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what sort of things does Riley like (fandom, weather, colors, clothing)? (I'm a Riley stan he looks like me and he's great)

HEH im glad you like him!! welll im completely rewriting stuff in that universe and since his situation is kinda special things will def change there. but i can tell you hes a night owl and a shut in so weather isnt much of a factor, and he likes easy comfy clothes, and if you held him at gunpoint to pick a fave color itd probably be blue

okay i have seen so many superwholock posts about how they’re the ‘crazy fandom’ and like ????? have you even met the snk fandom because

(they cosplay bungee jump like good luck topping that)

yeah ur faves could never bye


My half of a trade for the wonderful @owlygem of our beautiful Suns!

What are the odds that we BOTH have chubby Sun characters wearing suits? Similar, yet so different at the same time! It’s amazing and Sunny’s ecstatic to have Sun as a friend! 💖

Thanks for being an amazing Sun Bud!!!


1.21.17  ♡  23/100 days of productivity

When you take notes on a chapter but the test barely asks about it *sigh* Went to the Women’s March today and I loved it so much the weather was so beautiful and everyone was so nice and the signs were great and the people driving were honking along with the chants and the police blocking the roads were on horses it was amazing and it gives me hope for this country ♡

5 things that may surprise you about the Moon

…In honor of International Observe the Moon Night

October 28th is International Observe the Moon Night, a worldwide, public celebration of lunar science and exploration held annually since 2010 thanks to our Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) mission team and partners. One day each year, everyone on Earth is invited to observe and learn about the Moon together, and to celebrate the cultural and personal connections we all have with our planet’s nearest neighbor.

Here are 5 things that might surprise you about the Moon.

1. There has been a spacecraft there for 100 lunar days

In October 2017, LRO celebrates one hundred days of collecting scientific data at the Moon. One hundred Moon days. From our perspective on Earth, one lunar day is one full phase cycle, or about 29.5 Earth days. That’s 100 opportunities to observe changes from night to day, photograph the surface at different Sun angles, measure rising and falling temperatures, study the way certain chemicals react to the daily light and temperature cycle, and increase our understanding of the Moon as a dynamic place.

2. You can still see the paths left by Apollo astronauts’ boot prints and rovers

Much of the lunar surface is covered in very fine dust. When Apollo astronauts landed on the Moon, the descent stage engine disturbed the dust and produced a distinct bright halo around the lunar module. As astronauts moved around, their tracks exposed the darker soil underneath, creating distinct trails that we know, thanks to LRO, are still visible today. The Moon has no atmosphere, so there is no wind to wipe away these tracks.

3. The Moon has tattoos!

Observations from LRO show mysterious patterns of light and dark that are unique to the Moon. These lunar swirls look painted on, like the Moon got ‘inked.’ Lunar swirls, like these imaged at Reiner Gamma by LRO, are found at more than 100 locations across the lunar surface. Lunar swirls can be tens of miles across and appear in groups or as isolated features. 

Researchers think these patterns form in places where there’s still a remnant of the Moon’s magnetic field. There are still many competing theories about how swirls form, but the primary idea is that the local magnetic field deflects the energetic particles in the solar wind, so there’s not as much weathering of the surface. The magnetically shielded areas would then look brighter than everything around them.

4. There were once active volcanoes, that shaped what we see now

Early astronomers named the large dark spots that we see on the near side of the Moon “maria,” Latin for “seas,” because that’s what they thought they were. We now know that the dark spots are cooled lava, called basalt, formed from ancient volcanic eruptions. The Moon’s volcanoes are no longer active, but their past shapes the Moon that we see today. The Moon doesn’t have large volcanoes like ones in Hawaii, but it does have smaller cones and domes. 

Other small features derived from volcanic activity include rivers of dried lava flows, like the ones visible in this image of Vallis Schroteri taken by LRO, and dark areas formed from eruptive volcanoes that spewed fire. For many years, scientists thought the Moon’s volcanic activity died out long ago, but there’s some evidence for relatively “young” volcanism, suggesting that the activity gradually slowed down instead of stopping abruptly.

5. Anyone, anywhere can participate in International Observe the Moon Night.  

How to celebrate International Observe the Moon Night

  1. Attend an event –  See where events are happening near you by visiting
  2. Host an event – Call up your neighbors and friends and head outdoors – no special equipment is needed. Let us know how you celebrated by registering your event!
  3. Don’t let cloudy weather get you down! Observe the Moon in a variety of ways from the comfort of indoors – View stunning lunar vistas through images and videos, or explore the Moon on your own with QuickMap or Moon Trek
  4. Join the worldwide conversation with #ObserveTheMoon on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook
  5. For regular Moon-related facts, updates and science, follow @NASAMoon on Twitter

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Inclement Weather - jadepresley - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
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Inclement Weather by @jadepresley (24.5K)- Draco is the best Unspeakable the Ministry have; his skill in magical control makes him the perfect person to help a struggling Harry Potter learn to contain his wild magic. Or, Harry needs to learn control, and Draco needs to learn to let go.

GUYS, this fic was so amazing. I feel like there are so many good fics this time of year and we are all so blessed, but I just want to make sure that you absolutely include this one on your to-read list! Harry has trouble controlling his magic, which results in his emotions being fucking CONNECTED to the fucking WEATHER, which is the most brilliant idea ever first of all. And then in comes Unspeakable Draco, who is in complete control of every aspect of his life of course. Except Harry makes him lose his control a bit, and Draco teaches Harry a bit of control, and they’re LIVING TOGETHER, and THIS FIC’S KREACHER IS THE MOST HILARIOUS FUCKING KREACHER I HAVE EVER SEEN, and THE DIALOGUE IS AMAZING AND HILARIOUS and there’s a CLUB SCENE, and basically it’s just incredible. The way they are both exactly what the other needs is so beautiful, and the tension is built so incredibly well, and I guarantee you will love it!



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What do you think bangtan would be like if they were born in The states or UK???Like fuckboy, nerd etc etc 🙈


DAY: Well … he will be Jay

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NIGHT: he will still be Jay but naked

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DAY: A model university student at Harvard

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NIGHT: Working on a website that will make him drop out from it later and be called Namjoon Gates

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DAY: He will be a reality show personnality as he is both handsome and entertaining

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NIGHT: Not letting any girl in the world sleep or get married because Mr Woldwide Handsome is still single and free

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DAY: Yoongi loves music so much no matter the weather, the country or the planet. he will be a producer at first

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NIGHT: Turning up at sold out concerts. He will be one of the best selling artists of our times. Eminem would want him to marry his daughter Hailie, but yoongi only loves music. Too bad! Too bad! 

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DAY: A prodigee dancer that mastered every dance style

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NIGHT: Turns off his phone because Beyonce is still trying to join him so he can choregraph her next song. He likes keeping his work and personal life seperate. He is secretly dating an athlete But the paparazzi still can’t find who.


DAY: Handsome innocent english professor

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NIGHT: Drag queen to leach his sass

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DAY: worked so hard as a bunny at disney land

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NIGHT : trained hard to become later an athlete with numorous golden medals making him the golden pride of his generation

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Well that’s all in my head hahaha. I hope you enjoyed reading it ^^
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