so much things to see and analyze

7 women i could never forget.

1. it was all about experiences. it was a necessity for you to feel. diamonds and gold didn’t move you as much as books and flowers. you liked wine in the morning, and coffee in the evening. you liked beethoven when you were happy, and trap music when you were sad. your laugh was light, but your mind was heavy. you spent so much time dreaming, and not enough time living in the moment.

2. your eyes were enchanting, but the words that came from your lips were even more captivating. gospel to the soul. water to the mind. i remembered every small detail about you, even though you thought it wasn’t important. funny thing is, you didn’t feel important, you didn’t know your purpose. if only you knew the power that existed in the little things you said and did. you’re a goddess. you’ll make a fine mother some day.

3. you were always a volcano waiting to happen, but somehow i was drawn to that. i was drawn to your passion, your spirit, your exuberance. i thought it was beautiful, they felt indifferent. they kept their distance because they thought you were destructive. they didn’t understand you, but i did. amidst all the confusion, i still chose you, but you chose to push me away. you left burns on my soul and left me picking pieces of myself off the ground. my mother always taught me not to play with fire. i wish i listened.

4. miss crystals and sage. miss zodiac. miss what is your moon, sun and rising in? miss let me see your chart, so i know it’s real. you’re appreciated. you taught me so much. your spirituality fueled me. your oneness with yourself inspired me. your awareness opened me, but your over analyzing closed me. you inadvertently disposed of me. ego killed our connection. can you imagine how far we would’ve gone if we both just swallowed our pride?

5. my first love. my soul mate. you opened my eyes to things that i didn’t even know existed. you opened my senses to feelings that i never even knew could be felt. our connection was intense, even though we weren’t together for long. but it’s hard to write about you. it’s hard to string together sentences and talk about you. a part of me feels like you don’t deserve my words, because you left without saying a word.

6. there is so much to you. i have seen the light and dark sides, the sun and the moon, but everything is undeniably beautiful. there was a gentleness about you, even in your rough moments, a softness about you, even after the way the past treated you. but i was young, naive, immature. i didn’t quite understand what love or friendship was. i didn’t quite understand myself. but you’re a good person, an angel. i hope you found someone who compliments your spirit.

7. strange. it never moved past friendship, but i’m glad that it never did. we were always better off as platonic companions. we mixed together well, without adding romance to the pot. it’s ironic that the reason we don’t talk as much anymore is because we decided not to take that plunge into the unknown. i miss your smile, your humor, your friendship. but i also understand that it’s okay to love someone from a distance.

—  iambrillyant

You know the worst thing about mental illness? The constant doubt that you have it. You can see a psychologist, research all of the symptoms in depth and spend so much time analyzing yourself but in the end, you still dismiss your suspicions and/or diagnosis. You wonder if you’re making it up, if you’re being dramatic or seeking attention. It’s hard to come to terms with the fact that it is real and you have it. You’re not crazy.

How to become a good student (again) 1: Slow down to speed up

Hello, fellow ex-good-student! 

If you’re anything like me, you feel this immense pressure on your shoulders, yes? You want to be good, you want to succed, you want to know more, but somehow -… somehow it just ain’t enough to actually get you to do something? Until the very last minute, that is, when all the pressure comes rushing down like a waterfall?

Ah, or perhaps that stress has driven you over the edge and you have achieved the next stage: being so stressed that you’re oddly calm again and nothing really fazes you anymore? Perhaps you have cynically accepted that this is just who you are now? Perhaps you say:

But somehow you fail to say it proudly. Somehow you’re just really unhappy with the state of things, but feel like you don’t give enough of a fuck to really change anything? 
Yes? Well, then this is the post for you!

Let me start with three observations that are less obvious than you might think: 

1) “Naturally” good students (NGS, so people, like you and me, who didn’t have to learn how to be good at school, but kinda slipped into it) are good thinkers. 

2) Good thinkers like to think.

3) Good thinkers are trouble-shooters. 

Got these three ideas lined up? Alright, let’s move on.

These two attitudes above, where do you think they come from? I’d argue it’s disillusionment. 

See, when I got to uni, I thought it would be like school - just WAY better. That would mean professors who fit their programmes around me, personally, who help my mind become sharper by letting it battle against just the right problems and getting taught how to really get to the bottom of life, to face the really Big Ideas, the Final Problems, the Why is the universe the way it is?s.
Instead, it turns out, uni is like summer holidays - just WAY worse. No one fits anything to you, personally, no one picks out just the right problems, no one connects subjects in just the way you’d like it. You’re thrown into a maelstrom of ideas and it’s up to you to do whatever the hell you’d like with them. You’re on your own, but not in the hero vs. bad guy-way, but it in the loner in a crowd-way. 

You quickly realize, uni is just a slightly filtered version of life in all its random glory and sadness. And I think that any student, anywhere, can have this epiphany at any given moment. You don’t need uni to suddenly look life in the eye and be overwhelmed by how sublime, how overwhelmingly huge it is and to realize: There’s no end goal (we know of). Just loads of open ends. An overwhelming amount of open ends, really. 

Now, what do I mean when I say that NGS (”naturally” good students) are trouble-shooters? I mean that we’re good at working well within systems. 
We like to be fed input, to take it apart, to analyze it and to see how you could perfect it even further. That’s why so many of us are drawn to video games or TV series or fictional worlds with their own reward system. We like to figure out patterns. That’s also why we were so good at school - school is a fairly easy system. 
Once you’ve seen through which lessons will be important for a test, once you notice how teachers stress certain things more than others, once you notice you really only need to pay attention in class and you’ll spare yourself so much trouble, once you notice that doing your homework actually does help, once you notice these few pillars of school, you’re set, man. 

I’d like to compare this to thinking on two different levels: a life-level (where you actually do stuff) and a meta-level (where you think about doing the stuff). My preferred analogy for this is a cube.

Ideally, you first figure out the shape of the cube (meta-level) and, once you’re comfortably settled into the system, you work within it (life-level). I’d say that most people operate this way, but NGS are …a little obsessed with this. The basic idea is that the system must first be perfect (or perfectly understood) before it is implemented, so it runs smoothly.  
This is what I mean when I say we’re trouble-shooters. We detect the trouble ahead of time and pew, pew, pew. And, as I said, this works with video games. And books. And school. And subjects. But life? Life looks a little more like this:

No one’s (yet) succeeded to fit life into this box. 
“But”, a little voice inside you says, “But I can try!” (and another, more smug voice, says “And who’s to say I’m not the one to succeed anyway?”)
And, well, I’ve got good news for you! You’ve already tried! That’s why you’re here. In limbo. 

