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So, recently something big happened: I reached 500 followers!! I had 500 once before, I thought, but the numbers kept fluctuating on me. Now it seems to be stable though.

This is so so so exciting!! ❤︎ I’ve met a lot of lovely people here on tumblr, and when I made this a kpop blog last November (I was still @bryony-raylene then!) I never thought that I’d build a little base around these seven adorable, floofy boys. They are the loves of my life and owners of my heart, so!! I’m happy to continue to stan them and bring top quality content to your dash! Seriously, I really appreciate everyone who has stuck with me and this small blog. You guys are the absolute best! Let’s spend many more years together as Monbebe and lovers of kpop in general!

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BTS Reactions - Distracting you while you’re on the phone

Warning - Contains mature content

You smile at your boyfriend as he comes in, still focussing on the phone in your hand. Your best friend had a date last night and she’s currently telling you about how much it sucked. It’s not much of a conversation if you’re being honest - it’s more her talking and you saying ‘yeah’ in the right places, but you don’t really mind. Although, your boyfriend clearly hates the lack of attention as he start whining as he comes over to you.

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Hey its 2 AM and I just thought of something that I needed to ask someone who would understand (cause none of my friends have played V's route yet)... doesn't it... seem like Cheritz forgot V has a sister?? Or did I just miss something?


I honestly wrote a looong rant about this EXACT FACT in my review of the V route but I erased it because I decided I was being too extra and I should focus more on the route itself and relevant changes to what was actually there, rather than a rant about missing characters. 


where the hell did she go ??? It’s not like we made her up. It’s printed right there in the VIP package that he has a sister 

Yet he was basically shown as an only child in the route? I don’t get it. I was guessing they just forgot all about it. (;¬_¬)

At least, that’s what I THOUGHT at first. That they forgot

But if you read that box again, you’ll see– 

“Father, mother, sister, all CURRENTLY living abroad.” Currently. 

I believe when they wrote this, they honestly weren’t expecting to be expanding so much on his family. They weren’t planning on releasing a route for him. And we know for a fact his mother and father are not (or were ever?) together living abroad in V route so in conclusion… 

It’s not that they simply forgot about the sister, they just changed his background entirely to give us a more interesting story to read. They changed the dynamic of his family. 

Kinda stinks because I was honestly looking forward to seeing him and his sister, and the dynamic between them as well as the parents. I always wondered what she would be like and what talents she would have. I also pondered a lot about how her and Jumin would get along, haha. But oh well, what can ya do. I guess in erasing the sister, they strengthen that bond between Jumin and V with the whole “only children” thing. 

Going for a peaceful walk with them when they're exhausted and stressed out

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Kim Seokjin

Jin exited Bighit building exhausted. He pulled almost an all-nighter, practicing the new choreography. Cold air made a shiver dance down his spine and he fixed his scars before he took his phone out of his pocket. Your name appeared on the screen and small smile broke on his lips. He had several missed calls from you, dialling your number he went towards your apartment.

‘’H-Hello?’’ You answered with a sleepy voice. ‘’Hey love, did I wake you up?’’ ‘’Yes, but that does not matter.’’ You responded on his question and Jin chuckled. ‘’Can you come down? I want to see you.’’ ‘’Coming!’’ Running down the stairs, you fixed his oversized hoodie and jacket you hurriedly put on yourself. A cold breeze instantly made you feel wide awake as you ran into your boyfriend’s arms.

Jin took your hand in his and pushed it inside of his pocket. You walked down the street, not talking and enjoying the cold night. After ten minutes Jin suddenly stopped, turning towards you. His eyes were puffy and his nose was red. Wrapping your hands around his cold cheeks, your rose to your tip toes and kissed the tip of his nose.  Jin smiled brightly as he pulled you close. ‘’Thank you.’’ He said as he inhaled your scent. ‘’For what?’’ ‘’Giving me energy.’’ Jin responded looking you in the eyes before he leaned down and kissed you.

