so much wisdom for one man

@zacharyquinto: i can’t stop thinking about how much you’ve evolved and expanded these past four years. how easily you’ve stepped into yourself with powerful intuition and confidence. watching you grow is one of my greatest pleasures and learning from you is one of the greatest gifts. your beauty is unparalleled - inside and out. your inherent goodness is a constant inspiration. and your wisdom is beautifully humbling. saturn returns to carry you into your full potential with power and limitless possibility. i cannot wait to watch you embrace it all. i love you so much. happy birthday my love @milesmcmillan

Spider-Man Homecoming Spoilers

“That includes the Tinkerer (played by Michael Chernus), and the Shocker (played by Bokeem Woodbine). But the interesting thing here is that the Shocker’s dangerous gauntlet was actually scavenged from Brock Rumlow/Crossbones’ weapon in Civil War. It’s one of the devices the Frank Grillo character used to power up with in order fight Cap in that film.”

“That Gauntlet you’ll recognize from Captain America: Civil War,” explained Carroll. “It’s what Crossbones was using to kick the s#!t out of Cap in the prologue! And they scavenged it from Lagos and they made a couple of upgrades so it’s not just a pneumatic punch machine. It’s also delivers a pretty hefty jolt when it connects as well.”

*And by the way, if you’re wondering how the Vulture got Crossbones’ gauntlet even though he blew himself up in Civil War, don’t forget that Cap actually ripped one of the devices off his arm during their fight and dropped it on the street.“


Steve Rogers, in all of his "The safest hands are our own.” knows best wisdom, apparently allowed a powerful weapon to be taken from right under his nose (after just dropping it on the street! ) by people that increased it’s attacking ability and planned on using it as a weapon themselves. How is his decision making abilities so much better than the abilities of 119 countries, again? Despite how upset his fans get me, I do love Steve. But even his most devoted fan would have to admit that he fucked up here, and I’m really disappointed in him.

People say that Tony’s thinking is flawed, but at least Tony has realized that allowing other people near the dangerous tech sometimes left behind by heroes’ fights is a very bad idea and has worked to improve the situation.

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Ahhh I feel kinda guilty about liking Jashi and it legit becoming canon. I never shipped them, didn't care. But Jack acted so cute and I just kinda forgave it and felt fuzzy feelings because it reminded me of the relationship I'm currently in. The age gap isn't NEAR as huge ofc and like Jack is ... what... 22? Plus 50, so he's "72." I'm only guessing tho. He never aged so I have a hard time seeing that he is so much older. Just seems like he has a lot more wisdom instead and it complements Ashi

yeah i kinda know how you feel? im happy but sad at the same time. i’m happy that they’re happy and they go REALLY WELL together and i think ashi is probably one of the only people who would be good enough for jack, i guess, BUT…it’s so predictable and bland and just…eh…and there’s a lot of things that get kind of shoved to the side like 1) ashi has never been with a man, NEVER EVEN SEEN ONE, REALLY! before jack 2) jack has never really seemed like the type of guy who’d just…let himself be with someone 3) not every man and woman has to get together

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Ok but for real now Hanzo's dragons probably adore Jessie

Ooh ya’ll it’s time for some dragon headcanons.
I think of the dragons as entities that are bound to the Shimada clan and only manifest themselves in the most powerful warriors the clan has to offer or those who have a greater purpose in life. So naturally, Genji has one, and Hanzo has two, reason being he has the purpose of being the one who leaves the clan behind and unknowing leads to its destruction. The dragons are ancient astral beasts that are creatures of raw instinct, power and wisdom. They are primal and ancient deities that chose to live among the world of man. Hanzo’s dragons are very primal, though the are hyper intelligent and dominant beings and have existed for many thousands of years under different masters (where as Genji’s dragon is much younger and more of a sly and cunning beast).

They live beneath Hanzo’s skin, and react to nearly everything, wriggling beneath his skin or biting at his flesh when they get particularly restless. They have to ability to speak with him through feelings and intuition, though occasionally he will hear their whispered voices in the back of his mind. The dragons can appear in physical form as small little creatures the size of ferrets, as slightly larger beings the size of a big dog, or in their giant battle form when he summons them. In that form themselves they can either be a giant roaring cyclone (like his ultimate) or they can be wild rampaging beasts, scurrying across walls and buildings like a tsunami and eating anything in their path. They tell him who cannot be trusted, when there is danger near by, when they are blood lusting, or, in the case of Jesse McCree, when they want to claim something as their own.

I personally think that the moment Hanzo saw McCree, the dragons meant to conquer him. They saw his past and his strength, his intelligence, and knew him to be a worth addition to their master. So I think they told Hanzo they meant to have him, and that suited Hanzo just fine, since he had every intention of taking McCree himself.

Once they become a couple and Hanzo falls in love with Jesse, I think the dragons desire to own him would become love just as much as Hanzo’s, but a more primitive love, like the love of a dog for its owners, and the same fierce loyalty and need to protect him.


“You know, there is such a fine line between wisdom and cunning,” Salazar offered quietly, his gaze slipping over the line of her neck. “Don’t you think?”

“Careful,” Rowena warned, eyeing him. “A wise man abides by his limits.”

He took a step closer, watching her breath catch in her throat.

“Perhaps I’m not a wise man,” Salazar offered slyly, “nor a limited one—”

“Pity,” Rowena remarked, her lips twisting into a venomous half-smile. “You’re not a brave one, either,” she murmured, her gaze pointedly sweeping his face before she turned to exit the room, “so I doubt I have to worry much.”

The Laundromat

I carried my broken laundry basket into the laundromat at 2:31 AM. The street behind me was dead, I hadn’t seen nor heard another car go past for the whole of my walk up the street to the laundromat. Up ahead, the road curved slightly to the left and the cross-guards for the railroad tracks were up.

I swiped a hand across my forehead to keep the sweat out of my eyes, and wiped my hand off on my jeans. I pushed through the door into the laundromat itself. The neon sign in the bay window next to the door blinded me.

Open 24hrs.

This time of night, there seemed to be more hours in a day.

