so much tan skin


“Oh, come on, Shawn…“ she giggled, stretching out the syllables of his name, handing him the Tequila shot. He shook his head vigorously.

 “No, Jo! No more shots,” he replied, raising his eyebrows at her and she just shrugged and licked the skin between her thumb and index finger.

 Shawn bit his lip, looking on as she put a little bit of salt on her moisturized skin, her pinkish tongue poking out cheekily.

 He shook his head slightly, mesmerized by her beauty.

 There were only a few things that could leave Shawn speechless.

 When the crowd would sing back at him.

 When he found that line that fit the song perfectly.

 And her.

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Investing in yourself as a Sugar Baby!

Taking care of your mind and body is important especially when you expect men to drop thousands of dollars on you every month for the pleasure of your company! Personally before even thinking about becoming a sugar baby this year, I’ve been taking care of myself for years because appearance is very important in my line of work. Keep in mind that I’m in my late 20s so some stuff you might not even need at this point since most of you are in your late teens or early 20s. Enjoy those years haha well I can’t complain, I have a baby face ;) So here is a list of things I’ve done or I will be starting this year that keeps me looking good and feeling awesome plus it makes for a hot SB:

  1. Manicure + pedicure - I do them professionally in a salon every 3weeks.
  2. Laser hair removal - I’m doing my whole bikini and underarms right now and will start my legs in the next year..shaving is a pain and too much work..laser is painful especially the whole bikini but worth it!
  3. Removing stretch marks - I will do laser for that when I move to LA because those stupid marks on my butt are a pain in the ass for my confidence sometimes..I have awesome 34DD natural breasts but my ass needs some perfecting to be at the same level lol
  4. Removing cellulite - I just finished a 10 weeks treatment with the Velashape 2 in a beauty clinic for my thighs and butt..I think it helped although I only had a low amount of cellulite and it’s still not perfect or all gone..I think I was expecting too much of a VS model’s perfect ass haha drinking water, exercising and eating healthy plus putting firming body cream (I use an expensive one from my clinic with 10% caffeine) everyday helps plus I’ll need to do maintenance treatments every year to maintain the results.
  5. Removing spider veins on legs - I started treatments this year, it helps but spider veins are a recurring issue for women especially with age so I will have to do maintenance treatments every year but it’s very good that I started young even if I didn’t have a lot but the ones behind my knees were bothering me a lot. I have very white skin so my veins show easily haha I need to tan more!
  6. Dermabrasion - I started dermabrasion aka removing dead skin on your face this year..I used to have bad acnee when I was young but now my skin is much better although I still get occasional pimples and don’t have perfect skin without makeup.
  7. Acnee creams recommended by my dermatologist that I apply every day or 2 days - I mostly only have some redness and occasional pimples but the products help for that and to make my pores less visible.
  8. Laser eye surgery - I wear contacts and I’m thinking of doing the laser surgery but I’m not sure since lots of people have horror stories so I’m still thinking about it but being free of glasses and contacts would be awesome..I’m just scared of surgeries and try to avoid them as much as possible.
  9. Spray Tan - I don’t want skin cancer so I prefer spray tan when I need to have a nice tan although the maintenance is a pain in the butt..I sometimes do tanning creams at home since I’m pretty good at applying it but that’s annoying to maintain also.
  10. Gym membership - I started going to the gym finally this year although I have always had a pretty athletic body but since I like to eat wtv I want and I’m getting older lol I need to watch out!!
  11. Personal trainer for the gym - I’m going to get one soon so I can learn what to do to target the issues I want to work on plus it’s good to have someone to motivate you since I’m lazy lol
  12. Martial arts or self defense classes - Personally I do martial arts because it’s for my line of work but also because I love to kick ass. I took some self defense classes years ago and it was amazing..I think every woman should do that especially sex workers and SBs..I actually need to brush up on those moves especially the ones when your assailant is on top of you.
  13. Hair and eyelash extensions - I need to get new hair extensions because the hair dresser messed them up when she cut them although I basically never wear them lol too lazy to put them on every time so I’ll look into other options soon and get a SD to pay for it and for eyelash extensions. Never tried that and want to see how it will look and feel.
  14. Makeup and hair tutorials or classes - I started watching more videos on youtube to learn more tricks especially with hair since I suck but I’m getting a lot better..I might get a future SD to pay a hairstylist to show me 5-10 ways to do my hair haha.
  15. Good hair products and makeup - Start investing in good products that don’t ruin your hair and face..When you can it’s good to invest in more expensive products when they are better quality and less chemicals.
  16. Keeping your body soft like a baby’s skin - I put cream every night on my body to keep my body all smooth and soft plus to keep my boobs, stomach, thighs and ass all firm..better to start young!
  17. Facial creams - Very important to keep your face moisturized plus eye cream is always good to start young..those SDs want a baby face not a face ruined by sun and age.
  18. Drinking lots of water - You need minimum 2 liters of water everyday..I basically only drink coffee or soft drinks but juices on occasion and I do love wine when I go out.
  19. Eating healthy - I need to be more disciplined for that because I like to eat wtv I want although I do eat vegetables and fruits everyday.
  20. Be happy and confident - Keep yourself healthy mentally..those men pay for no drama..I actually tried hypnotherapy by curiosity this year..only did 4 sessions to work on my self-esteem and confidence and it was pretty interesting to realize how I bring myself down sometimes.
  21. Teeth are very important! Having a nice smile attracts people including SDs! - Keep your teeth clean and white..I do my teeth cleaning every 9 months now (instead of 12) plus I bought a whitening kit made for me from my dentist to use at home although my teeth are pretty white already. I had braces when I was young so I have perfect teeth..I wear my night retainer occasionally to keep them straight and perfect. 
  22. Massages and acupuncture - I did both this year and need to start doing massages every 2 weeks for my back lol I’ll get a SD to pay for that!
  23. Investing in a new wardrobe - Dressing the part is important and you need something to wear for all those awesome dates you will be going on! Get a SD or POT to take you shopping and choose classic pieces that you will be able to mix and match and pull off multiple outfits with. If you don’t have anyone to pay for it, take some of your money and start buying some nice pieces or even just adding an accessory to your outfit might make the difference. You don’t have to buy expensive brands (wait for a SD to do that for you), until then buy pieces that are good quality and in solid neutral colors. Go for classy not trashy!
  24. Reading more about current events, finances and how to invest money but also some of those self help books. Be aware of what is going on in the world. - I need to start doing this more because I personally don’t follow the news or politics (too depressing) plus I want to learn how to manage my money. It’s always good to be able to hold a conversation with a SD especially if you go to events with him! You want to be the whole package of looks, brains and personality!!
  25. Learning new skills is important in my opinion plus it keeps you busy and SDs will be impressed by your hobbies, interests and skills. - Personally I love reading, cooking (I want to take some classes to get even better), dancing (I took a lot of different dance classes but I want to learn the waltz and other more conservative dances for black tie events), learning new languages (I speak multiple languages and it always impresses people especially in the US for some reason), etc.. With my line of work, I like to acquire new skills as often as I can so I can add them to my CV and stand it’s fun!

