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I know yuri on ice seems to occur in a nice alternate universe where homophobia doesn’t seem to be a thing, but I still can’t help but reflect.  And maybe I really want Yuuri taking care of Victor. (Yoi has really been keeping me sane over the past few weeks, and for that I really appreciate it.)  


“Yuuri?” comes Yuuko’s urgent voice, the moment Yuuri picks up the phone.

“Hmm…?” Yuuri asks, mind still slightly dazed with sleep.  He rubs at his eyes, fumbling around for his glasses.  “It’s pretty early.  Tell the triplets I’ll teach them that trick in a few hours…”

“Yuuri, it’s Victor,” Yuuko says.  “He’s… um…”

This catches Yuuri’s attention.

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Yuri!!! On Ice Headcanons: Language Barriers!

Because I’m absolute trash! :D I’m in love with the idea of a multilingual Yuri, considering we know that he’s fluent in Japanese and English and appears to know a little bit of Thai because of Phichit, I wanted to explore more on a multilingual!Yuri around his family and friends

  • Among his family and friends, Yuuri and Minako are the most fluent in English. Yuuko, Mari, and the triplets know basic English and while the Katsuki family + Takeshi is interested in the language, they can’t seem to get the hang of it.
  • Yuuri tends to speak casual English, but when anxious he would either stutter or end up sounding really formal in an effort to look cool it doesn’t work
  • When it comes to speaking English:
    • Phichit loves american slang and constantly calls everything lit
    • Victor is pretty casual when speaking English, but if he gets drunk.. expect alot of swearing and innuendo either in Russian or in English, with the occasional guest appearance of his accent coming through.
    • Leo taught Guang-Hong English!!!! FITE ME ON THIS
    • Georgi speaks in broken english with his thick russian accent coming out alot
    • Christophe knows french (along with his english and some german) and uses it to flirt with everyone. Everyone now knows approximately 10 different ways to compliment someone’s ass in french.
  • Yurio and Yuuko are doing a language trade of sorts whenever they video chat and they also often practice their Japanese, Russian, and English with each other!
  • Yurio curses alot in every language he learns. It’s a given.
    • The triplets only ever know how to curse in Russian because of Yurio and so far their parents have not caught on.

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[collab] everything good ll for Mari♡
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My birthday was on feb. 18 but @nahiishirota told me she’d have presents prepared for me, it’ll just take a while, AND ONE OF EM IS OUT AS A COLLAB WITH ALL MY CLOSE FRIENDS THAT SHARE THE SAME OTPs WITH MEEE. I’M STILL IN TEARS. You just see my comment spamming under the video HAHAHAH, OOPS. SO IT WAS DEFINITELY WORTH THE WAIT. THANK YOU SO MUCH, YUUKO <3 AAAAAAAAAHHH <3 ;/////////; <3 THIS MADE ME SO DAM HAPPY <3 

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So imagine Fai and Kurogane in the new CCS where they work in this cafe that Sakura and Touya pass by everyday, and it's always crowded with kids and people heading for work every morning. Fai owns it and it has this huge sign with a cat hanging out front, Mokona is their resident magic creature, and Kurogane is left doing the cashiering with the grumpiest look on his face. Occasionally Sakura comes in with Touya and Yukito, and Sakura slowly melts Kurogane's heart with her sweet warm smiles

This is perfect and I adore it in every way.