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Ok. So, I just wanna talk about this for a second. For anyone who doesnt know, this is from the teaser for season 4. It should be on this hellsite somewhere if you wanna watch it, or you can find it on youtube.

Now, if you haven’t seen season 3 yet, you should probably stop reading this, cause I’m gonna mention a few spoilers. There probably not going to be terribly large spoilers, but spoilers all the same. If you’ve seen season 3 or you dont care about spoilers, then read on.

Okay, so… I was watching the teaser and I didn’t think much of this scene at first. But upon seeing it again something seemed odd. In this scene (in case you haven’t seen it or don’t remember it) Lotor is chasing after something and desperately trying to hit it with his sword. This is significant because, so far when Lotor has fought anyone, he’s calm and cool. Hell, so far Lotor seems to be someone who never seems to loose his calm exterior and always seems to be in control. He does crack sometimes, but not like this. In this scene he’s clearly upset. In fact, I’d go as far as to say he’s in a panic. I mean, look at the look on his face in the last shot. Whatever it is he’s desperate to wound/kill it and he needs to do it before it can get away.
Okay. So Lotor is trying to hit something and he’s freaking out. “What’s your point Star?” You might find yourself asking.
Well, take a look at the shots again. Look at who’s in them. Acxa, Zethrid, and Ezor are in the shot with Lotor, but not Narti. In case you aren’t sure who Narti is, she’s the blind mute one. The one with the cat.
Alright so, if you’ve seen episode 7 of season 3, you know that there’s a strong chance that that cat is in fact Haggar’s. When he got sick she treated him with quintessence, apparently making him immortal or something similar.
“But Star,” you ask, “what does this have to do with anything?”
I’m glad you asked!
If you’ve seen season 3, then you remember the episode where Haggar sent someone too spy on Lotor because she doesnt trust him. He’s obviously caught because Lotor’s not an idiot. He confronts Haggar about it, throwing the cybornetic arm of her spy at her. Now I don’t know about you, but to me the whole thing felt odd. Haggar is normally at least a little bit sneakier then that. The whole thing sort of plays off as a simple filler scene simply put there too show that Lotor is playing by his own rules and Haggar isn’t having it and doesn’t trust him. But I think Haggar is a little smarter then that. She’s been the brains behind Zarkon for ten thousand years after all.
If you can’t tell where I’m going with this, let me explain. I’d say the cat (or possibly Narti herself) is there to spy for Haggar. I’d say he realizes this in that moment, perhaps after something large about his plans has been exposed, and in a fit of panic and anger tries to kill it (or Narti). Even the way it’s framed. The camera is placed between Acxa and Zethrid, like the person or whatever Lotor is attcking is standing in formation with the three other girls. That would make the scene from Narti’s point of view. Specifically, this is what she would be seeing (except it would have to be the cat seeing it because she doesn’t have eyes but that’s not the point). Both Zethrid and Ezor seem to be in a state of shock. Acxa just seems to be stepping out of his way.
So I guess what I’m saying is that, next season, if anyone turns put to be a traitor amongst Lotor’s group, it’s the cat/ Narti.
Thank you for your time.


all this hype for season four has made me emotional so ive pumped out a little oneshot of klance comfort so here you go enjoy

Tired. That was how you felt when you couldn’t get any sleep. When you took on responsibility you didn’t want, that you weren’t ready for. When you were forced to keep it, even after its proper holder was found alive and well. When your team didn’t realize how much you were struggling. Maybe they did. They just didn’t care.

Tired. That was all. That was why he was shaking, that was why he couldn’t stomach anything, that was why the room around him was blurring in and out of focus. He just needed sleep.

Sleep wouldn’t come.

Keith leaned heavily against the wall, a trembling hand pressed to the cool, hard surface. God, he felt like shit. Beads of sweat were collecting under his helmet, clinging to his forehead, soaking his bangs. He felt it the back of his next, turning ice cold and sending shivers down his spine. He realized too late that his legs were giving out and he ended up in a heap on the floor, glad that no one was around to see him fall.

He’d tripped right outside his bedroom. He dragged himself to his feet and through the door, and used the remaining sliver of energy inside him to collapse onto the bed. Keith ripped his helmet off. He stared at it. It looked dirty, and smudged. He didn’t know when was the last time he’d even given a thought to cleaning his armor. He thought of the way Shiro’s armor always shined as though he’d spent hours polishing it. That was how a leader’s armor ought to look.

“I’m no leader,” Keith mumbled to himself. He threw the helmet at the wall. It didn’t make much of a noise, but he was quite sure it left a dent. That was satisfying, somehow.

He was still thinking of Shiro in shining armor, the way he’d looked before his disappearance from the black lion. His lion. Keith’s lion, now. Even though it shouldn’t be.

