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Hello! I have finally been able to check all the fics that have been recommended to me and I thought, well, these anons have been actual pearls, why not share all the titles they sent my way? :)

I have read just a couple of these fics. Some I had never heard before, some others have been recommended by mutuals and lovely people who came off anon, too. As most of you are great fics readers, you probably know the majority of these, but to me, it’s been such a precious and generous gift and, I mean, you never know, I hope someone can find something lovely to read in this list, like I have! So, thank you, anons, thank you for always being wonderful! ❤️ Here’s your fic rec!

  • I strongly recommend the wonderlands by stylinsoncity! It’s quite long, it’s angsty, finished and beautiful! Single dad Harry with some demons from his past and manager/producer Louis :) Bonus for me was Harry’s cute&moving relationship with his teenager daughter :) 
  • If you like Harry and Louis in love + angst + happy endings = basically anything cherrystreet
  • Empty skies or Jump before we fall by green_feelings :) Fandom classics, theay are amazing. Zarah5’ level of amazing ! :)
  • Take My Breath Away by Reality Better Than Fiction. It’s amazing!
  • Whirlwind by Dolce Piccante was wonderful! 
  • Relief Next to Me by Dolce is one of my all time favorites. Yes, the sex is hot, but their characters are so lovely. You really get to see their relationship develop. 
  • archiveofourown*org/works/10785375/chapters/23922933 if you like angst, you need to read the sweet home alabama AU, I’m halfway through it and I can’t stop crying 
  • Have you read anything from phdmama? She’s a newer writer in the fandom, and she wrote Feels Like Coming Home (which is more angsty I guess), and her Big Bang is incredible with louis in drag, it’s called if I had Three Wishes. I think she’s phd-mama on tumblr, and she’s really sweet too. Her writing is amazing and she gets nowhere near the attention she should. 
  • Maya, forgot to mention one more fic I thought you would like. Three French Hems by 100percentsassy and gloria andrews. 
  • fic rec: In this Light by exhilarated; Covered in lines series by mentalistecbm; Loving you is free series by littlelouishiccups; And Down the Long and Silent Street by whimsicule; and Coax the Cold by MediaWhore. enjoy! there are more, but these are the ones that are ready on my list.
  • Sweet, where you lay is another great fic. It’s based on Zach and Miles relationship, but with H/L in the leads. It’s fantastic!
Prompt #21 with Sandor Clegane

“Why are you so nice to me?” From this prompt list 
Requested by: Anon (thank you xx)
TW: none that I can think of
Word Count: 513


Being with the Hound was no easy feat, he was abrasive and harsh. But he was protective.

The pair were on the road when it happened, headed to a place with food and a roof to sleep under. Bandits attacked, they didn’t get anything but a beating from Sandor Clegane. He only killed one that day, and because he grabbed Y/N and tried to use her as a bloody meat shield. After Sandor pulled her away from the craven, there was a small tumble, the  bandit had a dagger. He only got one slash in before the hound took it and used it to slit the young man’s throat. When the two were a ways down the road, Y/N made him stop his horse, Stranger. She did it with words this time, but from your position in the saddle in from of him, it would have been easy to pull up the reigns and make him stop that way. Sandor, when not blind with rage, listened to Y/N. She sat him on a rock by a stream, letting Stranger drink from its cool blue waters. The girl filled a bowl with water and poured it over the wound, cleaning it out. Once Y/N dried it, which made the hound wince, she began to wrap the gash in linen, tightly but not too tight. Y/N gave him a smile he didn’t return. He wasn’t being rude, it just was very seldom that Sandor smiled

“Thank you.” Her voice was gentle as you placed a kiss on his un-burned cheek.
“Seven hells, Y/N. Don’t bloody thank me after you patched me up.” He spoke, gruffly as ever.
“I was thanking you for protecting me from that man when he grabbed me.” She smiled.
“Anyone would’ve done it…” He shrugged, looking at his boots.
“Yes, but they didn’t, you did. You’ve always protected me, I would most likely be dead without you…” She sat beside him.
There was a small silence before he spoke.
“Why are you so nice to me?” He asked, finally giving her eye contact. 
“Because you’re nice to me…” She said, this time she was the one to look down. 
“I’m not very bloody nice to anyone, woman. Whats the real reason?” He prompted once more. She was silent, thinking over her response, which turned out to be more impulsive than she thought it would be. She kissed him. This response was more unbelievable than the last to Sandor. But he didn’t want to stop her. 

