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“Isn’t that your teacher, Aretha? The one you said had the logic of Wittgenstein and the vision of George Orwell?”

“Affirmative, that is she.”

Initially, I wasn’t sure how to go about this one. Then I got this idea and fell in love. It’s been a while since I’ve written for Quicksilver so it might not be my best work, but it’s light and cute and funny, and it’s got Pietro being a little shit. Thank you to @scarecrowisfugly​ for the request. Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt: I was wondering if you could write an imagine where the reader is maybe scared of a thunder storm …and Pietro makes fun of them at first but realizes they’re really scared and comforts them…

“Truth or Dare”

This was ridiculous.

The Avengers were comprised of the most powerful people in the world – including a supersoldier, a Norse god, and a Russian assassin – and you were sat in a circle on the floor playing party games.

It hadn’t started that way. You’d all planned to go out somewhere and eat, but the weather had quickly taken a turn for the worse so Tony had suggested something else. Cooking up leftovers and pulling out alcohol, he’d suggested 7 Minutes in Heaven and Spin the Bottle before proposing Truth or Dare (a thankfully more wholesome option). Steve had countered with the suggestion of Monopoly but you all agreed that you’d like to remain friends.

Thus you watched as Pietro took his turn, reaching into the bag and pulling out a scrap of paper.
“It’s a truth,” he announced, “Who in the team would you most like to hook up with?

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Imagine Tony starting to think he might have a chance with Steve because whenever Tony makes an invitation or puts out some feelers, Steve is always blushing or smiling or saying nice things about him. But every time Steve does, Bucky rolls his eyes or makes gagging sounds or pretend to be hanging himself just out of Steve’s field of vision.

And, well, Tony knows how close they are, he knows how much Bucky’s opinion matters, so he backs off a little because if Bucky doesn’t like him, then there’s no way Steve would ever actually agree to a relationship. And even if he did, eventually he’d realize that his best friend hated Tony and would drop him like a rock. Or worse: they’d fight and Tony would have to be responsible for that and would still get dumped when Steve ended up hating him. 

So he just backs off, stops putting out the tentative invitations, stops responding to Steve’s - well, is it even really flirting? He was probably reading Steve wrong anyway.

But Steve doesn’t stop, he just seems to get more forward about the whole thing which… isn’t what Tony thought would happen? And Bucky isn’t making gagging sounds anymore, he’s frowning at Tony over Steve’s shoulder and eventually even that changes to… wincing? Is he wincing? And Tony doesn’t know what else to do so he just starts avoiding Steve entirely.

And eventually he’d talk to Rhodey who might be like “I don’t think that means he hates you, Tones…” or maybe Rhodey arranges for Bucky to corner him or something. But he’s like “Look, I know you didn’t want me and him getting close and I thought I should back off.”

And Bucky is like “We’ve been friends since we were six, look, sometimes we act like we’re still six around each other. I’m picking on Steve, not you. I barely know you, that would be rude.”

And Tony just sits down because he has no idea what the hell has been going on then. He and Rhodey met in college when sex and dating was normal and before that he was constantly surrounded by older kids who were into sex and dating. The whole “girls/boys have cooties” stage is something he skipped entirely, he has no frame of reference for that sort of teasing.

(Bucky’s like, god you poor bastard and Rhodey’s like I KNOW, I think it’s why he has such shitty interpersonal skills)

Anyway, I didn’t think this through except that Tony eventually asks Steve out and Steve is really pleased and Bucky and Rhodey both make gagging noises in the background while Natasha beats them with a couch cushion.

Dear Cat,

“Burn After Reading”

How very cloak and dagger of you, Cat.  I admit, I had hoped to keep these letters as little mementos of our growing friendship but I think the excitement of a little espionage might win out.  I’ll destroy all the evidence like a good little spy.

I may have been a bit… eager to show you this side of my life since I’ve had to hide it from you for so long.  If it makes you feel better, I did the same thing to “Cousin Barry” when he came to visit.  The choco stash serves a purpose, though.  Hank’s affinity for them is well-known and they can be used as blackmail or coercion should he prove difficult.  