Ok so I’m going to stop here because this post is freaking long lol I’ll add more if I think about something else but just remember that you are selling a product which is yourself and you need to stand out! Being a SB is not just about looking have to be interesting too! I see a lot of SD’s profiles that mention personality and not just looks. So take care of yourself mentally and physically :) You got to invest in yourself (the product) to make money..that’s how marketing and business work and it’s the same with sugar dating! Pay your bills and then use some of that allowance on bettering yourself to catch an even bigger fish (or whale lol)!! Go get them girls! xoxo


[170606][Morocco → Beijing]
★ Boss was back after finishing filming movie “Operation Red Sea”. Fans said he bought a lot of Morocco specialities.

→ Note 1: All photos were brightened A LOT hahaha.
→ Note 2: Why our boss came back to Beijing instead of Shanghai (his home)? In order to give someone those specialities? Ok I just know that Weizhou is also in Beijing now…

Focus (Tyler X Reader Smut) Part One

Originally posted by tylerandthejosephs

Pairing: sub!Tyler x Reader/                                                                      Warnings:Blowjob, Cussing/                                                                                   a/n It’ll get far more intense, believe me.           

“And Y/N, you’ll be working with Tyler.”

Your eyes shot up from your paper, blinking a couple times at your professor, trying to figure out if you’d heard her correctly. “S-sorry?” You mumbled, a confused frown pulling at the corners of your lips.

“You’ll be working with Tyler for this project.” She confirmed, smiling at you as if she was doing you a solid. You shot a look to the boy in the corner who was smirking cockily back at you. You internally groaned, returning your gaze to the paper on your desk. Tyler wasn’t exactly the easiest kid to work with, he was either tediously hyper-active or depressingly solemn, and you needed someone you could trust for this paper. You needed this credit.