You and I both, we’ve tried to figure out the perfect recipe for life. We tried to figure out when to best get up, when to best go to sleep, what the perfect conditions for studying are, what best to study in the first place, what artsy pursuits to keep doing to flex creativity, but to also focus on practical things and how to figure out the whole family and friends-thing and schedule it somewhere in between and maybe write a book or two. You’ve tried to create the box. I’ve tried to create the box. We both failed.
Let me show you a highly artistic representation of what your brain has looked like lately: 

Okay, fine, I’ll invest a bit more time:

There, that’s your mind. Pulling in every single direction. Is it really a surprise that you’re not going anywhere? Y’know this meme?

Yeah, that’s exactly what I’m talking about. Now, if you’re anything like me, you’ll have a whiny voice at the back of your head going “But picking fewer battles is defeat! I’m sure I’ll conquer it somehow!”
Well, then, let me mindslap you with the cold, hard truth: No. What you’re doing right now, that’s defeat. 


This is DEFEAT. You’re not going anywhere and you’re disrespecting yourself, your mind and the subjects you’re interacting with by spending a fraction of a thought on them. You’re just using them as stepping stones. They deserve better. You deserve better. That’s why you fail to say it proudly. You know that, at some point, you looked at the big, huge mess that is life, realized “I won’t figure this out” and said “Well, I’ll stop trying, I guess.”

I’ll talk more about this in my “Yearn for friendship”-post, but for now, the main take-away is:

You won’t be done with figuring out life any time soon.

So, don’t think “I want to be done with this.”

Think “I want to be doing this.”

Step out of the meta-level into the life-level. It’s okay not to perfectly understand life right now. You’ll figure it out.Trust me, you’ll figure it out. But only by doing things.

Because, see, NGS may be trouble-shooters, but the trouble-shooting isn’t the fun part. It’s the first step to entering a magical world with which you can interact, be it maths, or Middle Earth, or a birthday party. 
We like to think. 
And you’ve been depriving yourself of the fun of thinking by thinking you have to do it in a perfect way. 

“But what if it’s not perfect?”
That’s okay. You’ll get better. And something imperfect that’s striving to be good is always better than nothing at all. Some things you figure out by doing. Life is one of those things. Imagine you’re in a dark street and you want to illuminate it. You can either miserably sit in darkness and try to figure out a way to turn on all lights at once, or you can start with one and let the sight of snowflakes or petals welling up underneath it give you strength for the next. Allow yourself little successes. Allow yourself to have fun with imperfect things. Make the first step. Let it give you strength for the next.”

“But what if I lose time?”

“Be patient. Life will literally last all your life. This is as much time as you’re ever gonna get. Allow yourself to take this time and to take it slow. Again: think not about getting it done, but about the joy of doing it. Time spent doing the thing you love is never lost time. Put the pressure of your shoulders. Trust me, if you take it slow, your brain will speed up because it has breathing room.
Let me repeat this:
If you take it slow
your brain will speed up.

So, allow your brain to think like this:

(or at least like this:

Be patient. I cannot stress this enough. Be. Patient.
Time is not your enemy that you have to outrace. Time is your partner, whom you have to trust. Time helps you to grow. Time helps you to understand. Time literally helps you to BE. 
For me, the phrase that really struck a chord with me somehow was
I will grow as my hair did”, because it a) shows how long it can take for tiny changes to become visible, and how b) they do become visible in the end.)

“But I don’t want to completely lose my grip on the meta-level! I don’t just want to blindly run into one direction!”

“I get you. So did I. So here’s what I did: I made a pact with myself. 
On the 25th of every month (because my birthday is on the 25th, but pick whichever day you like best), I ascend to the meta-level and critically assess my own situation. 
I exit the cube and check if I like what the cube looks like right now. 
No? Okay, time to introduce some big changes. 
Yes? Okay, carry on as before. 
I actually wrote down basic rules for what life in the cube looks like (when to do laundry, etc.), so I wouldn’t have to worry about it during the month and let me tell you, it works great. During the month, I just let my mind slice and dice away (I’ll talk more about the mind as a weapon in the next post) and once a month, I check if I like the results. For me, at least, it’s the perfect arrangement. 

So, be patient. And watch Hyouka - it’s about this very struggle and the MC slowly realizes that, sometimes, it’s worth to spend energy, mind-power and time on certain things. Some things… just take time. And that’s okay.

Grow as your hair does.

(Here’s the masterpost for all the posts in this series: x)

(Part 2)

To insecure self typed INXJs (and others needing insight in Fi/Fe distinction)

SUBMITTED by rainismyfavouritecolour

This is a personal, very recent discovery that I’m indeed INFJ. It took me a very long time to understand, but now that I’m finally here, I want to share this with you.

Maybe you’ve been told you don’t look like an INFJ. Maybe you can’t fully identify with hunches or always being right. You might have read a ton of Ni vs Ne descriptions and found the Ni one always more accurate, but were too filled with self doubt to really go with it.

There’s no surefire method I can tell you will work for you, other than continuous study of the functions and yourself. But maybe some of what I’ve written will help you identify yourself better. This is my very subjective experience only, but I’m sharing it in hopes that this will help at least some of you.

— O —

On Ni:

I get hunches. Constantly. And I go with them so fast, I don’t even notice. It’s an immediate reaction, a bolt of lightning hitting me from above. The reason I didn’t realize it before was because I was much more insecure and self doubting. I didn’t pay enough attention to this happening, nor did I trust it. Instead of implicitly trusting myself, I constantly analyzed and questioned, wondered if I was wrong - running around in constant circles. But tuning into myself a bit more, I caught it. I took it for so granted and natural before, I didn’t see what was meant by ‘hunches’.

I don’t think about it, in fact, I will usually be elsewhere with my thoughts or preoccupied with something completely different, and suddenly the solution to some thing I’d been worrying about appears (provided I have enough/correct info). That’s Ni.

I easily see parallels and similarities between things that may not appear similar at all. That sounds Ne but you need to pay attention to what your mind does with all the impressions you take in. If they converge, that’s Ni. If they diverge, that’s Ne. See, when I draw parallels, separate entities become essentially the same thing. They carry the same meaning, become a symbol for the same thing. Ne would likely assign two (or several) different meanings to a single object instead.

Another thing is that it’s stated pretty much everywhere that Ni is always right. That’s false. Ni THINKS it’s right. It doesn’t have to be. That’s an important distinction to make. Ni’s accuracy largely depends how much accurate information is available. The more there is, the more likely it will be that Ni actually will be right. The less information is considered, the more likely it is that Ni will completely miss the mark.