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please talk about the importance of girl friendships

you know its funny bc literally the other day i was just thinking about how as a teen i always thought men would hold a more prevalent place in my life as a post-college-twenty-something. like in my head i thought id graduate college with a steady BF and move in w/ him and my ‘girl friendships’ would be more distant supporting characters, sort of like the pals in movies who we only see when the main character needs love advice

but girl friendships are p much the only prevalent thing in my life let me tell yoU i would not have survived any chunk of adult life without them! girls are amazing!

its hard to pinpoint why theyre important without giving examples so ill just

  • when girls let you borrow their makeup or their deodorant or their dry shampoo in a crisis
  • when u get your period and inevitably a girl has a tampon or a pad she’s totally willing to give you
  • when u have a good day or you did something good and the entire squad wants to celebrate (even if it’s something small!!!! they hype u up!!!)
  • tbh there is no better emotion than the feel of driving in the car with your best friends and singing along on the radio. like scientists will say otherwise but i know the truth!!!! i know it!!!
  • tbh my friendships with other girls have not only made me comforted but they’ve also made me uncomfortable in the sense that they’ve diversified my view of the world! they force me to grow! that shits important!
  • like having queer gal pals who openly talked about their sexuality/gender helped so very much with realizing my own identity & coming to terms with it
  • having poc gal pals talk about shit they’ve had to deal with or their pov on certain subjects has made me such a more mindful person with the shit i say and the way i try to speak to strangers 
  • also having female friendships has actively made me want to take care of myself more. when i see how strong or healthy my friends are bc they take care of themselves or go to therapy or take their meds, that shits inspiring. it makes me want to be a better version of myself, and treat myself better. 
  • listen to me LISTEN there is Nothing More Pure than when you have a wine night or sleepover with your friends that then turn into a ‘bad/shitty/funny sex stories tell-all’. even if you can’t participate. girls talking positively about sex and not feeling ashamed about their experiences and laughing about the weird shit that has happened in the bedroom is honest to god a magical time. 
  • when ur feeling bad abt yourself or put yourself down and ur entire squad tells you to shut the hell up ur beautiful and talented and how dare u talk to my best friend like that. that’s a good feelin. 
  • if youve never sat in a room full of girls and watched a shitty tv show like the Bachelor or a cheesy romcom, please do so. it’s a delight. 
  • girls are so free with compliments and helpful advice like tbh i get like one compliment from my friends abt my outfit or my makeup and i never need a nice word from a man ever again
  • girls protect each other so much and actively try and be there for each other so much. that one Onion headline about ‘Local Group Of Women Spends Entire Evening Validating The Shit Out of Eachother’? That’s what it’s like to have female friendships 24/7 
  • tfw someone comes into the group chat like “you’ll never guess what just happened” and everyone screams BITCH SPILL THE TEA. honestly magic. 
  • having Older Girl Friendships–girls who can give you legitimate advice and wisdom bc they’ve Been There or treat you like a big sister would. 
  • when u learn to speak each of your friends’ silent languages. i know when my one friend has had a bad day that she wants two things: boba and chipotle. my other friend? head scratch and a back massage. another friend i will let come over to my house and sleep in my bed until she feels better. you learn to love each other in smaller, subtle ways that speak miles. and tbh i think that’s one of the best goddamn things in the universe. 
  • girls are also (thank god) so shameless about taking selfies and candid photos. they document that shit. pictures of your random trips and adventures. even if you look terrible and sunburned or are making silly faces. good and pure. 
  • this is such a long post and i could easily write 65 more bullet points

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So don't get me wrong, I love Wildflowers, but it seems you kinda dislike Victor? Just wondering why that is cause he's kinda my fave lol

Hi nonnie!


So the thing with Yuri on Ice is that things seem to fall into place pretty easily. Kubo is an amazing storyboarder and doesn’t let it happen unrealistically, but in placing the spotlight on Katsuki Yuuri she left a lot of holes regarding Victor’s personality and how that defines his interactions and subsequent relationship with Yuuri.


I’ve added a read more because this is over a thousand words long, but if you want a breakdown of Victor’s flaws, feel free to click on!

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Loot - Part 8 - Jim Kirk

Loot masterlist

Word count: 2,194
Warnings: language

A/N: sorry it’s so late. this story should be wrapping up in 2 or 3 parts. that’s really all i have to say, i guess. sorry if it sucks and isnt well written but ENJOY AND TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!

The observation deck was deserted.

The chairs facing the many windows were empty, the two-person couch just the same. The only sound in the vacant lounge space came from the soft hum of the ship— white noise, really.

You stood before the chair at the rightmost end of the deck. You faced a large window and stepped close enough to it to set your hands against the thick glass.

You splayed your fingers out and sighed at the coolness of the surface. Your breath created a small splotch of fog, but the star it covered still shone through.

You smiled a little and stared at white lights that sparkled enough against the pitch-black backdrop to rival the best gemstone. You didn’t try to count the stars— you’d been told there was no system good enough to do so.

You stared silently for some time, regulating deep breaths and pressing your fingers against each star the Enterprise slowly moved past. It was comforting to see the short, gleaming rays spike out of your fingertips. Even as you pressed your palm over a star, you saw the brightness of another— there was no way you could cover all of the light entirely, there was always a burst of luminescence no matter how hard you tried.

It was comforting. In the whole “there’s always light” way, of course.

Just as you felt your lips pull into a smile at the thought of Jim’s attempt at sounding poetic being true, as if by typical melodramatic coincidence, you heard the door slide open behind you. You didn’t turn, staring at the reflection against the window’s surface rather than the real thing.

“I needed to put things in perspective,” you told him before he could ask, nodding to the window.

You saw the lips of his reflection fall into a frown of consideration. “Any luck?”

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Same gal who asked about the alpha/omega/beta dynamic aND HOLY SHIT SO MUCH WISDOM, and if you get the chance can you write a one shot (or full blown story) cause that would be amazing! Also I'm so fucked up cause the idea of Gaku exploiting Satoru in heat is just LORD HAVE MERCY HOT

(whispers quietly) i am a sinning man and these are my sinning hands. 

