so much time to waste


I waste so much time admiring other girls and wishing I had their features, I forget that I’m beyond lucky to have the features I do: two eyes, a nose, a mouth. Ears, a strong stature, legs, arms and hands. I am lucky to have been born healthy, to remain healthy, to have a mind fuelled by good schooling, imagination and a loving family, to have a voice and a conscience. I am lucky.

In my experience, it’s not actually the kids who come from “broken homes” or whatever who are the biggest bullies; it’s the ones whose families are rich and influential enough to insulate them from real-world repercussions for being a jerk. So much time has been wasted on trying to get victims to empathise with their abusers.

kellens wellness tips:
-stop playing so much video games. theyre just toys for kidsand a waste of time
-cold shower (so important)
-eat less sugar and processed food if u can afford to
-never watch anime
-read book
-learn at least a little bit about farming (the good kind of farming) -dairy is very bad for you

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Amelia and her Substance Abuse issues; Owen and his PTSD issues; Jo and her domestic violence issues. So much to explore, so much time wasted.

Thanks for your message. If “time wasted” is a nickname for the Eliza Minnick drama, I wholeheartedly agree! Amelia’s substance abuse issues were explored in Private Practice, and Owen’s PTSD was explored in past seasons of Grey’s. The child/family issue is THE issue now for both Amelia and Owen separately and as a couple. Despite poor writing and Caterina’s real-life maternity leave to work around, this storyline for Omelia feels necessary, real, and true to the characters in my opinion. As for Jo, I’ve never been invested in her character. Abuse is a topic of deep significance, and I hope the show handles it authentically.

Deadpool!Kenny & Spider-Man!Kyle

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i love this au so much and im just so upset i hadn’t thought of this years ago, it was so obvious

smth that annoys me about e/r fics is that grantaire will inevitably heckle enjolras at a meeting, he’ll retaliate, yet the narrative almost always portrays enjolras as being in the wrong. like… he’d have every right to defend himself and their causes, especially when grantaire’s criticisms come across as petty (which they often do in these fics)


A Solitary King… no longer?

Everyone knew that Furudate’s character development skills are unholy, but chapter 224 has honestly just slain me. Naturally, a lot of people expected Hinata to help Kageyama snap out of it again, but who would’ve thought it was going to happen in such a beautiful, stunning and meaningful way. He didn’t just help him get rid of the unwanted title — he actually made him accept it. Hinata showed him that it’s a part of Kageyama’s nature, one he shouldn’t just try to get rid of because others thought it was making him useless as a setter. Kageyama did leave it behind once, but it caught up to him in Miya’s words still, so this time Hinata took no chances: he managed to actually make Kageyama see his own value in a completely new light, and the fact that there was nothing wrong with disagreeing with his teammates as long as he kept his temper in check (and if he couldn’t, the rest of them would certainly point it out). 

Sure, Kageyama realized that he hasn’t been listening to his teammates after the harsh feedback from middle school, and he fixed it with Karasuno, but he also completely forgot that this communication should go both ways, and that it shouldn’t be just him adapting to the spikers. 

Hinata took something that’s been weighting Kageyama down for over a year, and he didn’t just throw it away for it to haunt Kageyama again later — he twisted this dark metaphor into something fresh and something good, something that would definitely help them all become stronger. And he did it with such sincere, and yet ridiculously simple words.

What makes Hinata such a good person isn’t just him seeing the good in people — it’s about making those people see it, and not even just see but also get accustomed to it and start using it to reach their goals. And while Kageyama is just one example, he sure is one of the toughest and brightest yet. 

anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness