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Dan & Phil + Astrology

Phil: 30.01.1987~Rawtenstall//Natal chart

  • Sun Aquarius
  • Mercury Aquarius
  • Venus Sagittarius
  • Moon Aquarius

{Dan Version}

Transcriptions for the script under the read more!

  • Sun Aquarius: Your thoughts are offbeat and you are a bit eccentric, but not always very changeable.
  • Mercury Aquarius: You are an original thinker, you enjoy shocking others with your unique thoughts.
  • Venus Sagittarius: Your loyalty and interest will remain constant in any kind of relationship as long as it is based on fairness, honesty and justice.
  • Moon Aquarius: Very freedom oriented, you must always be able to do what you wish, no matter what.

I drew up Phil’s natal chart with the help of the App Celeste (also the source of the sentences) and here are the ones that describe him the most.

Everything is digitally drawn(except Phil) by me (using my digital tablet for the first time) and yes that sadly is my own ugly handwriting.  

Aquarius is an air sign (which makes me fucking angry) and it dominates Phil’s natal chart so much: “he’s a breeze of change” or like I would say, way too creative and draws everyone in like gravity.

Special shoutout to @dnandpl for dealing with me screaming about all the zodiac signs.

anonymous asked:

ahh i love your art so much!!! you always draw tucked in shirts so effortlessly and cutely. can you make a tutorial or explain how to draw tucked in shirts without them looking weird or does it just Happen? thank youuu!

Thank you anon! I don’t know how to make a tutorial about tucked in shirts but here is a step by step of how I draw them

 - Eri

I have a very important anatomy test next Monday so i’m not posting or drawing so much,  so stressed hahaha, but it will pass, I love Eri, she is a little ball of sweetness,I had always imagined her with yellow or light blue eyes., but I guess it’s canon that their are red, it suits on her, very lovely 

- - -  - -   -   -    -

This is a challenge i’m doing with a friend, We chose 12 characters from boku no hero academia and assign them a zodiac sign, then we write them on littles papers and randomly pick one per day

(I tried with the canon signs but i gave up, i didn’t find aquarius characters)

🌸 hello! welcome to my studyblr! 🌸

my name is heather, and i’m a high school senior! i decided to make a studyblr because i have been studying art and design for many years, and i am also a lifelong enthusiast of learning, studying, and stationery. so, i thought, why not? follow me on my journey :”)

 personality types

mbti: intp
zodiac sign: gemini (libra rising & capricorn moon)
house: ravenclaw
 temperament: choleric


i absolutely love learning and knowledge. they are the greatest joys in my life :) i actually love studying so much tbh i’m just a big nerd lmao here are the classes i’m taking!

my senior year classes:
➢ ap biology
➢ ap psychology
➢ ap comparative government & politics
➢ film literature
➢ art history
➢ advanced painting & watercolor

interests & faves 

i am literally interested in so many things lol get ready

➢ music: kpop (bts!!), soundtracks & osts, youth lagoon, bastille, generally really instrumetal vibey music
➢ hobbies: reading, thinking, learning, drawing, drinking tea, journaling, listening to music, designing
➢ topics of study: evolutionary biology, paleontology, criminology, philosophy, psychology, and ecology!
➢ art: realism, fine arts, & painting!

 blogs i love! 

@studyquill @studywithinspo @emmastudies @studylustre @tbhstudying @snowystudiess @jiyeonstudies @lentilstudies @equaticns @bookmrk

Thanks for reading!!! 

me, realizing the only way to get better at drawing fabric is to draw fabric: fuq,,,

but yeah!!! this is my entry into the virgo vs the zodiac art contest thing, i very much like capricorn design and character!! i took some modification with her outfit because i hate myself and want to try drawing more traditionally clothed. anyways, please enjoy!!

check out the game HERE

Thank you guys so so much for such a kind and supportive response to my first zodiac drawing! Honestly I was a little overwhelmed! I received some super lovely comments in the tags and reblogs. What an incredible fandom!! <3

Anyway, I’ve decided that I’m going to paint all the endless summer characters with their hadean zodiac animals! And so here’s the second in the series. Also i’m aware that Quinn doesn’t have freckles but she just looked too cute so

Characters so far:

[Diego] [Grace]

You think I’m psycho, you think I’m gone. Tell the psychiatrist something is wrong.
- Mad Hatter | Melanie Martinez 🔮

I love this song way too much, so here’s a little aesthetic (there will be more).
Like I said, I’m probably gonna do some
aesthetics based on songs of ‘Crybaby’.

My edit | Top left picture is mine.

phylwolfy  asked:

i mean,i do love all of the zodiac. but in the “more information” of aries and cancer. we still dont understand cancer's personality that much compare with others' “more informations”. by the way,are you going to draw the short stories about them or something?love your arts!(●°u°●)​ 」

thanks for your love! However I don’t plan any stories about them, sorry

Cancer is choleric, he’s impulsive and stubborn. Sassy child I’d say. It was said he hates stereotypes and sometimes it looks ridiculously weird. Like, you know, it’d be so typical for him if you say you have a pet and Cancer like “Oh, it’s a snake?”. I mean what a chances for your pet to be a snake??¿¿  Cancer doesn’t give a f…cough…doesn’t care. The man of act, he’s pretty easy to read. If you come to him with a problem he won’t comfort you (hugs? soft voice? nah) but will try to find a way to solve it.

that’s all im dead. and i have no idea about cancers in actual zodiac

So this is my reinterpretation of Cancer. If you ask me, I’m really not happy about how people draw this zodiac sign. I especially dislike the ponified version. That’s just tragic.

Thus I decided to make a Cancer-pony that’s appealing to me. So here we go, hope you like it~ 

signs and their artistic abilities
  • Aries: incredible at doodling
  • Taurus: watercolors are your best friend. just wait
  • Gemini: creativity oozes out of their ears
  • Cancer: they don't know how talented they are
  • Leo: can dig really deep. contemporary artists
  • Virgo: those camera skills tho
  • Libra: they are so gifted, but they don't really know who they are as artists yet
  • Scorpio: can achieve sketching goals
  • Sagittarius: can interpret art like a pro. photography
  • Capricorn: instagram lookin like an art gallery
  • Aquarius: they have so much raw talent!! need to study up tho
  • Pisces: are freaking monet and they don't even know it

I’ve been playing a lot of Fire Emblem Fates lately, and college is really fucking me up, so my apologies for not updating as much.

These are the Star Wanderers, a group of mercenaries that travel around Hoshido and Nohr doing their own things. They’re lead by Ophiuchus, who has a task for their group, but I can’t tell you what that is.

Mainly cause I haven’t written it and haven’t thought about it. >w>;;;;

Merman amazingphil ! Watercolor pencils on paper

I went for a zodiac sign theme there since Phil is an Aquarius (I know that aquarius is a sign of air and blablabla but seriously. Phil in merman. like. stop.) with his little calamar buddy! 

Ps: do not ever do scales. It is an horror to draw, especially if you have to detail them or make them multicolor. Like here. FML

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