so much to love about this guy

ANOTHER THING!!!!!!! taylor cares SO MUCH guys about each and every one of us!!!!!! like when meeting her shed literally talk and chat and ask questions and just HAVE A CONVERSATION and even though we ran literal HOURS late she didnt rush or anything, she just took her time with each and every person and made sure they got to say what they needed to say and ive honestly. she cares so much about every person she meets and appreciates everyone so much i honestly love taylor more than anything in this entire world. i just canntoir fjklbse;iowj’Q

S*pergirl: Here’s our main couple, Kara and James!!
Racists: Love the show but how do I say this, I don’t like that she’s with a black guy. I’m not racist, it’s just they make me uncomfortable.
S*pergirl: We hear you and we’ll alter ourselves accordingly. How about a boy band lookin’ motherfucker who owned slaves?
Racists: Thank you so much. MUCH BETTER. 

The Flash: Here’s our main couple, Barry and Iris!!
Racists: Love the show but how do I say this, I don’t like that he’s with a black girl. I’m not racist, it’s just they make me uncomfortable.
The Flash: We hear you, and to that we say, did we fucking stutter? Our main couple is Barry and Iris. And if for some reason you got that twisted, they’re the gold fucking standard.

kcspbrak’s (first ever) 1k follow forever! ❤

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hey pals! i wasn’t entirely sure what to do for hitting one thousand followers, but i thought i’d give this a shot and send some love and shoutouts to some of my favorite It blogs that i’ve been following!

also, before i get started, i wanna give a huge shoutout to every single person that’s followed me, all of you are absolutely phenomenal and i appreciate you so, so much. i created this little blog a week or so after the movie released in september and i never, ever thought i would even make it this far. thank you tons! ♡

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//Seriously though thanks so much guys omg. I was hella self conscious about my portrayal of Teddy at first but people really seem to like him and I’ve very much fallen in love with my soft boy too. He’s so fun to play and just– ugh. SOFT.

okay guys but hear me out, can we talk about how jake proposed!!!!

AT THE END OF THE HALLOWEEN HEIST IN THE EVIDENCE ROOM (where they had their “real first kiss”), like perfect timing and place. and starting with the sex-tape jokes, BOTH OF THEM!!!! it’s so so so amazing 😭

and when jake started talking it was so emotional, funny at the same time and proving that he’s deeply in love with her (and how much he admires her). all he said was perfect and her responses to what he was saying 💛. I’M SO SO HAPPY THAT THE WRITERS DECIDED TO DO IT LIKE THAT (although without all the halloween heist and amy thinking it was a joke could be more romantic, don’t get me wrong I LOVED everything about this episode and the proposal but you know I don’t know if I’m explaining right but anyway I LOVED IT WITH ALL MY HEART)


CHARLES’S REACTION OH MY GOD HE NEVER FAILS ME😂 and also he represented me like in a maximum level me too boy me too




‘Shuichi & S/o who thinks She talks too much’

Just Feeling some stuff. thought it would make a good imagine. I hope you guys like it.

