so my expectations are not high

So let’s start this off right.
Date night as a matter of fact. You come pick me up from the house and you come knocking at my door. You were expecting me in jeans boots and maybe a nice shirt. However, what you got was woman dressed in a fit right dress; one you have not seen before with some of your favorite pair of high heels. All dolled up with makeup which later on you’ll hate. You’re face reaction is priceless and I wished I would’ve been recording you at the time. You say hello to my mother letting her know she might not come home tonight with a laugh and smile. After that, you escort me to your truck. As I was helping myself in you suddenly smack my ass and say “get that fine ass up in there”. You drive to our location. Help me outta the truck and walk next to me showing me off as your woman. And you’re proud of it. You gladly guide me to my side of the booth then decide “fuck that I can’t sit across from you” you slide on in next to me. Our waiter asks us what we’d like to drink however you’re distracted. You can’t seem to keep your eyes off of me. So i answer for you. You’re giving me the look of a lifetime and all I can do it blush and smile. You gently lay your hand on my thigh and kiss my cheek making sure that I’m okay and comfortable. More of a reassurance type. Little did you know, I wasn’t wearing any panties and was anticipating you’d raise your hand up higher to notice it. I bite my lip anxiously waiting for your next move. But of course we got interrupted. The waiter took our order and went right along. I look back at you and catch you looking somewhere unexpectedly. That would be down my dress do to the slight v neck it has. I respond to it “uhhh what are you doing” and your response was “want me to be honest” me: “of course” you: “ I can’t keep my eyes off you and I’m only imagining what I’d do to that fine ass of yours” I start to smile and then say “well I don’t believe you” before you start your sentence. I brush my hand gently over the outside of your pants and notice you’re a bit hard. I raise and eyebrow and say “oh really” you smile anxiously waiting for my next move. I start to rub on it a bit then you move your hand up towards my clit and realize I’m not wearing panties. You then look up at me and ask “why don’t we skip desert” I of course agree. You paid for dinner and then escorted me back to the truck. Before hoping in you took a look around and noticed nobody was around. So you decided to grip my bare ass catching me at a slight moan. Then whispered in my ear saying “I can’t wait to have you for dessert” you then teasingly slid a finger in noticing how wet I had became throughout dinner" you knew I wanted you just as well as I wanted you oh so dearly much. You helped me in and then we drove off…. the rest is to be continued and you can wait for that later 😉💋
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I just loveee, Kitten's got his tongue! It's great oh my god, I got feels throughout the whole storyyy x hope you will update soon!

thank you so so much! i have nothing to do tonight so I am gonna grab some wine and work on it and I hope I can have it out within a few days! :’) (thank @jeonjagiya for giving me the motivation to post by friday! hehehe)

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My expectations for a Louis and Bebe collaboration are so high, but I saw a post speculating that it could be Zayn because she and him share the same mgt. but still I hope it's Louis

it’s odd that she’d still refer to him as in a boyband though


#people going out of their way to give clarke a front row seat to bellamy’s suffering


if you expected a serious fanart from me, im sorry


Oh look, it’s the reason I didn’t have a social life in the past few months.
*cough* I mean this is the first animated short film Sarah, Maya and I worked on, I’d love to hear what you think! :D
Quite proud how it turned out, if I am being honest.

[Vivi interview] Baekhyun, D.O., Xiumin, Chen & Suho talking about each other’s voices

Xiumin: Suho’s voice is like a soft youth. Chen has a voice that can pierced the sky. D.O.’s voice is trendy. Baekhyun has a very soothing voice that makes you want to keep listening to it.

Baekhyun: Thank you~! Xiumin Hyung’s high tone range is very charming. D.O.’s is soft and soothing. Chen’s is like a majestic tree. Suho Hyung’s voice is very delicate and sweet.

D.O.: I’m next. Baekhyunie has a very emotional voice. Xiumin Hyung has a delicate singing voice. Suho Hyung’s is exemplary and steady. And Chen’s, we’ve agreed that he is “our high notes” (laughs)

Chen: Hahaha~ This question is really refreshing! Same as D.O., i too think that Baekhyunie’s voice is full of emotion. D.O.’s is soft / fluffy like the cloud. Xiumin Hyung’s is light like the wind. Suho Hyung’s sweet singing voice is his charming point.

Suho: I’ll use colors to describe your voices. First, D.O.’s voice is Grey. Although he has a deep and husky tone, it also has the clarity of a young boy’s voice, that’s why it’s not Black but Grey. If i have to compare it to food it would be ice cream with a sweet topping. Xiumin’s voice is Blue because it is clear and refreshing. Chen’s is Yellow because he has a powerful voice. It’s not a burning color like Red but a sweet feeling that is like Chen’s personality. Baekhyun’s is the exact Chocolate color like Americano. With a bitter taste, his voice moves into your heart and touches your emotions.

