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Back to You - Part 5

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Table of Contents: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

Genre: angst, slight fluff, implied smut

Pairing: Lee Taeyong x H/N

Word Count: 3k

Summary: She was destroying you. And you let her.

Your dad wasn’t budging. He hadn’t called or texted you. Instead, your mother called you several times a day, asking where you were staying, if you were eating enough, and asking if you needed anything. It was probably your dad’s way of checking up on you without actually checking up on you.

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Fosterson Week Day 4/5: Domesticity + AU
Set in the Let Me Follow You Down verse. After moving in together, Jane and Thor are starting to talk about their future. ~1.4k

“Do you think we should get a dog?”

“Hm?” Thor hums quietly at Jane’s query.

It’s late, and they’re both in bed with Jane flipping through a few notebooks on her research and Thor with his iPad looking over more legal paperwork he’d just received from the attorney they’d hired.

“A dog,” Jane says again, not looking away from a notebook. “Do you think we should get one?” She makes an idle mark.

Thor looks away from the legalese for a moment. “Not that I’m opposed to dogs, but what brought this on?”

She sighs, and shuts the notebook with a resolute snap. “I don’t know. We’re adults. Who are living together. Don’t people in these situations start getting pets?”

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nightwing1536  asked:

My mom is having me apply for disability and I went to my first appointment today and it was with a psychiatrist I believe. He asked if I did anything that would be considered self harm and I told him I don't eat or eat too much but he said I look "fine" that I don't look anorexic or over weight. I weigh normal too so... I guess as long as I'm physically okay it doesn't matter???

Regardless of whether you’re physically okay, you should try to self-monitor the problem and make sure you eat enough and that it doesn’t get worse.

Had my second appointment with L (my new therapist) today. It went okay. I’m afraid she’s a little too focused on the eating disorder, but I’m hoping that we’ll move away from that after she has me see the dietician. We made the goal for me to reach out to two friends this week to make plans. We’re also going to work on developing my coping skills. I see S (my psychiatrist) on Wednesday so we’ll see how that goes. I’m going out tonight for one of my friend’s birthday, I’m nervous but excited.

Not Another Blind Date Part 1 (Jensen x Reader)

A/N: I tried real hard to make this a one shot, but that totally didn’t work. I’ve been looking at different writing prompts to use in my classroom, and this one stuck out to me as a Jensen one shot and I ran with it. My second fic ever. I’m just getting into it and I’m rather enjoying myself. 

Summary: You and your best friend have decided to move to Austin, TX to change things up. You’re single, have been for a couple of years following a failed relationship that you thought was your forever. Y/f/n tries setting you up with different men over the six months you guys have been living there, and she tries again with a man she found out about through her hairdresser. What she doesn’t know is that she’s just set you up on a blind date with Jensen Ackles. 

Prompt: Not another blind date

Warnings: fluff? language, sass, minor insecurities coming from an old relationship, reference to a failed relationship (if that’s one?)


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Appointment #1

A lot to sort through. 

I went for my first appointment today, with my dietician. I went into it the same way I remember my Mom going into to her cancer appointments, with a list of things she knew, things she didn’t know, and things she was unsure about.

Told you- Karen Jenkin was a smart lady. 

Anyway, here’s what came out of it. 

1. Calcium: 

I’m going to be taking a calcium supplement; 500 mg, calcium citrate, to be taken with low iron foods, so that the full 500 mg can be absorbed. Sounds simple right? 


It sounds simple to Morgan. Morgan thinks, Okay, I can do that.

Morgan’s Brain is having a temper tantrum. 

Calcium contains nutrients. Nutrients make you fat. 

Calcium: Challenge #1

2. Mechanical Eating: 

“Your hunger and fullness cues are broken.”

I wasn’t wrong folks. My body ACTUALLY doesn’t know if it’s hungry or full. Kind of nice to know that I’m not actually crazy. (Yay me!) 

How do I combat this? Or figure out what the f*ck is going on?

Mechanical eating folks. 

My dietician put it like this. “If you break your arm, you get a cast. You cast it to provide support and structure, until the arm is healed, and it can function on its own again.” 

Hence, Mechanical Eating. 

