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A Study in Hypocrisy #2.2

Or why the Avengers’ relationship to Tony was unhealthy at best, Steve isn’t fit to be a leader, and why I’m Team Iron Man to the end.


Tony’s relationship with the Avengers has always made me uncomfortable. For the longest time, I couldn’t put my finger on why exactly, but I’ll try to organize my thoughts in this series.  

This post was getting far too long, so I decided to cut it into parts, one per Avenger.


Steve’s relationship with Tony is bathed in hypocrisy and double standards right off the bat. When Steve meets Bruce, he tells him that he doesn’t care about his reputation and will essentially make up his own mind about what kind of person he is from what he sees as they work together. 

Yet he doesn’t apply that very same standard to Tony, instantly judging and comparing him to Bucky. 

Big man in a suit of armor. Take that away, what are you?


I know men with none of that worth ten of you.

Avengers (2012)

Where does Steve get off judging Tony like this? Reading a file doesn’t give him intimate knowledge of who Tony is as a person. And his fortune has nothing to do with who he is inside. Indeed, it sounds like he holds Tony’s fortune (which he worked hard to build—whatever people may think, SI’s products didn’t invent themselves) against him. Which makes no sense? 

In Winter Soldier, we see quickly enough that neither Steve nor Natasha trust Tony. When they show up at Sam’s, they promptly tell him everyone they know wants to kill them, which is so absurdly stupid and wrong I have no words for it. Tony would never ally with HYDRA. Tony designed the freaking helicarriers. Hell, he’s a tech genius. He was the obvious choice in this case! He could have provided them with a safe house, any supplies they needed, backup and unlimited technical help. 

But do you think they went to him? 

Nooo. And why? Apart from “they’re stupid and Marvel didn’t want to pay for RDJ,” because Steve already knew about the Winter Soldier killing Tony’s parents. They could have avoided dumping all of SHIELD’s files on the internet. They could have protected the hundreds of undercover agents who were caught unawares once their legends were blown. They could have protected those agents’ families. They could have protected the agents who weren’t undercover, but still carrying out missions at the time. They could have avoided the crazy damage caused by three giant flying machines shooting each other out of the sky right over Washington DC. There would have been considerably less loss of life had Tony been involved. 

And yet they chose to keep him out of it. 

And here’s where it starts to get very sour, and where I get very, very bitter. 

Around rolls Age of Ultron and Steve is so, so quick in putting the blame on Tony. Like everyone else, he promptly forgets Bruce’s involvement, and makes Tony the sole culprit. After 3 years fighting side by side, he doesn’t even give him the benefit of the doubt. He doesn’t pause to think of somebody other than his precious little self and wonder if, maybe, he’s not so special after all and others might have experienced visions, too. 

Nope. No, it’s evil, it’s bad, so it’s gotta be Tony’s fault. 

Then, there’s the culmination of his hypocrisy: “Sometimes, my teammates don’t tell me things.” 

Okay. First, who the fuck do you think you are, asshole? You don’t get to demand that your teammates tell you everything? What the hell! Nobody owes you anything whatsoever. 

Second, who the fuck do you think you are to demand complete transparency after keeping the secret of said teammate’s parents’ death for over a year? 

This pissed me off. so. damn. much. 

Pardon my French. 

The sheer hypocrisy, people. The balls! 

Now then. What about trusting freaking Wanda Maximoff over your teammate? She suddenly realizes that she’s gonna die too if the world ends, switches to your side out of sheer convenience and self interest, and after 30 seconds you take her advice that “Stark is evil” like she’s the Messiah? Wow. It must be nice to be so convinced of your own self-righteousness. 

Finally, Civil War

Let’s forget about the fact that Steve probably didn’t read the Accords. The entire thing has to have taken place over the course of, what… a week at most? Starting with the introduction of the Accords. There is no way in hell Steve—or anyone else on his team, really—would have managed to read and understand a piece of legislation as complex as the Accords in that time. No way. Which means that he heard a vague description of it and said “no” for… what reason again? 

But I digress. 

Tony offers compromises. He works his ass off to come up with a way to wipe Steve and Sam’s record clean, and to offer Bucky therapy instead of prison. He keeps reaching out, over and over again, only to have his hand slapped away by Rogers. But unlike Rogers, Tony doesn’t dismiss Steve’s claims that there are other Winter Soldiers. He investigates the information and then, because his heart is too big for his own good, he still goes to Siberia to help. 

And there are 5 more super soldiers just like him. I can’t let the doctor find them first, Tony. I can’t.

Captain America: Civil War (2016)

Because where Steve says “I,” Tony says “we.” Because Tony Stark, who “doesn’t play well with others,” is the one who keeps reaching out and trying to move as a team. Because Steve, who keeps preaching about fighting “together” and not having secrets, keeps his tightly under wraps. Again, do you think Sam and Bucky were aware of Tony’s deal? 

Back on topic, Tony goes to Siberia to help Steve, who then proceeds to invalidate his trauma and pain at seeing his parents die in front of his eyes. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, of course Tony’s not stupid and realizes that Steve knew. But instead of confessing, Steve lies to his face all. over. again.

I will not even go into that condescending letter, which could be summarized like follows: “I’m sorry you don’t understand that I was right and you were wrong, and if you’re prepared to beg for forgiveness and freely offer your house, your toys and your money to me again, I might just, after some time, agree to forgive you. P.S.: How is it, being all by yourself in that huge place?”  

Steve is a hypocritical, holier-than-thou asshole and needs a kick where the sun don’t shine. Tony better not forgive anyone until they grovel for at least 10 years. 

ETA: Also, that “I could do this all day” line infuriated me to no end. Implying that Tony’s being a bully when he’s just been stabbed in the back by his teammates while he was trying to do what was right is downright petty, stupid, awful and shitty


Part 1

Part 2.1: Natasha | Part 2.2: Steve | Part 2.3: Thor

Requested by the wonderful @happypencil  Continuation of this


If I die young bury me in satin Lay me down on a bed of roses 

“Friends, family, and loved ones. Today we are gathered here today in the remembrance and celebration of the short life of Lance McClain." 

 Sink me in the river at dawn Send me away with the words of a love song 

The priest cleared his throat. There was an eerie, haunting silence in the church. The only thing that could be heard was the rain drops outside, hitting the tin roof, creating a slight hum throughout the room. 

 Uh oh uh oh Lord make me a rainbow, I’ll shine down on my mother She’ll know I’m safe with you when She stands under my colours, oh and

 No one in the room can bring themselves to look at Lance’s mother in the eyes. All they can manage is a sad look and a quick nod before turning away quickly, head down. Not that she blames them. Her eyes may be preeminently red and burning, tears still streaming down her face. She feels her husband take her hand, but it offers little comfort. She has become numb. And at the moment, she is grateful. The pain would consume her, and she has to be strong. For her family. For her Lance. 