Wrapping your hands around his neck, you deepened the kiss. ‘’C-Can you spend the night with me?’’ Jin asked moving away from you, catching his breath. You raised your eyebrow when you noticed a pink colour spreading around his face. ‘’I-I mean I want to walk with you little bit more and I-‘’ He bit his bottom lip. ‘’I want cuddles-‘’ he whispered and you chuckled before you kissed his nose again. ‘’I would love to Jinnie.’’ Smiling brightly, Jin took your hand in his and again placing it in his pocket, he leaded you down the street.

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Min Yoongi

You watched your boyfriend stressing about the new album. You watched how he rubbed his eyes and temple maniacally as he sighed several times. You held yourself back, not wanting to distract him but after twenty minutes of constant sighting you gave up. Getting up you went to his office chair and turned it around. ‘’S/O-‘’ ‘’Yoongi, you need a break.’’ You said looking at his purple bags. ‘’I am fine S/O.’’ He stated averting his eyes from yours. ‘’You are not. You have been sighing for the past two hours.’’ ‘’S/O-‘’ Yoongi started again but you did not let him finish and you pulled him up. ‘’Give me your phone and keys’’ You demanded. ‘’Why?’’ ‘’Just give them to me.’’ You growled and Yoongi blinked several times before he gave you his phone and keys. You pushed him out of the studio and locked the doors behind you.

Before you took his hand in yours, you muted his phone and placed it in your bag. Yoongi followed your lead without protesting. Last time when he tried to protest you two got into a fight and you being mad was the scariest thing ever. He knew you were worried and only wanted the best for him. He tightened his grip around your hand as you ordered coffee to go. Not saying a word, you gave him his coffee and leaded the way to the park and later on through it.

Yoongi drank his coffee, enjoying comfortable silence that surrounded you and your hand in his. He shifted his eyes from the trees to you and it was then that he noticed how tired you were. Guild went through his body as he led go of your hand and pulled you in for a back hug. ‘’I love you.’’  He whispered in your ear as he tightened the grip around you. ‘’I love you too.’’ You said with a smile as you caressed his hands. ‘’Thank you. I really mean it.’’ He stated before he rested his head on your shoulder. ‘’Anytime jagi.’’ Smile appeared on his lips.

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Kim Namjoon

You stood in front of Namjoon’s studio, waiting for him. You two were supposed to meet about two hours ago and you knew by the fact that he has forgotten. Blowing hot air in your hands, you were trying to keep yourself warm. Looking up, you saw a familiar figure coming towards the door. ‘’S/O-‘’ Namjoon asked and his eyes widened. ‘’Shit! I am so sorry!’’ he apologised as he ran to you. ‘’Baby, I am really sorry-‘’ he stopped as he noticed your red nose and puffy cheeks. ‘’Jesus how long have you been waiting?’’ His warn hands occupied your cheeks. ‘’Almost two hours.’’ You confessed.

‘’You really-‘’ A smile broke on his lips as he shook his head. ‘’Come here love.’’ He unzipped his jacket and pulled you into a warm hug. You wrapped your cold hands around his warm body and nuzzled your head against his chest. Namjoon wrapped his arms around you, pulling you closer. ‘’I am really sorry Precious; I promise it will not happen again.’’ He said pressing his lips on the top of your head. ‘’Joonie-‘’ you called softly. ‘’Yes?’’ ‘’Can we still go for a walk?’’ You asked moving away from him, looking him in the eyes. ‘’I would love too.’’ He said pressing his lips against yours before you walked down the street.

‘’I am really sorry S/O. The new comeback is killing me.’’ He stated pulling you close. ‘’But I have to admit that this walks with you make me feel better.’’ You smiled ‘’I am the best, admit it.’’ ‘’Yes you are jagi.’’ He smiled as he pressed his lips against your temple and leaded the way down the street.