Also on AO3 here: [link]

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Word count: 3100+

A/N: keep in mind in know that in 2016, the 6th of Dec wasn’t a Saturday. But ignore that like I have haha! & also this was originally 2 different chapters, but I combined them & I might do that with a few more so there isn’t so many chapters.

I’m glad that people have liked the first chapter. The drama hasn’t even started Unfolding yet! ✔✔❤❤

As usual: oversee the grammar and spelling mistakes I make. I’m not the best editor 🖕



Before I knew it Monday came around, and to say that I was excited to see my babies was an understatement. It had been two miserable days of not seeing their darling faces creating havoc around the house. I missed cleaning up after them, snuggling with Ruby at night when she couldn’t sleep, cooking with Joshua when wanted to bake.

In those two days I moped around the house, cleaning spotless bench tops, re-washing all the linen in the cupboards, and having lunch with Greg on the Sunday before he went to Los Angeles to see his sister for a week.

Since the kids school was only a few blocks away I decided to forgo the taxi and pick them up by foot. I even considered stopping at a small ice cream bar to give the kids a treat. It may have been the middle of November but I didn’t mind a little ice cream here or there.

I replaced my black stilettos for some ankle boots but left my work attire on, only putting thick white peacoat and black scarf over top. I grabbed my handbag and keys from the kitchen bench before locking up.

It was a bonus that I got to work half my days at home instead of being cooped up in a stuffy office for hours on end. Being a senior architect and a boss meant I could mold my own hours and delegate my work load. My boss and owner of the company, Chloe was an incredible lady and not much older then me. When I started working for her straight after collage, her business was just starting off.

Being only 5 years my senior meant that she turned into one of my closest friends. She was there visiting me at the hospital when both my children were born, and one of the people holding me up when my marriage broke. Apart from her, and my best friend Izzy, she was the only other person I trusted that wasn’t family.

The walk to columbia grammar and preparatory school only took about 20 minutes or so, it was a nimble walk along the streets of the upper west side. Finn refused to send our children to any other place stating ‘it’s what’s best for our children’s education’ and I couldn’t agree more.

It was a private school full of privileged young youths, the tuition alone per year was more then buying a house. But when it came to their learning money wasn’t a problem. It was one of the places Finn’s company donated heavily too, he was also on the board of trustees and a former student.

I opened the door to ruby’s class room and gathered with the other parents in the corner as the teacher was talking to the students.

“Hey Rachel” whispered another mom to the left of me, she was a sweet women that wasn’t short of bedazzling herself with stunning diamonds.

“Hi Rebecca, how’s your day?” I replied with a hushed whispered and shuffled closer to her so I didn’t disturb the class.

“Oh you know same old, same old. Patrick begs me to stay at home and keep my feet up until miss Isabella makes her grand entrance, he’s like a broken record that man” she smiles rubbing her, very round tummy. I looked at the 40-something year old in amazement, her hair prim and proper, with wonderful designer clothing and a kind hearted smile upon her face. It was rare to meet genuine people in New York. It reminded me to set up a coffee date with her sometime soon.

“Listen to your husband Rebecca, Patrick’s right you should put your feet up more often. You won’t be able to do it when she comes along” I tutted and chuckled quietly at my authority.

“Yeah maybe but I’ll be so bored. I need to be doing something or I feel like I’m going crazy”.

“I know how you fe-”

I was interrupted by the feel of a tiny body constricting themselves around my legs in joy. Her little pony tail bouncing with her movement when Ruby began jumping lightly on the balls of her feet. A smile radiated my face, leaning down I wrapped an arm around Ruby’s back and cuddle my little girl close.

“I missed you too sweety” I whispered softly into her ear and returned to my stand position.

“I’ll talk to you tomorrow Rebecca, I’ve got to get going to Josh’s classroom” I learned over a pecked her cheek in Farwell. “Bye brody” I patted her sons head as they both smiled and waved goodbye.

After collecting ruby’s bag and coat, we headed down the hall to Josh’s class. Her tiny hand secure in mine as we walked side by side through the busy corridor.

Josh was already waiting for us by the door as he talking to one of his teachers, Mr Holden.  He was a bubbly old man, who talked years of wisdom. Josh was fond of the old guy, admired him almost. He made sure Josh kept his grades impeccable and in exchange he would tell Josh all about his time teaching in France, Ireland and Australia.

“Hi mom” beamed my little man, then said a quick goodbye to the teacher who waved at me.

“How was dad’s house?” I was a bit sceptical on how the weekend went after ruby’s little breakdown.

“Awesome!” He beamed. “We had so much fun! Dad took us out for tea, went to the park and even the zoo mom. The ZOO!”.

“It would of been better if you were there” I could barely hear the whisper that was muttered by Ruby. My heart broke again after hearing her soft words. I knew they weren’t meant for my ears, so I decided not to speak up.

We headed towards the little ice cream bar that was situated between our house and the school. Even with New Yorks chilly temperature the place was still bursting with people. It took us 20 minutes for us to place our order (Ruby with a scoop of vanilla bean and sprinkles, Josh with a scoop of raspberry swirl and I deciding on a scoop of cookies and cream). We chose to eat and walk, the kids talking about the rest of the weekend and school today and I filling them in on my lonely adventures without them.

By the time we arrived home our bellies were full and the cold finally getting to us, Ruby snuggled closer into my leg as I fished into my bag to retrieve the keys.

The rest of the night was full of laughter and a light tea before both the kids and I curled up in my king size bed and dozed off.


The rest of the month flew by fast and before I knew it, it was already the 5th of December. Finns mood stayed placid but he didn’t speak to me or step foot into my house after I kicked him out. He’s grumpiness was obvious on his face, but I was glad the smart ass kept his usual comments to himself.

Greg had popped over several times after work when he came back from his sisters house. He only stayed one of those nights, to which I was grateful for. Our relationship sometimes felt more like a friendship and I was comfortable with that. I wasn’t ready to give my heart to someone else after a messy divorce.