 Life ain’t always what you think it oughta be, no Ain’t even grey, but she buries her baby

 But she can’t stop the tears from coming faster. She’s hurt and angry. At everything. The universe, herself. She tightens her grip on her husband’s hand, ring beginning to sink into her flesh. Her baby. Her baby. Is gone. Forever. And she didn’t even get to say goodbye. 

 The sharp knife of a short life, Well, I’ve had just enough time

 "This is not an easy day. Our hearts go out to his family and friends, who will dearly miss him. We mourn his short life, but we must celebrate and remember the time we did have with him.” The priest shuffles some papers at the podium, eyes turning toward someone in the crowd. “And there is one here who can help celebrate this cherished life, and who genuinely saw Lance for he he was, and loved him for it.” The priest nodded. “Keith Kogane, please make your way up.”

 If I die young bury me in satin. Lay me down on a bed of roses

 Keith cleared his throat, and gave Shiro and Allura’s hands a reassuring squeeze and nodded to Hunk and Pidge, who were sobbing quietly. With a shuddering breath, Keith rose and made his way to the podium. 

 Sink me in the river at dawn Send me away with the words of a love song

 As Keith made his way, he let his fingertips graze over the white, glossy casket. His chest tightened and he inhaled sharply. He could already feel the familiar sting of tears behind his eyes. 

 The sharp knife of a short life, Well I’ve had just enough time

 He finally reached the podium, and gripped the sides until his knuckles turned white. He couldn’t cry. Not now. He already had so much already. He had to be strong.

 And I’ll be wearing white when I come into your kingdom

 Keith loosened the white tie around his neck, feeling much too tight. He cleared his throat and turned his gaze to the audience.

 I’m as green as the ring on my little cold finger

 "I-I know most of you might not know me, but I was Lance’s- he was my-“ Keith let out a shuddering breath. He could hear Allura start crying along with Shiro. Keith’s vision blurred. "He was my best friend. My partner. My everything.”

 I’ve never known the lovin’ of a man But it sure felt nice when he was holding my hand

 "I loved Lance with all my being. And before Lance, I didn’t know what love really was. I was so alone. I-I didn’t have anybody. And then Lance came into my life.“ He gave a wet chuckle. "Even when Lance was my ‘rival’ and we both thought we hated one another, he was always there." 

 There’s a boy here in town says he’ll love me forever

 Keith turned his eyes to the ceiling, not able to stop the tears from flowing. "When we finally stopped arguing and fighting all the time and just got to know each other, we discovered how much we cared for one another. And it was scary at first. I was never good at showing my emotions, but Lance was so patient and he just loved. He loved hard. Unconditionally. Even though I cradled him in my arms first.” That earned a few chuckles from the crowd. Keith smiled softly, but it didn’t last long.

 Who would have thought forever could be severed by The sharp knife of a short life, Well I’ve had just enough time 

“We both thought we had forever. All the time in the world. We had the whole galaxy to ourselves. We both knew how dangerous our job was, and the risks that came with it. But we didn’t care. We were surrounded, absorbed with one another.” Keith closed his eyes and could see ocean blue eyes, blushing warm skin, and a small smirk with glistening teeth. He could feel soft, warm touches, promises of forever. He could hear his voice, whispering sweet nothings and everlasting love in his ear. Keith chocked on a sob. “I love him. I love him so much. He didn’t deserve this. He deserves the whole universe." 

 So put on your best boys and I’ll wear my pearls What I never did is done

 "He deserved to see his family again, and not like this. He deserved so much more. Someone better than me, a better life. A better ending. There are some many things that I wished I had done, wished I had said. But now he’s gone." 

 A penny for my thoughts, oh no I’ll sell them for a dollar They’re worth so much more after I’m a goner

 Keith turned his gaze to the team. All of them were crying. Coran was holding Allura, Shiro was holding Pidge’s hands, gently rubbing small circles with his thumb, trying to ease her cries. Hunk had his head buried in his head, whole body shaking violently. 

 And maybe then you’ll hear the words I been singin’ Funny when you’re dead how people start listenin’

 "Lance always told us how much he loved us. How much he cared for all of us. He would always tell us that if something ever happened to him, not to cry and morn his loss. He wanted us to live our lives to the fullest, to take care of one another. And we would sometimes brush it aside.” Keith turned his gaze to Lance’s mom. “I just wished I would’ve listened." 

 The ballad of a dove. Go with peace and love

 "But we can keep the memory of Lance alive. He will never leave my thoughts, and I know he won’t leave yours. He will live through us, his legacy will live on forever.”

 Gather up your tears, keep 'em in your pocket Save 'em for a time when your really gonna need 'em oh

 Keith shook his head and gave a small sad smile. “Lance would probably smack us if he saw all our tears. 'Save them for a time when you’re really gonna need them’ is what he would always say.” The tears came faster, falling onto the podium and into the papers, smudging the letters. He shook his head, as if to clear his thoughts. He fruitlessly tried to wipe away the tears that continued to fall.

 The sharp knife of a short life, Well I’ve had just enough time

 "So for now, I say goodbye to him.“ Keith looked down at the closed casket, wishing instead that he could see a warm smile and bright lively eyes. "I will see you again one day. So wait for me, okay? And until that time comes, know that my heart is yours. I love you Lance. Until then, Sharpshooter.”

So put on your best boys and I’ll wear my pearls…


They were just for fun. Pure, simple, childish fun—at least, that’s what Eddie told himself. Skirts were girl clothes, so there was no reason Eddie should enjoy them other than as a joke… the four skirts in his closet were a joke. A joke that made Eddie feel pretty. A joke nobody would ever find out about.

Or a joke nobody was supposed to find out about.

It had been a mistake—a dumb mistake that had completely gone over his head. Richie was over that day. The two were talking (more like bickering) when Richie declared his desire to play Candyland.

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yumi-chanwriter  asked:

I think I've read the passage of the House of the Undying an thousand times by now but I don't get what they are hinting at. Who are the mounts and the treacherous people and so on... Any thoughts?

Ohh boy. The thing to remember about the House of the Undying prophecies is that, well, they’re prophecies. Some of them haven’t happened yet, so we can only make guesses. It’s likely that after the books are complete, we’ll be able to go through all of Dany’s storyline and match up all the passages, but for now, we might be right or we might be wrong.

Anyway. These are my theories, based on the events of the books so far, TWOW preview chapters, other people’s thoughts, and other general speculation:

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rambledore  asked:

Hi:) First of all, I love your blog. Been reading through it for the past hour. Good Shit™. Do you have any headcanons for like, Peter's physical strength and Michelle being like "WHAT", please? Because I can definitely see that.

i love this!!