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Jung Hoseok

‘’S/O, are you free right now?’’ Hoseok asked looking at his (H/C) lover who was deeply into reading some books. ‘’It depends-‘’ You started not moving your eyes from the book, the finals were around the corner and you had to study. Hoseok knew that and he felt guilty for interrupting you. When he did not say a word for a while, you looked up.  ‘’Hobbie-‘’ you called worried. ‘’It’s nothing, continue with your studies.’’ He fake-smiled. ‘’I am okay, really.’’ He lied turning around and before he was able to exit your room, you caught his hand. ‘’Babe-‘’ ‘’S/O, can we go for a walk?’’ Hoseok asked looking you in the eyes and when you replied with a nod he smiled.

He wrapped his hand around your shoulders. ‘’I am really exhausted, the new choreography is killing me, it’s though. My body is sore and it’s killing me and on top of that Namjoon Hyung keeps on teasing me and on top, top of that my mixtape is almost done. What is frustrating it’s almost done for the past three weeks and I wanna sleep.’’ He blabbered out in one breath and you leaned your head back on his arm so you could see him. ‘’No matter how much I love your rapping skills and your tongue technology, you need to talk slower because my no rapping brain cannot keep up.’’ You pouted and he smiled. ‘’Did you just used Yoongi Hyung’s pun?’’ ‘’Yes I did.’’ He smiled sweetly.

‘’Ah, you always make me feel better.’’ Hosek confessed looking at you. ‘’I know, because I am your hope, your angel.’’ Hoseok busted out laughing and you finally saw his true smile, which made you smile too. ‘’I love you Angel.’’ He said pressing his lips onto yours. ‘’I love you too.’’ Replaying back, you continued the kiss. Suddenly Hoseok tripped and you both fell down, you on top of him. ‘’I really have to stop kissing you while we are walking.’’ He said with a grin. ‘’You think?’’ You teased helping him up. ‘’No, seriously, how many times has this already happened?’’ ‘’I have lost count after three.’’ You said with a grin and he pulled close. ‘’Too much ah?’’ He asked with his eyebrow up and you nodded, pressing your lips against his once more. ‘’S/O, we should go to-‘’ ‘’No way! I have to study!’’ You pouted and Hoseok grinned. ‘’Yes boss, going back home we are!’’

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Park Jimin

Jimin walked next to you, not being sure what or how to say anything. He knew you were mad, pissed mad and that is what he hated the most. He knew he was wrong but he did not count on you finding out he was dieting and that was his mistake, he knew how pissed you always get when he does that or he is depressed. He knew that but no matter how many times he promised he won’t do it or how many times he heard you saying how beautiful he is; he did not think that. He was not good enough for anybody, especially you.

‘’Jiminie, look at me.’’ You said standing in front of him. He averted his gaze away from you, you knew he was hurt. You could see it by the way he was standing that he was depressed and hated himself so without further thinking you proceeded with your make Jiminie smile operation.

First, you wrapped your hands around him and pulled him forward. He followed your lead and you walked like that for couple of minutes. ‘’Jimin-‘’ you pouted looking up, but he did not bother to look at you at all. ‘’Christian Chim Chim!’’ You said stopping you walking and that caused Jimin to look at you. He instantly giggled at your pouting/mad face. ‘’I am not mad at you so please don’t be depressed.’’ He chuckled. ‘’I am sorry S/O, I promise-‘’ ‘’Don’t promise me things you can not keep!’’ He gulped, now looking worried. You inhaled and looked back at him. ‘’Next time, promise me you will tell me. Don’t hide it from me and tell me so I can help you.’’

Jimin looked back at you. ‘’If you really want to lose weight, I can at least help you lose it properly.’’ Jimin could not help himself but smile and then kiss you. Wrapping his hands around your torso, he pushed you forward and once again you walked down the road, slowly. ‘’Jiminie, are you listening to me?’’ ‘’I am jagi.’’ He said with his cheeky smile you love so much. ‘’Jimin-‘’ ‘’I know babe.’’ He giggled, pressing his lips against yours, feeling nothing but warmth around his heart as he leaded you down the street. Still having your chest pressed against his and pecking your lips every few steps.