“Y/L/N?” You looked up to see your professor looming over you.

“Yes.” You answered bluntly, not even attempting to hide your annoyance.

“I know it’ll be hard for you to work with Tyler but it’ll be good for him to spend some time with someone like you. He needs some control. Plus there’s extra credit in it for you if he passes this class. Also, who knows? He might bring out another side to you to.” She smiled again before placing a project brief down in front of you and continuing her rounds of the classroom.

You leant back in your chair, staring at the ceiling before pulling yourself  together. “Extra credit.” You muttered to yourself before getting up and moving over to the desk next to Tyler.

“Hey.” He spoke, quieter than you were expecting.

“I’m doing this for me. You better pull through.” You spat, without so much as a ‘hello’.

You watched him timidly pick up the coffee cup in front of him with his hands, which had been covered by the sleeves of his sweater. He blew on it lightly and looked up at you before breaking into a full grin.

“Relax. I’ll behave. I’m a good boy.” His tongue darted out to lick his lips before quickly returning, leaving your stomach in knots and your jaw slightly slack. You cleared your throat, crossing your legs to relieve some of the tension that seeing another side to him had caused.

“Well, I’ll fail if you flunk this. So don’t fuck up.”

“Got it. Don’t fuck up.”

You winced at the sound of the dirty word coming from his pretty mouth. “You shouldn’t cuss.”

“Why? You do.”

“Yeah but I’m- I’m…” You stuttered, trying to come up with an excuse.

“In charge? Fair. It’s only acceptable in extreme cases, right? When there are no other words to describe what your feeling? Okay.”

Your breath caught in your throat as he stared at you shamelessly. You stared back, taking the time to study his eyes, his lips, his tanned skin. You’d never given him so much as a second thought before, but now…

“Y/N?” He giggled, waving a hand in front of your face.

“Sorry. What?”

He let one last bubble of amusement fall from his lips before continuing. “I said when are we gonna start working on this?”

You groaned again as the realisation that he wasn’t just something pretty to look at hit you square in the face. You wanted to get this over and done with as soon as possible. “Tonight.” You spoke bluntly, pulling a scrap of paper from your notebook and scribbling your address down on to it. “6:30. Don’t be late.” Almost as if on queue, the bell rang and you got up from your seat, throwing your bag on to your back and exiting the classroom, leaving the annoyingly attractive boy behind you.


6:28. There was a knock at the door. Your parents were out so you left your room and went downstairs to answer it.

“Hey.” Tyler stood before you in a different outfit to the one you had seen him in previously that day. Black skinny jeans and a black muscle tee, show casing tattoos you didn’t know he had, his red backpack hung lazily from his left shoulder. You felt somewhat insecure in your mom jeans and a baggy t-shirt, he seemed like he’d made an effort, you certainly had not.

You brushed the feeling to one side and returned his casual greeting, simply turning on your heels and muttering a “this way” before returning to your room. He sat on the floor and pulled out his notebook and a pen, looking up at you for instructions on what to do next. You took a moment to appreciate how pretty he looked, knelt on the floor, and your mind began to drift.

“You keep zoning out on me, everything okay?”

You blinked, snapping yourself out of your trance and pulling the project brief out of your bag. “Y-yeah, I’m fine. Let’s just get to work.”

It was only fifteen minutes later that you felt his eyes on you. The two of you had been working in silence, and there was an undeniable tension in the room. You looked over at him, and sure enough, were met by his dark eyes staring right back. Once again, he didn’t make an effort to look away. You felt a shiver run down your spine but quickly composed yourself, regaining your serious façade. “Focus.”

He looked at you blankly for a moment. “What?”

“You should be staring at your work, not me. Focus. I’m not your project.”

He continued staring before nodding timidly and returning to his work, you smiled to yourself before doing the same. Five minutes later though, his eyes were on you again. You didn’t even bother looking up this time. “What, Tyler?”

“I-I need help.”

You refused to look up. “What question?”

“N-no, something else.”

You looked up this time, curious as to what he was talking about. You were greeted by the blushing boy, his hands doing nothing to hide the obvious tent in his pants. “Oh my god Tyler. Go to the bathroom.”

He nodded meekly and got up, still covering his crotch. You heard the door to your bathroom shut and smirked to yourself. He was cute, and the thought of having control over him in the way he was suggesting you did sent your mind down the gutter. The door shut again, and you turned to see Tyler in the door way, still fully clothed.