“I’m not good enough for this.” Keith had no idea who he was talking to, but it felt good to say it. “I don’t want this.” So why did Shiro? “I didn’t ask for it.” Shiro had given it to him. But he wouldn’t take it back. “I’m tired.” He closed his eyes. Even without the visual aspect, he could still sense the room spinning. If it didn’t stop soon, he was going to be sick. All over his already dirty armor. Why was he even wearing it? Oh, right. Training, he remembered blearily. I was training.

Keith didn’t know what to do now. Even with Shiro back, he couldn’t relax. Because he was still supposed to be the brave leader and pilot the black lion and win the war. A war against his own kind. Why couldn’t he just be normal, like everyone else? Why wouldn’t the black lion take Shiro back? Keith missed Red. How many times now had he gone to her, tried to get her to open up to him again, but gotten shut out again and again, only to have Lance show up moments later, taking down her barrier like it was paper thin. It wasn’t Lance’s fault. Maybe Keith had taken Red for granted. Maybe he hadn’t. Either way, he loved Red. He’d never said it out loud, but the red lion had been solid and steady, unwavering, even when Keith had doubts. The red lion had chosen him for who he was. It seemed he had to be somebody else for the black lion.

The black bayard materialized in his hand. He could control it now. He threw that at the wall, too. Another dent.

He set his head in his hands. He really didn’t feel well. His head hurt, he was dizzy and queasy and all kinds of bad. Why couldn’t he just feel normal?

Keith looked up then, the sound of the door whooshing open drawing him from his thoughts. Somebody was walking in. Keith fought away the blurry lines that danced across his line of sight until Lance came into focus, his tall silhouette framed in the doorway, soft light from the hallway seeping into the dark room.

“Lance? What are you doing here?”

“What am I doing here? What are you doing here? This is my room.”

“No, it’s my—” Keith paused. He looked around. He couldn’t tell whose room this was. Why the hell didn’t he know where he was?

“Pretty sure it’s my room, dude,” Lance said. “No worries, though. It happens. I once walked in on Hunk in the shower thinking I was going into the kitchen. It did not end well, trust me.” Lance stopped, eyeing Keith closely. He waved a hand in front of the other boy’s face. “Hey, earth to Keith. Can you hear me?”

“Yeah. Loud and clear.”

“Are you okay, buddy?”


“You don’t look so good.”


“Yeah?” Lance was thoroughly confused now. “Is something wrong?”

“What? Oh, um. No. All good.”

“You’re sure about that?” Lance asked.

Keith folded his arms. “Yes.”

“You know you can talk to me about it if you want to.”

“I don’t have anything to talk about, Lance,” Keith glowered.

“I think you do.”

“Well I don’t. So just leave me alone.”

“But you’re sitting on my bed,” Lance pointed out.

Keith huffed, voice rising up in his throat and bursting out as a scream, “Just leave me alone, Lance!” He felt himself losing control before the words were even out of his mouth, and before he could get a grip on what was happening, he was flat out sobbing.

Lance sighed. Alone was the last thing Keith needed to be right now.

Keith sniffled as Lance sat down next to him on the bed. He didn’t want to look at Lance. He didn’t want Lance to see him like this. He didn’t want anyone to see him like this. He didn’t want to be like this.

Lance tentatively reached an arm around Keith’s shoulders. “Hey,” he said softly. “Just breathe, buddy. Let it out, and breathe.”

Keith had given up on any bit of dignity he might have had left. He leaned into Lance, let his entire body go limp, let the tears run free down his cheeks. Lance held him, supporting his floppy, achy limbs and carding fingers through his sweaty hair.

“There, there,” Lance murmured. “Don’t be embarrassed, okay? Just let it all out, you’ll feel better, I promise.”

And so he did.

“Shiro’s ch-changed. I used to think I could tell him anyth-thing, but now he just keeps going on and on about how I need to be the leader and fly the black lion, but I can’t and I don’t want to and I don’t think he even cares. He says he does, but I don’t think he cares about me anymore. I don’t even know if I care if he cares.” Keith had no idea if Lance could even tell what he was saying, his voice was so strangled and high and choked with sobs. But he didn’t care. It felt good to talk, even better than it had minutes earlier, because this time somebody was listening. He kept going.

“I’m just…I don’t know what to do, Lance. I’m just a mess, I’ve always been a mess and I’m sorry you have to try and clean it up now. I’m just I’m upset because I miss Shiro and I miss Red and I miss home and—”

“Keith. Hey. Look at me.”

Keith looked up at Lance with wide eyes. Lance had a hand cupped around his cheek. His hands were soft, and warm.

“I’m tired,” Keith said weakly.

“I know,” Lance whispered. “It’s okay.” One of his hands found the back of Keith’s neck, and he worked his fingers over the tense muscles he found there. Keith visibly melted under his touch.

“I’ll tell you what,” Lance said, continuing with the massage, “how about you go hop in the shower, get all nice and fresh and clean, and then we’ll go to the kitchen and get you something to eat. Then we’ll come back here and you can sleep, right here in my bed so I can look out for you. And when you’re feeling better, then the two of us are going to pay Red a little visit. I think she misses you, too. What do you say, Keith? Does that sound okay?”

