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Fill-a-Page February

It is a truth universally acknowledged that any artist who aspires to improve should be drawing every day. 

Being told to draw more, draw daily, draw while you eat, sleep, breathe, is probably the single most common piece of advice given in response to the question “how do I get better?” - I know I’ve certainly told people to do this.

But I have a confession to make.

I am a hypocrite and I don’t draw every day. Not even close. 

I always seem to have a ready excuse for why I didn’t set aside 10, 20, 30 minutes a day to draw: I’m too tired, I got home late, I didn’t have any drawing materials on me, I was too busy. And yet I still grumble when my art feels like it’s stagnating. I feel disatisfied and frustrated with my lack of progress or the inconsistency of my style or with my inability to draw something in the moment (looking at you, anatomy, clothing folds, perspective). So I want to do something about it.

Every day for the month of February, I will fill a page in a sketchbook, much like I did with this page of scribbles. New day, new page. I don’t have a specific “improvement” goal in mind nor any particular subjects, but I want to get myself into the habit of drawing more freely and regularly, without the pressure of producing a finished piece of art. 

I’ve already persuaded a few people to do this with me because I know I’ll need the support and motivation, but please feel free to join me in giving the challenge a go if you fancy it!

You will need:

  • a sketchbook or pad (I’ve chosen A5 because the size isn’t too intimidating)
  • a pencil
  • an eraser (although I plan to use this sparingly)

The reason I’m doing this challenge traditionally is to get away from all the distracting bells and whistles that come with a digital art program and focus on the act of drawing itself. I also want to get over my fear of ruining a sketchbook with mediocre art. This is me giving myself permission to be bad at art for a while, because it really is the only way I’m going to get better.

The challenge commences February 1st - wish me luck!


daniel’s wardrobe is Ultimate Goals but these are a few of my favs!!


im kind of just dying at this video of Chris Pratt playing Speak Out with Ellen. please watch it, it’ll probably make your day

paladinmarmora  asked:

oh Svens 'death' gets better than that. Not only did they censor it and have him come back later (looking very different because Ryou and Takashi were not the same goddamn person) but the dialog in that scene is AMAZING. If you haven't heard Sven's voice I beg of you to go look it up on youtube. "all sven dialog voltron" should turn it up. "Get me there fast!" Is a line which will ALWAYS crack me up from now until the end of time.

here is the video of all of sven’s dialogue and i love u soooffnooofo much for telling me about this i laughed SO UGLY SFKSJKJG LIKE i thought the few clips i saw of pidge in the original were bad but ???! god that was so funny …..

also heres the link to the episode this lovely person was talking about!! i know what im watching tonight after i finish my homework lol


Give me your hand. Don’t be afraid, Nasir. It feels good, right? Like silk.

BTOB: dating Eunkwang would include

▪ a literal shy puppy when you meet him

 ▪ then once you get to know him, he’s a hyperactive puppy 

 ▪ he gets starstruck when he first sees you, and his eyes gleam every time he looks at you

 ▪ then when someone makes a comment about it, he just scoffs and says he was in a daze 

 ▪ but everyone and their mama knows that he’s totally head over heels for you, and it’s just an act where he tries to pretend he doesn’t like you 

▪ but all of that goes out the window once he hears you confessing to someone else that you like him 

▪ you’d most likely tell Sungjae and Hyunsik and ask them for their thoughts, but they’d just giggle and shake their heads 

 ▪ and they’d be like “nah, you gotta tell him yourself homegirl bc he’d kill us" 

▪ so then he wouldn’t be able to control himself anymore and tell you he heard you talking to them 

 ▪ cue shy, stuttering Eunkwang 

 ▪ but then he’d have nothing to worry about bc you feel exactly the same and you two were basically meant for each other

 ▪ he’d get you a lot of gifts when he’s away and they’d be so random but that’s Eunkwang lmao

 ▪ gets teary-eyed during sad movie marathons with you, but ofc he denies it 

▪ until you pull him into you and start crying yourself 

 ▪ so much ugly crying 

 ▪ so much ugly laughing 

 ▪ he’d call you up in the middle of the night just to tell you a joke that he thought of 

 ▪ sharing delicious deserts when eating out

 ▪ him asking you to feed him and be romantic, but you end up missing his mouth and now he has frosting all over his nose and eyebrows for some reason 

▪ finds little things to compliment you about, like how you tuck your hair behind your ear or the way you hold a pencil 

 ▪ him kissing your fingertips randomly 

 ▪ also he’d nibble on your ear or neck to get your attention on him 

▪ ugly dancing compititions between you and him 

▪ but sometimes really cute dances together in your living room, listening to music 

 ▪ gets flustered when you compliment him about his hard work for the group 

 ▪ but he really appreciates the feedback and he’d give you the sweetest kisses 

▪ kisses you in front of the other members just to piss them off, even though they’ll continue teasing him 24/7 

▪ makes really ugly faces and weird noises to cheer you up when you’re sad 

▪ and he’d pull you in his lap if he sees you’re really upset, and will cuddle you until you feel better and smile 

 ▪ I love this angel so much 💘

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150626 Tablo’s Dreaming Radio – Weekly Ssam D & Gray

Warning: Insults thrown left and right by Tablo and supported by Simon D. Main target is Gray, as usual. This is also really long, like EXTRA LONG!

  • They sang ‘happy birthday’ for the 1 year anniversary of the Weekly Ssam D corner
  • Mithra almost couldn’t be a regular guest because he was boring at first
  • The corner originally started with Simon D appearing once a month and with no Gray
  • Tablo said at the start of the corner, Gray had no presence and Gray said he still doesn’t (Tablo and Ssam D disagreed and said he was like MSG, a necessity)
  • When asked why out of aaaaaaaaall of AOMG he chose Gray, Ssam D said it was because he saw potential, that Gray was a person he loved and wanted to do shows with him because he knew he’d be busy (and doesn’t get to see him much lately because he’s so busy)
  • Ssam D had predicted he’d feel lonely and would want to see Gray so he chose to have him on Weekly Ssam D so he could at least see him once a week
  • Tablo says Gray is good at speaking on broadcasts now and is now an entertainer (Ssam D called him a “radio star”) because he seems awkward as a musician. Tablo says his “gray” whisper in his produced tracks sounds awkward and even appearing in hip hop music videos he doesn’t seem to fit in (because he’s like an entertainer)
  • Gray’s response was that from next week UD (is that how to spell his name?) would appear as a joke

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hello children thanks for liking my video my vid with jv playing the freshman goes up tomorrow just a fuckin warning it is like the ugliest video ever 

  • the editing is so dodgy bc i had to film the screen capture separately ince i deleted the original one
  • i laugh so fucking loud and ugly so much bc jv is hysterical 
  • jv is whispering bc hes a fucking weirdo
  • he also doesn’t know how to read but he does i think being on camera makes him nervous
  • uhhhhhh
  • the lighting is BAD we filmed it as the sun was setting

so! :) thanks :) lmaoo i’m gonna get ready for work now send me messages in my ask or on tumblr im u cool cats byeeee

speeding through red lights into paradise

Title: speeding through red lights into paradise
Rating: M
Word Count: 9.4k
Notes: Delta is an angel, ty for the patience and beta reading. Warning for non-specific discussion of mental health issues. 
Summary: Ian can’t come on Phil’s family trip to Florida with him, so of course Phil invites the guy he’s hardly even talked to instead. [Read on AO3]

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