = external links / resources

I also have to include [] - an AMAZING sigil generator that I love and highly recommend to those who have difficulties crafting their own sigils!

I hope that is useful to you anon, and good luck in your sigil-y ventures!


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hi I saw your sanha facetime edit and i was wondering how you made it lmao. it's so cute and adorable omfg

ok so since a lot of you seem to have liked it and ask the question, i’ll give you a step by step tutorial!

necessities: sony vegas, photoshop cs5, photoshop cs6, iphone (? if you want to be “calling” a different idol)

Keep reading


Didn’t realize that my SAI was going to expire so soon so I kind of did my best to slide in before the deadline XD; I was suppose to update my story today but this took priority. I’m sorry. I’m also uploading this tonight because I’ll be busy all week doing god knows what orz So yeah. 

I really like how the colors came out surprisingly. I feel like most of my digital pieces lack a great punch of color (which is ironic I know), but it’s nice to see that this piece is quite different, even from the waiter!Hiro picture I did a month-ish back. I still need to work on texturing though, but I’m gaining some knowledge on how to do it…finally…orz 

I still have the lineart PSD file, so if anyone happens to be interested in coloring it, my offer is still open. Just PM me! :) 

- Rin