so next season i guess


i had this dream last night that a bunch of mlp season seven episode synopses were released and like in one spike got to really learn more about being a dragon and help bridge the gap between his two heritages and in one pinkie and discord became friends and discord was confused half the episode at the idea of ponies other than flutteshy liking him and then another had to do with??? thorax??? also there was a big chrysalis reveal and i don’t remember what it was but i woke up and looked up mlp news and none of those were true and i was sad but also we’re gonna meet rainbow dash and applejack’s parents next season so i guess it evens out but also @ hasbro let me picth you episode ideas

  • Jaime: It's yours. It will always be yours.
  • Brienne: Is that... are you proposing to me? Because it damn well sounds like it.
  • Jaime: Well, ugh, BUSTED, I guess? So... what do you think?
  • Brienne *narrows eyes*: I get to keep Oathkeeper.
  • Jaime: Yes, as I just said.
  • Brienne: And my last name. I don't want to be called Brienne Lannister.
  • Jaime: I bet we can arrange for that.
  • Brienne: And Pod.
  • Jaime: He's your engagement squire, of course you get to keep him.
  • Brienne: Okay.
  • Jaime: So?
  • Brienne: What are we waiting for then?
  • Jaime: I guess next season.
  • Brienne: SUCKS.
  • Jaime: I KNOW.
  • Brienne: We could still longingly stare at each other until it's time.
  • Jaime: I guess it'll do until then. But once it's time: You and I, a Septon and right after that...
  • Jaime *shakes hips*: This.
  • Brienne *nods frantically*: Sounds good.
  • Jaime: Man, the next season can't come soon enough.
  • *Hearteyes intensify*