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Hi Annalise! Do you think you and your friend (I'm sorry I don't know their name) @anonbea would collaborate on any art projects? Because I love both of your art so much! Anyway, hope you have a great week!

@anonbea (Shan) and I ARE making something actually!

A story about my beekeeper witch Lavander, and Shan’s cute buff baker lady Mari (this post has Mari and her sister Rosa). The story is a work in progress at the moment, but it will be called Blumenbrot. Here is a picture I drew of them, that I never uploaded anywhere.

We’re not 100% sure how we’re gonna do it, whether we each draw certain chapters or work on seperate elements within the comic structure. But we do want to flesh out their story and make some sort of comic/illustration thing for them.

I’m pretty sure that I’m not the first one to say this, but I’m just so much in love with Kurt’s smile. I mean, just look at him…

I can’t help but feel like my whole screen just lit up whenever I’m looking at him smiling

He just had the most perfect smile, and what I really love about it is how young and carefree he looks when he has it on his face.

And let us not forget the cute dimples on his cheeks…

Sometimes I feel like I just can’t get enough of that smile, and whenever I look at it I can’t help the huge grin that is forming on my face

I really don’t know why I’m posting this, but I’ve been looking at his pictures lately and I just felt so overwhelmed by how much this man means for me. His smile just would make my day

And I think that it really shows him as a human being, a human who can feel both joy and happiness, and not some depressed guy. I’m not denying his mental problems, but it’s always good to look at the positive side as well, and remember that he lived some happy moments in his life, just like anyone else

I seriously don’t think that it’s necessary to post something like this to show people how beautiful his smile was, but I really had to write this. I want to share my joy with people who love him like me. I just can’t get enough of that smile.

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every now and then i get in this mood where i'm like "ok but you still like dudes, are you sure you're bi, are you SURE" and it sounds a lot like a 48-year-old suburban mom trying to keep her daughter away from me, and then i feel bad, but you have posted pictures of this lovely Sofia lady- and yeppo, i am sure, i really do like ladies very much, and i would buy her flowers and talk to her about her personal interests, yes, boy howdy; thank you for that.

just how

is she

so cUTE 


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I love the new comic style. It looks pretty complicated to make!

Thank you!!  I’m so glad to hear this!  I started doing it to see what it would be like but I haven’t really had much of a response to it.  I thought about stopping but I’m having a really good time with it so I think I’ll keep going:)

It’s actually not that difficult to do.  My mind kind of works in pictures. That’s why there are always 10 pictures in my regular posts and only a bit of text.  I made this thinking of you… which may sound kind of weird considering the collection of pictures:)


forgot about snapchat stickers kinda went overboard 

but woo for having days off 

 "so ellie how you spent your day" 

ohoho i’ll show you! I spent it with this handsome man! no day is wasted when i get to stay in bed all day with my husbone~ ( ˘ ³˘)❤ (i can feel my mother’s judgmental gaze, woman let me be happy)

So I absolutely love Mary’s ( @books-and-cookies ) style of Things I learned From posts and I’ve been thinking about doing something similar. (With her permission, of course) but my debate was whether or not I should do this instead of a book review or would following that with an actual review still be acceptable? I’m picturing these as a much more information version of a book review as well as a sort of note taking for myself for when I actually write a review.

I’m worried that doing both would seem rather…overkill? Or even repetitive, maybe?


((((OOC: Hi, Mod here. I used to do this every year on my former blog (AskVocaloid3CUL), and decided I’d do it here as well. So, here are my favorite flowers (and CUL’s favorite in my HCs for her-) that I dug up and moved with me from my childhood home a while back and replanted them at my current home- near the time I first started ask-blogging (which was about five years ago? I think? I’ve lost count) Which, they seem to be up awfully early this year. Anyways, since I love them so much, I’m always excited to share pictures of them and this is the most I’ve had bloom so far~))))

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Hey Sweetie, The pointing photo from the press con. the journalist asked who has changed the most since debut and they all pointed at JM and our Min Yoongi said you just have to look at his past photos 😊 Also the V live was full of YM and even a bit at the beginning I couldn't catch where Yoongi was describing the album and Serendipity and he talked about blue mold and calico cat so I hope we can see that later. It was lagging so much. I'm just so happy they have each other, true love YM 😍

they asked ‘who was the member that changed the most?’ and literally everyone pointed to jimin. yoongi said that “you’ll know the reason if you look at his past pictures” and I think jimin said “thank you I take that as a compliment”.


My Mum travelled to her motherland Kenya in 2014 for the first time in 5 years. The sun was setting, the rest of the family were in the living room playing and talking, I caught this candid moment of her in reflection sitting on the balcony overlooking the street near her childhood home.

By Imran Suleiman

Shitty borrows Jack’s computer sometimes, that’s nothing new. What’s new is the untitled folder just sitting on his desktop. It can’t be porn. He set up Jack’s porn folder himself. So, he knows it isn’t porn. But who keeps an untitled folder on their desktop?

Jack. Jack Zimmermann keeps an untitled folder on his desktop. An untitled folder filled with pictures and iMessage screenshots of conversations with Bitty. The pictures are mostly of Bitty, though some group shots of SMH and some others are thrown in as well. He has pictures of Bitty baking in the Haus, of Bitty walking across campus completely oblivious to the camera pointed at him, of Bitty doubled over laughing on Jack’s couch. Very rarely does Bitty seem to be aware that he’s being photographed, and yet the lighting is perfect, a calm sort of happiness seems to be radiating off of him. None of them are dated, none of them are titled. Each photo holds a memory of a person in love.

For the first time, Shitty realizes this is exactly how Jack sees Bitty all the time. Like he’s the most precious thing in existence

The Zodiac Signs as Lana Del Rey Quotes

Aries: “The luxury we have as a younger generation is being able to figure out where we want to go from here.”