It’s very simple. I’m going to follow a meal structure, with scheduled times, to ensure that I’m nourishing my body, and in time, my body will know what the hell is going on. 

This will involve scheduled snacks, which will hopefully solve my “Snack Problem”. I’ve noticed that the wheels have fallen off the bus mid-afternoon, and after dinner. 

“How long have you been going without eating?”

Duh Morgs. 

Therefore, snacks every three hours have been prescribed. All safe foods, so the temptation to binge and/or purge is lessened. 

Nuts after dinner. 

Red Flag. 

I think I’m gonna start with 5. 5 cashews. Seems safe, right? 

I’ll keep you updated on the “Nut Situation.”

5 Cashews: Challenge #2

4. Food Myths:

Don’t eat after 8 pm. 

My Dietician: “That’s bullshit.”

Take that Morgan’s Brain. 

5. The Gym:

Ominous dun, dun, dun. 

No exercise. 


Here’s the thing. I can’t tell if it’s Morgan who’s panicking or just Morgan’s Brain. 

The gym helps my anxiety. 

Or does it?

I can’t differentiate whether the gym actually helps make the anxiety go away or whether I only feel good leaving the gym because I think it will make me lose weight. 

Add that to the list of things to discuss with my therapist. 

My dietician says to discuss with the doctor, who I go back to see on Wednesday. However, she says that given the situation with my heart rate, I shouldn’t be exercising, other than walking, which I love anyway. 

No Gym: Challenge #3 

No Gym: Biggest challenge yet. 

It was so refreshing, so relieving to talk to someone, to a professional. One thing unnerves me however; I still feel like I’m doing this on my own. My dietician can’t be there for every meal, every craving, every chance to binge. Neither can my therapist. Or my Dad. Or my friends. 

It’s got to be me. 

Hey Morgs. 

You can do this. 

We can do this. 

It starts with calcium.

It starts with 5 cashews. 

It starts with listening to your body. 

One appointment down. A lifetime of nourishment to go. 

Can't Have Kids -A Jack Gilinsky Imagine (Requested)


I groaned as I stared down the the three negative pregnancy tests that laid before me on the bathroom counter. My husband Jack and I had been married for several months now, and we were trying so hard for a baby.

We both wanted to be parents so badly and it was something we could actually see us being great at. Every time a test came back negative it broke my heart more and more, same with Jack. As much as we didn’t want to admit it, there had to be something wrong with one of us.

I threw away the tests before Jack was due to arrive home. I didn’t want him getting upset again. After throwing the tests away, I went into the living room and snuggled alone on the couch. I tried to avoid thinking about the possibility that something was wrong with me, I wanted to be able to give Jack children, but what if I couldn’t? The thought alone drove me insane.

A few hours later Jack arrived home, later than usual.

“Hey baby.” He said as he sat next to me on the couch, rubbing my leg.

“Hey what took you so long?” I questioned as Jack ran his fingers through his hair, one of his many nervous habits.

“So I made a doctors appointment last week and had a follow up today.” Jack said with a blank expression.

“What? Are you okay?” I asked.

“Yes and no. So I lately I couldn’t help but think of how hard we’ve been trying for a baby and we have had no luck. I went to the doctors to get some tests and they came back today.” Jack said, staring at the wall.

“And?” I asked, my heart racing. I knew this wasn’t going to be good news.

“I’m the one who can’t have kids, it’s me.” Jack said, tears building in his eyes.

For the first time I had no words. I could practically feel the pain and devastation Jack was feeling and it hurt.

“Jack, I don’t even know what to say right now.” I admitted.

“Honestly, me either. All I wanted was to give you children and start a family together. I’m so sorry I can’t do that for you.” Jack said, his tears falling.

I reached over and held his hand. “Jack we have other options.”

“Like what? Sperm donors?” Jack laughed dryly.

“No, adoption. It’ll still be your kid, just as much as its mine. Think about it, there are so many kids here in California who need loving and supportive parents like we would be. We could save a child from going into Foster Care or whatnot.” I said. If we couldn’t have kids biologically, adoption was clearly the next best thing.

“You’d be okay with this?” Jack asked.

“Only if you are.” I replied.