If i was being honest, I wasn’t completely over my ex-husband. I probably never will be. He swept me off my feet when I was only 18, I was new to college life and Izzy convinced me that our first week should be spent drinking until our livers gave out. I being the pushover I am agreed and somehow we found ourself at a prat party.

Finn approach me and asked me to dance, and I being a typical freshman fell for his charms and instantly in love. It was just my luck that he reciprocated my feelings and for the next 12 years out life was bliss. Until it wasn’t, until he broke my heart in the worst possible way.

Joshua’s 8th birthday was tomorrow and it was my turn to have him. I hadn’t planned anything big, but I couldn’t wait to surprise him with a visit to the Rockefeller centre to go ice skating, then to travel to my parents house over in New Jersey for a family tea. He wasn’t a fussy child and the simple things in life is what made him happy. I’m glad that even though he grew up around money he doesn’t demand to be spoilt.

I was lucky to have both humble and nurtured children. Money buys power, to which their father had Alot of, and still with the world at their feet they would rather have a simple gift then an extravagant one. I guess they inherited my way of thinking, I had always told them money can’t buy love.


By 7am the next morning the house was alive, the birthday boy had made sure of that. His excitement for the days events were contagious and I couldn’t help by smile everytime his eyes lit up after opening one of his presents.

Blueberry waffles were still steaming hot on the counter top as I prepared the cream and chocolate sauce. It was a breakfast I disapproved of, but today was Josh’s day and he had practically begged for days on end for them. Who was I to say no? How could I even say no?

Just as I was about to call the kids to the dinning room table the door bell chimed. I looked at my watch seeing it was only 8.14am.

‘Who on earth could that be?’ I thought to myself as I dusted off my hands and made my way to the door. My Mom and Step-Dad knew we were coming to their house today, same with my older brother Robert.

Izzy surely wouldn’t be out of bed this early on a Saturday morning, plus she was at a franchise meeting in LA to both her and the kids dismay. They loved their aunty Iz, who had a habit of feeding their bellies full of white chocolate muffins. Also, Chloe was meeting us at the ice skating rink with her two bubbly children. So we weren’t expecting company.

Shocked couldn’t even describe my emotion when I opened that door to see my ex-husband and his new hussy standing there on the door step.

His impeccable dark blue wash suit was tailored to perfection as aways, hair greased back leaving it slightly wet, which could also be said about my panties.

Olivia looked stunning as always, and it made me sick. Her newly short platinum blonde hair was styled into a quirky quiff, her slim figure dressed in a perfect two toned grey and white stripped knitted dress that stopped just before her knees. She added black boots, a grey coat and a beautiful necklace hung around her neck.

I internally groaned when I assessed my own attire of, black leggings I pulled from my draw and a old, baggy OASIS top which I stole off Finn in my junior year at college. It was stretched beyond belief because of the two pregnancies I endured and the neck line kept slipping off my shoulder. No doubt my hair was still a tangled mess on top of my head, actually I was a mess from head to toe and they were the perfect couple. But just to add insult to injury, I remember that I didn’t even bother to put on a bra this morning. Great, just great.

“What are you doing here?” I tried my hardest to cover up as much of my top as I could, I didn’t want to look like a desperate ex-wife still mourning the loss of her husband. But the look in his eye told me he had already noticed what top I decided to wear.

“I came to see my son on his birthday Rae. Is that alright with you?” I rolled my eyes and ignored Olivia’s snickering. I stood to the side and allowed them both to come in, as much as I wanted to slam the door in their faces I knew that Josh would want to see his dad.

The kids where currently in Josh’s room playing the Xbox game I got him, so I excused myself to notify them that their dad was here to see them.

The moment their little eyes connected with their fathers they came running down the stairs and engulfed Finn in a giant hug nearly knocking him to the ground.

Josh started talking a mile a minute explaining to Finn all the exciting things that he had gotten already. I could see Finn smile as he watched his son, causing a small ache with on my heart. These moments are the ones I missed, when we would spend time as a family.

I knew that Finn had already given Josh his present when they had seen him after school on Thursday so I was a little shocked to see him pull two small gift box’s from his coat and hand them to both the kids. I didn’t stick around to see the cute expressions they made when they opened them, it still hurt to much.

“Dad, mom cooked our favourite breakfast today! And made home made chocolate sauce” Josh spoke excitedly, “dad, are you staying for breakfast? Please, please say you are!”

Finn, Josh and Ruby looked to me expectedly as I stood awkwardly in the kitchen. I nodded my head silently and listened to the kids cheer.

“But finny, we have a plane to catch” Olivia whined. It was the first thing she had said since she arrived, and I wished she had just kept her mouth shut.

“Liv it’s a private plane! I’ll just ring the airport and delay it by an hour” Finn spoke softly, but I couldn’t help but pick up on his cool tone. Olivia continued to whine like a 3 year old about keeping to a schedule and I didn’t have time to listen. I just continued to busy myself with setting the table.

They all gathered around my mahogany 6 seater table in the dinning room. Finn and Olivia sat together on one side, and the kids, and I sat on the other. Never had I felt this awkward in my own home, between Olivia scrunching her nose up the waffles, and the kids in a in-depth conversation with Finn, I just felt alone. This wasn’t the family breakfasts I dreamt of when I was a teen. Silently, I sat there nibbling on a few bits of freshly cut fruit. Wishing I could disappear.

“Mommy?” Ruby whispered, disconnecting me from my thoughts and bringing me back to reality, not realising I zoned out.

“Yeah baby” I cooed stroking her soft light brown hair smiling.

“Why is Olivia here?” I turned to my daughter and leaned closer to her.

“Ugh- well sweety. She is your daddy’s girlfriend and she wants to see you guys. It’s Josh’s birthday and he’s extremely happy having them here. Why do you ask?”.

“She doesn’t like us very much” Ruby muttered, “she always says we get in the way”.

I focused on my breathing, reminding myself that today was Josh’s day and I couldn’t ruin it by jumping over the table and strangling the bitch to death.

“Like I said sweetie your going to have to talk to your dad about that”.

