so much trouble uploading

You know, there’s a lot of different kinds of ways people fight boredom.

Some read.

Others play games.

And some draw a 340 frames long sequence of a hermit and a half-ghost fighting each other, which is only the first half, meaning there’s propably more coming.

Guess which one of these I admire the most.


OKAY! ART IS DONE! I can’t believe I had so much trouble uploading this (first two times I spotted errors in the picture that I just HAD to correct, the third time the page soft crashed and I couldn’t upload, also I stopped for a pizza break :/)

Y’know I really think I’ve improved when it comes to emulating the Fates portraits! Good for me.


Droughtjoy 2017 Fan Art Video Compilation

A celebration of the artwork that was created for droughtjoy. It begins with our collective dismay at the absence of Theon in episodes 5 and 6 and the goes into a slideshow of the brilliant art that was created as a response. I know I probably missed someone’s art and if I missed yours I am SO SORRY. This was a spur of the moment thing and I also had so much trouble uploading it today. I’ll also be posting an index with links to everything that was created for droughtjoy probably some time tomorrow! I’m so inspired by all of you! Thank you for making this week AMAZING! Droughtjoy ends tonight and we FINALLY get to see our favorite Kraken! GET HYPE!!!


when ISN’T there a mysterious tupperware of brown, though

The Burden of a Secret

Miraculous Ladybug One Shot

Words: 800

Summary: Ladybug tires to figure out how to deal with Adrien in the wake of their discovery of an anguish inducing secret.

*Note* - Just a little vent piece I wrote. I haven’t written in FOREVER but I’m going to try to pick back up again because I miss it. Mmmmmmmm. I also don’t know if I’ll continue this, it just depends on the amount of interest I get I guess! I hope you enjoy!

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