  • so over time, peter starts walking mj home whenever he can
  • bc he walked home with her once and the amount of catcalls she recieved were disappointing
  • and he knows that she is perfectly capable of talking care of herself
  • it just makes him feel better knowing that she’s safe
  • and she lets him walk her home because she secretly likes his company
  • and one day she’s a mess™
  • she’s holding her tea in one hand and she’s carrying all these insanely heavy textbooks
  • and her backpack still makes her feel like she’s carrying the whole decathlon team on her shoulders
  • which she is, actually
  • and it’s not helping that that one strand of hair is bothering her so much
  • and she can’t even tie it up because her hands are full
  • and on the way to the subway, she tries to act like she can handle it
  • because she’s a strong, independent woman, who has a huge ego and really needs some help
  • but peter sees right through her
  • and she decides that her ego can take a hit if it means that she can dump all her things on parker
  • and she does
  • and whAT THE FUCK
  • he’s so annoying
  • because his arm is flexing and-
  • he’s smirking at her because the shock must be evident on her face
  • and it honest to god looks like it doesn’t even affect him at all
  • u g h
  • then at gym,
  • michelle is good at track ok
  • she’d just rather read
  • but coach forces her to run laps
  • and she’s partially grateful bc
  • at least it’s something she can do
  • and then she sees him doing push ups
  • and he’s wearing a t shirt
  • and she nearly loses her bALANCE
  • because, again
  • she prides herself on being really observant
  • and this sneaky lil mofo thinks he can go around gaining muscles and looking all hot
  • it happens next when she’s on her period
  • and she’s even more on edge than usual
  • anything has the power to piss her off right now
  • flash and a female version of flash happen to have said power
  • they’re taunting her
  • and she’s 100% done
  • she’s storming up to them and she’s grabbing at them
  • but she feels someone wrap their arm around her waist
  • and she looks at the arm
  • and she already knows
  • but he’s picking her up and she’s on his shoulder now
  • and even though, they might be upside down rn (in her vision)
  • flash and the girl look really scared
  • so she’s a little less mad at peter
  • and then when he sets her down gently
  • she’s yelling at him
  • “what the fuck, parker! i don’t need you to-how did you eVEN CARRY ME, YOU LOSER?!”
  • but he’s smiling at her
  • and it frustrates her so much
  • basically her reaction is mostly
  • “really? right in front of my salad, parker?”
Surprise Girlfriend- Andre Burakovsky

Originally posted by thornescratch

I’m kind of excited that you’ve gotten THREE DAYS IN A ROW of imagines! I know… sad right? Oh well… I’ll take what I can get! Anywho… enjoy guys!

Warning: drunk guy that can’t take a hint

@nicehaircvtkaner Request: Hello you ! How are you ? How was your day ? I am sorry if my english is not very good, but I am french so I try to do my best ! I just want to ask if you can do an imagine with Andre Burakovsky where he’s dating a girl but no one knows, and at a party in a bar with the Caps and their girlfriends, a man try to kiss his girlfriend and he takes her defense in front of everyone and reveal their relationship ? Thank you ! Love from France !


              You sipped on your fruity drink as you waited for Andre and company to get there.

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dj-jazzyjeb  asked:

my vision is a little bit blurry in the evenings so when i saw ur captain lars drawing i thought he was like,,,, squatting on the table??? or just nothing but legs??? i thought u might find that funny idk ur drawing is wonderful and i hope u have a great day

Hahaha! 😂 I did find that funny 😂 And I hope u have a great day too! 

Sassy Stark Pt.2

Pairing: Dad!Tony x Daughter!Reader, a bit of Cap, Nat, Vision and Sam on the side

Warnings: Some angst, mention of a character death

Word count: 1,100

A/N: This is part 2 of this series - beta’d by the beautiful @fandommaniacx. I love writing dad!Tony and this might seem a bit like filler (which it sorta is I guess) but it gives a whole lot more inside into the relationship of the two main characters. 

Part 1 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7

Originally posted by gayirongirl

The little bookshop on the corner had been your safe space ever since you moved to New York. You came in practically every day and yet fell in love with it over and over again each time you visited.

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The latest episode of The Exorcist was just great fanfiction coming to life:

  • Marcus being mad at Tomas for walking into the haunted house- check
  • Tomas having a panic attack because of his visions- check
  • Marcus’ anger turning into worry, subsequently throwing the concept of personal space out the window and nearly ending up kissing Tomas- check
  • Tomas and Marcus being disgusted about the idea that priests think being gay is demonic, and apologizing to Verity- check
  • Tomas having another intense vision- check
  • Tomas being somehow special to the Vatican- check
  • Marcus nearly kissing Tomas again when he comforts a freaked out Tomas- check
  • Marcus and Tomas praying together- check
  • Both being the badass priests they are and exorcising the demon together- check

#slow burn #grey lion/little cub #gay priests exorcising together #What’s personal space? Never heard of it #my boyfriend best friend might just be possessed by a demon, we don’t know yet #Until we know I’ll have to babysit him 24/7 #But he’s cute so whatever

Geometry Part 6

Here’s part 6 below. Peeta’s world may not be everything he thinks it is.

Part 5 (with links to Parts 1-4 embedded) is here.


In the morning, I rise early and sneak out to the bakery while girls are still asleep in the livingroom bed.  I head straight to shed to get wood to light the ovens, and since I’m out there, I dig clothes out of my boxes and change.  It makes me realize I’ll have to face bringing my things to the Everdeen’s sooner rather than later because if my mother gets in a mood, she might toss everything.  To be safe, I stack the boxes behind one of the wood stacks so she won’t see them immediately if she happens in.

Work that morning is alright; there’s a strained silence between my brother, father and I, but only because the unspoken cloud of my mother’s bad mood lingers. But it’s nothing we haven’t gone through before.  

School is still six days away, and so I’ll be at the bakery all day, but my father gives me a lunch break long enough to ferry one of my boxes back to the house. I remember to grab my jacket off the peg by the back door before I march off.

When I get back to the house, I hear Prim’s voice coming from the back yard so I go there.  She’s sitting on a little crate, bundled in a jacket and milking her goat. 

I actually laugh a real, if short, belly laugh.  The creature, as wide in the middle as the Everdeen girls are thin, and with hair a clean white that matches the hoar frost on the ground, is wearing a…

Well, it’s looking very intellectual, wearing a perfectly fitted sweater.

A thick, absolutely hideous orange colored sweater, covered in balls from pilling, and with a collar so tall and floppy that I swear it makes the goat look like it should be sporting a pair of wire-rimmed glasses on its snout.  

And maybe even a tobacco pipe to accentuate its white beard.

Prim looks up, and smiles when she sees me trying not to keep laughing.

