so my sisters in this

i don’t care what anyone says, my sister is the best. She freaking looked me in the eye and told me that I was famous and I had to tell her that I wasn’t. When she heard that she grabbed my hands and said,
“Well it might be that way for you, but to me you’re the most famous person I know! The coolest too!” I was standing there feeling like an idiot and getting all embarrassed, so i just hugged her and told her to shut up. 

She’s so adorable omfg

This one is in the queue for next Tuesday with other Gigantuar pics but I wanted to post it by itself because.. well… it’s perfect.

yeah im not gonna be able to finish this today so have a colored sketch for now  

lmao pls dont tell me my priorities are off just because i “watched a concert” even tho i said i had to draw that night

the only reason i went was to make sure my sister went and had fun and didn’t feel out of place with my workmates. her anxiety is bad enough as it is and i wanted her to have a good time.

i sleep at 1am working on artworks and just because you don’t see me uploading much doesn’t mean i’m not doing anything :D


in which adrien & marinette attend a wedding reception and marinette notices how adrien looks at the bride and groom wishfully.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

//sorry for the lack of art lately! i’ve been swamped with work but i’ve been thinking about my whole wedding au and the events leading up to it….including proposal *stuffs my face in a pillow and screams while thinking about their proposal scene*


Everyone look at Michael Martinez’ post. He’s a Filipino figure skater and the people speculate that Phichit is loosely based on him. I’m not sure if Michael really was the inspiration of Phichit is true or not, but seeing this gives me life.

i’ve collected some headcanons my 12yr old sister has about Voltron:

  • Pidge has participated in many video games competitions. And won first place every time. she’s a beast.
  • Hunk tried to teach Lance to cook but Lance thought he could just “go with the flow” and ended up burning a hug pot of pasta
  • Lance can dance, swim, and sing like an angel (Cubanly yells AZÚCAR when dancing to anything) [edit: this is a reference to Celia Cruz for some of you who are being ignorant
  • Keith doesn’t know when people are flirting with him 
  • Hunk taught Pidge how to bake bread
    • Pidge really understands the science behind it and actually makes better bread than him.
  • Shiro has amazing rhythm (reasoning: he had to tap out the sentries pattern)
  • Keith is lactose intolerant ((*I swear I didn’t tell her about this being a thing))
  • Shiro KNOWS that’s he’s really beautiful. but he never is obnoxious about it. he’s a cool guy. beautiful and cool. 
    •  He’s also very aware they everyone (literally everyone) has a crush on him. 
  • Pidge and Hunk have a secret handshake
  • Lance is a high-five kind of guy
  • Once Lance said “cool beans” to Coran and now he says it all the time