So, coupled with how insecure I was, how was that stereotype anything I could much identify with at all? I’m very well aware I could be wrong, even believe I will be, because that’s what the majority of my life taught me to believe. It’s really hard to trust yourself if you’ve got no self belief. If you don’t know how to.

So, some advice for insecure Ni-doms, or really anyone - work on trusting yourself, on self belief. Take a step back and stop questioning/analyzing. It’ll become clearer in time and your confidence will grow.

On Fe:

I display a number of behavioral characteristics that are both Fi and Fe. That made it difficult to identify with either over the other. What decided it for me though, was how I process emotion. Of course, Feeling functions aren’t primarily about emotion but that’s an important part not to be overlooked. I use Extroverted Feeling simply because I don’t process emotion internally. I can’t. I need to, ideally, talk them out to truly understand what I’m feeling, the exact nuances of it, why I’m feeling it etc. I share them naturally, openly, one of the few things about me that actually are external. I’m vaguely aware of my feelings, when I have them, but trying to figure it out in my head is headache inducing. I simply don’t work that way. Writing my feelings out works as well, but there seems to be something in the act of sharing or hearing it verbalized that makes it a better solution than just writing.

Fi, introverted Feeling, cannot do this so easily. It feels everything much more internally, and sharing emotion is extremely uncomfortable, impossible even. This is a very clear distinction I can see between real life Fi vs Fe users, more easily in high Feeling types. Fe will tell you exactly what they’re feeling, raw and in the moment. Fi will do that indirectly by hurling insults or accusing you of things. Emotion is obvious in both but one is direct and to the point, while the other is less so.

If I talk about my feelings, they see it as whining about my problems. They don’t see that this is how I process and identify my feelings and problems in the first place. To them, it’s an unnecessary and tedious thing to do.

Now, Fe values are about making sure other people are comfortable first while Fi is about making themselves comfortable first. The reason I use Fe is because of how natural and easy it is for me to look out for how people feel/may feel. That’s not because I value being kind and considerate. It’s instinctive. It just happens.

An example of this is how I react to criticism. I don’t wonder if it’s true or how I feel about it, but panic about how to best adjust my behavior to remedy whatever the criticism was about. I adjust myself to make the other person more comfortable. For example, my family once remarked on how odd it was that I continuously, naturally explained my reasoning behind doing certain things (thanks to one of Charity’s posts I realized that was Fe - sharing ‘emotions’ openly). I’ve grown up in a pure Fi family. No Fe whatsoever. So, doing that was perceived as me being defensive which never even occurred to me. Taking this as an unconscious command of 'don’t do it, it’s making me uncomfortable’, I did away with that. I still want to do it and often catch myself in the middle of it - but wanting to maintain outer harmony is so unconscious, it’s like breathing air. You don’t pay attention or aren’t even aware but it’s still happening.

This kind of stuff has been influencing me so much, I blended in with my Fi family. I now superficially appear like a Fi user despite not being one. Often, I’m told I look like an IXFP. My empathy is so high and unconscious, I take on the attitudes and emotions of others and don’t even realize it until slapped in the face with it. I’m just learning that I’ve adopted a lot that way. The differences only become apparent if you know me (and MBTI) well enough. I’m simply unable to do anything without considering what consequences this may have on someone else.

Now, I’m not the stereotypical host. I’m not particularly warm or fuzzy unless you know me well. That’s because my brand of Fe doesn’t care primarily whether you’re physically comfortable, something that probably has to do with with low Se, but if you’re okay emotionally. That you feel safe and comfortable, unjudged and not rushed. That you feel understood. I want to make sure you’re feeling good. I instinctively wait for others to 'give permission’ before proceeding, all because of this unconscious need to be considerate, even if I really want to do it. Like turning on the AC when it’s hot. My sister and mother just go for it while I always either ask if it’s okay with them and wait until they say yes, or silently consider whether one of them has a cold or whatnot, if the AC will make them feel worse. If they object, I don’t do it.

Additionally, my 'values’ change and expand constantly. Sure, I’ve got a few that are pretty set, but generally, if you can make me understand, it becomes adopted into my world view and values. Live and let live, for example, is a pretty Fi value. Fe is about collective values which is why 'live and let live’ can be bypassed in favor of 'the greater good’. The individual can be ignored as long as the majority are taken care of. I remember my sister telling me how intolerant I was being by not going by 'live and let live’ - now, it’s a natural part of how I think. I can’t even pinpoint when it became part of me, but it did.

On Ti:

Aah, Ti. How I love and loathe thee. Truth be told, I’ve probably been stuck in a Ni-Ti loop for a really, really long time. I still am in one. To keep it short and simple -

Ti needs to understand something before it can apply it/is taken in. It takes apart a thing into its single elements, examines each one from all angles until fully understood, and by the end can put the whole thing back together any way it wishes. It continually adjusts itself with each piece of incoming information, making sure its always consistent with its inner logic. Ti asks 'does this make sense to me?’

I have never been able to apply any concept until I fully understood it, going by exactly that process.

On Se:

The ultimate blind spot. I get lost embarrassingly easy to the point of getting anxiety attacks. My body coordination is complete crap. I continuously run into walls or door frames (it gets worse the more I try concentrating on how to avoid it). I cannot react right away but need time to process. Try to force me and I become catatonic, unresponsive. I slow down and come to a standstill, a mental stutter and state of paralysis.

I’m wary of physical intimacy to the extreme. I’m quite disconnected from my body or the physical world. The line between my thoughts, imagination and reality is blurred and very easily questioned. But solitary exercise or walks are amazing. They make me quiet my mind until I’m left with nothing but pure physical sensations and the inner peace and calm it fills me with.

— O —

I hope this has been at least a little bit helpful.

I want to thank Charity for her amazing explanations, her infinite patience with putting up with so many of my (sometimes really stupid) questions, and finally for letting me post this.

Charity note: there are no stupid questions. :)

Yoongi Scenario: Tainted Love - Part 11.

Request: Could you make one with Yoongi being some sort of demon/vampire boss that every one is super scared of but then there is Y/N, Yoongi is in love with her and everyone is always super impressed how Yoongi always surrenders and softens when something is about her? He’s super protective and wants to please her in his own way, thank you for doing this i love you.

Summary: Demons are merciless, demons are ruthless, demons can’t hold nothing dear to them. Yoongi is the leader, the king of the demon world. He is feared as he is respected, no one expected him to bring a human girl as his lover, you. You fell in love and now you are in the midst of adjusting to the demon world, its custums, and its dangers. But everything is worth it if is for him, the demon king that lives between shadows and that would turn hell apart to protect you.

Demon AU Featuring all BTS.

Genre: Romance / Drama

Part 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10

Your place was in darkness when you arrived but when you opened the door what you found wasn’t what you expected. On the inside your apartment had been completely wrecked. You screamed.