Taurus: “It has been a lifelong ambition and desire. To have a defined life and a defined world to life in.”

Gemini: “I’m one of those people who believes words are some of the last forms of magic at exist.”

Cancer: “I never say Coney Island when it had all its big attractions. But there was something desperate about the boardwalk and I related.”

Leo: “People just want to see me go off the rails. That’s the only reason they’re watching. They just want to see what happens.”

Virgo: “I felt I lived most of my life divided into two states of either fear or love.”

Libra: “I used to wonder if it was god’s plan that I should be alone for so much of my life. But I found peace. I found happiness within people and the world.”

Scorpio: “I think obsession is a good word to talk about. I live in my obsessions and then the music comes from there.”

Sagittarius: “I mean, life is a honeymoon, y’know? Life, love, paradise, freedoms, that’s forever.”

Capricorn: “Nobody has ever asked me to smile in their pictures. They want me to seem sad.”

Aquarius: “Being human is difficult. Some people make it more difficult than others. I was one of those people.”

Pisces: “I have had some very practical, down to earth advise about love that I choose not to follow.”

Let this picture do the speaking for you.
What do you think it says?

pidge gunderson aka katie holt aka the green paladin of voltron? yeah I care about her so much, I really really like her I- *trips* *thousands of pictures of pidge spill from my pockets* oh yeah those are mine! I forgot about those aha I should look after them bette- *slips on a pile of pictures* fuck no I’m sorry for stepping on you pidge, your face is perfect and I love it, I love it a lot- *more pictures tumble out as I fall to my knees, lovingly trying to pick them up* hang on a sec bEAUTIFUL

Hey do u remember that time Tony got tortured for three months but then went right back there in order to liberate the nearby town from the hands of terrorists even when he had literally Zero (0) training or experience with doing that or that time when he told Pepper to blow the building up with him still in it because he knew that his mentor had to be stopped and was more than happy to sacrifice himself for it or what about that time when he was dying & had every reason to be miserable but he still went out there and signed little kiddies pictures of him or what about him just interacting with kiddos in general because he is A Soft Boy and he loves them so much or what about the time he FLEW A NUKE INTO A WORMHOLE AND SAVED THE WORLD or perhaps the time when he got so scared that his friends were going to die he went into Overdrive Panic Mode and tried to build a super-robot to protect them or what about all the times he smiled and lit up the sky with his Pure Loveliness or what about all the lives he has saved or what about the fact that he has PTSD and Depression and Anxiety and is A Mess but still manages to be a superhero every day or how about the fact he has somehow managed to acquire a superspiderson along his travels whom he loves& wants to protect bc he is A Soft Dad Also or what about the fact that he isn’t even real but he’s still managed to make so many of us so happy bc we have a superhero we can relate to and IDK if U know this but I just really really love every aspect of Anthony Edward Stark

one of the things I love the most about fandom friendships it’s like you hype each other’s bias wrecker up so much like the second you see your friend has a bias wrecker you’re basically shoving them down their throat like “hMhM bitch here’s the hoe you’re cheating on your man/woman with look at him” *tags friend on posts about him / sends them pictures of them*

and I think that’s beautiful

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Harry taking pictures with parents is the reason I am alive today. Need to learn occult spell so if I ever meet him I can transform into a 40 year old mom or dad. Dad would probably be preferred. [I think about this... A... Lot...]

He really loves showing older men love and affection

Look how cuddly he is with ben

Yet again

There’s no limit for his love towards James

Wanna eat some Ronnie?

Not weird at all

Calm down Harold

Too much

Hoerry™ exposed

Sure let’s give this man a head massage while on stage, why not?

Stressed out? Just call Harry

He just wanted to be the jam of a men sandwich

Too drunk?

Let’s cuddle then


hiveswap positivity post, the shit i loved about it, spoilers obviously:

  • animation was lovely, i loved watching joey dance around
  • the fucking joke with the lone gunbirds, that is a such a DATED reference, but also the way the music got more uncertain and dejected with each birb failure, i was in stitches
  • joey’s struggle to find ways to connect to her late mom, but the way she spaces them out, is incredible and very real and painful
  • the light the entire game cast grandpa harley in holy shit. like there were multiple times i was laughing in that kind of “i need to laugh or i’m gonna be reminded too strongly of my grandmother and break down crying.” and hand in hand with that, while not remotely an excuse, the sort of horrific realization of why grandpa is like this. it’s So Much.
  • jude’s ‘quirk’ honestly was so fucking charming i hate it
  • JOEY IS NOT STRAIGHT. john homestuck remains the only str8 kid in homestuck txt it.
  • all the backgrounds were so stuffed full of tacit storytelling and easter eggs and stuff, i would not say no to having big glossy high res copies of each one to just examine them.
  • dril did some additional writing for the game holy shit lol
  • I NAMED THE SLOTH LUSUS SLUTHUS and to be honest i love the sluthus so much, i was making winded crying noises. the picture of xefros laying on its belly while it hangs upside down from a tree was transcendent. also the sad slow way it tried to move rubble was oh my godddddd i love sluthus.
  • the dammek twist was honestly really cool and interesting and i am DYING to learn more about him. i think it’s very interesting to set up this rebel boy who is all about the Revolution….. except for the guy who is a lower caste than him. that’s some Shit right there, and I want to see the culmination of that, and to see if Jude will have any influence on Dammek for the better.
  • the fact that joey modeled her love of vet stuff in direct opposition with her father’s love of hunting, holy SHIT. /clap clap clap
  • the fact i have to replay the entire game now JUST to rub every object on every other object to see what cohen’s written for all the combinations. i will witness u cohen, i promise.
  • i will buy hiveswap act 2 on release day i am so hype