I plead the fifth on the x-ray vision comment.

The story of my journey here is yours, if you ask me about it.  Just know that it sometimes comes with the responsibility of holding me up for a bit after I tell it.  Alex bears that responsibility even to this day.  That little pod was my home for so long.  I sometimes feel more comfortable inside of it than in the world at large, if only because it still speaks Kryptonian to me when I ask it to.

As for my mother.  She’s no angel, Cat, despite her origin in the stars.  I pray you’re never faced with the choices she had to make.  She had her reasons, but I’m beginning to think they weren’t as altruistic as I was lead to believe.  I remember my mother as beautiful and loving and magnificent.  Reality turns out to be less so.  I suppose learning that one’s parents are as flawed as anyone else is a common rite of passage, but it doesn’t make it any less painful.  You’ll never have to send Carter away, Cat.  I promise I won’t let that happen.


Susan texted me a photo of her staple injury sustained in the line of duty.  She’s very proud of it.  I think she likes you.  The last time she was charged with someone’s protection, she dodged the clipboard that Lucy hurled at Alex.  Granted, the order of protection came in the form of Alex screaming “Vasquez help!” before said clipboard went flying, so it shouldn’t be a reflection of her ability.  I wouldn’t have asked her to take care of you if I didn’t trust her.

Don’t let her get too attached though.  I still claim right of rescue in some circumstances.  I don’t delegate well, as I’m sure you remember.

I trust this letter is timely enough.  Most days when your letters come, I find it difficult to wait until I’m home to pen a response.

From too far away again,

So turns out I might be drawing more of the mermaid AU after all. Because reasons.

When Bucky’s ship gets caught in a storm, Steve saves him by using the Mermaid kiss. Which lets you breathe underwater temporarily. (Mermaid breath is actually like oxygenx30+kind of sticky so it gives the body something to chew on for a while instead of you know, dying. One breath can last an hour or so. It’s obviously very cool and it glows in the dark)

anonymous asked:

Recently I saw an MCU post on your blog, and just out of curiosity, how do you think the members of the HTTYD gang would interact with the avengers?

See also this post on Hiccup and Tony Stark interacting.

Oh my goodness, YES, I love this! Since there are so many dragon riders and Avengers (even if we limit it just to the MCU thus far), I cannot talk about how everyone would get along in the web of interactions. Still, I can chat a little how I imagine it might work out!

Fishlegs and Bruce Banner would get along very well. Bruce is a fairly reserved and quiet individual, a bit more introverted than a number of the other Avengers. He has an admirable amount of self-control, and when he is not the Hulk, he is a peaceful sort of fellow in social interactions. Additionally, Banner is a scientist and very well-studied. All these traits combined mean he would make a great pal for Fishlegs, who is also a bit of an introverted, quiet soul with a love of knowledge.

Peter Parker would get along well with Hiccup but drive Snotlout crazy. Hiccup and Peter would find a lot of areas to relate to. They have both struggled with missing parents and early deaths of family members (Uncle Ben and Stoick). They have both been teased and treated as outcasts during their early teenaged years. They are both incredibly intelligent, inventive young men with a great idealistic desire to help others and make the world a better place. Hiccup and Peter would get along very well. The more I think about it, the more I love the relationship.

However, Peter, with his quips, would quickly drive Snotlout crazy. When Snotlout would protest back, it would likely start a battle of sass and sarcasm… one Snotlout would lose every time. Only making him more grouchy around Spider-man. Furthermore, Peter’s accomplishments might make Snotlout feel a little uncomfortable and jealous around him, such as we see Snotlout get a bit jealous of Hiccup in Riders of Berk times.