“We had to soak the arms in boiling water, to shrink them so it would fit her legs properly,” Prim says, smiling wider, and she laughs herself.

The sound is a waterfall of joy compared to the weeping I heard last night.

I nod, and my grin of mock appreciation for the tailoring is so wide it actually hurts my jaw a little.

“Well, I must say, I’ve never seen a better dressed goat my whole life.”

“Come and meet the princess.”

I lift the latch on the gate and slip into the yard, balancing my box of cloths on my hip as I do.  I wonder where they get and store food for it. In the summer I suppose 

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Close Pt. 2

Requested by tw-teen-wolf-imagines-tw

Pt 2 of Close=necessary AF

Here y’all go!

Peter Hale X Reader

Prompt: Scott asks Peter to protect the reader, a fairy, from the Oni and Void Stiles

Originally posted by weskerhugrequired

Void Stiles opened the room to the apartment and looked around.

The heavy moaning from the room told him enough.

A light from the under the bedroom door illuminated the dark living room.

Stiles smiled and touched the door.

The power seeping through gave him a rush.

Imagine if he had all that power at his fingertips, how much people he could hurt.

Peter wasn’t listening.

Her moans were too loud.

He’d already gotten this far into the apartment.

Void Stiles sat down on the couch and put his head back.

Just before the sounds and light ceased, Void Stiles slipped into Peter’s bedroom and watched them unwind.

He picked up her underwear and sniffed it.

The smell of arousal and need made his head swirl.

It wasn’t like any other scent he’d ever smelled before.

It was magical.

Sugared honey and a spritz of lemon.

Absolutely magnificent.

He walked with two fingers on her leg then trailed one finger as he got closer to her arm.

He caressed her face, brushing away any incoming hairs.

Y/N was beautiful.

Too bad he couldn’t love.

Void Stiles picked Y/N up from the bed, careful not to wake Peter.

He carried her out of the apartment and placed her in his car.

He was going to have fun with his new toy.

“What do you mean lost you her?!”

Scott widened his brown eyes in disbelief.

Peter scratched his head and staring pacing back and forth.

Last night was finally the night Peter showed how he really felt about you, only to have to you abducted the next morning.

“Meaning I don’t know where she went”

“How could you let this happen? I trusted you, Peter! ”

“Who’s fault is that?”

Scott grabbed the collar of Peter’s shirt and pushed him up against the wall.

The two wolves showed their eyes.

Red and Ice Blue.

“Guys this is not the time; we have to find them”

Isaac pulled Scott off of Peter so they could talk.

“Peter you screwed up; bad. Scott, you trusted Peter; aka world’s biggest douche. Now let’s try and solve this. Peter, what were you two doing last night?”


“Peter, come on”

“We had an argument, got drunk, and then we got tired and went to sleep”

Isaac looked at Scott then back at Peter.

“If I found out you two had sex I’m going to–”

“How did they know? ”

Scott furrowed his eyebrows and gave him a confused look.

“What are you talking about?”

“I told you not to tell anyone. So how did they know Y/N was even here? Scott, you must’ve told someone”

Scott thought about it long and hard.

Who did he tell?

Only one person could’ve known.

His best friend; Stiles.

“Damn it! Stiles might have been following me”

“That doesn’t explain how he gave you the slip Peter”

Isaac and Scott both looked skeptically at Peter.

“No time”

Peter grabbed a coat and headed for the door.

The three went on a mission to find Y/N.

Peter was so scared for her.  




The calling of my name slowly pulled me into consciousness.

The familiar voice made me smile.



I opened my eyes a little more and my vision cleared.

That wasn’t Stiles.

I gasped and backed up on the bed.

I didn’t know where I was going but I started running.

I ran outside and saw nothing but tall trees and nature.

Completely in shock, I didn’t hear the cracking of a branch behind me.

“If you want to run you can, just know that if the Oni catch you, I won’t save you”

I didn’t know what to do.

Fear, anxiety, anger, sadness, all hit me at once.

“You’re scared. Good”

I turned around to face him.

His once brown eyes turned black and eerie.

He had dark circles under his eyes and chapped lips.

Stiles yanked my arm so hard I let out a small cry.

He dragged me back inside and threw me onto the floor.

I landed with a loud thud.

Stiles stomped his way towards me.

He brought his foot back and kicked me in the stomach.

I groaned and brought my knees up to my chest.

Stiles grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me up off the floor.

I screamed and with his hand still in my hair, he slammed me against a wall.

I grunted and held the hand he had in my hair.

“That was for running. You don’t know how special you are. I’m going to cut your skin off and heal you every time you feel like passing out.  I will rip your throat out so you can’t scream, sew your eyes open, and kill all of your friends in front of you all while you’re still breathing. Then I’m going to eat your heart”

A tear streaked down my cheek and I started to breakdown.

This was not Stiles.

He looked like the boy I’ve come to love but he was gone.

Void Stiles wiped away my tears with his free hand.

“Aw, don’t cry. Just because I’m going to kill you, doesn’t mean we can’t have fun Y/N”

He kissed my cheek making me whimper.

His hand went from my hair to my throat and the other gripped my waist tightly.

He kissed, bit, and sucked all over my neck.

Was he marking his territory?

I sucked in my breath so I wouldn’t moan.

Sure I hated Void Stiles, sure it was very rough, but it felt so good.

The pain and pleasure mixed well.

Void Stiles stopped and looked up at me.

“So you’re not going to moan?”

I nodded my head no.

He smirked at me and grabbed my jaw.

“We’ll see”

Peter’s POV

“We went everywhere, there’s been no sign of Stiles or Y/N”

Scott ran his fingers through his hair and sat on the hood of my car.

We’ve been looking for hours.

We checked in with Sheriff Stilinski, Lydia, previous Void Stiles attack zones, and nothing.

I was losing it.

How could I have been so stupid?

He was in the apartment when her powers came back.

“If only she was a werewolf. You could howl and she’d hear you so she can tell you where she is”

I furrowed my brows and remembered something.

She lit up because of the overwhelming pleasure and sent me all of that energy.

What if it enhanced my senses?

I could probably heal faster, hear farther, and smell better.

Her powers should direct me to her.

I tried to focus all my thoughts on her by closing my eyes and imagining seeing her at this moment.

My eyes rolled into the back of my head and saw the fast images flooding my brain.

“Peter? ”

My eyes opened and a concerned Scott stood in front of me.

“Peter, are you okay? ”

“I know here she is”

“How? ”

“Just jump on your bike and follow me”

I started the car but stopped just as Isaac went in the passenger seat.


Isaac opened his mouth to protest but once he saw my glowing blue eyes, he mumbled and left the car.

I immediately drove off and headed towards the hills.

I’m coming, Y/N.


Stiles palmed me through my underwear and inhaled my scent.