“We definitely would be helping out a kid in need and we both really want to have kids, so let’s do it.” Jack said wiping his tears away.

“Really?” I asked excitedly.

“Really!” Jack responded kissing me softly on the lips.

“Soon we’ll be a cute little family of three!” I said, already excited to get started on the adoption process.

Zayn Malik Imagine

“(Y/N), baby I’m home!” Zayn called, setting his bag down after returning from the studio.
“In the kitchen boo!” you replied, smiling as you just took the chicken out of the oven. You weren’t one to cook dinner on a regular basis, but tonight, you had a special reason. There was a huge announcement for your husband, and you wanted it to be as special as possible.
“What’s this?” he chuckled, walking in with a wide smile. “You never cook me dinner.” You looked over your shoulder, smiling back at him before turning back to the dinner.
“I just thought it would be nice for you to come home to a nice dinner made by your wife, is that an issue?” you teased, plating up the chicken and salad, stirring the pasta once more before adding it to the plate. “I mean unless you don’t want it, because I can throw it all out.”
“No, no! It smells amazing,” he chuckled, coming up behind you and snaking his arms around your waist. “And it looks just as good, babe, are you sure there isn’t a special reason for all this?”
“Well…” you started, but his phone ringing cut you off.
“Oh, baby, can you wait like five minutes?” he asked timidly, checking the number. “It’s work…”
“Yeah, yeah babe don’t worry about it,” you smiled softly. “Just hurry, yeah? Don’t want you dinner getting cold do you?” Zayn chuckled, shaking his head pecking your nose.
“Thank you babe.” He ran off into another room, leaving you to set the table by yourself. It was only one, phone call no big deal. At least it wasn’t during dinner. So you set the table, pleased with the way everything looked, and sat down; waiting for your husband to return so you could finally tell him the news. “Sorry, sweetheart, everything’s good now.”
“It’s okay,” you smiled sweetly, picking up your fork and knife starting to eat your meal.
“So was there something you wanted to tell me? It seemed like you were starting to say something when my phone rang.”
“Yeah, well, what I was going to tell you, is that I went to the doctor’s today, you know, because I haven’t been feeling well…” He nodded, raising his eyebrows.
“Right! I forgot your appointment was today, how did it go babe?” He urged you to continue.
“Well everything’s just great… even better than I thought actually,” you smiled softly, looking down at your plate.
“Well that’s great!” he smiled widely, digging into his food, humming in delight. “You know this is really delicious, you should cook more often.”
“Yeah, well I’m eating for two now, so I probably have to start cooking to feed m cravings,” you chuckled nonchalantly, hoping Zayn would catch your not-so-subtle hint.
“What do you mean?”  he asked, furrowing his eyebrows, looking at you like you were speaking nonsense.
“I’m eating for two,” you repeated. “Zayn, we did some tests at the doctor and I’m… I’m pregnant.”
Your husband looked at you, starting to laugh. “That’s hilarious babe! Pregnant,” he continued to laugh. Your smile disappeared, confused as to how what you said was funny.
“Zayn, why are you laughing…?”
“Because! We discussed this; I don’t want a baby yet, you know that,” he chuckled, shaking his head at you. “You are joking right?” he asked, the laughter dying down.
You were embarrassed, angry and upset that Zayn was being so rude about all of this. “No,” you stated flatly, getting up without pushing your chair in. “I’m not.” Refusing to make eye contact with your husband, you hurried up to the bedroom, shutting the door and laying face down on your bed, quietly crying into the pillow.
About an hour later, there was a soft knock on the door, and although you had stopped crying, that didn’t make you any less upset with him.
“Babe?” his voice rang out, muffled by the wooden door that separated the two of you. “Baby, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to react like that; I guess I was just shocked. I didn’t think… It’s just, we haven’t been married that long and I was just surprised…”
Sitting up, you wiped your cheeks, getting up and cracking the door open. “Zayn you said you didn’t want children… I just heard you say that…” you mumbled, looking at him through the slight part between the door and the wall.
“I was just shocked baby… I’m worried we won’t be ready but I know we’ll be okay… We will be okay right? God I’m so sorry it was so stupid of me to even say something like that…” he sighed, looking at you with pleading eyes.
“Well… I don’t want you to be upset because I’m pregnant. I don’t want you to pretend to be happy if you’re not,” you replied.
“Boo, I’m not pretending. I really am happy about this; I’m just scared because it is so soon. But I truly do believe we’ll be able to work it out, I do. Forgive me sweetheart please…?”
How could you deny his words and his actions? You could tell that he really was sorry, and nodded softly, opening the door wider to step into his awaiting arms. “I forgive you. I’m sure I would’ve reacted in the same way, don’t worry.”
“I love you, just remember that,” he mumbled into your shoulder. “And I’ll love our baby too. So much.”
“I love you too Zayn… and our baby. It’ll all be okay.”
“Of course babe. It will.”