“Talk to me about what?” We swung our heads towards Finn not realising that our conversation was being heard. I felt ruby’s small hands latch onto mine in a death grip.

“Well… Umm… I think it’s something you and Ruby should talk about that- in private” I explained sending a small smile to Ruby.

“And why is that?” Olivia butted in. I could see the annoyance etched on her face.

“Because it’s a private matter between him and his daughter that’s why” I narrowed my eyes on the witch, but kept my voice light. She had no right to butt in on this conversation.

“Oh please save me the sob story. You just want to spin lies to my Finn don’t you!” Olivia spat. Her words echo in my head over and over again. Her Finn. I felt my heart break all over again.

“I would never, ever do that! You have no ri-”.

“Enough!” Finn bellowed, his face tinted red in anger.

“Olivia, I’ll meet you in the car” Finn hissed, ignoring her complaints. She huffed and stormed off; slamming the front door behind her.

“Kids do you think I can talk to your mom for a minute?” They both nodded and went back up into room after I kissed them on their heads.

“What exactly was that about Rae!” I cringed at his toned. He leant over the table, his eyes boaring into mine. I looked away deciding the left over fruit on my plate looked particularly interesting.

“I think you need to speak with Ruby, Finn. I’ve told her too, but she is too scared” I sighed, “and that is what I tried to explain to your girlfriend”.

“I’ll deal with Olivia later Rae, don’t bring her up”.

“Why did you have to bring her here! To my house! I understand you wanting to see Josh but you know how we feel about each other. And you still-” Finn abruptly got up from his chair and walked around the table until he was standing right next to me. Yanking me by my arm lightly, Finn dragged me to my feet.

“You left me remember! You packed your shit and left with my fucking kids in the middle of my business trip. So don’t you dare go there!” He hissed causing me to flinch back.

“You were so heart broken that you moved Olivia in 6 months later” I scoffed, “you know what just leave please. This is Josh’s day! And I don’t want it ruined by a silly little argument. So please just go say goodbye and hop on that plane of yours and go… your good at that” I barely whispered the last words before I fled.

Out of all the deceitful things Finn had done to me in the 2 years since our divorce, this took the cake. I could deal with his hateful words, but for him to bring her into my home… That was unacceptable. To let her talk to me like that in front of our children. I was done.

There was no use hiding my tears in the bathroom I barricaded myself in. I needed to get this pitty party over with, because today wasn’t the day for a mental break down.

'Why wasn’t I good enough Finn?’


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Girl like that ( heavily inspired by a post of the same name by @paratmin)

Stupid signs. He laughed with his friends. The girls at the other end of the cafe were making stupid signs with their fingers. What the hell were they supposed to be doing? Secrets too secret to discuss linguistically? Voice too beautiful to share? Or too stupid to know words? Just some of the theories he conjured up to make his friends laugh. Funny man. He was a funny man. The clown of the group. The hip guy. The popular guy.
He laughed and so did his friends.
She looked at the handsome guy at the other end of the cafe. Why was he laughing so much? What was so funny? Could not he see? Wasn’t it obvious? Maybe he needed some wisdom.
She went across the room.
“Ooh the hot one’s coming this way, man!” One of them whispered.
“What do I do? I don’t know monkey.” A roar of laughter.
She looked at him with fire in her eyes. He still had that goofy grin plastered on his lips. Barely containing his laughter.
“Just so you know the girl you are laughing at can’t speak. You may find the sign language funny but for some people, it is the only means of communication. But I think you are the dumb one here.” She went just the way she came.
But he was changed forever.
She continued her conversation with her friend. She was the one laughing now. And he was the gazer.
“Kind, smart, confident. Are you kidding me? And those eyes? Damn! I forgot my own name when she looked at me with those.”
“A girl like that. Yes, I needed a girl like that in my life”. He thought. And she kept laughing, oblivious to the destruction she had set in motion.

Heavily, heavily inspired by a story by @paratmin

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Your favourite scene(s) in Hwarang?

The one where Soo Ho realized what he thought happened to his sister, the one where Han Sung wanted to go to Bakjae, and any scene with Han Sung and Ah Ro. 

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@samwilson wanted prompt 47 and McSpirk: “You’re seriously like a man-child.”


Duty on New Vulcan is a special sort of compassionate leave, one with a no-denial stipulation attached, so no matter how inconvenient it is, when the call comes for Spock, Jim has to let his first officer answer it.  At least it’s only for a couple of months.  As so-called ‘Ambassador Selek’ points out, Spock is a mentor, a much needed wisdom figure and role model for young Vulcans.  He will be training them in survival skills and combat techniques while working to adapt the kahs-wan test to the unique challenges presented by the environment on New Vulcan.

Jim counts the days.  Not only because he misses Spock, but because without Spock, McCoy hasn’t got anyone but Jim to sharpen his wits—and his favorite hypospray—on.

They finally beam down to New Vulcan to retrieve Spock and find him in a clearing, sitting ranged around a campfire with about thirty young children of mixed gender.  

McCoy blinks at the spectacle.  “Pinch me,” he says.  “I’m dreaming.”

Jim doesn’t.  He wipes his face instead; it’s hotter than a two-dollar laser and the outfits the Vulcans are wearing are obviously… logical, if brief.

“This is Captain James T. Kirk of the U. S. S. Enterprise and also its chief surgeon, Lieutenant Commander Leonard McCoy,” Spock introduces them politely.  “I have heard some among you express the opinion that human adults are less resilient than Vulcan children, but I assure you.  Both these men would survive the kahs-wan without difficulty.  Starfleet officers’ training deals extensively with survival in hostile environments.”

Kirk sincerely hopes they aren’t about to be volunteered for ten days in the desert without food, water, and shelter, but McCoy refuses to rise to the bait, eyeing Spock with an expression that says once the kiddies have gone, there’ll be hell to pay.  Spock’s wearing exactly what the young boys are—a pair of black briefs over low boots with a utility belt and a bandolier over one shoulder.  McCoy seems to be on a countdown to explode like a grenade with the pin pulled out.  