“I- I need something…”

“Goddammit.” You cursed, getting up and pulling him into your room before shutting the door and pushing him against it. Dropping to your knees in front of him, you began to unbutton his jeans. You looked up at him, the sight of his bottom lip caught between his teeth setting butterflies free in your stomach. “If this is what it takes for you to do the fucking project, then so be it. But I’m in control, touch me and I’ll stop. Take off your shirt.” You ordered, watching him pull off his shirt -revealing more tattoos- before nodding frantically, silently begging you to continue. It didn’t take much.

You pulled down his pants along with his boxers, wasting no time. You knew you could get him to cum quickly, and that’s exactly what you wanted. You took his large cock in your hand, the slightest touch emitting a whiney and beautiful moan from his soft lips.

“You needy for me baby?”

“Mmm- p-please.”

You chuckled at the way he begged before licking a long strip up the underside of his cock, teasing him with your tongue before taking him in your mouth, his vulgar moans pushing you forward. You began to suck, pumping what you couldn’t fit with your hand. You looked up to see his head tilted backwards, his hands scratching down his chest to stop himself from touching you. Loud moans spilled from his mouth, curse words and your name. The sounds drove you crazy, and you found yourself working him faster, desperate to reward him for his beauty. Soon enough, he was breathing deeply, his moans whiney and needy as his chest and abs tensed uncontrollably. You felt him spill in your mouth and swallowed, holding on to his thighs to give him extra support.

“Fuck.” He breathed finally, opening his eyes.

“You scratched yourself up pretty good.” You chuckled.

“I-it was the o-only way I could stop myself from t-touching you.”

“Well, you didn’t, good boy. Such a good boy, that if you continue to do what I say and finish your project, there’ll be a lot more where that came from.”


a sunny group holiday with sprolden and narlie (from solitaire) (aka doodles from my holiday this week in menorca <3)


1: suho can sing and dance and act and lead he isn’t just a walking wallet with abs

2: sehun is very handsome, can fucking dance and has talent, he is no where near useless

3: chanyeol loves his fans and the boys and is also no where near useless HAVE U HEARD HIM SING?

4: xiumin IS NOT FAT, and EVEN IF he was you should love him all the same. he can sing and rap and deserves so much love

5: kai isn’t a coal miner despite his tan skin which is beautiful, by the way. he has the moves of a god and is so so kind

6: lay isn’t stupid and high all the time. he’s such a kind hearted person with a beautiful voice and tremendous talent

7: baekhyun has worked hard as hell to be where he is and his voice is amazing

8: chen’s vocals are fucking amazing and he should be smiling and happy all the time, people don’t need to get into his personal business unless he wants us to

9: kyungsoo isn’t ugly, he’s so so handsome and has so much talent

10: exo are one of the most talented groups out there who truly do care about their fans. they’ve gone through a lot and they all deserve the world, they don’t need to be brought down, because no one deserves that.

for the kids who suffered in silence, i understand.

Children are known for being afraid of the dark, afraid of the monsters in the closet, and the boogieman under their bed. Mommies and daddies are expected to check to make sure its safe before they tuck their little ones into bed. But what if your monsters didn’t disappear when the sun rose or the lights came back on?
Everyone says that high school will be the best four years of your life, meeting new people, making friends, playing sports, just simply having a carefree time. From the outside it may have looked like i had that experience, but when classes, dances, and practices were over the makeup comes off and the truth comes out. While girls my age spent hours experimenting with new makeups to make them look 5 years older than they actually were i spent time trying to figure out which shade of concealer would best cover the various shades of black and blue that sat on my cheek. While all of my friends eagerly broke out their new summer clothes, sundresses, tanktops, and shorts they would most likely get in trouble for wearing. I sported a long sleeved hoodie, because tanned skin is cute, but bruised not so much.
When dealing with something so heavy, You begin to notice the sadness in the people around you, how their smiles no longer reach their ears, or how the sparkle has left their eye, their laughs are no longer full but forced and fake. You begin to wonder how many of the people around you are surrounded, drowning in the darkness the same way that you are. Although we can see others struggling, losing the light behind their eyes, no one ever says or does anything about it, it is as though they think by touching on the topic, they will somehow be infected by this dark cloud. It’s the topic no one ever talks about, its like the dirty secret we all keep locked away in the closet, but no matter how many locks you put on that door it will seep out of every corner.
You’d be surprised just how many social workers, teachers, police men, etc. will give you “the look” the one that says yes this is sad but there’s not much I can do about it, I’ve came, looked, done my job, so now I’ll go home to my bed, in my nice safe house, and ill forget about the little girl we found hiding in her closet, shaking in fear. They won’t hesitate to deem your situation okay not for lack of bruises, tears, or cries for help, but because the situation “just isn’t severe enough” or “isn’t immediate danger”, so how about tonight we switch places and you can hide in my closet and you can endure the wrath, and then please then tell me the situation isn’t immediate and surely it can’t be severe, but that’s okay because “out of sight out of mind” for those not involved that is.