Ruffnut and Tuffnut would prank Vision, Thor, and Steve way too much. The twins would notice the potential of pranking all three of these individuals. Though Vision is incredibly wise and thoughtful, he also has lacked many basic human experiences, meaning the twins could quickly trick him to doing something unusual. Thor, having lived in an entirely different Realm, would be pretty oblivious, too, and be a good target for the Thorstons. Last, Steve, especially when he is still trying to get up-to-date on the modern world, would be particularly vulnerable to pranks.

I feel like all three of the Avengers would suffer through the pranks decently well. I think Thor would be the most chill about it and Steve probably the first one to tell them to stop.

Steve would have to intervene before the twins annoy Bruce Banner too much. Because the twins would have fun, because they like destruction and chaos. But that wouldn’t be a good idea to incite Bruce, because destruction and chaos.

All the Viking dragon riders would feel a little awkward around Thor. Because, well, he is literally their god that they have worshiped and talked about their entire lives. Snotlout looks especially sheepish when he finds himself swearing in Thor’s name around said god’s appearance.

Tony Stark would not be able to stand Tuffnut. Iron Man would have no patience for Tuffnut’s constant yammerings, especially since most of what Tuffnut says sounds like nonsense. Tony, as someone who likes results and intelligent conversation, would constantly want Tuffnut shut up.

Snotlout would try to flirt with Black Widow. And he would get rejected in the blink of an eye.

Astrid and Natasha would have respect for one another. Both of these women use quick, effective, sometimes acrobatic fighting moves. They do, however, have their differences, meaning that I imagine Astrid would ask Natasha if they can spar together and have the Black Widow teach her a few things. Natasha would be pretty chill with it and show a few basic tricks, and be impressed with how quickly Astrid catches on.

Astrid and Scarlet Witch would also get along very well. Unlike Astrid and Natasha, I imagine that Astrid-Wanda times are largely casual hangouts and conversations. They would enjoy having some chill downtime together.

The twins have a double-twin hangout. Ruffnut and Tuffnut have hoards of fun being unfettered in their obnoxiousness. Pietro and Wanda regret the idea about five minutes into the event.

Sam Wilson would be chillest around Astrid and Rhodey would be chillest around Hiccup. While Hawkeye, dear, dear Hawkeye, would be completely equally cool with every one of the dragon riders.

Something I just noticed for the first time

Fiddleford based the Society of the Blind Eye’s symbol on this sketch of the portal.

There’s even alternate designs scribbled underneath (on what appears to be toilet paper.) He worked so hard coming up with that little eye symbol. That is so stupidly cute i might scream. 

He was probably so proud of it, like ‘oh my gosh yes perfect the center of the portal that haunts my subconscious is the eye and the generators form an X forever blocking out the visions that still appear in my dreams it’s so clever now I just need to pick a cool font for the name, maybe papyrus’

Horrortron has something of an obsession with the universe and the future. Since becoming plagued he regularly has visions, and these are glimpses into possible futures that lay ahead for him. One such vision affects him so much, that this is his reaction to it. 

As organic as his neck, pecs and shoulders might look, there is very little of him that is what we would define as being organic. I like to think of him being like a robotic insect, with a tough exoskeleton and then having massive amounts of ‘muscle’ and hydraulics under neath everything. 

The muscle part would look and feel organic, but only because it is copying the nature of how muscles work, but would in fact be made of inorganic substances, probably even nanotechnology, so that it would be capable of self repair and lighter than organic muscle is. It would also need to be able to reform itself, break apart, and come back together. To allow for transformation, I’m guessing these ‘muscles’ would have to be built form some kind of poly-mimetic alloy, kind of  like the T1000 from the Terminator films

So yewwww guhssssss, my vision might be obscured from my pure delight in this flavorful Bai 5 beverage I am drinking, but is it me, or is this outfit Cheryl is wearing in the airport that is supposedly from last night (March 10):

The same outfit that she was wearing in her “LOLZ WHO’S WORTH IT COULD IT BEEE LIAM WE’RE RAYL” instagram from a week ago?

I mean listen, when I love an outfit I will be all about that life, but it just seems a little suspish.