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Doomed - Jason Todd x Reader

Prompt: Heyyy, how are you? I was thinking if you could write a jason todd x reader imagine based on the songs doomed and follow you by bring me the horizon? Thank you so much and have a nice day xx (requested by @stay–satan)

“I think we’re doomed.” Jason abruptly whispered in bed, looking blankly up towards the ceiling. You didn’t understand where this sentiment suddenly came from but it wouldn’t be the first time he’s shown insecurities towards your relationship with him. You brought your hand up to his cheek and turned his face towards you. His eyes were sad and conflicted when he finally turned his gaze towards you. You leaned in and gently pressed a kiss to your lips, he hesitated for a brief moment before slowly responding to your lips movements.

“Jay, I’m telling you you’re all I need. I promise you that you’re the only person I see. I’m never going to leave you Jason Peter Todd, especially if you want me to leave because you think I somehow deserve better than you. I don’t. I’m all yours Jay. Nothing will ever change that.” You promise, nuzzling your nose into his neck and hugging him closer to you. In response, he wrapped his arms around your shoulders and pressed a lingering kiss to the top of your head.

“You do deserve better than me [Y/N]. With my life, when it rains it fucking pours and I don’t want you to get hurt because of it. I’m not worth saving.” He insisted his eyes downcast away from you.

“Jason.” You said firmly, turning his face towards you so he was looking you in the eye. “You could drag me through hell if it meant I could hold your hand. You could engulf us in flames and I would follow you to the very end. I will gladly do anything for you Jason. Cross my heart and hope to die, I’ll always be by your side.” You swear crossing your heart for further emphasis.

“God, [Y/N]. I’m so utterly fucking obsessed with you. You’ve always got me on my knees. I love you so fucking much. I’m your one man cult. So I cross my heart and hope to die,” He said crossing his fingers over his chest. “I’ll never leave your side.” He whispered against your lips.

“I love you so much, Jason. You are my world.” You gazing lovingly into his eyes. He responded with a warm smile and a soft kiss to your lips.

“You’re my universe, [Y/N].”

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so i just recently got out of rehab because of the eating disorder i had (bulimia nervosa) and i just wanted to let you know that any time i was able to use my phone i would always look at your blog. thank your for keeping me smiling when i was going through hard times. you are so so beautiful and funny kimani you have no idea how truly wonderful you are!! 💓

oh my gosh thank you for being so honest and so sweet. im so glad you’re out! congrats bby! thank you for being so nice!! :) always here for you my love xx 

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thank you so so much! bless you for putting so much dedication into this blog what would i be without you! i'm very grateful for everything you do❤️❤️

No problem! :)) Aw you’re so nice <33 thank you! xx

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keshika, i adore and appreciate your kindness and sweet, wise nature more than you'll ever know, thank you for being so lovely xx

This is so nice!! Thank you so much!! I just wanna let you know that I look up to you so much and you constantly inspire me to be more positive and look for the beautiful things in life :) You’re such a brave and strong person and your courage is honestly so inspiring… ily <3

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BTS reaction please?! It's like when they have to go to the haunted house with their girlfriend for a variety show. And the girl is so scared that she screams and falls to the floor. Thank you! I love your work so much :)))) and since you're so nice, I love you too 😘

Thank you! Omg that’s so nice I love you too xx I hope you liked it.

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hi! first of all, just want to say that i looooove your themes, i've used quite a few of them over some time and i'm currently using your navi/tags page heliotrope and i was wondering how to get rid of the little dash before each of my tags? i don't think this has been addressed yet and if you'd like to see how it looks, its on the map page of my blog. id appreciate the help! xx

hi, thank you for being so nice! just find this in that code and delete it:


if you want, you can also change this:

padding:0px 14px 14px 34px;

to this:

padding:0px 14px 14px 21px;