-Mod Korekiyo

  • You were just so passionate about everything.
  • You felt that you spoke waterfalls, just making sure that everyone around you knew what you thought and what you were currently thinking
  • Not sure if ti was the attention or the companionship but you loved something about talking to others.
  • There in, lied the problem.
  • You had a tendency to drag on and on.
  • Surely your boyfriend was being nice when he asked you to continue?
  • You didn’t really get that vibe until the other day.
  • A new game had just come out and you spoke for hours about it’s prequel and the various amount of theories you had.
  • Shuichi was politely nodding and asking follow up questions but one thing he said made you just slow your talking down.
  • ‘You must really love this series huh?’
  • It was a simple and to many people it doesn’t mean anything.
  • but you heard something else
  • you  heard ‘boy, you sure can talk about this one thing forever?’
  • You slowed down your rant and ended it, your boyfriend giving you a cute smile, not knowing that you’re hurting inside.
  • Did Shuichi think you talked too much?
  • Were you loud too?
  • How on earth could he stand being in the same room as you with how often you talk off his head!?
  • Shuichi didn’t think anything of it and your shift in mood wasn’t great enough that the difference was noticeable.
  • Shuichi noted that the next day you were less talkative, but chalked it up to having nothing to talk about
  • The next day was weirder, He didn’t see you at all. That’s what alerted him something was wrong
  • He went to your house quickly and while you were smiling, it seemed more…. somber than normal.
  • He quickly asked you what was wrong and if there was anything he could do. You quickly told him everything was okay
  • He was hesitant to believe that and looking back on it he shouldn’t have said OK and ignored the signs.
  • Cause now, we’re here.
  • He hasn’t heard from you in days.
  • You straight up just stopped speaking
  • He kept asking what was wrong and if you were okay but he couldn’t help but feel the moment to talk it out had passed. You just shook your head and stared at the ground
  • He missed your voice
  • He loved it so much
  • A few days had passed with this sudden change and Shuichi couldn’t take the silence anymore. 
  • He came over very early in the morning, unable to sleep thinking about what could be hurting you.
  • You just started crying when he asked and when you told him your reason ‘Because I thought you wanted me to be quiet for once’ his heart just shattered.
  • This was his fault
  • At least that’s what he thought.
  • He pulled you into a hug crying into your hair and whispering in broken sobs how much he loved you.
  • You were the most well-intentioned thing on this entire planet and you stopped being yourself just to make him happy.
  • He couldn’t get the words out
  • He wanted to tell you how much he missed your cute little rants and the random stories you would tell. He wanted to tell you that he was sorry he upset you.
  • He just cried that night
  • The healing didn’t begin until later that morning.
  • When Saihara kissed your forehead and asked you to tell him a story.
  • While you reconciled and arguably your love grew strong…
  • You couldn’t help but feel you still annoy him sometimes. 

-Mod Korekiyo

Monthly Meet-Cutes

Hey, guys! so I had so much fun making this Halloween meet-cute, art prompt that I’m thinking about making it a monthly thing!

 Every month there will be a new stucky meet-cute corresponding to the season/holiday. This will include art and a teaser prompt! Anyone can feel free to use the prompt idea for drabble or fic. I’ll try to make them pretty open ended. Just let me know and I’ll be sure to promo anything written for them!

If I’m able to keep up with it, next year i’d love to try to turn them into a calendar (2019).  

rainbowdracula  asked:

I think what we're seeing is a communication breakdown between Keith and Shiro, caused by their personal baggage and fears, so it's not anyone's fault but it's still sad because they're so close. Hopefully next season we see them confront this breakdown and make their relationship stronger...I love healthy communication in my shows ;o;

1000% agree!! these guys are funny because they’ve been called the closest relationship on the team but they’re also super terrible at actually soothing each others REAL troubles cuz they’re never really honest about them. Maybe they feel like if they speak the truth they’ll scare the other person off. But the important thing is they’re still trying to comfort each other despite their bad communication issues, and that’s why I like them so much. I feel like we’re gonna hit a big hurdle soon, but when they get over it they’ll be closer to real equals where Keith can have some more faith in himself and stop relying on Shiro, and Shiro can open up to Keith as a man and a leader who can support him as a partner. 



Thank you so much for sending me this package! I can not believe you actually did this! You guys, she literally randomly texted me like a week ago just casually telling me she got me a shirt. & I’m like wtf is she talking about! Lol & well a week later here it is! She got me my favorite candies, & make up! I’m in awe! Whoever said you can’t make friends over the Internet is wrong! Because I made a best friend just by clicking the follow button! Idk what I did to deserve you! But I love you & I can’t wait till we meet! I can’t thank the twins enough for helping us create this amazing friendship!



