so multifaceted and layered and awesome

Some rambling

Submitting rather than doing an ask because I am a verbose twerp person with no self-control:

I also wanted to say that I appreciate your characterization of the brothers thus far in terms of the game, too.

Like… right from their introduction in-game, we have Papyrus flat out yelling at Sans and so frustrated he is literally stomping his feet. And on the flip side, we have Sans continuing to pun and gloss over what Papyrus is saying even when Pap is expressing genuine unhappiness at the lack of recognition he recieves.

I guess what I’m getting at is that their relationship is not without its rough spots, nor are those rough spots entirely one-sided? And I feel like you’ve caught the nature of some of those tensions really well so far.

(On my original note though: the irritated blanket application is still filling me with glee because it’s funny and the timing of those panels is glorious. And with feels, because holy crap I need to let my sister know how much I appreciate her and her occasionally similar [and thankfully effective] gestures. And. I appreciate this update, basically. Thank you for arting. ^_^)

I absolutely love this note because it hits the nail on the head. You can have an awesome relationship with your sibling and you can still hit rocky patches anyways with them. It’s inevitable because people are complex, multifaceted beings.

Like Papyrus. One of the things that makes him so cool to me is even though he might not seem that deep when you first meet him, he actually has all of these layers to him if you pay attention. There is so much room for exploration.