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there he is, that space defending dude keith

Babes! what even is this!? how are there 450 of you following me? first off, THANK YOU. when i created octavia back in july of the last year i never imagined i would ever make it to almost a year of writing her. i was just having fun for the time being, writing a character i had fallen in love with. it never even crossed my mind that so many of you would enjoy my take on her. now, i can’t imagine not being on this blog. i’ve made so many memories & strong friendships that i’ll carry with me always. i just really wanted to thank you all for being so amazing and kind & it’s a pleasure seeing you all on the dash. each day your guy’s writing inspires me in so many ways. my octavia would be nothing without you guys!

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What Comes Next?

Well I did say I was gonna tell you guys what I’m working on so here it is: 

  • Risk and Reward (Barista!Lin multi-part imagine)
  • Inked Part 2
  • Bloody and Bruised Part 2
  • Collab with Steph
  • Collab with Trizz
  • Jordan Fisher imagine
  • Rafa imagine
  • Eliza imagine
  • (possibly) an Usnavi imagine

These are all things in my docs that have at least a few sentences or pages written. When am I gonna get any of them done? WHO KNOWS! (I also have some fics that are outlined but I haven’t started so they aren’t here, so that’s about another at least 4 WIPs I have waiting for me to start)

I have a l o t going on, I need to chill but we’ll see which I get to actually get to! The Usnavi fic is honestly an experiment, it is something I have been writing for a bit but I don’t know if it will see the light of day. Here’s the list you guys wanted! Tell me which you’re excited for! (if ya want)

twin-ace  asked:



Honestly though Moana would be such a good pirate? She sails really freaking well, and she’s super clever. She wouldn’t even need to fight her way to treasure or w/e, she could just outwit the other person. Maybe she’d get into forgery, start making fake valuables and trading those off for whatever she wants

CONCEPT: vigilante justice pirate Moana

So someone in the archipelago is being rude, maybe the Kakamora, so Moana and her first mate Maui decide to take a break from chilling on Motunui to go rain vengeance on their dumb heads

anonymous asked:

I have a prompt I can't find a good story of & don't trust myself to try & I just luv your minis. Maui & Moana on an adventure, or coming back from their latest one & one of the high tier deities meets them at Motunui or en route home & tells Moana she's being made a demigoddess. And Moana, instead of just accepting it & taking the shiny new weapon, argues & finally says okay so long as she can still be chief until she trains a replacement & her signed oar is made her demigodly weapon of choice.

Here we go, the last of Minis! In a startling move, Seren has edited exactly 0% of this fic. That’s right, folks - the first ever Serenscribble that’s not been looked over, not one bit!

To @kayasurin​ and the anon who suggested “anything you can do I can do better”, I’m sorry that I couldn’t fill your prompts. Thank you for dropping them by me regardless. :)

I hope you enjoy this final installment!

Truth be told, much as you complain about Moana’s incessant babbling, you’re getting kinda worried - toward the beginning, not even your lighthearted quips and good-natured ribbing could get her to speak. Even after you’d trailed off into a silence more awkward than you’re willing to admit, telling yourself it was to make her uncomfortable enough just to break it, Moana’s made not even a sound.

“This doesn’t feel right,” she says slowly, ponderously, still holding that staff like it’s a newborn child. You’re relieved that it’s not something more along the lines of I’m gonna go sulk to the ocean for the next few days, at least she’s actually opening up to you about it.

The doubt, the uncertainty that comes with being immortal, though - that you can deal with. It’s with a grin perhaps a smidge larger than you’d intended that you respond. “It’s not supposed to feel right. ‘s immortality, Curly, it’s gonna take a little while to settle correctly.”

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Dear Suitors,

claiming has officially ended and we have 44 claims!! That is truly amazing and we can’t wait for all the great fanworks to show up once posting begins!!

Thank you SO much to everyone who joined in and claimed one or more prompts!!!!!

You can view the list of the claimed prompts (aka Works In Progress) here. We can assure you - you’ll get so excited when you see what’s to come!!

Posting starts once Season 7 Episode 1 has aired (July, 12th, 2017) and it ends two weeks after Episode 100 has aired. When in doubt, check our schedule!

We will post a reminder or two before posting begins and we will let you know how to post, but you can of course always check out our FAQ as well - or you can contact us if you have any questions.

Just because we’re so very proud of it, here’s the link to the list again:

#suits100: Works In Progress

To everyone who has signed up: Have a great time creating your contributions!!


Aqua & Erin


PS: Of course we tried to be as thorough and diligent as possible but in case we got something wrong or missed/accidentally cut something or made some other mistake, please let us know! Thank you!!!

“Dude, you’re crushing on Keith? I heard from someone that he’s ace.”
“Yeah, he is. Isn’t that amazing? He’s so wonderful and he loves aliens, too.”

Because Ace Keith who loves to read is my jam. /o/ Redbubble

this joke has been made approximately 19873207 times already in this fandom but you know what? here’s another variation

Cas finds tumblr
  • Cas: Dean there's this interesting website called tumblr
  • Dean: Cas, stay away from there
  • Cas: *confused head tilt* What is Destiel Dean? It seems popular
  • Dean: Cas no-
  • Cas: Dean I don't understand... what is fanfiction?
  • Dean: *gets up and goes towards Cas* Come on Cas... give me the laptop buddy
  • Cas: The laptop's warning me of smut. What is smut?
  • Dean: *tries to grab the laptop*
  • Cas: *dodges Dean and starts reading* This... this is very explicit. How do they know all this?
  • Dean: Cas we don't talk about that!
  • Cas:
  • Dean:
  • Dean: Wait a minute I don't understand
  • Cas: It's like they've been spying on us Dean
  • Dean:
  • Cas:
  • Dean:
  • Cas:
  • Dean: *eyes widening* Oh Chuck... SAM!
  • Sam: *trying hard not to laugh* What? People like it!

Story-time with Sora and Noctis takes a weird turn. Noct may have competition for the title of Crown Prince of Napping!

Bonus time-jump panel in which Noctis takes his rightful place as the Naptime King:

The hero and the sharpshooter