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hey do u have any tips on dealing with fear of weight gain? i'm starting to get over wanting to lose more weight but im really struggling with gaining weight when i need to so if you do i would rly appreciate it! :) also do u have/know any lower cal recipes for cookies or other desserts, especially with a natural form of sugar like honey or maple syrup, or less sugar bc im not crazy abt sweeteners! tysm

One of the main ways I can think of is just putting away the scale for a while. It’ll be difficult, so putting it somewhere far out of reach and/or sight is key. Hopefully by doing this, you’ll start to see how food impacts your health (more energy, better sleep, feeling warmer, better hair and nails, etc.) and will want to eat more to feel even better. Another way not to fear weight gain so much is to focus on eating healthy (occasional treats are part of healthy imo) so your body gets the nutrients it needs. I really hope that helps you, I’m sure there are recovered blogs out there that could help as well!

As for cookies with natural sweetener etc, you can always substitute sugar for any artificial sweetener (sometimes more or less, but it’ll usually work!) And I’ll try to make more recipes of cookies etc. I’m doing a big project rn so they might be slower, but I’ll get to them! Have an awesome day, please stay safe~


please help :(

i wrote to this blog about fundraising for an abortion and i’m really hoping someone can help me out. my name is sam and i’m a trans guy living in california. i’ve only come out to myself as trans recently and am in a relationship with a really awesome guy who i was with before i realized i was trans. unfortunatrly, part of the reason i realized i’m trans is because i experience dysphoria. me and my boyfriend found out i’m about 13 weeks pregnant about a week ago (i’m really skinny and i haven’t gained much weight so i didn’t know until now). neither him or i are in a good financial position for this, and i can’t help but feel really uncomfortble thinking about what’s inside of me. i thought about adopting out, but whenever i think about being pregnant or giving birth, i just start freaking out. i really need this to be over as soon as possible.

i called a clinic near me and they said for how far along i am, it’ll be about $855. since i’m in cali, i don’t need a parent’s permission, and so far, i’ve mnaged to keep it a secret, which is for the best when it comes to my family. i hate asking for help like this, but i just cant see any other way i can afford this. i really hope someone here can help me.

i set up a paypal account just for this and any donations can be sent to thank you so much, i’m really greatful for any help i can get.

Hi Sam. I’m so sorry to hear about the position you’re in, we can absolutely try to help you out. If anyone has a few dollars lying around, please consider donating to Sam. Big hugs to you, hang in there! We’ll help get you through this.

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So you've been somewhat quiet and vague about the enlarging bulge, with your weight gain taking center stage instead. Will details follow along with a comparison pic in the Diesel jock?

Eh, I’m still wary about putting too much of a spotlight on my silicone, for a number of weird reasons.

For one, I’m paranoid about glamorizing this stuff. I would be happy if my experiences became the catalyst for some guys to eventually do it themselves, but what I don’t want is to make it seem like this was something I did out of the blue. It took me years of research and planning and contemplation to get to the point where I felt ready to take the plunge, and I cannot stress enough how important I think that is. The last thing I want is for someone to do it impulsively.

For that reason, I am glad that there is a dearth of information out there about silicone. Hopefully it forces people to slow down and really consider if this is what they want to do. It’s a big, big decision.

Also, it’s odd but it feels wrong to be as proud of it as my weight gain. Weight lifting and gaining takes so much effort for me that these 10-pound milestones feel like a really big accomplishment. When I add silicone, it is an amazing experience but it isn’t the same sort of accomplishment—all I did was pay for it.

I dunno, I’m very new to being part of this world instead of an outsider looking in. Still figuring it all out.

Anyway, on a less serious note, here’s a brief update. I had 200cc added this past weekend, putting me at 1000cc total (300 in my shaft, 700 in my sack). I was still quite full from my last filling, so that’s all I could manage. I’m going to be waiting 2-3 months before the next go so it can be another big one.

As far as the Diesel jock, it’s straining but it’s still doing it’s job. Other pieces of clothing are not so lucky.

  • kinky side of me: ahh yes, get bigger! FATTER!!! Gain so much weight you can barely move!
  • anxious side of me: no!!! aahh!! Don't eat too much all the time!! That can be unhealthy and you can get really sick! Eating fatty foods all the time can be really bad..!
  • kinky side of me: Blow up more, fatty~
  • anxious side of me: BUT LIVING A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE
Every Other Weekend pt. 4

Prompt: After five years of marriage and two kids, you and Bucky decide you can’t make it work anymore.