From the few frames on the walls to the furniture and decoration, everything was all over the place, everything was broken and as you walked more into the apartment you saw the destruction wasn’t just in the living room as the kitchen was also put upside down, even the contents of the fridge were spread all over the floor, the meat you had frozen on the freezer started to unfreeze and soon there would be a pool of blood on the floor.

You heard something move behind you and you jumped seeing Namjoon coming to you, his face you had almost never seen out of calm but he seemed surprised at the moment, of seeing you screaming, of what he encountered. He attempted to come closer but you stepped back and groaned a warning. 

-Y/N, we need to go- he said slowly but you shook your head. Behind Namjoon still on the threshold was Jin.

It didn’t make any sense you coming here and finding your home like that, and them appearing so suddenly, why hadn’t they seen it? why hadn’t they prevented it? You didn’t know where Namjoon had come from but it just made your head turn, if he was following you then he couldn’t have known. It was all turning in your head and his hand coming close to your body made you flinch away and scream again.

-Don’t touch me- you stared around you hadn’t been able to go on to your bedroom as the nerves and the impression held you still but you could guess the state in which it was. -How can I… I have to call the police, I have to…-

Jin approached you slowly seeing everything with a worried frown before turning to you trying to grab your gaze, only speaking when he was sure you’d be listening. -We can’t stay Y/N, we need to leave right now, we have to get you to the manor-
You nodded giving your place another look before walking closer to Jin who touched your arm and soon you disappeared.

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I fucking love how the Republicans realized that there is, in fact, a reason why the individual mandate was needed, so instead of truly getting rid of it they just kept it but had insurance companies enforce (and collect the benefits of) it. Without having analyzed the specifics (it may in fact be stronger or weaker than the current mandate), just looking at it as a general policy tool, their proposal has zero effects other than to transfer money currently going to the government to insurance companies. That’s it. That’s all it does. But it’s one less thing the government does, so it’s a good thing and we’ll all be freer for it, apparently. That says so much about how they see the world, that having a private corporation do the exact same thing as the government makes it okay for them.

What being autistic means to me

For me, being autistic means being extreme. There is no way to explain it differently.

I am extremely human.

In many ways, I’m very rational. I rely a lot on my thinking and well, I think a lot. I am extremely interested in getting knew knowledge and in discussions about almost anything I can get extremely opinionated. I am very direct and honest. I speak my mind. I love solving problems which is why I often get extremely involved in them. I can spend hours studying for college – because I love everything I learn so much. Because I like to understand things. I have an extreme eye for details, patterns and logical connections. I am very analytical and I love analyzing – I can focus so perfectly on it that it almost feels like I never think anything else. I am philosophical, I like taking many and different approaches. I rather collect and connect the details myself than see the whole picture. I think extremely often about myself and analyze me and my behavior a lot. I talk to others about it and take their opinions into account. I try to learn about myself and improve through that. I am dedicated to take as many details as possible into account and connect them with each other. And it feels like I’m making progress every day, even if it’s just a little and even though it sometimes might need a few setbacks.

But I can be extremely emotional as well. I am so unbelievably passionate about the things that mean something to me. I can see beauty everywhere, in the strangest places. I can feel deeply. Sometimes, I like people so much because they approach me in the right way. Because of how I can speak to them. I enjoy their presence. But I can get extremely overwhelmed, too. I stress easily and worry a lot – about myself, others and just life in general. Sometimes I feel so strongly that I can’t describe it or even become numb. I love deeply and I love a lot of things. With all my heart. In my honesty, there is often a lot of kindness as well. I can get really involved in music, stories, art and people, even to a point of dedication.

I am extremely sensitive. I hear too many sounds and they are way too loud. Some of them even hurt – like a police siren, or the sound of chairs moving across the floor. And all these noises are tiring. Light blinds me extremely. You can easily scare me or make me jump. I am extremely ticklish. I can be sooo picky about my food, you wouldn’t believe it. And I am very aware of every aspect of my body, even though I can be extremely insensitive to pain. Sometimes it all gets overwhelming – then I often need to either sleep or cry.

For me, being autistic means being extreme. Extremely human.

Spiritual Senses: The Clairs


These are the psychic senses, and the abilities that they have. Knowing, and learning to use the clairs can help you gain information on the world around you. All of these senses are the spiritual extensions of your already existing senses. You already possess them and use them, you just have to remember how to. You do not have to be born with a divine gift in order to use these skills. All you have to do is be open to the experiences you are having, and learn how to progressed them. As long as you take time to progress their growth you will be able to learn, and use them to their full potential. Everybody has these skills to some extent, but they may not be proficient enough for you to get the full experience out of, and need to be exercised in order for them to allow you to perceive the world.


Clairvoyance is the six sense’s ability to see. This allows you to see the spiritual world with your inner eyes, and perceive sites that you never would have seen without it. Through clairvoyance you will receive images, colors, and visions that will allow you to interpret the energies around you in order to gain insight. This is one of the more used, and well-known spiritual senses, because of its famousness, and the fact that it is something that a lot of people can connect to in their sense of perceiving. What you may see in your clairvoyance is usually easy to interpret, and to understand, because most entities are already very used to interpreting things with their eyes. When someone sees something in their spiritual vision they will be able to literally see it in their mind’s eye. Seeing something in your third eye would look a lot like recalling a memory in your head, with how clear it is depending on the Entity receiving it. This is a very good skill to get a hang of if you are a visual person, and will greatly improve how you experience your craft.

Things that will help you learn, and experience your clairvoyance:

1)  Meditation is always a very good idea when trying to learn any type of spiritual technique, or skill. It allows you to really focus upon it, and unlocked the secrets gradually through your own growing spiritual understanding. So one should always give meditation a try especially to improve your clair abilities. So from here on out just assume that everyone of these spiritual senses could have meditation underneath it. (I’ll still probably put it under each one.) Some meditation posts: Meditation, Void Meditation, Focal Meditation, Journey Meditation

2) Visualization will help you to better in vision certain shapes, and constructs in your mind’s eye. This will also allow your third eye to be more open to see things in it, and will greatly increase your clairvoyance, because you are using your third eye more.

3) Pay attention to see if there is any images that enter your mind, so that you can try to interpret them.

4) Try to use zener cards in order to improve your viewing skills.

5) Play a nice game of Kreidler The Magick Card Game (This is a promotion for one of my old posts… you caught me…)

6)Ask to see your spirit guides in your mind’s eye.

