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ok so not to get controversial but how’s it that Press It™ didn’t get that award today?? Press it was literally the highlight of 2016 a consistent and unique album?? Jimmy Hendrix himself was brought to tears when he heard that guitar intro in One by One, Michael Jackson communicated with Taemin through a dream and just looked at him and told him ‘u did it son’ after he saw those moves in Drip Drop, the CEO of iTunes decided to delete every single song in the ballad category after he listened to Soldier for the first time should I go on? #PressItDeservedBetter

oh look I can’t stop thinking about Cullen

Alright, these things these past few weeks with “boo Cullen” and “no! Cullen is GOOD!” have been worrying me like a bad tooth and I get it. It’s not actually about Cullen. It’s about people not understanding redemption and atonement and that Good and Bad are ultimately useless unless you’re talking about dairy products and prescriptions with expiration dates.

I know a lot of people think that atonement has an endgame. I know a lot of people need to, but it doesn’t. To truly atone a person has to realize that they can’t atone. They have to realize that life isn’t about balancing some freaking ledger, neat lines of red and black and what’s her face from Avengers being in the clear.

Morality isn’t that easy. When it becomes that easy, honestly, we’ve failed.

Atonement is toiling uphill with no hope of reward and the only real difference between it and punishment is CHOOSING TO DO THAT WORK. A person has to understand that they cannot make up for their past. That their past is what it is. Whatever it is. They have to know that there is no line in the sand they can cross to get back from the awful they did. They have to be willing to try anyway, because it’s the right thing to do. Not because it makes them Good™, not because they get a Prize™, and not because the Maker is going to come down and say “that’ll do pig.”

Ultimately atonement is a rebellious creative act. Another forging. A choice to keep becoming more than you were.

Redemption cannot be predicated on a reward based system of morality. Remorse is not a feeling you have so that you can then feel better and wipe away the bad you did. 

Cullen Rutherford and his writer knows this.

I know it’s scary, but Cullen isn’t about “good or bad.” Cullen Rutherford is about stubborn hope. He’s about clawing his way through the best and worst of himself. He’s about choosing his forge, and choosing his path.

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fucking loser gets scared by a plant in his own home more at 7

Attempt at drawing Kate in a new style, now colored! I think i liked the sketch better haha, but i’m not disgusted by how this came out (in fact i like this style better than how i usually draw her). I tried to go for a more ‘cutesy’ kate this time and well…it worked lol. I’m not used to drawing not broody kate.

I really want to go into psychology but it’s hard to find jobs and you don’t make that much money and its a very underappreciated field and like…you pretty much have to go up to phd level which I’m fine with but no one ever takes it seriously and I :(