okay but i’m going to applaud the character designers for botw bc the Gerudos are just the best race in the game. like, they have so much diversity? they have different skin tones that range from tan to the darkest brown, they have different body types and the best thing is that their government is ruled by WOMEN and they are all WOMEN who are strong and just??? all of them are really pretty too??? and badass??? like yes SLAY ME U BEAUTIFUL DESERT LADY

sunshine and moonlight | naruhina au | for yuuba

Based on this gorgeous post and my anon ask by/for the stunningly talented @yuuba. I’m so sorry I never went off anon! I was really nervous because I just adore you art work so much! May your days always be full of good health and happiness! I hope this is okay and that everyone enjoys it!! There is more under the cut btw! <3 

She sees bright lights and cityscapes as she gazes upon the earth shrouded by the night. It’s scattered little man-made stars spread across its vast lands like those of the ones which surround her. Sometimes she likes to push the stars around, creating the constellations the earth creatures seem to have a peculiar interest in. She enjoys seeing the happy faces of the children staring in wonder at the bright glow her friends, the stars, emit - though she grows nervous as they point at her, basking in her moonlight as she glides across their skies with a smile adorning her rose lips. Her porcelain, white skin glows with a shy yet wondrous aura and her pearl-like eyes with a slight lavender tint stare upon the beings upon the Earth with much adoration, despite their many faults. Faults which the stars do not hesitate to mention.

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Pretty Blue (Voltron AU)

Pretty Blue

Chapter One

The day was dark and grey. Clouds loomed overhead as a male with indigo eyes wearing a light jacket was walking his dog.
He was walking down a rather quiet street. Only a few cars drove by and a few people were out for a morning jog. The young male pulled on the leash a bit, trying to stop his golden retriever from straying too far.

 “Max, buddy, slow down!” He chuckled softly. The dog barked and wagged its tail. The two companions were nearing a small house with a set of steps that connected to the porch.
The young man walked to a small mail box that was stationed a few feet away from the home. He opened the metal box and reached his hand in, grabbing a handful of mail. Each of them were correctly addressed to him.  

 “More bills for Keith Kogane,” He muttered under his breath. He then looked to Max, “I envy you. You don’t have to pay for anything.”
The dog simply barked in response. Keith closed the mailbox and pulled Max along. He walked up the porch steps and walked across the sturdy wooden porch.

 Keith opened the door with his key, kneeling down to get rid of the leash that was connected to Max’s collar. As soon as Max was free of the leash, he marched himself into the house. The golden retriever found his dog bed in the living room and walked around in circles in the bed. He then settled down.
 Keith took off his jacket and carefully placed it on the coat rack at the entrance. He closed the door behind him and let out a sigh. Keith walked to the kitchen, grabbing himself a clean glass and getting himself some cold water.

 He rose the cup to his lips and tilted the glass ever so slightly, sipping the cool liquid.
The male with indigo eyes placed the cup down on the kitchen counter. Just as the beautiful sound of silence was about to envelop him, the sound of a faint buzzing came from his pocket. Keith fished out his phone and glanced the caller ID. He quickly answered the phone.

“Keith. We need you, there’s been another incident that might have been in connection to “the prince”,” The voice belong to a woman. Her voice had a british accent to it. Keith knew this was Allura.

 “Alright, I’m on my way,” Keith answered, making a curt nod.

“Good. You better be quick.”

And with that, the call ended. Keith slipped his phone back into his pocket and pinched the bridge of his nose. He slicked his hair back with one hand.
Keith drank more of his water and he placed the cup into the sink. He slipped out on the kitchen and went to the door. Keith put his jacket on again. He looked to Max, “You be good, ok? I’ll come back soon.”