“You know you want to moan”

I tried so hard not to.

He was doing everything right.

“Y/N I want you to moan right now”

I shook my head no and focused on Peter.

He’s coming for me; I can feel it.

“I don’t like defiance, Y/N”

Stiles unexpectedly stuck two fingers in me, stretching me out.

I screamed his name because of the ultimate pain it gave me.

I found myself panting for more.

The friction made me more wet than before.

He used his thumb to up the intensity.

Defeated, I let out a moan while bucking my hips against his fingers.

“That’s a good girl”

Something violent twisted inside my stomach.

This was wrong.

It wasn’t an orgasm because my insides felt bad.

I’m not his.

Peter’s POV

Halfway up the hill I heard a scream.

I pressed hard on the gas and tried to get there as fast as I could.

Please be okay,  Y/N.

Once I got there, I wasted no time breaking down the door.

Oni from left and right appeared in front of me.

Scott and Isaac tumbled in from behind.

I growled and let my claws come out.

I tried to kill as much of them as I could.

Where was she?

“It’s a trap! ”

Scott helped Isaac fight one of them.

He looked at me with big eyes.


My skin boiled as I got madder.

I ripped off every mask of every Oni in the room.

When I was done,  my skin got even hotter than before.

I fell to my knees and grunted.

It was like an internal fire burning inside of me.

I need her.

I need Y/N.

A yelp from outside shifted my attention.

I took off without saying anything to Scott.

I ran as fast as I could.

The fire was getting worse.

She must be here.

I saw Y/N on the floor with a sword piercing her stomach.

“No! ”

Before I could kill it,  the Oni disappeared in a flash of smoke.

I ran to her side and held her close to me.

“Nonononono, this can’t be happening”

Y/N opened her eyes and touched my face.

“Peter”. she said weakly.

“I was supposed to protect you ”

“Take my hand”

I furrowed my brows but did as she asked.

We interlocked fingers and she motioned for me to kiss her.

A bright light shot through my fingertips and flowed into hers.

The fire became warm and tingly.

Our lips began to move in sync and the same butterflies I felt when I first kissed her, marched around in my stomach.

We became weightless as every cut, bruise, and internal pain subsided.

Her hands ran through my hair and she pushed her chest against mine.

It was like our souls merged.

My ice blue eyes glowed and she matched the same color.

When the light faded, she was completely healed.

I felt back to normal – completed.


Peter hugged me tightly and I returned the favor.

The violent feeling inside was gone.

Whenever Peter’s close to me, everything feels right; balanced.  

He fills the emptiness that I didn’t even know I had.

Peter crawled his fingers on my stomach to feel for the wound.


“When we had sex last night,  we merged. We are now one. If separated from each other too long, it becomes unbearable. You’re my mate.”

“You do know that wolves mate for life, right?”

“Well so do fairies”

“You slept with Y/N?!”

Scott was pissed.

His eyes glowed red and his fangs were exposed.

We both looked at each other and back at Scott.

“We should run”

“Probably a good idea”

Scott chased after you and Peter into the woods.

Isaac POV

“Hello? Scott? You’re supposed to take me home”

I looked around the cabin.

I sighed and went outside.

His motorcycle and Peter’s car was gone.

They left me.


I started the three-hour walk back home.

alright i was gonna save this to be a big surprise but this story’s too good to pass up

buckle up yall this one’s a long one

so right now i’m working on something i call a Slow Sequence, which is just the parts of jack and casie that arent just jack and casie lost in the woods. they’re top down more traditional rpg segments where you can manage your inventory, relax, and engage in some good old wholesome messing-with-casieisms

here’s an early look:

i’ve been working on this for the past week now and i’ve basically got them ready to go, ready to replace the existing shop sequences with an entirely new screen that allows you to do a little exploration and conversation before you get back out into the world and into Fast Sequences (the normal game). this morning in particular i was working in over drive. probably because i’ve been working my ass off on commissions and i might be in a like, productivity frenzy

i managed to crank out a new tileset i liked, some new dialogue, developed a vision for Casie’s Outpost (it’s probably not actually called that, but it’s the outpost that casie lives at, so let’s call it that for now) (it’s either that or “outpost 22″ which just doesnt make any sense yet so like lesser of two evils here) in a couple hours

and then i ran out of memory.

gm8.1 has a very particular quirk that i like that makes it really good at rapid prototyping and it’s that it saves all of the shit you do to ram instead of the hard drive. this means that you can start a game really fast without having to wait for an entire new save cycle and recompilation which makes it really good for brute forcing code, which is basically the breadth of my programming playbook. hit it over and over until it works. unfortunately, hitting things over and over will eventually (read: after 4+ hours of work with very large files) swamp gm’s alotted memory, and cause gm to lock up. but running out of memory is a hunter not unbeknownst to its prey. i have a contingency. my contingency is to save immediately, and have backups in case something goes wrong. which sometimes it does.

i would say it’s like a 90/10 chance

anyway, today this corrupted my file.

and corrupted my automatically generated backup save file. 

because i accidentally hit the save button twice.

this was about an hour and a half ago. yes, the filename for this subproject was literally just called ‘fuck’. that was the word that was on my mind at the time. i dont think i was upset or anything i was just like ‘fuck’ but like, thats how i always am. the intention was to just import the project into gms and then merge it wholesale with the main jack and casie project, so the title of the 8.1 version mattered very little. you should see the rest of them. i have 4 files called temp0 through temp4 and some of them are just backups of the same file

anyway, if i had just failed to save or something (or just closed the window without trying to save) i would have lost 30 minutes worth of work. but because i took my shots, i lost weeks of work. like, the majority of the month of february. there’s supposed to be a demo out in march. march is in 7 days.

i went to bed and began to rethink my options. and also fall asleep, because i have been up for like 19 hours and i had just eaten and basically i was a mess of debuffs at that very second. fortunately, because i am a big fuckin showoff and enjoy rubbing my shit in people’s faces, i had a cache of shit lying around on discords and slacks and line chats i guess that i could just re-integrate back into my tileset proper but that would still leave me without the conversation engine which is stupidly robust and involved and took the majority of the time (the rest of the time was like, not even drawing the tileset: more like working out what the fuck non-enemy things would look like in jack and casie) i had spent on coding fuck.gm81. i had already done it once though so i had worked out the theory, so i just had to do it again. which i could do! it would just take all day.