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Kim Taehyung

‘’Taehyung, come with me.’’ Taehyung’s heart stopped when you used his full name. You never use it, not even when you are mad. ‘’Tae, what did you do?’’ Jimin asked, looking at blank expression on Taehyung’s face. ‘’I have no idea.’’ ‘’Are you sure?’’ Yoongi asked visibly worried. ‘’Could it be that she is made because you ditched her several times?’’ Jin added. ‘’That can’t be, S/O would never be mad because of that.’’ Jungkook assured. Having a knot in his throat, Taehyung got up. ‘’Want us to go with you?’’ Namjoon asked getting a hold of his hand. ‘’N-No. It will be fine.’’ He tried to assure them and himself as he stepped out of the dorm and saw you waiting in front. You were typing on your phone, he came to you with shaky legs and without looking at him, you began to walk.

Taehyung did not dare to speak, he followed you in silence. He was scared, dead scared The worst case scenario kept on repeating in his mind and it was you, breaking up with him. ‘’Taehyung-‘’ you called. ‘’Y-Yes?’’ You slowed your pace of walking but Taehyung was not able to do it, so he passed you and continued to walk. You took the chance and hugged him from behind. Hs stopped. ‘’S/O-‘’ ‘’Continue to walk and just listen to me.’’ He swallowed, not being able to understand your sudden back hug. ‘’I can’t do this anymore Taehyung.’’ Tears formed in his eyes. ‘’I know you are busy and don’t have time for yourself, me or us, but this is too much!’’ Taehyung gulped, fighting the tears away.

‘’I can’t stand the fact that you are not talking to me, I am sick of seeing you being depressed. You don’t have to talk to me but for heaven’s sake you can text me. When we started dating, we promised we would talk to each other about anything and right now you are breaking that promise and I hate it!’’ By this time, Taehyung was crying. ‘’I love you Kim Taehyung so please, don’t push me away.’’  You tightened your grip around him. ‘’I know you are stressed out but-‘’ you instantly stopped when you felt drops falling on your hands.

‘’Tae, are you crying?’’ you unwrapped your hands from him and went in front of him. ‘’Why are you crying?’’ You asked occupying his cheeks with our hands and wiping the tears away you looked at him worried. ‘’I-I though you will break up with me.’’ He confessed pulling you close. ‘’I would never do that!’’ Taehyung rested his chin on the top of your head as he took a deep breath.
‘’Can we get some ice cream? I really want one.’’ Taehyung asked after couple of minutes and you chuckled moving away from him. ‘’Yes we can.’’ He gave you his square grin and pulled you back for a hug.

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Jeon Jungkook

‘’I did not do it!’’ You heard Jungkook yell which caused you to jump on your spot. ‘’Kookie-?’’ You asked as you peeked in the hallway. ‘’I did not do it Jin Hyung!’’ ‘’You were the last one who was in my room!’’ Jin said. You were confused, but then you noticed a black stain on Jin’s pink carpet. ‘’I swear to go I did not drink coffee in your room! I never drink coffee in anybody’s room unless it’s mine!’’ Kookie yelled again and Jin raised his eyebrow. ‘’Jeon Jungkook-‘’ Jin started with his mad voice and shiver went down your spine as you watched Jungkook’s eyes widen. ‘’I cannot believe you do not trust me.’’ He whispered as he stormed out, passing you and slamming dorm doors behind him.

You went after him, several minutes later when you yelled at boys for pranking him. You ran to every place he loved to go to when he was mad or stressed and in the end, you found him walking around the park, having head phones n his ears and pissed off face. You ran up to him and stood in front of him. ‘’Kookie-?’’ You called waving your hand, he looked at you. ‘’Not now S/O. Leave me alone.’’ He growled which caused you to step back and he passed you. Although he was scary when he was mad, you ran after him and jumped on his back.