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word count: 500+

Pairing: Connor Murphy x Reader

Warnings: swearing? 

A/N: Hey everyone! I’m so sorry I haven’t written anything in about a month? I have like no excuse? But I hope this small fic makes it up to some of you. If you want to send me a request/ comment/ question you can IM me or send it to my ask box here. I hope you guys like it :)   

Connor’s POV

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing; I felt so betrayed. I had told her specifically about this and here she was going behind my back. I didn’t know if I could ever trust her again. But I wouldn’t be able to leave her. I love her too much.

“What the fuck is that doing here?” I said as I stepped away from her.

“Connor!” She was startled with my questioned as she scrambled to get up. “You’re home!”

“I was let off early,” I huffed, “But I see you were busy.”

“Connor, please let me explain?” She begged as she walked up to me. Her hands were clasped in front of her as she stared at me pleadingly.

I looked at her for a few moments before my anger dissolved and I gave in. “Fine.”

She smiled at me sheepishly, “ Well I was walking from the cafe and I passed by an alley and I saw a box. I didn’t think anything of it before I heard a whimper come from inside it. So I peeked inside and saw the second cutest thing ever. I know I probably should have taken him to a shelter, but it started raining and I brought him back here… Please don’t hate me?”

“________ we can’t have a dog, we’ve talked about it!”

“Please Connor! He’s trained and he’s very good. Can you give him a try for a few days?” She begged again, her eyes getting glossy as she placed her hands on my chest.

“… Only a few days,” I mumbled as I caved in.

Her arms wrapped around me tightly before she pulled my arm to drag me where the small dog was sitting. She had given him a bath, so he was really clean and you could see the white and light tan color of his short coat. He had high set ears that bend over at the tip. 

Though what really got to me was his short stubby tail that he started to wag or at least tried to wag as he saw us approach him, but I wouldn’t tell _____ that.

______’s Point of View

“Isn’t he cute, Con?” I asked as I sat down on the sofa and pulled the pup onto my lap. He wiggled around and cuddled up to me.

Connor sat down next to me hesitantly, as if he was waiting for the dog to snap and try to bite him. The cute dog tilted his head to the side and looked up at Connor expectantly, his stubby tail wiggling slowly. Connor slowly lifted his large hand and moved it close to the small pup, until it was near enough that the pup could sniff it.  He sniffed it before wagging his tail and jumping into Connor’s lap and licking his fingers.

A small smile appeared on the edge of Connor’s lips as he slowly warmed up to the dog, “I guess he’s alright…”

But by the look on his face I could tell that the cute pup would become a part of our small family.

Acotar if Nesta was the one to fall in love w/ Tamlin…

So about a month or so ago at about 2:30 in the morning, being me I was browsing fan pages on Tumblr and Instagram and thought about something. What if Nesta took the blame for killing Andras and fell in love with Tamlin instead of Feyre? I ended up thinking of the entire trilogy, but Nesta instead of Feyre, including Rhys helping her once Tamlin became abusive (because whether it was Feyre or not he would prob still do it) even though Rhys didn’t love her but instead because he’s a nice guy. Then I was thinking about Rhys meeting Feyre as a human and them falling in love that way and so much more. Idk I thought it was something cool that should be shared. And I encourage you all to think about any book/series but if it was a different character as the main.

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I don't really have a question. I just wanted to tell you that your gay lions are my addiction and I love them so much! I hope they do get a happy ending and STOP BEING STUBBORN FUCKS AND LOVE EACH OTHER ALREADY! GOD DAMN! Anyway love you guys and hope you have a wonderful day where ever you are.💖💖💖