Clairaudience :

Clairaudience is the six sense’s ability to hear. This allows you to hear the spiritual world through what I would like to call your spiritual ears. This will allow you to perceive noises, sounds, and other audio stimulants from the spiritual planes of existence. This will allow you to hear voices, spiritual audio cues, and maybe even energy itself if you become proficient enough in it. Clairaudience is great for people who are verbal, and need to hear things in order to gain insight easier. Experiencing clairaudience will sound a lot like disembodied audible sounds, but with no discernible source, a lot like when you hear someone call your name. If you can learn to trust what you are hearing you can have a great communication with the entities that are around you, and the spiritual world in general.

Things that will help you learn, and experience your clairaudience:

1)  Meditation. Some meditation posts: Meditation, Void Meditation, Focal Meditation, Journey Meditation

2) Sound awareness will make you more sensitive to the sounds around you helping to progressed your spiritual ability to hear, and pick up on low usually unperceived sound.

3) Learn to try to feel into music. You can do this by listening closely to your favorite songs, and trying to feel the energy behind them.

4) Try to imagine sounds happening in your head. This will allow your psychic ears to get more use to trying to hear sounds that are not there.

5) Ask for your spirit guides to make noises that you can perceive with your spiritual ears.

Clairsentience :

Clairsentience is the six sense’s ability to feel. This is the sense that will allow you to feel into information, and be able to read it just from the feelings that you are getting, without any other stimulus tipping you off to that information. This is a pretty hard one to explain but it is very different from clairtangency, and clairempathy, because in this practice you are feeling the straight out from the energy information, you get no other signs, but you just know it. This is a way to clearly sense the world around you.

Things that will help you learn, and experience your clairsentience:

1)  Meditation. Some meditation posts: Meditation, Void Meditation, Focal Meditation, Journey Meditation

2) Learning to trust your gut is a very important part of clairsentience, so that you can learn to differentiate from information that you create, versus the information that comes to you via your perception.

3) It is also very important to be aware of your thoughts, some of these could be the higher realms communicating with you.

4) Look at pictures of people, and try to tell everything about them just simply by looking at them. Do not judge them, but much rather allow your intuition to come out.

5) Do automatic writing by just allowing your gut to tell you what is right to write. This will help train your senses.

6) Think about something, and see if any information comes up about it randomly.

Clairescence :

Clairescence also known as clairscent, clairalience, and clairolfaction is the six sense’s ability to smell. Clairescence is one of the more odd ones you don’t hear too much about all the time. this is your ability to spiritually smell, and it’s like perceiving odors, and fragrances that do not have any known source in your surroundings. This is a very interesting way to get insight from your perception, via smells you associated with other constructs, or information. This process is not done with your physical nose, but will still smell in the exact same way. Through the interaction of these smells you will gain insight into the information that is around you.

Things that will help you learn, and experience your clairescence:

1)  Meditation. Some meditation posts: Meditation, Void Meditation, Focal Meditation, Journey Meditation

2) Try to imagine smells appearing in your vicinity that  are not presently there.

3) Smell things, and see if you can get information on that thing that you shouldn’t be able to. Pretty much what I’m saying is go out, and smell things.

4) Pay attention to any smells that come into your perception, so that you can analyze them

Clairtangency :

Clairtangency also known as psychometry is the six sense’s ability to touch. This not only allows us to feel spiritual energy with her hands, but it also allows us to read into the information that that energy holds simply by touching it. Simply by touching something you can gain so much insight into the construct that you are making contact with. Once you get good enough at clairtangency you won’t even have to touch the physical object in order to get insight into its energies, all you would have to do is feel the energies around it. Clairtangency can be done with any part of your body, but is primarily done with your hands, because of the very sensitive hand chakras that reside within your palms. Being able to feel the energy around you with a spiritual touch can help you in many ways in your craft just by being a very practical way to feel energy.

Things that will help you learn, and experience your clairtangency:

1)  Meditation. Some meditation posts: Meditation, Void Meditation, Focal Meditation, Journey Meditation

2) Taking different objects into your hand while trying to feel into them is a great way to train, and hone your skills with clairtangency.

3) Pass your hand over objects, and see if you can get a sense of where they have been, or the energies that they produce.

4) go to a museum, do not touch the exhibits, but raise your palm up to them, so that you can feel into their energies, name off some stuff and then check the description to see if you’re right.

Clairgustance :

Clairgustance is the six sense’s ability to taste. This is another one that is kind of out there for most people. This is the ability to spiritually taste things, even if they do not reside in your physical mouth. If you know how will be able to taste things energetically, and from this experience you will be able to gain insight into the energies that you are tasting.

Things that will help you learn, and experience your clairtangency:

1) Meditation. Some meditation posts: Meditation, Void Meditation, Focal Meditation, Journey Meditation

2) I know this sounds weird, but in your mind try to taste people’s energy to see if you can tell the difference in its flavors, Essence, and substance.

3) Whenever you taste something try to actually focus in on with that taste is. In order to get used to the sense of taste.

Clairempathy :

Clairempathy also known as just empathy is the six sense’s ability to sense, and feel emotion. Empathy will allow you to feel other people’s emotions, and feelings in order to gain insight into them, and the world around you. Empathy is a very powerful connection that if used correctly, and with a lot of understanding can make interacting with all things a lot better. With empathy you are able to pick up on everything that an entity may be feeling. It is a very deep personal insight that allows you to experience things from others perspectives at least in an emotional sense.

Things that will help you learn, and experience your clairempathy:

1)  Meditation. Some meditation posts: Meditation, Void Meditation, Focal Meditation, Journey Meditation

2) Sit quietly, and try to feel your own emotions, so that you can understand how emotions feel to you, and interact with you.

3) Try to feel into the emotions of the people around you, and see if you can get any worthwhile results.

4) This post might be able to help you Empaths, And Empathic Energies.

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I think Kookmin is still in the flirting phase. I think they know they are special to each other but I don't think they've crossed that crucial line. I think they don't know how to deal with it, and they excuse it with 'best friends do it' even tho they know it's not just that. If they crossed the line, I think they would be more carefull and scared.

I can see this tbh. Like, I have this hope that (if jikook are like interested in one another) they’re officially together, living happily and in love. But lits of things are just 👀 like if I were an idol in south korea that was in a gay relationship I wouldn’t be as obvious as jikook are… so I understand your view. But then my jikook goggles take over my mind and I’m like “🤔 but how can they not be dating when they act like that 🤔” even though I know it’s irrational. 

But, yes!!! I can see kookmin crushing  on one another and being like “no homo though, lol he’s just a buddy” and then later that night being all “he’s not just a buddy, I love him so much.” I just want my sons to be happy and in love, but as I look back on some jikook moments, I’m hesitant to say they are/could be dating. 

