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The King and His Chérie (Ch2)

Chapter 2

Summary: This is a fanfiction of Crowley and his meetings with a female hunter.  The new female hunter, named Samantha, adjusts to her new home with the Winchesters.  She becomes accustomed to the hunting life and how it’s like living with Dean and Sam. She learns about the Winchester’s encounters, including one with a particular red eyed demon…

Word Count: 4664

Warnings: Fluff, no smut

Pairings: Crowley x OC, Dean x OC, Sam x OC

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Samantha found her way into the kitchen, tying the robe at her waist a smidgen tighter.  It fell to the floor, just how she liked.  Most women’s robes were at the knee - even the winter ones, which she always hated.  This one, however, just so happened to be floor length, and very comfortable. She smiled and searched the cabinets for a coffee mug.  She was still getting used to the place and getting used to where things were.  She found a black mug and poured herself some coffee and filled it with creamer.  Giving it a stir with a spoon, she brought the warm cup to her lips and took a sip “Mmm…” She hummed. Samantha smiled at the taste and set it down, looking for a pan and some eggs to cook.


The young girl gasped and spun around, “Oh- hey…Dean, you scared me.” She faced him, putting the pan down on the stove.

“That’s my robe, princess” He looked at her with squinted eyes in the doorway, wearing his pajama pants and grey t-shirt.

“O-oh,” She unconsciously looked down and reached to touch the ties of the robe. “Really? I’m sorry, I just found it in the bathroom.  It was folded up and it looked like it hadn’t been worn in a long while-”

“It was just washed” His facial expression read as grumpy, but the corner of his mouth crept up in a smirk, seeing her falter so innocently. “It’s alright, no harm done. Just remember to put it back in my room, okay?”

“Okay,” She replied almost obediently and took another sip of her coffee. “Would you like an omelette or some scrambled eggs? I was just about to cook some for you two…if that’s what you like.”

Dean raised a brow, “Really…? You were? That’s awful nice of you. You don’t have to do that”

“Well, I wanted to. I’m your guest, and I’m new…” she blushed, “I wanted to do a little something for you guys.” She smiled and pushed her hair back behind her ear.

“Hmph,” Dean strode over to the coffee maker with a smirk on his face, and grabbed himself a black coffee, “That’s adorable.” His voice rumbled as he let out a small chuckle, “But if you really want to, you can make me an omelette and Sam some scrambled eggs. He likes those.” Dean’s speckled green eyes flickered over to her warm brown eyes. She returned his gaze politely, then returned to making their breakfast.

“So you guys have been living here for a few years now…How old is this place?” She inquired.

Dean leaned back against the counter and crossed his arms, coffee in hand, “We’ve been here for a little while. Finally, we have a place we can call home. It’s great.  It’s a damn fortress too,” He took a sip of his coffee. “The bunker’s been here since the forties or so.  It was one the home bases for the Men of Letters. It’s pretty big, but you’ll get used to it.” He grinned and pointed a finger at her. “You still need a tour”

Samantha nodded, “Yeah I do. I should probably know the in & outs of my new home.” She opened the fridge to see if there was any orange juice, and saw something else that caught her eye. “Hmm…bacon?” She looked at him curiously and his eyes went wide like a small puppy, “Yes please. You’d be an angel if you made some bacon” She chuckled and took them out along with the OJ.  “Well, if it’s what you want, I’ll make it for you” Samantha put them on another pan and lit the gas on the stove.  “You know…it’s really comforting knowing I live in such a sturdy home- completely warded off from all monsters” She sighed, very relieved, yet still in disbelief of her home invasion back in New York.  “It’s nice to know I didn’t just hitchhike with a couple of rednecks and be taken God knows where…heh…” A red tint rose to her cheeks with embarrassment.

The sturdy hunter rolled his shoulders and pursed his lips before clearing his throat, “Yeah thank God for that”

Ughhh….*yawns* mrrugh” Sam appeared from the corner, rubbing his eyes and yawning like a bear with his hair sticking up in random places.

“Mornin’ sleepy head,” Samantha chirped, peering at the giant in the kitchen, “You sure seem well rested” 

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I didn’t post my thoughts last night but this is oh so necessary. SO LET’S DO THIS.
-First off, I WASN’T EXPECTING THIS? I was minding my own business and then I saw this and I cried?? SO FREAKING BEAUTIFUL.
-Look at all the boys!!! Being oh so fancy with their suits and looking super dapper! Let’s analyze them one by one.
-Taichi’s suit fits him so well!!! Light blue suit and a red tie and his innocent looks over me, is anyone else blushing here? Plus Agumon looks so happy ;-; they deserve this happiness.
-YAMATO, YOU SON, HOW DO YOU DO THAT. He looks soooo good and he’s not even trying!!! Is that champagne in your hand?? Y'all are supposed to be minors you… okay I forgive you, just because you look GREAT and are taking care of Gabumon.
-HEY TAKERU, THAT’S A NICE HAT!!! Yes, I said it. The kiddo looks fancy and I love that green army jacket and Patamon is as adorable as always. I just wish we could see the front :(
-Jou, JOU KIDO. I think no one has ever looked any better than Jou in this poster. That’s class, that’s a look!!! He looks so dapper, so fancy, so nice. Plus he’s matching Yamato so JOUMATO RISE!!!! I love to see Jou happy ah.
-LMAO Koushiro is me always close to the snacks at fancy parties. He looks so focus and so does Tentomon!!! I love how he’s not pervy/ike for once. Stay awesome Koushiro, I love you.
-That’s some age-appropriate, Hikari! I’m so proud! You look super cute and those colors fit you like a glove. See Toei? There’s no need for bikinis here.
-Meimi!!!!! I’m so glad you both decided to come out in this party. Lol, jokes appart, look at Mimi!!!! She looks super good, I love that dress and the gloves!!!! Even Meiko looks good!!!! A bit too old-ish if you ask me but it fits her style. Y'all are goddeses.
-AND MY QUEEN!!!! Work that white dress, Sora! It’s such a beautiful dress and she’s wearing a freaking CHOKER I honestly screamed when I saw it there it’s too good to be truth. Now I can only see her designing her own clothes and that just makes me so!!!!!
-I love how everyone seems to have small stars on their clothes, makes my heart so full.


Welcome to my deepest darkest secret || Closed

Abraham (or Abbie for short) walked in to the local bar for a drunk after his busy work shift ended.
He was still wearing his black slacks with a white dress shirt tucked in, and a vest over that.
He looked so dapper and nice; it was odd to see him in a bar.

With a charming smile, he walked over to the counter and propped himself up on a bar stool, which was like a normal chair from him since he stood at 6'6".

“Your finest shot please”
He said, running a hand back through his red locks, his hazel eyes shimmering in the light.


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