5sos preference #17 Red Band Society



You walked down the white halls of the hospital. Only stopping when you saw an unfamiliar face. He had red hair and pale skin.

“Hi. I’m Y/N, are you new here?” You asked. The boy looked up and gave you a small smile.

“Yeah. I’m Michael. What are you in here for?” He asked. You walked into his room.

“Bad lungs. Yourself?” You asked.

“Bad liver.” He answered. You nodded. “What do you know about making it on the donor list?” He asked.

“They’re watching you, they want to make sure that you’ll take care of the organ. So refrain from drinking, harming your body and all that.” You informed him.

“Have you made it?” He asked.

“On the donor list? Yeah. I even have myself a pager.” You said cheerfully. He nodded. 

“Hey the only thing worst than biting it from organ failure is to bite it from organ failure alone. I’m in room 513 if you ever need to talk.” You said with a smile before leaving the room for your oxygen treatments.


You went to the hospital because of a broken leg and found out you have a heart defect. You laid in the uncomfortable hospital bed and just stared when a blond boy in a wheel chair came in the room.

“Hi I’m Luke and I have Osteosarcoma, bone tumors basically. Yourself?” He asked and sat by your bed.

“I’m Y/N and I have a fatal heart defect and a rare blood type.” You told him with a sadness in your voice.

“Oh that bites. Want to come to the children ward with me? It sounds dumb but it helps you feel happy, and by the looks of it you need some more of that.” He said. You smiled and got out of bed.

“Sure, thanks Luke.” You said as you walked beside Luke.


The tan boy you had come to love walked into your room with his crutches. He had a tumor in his right leg and in order to stop it from spreading, he lost his leg.

“How is my favorite bone cancer patient doing?” Calum said cheerfully and sat on the couch in the corner.

“About to go into an MRI. How is my favorite one legged friend doing?” You asked him.

“I’m doing well. I’m going to get to go through three physical therapy appointments and get a prosthetic leg today.” He said with glee. That was one of the many things you loved about Cal, he was always so positive. “Are you scared of the MRI? I know you don’t like those.” He said. (I’ve had one, scared me half to death) 

“I think I’ll do okay. Just nervous.” You told him. He nodded and went to sit next to you.

“It’ll be okay.” He said before kissing the top of your head. 


You walked with your crutches down the halls to see the smiley curly headed kid lying on his bed with a frown on his face.

“Ash, whats wrong?” You asked.

“Chemo.” He mumbled. Your heart softened. You went to lay next to him, taking him in your arms. He nestled his head in the crook of your neck.

“How was your day?” He asked.

“It was good, I’m one step closer to getting my prosthetic.” You said and Ashton nodded.

“That’s great I’m proud of you.” He said.

“How’s the road to remission going?” You asked.

“It’s okay. I’m just really tired. Most of the tumors are gone, just waiting on the stubborn ones.” He said. You nodded.

“It’s going to be okay.” You reassured.

Feedback is greatly appreciated.

My appointment with the psychiatrist today went okay. He made me talk about like, everything in my life and what made me… do that. I’m really tired of trying to explain myself. No one is going to understand, right? So I kind of wish they would just stop asking. Sigh.

And he wants me to come in for more appointments, still. Like, once a month for the time being, and of course Dad is insisting on it, so I have to go. Anyway, I guess I can deal with it. It’s not like the guy is a jerk or anything, I just don’t like doctors and hospitals all that much.

On the plus side, he says I can go back to school next week and I don’t need medication or anything, so that’s good at least.