so nice and dapper

I didn’t post my thoughts last night but this is oh so necessary. SO LET’S DO THIS.
-First off, I WASN’T EXPECTING THIS? I was minding my own business and then I saw this and I cried?? SO FREAKING BEAUTIFUL.
-Look at all the boys!!! Being oh so fancy with their suits and looking super dapper! Let’s analyze them one by one.
-Taichi’s suit fits him so well!!! Light blue suit and a red tie and his innocent looks over me, is anyone else blushing here? Plus Agumon looks so happy ;-; they deserve this happiness.
-YAMATO, YOU SON, HOW DO YOU DO THAT. He looks soooo good and he’s not even trying!!! Is that champagne in your hand?? Y'all are supposed to be minors you… okay I forgive you, just because you look GREAT and are taking care of Gabumon.
-HEY TAKERU, THAT’S A NICE HAT!!! Yes, I said it. The kiddo looks fancy and I love that green army jacket and Patamon is as adorable as always. I just wish we could see the front :(
-Jou, JOU KIDO. I think no one has ever looked any better than Jou in this poster. That’s class, that’s a look!!! He looks so dapper, so fancy, so nice. Plus he’s matching Yamato so JOUMATO RISE!!!! I love to see Jou happy ah.
-LMAO Koushiro is me always close to the snacks at fancy parties. He looks so focus and so does Tentomon!!! I love how he’s not pervy/ike for once. Stay awesome Koushiro, I love you.
-That’s some age-appropriate, Hikari! I’m so proud! You look super cute and those colors fit you like a glove. See Toei? There’s no need for bikinis here.
-Meimi!!!!! I’m so glad you both decided to come out in this party. Lol, jokes appart, look at Mimi!!!! She looks super good, I love that dress and the gloves!!!! Even Meiko looks good!!!! A bit too old-ish if you ask me but it fits her style. Y'all are goddeses.
-AND MY QUEEN!!!! Work that white dress, Sora! It’s such a beautiful dress and she’s wearing a freaking CHOKER I honestly screamed when I saw it there it’s too good to be truth. Now I can only see her designing her own clothes and that just makes me so!!!!!
-I love how everyone seems to have small stars on their clothes, makes my heart so full.


Welcome to my deepest darkest secret || Closed

Abraham (or Abbie for short) walked in to the local bar for a drunk after his busy work shift ended.
He was still wearing his black slacks with a white dress shirt tucked in, and a vest over that.
He looked so dapper and nice; it was odd to see him in a bar.

With a charming smile, he walked over to the counter and propped himself up on a bar stool, which was like a normal chair from him since he stood at 6'6".

“Your finest shot please”
He said, running a hand back through his red locks, his hazel eyes shimmering in the light.


Holy hell. 
I started this blog way back in March. Back then, I was playing a character based only on a theory. Now here we are in October and I finally broke my 1K. 

These are all done in order of my following, not by preference or anything. 

@ask-mister-mystery–My first ever follower and the first blog I followed. One of the best Stans ever, even tho I’m like 90% sure I saw him on Catfish once. 
@sneezes-like-kitten, @morethanjustastar,
@primxmvivere– best soos. 
@brilliant-unknown-author–The other OG Stanford. Total friendo. 
@allheartnocommonsense, @piningdipper, @galaxygemwarrior
@everxwatchingxeye– Another one of my oldest followers. Somehow manages to put up with my nonexistence replies and still interacts with me. 
@the-dapper-doll–Super nice person. Gives me so many encouraging words. A + art, too. 
@gargoyleofgravityfalls–Best gargrunk. Lots of cool sideblogs, too. 
@somniaxperdita–lots of wood jokes, mostly. 
@perfectpacifica, @conspiracyisms, @tenta-forsee, @erudiitus, @xstellacadensx
@blindeyefiddleford–shipping trash w me, tbh. og shipping trash. 
@silverdxddies–not around much anymore sadly but good times 
@starryism, @mirror-to-ocean-gem, @ciphercircle, @ask-reverse-gideon-pines, @freed-from-the-mirror
@soupery–super cool person. lots of rad art. skeleton trash, apparently. needs to slam and jam, tho. 
@foronceimactuallyinnocent–A+ bff. A match made in trash hell, honestly. 
@deerxteeth, @allaboardthebraidtrain, @stupidcoolfinnparty, @herspookyconfidante
@gravityfallsrpers–super good reference and advice blog. always recommend. 
@schmablemabel, @tyrowned, @littlesixfingers, @billwitchproject, @star-of-the-show, @wirtoween
@trxstnxone–super cool mabes and dips. i owe like 9 replies to but shhh
@optimistiics, @pinkagategem, @gregolantern, @saltiestmom, @hkllpovuliw,
@primetimehero, @ultimatexsacrifice, @iinvisus, @voxvallisnocte, @smallestpines, @irosethedead
@stanfordisms–super rad ford. best bros w au self. 
@grunklepoindexter–literally my life saver. would be lost without them and their iconing powers.
@inyourdisneydreams– awesome blog that’s an A+ example of how you should interact with rp blogs when you’re not one. 
@chubbyquicksand, @angelamonggarbage, @fiddlefordhmcgucket, @widdleolgideongleeful, @eolqglvpv, @music-is-like-hugs, @mabeltonlady, @purple-poncho, @anomaliesxeverywhere, @spctium, @trxuble-maker, @ricardosanchezphd, @journalsxthree, @4thdimensionaldoctor, @wastedingenuity, @hexarcana, @f0rdpines, @metnaligivrepmes, @blackstardiopside, @sphinxfordpines, @authorpines, @a-lost-pilgrim, @paper-copy, @journalingfreak, @teampersonality, @ghostbranded, @nxtwhatheseems, @magicalprofessorhex, @defiantism, @triangularcommunification, @ofparadox, @the-queen-needs-us,
@cacophony-symphony–A+ friendo 
@dipperpinestreee, @sailboatmemories, @fierydescent, @cxpheriisms, @imnotyouralice, @ponyerrandboy
@fallingdetectives–trash friend yes 
@fxdiius, @birbsandscissors, @unnamedgrxfter, @freetoexistasme, @decipheringdipper, @sweatersandsprinkles
@ambidextrousing–great nephew who’s slightly older than great uncle. 
@nateobite– A+ art. 
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@nazziest–special mention for being my 1,000th follower. 

I tried to avoid mentioning other blogs by people I’ve already mentioned, and I tried my best to get everyone. Apologies if I’ve missed anyone, though. 
I just wanna thank everyone so much for putting up with me for so long. OMG. 
Also, Keep an eye out for a possible celebratory stream and skype call later. I might be playing through The Last of Us or The Evil Within tonight. 

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