 Max responded with a soft whimper but he laid his head down on his paws. Keith left the house, locking it before he did.

 The young male walked down the porch steps, making his way over to the car. He put the key into the lock and turned it, climbing inside. Keith’s eyes met with his reflection’s in the rear view mirror.
He didn’t know how to explain how he felt seeing those dead eyes. Possibly indifference? Whatever. Keith closed the car door and started up the vehicle.

 The dark-haired male drove out the driveway and headed down the street. He passed by many houses and passed by many trees. Keith looked in the mirror every now and then.

He then saw up ahead, police cars and people were out in front of a certain house. The house was a bit bigger than Keith’s own. It was painted beige and it had a little rose garden at one side. He parked his car near the curb. Keith got out and locked the car doors. He straightened his jacket and he walked over. A tall male with a scar over his nose approached him, he put a hand on Keith’s shoulder.

 “I’m glad you came as soon as you did, we need you to get in.”

Keith made a curt nod, he looked to the house and exhaled softly.

“We know you can do your thing, Keith,” Shiro said. Keith shook his head and headed over to the house. The dark haired male got up the porch steps, his hair slightly tussled by the light breeze the day provided.
He walked inside and scanned the entrance. He then continued forward. His eyes searching along the walls. They never stayed at one place for long. Keith went down the hall. At the end of it, a door was left ajar. He stepped into the room and the stench of copper filled his nostrils. The window was open and the curtains were swaying from the slight breeze.

There before him, a body was sprawled on the floor. The lifeless person had tan skin and blue eyes.

Thank you so much for the positive feed back on this AU. I have stopped writing for about 3 years and I really do miss using words to create characters and worlds. I stopped because I felt discouraged and I feared that no one would like my ideas.
I decided to give this a chance and I’m glad that I did!
Thank you so much for the support!
Another thing I need to add is that I will be posting ‘Pretty Blue’ in ao3 and here on Tumblr.
Stay tuned!

fundeadasylum  asked:

I have played very little LoZ but I always figured Link was tan/dark skinned because he spends so much time outdoors. I love the way you draw Link! He's so beautiful??? Like wow, Wes, what a pretty boy. Keep drawing what YOU want. Those assholes can go shove a cactus up their ass.


Jongup is just so precious.
  • Jongup when he first debuted: *starts krumping out of nowhere during an introduction*
  • Jongup during variety shows: *smiles in the background and does weird stuff by himself*
  • Jongup during his time in America (Part 1): *gets amazed at the fact that 'elevators in las vegas goes upwards too'*
  • Jongup during his time in America (Part 2): *accidentally orders napkins when he wants to order a drink*
  • Jongup's friends: John, Phantom, Olaf, Olaf Papa, Anna-sshi
  • Jongup's idol: Chris Brown hyung
  • Jongup spazzing when Chris Brown hyung followed him on Twitter: Lalaleuheolhheoaelatatata
  • Jongup when he's dancing: Sexy, fluid and powerful
  • Jongup when he's not dancing: Dorky, shy and awkwardly cute
  • Jongup's features: That cute mole on his nose, his adorable front teeth, his high cheekbones, not forgetting his tan skin
  • Jongup and aegyo: So much awkward you dont know what to do but he's so precious you just wanna squish him
  • Jongup's voice: Soft spoken, gentle when he speaks. But strong when he sings
  • Jongup's stamina: Able to sing right after doing crazy flips/break dances
  • Just Jongup in general: So precious. So so so precious


Everybody loved Ashton Irwin, and when the Hufflepuff had gotten the position of Head Boy, no one had been surprised. His effortless charm and caring nature meant that every student and teacher in Hogwarts was wrapped around his finger, but he never used that to his advantage. Well, very rarely anyway.

The most recent exception he’s made to this rule was in order to get closer to Y/N Y/L/N, a sixth year prefect who he genuinely thought was the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen. The year before he thanked Merlin every time they were assigned duties together, and this year, he intended to use his newly given power to make their time together all the more frequent.

“Inter year and house unity are important.” He’d explained at the latest meeting. “We see it in Quidditch, we saw it in the war. So, to ensure we continue to see it, patrols will now be done in randomly selected pairs.”

There was nothing random about the fact Y/N had been selected as his partner.

Now, they walked along the corridors together in comfortable silence, Ashton’s ever present smile ensuring that.

“So did you finally decide what you want to do over summer?” He asks, knowing the year before Y/N had struggled to make up her mind about her career path.