Idk, like I feel like jikook could either be together, married and in love or flirting and acting like they are just friends. I don’t want to full on analyze every little thing like some people - I think it’s an invasion of privacy - but I do think something is going on with them.

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Dean has been trying to be open with Cas, telling him he's worried, we're better together and Cas doesn't really respond except with what could be called flippancy saying I didn't mean to add to your burden or betrays him again. So it's not that Dean needs to open his mouth, it's that when he does, he's shut down. This happens a lot in the series with other people too and I think we undervalue how much that shapes Dean's willingness to open up. As in, I think we often ignore it completely.

This is an interesting point, and the thing is, we’ve come so far in this ‘haha, we’re not describing a relationship, #no homo’ thing that the tropes of the genre have started to have an impact on the actual narrative of the show. Like, one of the main reason I don’t like romance movies is the lack of clear communication between the two main characters. I mostly hate it in its classic ‘chick flick’ form - ie, a woman going on and on with her girlfriends about how perfect this guy is and being encouraged to do all sort of ridiculous things to catch his attention rather than just talk to him - but if the movie is not subtle, I’m even capable of hating those pregnant ‘I wish I could come out and say it, but I’m too manly to’ pauses because, come on. Sometimes I truly find romance movies are the plague of our societies and are way, way more dangerous than horror or violence or whatever, simply because they set a model of behaviour for situations we actually encounter IRL - and the idea that we can’t communicate openly and honestly with each other, especially in a romantic relationship, is often at the centre of whatever demented story they’re telling.


I guess this is to say that miscommunicaton is a classic romantic trope and the most usual way to keep lovers apart (short of, let’s say, family obligations, mind control spells and terminal illnesses - not that Supernatural has used any of those, of course), which means neither Dean nor Cas are, at this point, to blame for any of it. It’s simply how the narrative goes, and one of the most tried-and-tested ways to preserve some semblance of UST and will they won’t they even in those circumstances where it’s very clear that yeah, they will. 

You say Dean’s been opening up, has been clear about what he wants, and that’s true. Dean’s been incredibly direct this season (and the last), not only with Cas, but with Sam and Mary as well. I think it’s unfair, though, to say we ignore it - some days, it seems we talk about little else: performing!Dean walls coming down, that’s a huge bout of character development, especially considering Dean’s worst fear is people leaving him, and, well - if you don’t come clean to someone, if you don’t tell them how much they mean to you, then you can hold on to the illusion they left because they didn’t realize how much they would hurt you - but if you’re clear about your feelings and you do your best and they still leave - ouch. Dean’s faced this dilemma with both Mary and Cas this season, and basically lost both times. His ideas of creating some kind of patchwork family - all of them safe, happy, and living right there in the Bunker where Dean can keep an eye on them and protect them - yeah, that didn’t work. Despite the unusually honest conversations he had with them, both Mary and Cas continue to do their own thing without much regard for Dean’s feelings - and I feel like I need to stress it’s not only a character’s ‘fault’, but a narrative need: to keep Dean on edge, and to make him miserable.

Something else we need to consider is that Cas is new to humanity and sees things from a completely different perspective. To him, human feelings are - well, not irrelevant, but I think he sees them as something so complicated and changeable that it’s not really worth analyzing them. Like, consider his impatience when Dean asked for help in how to deal with Mary - Cas is millions of years old. Planning a conversation, however life-changing that conversation may feel in the moment, is completely irrelevant on the long term - a speck of meaning against the backdrop of eternity, or even of a human life. When he shuts Dean down, he’s not saying he doesn’t care about Dean feelings; he’s saying everything will sort itself out, and why do humans always stress so much about such small and transient things? It makes no sense. Oh, and another thing that presumably makes no sense to him is Dean’s worry over him - Cas was created to obey and walk into battle and die, if necessary - nobody’s worried about his happiness or wellbeing for thousands of years - why would Dean? Cas is an angel - Cas is the (self-appointed) Winchester’s guardian - not the other way around. I know they keep telling him they care (sort of), but, again, different species here. And Cas also knows, because he’s seen it, that (unlike angels) humans are built to withstand grief and loss - that both Dean and Sam have done it, several times (that despite everything they’ve endured, they can still be sort of happy). To him, his own death is perhaps a matter of regret, of things unfinished, but certainly not something that’ll hurt either Sam or Dean in any definitive way - which is why he prefers to be out on the field and keep them safe, rather than staying close to them and avoid danger.

Finally, something about the mixtape scene. 

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You know what I don’t like about dragons being on Netflix? When all the episodes are dropped at once, we watched them all at once, and then it’s like the entire fandom goes to sleep. 

Back when the show came out one episode at a time, we’d watch the episode and then pick it apart piece by piece, analyzing and talking about it, until the next one came out. 

I feel like when we watch the whole season at once, we miss the little things. All we see is the big picture, and we miss the little things that otherwise would have made us freak out. We don’t casually break down each episode and each scene to see what it really adds to the lore and to the characters; we just want more, more, more, and then the season is over. We’re so overwhelmed with getting so much at once that we don’t pause to really see the details that we missed, like back when we had one episode a week. 

I miss those days. 

So. I hope I’m not bothering you but I’m not entirely sure if I’m INFPor an INTP. I connect more with Ti and Fe but I’m not certain if those are really who I am.

I have really strong, intense emotions and I often like to experience them but I hate expressing them (I feel so much but I try hide it even though I’m quite shitty at that - I also dislike telling other people that I love or care for them even though I sometimes force myself to). I care more for other people’s happiness than my own. I want to make sure that everyone is safe and happy and that my actions aren’t hurting anyone. I believe that everyone should have the freedom to be who they want to be as long as they don’t do any harm.

I sometimes make decisions right on the spot (and regret them later on)
but often I think about them and all the possible outcomes and pros and cons before I actually do something. Before I make judgements I want to make sure that I 100% understand what I’m talking about. Like, someone tells me about an issue and wants my opinion on it but I refrain from doing so unless I have understood that issue well enough. I usually try to understand and respect every viewpoint as much as I can. I feel like my morals should be more strict because even though there are issues I have a strong opinion on I can’t help but consider the situation where those morals do not apply. I’m interested in thinking things through and understanding my environment. The problem is that I’m pretty scared of that because I’m very insecure about my intelligence so while I want to gather knowledge I usually just focus on things that don’t really scare me, like analyzing fictional characters or ethical questions I understand.

People told me before that I’m a thinker but I don’t really see it? When making decisions my most important goal is to know what I’m doing and to make sure that nobody gets hurt and everyone ends up being happy. I see everyone as a complex being with own experiences and believes and I want to respect that as much as I can. I don’t really see people as either good or bad. And I think helping people is super important but I rather do it because I believe it’s the right thing to do even though I hate social interaction. I know tests aren’t that reliable - my Thinking and Feeling scores are always incredibly close and depending on the test and the day I either end up being INFP or INTP.