The Hound would not admit it but there was a blush dusting his face. He was in shock, but there was the smallest of smiles on his face. And a bigger one on the girl’s. She was a blushing mess, but she was proud that she finally, after all this time, got the guts to do it. She leaned her head on his shoulder and coiled her arm around his, gently holding his hand. It was a real shock when he returned the favour.
“Now do you understand?” She asked, playfully. The Hound could only nod. This woman had rendered the Terrifying Sandor Clegane speechless.

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Hey, Aunt Scripty, thank you so much for running this blog! I would like to know if doctors have some way to wake someone up from a sedation (ketamine) or if you always have to wait for the medicine to wear off. thanks so much!! hope you have a nice day, my beautiful person~! xx

Hey there nonny! 

So first of all, there’s no “antidote” for most forms of sedation, including ketamine. The medications are simply allowed to wear off on their own, as the kidney and/or liver break down the sedative in the bloodstream and the effects begin to wear off. 

There are two exceptions to this. Benzodiazepines can be, but are almost never, reversed with flumazenil, and opiates (which aren’t sedatives, no matter what certain misinformed doctors think) can be reversed with naloxone. 

I can think of two other drugs that are reversed simply by stopping the infusion of them. Propofol is a very common surgical anesthetic, and is literally unconsciousness in a bottle; when the infusion stops, the character wakes up (unless it’s given with other sedatives), and Precedex (dexmedetomidine to its friends) works in a similar way. Precedex is a neat drug: you can put someone under, then shake them to wake them up, have them answer, and let them go right back under. It’s expensive, so it’s less common. 

Neither of these drugs can be given by injection into the muscles. 

The reason benzos are almost never reversed, by the way, is that benzos are the number one medication family used in treatment of seizures. So if your character is given flumazenil and then has a seizure, for whatever cause, the first-line drug will be completely ineffective. Unless the medication was given in significant overdose, it’s safer to just let it wear off. 

I hope this answer helps your story!! 

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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Your poetry is just a bad sufjan stevens ripoff

okay but you put my poetry and sufjan stevens in the same sentence so that’s automatically a compliment. thanks and hope you have a nice day xx

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Do you know any vampire!Harry, serial killer!Harry, psycho!Harry or postapocalypse!Harry fanfics? It could be her eon TUmblr, Wattpad, anywhere. Thank you so much and love you. Have a nice sunday xx


I’ve read some hella good ones on Wattpad
• Psychotic (psycho!harry kinda like the plot of AHS Asylum but with a twist)
• Anarchy (post apocalypse)
• Dark and Dangerous Love (this is a post apocalypse vampire one with a love triangle between Harry, Zayn and the OC)
• Haunted (its a ghost harry one and it kinda has to do with serial killings idk but it’s good!)
• Deranged (kinda psycho!harry mixed with demon!harry)
• dEVIL (kinda psycho too w/ demon!harry)

potato-kumi  asked:

I feel so happy whenever I read one of your stories. You're my favourite writer here and that since forever. I'm always excited about what you will post next and can't get enough of it. Thank you so much for brightening our days with your talent! I was wondering if you are still up for some Desus prompts? If so, I guess Jesus got a few nasty looking bruises from the battle with Morgan... Could you write something sweet about Daryl finding out about that and getting protective? Love you ♡

ahhh thank you so much, thats so nice of you haha xx 

Daryl had convinced Rick to let him go to Hilltop for a few hours. He knew that they had a mission to do, but Daryl just need to make sure that Paul was okay. Not knowing was making him anxious, and Rick could see that, which is why he had gave in rather easily. 

Their relationship was very, very new, and besides kissing, nothing else had come of it. But Paul deserved more credit than Daryl gave him, because when Daryl showed up whenever he wanted, and got overbearing, Paul never called him out. They both knew Daryl would get more comfortable and less anxious, and that it would just take time. 

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i just wanted to tell you, idk if you'll ever understand how powerful it is for you to share your feelings--these raw thoughts that we're afraid to say out loud. i never have the courage to speak up and reading what you write makes me feel so much less isolated. i'm very grateful for that. never think you're an island—you've effected my life positively. xx

this message is so nice, thank you so much. hearing that sort of thing always lifts my spirits. i’m glad i could help you in any way

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ur writing is so nice tasha !!! could u do 22 for flintwood pls? xx

thank you <3

My writing

Prompt list

Marcus tried his hardest not to fall asleep in History of Magic. But honestly, he was so goddamn bored. He wasn’t terrible at the subject by any means, especially compared to other classes, but he had trouble paying attention. It didn’t help none of his friends were in the class. 