there’s an exhibition tomorrow. and i was falling asleep. it was at this very second i realized that my mistake in accidentally pressing a finicky touch keyboard button twice had actually ruined pretty much everything, and decided to actually fall asleep in order to hide from my problems

so i laid there for like 45 minutes, ostensibly trying to go to sleep. not even really mad at this point or even like upset. more like that perfect trance like state of being simultaneously so infuriated but also so completely defeated that youre aware that raising a hand at all in protest is a waste of energy so instead you decide to just fuckin sit there, grimacing, trying to will a solution into existence

game maker studio has an import function that pulls information from a .gm81 file. it’s kind of finicky and kind of weird because it reads every asset one at a time and imports them one at a time so it’s kind of slow but you get to see a nice big bar that fills up as gms works its way through your file. it’s pretty satisfying. also, fuck.gm81 wasn’t an empty file. it was like 92kb or something. it wasnt corrupted in that it disintegrated or something and all the packets were destroyed, it was more like something was just being read wrong by gm8.1

i realized this all at once. i then realized i was screaming

importing it to gms worked

not perfectly, but well enough

i could fix a broken system in a heartbeat. or at least faster then i could build a new one.

the biggest problem is the obvious corruption. apparently, because i ran out of memory building backgrounds, the backgrounds are what got corrupted. in particular the main tileset that i had been working on for the past couple days had completely been replaced by just a sheer 255 255 255 black. but more importantly all the new art i had done for casie and company are OK, and my code is OK, and after a little digging i found a screenshot i had posted around of Casie’s Outpost in development

and now i just have to

rip my own

pixel art

but it beats doing it over again!

Fic title: Voice of an Angel, by tfw_cas

Rating: Explicit

Tags: Castiel (Supernatural) Dean Winchester Sam Winchester Castiel/Dean Winchester First Kiss Castiel/Dean Winchester First Time Masturbation Hand Jobs Blow Jobs Shower Sex Dean’s Top 13 Zepp Traxx Mixtape Porn With Plot Gratuitous Smut Fluff

Summary: Dean singing in the shower is the most beautiful thing Castiel has ever heard, and he cannot stop himself from listening and fantasising every time. When he gets caught their relationship changes for ever.


Written for the Destiel & Cockles Sentence Monthly Challenge 

Part 1 of the Voice of an Angel? series

Prompt: Cas discovers Dean’s penchant for singing in the shower. 

As he walked down the hallway in the bunker Cas heard music coming from the direction of the shower room. Well… it wasn’t music, so much as singing and, yes, it was Dean’s voice. He would recognise it anywhere. He was singing a song Cas knew well; The Battle of Evermore, by Led Zeppelin. It was one of those on the repeatedly-listened-to mixtape belonging to the angel, with a label bearing the legend ‘Dean’s top 13 Zepp traxx’. It was also absolutely the most cherished possession he owned - even more so since the hunter had made its significance clear by refusing to take it back, saying ‘it’s a gift. You keep those.’

He stopped walking and revelled in the sweet melody; letting it wash over him, allowing it to cause an interesting reaction through his body. What he wouldn’t give to be under the water with Dean right now, holding him, caressing him, helping to wash that beautiful body… Oh, this is so wrong. Cas rushed away to his room, to deal with his situation hurriedly and messily. Whispering the most important word he knew - Dean - he achieved satisfaction. Panting, he lamented - not for the first time - that his sexual encounters with Dean were merely fantasies and that they could never be real.

Without even realising it, Cas started to find himself lurking near the shower room every time Dean was inside. It was a different song each time and he would listen to that wonderful voice, then rush back to his room with images in his mind. Images that he would store away for later; for his pleasure. Cas knew he should not keep doing this, but he could not help himself, and what harm was it doing, anyway?

The fourth time this happened, Sam appeared in front of him in the hallway. It was too late for Cas to hide, or invent an explanation for why he was just standing there, so he smiled as innocently as he could manage. “Hello Sam.”

“Hey Cas. What’s up?” The younger Winchester looked at him curiously.

Does he know why I’m here? Cas was alarmed at the thought that Sam might know what he had been doing. What if he tells Dean? “Nothing. I was… listening to the music.”

Sam looked very confused then. “Music? The only ‘music’ I can hear is Dean singing.” Yes, Sam did do the air quotes.

“Yes, isn’t it beautiful?” Cas had a blissful expression on his face, as Sam shook his head in disagreement.

“Dude. Dean is tone deaf. His singing is awful, man.”

“Sam, you are wrong. He has the voice of an angel. It touches me inside.”

“Ew, that’s gross Cas. I did not want to know that.” Sam looked truly disgusted at the thought and started to leave. Before he could get away, though, they heard Dean call from the showers.

“Hey. What’s going on out there? Are you two arguing?”

Before Cas could even open his mouth Sam shouted back. “Yeah. Cas thinks you have the voice of an angel, and I told him your singing sucks.”

Cas was frozen to the spot, as Sam laughed heartily. “I’m leaving before he dumps a bucket of water over me.” He tossed his hair and walked away, leaving Cas to deal with the consequences of Dean’s discovery.

A moment later, Dean came out from the shower room with only a towel wrapped around his waist. Water dripped down his face, over his body, and onto the floor. Cas was completely transfixed by the vision in front of him and he was unaware that his eyes had widened or that his breath was coming out in short pants. The hunter noticed immediately, however, and walked quickly over to him; invading his personal space.

“So Cas… you like my singing, huh?” Unable to speak, the angel nodded and swallowed thickly.

Gently mimicking him, Dean nodded back, and smiled shyly. “Do-do you think you might need a shower, Cas? I think you’re a little dirty.”

Cas blinked a couple of times as his brain tried to register what Dean had just said. Did he mean what I think he meant? “Is that a flirtation?”

“Do… you want it to be?”

What, were they only speaking in questions now? Cas decided that it was time for him to act. Grabbing hold of Dean’s towel, he pulled him forwards, until their chests were touching. Looking Dean straight in the eyes he growled. “Don’t ask stupid questions.”

Before the hunter could reply, Castiel crushed their lips together. The kiss was hard and passionate; all teeth and tongues, and gorgeous lips that moved against his perfectly. The hunter made a kind of purring sound and - oh Chuck - Cas’s body responded in a way he had not experienced before. He found himself grinding his hips into Dean’s, Dean gasped, and the angel took the opportunity to plunge his tongue into the man’s mouth. Tasting him, feeling him - it was almost too much - especially as he was grinding right back, with just as much enthusiasm.

“D-Dean, I think I am going to-”

“No no, not yet.” Dean drew back slightly, panting. “C’mon Cas, shower.”  

Fuck the shower. Cas tried to pull the man back towards him and finish what they had started right there. But Dean was insistent. “Sam won’t disturb us in there.”

Taking hold of his hand, Dean led Castiel into the steam-filled room. He was just as impatient as the angel, grabbing roughly at the trench coat before throwing it in a corner. Dean made quick work of the rest of the clothes too, until Cas stood in front of him naked and a little shy. He paused to take in the glorious sight before him.