Jungkook was startled when he felt you on top of him, but managed to caught you and maintain his balance. His hands were tightly wrapped around your legs as you leaned in, wrapping your hands around his shoulders. ‘’S/O, it’s really not time for this-‘’ he growled as you took his ear phones out. ‘’Just carry me around Kookie, you don’t have to say anything, just carry me.’’ Jungkook smiled lightly as he listened to your request. He had to admit, your presence always calmed him down, especially if there was any kind of physical contact. He focused on your body leaning against his back and peaceful sound of the night. ‘’I am sorry.’’ He said after some time, you kissed his cheek. ‘’It’s okay love, don’t worry about it.’’ Kookie smiled and turned his head towards you, kissing your cheek back.

‘’But the fact that Hyung does not trust’s me is pissing me off, I would never do that!’’ Jungkook pouted and you caressed his hair. ‘’He knows.’’ You responded. ‘’Yeah? Then why does he not trust me?’’ ‘’Because boys pranked you.’’ ‘’They WHAT?’’ ‘’Pranked you Kookie.’’ Jungkook growled, unwrapping his hands from you. ‘’I will kill them.’’ ‘’If you let go of me I will kill you!’’ when you said that, he instantly placed his hands back, and made sure you were comfortable on his back. ‘’S-Sorry.’’ Giggling, you leaned in again and pressed your lips against his neck. ‘’I don’t have problem with you killing them, but first you have to carry me back.’’ Jungkook chuckled. ‘’Deal Princess, but you will bail me out of jail right?’’ ‘’Yes, of course I will.’’ You both laughed as he walked back to the dorms, giving you a piggy back ride.

#몬스타엑스 X #몬베베
170926 #Monbebe Happy Birthday🎂🎉
Monsta X’s message for Monbebes’ 2nd birthday!
Check it out now😘💌

🐻: To. Monbebe. It’s already Monbebe’s 2nd Birthday. Isn’t it amazing? Time flies so fast. First of all, Happy Birthday. Thanks for staying by our side all this time. It’s still your second birthday but as time passes, I feel like we become closer and closer. I’m not sure how much closer we’ll become…ㅎㅎ Are you looking forward to it? Stay well and love you!

🐰: Monbebe. Happy Birthday! I’m praying that we can meet again in the same place even in another life, our Monbebe! Thank you for appearing before me, for smiling to me.  Let’s always walk together!

🐶: Hi, Monbebes, it’s Minhyuk. Whether it rains or snows, thanks for being on our sides so close. From now on, in the future too, whether it rains, snows, when the wind blows, when you’re happy or when you’re sad, we will be by your side to protect you. Sincerely yours, Minhyuk.

🐹: Monbebe, Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday dear Monbebe~ Happy birthday to you!! Babies, you guys are still babies. I’m really really happy that we meet our Monbebes on their second birthday. I always say this but thank you and thank you again! I’ll work even harder so I can be the “my singer” you can be proud of!! Congratulations Monbebes, and lets have a party when you guys turn 20!!

🐢: Monbebe is finally celebrating their 2nd birthday!! The time has slipped by like this. I think Monsta X has actually been able to come this far to celebrate Monbebes 2nd birthday is all thanks to you guys. Please continue to look after us. We will show you a better stage and good performance a lot. Thank you always. Let’s be together on your 3rd birthday too. Last but not least, Happy Birthday!!

🐝: Monbebe whom I love the most, beautiful Monbebe who is like an angel, thank you very much for giving me happiness and happy birthday. You know that I cherish you a lot, right? That I love you so much? That I lean on you a lot? That I think about you a lot everyday? Once again, happy birthday. Thank you so much everyone.

🐺: Ogu ogu Monbebe, happy birthday. Thanks for coming to me, to us. Receive my love and grow up fast. Ily a lot, no, Ily more, L.O.V.E

translation by monstaxtrans

You know, Homestuck is so text-heavy and I got so used to the way Hussie makes exposition and dialog that I didn’t even think Hiveswap had too much to read, it just feels light in comparison. @therealjacksepticeye makes a fair point in his last video- Much like with Homestuck, you really gotta like reading and get in the mindset to read before going into it. I’m imagining if Jack had made 30 minute episodes or something smaller than an hour he’d have enjoyed it more and not gotten too burnt out by the end. Oh well, I’m still happy he enjoyed it and he’s looking forward to more of it! :D

Ohtaka’s Backstage vol.364:

The image a volume 36 omake page. I’m aiming for a research and study theme. Volume 36 will be out in October, and I’m working diligently so that volume 37 (the final volume) will be out in November. Please, look forward to them!