“Forage for food and water to provide hospitality for our guests,” Spock directs the children, correctly guessing that McCoy is likely to explode if he can’t get off a smart-ass remark post haste.  The children disperse quickly.

“Damn, Spock.”  McCoy doesn’t disappoint, approaching him with a mirthful gleam in his eyes.  “Look at you in this Boy Scout getup.  You’re seriously like a man-child.”

“This is the standard for kahs-wan survival gear,” Spock says calmly.  “Instructors wear it to reinforce the sense of community experienced between themselves and their pupils.  In practice, it reduces the likelihood that candidates will smuggle unauthorized equipment into the desert.  ”

“Only one place to smuggle anything wearing an outfit like that.”  McCoy grins, wolfish, and Spock raises a brow at him.  “Not a very childlike place to smuggle things, I’ve got to say.”

“Not in front of the kids, Bones,” Kirk chuckles, but when Leonard snitches a kiss from Spock, he steps up to receive one of his own.  “But if you want to bring that get-up aboard when you’re through, Spock, I guarantee we can find a good use for it.”

“The sooner the better.  What kind of food and water are they gonna bring back?”  McCoy regards Spock suspiciously, glancing across the stony dun and brown of the desert.

“I should have mentioned we’ve got to get back to the ship right away,” Kirk agrees with too much enthusiasm.  

“They will return very shortly.”  Spock gives Kirk such a reproachful glance he sighs and gives in.

After all, he has reason to believe there’ll be quite a delectable feast to enjoy later.

Omg, so I have this headcanon that like out of all three of them, Jared is the one who is the most fucking distraught and worried about them….. but secretly. Like, Evan has his anxiety because of his boys, like he knows Jared gets insecure because he thinks hes not good enough (he doesn’t know the extent of it, just that he thinks its your average insecurities like Jared might think he’s a nerd or not that close enough like evan and connor), and there’s Connor and how he usually falls back into depression due to whatever occasional triggers and shit he goes through. And then Connor gets worried because either he knows how Evan thinks he is not doing enough and thinks he should be stronger, or that Jared is just the type who just shuts down when he feels bad instead of talking and so he feels, ofcourse, really insecure after. But like, Jared though, that boy is like the one who is deathly afraid that his loved ones are just gonna, like, drop and die. That he is gonna be alone and they are just gonna suffer and wither away. He can’t save them. And he just will become the lost lonely weird kid again. He then just, suffers silently about this, just because he’s the one who hits the thoughts of worst worst case scenerios and then immediately gets all intellectual about it. Trying to rationalize these worries away but only further cementing them as like an actual possibility because he just made them logical in his brain. Both Evan and Connor would visibly react to their lovers problems, but Jared is the one who just doesn’t know how to act but will silently obsess over it when he can alone. Like as a way to make up for how he couldn’t properly comfort them when they were needing him. Probably constantly compares their problems to his and thinks he’s not going through enough to be officially considered “suffering” like his lovers. And like he keeps acting like shits fine, especially when they have panic attacks or issues and need comfort because atleast he can be the goof or the sweet boyfriend thats trying or the comically dickish lover that is definitely NOT fucking breaking down seeing the two most important people in the world to him fucking all weak and sad and just self depricating. And he can’t really do anything properly but just try to give them physical comfort that they could probably do 10x better than him, GOD even Evan with his anxiety still successfully can just Mother you and bring you back to full health without really trying and he still will take the blame. Then Jared would realise that hes definitely not that selfless and definitely doesn’t know how to be that strong like Evan or Connor. And just he bottles this all up. And like one day, just Evan or Connor get into a fight because Connor is just having a self depricating depressive episode and is just pushing Evan away this time and like Jared tries to make Evan feel better or look on the bright side, and like just when things calm down. They both just wanna be alone. Neither wants to talk, and they end up doing that thing Jared hates. The thing where they both look like they are giving up and they’re gonna die and just they want to wither away and Jared can’t really coax them out of it and they can’t comfort eachother and Jared just seems like the little kid that they both gotta worry about later. And he just sits there. All the possibilities of like, how everything is gonna end comes running through his head. They both aren’t the rock anymore, or the caring lover that can heal eachother up again. And he just finally feels legitimately scared for their life. He knows exactly what their problems are but he can never say them because what if he just sounds like a blunt uncaring dick? But he does care, he does love them, he wants these two precious people to be their best because they are such amazing, magical, people in his life. How can they just break like that? He’s their biggest fucking fan. He bolts straight to fucking Connor. Trying to open the door. Evan tries to tell him to just leave Connor alone, he’s just feeling bad and wants to be alone. But no he is not gonna wither away like that when he’s so beautiful. Jared is just frantically saying all this, totally unlike the wise crack seemingly aloof character he is. He opens that door and just bolts straight to a depressive slump in the corner of the room. Telling Connor exactly why he’s beautiful. How can someone so poise, strong, and loving just think the opinions of their family or dick people who know nothing of his strength and battle to get up and face their judgements everyday to be able to show how he can change the world with his art or the effort to even talk to these two idiots in the first place and show his amazing ideas and beauty, is somehow gonna take away that fact?? That he is worth it, he is a perfect “fixed” human being. That There really is nothing there to fix about who he is. That no matter how sad he is or even how many fucking times he tried to end it all or thought about it, he was never pathetic because he can just get right back up and just try to live and show that beautiful person he is again to the world, like nothing had happened! That he can break down and talk about all these insecurities he has and all his feelings of worthlessness but be strong enough to just trust them both and be vulnerable around them and come back from it. Deep down knowing there is people he belongs with, people he is worth something for! Someone that people need because of how amazing and beautiful he is! He is still proving that by the friends and people he is making everyday and how he is changing their lives with his very simple character and how right he is when he helps people. Connor has shown how powerful he is now, he is so amazing and will make a great great person one day in the eyes of everyone, all those who are in the same place as him and even his fucking family! A great grown man one day, who could teach so many people his amazing methods and wisdom. How to just get through so many depressive episodes and all the hopelessness shit all around him and to just still try even when you think you aren’t even trying! He is gonna give so much hope and life back into people like he does with his two lovers. He is so very needed and he matters and he can’t wither away because they love him and need him too much! They trust him and believe in him so much. Jared loves him so much and believes him and needs him. And it’s just. Wow. He is like a mess holding Connor for dear life Evan by their side. Both Evan and Connor are just amazed such a so awesome, beautiful speech and words and wisdom came out of their goofy quiet insecure lover. Connor is just starting to cry and become vulnerable but for different reasons. Good reasons because Jared just just threw the life back into him and just showed how vulnerable he is and how much he love he has and beauty he sees in Connor. He just gave Connor the hope for life back again. Something that usually takes all of them hours of reassurance and gentle love and cuddles before it just fizzles away the darkness, only to be in the background before it comes back again. Evan is just crying because of how relieved he is. And you bet Jared has something for him too but I am too tired to type out another emotionally charged speech in this already intense scene! BUT!! You bet you they spent a very long time just loving eachother in way overly poetic and passionate and comforting and strong emotional way afterwards. (In other words, REALLY CHEESY!!) Before they could go do the usual love and cuddling. And with the new realization and appreciation of how much their insanely cool lover really is. They are definitely gonna talk to to him more about this stuff and just be more vulnerable to him and get him to do the same, because its a treasure of an experience. *huffs*😤😭😢😥😔😰😌😳😁😂 I just wanted to tell someone that.

