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Hey guys my new video is up! I’m actually putting more effort into editing and making more quality videos so it would be awesome if you could let me know what you think about it. If you enjoyed it don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe! ☺️
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Your poetry is just a bad sufjan stevens ripoff

okay but you put my poetry and sufjan stevens in the same sentence so that’s automatically a compliment. thanks and hope you have a nice day xx


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Fandom: Marvel/Avengers: Spider-Man

Pairing: Platonic Peter Parker x Non-Binary Reader

Warning: Misgendering 

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: Requested by anon:  hey, i just found your blog and i’m honestly blown away by how good your writing is and just how accepting you are. i was wondering if you could maybe do a peter parker x reader insert about them being gender non-binary and they’re not really accepted at school and not out to their parents and he just uses their preferred pronouns and name cause i’m not having a good time with stuff like that at the moment and i just need fluff. thanks so much and i hope you have a nice day xx

Notes: I hope everything gets better for you, schools tough especially when you stand out for any reason and I honestly hope that you get to a point where you don’t have to worry about this stuff and you can just be you xx

Y/P/N: Your preferred name

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Hello Emma! You have a beautiful blog and I'm obsessed with your study schedule + other printables! May I know what font do you use to create them? They are lovely. Oh also, do you prefer using loose leaf or a notebook? Which size notebook? And lined or blank? I'm starting to write my notes this week so I need advice! Haha. Thanks, have a nice day! Xx

Hi! Thank you so much, I’m really happy to hear that. I use Avenir. I prefer loose leaf. I’ve always found notebooks that don’t fold flat or where the spiral gets in the way so irritating so it’s nice to have something where neither are a problem. I usually go for A4 and lined x

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Hey I'm sorry that you seem to be going through something tough rn, and I know it really won't seem like it in the moment, but whatever it is will pass eventually and you'll come out the other side okay xx

thanks so much its nice of you to send this. i appreciate

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whooooaaa you're so gorgeous and i really do get that lighthearted vibe from your pictures in instagram!!!!!!! i can really see how you'd run this blog, which is great, by the way

Thank you!! This is so nice to hear !! Much love xx

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Hello Emma! Your blog is so inspiring!! May I know what fonts do you use to create your weekly study schedule? They're so simple yet beautiful. Have a nice day! Xx

Hi! Thank you so much. It’s Avenir, it comes with Macs but might need to be downloaded on PC x

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oh wow aleena!!! such awesome theme you have!! *W* love the colors!!

ANA ♡ seeing your message made me so so happy, that really means a lot coming from you! Thank you for being such a sweetheart<3

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love it! It looks amazing and the colors are so nice! xx

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I’m really glad that you like the colors a lot ^^

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It’s sooo beautiful like always Aleena! Great job ❤️

Aww Fay ♡ I’m so flattered, thank you so much you’re too kind ♡

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This is beautiful! I adore the color fade. Great job!

Haha thank you for your compliment, this made me really happy ;D

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CAMY ♡,  aww thank you! That really means a lot :’)

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Aaah it’s too cute, the gfx turned out so well!

Hello~ thank you OMG it took me so long to color. This time around the graphic took longer than the actual coding hehe

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Im so in love with kalagang and you just make me more obssesed with them. Best tumblr ever! Love, from Argentina xx

ahhh thank you!!!! this is so nice❤️ I’m happy you like this blog, it’s my happy kalagang place ❤️

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Hi! You're a sweetheart and that post about your kiddo was so cute! I hope you both have an excellent time! Enjoy yourselves thoroughly xx ❤️

*squeal* that’s so nice, thank you!!!!  I’m so excited.  I haven’t told him yet bc I don’t want him to flip out.  My older son is gonna be pissed bc he likes Niall too, but not to the extent my 3 year old does.  Apparently this morning my oldest got into it with my husband in the hardware store.  “This Town” was playing and my son turned to my husband and said “You know what Dad?  Niall sings this.  You should love him like mom, because he’s famous.”  🤣

Needless to say, my husband didn’t agree with him.

Doomed - Jason Todd x Reader

Prompt: Heyyy, how are you? I was thinking if you could write a jason todd x reader imagine based on the songs doomed and follow you by bring me the horizon? Thank you so much and have a nice day xx (requested by @stay–satan)

“I think we’re doomed.” Jason abruptly whispered in bed, looking blankly up towards the ceiling. You didn’t understand where this sentiment suddenly came from but it wouldn’t be the first time he’s shown insecurities towards your relationship with him. You brought your hand up to his cheek and turned his face towards you. His eyes were sad and conflicted when he finally turned his gaze towards you. You leaned in and gently pressed a kiss to your lips, he hesitated for a brief moment before slowly responding to your lips movements.

“Jay, I’m telling you you’re all I need. I promise you that you’re the only person I see. I’m never going to leave you Jason Peter Todd, especially if you want me to leave because you think I somehow deserve better than you. I don’t. I’m all yours Jay. Nothing will ever change that.” You promise, nuzzling your nose into his neck and hugging him closer to you. In response, he wrapped his arms around your shoulders and pressed a lingering kiss to the top of your head.

“You do deserve better than me [Y/N]. With my life, when it rains it fucking pours and I don’t want you to get hurt because of it. I’m not worth saving.” He insisted his eyes downcast away from you.

“Jason.” You said firmly, turning his face towards you so he was looking you in the eye. “You could drag me through hell if it meant I could hold your hand. You could engulf us in flames and I would follow you to the very end. I will gladly do anything for you Jason. Cross my heart and hope to die, I’ll always be by your side.” You swear crossing your heart for further emphasis.

“God, [Y/N]. I’m so utterly fucking obsessed with you. You’ve always got me on my knees. I love you so fucking much. I’m your one man cult. So I cross my heart and hope to die,” He said crossing his fingers over his chest. “I’ll never leave your side.” He whispered against your lips.

“I love you so much, Jason. You are my world.” You gazing lovingly into his eyes. He responded with a warm smile and a soft kiss to your lips.

“You’re my universe, [Y/N].”