Baekhyun: As expected of Leader! EXO is a group that has different voice colors.

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smh and sneezing

this is a weird thing to headcanon probably but i have a cold and i keep sneezing and that made me think about different types of sneezing

  • jack: has an adorable sneeze, the kind that makes every single person near him go “oh my god, that was so cute!”. nobody expects that high-pitched “cheww!” sound to come from jack, but it does.
  • bitty: the quietest sneeze. people often don’t even realize he was sneezing; just “why did you randomly cover your face for a moment”
  • shitty: his sneeze sounds strangely like “uh-BRAH!”. how??? it is a mystery
  • lardo: the loudest sneeze. she’s the kind of person who shouts when she sneezes, and gets annoyed looks from everyone in the library.
  • holster: always sneezes in threes, but there’s a longer time than usual between his sneezes, so he always gets “bless you”’s for every sneeze and it’s awkward.
  • ransom: always has really long buildup to his sneezes, often he thinks it was a false alarm, but then the sneeze comes with no warning. “[moments of silence while he stares up at the ceiling but nothing happens]….sorry, i thought i had to snee-CHOO”
  • nursey: somehow always manages to be taking a sip of something when he sneezes, causing his drink to squirt out of his nose. it’s awful.
  • dex: nobody has ever seen him sneeze, but rumor has it his sneezes are legendary. every now and then a clip of strange sound will circulate with someone claiming it is a Dex Sneeze, and usually ends up being exposed as a hoax. can dex even sneeze? are they real? i want to believe.
  • chowder: really shorts sneezes, but really many of them..his record is 15 in a row
  • tango: always has those really excessive buildups, like “uh-uh-uh-uuuuh-CHOO!”
  • whiskey: somehow remains straight faced through his entire sneeze. seriously, he doesn’t even close his eyes. it’s weird.

18/5/16 3:56 PM // studying chemistry for my igcse exam tomorrow. Kinda worried that I won’t study thoroughly as chemistry is a subject in which once you understand the topic, you don’t really need to revise a lot, so I decided to go through the syllabus and do some more past papers. I’ve already done like 10 last week. Just made a stupid mistake: did the specimen paper for the core syllabus instead of the extended one 😩. Good practice, though.

Today I did my economics igcse and it was actually comparable to my mock exams. I did a lot better than I expected in my mocks so I do hope I can obtain an equally high score.

Oh, and also, I’ll be answering all the asks in my inbox tomorrow so don’t worry if I haven’t answered your ask yet ☺️

Language learning advice I should give myself more often

- I did not start speaking a single word of my NATIVE language until after 1 year.

- Language learning is not a race, it is a new way of life.

- Some times I will feel like I’ve made lots of progress, other times I will feel like I’ve gone 10 steps back. It’s all relative.

- Stop expecting to make leaps and bounds in a day’s work.

- I still encounter words in my native language, after 20 years, which I do not know.


- I would not think someone struggling to speak my native language is stupid, so native speakers of my target language would not think the same either.

- I know you say “I’ll never need to know this word” but honestly if you’re aiming for a high level of “”“”fluency“”“”, please learn it.

- “Fluency” is too broad a term and not a clear goal to aim for.

- Even native speakers make mistakes.

- If the content I am learning is too simple, I am not challenging myself.

- “If you do the same thing you’ve always done, you’ll always get the same results.”

- Don’t be ashamed for having an accent.

- I will one day in the distant future look back and think how amazing the journey to learn my language was.

- The journey is always more exciting than the destination.

- Speech between 2 native speakers is one of, if not the, hardest things to understand. Do not be disheartened.

My only regret with becoming a Johnlock shipper in the ACD Sherlock Holmes/Granada fandom is that I’ve been in it for all of two months and it may have ruined me for almost all other romance. My expectations are just too high now.

Romance is my favorite genre, but it can be so hard to be satisfied when you want your romance to be interesting. Sometimes you just get two characters and the most interesting thing about them is that they’re going to end up together. You see it all the time, especially in mainstream het romance. Sometimes the setup is literally just: “Boy meets girl.” And we’re supposed to stay invested in it. Like, why should I care about these characters as people? Who are they outside their attraction to each other and why should I root for them to be together instead of apart?

