so much thought put into the lighting its amazing

No but the costume significance in Wicked though

I mean, first scene at Shiz: All students are dressed in asymetrical, blue and white uniforms. This with the exception of our two female leads, who are wearing either only blue or only white, symbolising that no, there is no way these two could be more different. Day and night, dark and light, Elphaba and Galinda are two complete opposites.

Then as the show progresses, you can see their uniforms change. After popular, Elphaba is wearing a white jacket, indicating that she’s starting to belong (which is enough to get emotional about in itself tbh). Glinda’s uniform, meanwhile, is getting less light & white, indicating her change from prim & proper & doing what is expected to someone who is learning to see past superficial things (also enough reason to get emotional don’t talk to me about the character progression of Glinda Upland).

Then in act 2, the way Glinda’s dresses slowly change towards the famous bubble dress from the opening number, once again signifying character growth <3

And this is just the 2 leads and not nearly as eloquenty put as it could have been and just wow. The fucking costume significance in Wicked is amazing and I keep getting more and more amazed at how people still think this is some superficial show with onyl flashing lights & catchy songs as its selling point because so much fucking thought went into Wicked and it’s so amazingly glorious and ugh definitely my fave