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1,725

Warnings: divorce, angst, cheating

A/N: going to have to close tags for this one. i’m so sorry. but i’m so glad you all enjoy it so much! and i hope you enjoy this part. really happy with it (:

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“Just sign the damn papers!” Bucky raised his voice at you, angrily running a hand through his hair.

“I’ll get to it. I have a lot to do.” You sighed, not facing him.

“That’s the last thing you have to do.” He spoke with a tense jaw.

“I can’t sign them. That means it’s over.”

“It is over.” Bucky’s hand ran over his face. “Just get it done, please. I don’t want to make this more messy than it is already.”  

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Jun Ship Moments - STAR1 Magazine May Interview

Q: Is there any member you would like to praise or complain about?
J: I have a complaint, Wonwoo! You eat so much, but why don’t you gain weight?

Q: Besides myself, which member will I choose to date if they were girls?
J: Vernon, he has a different feeling from the rest, not only does he have the features of a Westerner, another charm point is the fact that he can speak both Korean and English.

Q: We know that SEVENTEEN has three units, then let’s start a “produce13″! Which unit would you like to form and try out?
J: 96line, Hoshi, Woozi, Wonwoo, because we have members from all three units.
HS: I wish we could form a ballad unit and a sexy unit, like After School’s Blue and Red! The ballad unit will consist of Jeonghan, Seungkwan, The8, Vernon, Dino, Woozi; the sexy unit will consist of DK, Wonwoo, Jun, S.Coups, Joshua, and me.

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Hey!! This is probs really weird, but do you know any fics that emphasize Stiles wearing clothes that don't fit him and/or him wearing lots layers? Like it could be a make over Fic or one just talking about it. Thanks for taking the time to do all this! Also I want to say how amazing your tag system is! You both are great at this organizing business!

This one was a bit of a challenge but here’s what I found. - Anastasia

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Layers by NeoCortex

(1/1 I 297 I General I No Pairing)

Stiles always has layers about him. In more ways than one.

Something of a Surprise by dragon_temeraire

(1/1 I 1,587 I Teen I Sterek)

Somehow, while Derek wasn’t paying attention, Stiles got really hot.

Size Me Up by Chubstilinski

(1/1 I 1,596 I Teen I Sterek)

It’s tight, really tight. The shirt fits across his shoulders but the fabric pulls around his midsection, stretching the buttons slightly. He hadn’t realized Stiles had gained so much weight. Its not like Derek didn’t notice he’d gained some, he’s not blind, and it’s not as if he cares. He really likes it, in fact. It suits him. But the way the shirt forms to his body highlights changes baggy layers won’t show.

Lay us down (we’re young and in love) by MemeKon

(1/1 I 3,765 I Mature I Sterek)

I need someone to write me a body worship fic where Derek turns the tables on all the ‘you’re gorgeous’, 'you’re so pretty’ and 'you look so good’s he gets grunted from Stiles on a regular basis; a fic where Derek notices Stiles’ countless layers, notices that he likes fucking with clothes on the way, and it burns low on the pit of his stomach, rolls around there, making him so uncomfortable, because for all that Stiles acts like he knows his own value, acts like he’s the shit, deep inside he’s just a kid that’s… What? Never been touched? But he has. Been touched, that is. There’s Derek, who’s pressed his hands everywhere Stiles has allowed him access to; and before that… There was the girl, Heather?

And before… And before nothing. That’s it.

The Taste Of Sweat And Metal On His Tongue by slythatheart

(5/5 I 13,103 I Explicit I Stanny)

Stiles had a navel piercing.


It’s no secret that the majority of the time I hate my body and pick myself apart, especially since I’ve gained so much weight over the last however many months. But last night I was feelin myself and had a rare moment where I thought to myself that I can still have all these imperfections and feel sexy. Sometimes all it takes is some flattering lighting and an oversized, cut up tshirt.
Anyway, don’t mind me being extra and posting this shit lmao

I feel bad not having posted another chub pic on my supposed chub blog (really it’s kinda expansion in general but whatever).

I had this one a while back but never got around to posting. It was a joke between my bae and me when she spilled some food and I said that haha (I don’t think I’m into it as much but it was funny in the moment).