I hope you enjoy Magi this week. I put extra effort into the rukh pages.

Omake preview

Omake (1):

Another Rukh Type Personality Test

A) how was your childhood?

-my grades were good.
-I wasn’t good at studying, but had other talents.

Omake (2)

Which Job in the Magi world is suitable for you?

The Kou Empire’s Judar

-it’s a job where you eat peaches and have too much free time!
-You can eat the food that Hakuryuu makes for you to relieve your stress.

Limitless: a Kuroko no Basket AU Fanzine announcement

Hello! We’d like to offer the KnB fandom a chance to show their love and meet some new faces with the collaboration of a fanzine! The theme will center around Alternate Universes. Alternate being anything that branches off of or explores canon in a non-canonical way; supernatural, reincarnation, and future fics are all examples of what will be accepted.

If you’d like to know more, head over to our Twitter Page or check the links below for more information:

• Schedule


Artist/Writer Applications open Monday, October 2nd at 10am ET

A link to the application will be available on our blog as well as our Twitter page, and we’ll be sure to make an announcement when they open to remind everyone!

If you still have some questions or concerns you’d like to voice with us, feel free to drop us a message at either our Twitter or Tumblr or send us an email at

Thanks so much, and we look forward to working with all of you  ♥ ♥

josiesimblr  asked:

I have fallen so in love with your Bloom Legacy. I look forward to reading it every day! Please know every sentence you write is a sentence Josie is anxiously waiting to read. I find Laelia to be such a soothing and gentle character and how can you not fall in love with her? And Nate is thrilling too! Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us Nikki! I'm so grateful to you for it.

I am grateful to it for sharing your talent! Secrets Revealed is my obsession. Thank you for this message. Coming from you especially it means a lot! ❤️

anonymous asked:

Hi, I just wanted to tell you that your art is so beautiful! Every time I see your art in the klance tag I think it's so awesome. I seriously look forward to seeing more art by you. The way you draw Keith and Lance is very cute! Thank you for all the art you make and share. It really brightens up my day.

A AA A thank you so much :’))) you’re v sweet.

rotmgmoddy  asked:

Heya! I've seen you around for quite awhile now, mostly in the notes of UPP's posts. Decided to check you out and found your amazing graphic novel. Seriously, that's dedication right there, and the art inside is truly gorgeous! I've just read chapter 1 and still got a lot more to catch up on hah. Anyways, keep up the good work, looking forward to seeing more from you!


Some days I feel like the absolute scum of the earth, and then I’ll come here and check my inbox and see something like this. This means so much to me, thank you so very much. 

I hope you’ll continue to enjoy the graphic novel, from what’s already done and into the future! It’s the thing I work the hardest on and spend the most time on out of everything here, and getting messages about it or about how much someone enjoys it REALLY makes my day.

Thank you so much for dropping by, and I hope you will have fun during your time here with me and everyone down here in the dumpster.✨

I just woke up and my mind went straight to Teen Wolf and how yesterday was the last episode and how Gabe died and how Theo fucking took his pain and I’m so heartbroken honestly…

Like I have been watching this show every single week since the beginning. It was the one thing I looked forward too that one specific day of the week, the one thing that got me through the day and now it’s just.. over.

There is so much that I still want to know, so much that I still want to talk about, so many edits I still want to see, so many edits I want to post and I hope, I really fucking hope, that just because the show is over that it doesn’t mean the edits will be, or the imagines, the stories or just general conversation between the fandom because though I’ve not talked to a lot of you, I can relate to many of you and I have a lot in common with many of you and I just love all you guys, honestly.