I’ll call this “traditional” because it’s merely one of many ways to meet the same end. There are some methods more popular than others, but this is my method – a method not so set in stone, I might add. Adaptions are always welcome, this is but a guide. As I’m sure you all well know (and this is mostly for those who don’t) – The Devil is not synonymous with the Christian Satan or the Muslim Shayṭān, but rather an archaic being pre-dating the Christian conquest of Europe. He exists in many forms, under many names – but serves much the same purpose: a force of Enlightenment. He is the Keeper of the Arcane, whisperer of Mysteries, the Intercessor but do not fall under the notion that He is wholly benevolent (nor wholly malevolent) for, so too, is he the Trickster, The Fool and the Hanged Man. In these capacities, he can be likened to Hermes/Mercury, the Lwa Legba, and Exu  – Keeper of Wisdoms, but ones that must be earned. You will be Tested – and he will decide if you are worthy of His knowledge.

To Evoke The Devil:

Go forth to a Crossroads at the edge of town – the more secluded and forested, the better – near midnight or when the moon is New. Take with you the blood of a chicken or horned animal, two black candles tied into an “X,” anointing oil, a crown woven of (young, malleable) oak or hickory – as well as a staff or limb of the same, and an accelerant of your choosing (I always used 91% isopropyl alcohol as it burns clean – however, it’s temperamental in colder weather). Optionally, bring pemba or chalk if your crossroads lacks any dirt to draw in.

When you feel the time is upon you, mark in the dirt with your finger or a stray branch, the symbol of the crossroads (the + in a circle, in this instance). Adorn your head with the crown, place the candle(s) at the center of the circle (at the cross) and with the staff/limb, knock the ground in the sequence of: knock … knock-knock … knock-knock-knock – Take the blood and drizzle around the circle in a counterclockwise fashion. Light the two candles and anoint your brow with the oil. Sit before the circle on your knees and bow in the traditional manner (sitting on your heels with your arms stretched out before you and your forehead just off the ground) – ball your fists and knock in the same fashion as above – asking the Devil to come forth. Repeat three times.

Return to your upright position and wait patiently until there is a change in the air or His presence is revealed. Beseech him in whispers – be not commanding, but receptive – and allow His behavior to influence your own. For instance, if he is stern and stoic, be solemn. But if his behavior is relaxed, exuberant and playful – feel free to be so. I’ve only ever experienced the latter. The Devil comes as jubilant and child-like to me, teasing and joking – but I know this isn’t the case for all. Most importantly, be genuine and be respecting. Crossroads beings always have a way of seeing through any farce you attempt to construct – so save yourself and them some time by being open and honest to begin with. They are knowing – don’t underestimate them.

This is but the building of the bridge. Do not yet ask for anything, merely introduce yourself and note what it is that you wish to receive from this relationship and how you might honor the knowledge imbued on you.

When the communion is done – remove the crown from your head and place it in the circle. Drizzle it with anointing oil and the accelerant, and set it alight with the candles. Extinguish the candles and lay them in the flaming wreath.

Take three steps back from the circle, and whisper the words “DIABOLUS – LIBERA ME,” turn away and do not look back – as is customary with all crossroads rituals.

Prepare, for you will be tested in some way or another – knowingly or not.

Pictured is Hermes: “ So-called “Hermes Ingenui” after the inscription on the pedestal indicating the name of the sculptor or of the donator. Hermes wears his usual attributes: kerykeion (or herald’s staff), kithara, petasus (round hat), traveller’s cloak and winged temples. Marble, Roman copy of the 2nd century BC after a Greek original of the 5th century BC.”

Cancer Woman, Leo Man

A Moon Maid and a Lion who have fallen in love face one of three possibilities, assuming they expect their love to result in a lifetime relationship.

(1) After a few years, he will arrogantly domineer her into a trembling, tearful submission to his royal whims, causing her to become even more moody than she was when they first met.
(2) After a few years, she will crush his confidence with her gentle, but persistent nagging, causing him to retreat into sad and sullen silences.
(3) After a few years, they’ll make adjustments, compromise their differences, and live happily ever after - loving and laughing and weeping and learning.

Turning the third possibility into a reality won’t be a piece of cheese cake, nor is it a task for the faint-hearted or the selfish. It requires a sensitive awareness of the care needed when you’re blending Fire and Water.

He’ll have to suffer through her perplexing moodiness, and try to perceive the root cause of her possessive reflexes. She’ll have to overlook his ego-oriented attitudes, and not dwell in self-pity on his sometimes thoughtless disregard for her feelings. He’ll have to realize that her possessiveness will disappear when he takes the time to calm her fears and strengthen her sense of emotional security. She’ll have to realize that much of his arrogance stems from an inner doubt of his abilities (which increases in exact ratio to his success, oddly) and that she’ll get nowhere with him by dampening his pride, yet can almost make him roll-over-Rover by verbally (and sincerely) appreciating his virtues and allowing him at least the choice of taking the initiative in nearly everything. But she must be careful to retain her own dignity and individuality at the same time.

