so much wrong with it

‘the new death note is an (american) adaptation/reimagination’ ‘netflix is allowed creative license!’ ‘it’s just a movie’ ‘L is black so it’s ok!’ 

1. american =/= white. asians are the most underrepresented group of people in us television. light would’ve especially given them a unique role to break stereotypes in that he’s presented as intelligent, sexy, and ruthless, which contrasts how asians are actually represented (men are desexualised, women are sexualised)

2. do you not think it’s highly suspicious that they’ve set it up so that the White Guy With The God Complex kills the Ominous Hooded Black Man

3. this ‘adaption’ falls so flat because japan shapes light’s sense of justice. it specifically comes down to japan’s justice system in which most cases don’t make it to a prosecutor/court whereas in america money makes a huge difference in yr defense. basically light’s sense of justice is based heavily on the fact that many criminals never got a conviction (like misa’s parents?) & he deemed them guilty based on the facts that were available to him, whereas an american light’s solution to injustice will be very different to light’s initial screening-his-victims approach ya feel (tldr: light’s sense of justice involves acting as the prosecution whereas an american light would just be going against rich ppl)

4. also like the above: japan is very racially & culturally homogeneous country. the crime narrative does not necessarily rely on race, whereas in america… yeah. it kind of does. so basically you’ve got, again, a white guy with a god complex killing people who aren’t white.

my fave parts in beauty and the beast:

  • gaston dragging agathe in front of the whole town and then just going like ‘no offense agathe’
  • when lefou asked gaston whether he seriously wanted to be part of belle’s family
  • “is that fair?” - “i don’t care”
  • when gaston told belle that she just had to find the right man and she was all like ‘it’s a small village i’ve met everyone’ like what kind of savage
  • “BE FREE!” iconic
  • lefou spelling gaston’s name
  • beast dragging belle for her taste in shakespeare
  • belle holding back tears when she’s in the library for the first time honestly same
  • lefou’s smile upon realizing that maurice was still alive
  • “there’s a beast running wild, there’s no question, but i fear the wrong monster’s released”
  • maestro cadenza going “ouch” when gaston ditches lefou
  • when chip apologized to maurice for moving and maurice was just like ‘it’s alright’ and then he fucking bolted
  • luke evans singing
  • “too much?” - “…yep”
  • belle teaching that little girl how to read
  • “i didn’t think she would say yes!”
  • when everyone was changed back

@thebootydiaries I did lil’ drawing of you ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭*

So I can’t be the only one who noticed right? Dan being smol in baking vids 😉

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