“Cas… god.” He drew in a shaky breath and Castiel captured his mouth again; smashing their lips together with hunger and want. As they kissed, he backed Dean up against the shower wall and pinned him against the tiles with his body, then began to slowly roll their hips together. Dean tried to switch the shower on, but it was difficult when Cas was all over him like that. Eventually, he managed to reach over far enough and the water began to beat down on them relentlessly. As they explored each other in wonder, Cas started pulling Dean’s hair softly before running his hands down the sides of his neck and onto his chest. He was a work of art and Cas wanted to admire every inch of him. When his hands wandered lower, Dean broke off the kiss and groaned.

“Fuck Cas. Where’d you learn how to do that?”

Cas’s hand had reached Dean’s cock, and he had begun to stroke it. “You mean this?”

“Y-yeah. Ahhhh… all of it. The kiss-“ Dean trailed off as the strokes sped up. Cas planted little kisses over his neck and chest; then moved down to his nipple and flicked it with his tongue.

Dean bucked his hips forward and cried out. “Jesus. Fuck, Cas… I’m-” The rest of what he said turned into incoherent babbling, as Cas - somehow expertly - brought him to the best goddam orgasm he had ever had. The hot liquid spilled over Cas’s hand, as the angel continued to jerk him until he was spent. As his eyes came back into focus, Dean found that Castiel was watching him intently and he suddenly felt very exposed.

“What? Why are you staring at me like that?”

“I wanted to watch you in your most intimate moment. You are so beautiful, Dean.”

Sap. Dean became aware that Cas was still in need of release - despite the constant grinding - and he flipped their positions so that the angel was now against the wall. He dropped to his knees and kissed the tip of Cas’ dick, before he gave it a little lick. The noise Castiel made at this was positively sinful, and very encouraging, so he moved forward slightly and took it into his mouth.

“Dean!” Cas cried out, and this just spurred the man on. He reached around and placed his hands on Cas’ ass cheeks, then started to bob his head - taking as much of the cock into his mouth as he could; swirling his tongue along the shaft and around the head.

“DeanDean… fuck.” The angel’s cries were getting louder and Dean could see him scrabbling his hands on the tiles, trying to grab hold of something. The hunter took the angel’s hands and placed them on his head. As Castiel pulled at Dean’s hair, their eyes locked again and the hunter realised now why Cas wanted to look at him while he came. Watching your lover’s face as they fell apart was a fucking big turn-on.

Castiel continued to cry out - Jesus, he’s loud - and his breathing became ragged as he approached his release. The pulls on Dean’s hair became rougher and the angel couldn’t help thrusting into that warm, velvety mouth. But Dean carried on and was rewarded with the salty, bitter liquid spilling down his throat as Cas came with a shout. “Dean! Shitfuck!” Dear Lord - Cas screaming obscenities as he orgasmed was hot as fuck.

They stayed like that until Cas started to become over-sensitive, then he pulled Dean back to his feet and kissed him softly. When they broke apart, Dean shook his head with an incredulous look on his face.

“You’ve got a filthy mouth, Cas. You know that? I kinda like it though.”

Cas chuckled. “I think it is you who has the filthy mouth, Dean. What you just did…” He looked earnestly into Dean’s face. “I-I hope we can do it again.”

“Yeah. That, and… other stuff. I wanna make you sing for me again.” Dean’s voice became breathy at the thought of what they might do.

“That was not singing Dean.” Cas looked very confused.

“Well, it was music to my ears.” Now who’s the sap?

Whatever happened, it was guaranteed that they would be making sweet music together again.

Warfare - by @redlance

“Kara.” Alex’s voice is strained and tense as they walk. She’s on the verge of being angry and Kara knows that. “You can’t keep doing this. Protecting her, it’s not right.”

“Protecting people is what I do,” Kara argues, a hint of a smile teasing her lips.

“This is not the same. And you know it. Lena isn’t…” Alex pauses, lifting her free, weaponless, red-splattered hand to her forehead in frustration. “This is war, Kara. She isn’t on our side this time.”

“Babe.” Maggie’s voice is soft at Alex’s side and she rests a hand on Alex’s arm in a quiet attempt to subdue her girlfriend. “I think you might be over-reacting.” Alex shoots her a glare and Maggie takes her hand back. “Just a little.”

“Alex, you’re my sister and I love you-”

“Exactly!” Alex bursts, cutting Kara off. “We’re sisters. A team. As in, on the same side.”

“So?” Kara’s smile widens, as she looks down at her shirt and idly picks at the drying splotches of colour covering it.

“Do you not understand how this works?” Alex stares at Kara hard enough that the blonde is sure she’s managed to develop her own kind of heat-vision.

“I might be from another planet,” Kara quips, turning her head to look at Alex. She hears Lena chuckling softly beside her. “But yes. I know how paintball works.

“Oh,” Alex says, in a breathless kind of tone that makes it sound as though she’s had some kind of abrupt, amazing revelation. “You do know.” Then just like that, she’s back to being frustrated. “So, then you’re aware, that when we picked teams, we were committing ourselves to supporting one another.” Kara doesn’t say anything, only hums her affirmation. “To do everything in our power-”

“Minus flight and super-speed,” Maggie helpfully adds.

“Minus that, to protect one another. To win. Together.” Alex hits the last word hard and Kara finally stops, turning to look at her sister with wide eyes.
“Yes, Alex. I was there when you quoted the pledge.”

“We all were,” Lena mutters, somewhat remorsefully. She’s teasing, but Alex is teetering, and so it’s maybe not the best time.

“So, you can understand how throwing yourself in front of Lena every time I tried to shoot her hindered our ability to do that.” Alex’s expression is slightly manic; her eyes are wild and she’s wearing the smile of a desperate, mad woman.

“I thought this was supposed to be fun,” Kara laments, with a forced, overly dramatic sigh. “You don’t seem like you’re having fun.”

“I’d be having more fun if you’d let me shoot your girlfriend!” Alex finally explodes, her voice echoing through the trees. Kara sighs again, but the smile never leaves her face.

“Seeing my girlfriend get shot isn’t really fun for me.” Kara crinkles her nose, hoisting her gun up so that it’s resting against her shoulder. “Driving you crazy, though? That never gets old.” Then Kara’s off and walking again, Lena following close behind.

“Kara!” Alex bellows at the back of her sister’s head. She doesn’t get a response. She watches as Lena tips her head to say something to Kara and Kara bursts out laughing. Maggie sidles up close to Alex, wrapping an arm around her waist and resting her cheek on Alex’s shoulder.

“Young love,” Maggie murmurs, wistful. Alex inhales sharply through her nose.

“I’m going to kill both of them.”

In Defense of a Death Wish: Abby Griffin

(TW: Suicide, Depression)

Listen, I was as shocked as all of you when Abby “Let’s Call It Hope” Griffin asked Marcus Kane to let her die.