“Yeah,” Keith blinked sleepily. “That sounds good.”

Durarara as you watch
  • Season 1: Wow, i didn't see that coming i mean that was cool what could they possibly come up with next
  • Season 2: Wow so many new characters i guess i have to remember all their na- IZAYA NO STOP GETTING YOURSELF STABBED
  • Season 4: EVERYONE NO

Adam Senn is not coming back. I’m just going to put my two cents in. A breakup has to be out of the question mainly because the build up was way too big last season to have it end this way…Zude was/is going to be half of the show this next season! So I’m guessing they’re going to recast him which…UGH!!! I already don’t like the person they’re casting and I haven’t even seen him…honestly if I were James I would have waited until Adam’s schedule cleared up but I’m sure that’s quite impossible at this point. It’s just Adam is so handsome and so good at playing the devious turned devious fluff ball type of guy!! But all in all guys

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Lance almost died twice this season so I guess third times a charm next season where he actually does like Jeremy says

suddenly i can’t read?

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nikolaj and maisie seem like they're sick af of their writing this season. i would've loved to see arya team up with jaime this season actually lmao

I literally love how both of them (Nik in particular) hold nothing back when it comes to saltiness LOL

I’ve always wanted Jaime and Arya to team up and I see it happening in the books, bc of how Jaime is now in the Riverlands, and I believe book!Arya’s list will end by killing Lady Stoneheart, but in the show WHO KNOWS… Jaime’ll be fighting for the Starks and the North next season though so I guess we will see them together on the same side in the show which I’m hyped for :’)

Supergirl season 3

I’ve just read Maggie will barely appear in season 3 because Floriana is pursuing other opportunities. So I guess Sanvers won’t be a thing next season (they had few seconds of screen time per episode, or none at all). Some selfish, straight people are even happy about this because according to them, this couple was ‘unnecessary and ridiculous’.

I just hope next season resembles season 1, which was funny, showed good values, and there wasn’t any toxic relationship. So Mon-Hell better not come back to screw the show again. We don’t need that crap.

Therefore, if season 3 is about Kara’s development as a person, and her relationships with her family and friends, (and if we get lucky, with Miss Grant too) that’d be amazing.

I just finished season 4. I didn’t live blog because I recorded all my reactions. I’ll edit those and hopefully get them up on YouTube and here. My main thoughts for this season is that it’s was very good. Matt was awesome. We got a shatt hug so that’s good. Um pidge and matt interacting and those flashbacks are everything I could’ve ever wished for. So yeah idk when we’ll get season 5 but I feel it will be soon because that was a cliffhanger that I feel should be continued right away. Also I’m completely unsure on what’s gonna happen to shiro. Because they didn’t really address “operation kuron” this season so I guess we’ll see next season. OH OH AND MATT IS FUCKING FANNON MATT OMG LIKE WOW AMAZING! Oh and I definitely feel that we’ll explore Keith’s heritage and family next season especially because acxa and the other galra girls are good now. Also side note: I’m sorta upset that keith was like completely absent from like half the season. But the stuff with the bom were Fantastic. And I must address the elephant in the room: there was not a single klance moment. Like that’s kinda… unfortunate. I’m gonna rewatch the season tomorrow with my brother to get a new perspective on the season and then I’ll have an official rating on the show. So far I’ll say I really really enjoyed it.

  • Jaime: It's yours. It will always be yours.
  • Brienne: Is that... are you proposing to me? Because it damn well sounds like it.
  • Jaime: Well, ugh, BUSTED, I guess? So... what do you think?
  • Brienne *narrows eyes*: I get to keep Oathkeeper.
  • Jaime: Yes, as I just said.
  • Brienne: And my last name. I don't want to be called Brienne Lannister.
  • Jaime: I bet we can arrange for that.
  • Brienne: And Pod.
  • Jaime: He's your engagement squire, of course you get to keep him.
  • Brienne: Okay.
  • Jaime: So?
  • Brienne: What are we waiting for then?
  • Jaime: I guess next season.
  • Brienne: SUCKS.
  • Jaime: I KNOW.
  • Brienne: We could still longingly stare at each other until it's time.
  • Jaime: I guess it'll do until then. But once it's time: You and I, a Septon and right after that...
  • Jaime *shakes hips*: This.
  • Brienne *nods frantically*: Sounds good.
  • Jaime: Man, the next season can't come soon enough.
  • *Hearteyes intensify*

my predictions for vld

so lotor is gonna be with the team right, and keith is obsessed with him so i’m guessing keith will be back next season for that

i have a theory that to gain the paladin’s trust lotor will reveal that this shiro is a clone? to show them hes on their side?

so now clone shiro is out we have an opening for black paladin lance and keith back in red purely bc he is Done with leadership but hes coming back to team voltron to get the real shiro back

i also still think acxa could be keith’s sis and that her “we still have one option” could be riding on him / their mother / the blade so i feel like lotor and his ex-generals will have some conflict coming up despite them going their seperate ways

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