Awww, thank you so much!! >3< We are all weak for gay lions <3
They DO get a happy ending let me give you all the spoilers about the ending of their story!
After fighting with Talon [info here] [and here] we already said that Morrison fights with Gabe and ends up badly injured and have to go to the waterhole flock. Talon kidnaps Tracer as a diversion while Widowmaker and Gabe attack the flock. Genji can’t face both at the same time and engage a fight with Widow while Gabe slips past him and go directly to Jack to finish him. 
He finds him, injured, but instead of feeling satisfied as he thought he would Gabe just feel guilty… Jack barely stand up in lion form and finally fucking say “I’ve waited so many years hoping that you’ll come back, waking up in bed and thinking you were beside me, trying to tell myself that you were alive somehow… that I didn’t kill you for real ‘cause of that horrible mistake that still haunts my dreams… and now you are back and you are real but we are at the start all over again, and this wounds my heart more than anything could do…”
Gabe flicker and doesn’t reply. He never thought that Jack mourned for him and waited for his return… he was convinced that he was happy of his departure.
At that point, Widow arrives and see that Gabe still hasn’t killed Jack. They made the whole plan just so that he could have his vengeance so she tells him to act fast, but see that he’s very conflicted. So, she makes the job. She attacks Jack going for a deadly move but Gabe step between the two and take the hit. Widow’s attack left him with a scratch scar in his face, the same kind of scar that he did to Jack when they fought before their split. Gabe, face bleeding and angry eyes, step up in front of Jack and say that if she lies a claw on Jack he’ll have to kill her. Now, that’s not the smartest thing to say to an alpha+, especially one to which you are stealing the prey. There’s still some ruckus but in the end, they’re able to set things up and stuff with other characters happen, but we are not talking about them now xD Just know that Gabe and Jack get back together as mates and they both leave their clans to go away alone as a couple of old gay lions <3

[LAUN]  Hello! It’s Laun..🐥(?・?◡・??)

Hello everyone!!! It’s Laun!.. ㅠㅠ
This is my first time greeting everyone on the fancafe!
I was watching ONF’s videos just now,,
It’s a routine of mine to watch our videos before sleeping..ㅎㅎ If I miss everyone.. I always get the idea of doing this
You fans have supported us so much 
I can always feel it so strongly when on stage, and watching videos I can feel it straight away as well~
Sometimes.. I think about the past
When nobody knew who I was and I wanted to get on stage as soon as possible to meet you fans..
I think it’s the same now but slightly different!ㅎㅎ
I was happy that people took an interest in me and gave me love, I was so happy to think that someone was wondering how I was doing ..
I also think about the love I have for you guys and the love you have for me, and I like to compare them..ㅎㅎ
Time has already passed by like this~!!ㅠㅠ
I want to spend many days with you in the future too~!! Let’s run together~~

I feel bad because it’s so late.. Go to bed~><

translation by: fy-onf take with full credit

this has nothing to do with texts or scenarios

guys,,,, like this is a personal post obviously but like,,,,

I love @chenlays @hyucksrose @starry-jeno @blueberry-jisung @hyosgrl @peachyrenjun @yoonohn and @dongsichengzz okay they make me smile so much and they’re so sweet and adorable and lovely and I just want the whole world to know how lovely and precious they are p l s love them and when they write things or make edits I cry bc they are magnificent and I am so soft for them please go love them rn bc they are so phenomenal and I love them all sm


anonymous asked:

You know what I love about you? It's that you'll answer anything about the yaoi universe. You're like the bridge between the scan world and the readers. You are awesome. All hail you. My question is, is there even a liddle tiny remote possibility that you'd be able to collab or find out anything about super lovers? I know the group is on hiatus and it's their right really, but its been a while and I'm a little worried :(

Awww thank you so much for saying this T___T <3 
I like to let you guys know some details about what we do, I think that’s important ^^

I don’t really read Super Lovers, but I checked the Scanlator Sheet and it says September Scanlation are working on it, but there’s a note that says “Possible drop”. And Baka updates says last chapters were done by @sweetpuriinsuscans and @hoshi-kuzuu scans. I checked out SP Scans and it doesn’t look like it got dropped. I think it releases every three months right? Their last release was three months agor, plus the time they need to work on it… And Super Lovers is probably hard to clean if I remember correctly, Sensei uses sooooooo many different screentones… that should be considered too ^^