“I’m thinking a Healer.” She nods, sending him a small smile. “But I’m not sure. Do you still want to teach?”

“I think you’d make a great Healer.” He grins, making her blush. “And yeah. Defence Against the Dark Arts.”

“It was Herbology last time.”

“You aren’t the only one who can’t make up their mind.” He chuckles, nudging her playfully. She giggles, struggling to hide her blush as Ashton’s grin grows. “I think Defence is more important.”

“Not if you don’t enjoy it as much.” She points out. “And from the many, many detailed descriptions you sent in your letters, I’d say you love Herbology.”

“You said you liked my letters!” He pouts, making Y/N giggle again.

“I did, they were very educational.” She grins.

“And yours were very you.” He replies softly, Y/N’s blush returning. Their walk continues in silence, until Ashton finally sighs. “Y/N?”


“Would you want to go to Hogsmede with me? On a date?”

“I’d love to.” She nods, making Ashton smile bigger than he ever had before.

“Great.” He breaths, the pair of them grinning at each other.

Everybody loved Ashton Irwin, especially Y/N Y/L/N, he just didn’t realise it.


Whether Michael Clifford actually belonged in Slytherin was one of the biggest debates in Hogwarts.

Because there were the days where he fit the green and silver house’s requirements perfectly. The way he sauntered down the halls, his ever changing hair a stark contrast to that of the other students, his shirt untucked and his tie loosened all complimenting his trademark smirk. His sarcastic remarks were all too fitting, and his reckless nature only further contributed to the pro side of the argument.

Yet, there were equally as many days in which he defied the Slytherin stereotype. He always stopped to help the younger years, regardless of house, slipping them a sweet as he did so. He knew where the lines were, his snarky comments never going too far with anyone, students and teachers alike. And in his seven years at Hogwarts, no one had ever heard him reference anyone’s blood type.

It didn’t help of course, that even Michael’s girlfriend Y/N didn’t have an answer, mainly because she didn’t exactly fit the stereotype either.

Because she more than anyone saw his two sides. As he strode through the corridors, she’d be by his side, the mischievous glint in her eyes making her smile seem positively wicked. Y/N always had a smart remark on the tip of her tongue, her intelligence and heedlessness a dangerous combination when she was bored and wanted to entertain either herself or Michael.

But she, like Michael, never failed to break the preconceived opinions people had of her. Every morning she ensured that everyone in Slytherin had at least eaten something before they began their day, glaring at the other houses’ prefects until they did the same. She could often be found having tea with Hagrid, or sitting on the edge of the Forbidden Forest with some form of magical creature.

However it was when the two were together they caused the most controversy. 

As a couple, both just friends and in a relationship, the pair had ppulled some of the best pranks Hogwarts had seen since the Weasley twins and the Marauders. When they walked together, people practically leapt out of their way, not to mention the first years who often hid to avoid them at the beginnig of the year.

But they love they had yet again argued the case against their house. Because it was evident from the way Michael watched her, the way Y/N’s smile changed for him to one of adoration. The way they moved together as if they were one, the way they, as a team, looked after those around them.

Michael Clifford and Y/N Y/L/N were in Slytherin, and that had caused arguments for years on whether they belonged there. What wasn’t an argument though, was that they belonged together.


It was rumoured that Luke Hemmings’ intelligence could have rivaled that of Hermione Granger’s had they been in the same year. He was set for great things, only in the beginning of his seventh year and already being head hunted by several departments in the Ministry. He was constantly the top of his year, and there had never been an ounce of doubt in anyone’s mind that he belonged in Ravenclaw. Because if there was one thing Luke Hemmings wasn’t, it was stupid.

“You’re the world’s biggest idiot, I hope you know that.” Y/N muttered, carefully dabbing at the blood along his eyebrow as Luke flinched at the pain. “Stay still.”

“But it hurts.” He whines, hissing as Y/N continued to work at the cut. “And I’m not an idiot.”

“I think taking on a group of Slytherins single handedly says different.” She replies shortly. “I mean really Luke, what were you thinking?”

“I was thinking that the bastards who thought they could bring back Voldemort’s policies needed sorting out.”

“Sorting out? Luke, there were five of them!”

“They were picking on first years! What was I supposed to do?”

“Sometimes I think you should have been in Gryffindor.” Y/N sighs, placing the cloth down and picking up her wand. “Don’t move.”