It came out of left field. It had JRoth’s brand of Shock Value™ written all over it. But… was it OOC? I honestly don’t think so. In fact, it’s my personal opinion that it might be the most refreshing evidence of character development (and, god forbid, an actual arc) Paige Turco has gotten to play with in far too long.

Now, I gotta put a disclaimer, here - it makes me extremely uncomfortable to agree with, let alone defend the decisions this show makes for its characters, especially Abby. This season in particular was excruciating to watch as the integrity of her character was repeatedly brutalized. So, no, I’m not going to argue that I trust the writers, per se. And I’m definitely not going to argue that this was their plan all along.

What I will argue is that they did, actually, piece it together with the help of a  sleeping giant they found amid the landscape of Abby’s character:

Just because she can see the light doesn’t mean she doesn’t know the darkness.

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A Curse of Ecstasy

This is how I look.  How I look is who I am.

In a mirror, I fascinate myself.

Walking down the street, I fascinate others.  I draw their eyes.

The universe revolves around me, because I have shaped my own universe.  I am aware of this truth, but I do not let it change me.  I am how I look.

That is muscle under my skin.  You can see its ridges, its sweep.  All of the muscles combined in my body are one creature, a creature I trained exhaustively for many years until it was able to stand tall inside of me and spread its wings. 

I spread mine with it.  I stand up tall, I meet gazes.  Whispers do not reach my height.  Feeble shouts from those I left behind are little more than timid breezes against my jawline.

I dress like this because I can.  I do not ask for permission.  I am proud to show off the creature of muscle that lives beneath my skin.  It breathes fire, it arches & flexes.  It likes to show off.

I command.  I can pin you down, see through you in a second’s worth of time.  I know your foibles and your hungers.  I know what kind of fool you are, and I know what kind of man you can be.  I will follow you down the dark hallway and pin you by the shoulders to the dark wall, the rustle of our skin scraping against each other.  You will fight - I would not have chosen you otherwise - but you will lose.  You will lose a piece of yourself in the losing, but gain a piece of something else - something submissive, something wanting.  Something desperately hungry. 

You see, it’s easy to thrall to me, to swoon and sway internally as I walk by.  I make it simple for you to want to understand me.  I may even be playful with you.  I may offer clues to myself, but you’ll never be able to put all the pieces together, and that mystery excites you.  You tent in your pants as I approach, because you know that I cannot be entirely unraveled.  You need a drink of water.  Or a beer.  Or a shot.

The first time we talk, it’s funny to watch you posture and mug in front of me.  It’s clear to me that you only ape at being a man.  I know that you’d rather be an ape.  Knuckle-dragging.  You play up your intelligence because it’s the only piling you have to stand on.  You’re so obvious it makes me chuckle a little.  Eventually, though, you’ll run out of words.  It takes awhile, but eventually the beer wins out and you are a little bleary and slightly more clear at the same time.  I like you better with smaller words coming out of your mouth.  I’d like you even better if those words slushed into grunts, removing words completely.  Removing brains completely.  Dozy, hazy eyes and grunts of contentment or confusion.  Big dumb eyes and big dumb biceps.  Just like mine.  It won’t be too hard to get you to want that.  Just like mine.  You’d climb up a mountain of broken skulls to be just a little more like me.

And it will be so easy to fuck the intelligence out of your head.  In the dark bedroom, with your body and face pressed to the mattress, back hyper-flexed and asshole pumping around my rigid cock, you will feel those pesky words and errant notions slammed out of you.  Again and again and again, until you are a milky-white splatter of drool & cum.  And, like a moss, it will grow on your brain, each time we meet in the bend of the bedroom.  You will chuckle low when you’re amused, or even if you’re not, just so often that you might seem a little retarded.  Developmentally challenged.  Following me around because you are in my orbit, and I exert pull, even when we aren’t in the same space.

All this, but you only see it in a brief flash, a flash-quick vision, as you sit beside me at the bar and realize your head has been nodding, like being pulled up & down slowly on a string, this entire conversation.  You make an effort to stop it, but somehow your efforts are unsuccessful.  You should be vaguely alarmed, but you’re not.

And this is how I find you.  It’s easy if you know where to look.  I can see more of you - you’re not that special - out there in the crowd.  Scanning for men like me, over & over, and you are all filled to the brim with wispy sighs and dreams of possible magic.  You’re curious and afraid at the same time of meeting my gaze for the first time.  You know that, when you do, when the shades come off, that you may be looking at my eyes for a very, very long time.  Perhaps forever.  Even though you see other things, you are still looking into my eyes.  On the periphery, the sinews of my muscle twist & writhe, the caged beast resettling itself over the frame of my skeleton.

I catch a glimpse of your shudder.  It is of two - terror & ecstasy at once.

And this is as it should be.

“Careful Sasuke, the air is toxic here. Stay behind me and let me deal with these people.”
“But…niisan, you…”
“This can’t kill me. Besides, I’ve already died once..”

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Hey my eyes are down here!

Anyways. Sorry I didn’t want to just do another text post.

I hope you guys read this. Trying my best to keep this short.

So except for Homeworld, I also always wanted to explore the time period before and during the rebellion.
However, I didn’t just wanted to do “Greetings from the past”.

This project is a little different. It’s a little more experimental and has more of a narrative structure.

Let’s not talk around the issue. It’s basically fanfiction… in pictures.
Alrighty now, I don’t know what happened in the past. I don’t where rose quartz came from exactly.I don’t know who pearl’s owner was and so on.

I’m really only making stuff up to fill the gaps as I go along.
I know that’s not amazing story telling. I hope you can forgive that.
I hope you can forgive that I get the characters a little wrong.

I actively ignore the canon a bit not because I think my version is better but purely because whatever I doI could never be in line with it, so I might as well take the freedom where I want to.

This whole thing only exists because it’s fun for me to do.
It shouldn’t take away from your vision of what happened.

It’s just wonderful dumb fanfiction :D

Now that I got my insecurities out of the way. Let’s start.

I’ll tag these picture with “ashesandshards”. Which was kind of like a working title for me. It does sound a bit morbid. The whole thing isn’t really dark though.

Thank you everyone!

anonymous asked:

I have not given into the Reylo yet b/c I'm still afraid of where it will go but I wanna. What are some of your favorite little things about them that someone who's only watched the movies might not know? Like I had no idea about all that BF2 stuff.

There’s a lot of stuff from various media (books, video games, interviews), so I had a hard time answering this. I decided to just screencap my favorite parts of The Force Awakens novelization.

- (from her force vision when she opens the pandora’s lightsaber box, before the vision turns to the Knights of Ren. This vision happens right before she meets Kylo Ren for the first time in the woods.)

- (in a daydream, you say?)



- (the “you have compassion for her” line was filmed, but didn’t make the movie)