If all this sounds to you like a path to sainthood, you’re right, that’s just about what it is. It takes a lot of saintly serenity, love and patience for a Crab and a Lion to gradually grow to trust their hearts with one another, for their dreams are very different. Don’t be gloomy. There are reliable astrological blueprints for building this relationship into a Forever design, with a strong foundation of happiness, lit brightly by her Lunar lamps and Solar heated by him.

Leo likes to win all the battles. Cancer prefers to win the war. 

The Cancerian girl is powerfully influenced by the combination of her feminine Sun Sign and its also feminine ruler, the moody Moon. Therefore, she personifies the Mystery of Woman, all the complex yearnings and inexplicable behavior of Eve herself. The Leo man is powerfully influenced by the combination of his masculine Sun Sign and its also masculine ruler, the Sun. Therefore, he personifies the conquering charisma of Man, all the wisdom and strength, contrariness and proud spirit of Adam himself. You can see why she’s able to tempt him in the beginning, why he’s so easily seduced by her home-baked pies. Yet, she’s Cardinal, and this makes her a rather bossy Eve. He’s Fixed, and this makes him a stubborn Adam. They’ll be more at ease emotionally with one another if she doesn’t try to compete with his stronger personality, but allows it to bring out all her tender and tranquil qualities. It’s natural for the Moon (Cancer) to absorb the brilliant Solar rays of the Sun (Leo) and reflect them back in the form of the softer, more gentle illumination of moonlight. Imitating Mother Nature never leads human nature astray, as long as these two don’t overdo their Solar-Lunar roles, and slip into the trap of overemphasizing them. Too many Cancer-Leo couples drift into this sort of danger unaware. There’s nothing “natural” about an association with sadist-masochist overtones. But these are the extreme cases. The Cancerian woman and Leo man should strive to temper each other’s divergent personalities through a subtle but constant interchange of themselves, and avoid excessive domination on his part, as well as excessive docility on her part. For this sort of balancing act, it will be substantially helpful if the Moon or Ascendent of one or both of them adds a Gemini or Libra influence.

The chemical attraction a girl Crab and a Lion feel when they first fall in love may later ebb and flow. Their physical magnetism is powerful, but it requires a delicate blending of their natures. If he’s impulsive, demanding and careless in his lovemaking, and she’s too sensitive, passive and elusive in hers - his mind may wander, and her emotions will flee into strange shadows. When physical closeness between them is good, it’s very good, for she’s beautifully receptive, and he’s wonderfully warm and affectionate. Because there’s a gentleness and softness in her sexual attitude that complements his intensity, the passion exchanged between them can be very deep. But she can wound him with her moodiness when she’s worried, which he mistakenly judges as a lack of response - and he can hurt her with his aloofness when he’s troubled, which she mistakenly interprets as indifference. Tears are often part of their togetherness, but tears can be healing, and with Cancer and Leo they can turn into tears of joy those times when he soothes away her nightmares with the comfort of his familiar nearness. Her dreams are always lovelier when she falls asleep with his arms around her, because it means her heart is safe again for a little while from her subconsciously remembered childhood fear of loneliness. This is when he knows how much he’s needed, and then he cries… but she’s not awake, so she doesn’t know, and he’ll never tell her. She has many secrets, but he has only one. His vulnerability.

The Lion who is enchanted on a summer night by a girl Crab is always surprised when he knows her better. She seemed to be such a helpless creature, seeking his strength as soft as a baby rabbit, and as timid - wide-eyed, needing guidance. He felt a tug of tenderness. Later he learned she’s more than feminine - she’s womanly. Feminine is enticing, but womanly is deeper. She’s cozy and maternal, tucking him under her lavender-scented blankets of security and so perceptive she guesses his thoughts and feelings without his having spoken a word. Much later, he’ll discover something else, misty, hard to define. It disturbs him, because just when he’s sure he’s in control of the relationship, she eludes him, makes him feel he’s not really the lord and master of this lady after all. Not in the total way he once believed he was. She never defies him, but he suspects she may have a secret place in her mind she escapes to when he’s hurt her, when they’ve quarreled. He’d like to follow her there to tell her he’s sorry, but he doesn’t know the way. And so he must wait for her to return, in her own time - from her secret place. She can’t be coaxed, and she can’t be hurried. He’s always glad when she returns and is real again, back to being her normal funny, bright and alert self humming as she bakes his apple pie, stirring him with the fragrance of her hair as she kisses his cheek. It’s time to impulsively suggest a trip. Her wanderlust is awakened, she says, “Let’s”! And he confidently takes charge of the travel plans. Shall they leave as soon as tomorrow morning? Why not? Traveling somewhere together is like a fresh wind blowing through the love between this man and woman. She has him all alone then, to herself, the way she likes him - and he can instruct her in all sorts of new lessons. No matter where they go, he’ll be an expert on the people, the language, the stores and the surrounding geography. She listens, his gentle Moon Maiden… fascinated. And as she listens, she finds herself remembering why she fell in love with him. It was because she could sit curled up beside him forever, just listening to him talk. He knew so much about so many things, and he made them all sound exciting. He had such confidence, he was so sure of himself, the way she’d always longed to be, and couldn’t. But… something about his sureness bothered her, and for a long while, she didn’t know what it was. Then one day it came to her. “If he’s so confident,” she wondered, “and knows so much, and is so sure he’s always right… why does he need my constant approval?” Suddenly, she knew. “He’s only pretending to be brave and strong and wise. Except when he knows that I believe it. Then he believes it too.” The knowing gave her a sharp loving-pain. And she wept the same tears wept by Eve herself when she first learned Woman’s deepest secret from Eden’s Tree of Wisdom.

~ Linda Goodman’s ‘Love Signs’.