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The Reason You’re Going To Regret Your 20s Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Aries ♈ March 21st – April 19th

You’re proud of your career. You work long hours. You get shit done. But you’re going to regret spending so much time at work & not enough time on vacation. You’re going to regret putting off certain bucket list items. Don’t wait to live your dreams. Live them now. Live them while you can.

Taurus ♉ April 20th – May 20th

You’re going to regret wasting so much time on the wrong people. Staying in toxic relationships out of love. Keeping toxic friendships alive because you have so much history. In the future, you’re going to regret the fact that your standards were ever this low and that you allowed yourself to be treated far worse than you deserve.

Gemini ♊ May 21st – June 20th

You’re going to regret doing the practical thing over the thing you really want to do. You’re going to regret making choices that other people pushed you to make instead of choosing what would make you the happiest. You’re going to regret going down the path you felt you were supposed to take instead of the one you were dying to take.

Cancer ♋ June 21st – July 22nd

You’re too focused on love. You spend all of your time searching for the person meant for you (or, if you’ve already found them, you’re spending all of your time with them). But you have to be careful. You don’t want to create too much distance between you & your friends. You don’t want to lose them and end up regretting it.

Leo♌ July 23rd – August 22nd

You’re going to regret how poorly you treated yourself. You’re going to regret the fact that you kept your emotions bundled up inside & never spoke to a therapist — or even a friend — about what has been bothering you. You’re going to regret that you suffered in silence for so long without letting anyone else know.

Virgo ♍ August 23rd – September 22nd

You’re going to regret spending so much of your time overthinking what someone said & what that person thinks about you. You’re going to regret how sick you made yourself by replaying awkward moments over & over again in your head. You’re going to regret how much you gave a fuck because when you’re older, you’ll realize that the only opinion that ever mattered was your own.

Libra ♎ September 23rd – October 22nd

You’re going to regret all of the plans that you turned down, all of the dates that you pretended you were too busy for and all of the parties you refused to request off of work for. You’re going to regret staying inside of your own bubble, refusing to leave your house, instead of going out and making memories that would last a lifetime.

Scorpio ♏ October 23rd – November 21st

You’re going to regret the way you treated your parents. You’re going to regret not spending more time with them while you lived so close. You’re going to regret missing family dinners & skipping your cousin’s birthday. You’re going to regret how far apart you’ve grown from the ones who raised you.

Sagittarius ♐ November 22nd – December 21st

You spend too much time playing & not enough time working. You might have enough money to survive right now but you’re never going to land your dream job unless you start working your ass off for it. And that work should begin as early as possible. It should begin today. If you miss out on your dreams because you procrastinated for too long, you’re going to regret it.

Capricorn ♑ December 22nd – January 19th

You’re going to regret taking life so serious and the fact that you raced into adulthood & wasted your youngest years. It’s good that you’re acting as a responsible adult already — but you should let loose every once in a while, make room for fun & give yourself a break.

Aquarius ♒ January 20th – February 18th

You’re going to regret how lazy you can be when it comes to taking care of yourself. Even if you’re happy with your body, you should exercise. Even if you’re happy with your face, you should practice good skincare. The better you take care of yourself in your 20s, the better you’ll feel in your 30s.

Pisces ♓ February 19th – March 20th

You’re going to regret the things you didn’t do like the vacation with your friends that you turned down like the tattoo that you kept putting off getting or the date that you should have asked someone on but chickened out. You’re going to regret how much fear you had inside of you, how many opportunities you could have had that you walked away from. 

I’ve wasted my time with so much shit that did me no good despite my intuition and its gotten me no where. I’ve let people who do not truly care for me, who would not go out of their way for me; break my boundaries and leave me feeling empty and all for nothing. Its the same cycle and I resent that it has taken too long for me to come to clarity.

starshollowisonahellmouth replied to your post “MTVS Epic Rewatch #190”

So…does the First need fresh blood or something in order for the Hellmouth to open? Because I keep rewatching this season thinking things would be so much simpler if they went to the butcher’s. Then again Spike’s cold, dead blood is apparently also a viable option, so that just further confuses things.

Andrew did go to the butcher’s, but he couldn’t deliver the blood because Willow caught him. What I don’t get is why the First didn’t choose to use animal blood right away instead of having Andrew kill Jonathan. Like, I get it, sacrificing someone to perform a ritual is more evil or cool or whatever, but it’s not practical? Nor is it smart. The First was wasting so much fucking time on grandiose evil gestures (like having Andrew betray Jonathan and kill him, or bleeding Spike and keep him alive to torture him, risking him being rescued…) instead of cutting to the chase and getting shit done, you know? Like I wrote on my recap, the First seemed to be getting dumber and dumber. Or too cocky? Either way, the result is the same. 

anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness

you’ve heard of buffsuki now get ready for boobsuki

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A Solitary King… no longer?

Everyone knew that Furudate’s character development skills are unholy, but chapter 224 has honestly just slain me. Naturally, a lot of people expected Hinata to help Kageyama snap out of it again, but who would’ve thought it was going to happen in such a beautiful, stunning and meaningful way. He didn’t just help him get rid of the unwanted title — he actually made him accept it. Hinata showed him that it’s a part of Kageyama’s nature, one he shouldn’t just try to get rid of because others thought it was making him useless as a setter. Kageyama did leave it behind once, but it caught up to him in Miya’s words still, so this time Hinata took no chances: he managed to actually make Kageyama see his own value in a completely new light, and the fact that there was nothing wrong with disagreeing with his teammates as long as he kept his temper in check (and if he couldn’t, the rest of them would certainly point it out). 

Sure, Kageyama realized that he hasn’t been listening to his teammates after the harsh feedback from middle school, and he fixed it with Karasuno, but he also completely forgot that this communication should go both ways, and that it shouldn’t be just him adapting to the spikers. 

Hinata took something that’s been weighting Kageyama down for over a year, and he didn’t just throw it away for it to haunt Kageyama again later — he twisted this dark metaphor into something fresh and something good, something that would definitely help them all become stronger. And he did it with such sincere, and yet ridiculously simple words.

What makes Hinata such a good person isn’t just him seeing the good in people — it’s about making those people see it, and not even just see but also get accustomed to it and start using it to reach their goals. And while Kageyama is just one example, he sure is one of the toughest and brightest yet. 

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Deadpool!Kenny & Spider-Man!Kyle

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i love this au so much and im just so upset i hadn’t thought of this years ago, it was so obvious

When I speak sometimes I stutter, in doubt about what I’ll say next. When I move sometimes I trip, in doubt of where I’ll go to next. When I write most of the time I delete it, in doubt of what you will think. I was going to delete this, but I’m not. I will prove that I can overcome my doubts, and you will to. You will conquer so much, stop wasting time sitting around and finally go out and live your life.