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This. Us. It might not be easy. Andromeda challenges everything we know. But, you’re worth the fight. 


he almost got caught sneaking out


Day One: Least Typecast Fave

Song Ji Hyo

From Emergency Couple to Ex Girlfriends Club to Princess Hours and My Wife is Having an Affair this Week, no two of her roles have every felt the same. Sometimes quirky, sometimes untouchable, she is always engaging on screen. While not all her shows have been my personal favorites, I still enjoyed watching her subvert expectations. With an even more prolific array of movie roles plus her versatility on Running Man, she moves from embodying model standards to every-day working life with ease that the industry finds hard to label.

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Day 5 of @journaling-junkie ’s May Journal Challenge!
Question: what colour reminds you of May and why?
Answer: GREEN
A nice light green reminds me of May. In my second grade classroom, the teacher had themed cut-out magnets of each month. May had light green and blossoming flowers in a field of grass.

  • Cal: ....Mare? Why is your head on my chest?
  • Mare: know, just making sure you're still alive
  • Cal: you aren't seriously worried that I'm going to die in my sleep...are you?
  • Mare: *rolls over* Death, demise, die, those are my least favorite words right now.

i assume you were talking about yj!artemis and not her original comic iteration so here she is!! she is so good and ahhh… s2 always kills me ;n; and thank you so much for the compliment!! ;u;♥

and that’s officially the last request!! thanks so much again to everyone who sent one in! i had a lot of fun!! i usually post more doodles and wips and stuff onto twitter before tumblr so if you wanna see more of that kinda stuff +rantings (lots of rantings) then i’m more active over there. :) 


formidablesana  asked:

I just saw what you wrote about the kitchen scene & I loved it! What do you think about the reunion scene in the cafeteria? Even specifically mentions Kardemomme. Like he wants to go back to when times were simple, before Isak said he didn't want to be around mentally ill people. It's not until after this scene that Even tries to reach out to Isak, by leaving him the picture in his jacket.

That meta is a bit old! It’s just resurfacing ‘cause I harassed @softnorwegians and pushed them towards my meta tag (#monstrueuse-meta), haha.

The cafeteria scene is a good one. If we see meals as intimacy, then the cafeteria scene is another reflection of Isak and Even’s relationship at the moment. Isak is having a lonely cheese toastie on a sad paper plate, the thing looking very little like the few (albeit horrible in taste) he had so much fun making with Even.
Isak is feeling lonely and we see it reflected in every direction choice: from his crossing a schoolyard peppered with small groups of friends (none of which he belongs to; a seemingly infinite and empty distance to close between him and the school’s doors) to him getting lunch alone, another huge physical gap in the queue between him and the boy he first mistakes for Even.

We already see him so lonely when he bumps into Even. Isak, who used to connect with this boy so much, now is lonely even in his presence. We all feel that, us the viewers as well as Isak and Even. They’re uncomfortable even if they try really hard not to be. The divide between them is emphasised by the toastie: Isak is holding a meal, Even isn’t.

on a side-note, talking about direction:

this is a cheese toastie you want to eat

this isn’t

Even tries to restore some of that intimacy, or at least test the waters, and he does it by talking about food: the food they used to share with joy, an in-joke even (kardemomme!), now only in Isak’s hands. It doesn’t work, of course. It feels stilted and fake. Isak really tries to make it work too, but he can’t. Intimacy is not something you can get whenever you please regardless of circumstances.

The intimacy is lost. Isak leaves with his lunch that we don’t see him eating.

So I ended up writing a whole thing, I hadn’t planned that haha. I hope you like it. I might have to write a whole thing with @softnorwegians now about food and sleep in SKAM sesong 3!

do u ever just stop and stare at ur muse like???? u’ve come so far???? and u’ve developed so well???? I love u???????? because that’s me every breathing moment with Ryuko


Close-ups of the photo I took for Sunday’s post. I’m just really proud of the way these poses turned out :’) except for Luna’s square elbow… and that liiiiitle bit of clipping with solis’ arm

can i just take a quick moment to send some praise to all the fanfic writers and artists who are doing lefou justice? 

there was so much flarking discourse over his character when it was announced, and now i’m seeing so much positivity and good being done in the wake of the film.

we all love this sweet boy here. we express it in various ways and good golly gosh are some of you so creative! i’m honestly in awe of the artistic talents of all of you! here i am, some humble roleplayer who tries his hardest to convey a character, while you phenomenal fic writers are playing out several at once!

and the art. jfc the ART that you folks are pouring out. my queue is FLOODED with it and i cannot get enough. i’m so happy to see all these cute images, the ships, the CRACK. it’s wonderful.

there are also the drabble writers, roleplayers and just– normal everyday people tossing headcanons out. you’re all so inspiring to a writer such as myself and i love reading what you put out there!

so lemme just throw ALL THE LOVE I CAN at you all, you fantastic fou fighters.

from the bottom of my heart– thank you.

Jealous Boyfriend Tony Padilla

Request: hi can i have an imagine with a jealous tony?


A/N: Sorry I’m not currently doing imagine requests so I made some headcanons for you instead, I hope that’s okay. Sorry about the wait, I hope you like it!


Warnings: Sexual themes.


Jealous Boyfriend Tony Padilla Headcanons…

  • You’re really good friends with some of the jocks, who were family friends of yours, and it’s an understatement to say Tony is jealous

  • He’ll usually watch over you from his locker, not wanting to actually be anywhere near those boys unless he has to be
  • He never fails to glare at them though

  • His brothers aren’t so nice
  • They’ll absolutely step in on a situation he’d clearly be uncomfortable with

  • While that annoys you a little, you think it’s sweet that they like you all enough to do that
  • Tony gets shit from his siblings later for not stepping in, but Tony is big on not being possessive, and that’s why he won’t rush to conclusions

  • If someone touches you or hugs you though he’s right at your side
  • Jealous Tony has to be holding your hand at all times

  • And brushing the hair off your face
  • And kissing your cheek

  • After school when he’s dropping you home he’ll always slow down when he drives past the jocks, almost as like a little warning to them
  • You’ll roll your eyes at him, but secretly you love jealous Tony

  • He’s quite a level headed guy, so you love when you’re able to see him really fight for you (not that he needs to, he’ll always be your number one)
  • Sometimes you get your friends to purposely stir him up

  • Jealous Tony means that you get so much more of his attention
  • And you get to wear his jacket

  • And the sex afterward is amazing
  • Tony will go to school the next day and be overly friendly with the same jocks, making them all uncomfortable

  • And you’ll just smile and wonder what you did to deserve someone who loves you so much

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anonymous asked:

Hi Sam. Please forgive the presumption but I wanted to share a book with you since you are interested in art theft by the Nazis in WWII. It's called "The Book Thieves: Nazi Looting of Europe's Libraries and the Race to Return a Literary Inheritance". I think the subtitle tells you about the premise. (part 1)

I wanted to share for three reasons: One, the book talks about a searchable database for the families of identified books. I thought maybe you could share with your followers in case any Jewish (or other targeted group) wanted to search to see if they could find family books. Two, I didn’t know about the book theft and I’m fairly historically aware! So, maybe others are interested. Three, the parallels between 1930s Nazi Germany and present day US and Europe.

Thank you! That is well within my wheelhouse and I have to admit, I don’t think I’ve heard much about the book looting of WWII – the art and the religious looting tends to take center stage. I’ll add it to my queue, much obliged! Queue’s getting kind of long so it may be a while, but I appreciate the suggestion!