INFP. Nothing about this suggests systemizer (Ti). Everything bolded is Fi.

- ENFP Mod


YES! Can’t wait to see little Todo soon. I just loved the first half of this episode so much. I loved the conversation between Todo and Deku. I loved how Deku was analyzing him. I loved how Kacchan heard the whole thing. There was so much Todo-volution in this episode.

We got a bit of backstory!!!! 

(haha get it? BACK story…..yeah okay I’ll go)

Nice TodoDeku shots

This L’Oreal shot

And my favorite part of this whole series! 

Look how flustered Deku looks! I can’t wait for more Todo stuff (ahemTodoVSBakugouahem) this season. I’m really enjoying it.

Anywho, here are the Todo pics from season 2 thus far:

Ep 18 Part One and Part Two, Ep 17, EP 16 Part One and Part Two, Ep 15 Part One and Part Two, Ep 14

And here are the ones from season 1:

Ep 13, Ep 12,  Ep 11, Ep 10, Ep 9, Ep 8, Ep 7, Ep 6, Ep 5

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Oh god. More of the fake dating AU please. But in the meantime, you said you've been reading some fic recently. Any recommendations?

Thank you so much, @gingerheel! I’m going to see if I can get a new chapter edited and posted for you guys by tomorrow morning. ❤

As for fic recs, I’m super behind on reading all the new stuff that has popped up on Ao3 the last few days (and I’ve kind of given up on keeping track of fics on tumblr–sorry!), but some of the ones that I’ve recently inhaled/ am working through are:

every little thing she does is magic by perthshirekisses which is a pre-relationship, bed-sharing AU and so adorable

In the Still of the Night by Bluelonghand is one I’m obsessively analyzing to bits. It’ s a canon-divergent analysis of the bughead relationship.

The Darkest of Times by writing_as_tracey which is a fantastic Hogwarts AU

A Kind of Science by LoneWulffe  is only one chapter so far but looks very promising. It’s actually a story that takes place in the Archie Comics universe proper.

Shippershape (I forget her tumblr url) has also finally updated Gun Song in case anyone missed it.

Then of course, there’s the usual suspects. I think most people are familiar with @lusterrdust @zombiekittez, @gellbellshead @formergirlwonder @ficmuse @createandconstruct, sylwrites, @jugandbettsdetectiveagency and juggieheadcoops.

Pick a work, any work of theirs and it’s a guaranteed delight

These are all fairly popular authors, though. I see their names coming up a lot in fic recs (and for good reason). I’ll see about hitting up @jandjsalmon and work on compiling a list of some hidden gems. :-)

I’ve also gotten a sneak peek at what @onceuponamirror​ is cooking up and holy crap. Watch for that name on Ao3. You’re going to go nuts!

While writing I realized one of the reasons the Three Caballeros is a perfect balance:

Jose: Calm Patient Introvert

Donald: Short Tempered Omnivert

Panchito: Unphased Loud Extrovert

How this works so well is how they balance out each other’s weak points and strengthen their strong points.

Both Panchito and Jose reign in Donald when he loses his temper, even sitting there and not allowing it to get to them, trying to understand Donald’s temper and act accordingly. This helps Donald feel he is being listened to, but not letting him hurt others by escalating the situation. Plus the other two help make the adventure more interesting. Jose will explain the surroundings, as Panchito will drag Donald to try something new. Donald has bad luck and it’s seen in multiple instances that they help Donald when the luck runs thin and even comforts him by telling him they know a way to fix it.

Jose on the other hand, he may not need reeling in, but he does need to be thrown into a situation. Panchito and Donald help Jose do more adventurous activities, helping him get into ridiculous situations that help with a fun and even exhausting adventure. Where Jose is okay with adventure he seems like the character who likes taking the scenic, quiet route. So the others help him experience the paths he probably wouldn’t have taken on his own, dragging him to try new things and most likely constantly taking his hand to go down this cool cavern they found. Although the important part is how Donald and Panchito aren’t the kind of people to change Jose’s nature and force him to do something he wouldn’t want to, but instead give him the option to change his pace every once in a while.

And finally Jose and Donald can wrangle in Panchito’s loud and excitable nature. Panchito is clearly the kind of person who rushes into things head first and by having Donald and Jose there, he has two more heads to question a situation and find an alternate solution. I see Panchito as also the kind of person who doesn’t get cues from those around him, unless it’s pretty obvious. Donald is very act/speak first, think later and would be the first to grab Panchito’s arm and say “hey” getting their friend’s attention, before Jose would explain calmer the situation or problem the other wasn’t seeing or realizing.

Just wanted to analyze a little since I love these guys so much. Add on any thoughts or ideas, I’d love to hear them!

Ok but the more I think about it the more counterintuitive it seems that Pidge of all people should be the team’s shield?

On the surface you’d think Hunk would be the shield. I mean he has the most heavily armored Lion, he literally took a couple missiles for Lance (albeit accidentally it seems) and he just generally fits the shield/protector archetype better. Pidge is sneaky, prefers to come at enemies sideways, analyzes them for weaknesses, relies on her tech and her environment to gain the advantage. She’s not the one I would picture jumping out to take a hit for someone else. 

But form Voltron and Pidge is right in the thick of things, operating her shield like a boss, covering the team, taking hits. Idk I’m mostly just thinking out loud here so this probably doesn’t make much sense but I’d love to see people explore this dichotomy between solo fighter Pidge and Voltron fighter Pidge more.

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It breaks my heart a little every time I see someone send you the same messages you make posts about not wanting to receive, such as "update faster" or "when will it be out" along with the same questions already answered 20 times. It's very admirable how sweet you remain despite all this, but while you're a writer, a great one, it that doesn't change the fact that you're still human. You're so much more than just your stories. It'd just be nice to see a little more appreciation for your efforts.

I can’t thank you enough for this message, I’m glad someone understands. I feel like the majority of readers here understand these things and I’m very thankful for you guys. I rarely feel pressured. 

Right now, however, I’m under a lot of pressure because of my master’s thesis, I need to work on it, I need to read and analyze 8 more books and get ready for my exam and do translations, but I also just need to clear my mind sometimes and just do nothing. I love writing! I really do. I try to write whenever I have any free time and I’m updating as fast as I can.

That’s why it’s sometimes upsetting to get these messages, especially when they come right after I update. It takes a long time to write a 10k chapter and it’s kind of disheartening to get messages along the lines of “thanks but WHAT ABOUT THE NEXT CHAPTER”. It’s just discouraging - I know I’ll get the same message when I update again, and again, and again. 