Luke pulled his lipring between his teeth as Y/N moved her wand slowly along the gash on his face. When she was finished, they both let out a sigh of relief.

“You’re getting better at this.”

“You’re getting into more fights.” Y/N replied shortly. “Idiotic, Gryffindor wannabe.”

“I’m not a Gryffindor wannabe.” Luke rolled his eyes, his hands moving to rest on Y/N’s hips. “I love being in Ravenclaw.”

“Then use your intelligence rather than your first next time.” Y/N tells him. “That way I don’t have to train to be a Healer.”

“Come on, you know you love it.”

“Funnily enough Luke, I don’t love patching my boyfriend’s face up after he nearly gets himself killed.”

“You love my face though.” He smirks, tilting his head up to capture her lips with his quickly. “I know you do.”

“Your face yes.” She mumbles against his lips. “Your ever growing stupidness, no.”

“I’m not stupid.” He mutters, attempting to kiss her again but she moves back.

“Stop getting into fights. It’s not big, it’s not clever. Ash, Mike and Cal agree.”

“I don’t like the fact you four talk about me.”

“It’s only because we’re the only people who can see how stupid you actually are, rather than being blinded by your intelligence.”

“How flattering.” He rolls his eyes, making Y/N giggle. “Ha! Got you to smile.”


Stupid was something that most people would never dream of calling Luke Hemmings. But it was something Y/N Y/L/N used to refer to him on a daily basis.


Quidditch was in Calum Hood’s blood.

His father had played, his grandfather, his great grandfather. Growing up, he and his sister had often practised together in the garden, and although she only ever did it for fun, never taking it too seriously, Calum’s life revolved around the sport.

It wasn’t a shock to anybody when he made it onto the Gryffindor team as chaser. It was even less of a shock when he made captain in his fifth year. The boy’s arms were sculpted from the years of training, his hands calloused and his skin permanently tanned from being outside so much. His broom was more important to him than his wand, the sport the only thing he ever wanted to do with his life.

Calum lived for Quidditch.

Well, Quidditch and Y/N Y/L/N.

“Good luck today Hood.” She grinned, shaking the boy’s hand as they stood opposite each other on the pitch. The pair’s relationship, like Calum’s position on the team, coming as no scandal. Their flirty yet competitive nature had been present for years, and by the time they actually got together in sixth year, many were relieved that the tension would finally be gone.

“You too Angel.” He smirked back, squeezing her hand slightly. “You’ll need it.”

“Whatever.” She rolled her eyes, releasing his and to return to her team. Calum grinned, stepping back slightly before mounting his broom. He winked at her one last time before they both pushed off into the air, beginning the game everyone had been waiting all year for.

Calum grabbed the quaffle straight away, surging through the air towards tthe three hoops. Just as he moved to throw, a bludger flew straight past his face, causing him to lose his balance slightly and drop the oddly shaped ball straight into the awaiting hands of the other team’s chaser. He looked up to  catch Y/N smirking at him from across the pitch, swinging her bat tauntingly. She mouthed “Oops” at him before laughing, causing a low growl to leave Calum’s throat. He knew his girlfriend played dirty, but that was low.

Calum dodged more bludgers that game more than he ever had done before, Y/N aiming them at him ever chance she got. At one point, he’d recruited one of his own beaters to tail him she was doing it so much.

It didn’t change the fact he scored the most goals though. Or that Gryffindor won.

“Good try sweetheart.” Calum smirks as they land, his team behind him celebrating. Y/N rolls her eyes, flipping him off as she goes to talk to her own team. Calum chuckles, copying her actions and beginning the celebrations.

Hours later, the familiar pair of hands on his shoulders as he sat in the common room made his already present smirk grow.

“I guess I should congratulate you.” Y/N murmurs, making Calum tilt his head to capture her lips with his.

“It’d be nice.” He replies, reaching back to pull her into his lap. “I’d ask how you got in but I can see Finnigan by the portrait hole.”

“Aw, is the big Quidditch Captain jealous?” Y/N cooed, making Calum chuckle.

“No, just not fond of the influence you have over him.”

“Relax Hood, everyone knows I’m your girl.”

“As they should.” He grins, leaning up to kiss her again. She hums happily, making Calum smile against her lips.

“I love you.” He mutters as he pulls away, both of their smiles soft.

“Not enough to let me win apparently.” She grins, making him smirk.

“Now where’s the fun in that?”

Quidditch was in Calum Hood’s blood, but Y/N was in his heart.