And then you get Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. This isn’t boy meets boy.
This is neurotypical, bisexual medical man with postwar scarring and PTSD meets manic-depressive, neurodivergent, gay (and possibly graysexual) genius with a drug addiction. Not only is that one of the most interesting setups for romance I have ever encountered - - and I’m not even including the cases here - - but it is just… the most heartwarming and beautiful thing. Ever.

Because if you order your ACD canon on a bed of Granada, my shallow labels don’t even begin to do these characters justice. They don’t cover Holmes’ playfulness and his heroic heart, or Watson’s boyish laugh and his sometimes embarrassing levels of sincerity. Not to mention the never-ending warmth in their eyes whenever they look at each other. And that’s not even the half of it. Any one quirk of their characters that other stories would reduce them to for the angst or excitement just builds these two into round, whole people, who almost feel alive. And they make each other better.

The hilarious part is that the adventures of Sherlock Holmes aren’t even a romance by definition. They’re mysteries and tales of social intrigue - - and yet, the romance is undoubtedly there, so long as you’re keeping your eyes open for it. In Granada, you’re plopped right into the middle of the love story.  We get both the adventure of the cases and the domesticity of Baker Street. Between the wild disguises and crazy locales and daring chases, we get a warm room, a meal from Mrs. Hudson, and the easy physical intimacy of two people who live together and love each other deeply.

These characters are so multifaceted and their lives are incredible - - and yet, in a way, it’s to be expected. The extraordinary is everyday for Holmes and Watson because every day is extraordinary. Maybe that’s a bit cheesy, but it’s also terribly interesting.

Which is to say, I’m new, I’m hooked, and I don’t know if I’ll ever be quite as satisfied by anything else. Maybe most other love stories just need 130 years to catch up.

Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly

Okay story time. High school was a breeze for me, i never tried super hard, i was ‘talented’ to some extent because i learn fast. Uni now is a whole different story. Everyone around you is smarter, harder working, more competitive. Failure is unavoidable. So i failed my expectations a few times, and i was disappointed. But the more i failed (my expectations), the more i realised i grew more. It made me better. It motivated me to work harder. It taught me to be humble. And it made me cherish and celebrate my successes even more because i knew i had worked hard for them. So somewhere along the line (i’m not sure when) I began embracing failure. I completely changed my attitude towards it. I realised that only through failure, can come worthy success. 

Failure is my friend now. I’m no longer scared of it. If i try my best and failure still visits me, i invite it in for a cup of tea and ask it how i could do better next time. I grow. Then i walk failure to the door, and wave it goodbye, anticipating its next visit. 


Reader: “Oh my God! Every. Single. Bloody. Time. I never get to finish writing what’s on the board! I swear to Merlin, every single note I have in my bloody book is less than half finished because you always rub it off before I have time to copy it all down! And it’s not like I’m a slow writer, I would say I’m pretty average so obviously you’re the one with the way too high expectations! How the hell am I supposed to learn anything if you won’t give me the time?”

Snape: “Are you done Y/L/N?”

Reader: “Oh I’m not even close to being done.”

I look at you and there are so many things I want to tell you that it physically hurts. I start to tense up, dare I say sweat a little, and my heartbeat quickens its pace tenfold. All of a sudden I freeze. I can’t move. I can’t hold your gaze. I can’t smile at you. I can’t talk to you at all. And I don’t think that that’s how it’s suppose to feel. If we were meant to be something, I want to believe that it wouldn’t be this difficult. One of us would find the courage to do something. But I can’t seem to, and you never have.
—  11:00PM// I want to know you, I have to

Last December… that’s the last time i was really happy. Six months clean, longest time i had gone without using since I was a kid in the white house- The Fish Bowl ya know, as they call it. The bubble around the President’s family, all the eye’s, the judgments, the expectations, made me feel very alone. My twin brother could handle it, but me not so much. So.. booze, weed, pills, made me feel a lot better. And then I found coke. And then everything fell by the waist side. So my life’s been pretty much a blur, highs and lows. Mostly lows. I know there is no cure for this thing, but there is recovery.


It’s here! Based on @criquette-was-here‘s horizons that @witheredlilies put together, I made a new version based on the mountain skyline from Sunset Valley (TS3). It’s a 2048x2048 texture (compressed) and there’s also a snow version. Still, it’s a bit blurry and some things can have a wrong proportion. But I guess you almost can’t do anything against it.

The two horizons can be found under the misc category. I recommend to place the cube at the edge of the neighborhood, at a high terrain if possible (or use the modifyterrain cheat).


Maybe in the future there will be more horizons, but it’s actually quite hard to make. But don’t expect skylines with skyscrapers or other objects because of the proportion issues.

This is my first ever published package, so if there are any issues, feel free to contact me!