I appreciate every single one of you and I can’t thank you enough for deciding to follow my blog and for interacting with me and sharing my stories with other people and for giving me feedback. I wish I could post a new chapter every day and write whatever you guys want me to and have the same amount of stories for every member out there, but it’s just not possible. Inspiration hits when it hits, and I can’t force myself to write something that I can’t plan out, even if the idea is good. That’s is why I don’t take requests, and why asks like “I know you don’t take requests, BUT” make me want to close my asks. I can’t make an exception for one person because it wouldn’t be fair to everyone else.

So when you send me a request, or ask me to post something earlier because that day works for you, or ask me to change something about the story because that’s what you want to read, or ask me to work on something for your bias, it puts me in a very uncomfortable situation - I have to say no to someone who reads my stories and gives me feedback and supports me, and I feel horrible about ignoring those asks or saying no to you guys. I can’t possibly write everything you want me to and I can’t force myself to write something I don’t have inspiration for. I can’t make exceptions for one person because it wouldn’t be fair to the rest of the readers. 

Also, the updates post is there for a reason. If I’m close to finishing a story, I put up a date so you guys know when to expect what and you don’t have to wonder about it. There’s no point in asking about a story that is not on the updates page yet because if I knew more about it, you would know too because I would have posted about it already. 

Thank you for understanding and for being here, I really appreciate you ♡♡♡

What It Truly Means To Fall In Love With A Girl Who Is Beautifully Broken

The thing about broken people is they aren’t looking to being fixed. More than anything they want to be loved, as tainted and as flawed as they appear before you. They’ve given away pieces of themselves to the wrong people and they know they won’t ever get it back. They’ve given their best and it didn’t get them where they wanted. But they haven’t given up and they never stop trying. They spent countless nights crying on the bathroom floor, looking at their reflection, analyzing and beating themselves up for falling too quickly and hurting too easily. But more than that, for letting their guard down. With every trial and error, they’ve learned. But of the things they learned most is to proceed with caution when it comes to love. Maybe even push people away when they get too close. You see, someone who is beautifully broken doesn’t really have much to give other than the broken pieces of their heart they hope is enough.

So when you find yourself falling for someone like this, there are a few things you should know about her.

She’s rare but she’s doesn’t see herself as anything different. She’s genuine because she doesn’t want to treat anyone the way people have treated her. Most people would turn cold going through some of the things she did. But it’s made her warm and caring and compassionate at a level that seems unreal.

And ironically the lack of love in her life has made her believe in it more. Because she knows the heartbreak she’s experienced isn’t love but rather a lack of it. So under the layers and behind the walls she puts up is hope that love will be hers one day.

She’s unbelievably guarded.
She is not going to trust anything you say. In the past people have used words they didn’t mean to gain something from her. She’ll look at you trying to figure out what you want from her. She’s going to assume it’s all about something physical. And as she’s reading you, you’ll try figuring her out too. But there are a million pieces to a puzzle you’ll never put together until you gain her trust. Be patient. She’s terribly scared of letting anyone that close to her.

She’s blunt.

She’s going to say it like she sees it. She doesn’t want to waste your time and enough people have wasted hers. She’ll be honest with you to a point where it might make you uncomfortable. She’s not afraid of the things that have happened to her, she’s not afraid of telling about it. The only thing she’s afraid of is the past repeating itself.

She’s going to overthink everything.
The thing about broken people is they know how to read others. She’ll notice something as simple as a change of tone in you. She’ll notice if your responses suddenly become delayed. She’ll even notice if you become slightly uninterested even before you realize it yourself. She’s looking for any warning sign that something is wrong and you are going to take off just so she can be ready for it. She’s prepared every worst-case scenario in her mind. She’ll analyze every conversation you have and remember even the littlest of details of the things you tell her. She’ll do one thing and second guess herself. She’ll apologize for more than she should, for things that don’t even require the words, ‘I’m sorry.’ Just take it with a grain of salt. Tell everything is okay.

She fears vulnerability.
She associates vulnerability with weakness. She has this idea that when you see her at her worst, you’ll want to take off. While vulnerability is a key component to forming emotional connections between people, she fears that connection as much as wants it so badly. She’s been programmed to protect herself. She’s learned to only need herself. While it is a great strength of hers, it too is a weakness. She knows such strength only because she’s been weak and people have taken advantage of it. She’s only learned her worth because of the people who treated her like she wasn’t worth anything. Through unkindness and mistreatment and the lack of love others were able to provide for her she learned to give all those things to herself.

She fears falling in love.
People are conditioned to need an emotional relationship in their lives to function. It’s a part of the human condition. But there is a risk that comes with love. A risk a beautifully broken girl has taken and regretted in the past. If you want someone like this to fall in love with you follow her lead, even when she takes off running. Sometimes people run just to see if someone cares enough to follow. Sometimes people put up walls just to see who cares enough to climb over them. The key to her heart doesn’t come easy. But all great things in life never do and her love is no exception. Her love will change you. Because as much as she fears love, what she really fears more is people leaving taking the bits of what is left of her broken heart.

But more than anything she respects love.
She knows love is the very thing that can heal her. So she takes these chances hoping for the best in people despite what she’s seen. The people who don’t see love often know to value it in its entirety when it does come. She practices love the same way she’d like to receive it. She’ll give her best time and time again. She’ll love harder than anyone you’ve ever met. She’ll do anything for people. Because she’s not so much afraid of love, the real fear is her love not being reciprocated.

And when you fall in love with her and she brings out the best in you, the only thing you’ll wonder is how anyone in her past didn’t see what they had when they had it.

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Wincest is fucking disgusting and you disgusting writers are so far up in your own asses that you can't see that. Tell me, honestly, what is so nice about shipping literal siblings?? Do y'all have such little shame that you don't see the harm in writing things like this? You do know that there are young fans that come to these sights to read these things? And you normalizing incest makes you an advocate for these kind of things. I don't give a shit about subtext. Wincest is wrong and so are you.

I’m sorry that this has seemed to really upset you. In the future, when there is something you view as a problem that you’d like to fix, maybe try having an open dialogue instead of attacking. In my experience, people are much more likely to see your side, and fix things that you view as harmful, if they aren’t called disgusting, or that they are up in their own ass, or that they are have no shame, or that they are wrong.

If your goal wasn’t actually to fix a problem, but was just to rudely attack someone you don’t agree with just to shame them and attempt to make them feel bad, then maybe you need to reevaluate your motives and not send the message.

You asked me to honestly tell you what is so nice about shipping literal siblings. I actually wrote a whole post analyzing that if you care to read it and try to understand my point of view.

Have a nice day!