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So I've been following both you and keilattes for awhile now and can I just say how precious both of you are?? I love seeing your posts and meme wars on my dash. I had a pretty shitty week tbh but your posts and art makes me laugh and smile and the world seems like a better place. *Makkachin hugs*

aww, thank you! and I’m glad our bad memes made you feel better <:

also some more asks bc kei is popular on here apparently hahah

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okay so you're one of my favorite accounts, your content is so good and it always makes me laugh and idk i like seeing you on my dash it makes my day!! i also hope you're having a good day so far 💕

wow thank you sooo much!!! you just made my day even better! glad my incredibly dank memes made you laugh 💖 

hope you have a good day too!  (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧ 

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hi everyone !!!! today (feb 24, 2017) is actually my 1 year anniversary with this account so i thought i would make a follow forever to show my love to all of u !! even if i follow you and you aren’t on this list i still love u very much and im glad i followed u (trust me im picky with who i follow), i hope this doesn’t mess up ur notifs !! 

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I could probably have double the followers I have if I just sucked it up and never criticized anything

Everyone on this damn site is looking for validation of their own feelings or opinions.

They don’t care about what’s “right.”

I see blogs with thousands of notes on every post, but every post makes no fucking sense, and is just repeating nonsense.

But with thousands of notes.

Like if I just complimented all your favorite anime and never said anything bad to anyone and just played the victim all the time.

Oh yes.

I’d be a much larger blog.

God I wish I were the type to do that.

But unfortunately I’ll just have to settle for the thousands of you that don’t tolerate bullshit 🙄



hiccup  haddock  :   penned  by  myah  &  mak  &  lucis  &  beth.
astrid  hofferson  :   penned  by  kat  &  sam  &  maya  &  lena.


Drew a (roughly 4th year) Hogwarts Student!Satya Vaswani, clearly Satya would be in Ravenclaw <3

I spend about 6 hours in Paint draw this using my laptop trackpad since I don’t own a tablet. I coloured it in Paint as well, but then transported the image into photoshop to give it a bg colour and darken her skin as I felt she was too light!

Please tell me if our lovely Symmetra still needs to be darker, then I can make the necessary edits! <3



i really hope you guys continue to like my blog!!!! thank you so much for following me!! i love you all so much :’’’’D


400 Follower forever

Another 100 followers. WHY. I just did one on My Munakata. My heart can’t take it anymore! Well it can, please follow me more, but still! Today’s one is basically me listing all the best people using a good ol mention list under the cut. Just so you know. I love every and each of my followers, but i will not mention everyone. I won’t remember in the first place. but those who i do remember and mention. Well, you can already know, you are forever in my heart, people that make me come back to this side every day. People who i have threads with, and people who i don’t know very well, but REALLY want to! Okay. ILY ALL. Let’s start! In no order what so ever!

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jessicabiotech  asked:

I remember you use to draw kill la kill art. I even like the au you've created!

glad to see someone who found me in my klk era. :’D kill la kill made me improve so much. so much more than transformers. god i love it so much i just 

i wish my followers did not acted so negatively toward other people who were creating their own content, people who were creating their own kamui and art of the gijinka senketsu, and the amount of harassment and people being discouraged from drawing because of my followers, afraid to post or asking me to do something about it, even though i told them to stop. it was just too much for me. 

it would have been a great AU to have finished animating, it fit in so well with the actual canon. It made me proud to work with bishironen. I don’t think i’ll ever again find a partner as wonderful as her

Shout out to my trans followers. I love you, I’m so sorry, we are gonna win this fight together and prove every fucking ignorant bigot wrong. We will have justice. Things will change. Never underestimate the power of a small group of people coming together to fight for a cause, because throughout history it’s the only thing that’s ever made a difference. We can do it, I love you, I’m so sorry, you are valid.

i always see tags on my mcelroy posts like “ive lost so many followers lately” and like? it just makes me love my followers more cuz ive really not lost any followers, in fact ive GAINED a lot since i got into the mcelroys and theyre not all mcelroy blogs, but a lot of the mcelroy fans who have followed me have become treasured mutuals and close friends i talk to on a regular basis and ALSO ive gotten so many messages like “i checked out the mcelroys because of you!” and its like??? so great. i love you all so much and im glad you all either A) like them as much as me or B) understand what an incredible positive influence theyve had on my life and have either blacklisted my 8494 tags i use for them or jumped in head first and joined this ride w me


Day and Night

“when in distress, draw a dude in a dress” is what i always say

and man a lot of you have been mentioning me on this post and the first time i saw it i fell in love but before drawing yuuri in that dress i had to find something for viktor and lo and behold i found this on my dash

Callout post for trans boys:

  • handsome??? so handsome?? 
  • if you got a little tum, it is good tum and so lovely and i love it
  • rocking it?? like wow!!!! you’re doing so good!! 
  • best bois!!! lovely bois!!!
  • curvy boys??? i love them!! so good!!
  • thick boys??? GAH so good!! 
  • boys with large chests??? THE BEST BOYS!!!

You’re all awesome and rocking it and I love you all. 

the irl captain america