Though my mind can’t fathom the idea that it’s ended, my heart is fucking shattering. This sounds so dramatic but this show is what kept me excited to get through the day, this show taught me so much, the actors taught me more about being strong and helping me be more positive about my life and about getting through what I’m going through.

I’m staying here for Teen Wolf, I will be here for a very long time. Still posting, hopefully talking to a lot of you because that’s something I love doing. I hope you guys do the same.

I watched the first two episodes of Star Trek: Discovery, and I liked them quite a bit. Sonequa Martin Green deserves a role like this–she really gets a chance to shine. Star Trek doesn’t really do character studies as a main focus–or at least it didn’t before now. This is a new way to approach the subject. I like it. 

Overall, the story moved a bit fast to accumulate much depth, so far. But we’re really just arranging the furniture at this point–we’re setting the stage for a much larger exploration. You can tell the Klingon ship will get a lot of screentime, and it was quite lovingly set up for that. I’m looking forward to seeing how well we get attached to the “enemy”, as things move forward. 

One of the things I liked best was how quickly you sensed Michael’s Vulcan background. In the very first scenes, where she’s talking to the captain on the desert planet, I immediately noticed a bit of Spock in her bearing. The tone of her back-and-forth banter had a bit of that flavor. She raises an eyebrow in a way that felt familiar. When we found out that Michael grew up on Vulcan, I was very impressed that Green conveyed that to me well beforehand, just by the way she held herself.

vapidfluff  asked:

I always look forward to catching up on Best Summer and Secrets Revealed! Your writing, characters and story lines are so riveting and captivating! And NOW that cat skirt Max has been pushed down the stairs! OMG!

Oh thank you so much!!! I’m so glad you look forward to my stories, it gives me the motivation to keep writing! This is such a great message and compliment! And yes, poor Max and her cat skirt are now at the bottom of the  estate stairs…who knows what will happen next in that crazy mansion?! lol

anonymous asked:

hello! idk if you remember me but I'm the anon that asked you for advise for architecture. I told you how overwhelmed I felt and I wasn't sure if I could do it. Well, I just wanted to thank you for the advise, and tell you that I feel much better now I think it was just the stress of the first couple weeks. I'm really enjoying studio and the projects now. So thank you, you really are a role model

hi! I do remember you and I’m so sos ososososos happy to hear that like you don’t understand how truly happy I am to hear you’re liking your projects and yesss bitch studio is the bessssttttt especially when you get in the zone but ndnfkngvks thank you so much??? it’s so strange to know a lot of you look up to me. I feel like there are so many better people to look up to but sjdnkdsnkjnsjdkfnjkdg thank you…I hope everything continues moving forward and you continue to love everything about architecture  


I’m like, almost never seriously active here so I know I missed alot so Imma bang this out real quick.
1) I hope things start going better for you
2) for Tatetit too. Unless I missed it and they’re already better?
3) Tatertit has fabulous doodles, looking forward to seeing more
4) The red hair looks awesome! Welcome to the not-actually-existant club of people with red hair lol

And have a sassy Rodi because why not? Also I’m reading further into mtmte and dAyuUm sON >:3

Hello Hello!! Wowie!! Thanks for the submission he looks great!!
Thank you so much for the comments! I’m certainly doing better now thank you!! And we all hope for Lily to get into a better situation but she’s working it out like a champ! Things are looking up!

-tit tot tatertit

Hello darling~! THANK YOU !! I always love Rodimus and when people send me art!! You’re fabulous!!!💖💖💖💖

And thanks for the compliment boo ;)

anonymous asked:

quick yuts question: does nana know that all might is likely gonna die as told by nighteye? is she vehemently denying it or just thinking that izuku deserves the peace of mind to not know? will it come up at all?? or since this is au and doesnt have to adhere to canon is all might gonna live and not get axed? if this is spoiler or whatever then i look forwards to the spoiler ferret badger.

I’m gonna say it’s not really a spoiler question so much as, I haven’t actually decided yet.