I hope this is correct ^^’ 
That’s all I was able to find out, sorry :/

Thank you for your message!! <3


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Here's your chance to spread some love! Tag ten mutuals and tell us why you love them, then send to 10 people on your dash! 💘

Omg thank you, anonie! This is too sweet and I’m all about spreading love! ♡


THE LOML AND MY WIFE! Trang, I don’t even know where to begin. You were my first ever mutual and I’m beyond happy that we became friends! You’re super cool, kind, and easy to talk to! You’re also so beautiful omg I cry every time you post a selfie on here & snapchat! Taehyung and you are my favourite couple ahh I love you guys so much! BTW, I still can’t believe we’re planning our trip to Seoul & I seriously CANNOT WAIT!! I love you!


JOYCE!! MA BEST FRIEND! I love you so much! You were there for me when I told you about my family fight that went down and I think that’s what brought us closer! You’re so cute, adorable, funny, kind, caring, & beautiful I cry. When you text me or tag me in Jimin posts I get so happy like my heart starts bursting. We literally fangirl so hard about Jimin things haha (I’m still dying at the Jimin & The Chainsmokers video that I sent from Instagram LMAO). And I can’t forget about your writing like please follow this talented bean please! Anyways, I love you a lot my smol cutie pie & I hope our friendship continues to grow!


Isabella! You’re fanifcs are honestly so well written like why can’t I be as talented as you :(! You have a way with words it amazes me! You’re literally super kind, adorable, funny, and beautiful! I honestly look up to you as a writer! Before we started talking, I just knew I wanted to be friends with you because you seemed like a funny and kind person to talk to (which you are), & your themes are always on point! I love you and I hope we can soon text as much as we used to!


Dude we literally send each other memes ALL THE TIME! They’re so funny & we die of laughter! You’re super cool to talk to and you’re also so adorable! I first messaged you because Illegal is such a good story & I needed to tell you how good the chapters were! Ever since then, we’ve become great friends! I love you a lot!!


Girly, we haven’t messaged each other yet (which we totally should!), but you seem like a hella nice person! You’re posts are really cute and you always send me such nice messages omg you’re too sweet! But ya as I said, we should messaged each other and fangirl about Exo! Love ya, sweetheart!


We haven’t talked in ages! I know you’re on hiatus but once you’re free, message me!! You’re really nice and fun to talk to! Also, you’re outfits are super dope! You’re the one who inspired me to make this blog, so thank you!

↳ Other mutuals include: @chanyoel ; @earlygreytae ; @sheloveskook & @jimblewithnojams! We haven’t talked yet but we totally should! You guys seem like really sweet and cool people! ♡

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700??? I DONT BELIEVE IT!!!!! I appreciate every single one of you and I know that I dont say that enough but I genuinely love every single on of you! Thanks so so much for supporting me and I’m glad that you guys are enjoying my stuff!! If any of you EVER need anything whether its just someone to talk to or just need someone to complain about something to, I’M HERE! THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!!! LOVE YOU GUYS! <3 

The short Dear MC project is done with a “not goodbye” message from each of them.  These were written before SWD made mention of possibly bringing out one more scenario.  Before that and after it, the guys just wanted you to know exactly how much they care about you and that they’re always there waiting for you if you need them.  

If you missed any here is a link per guy below:

October 09 - Mikah
October 10 - Sebastian
October 11 - James
October 12 - John
October 13 - George
October 14 - Jeremy
October 15 - Hercule
October 16 - Mycroft
October 17 - Jack
October 18 - Sherlock

I know I’ve said it before, but I’m saying it again, this game is important to me and I will stand with it, cause I love it so.

Even if SWD is done with the game, I am far from it.  Thank you for being with me.