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hey beth i have one important question, do you think you could recommend some cc beards? all my male sims look as if they just escaped the womb and when i put ea beards on them they just look like bearded 12 year olds :( it would be so nice if you could recommend me some, please and thank you xx

hey lovely!! check out @xldsims!!! my fave cc beards/stubble and male hairs!!! super awesome stuff which i use alllll the time! you’re welcome sweetness 💕

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I so look forward to reading your blog & blurbs every day!! Could you write a smut about Harry & an older but taken woman? Perhaps she's worked for the lads for ages and has always been close friends with Harry. But then he starts to see her in a different light..... Oooohhh, so much with the Harry smut!! Thank you so much - you are full of awesomeness! xx

(thank you!!)

“Nice to meet you. I’m Harry.”

He nearly engulfed your entire hand in his as he shook it, giving your fingers the briefest squeeze before letting go. His hair is a deep and shiny brown, curling at the ends and tracked through with the pathways his fingers had forged, and fixed right onto you is a pair of the most startlingly green eyes you’ve ever seen in person. His body is long and leanly muscular, broad and just a little bit lanky, and if you had allowed yourself to think it at the time, you would have described his voice as ‘pornographic’.

All of the One Direction lads are attractive in their own very real right, well groomed and bright eyed, ready for the tour everyone in the room is about to embark on. They’ve all been polite and approachable and as accommodating as world famous popstars can be to you and all the other members of the tour crew, but Harry seems to be something different, a whole new level altogether.

It starts to make sense now why Abby, the one who referred you to apply for a job on One Direction’s road crew, told you to ‘watch out’ for him.

“Careful,” she’d warned, winking at you with her voice laced with heavy humor. “That Styles kid will charm the pants right off you if you don’t watch out.”

You’d laughed and rolled your eyes, not thinking anything of it, but now that he looks at you, eyes so brilliant you’re nearly stunned and pink tongue darting out to dampen plush lips, you wonder if she was really joking.

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Doomed - Jason Todd x Reader

Prompt: Heyyy, how are you? I was thinking if you could write a jason todd x reader imagine based on the songs doomed and follow you by bring me the horizon? Thank you so much and have a nice day xx (requested by @stay–satan)

“I think we’re doomed.” Jason abruptly whispered in bed, looking blankly up towards the ceiling. You didn’t understand where this sentiment suddenly came from but it wouldn’t be the first time he’s shown insecurities towards your relationship with him. You brought your hand up to his cheek and turned his face towards you. His eyes were sad and conflicted when he finally turned his gaze towards you. You leaned in and gently pressed a kiss to your lips, he hesitated for a brief moment before slowly responding to your lips movements.

“Jay, I’m telling you you’re all I need. I promise you that you’re the only person I see. I’m never going to leave you Jason Peter Todd, especially if you want me to leave because you think I somehow deserve better than you. I don’t. I’m all yours Jay. Nothing will ever change that.” You promise, nuzzling your nose into his neck and hugging him closer to you. In response, he wrapped his arms around your shoulders and pressed a lingering kiss to the top of your head.

“You do deserve better than me [Y/N]. With my life, when it rains it fucking pours and I don’t want you to get hurt because of it. I’m not worth saving.” He insisted his eyes downcast away from you.

“Jason.” You said firmly, turning his face towards you so he was looking you in the eye. “You could drag me through hell if it meant I could hold your hand. You could engulf us in flames and I would follow you to the very end. I will gladly do anything for you Jason. Cross my heart and hope to die, I’ll always be by your side.” You swear crossing your heart for further emphasis.

“God, [Y/N]. I’m so utterly fucking obsessed with you. You’ve always got me on my knees. I love you so fucking much. I’m your one man cult. So I cross my heart and hope to die,” He said crossing his fingers over his chest. “I’ll never leave your side.” He whispered against your lips.

“I love you so much, Jason. You are my world.” You gazing lovingly into his eyes. He responded with a warm smile and a soft kiss to your lips.

“You’re my universe, [Y/N].”

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Do you know any vampire!Harry, serial killer!Harry, psycho!Harry or postapocalypse!Harry fanfics? It could be her eon TUmblr, Wattpad, anywhere. Thank you so much and love you. Have a nice sunday xx

@jawllines has a brilliant Vampire!Harry story. xx