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I hate that trope of characters who are like “oh being poor doesn’t scare me” like okay I’ve been financially unstable and lived in an economically depressed area most of my life and it scares the daylights out of me bc I know some of the consequences

like…this isn’t about how hard I’ve had it bc there’s loads of people who had it much harder, it’s about the fact that I /hate/ when people who have never really experienced financial hardships bad enough to compromise their ability to afford basic necessities romanticise poverty as somehow ~simple and ~wholesome in contrast to the ostensibly exhaustingly complex lifestyles of the rich

it’s not simple it’s complicated and difficult and can severely impact your mental and physical health and making it seem all rosy-tinted is just another way for rich people to make themselves feel better about wealth inequality

not to be dramatic or anything but nobody will ever love me as much as jason todd loved his birth mother who he knew for literally like an hour

this woman sold him out to the joker and stood there and smoked a cigarette while watching the joker beat her son nearly to death and did literally nothing to stop it, barely even shows any remorse, and jason still uses the last of his strength to drag himself across the floor to untie her and shields her from the bomb blast with his own body and some of y'all still have the nuts to say jason is a bad person im sorry but y'all can eat my entire ass

SP is doing such a good job. I’m so happy they filled in those gaps to let us know that Sasuke is sorry for his absence; proving to people that yes, once again, he does care for his wife. Also when Naruto said “I’m the one that’s sorry”… man… I hope they continue to fill in those gaps because I am so happy they are doing them justice.

Anyways I miss the season 1 flow of Daredevil. I miss when it was the avocados at law. I miss when Karen had a yearn for journalism and truth. I miss when Foggy and Matt and Karen were bar and coffee mates. With their lawyer cases and stuff. When things weren’t tangled up. When the writing didn’t make everyone into a stupid hypocrite. I even miss Fisk n Vanessa tbh. I miss when it wasn’t overstuffed. And weird. And ooc. When characters’ actions made sense. When outsiders weren’t valued more than insiders. I just wish things could go back to Matt, Foggy, and Karen. :/

still not over this tbqh






tales of timeless love: the rogue not taken by sarah maclean

“We aren’t supposed to like each other.” Her words came on a sigh. 

“Don’t worry. We don’t.” 

What a lie that was.