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Investing in yourself as a Sugar Baby!

Taking care of your mind and body is important especially when you expect men to drop thousands of dollars on you every month for the pleasure of your company! Personally before even thinking about becoming a sugar baby this year, I’ve been taking care of myself for years because appearance is very important in my line of work. Keep in mind that I’m in my late 20s so some stuff you might not even need at this point since most of you are in your late teens or early 20s. Enjoy those years haha well I can’t complain, I have a baby face ;) So here is a list of things I’ve done or I will be starting this year that keeps me looking good and feeling awesome plus it makes for a hot SB:

  1. Manicure + pedicure - I do them professionally in a salon every 3weeks.
  2. Laser hair removal - I’m doing my whole bikini and underarms right now and will start my legs in the next year..shaving is a pain and too much work..laser is painful especially the whole bikini but worth it!
  3. Removing stretch marks - I will do laser for that when I move to LA because those stupid marks on my butt are a pain in the ass for my confidence sometimes..I have awesome 34DD natural breasts but my ass needs some perfecting to be at the same level lol
  4. Removing cellulite - I just finished a 10 weeks treatment with the Velashape 2 in a beauty clinic for my thighs and butt..I think it helped although I only had a low amount of cellulite and it’s still not perfect or all gone..I think I was expecting too much of a VS model’s perfect ass haha drinking water, exercising and eating healthy plus putting firming body cream (I use an expensive one from my clinic with 10% caffeine) everyday helps plus I’ll need to do maintenance treatments every year to maintain the results.
  5. Removing spider veins on legs - I started treatments this year, it helps but spider veins are a recurring issue for women especially with age so I will have to do maintenance treatments every year but it’s very good that I started young even if I didn’t have a lot but the ones behind my knees were bothering me a lot. I have very white skin so my veins show easily haha I need to tan more!
  6. Dermabrasion - I started dermabrasion aka removing dead skin on your face this year..I used to have bad acnee when I was young but now my skin is much better although I still get occasional pimples and don’t have perfect skin without makeup.
  7. Acnee creams recommended by my dermatologist that I apply every day or 2 days - I mostly only have some redness and occasional pimples but the products help for that and to make my pores less visible.
  8. Laser eye surgery - I wear contacts and I’m thinking of doing the laser surgery but I’m not sure since lots of people have horror stories so I’m still thinking about it but being free of glasses and contacts would be awesome..I’m just scared of surgeries and try to avoid them as much as possible.
  9. Spray Tan - I don’t want skin cancer so I prefer spray tan when I need to have a nice tan although the maintenance is a pain in the butt..I sometimes do tanning creams at home since I’m pretty good at applying it but that’s annoying to maintain also.
  10. Gym membership - I started going to the gym finally this year although I have always had a pretty athletic body but since I like to eat wtv I want and I’m getting older lol I need to watch out!!
  11. Personal trainer for the gym - I’m going to get one soon so I can learn what to do to target the issues I want to work on plus it’s good to have someone to motivate you since I’m lazy lol
  12. Martial arts or self defense classes - Personally I do martial arts because it’s for my line of work but also because I love to kick ass. I took some self defense classes years ago and it was amazing..I think every woman should do that especially sex workers and SBs..I actually need to brush up on those moves especially the ones when your assailant is on top of you.
  13. Hair and eyelash extensions - I need to get new hair extensions because the hair dresser messed them up when she cut them although I basically never wear them lol too lazy to put them on every time so I’ll look into other options soon and get a SD to pay for it and for eyelash extensions. Never tried that and want to see how it will look and feel.
  14. Makeup and hair tutorials or classes - I started watching more videos on youtube to learn more tricks especially with hair since I suck but I’m getting a lot better..I might get a future SD to pay a hairstylist to show me 5-10 ways to do my hair haha.
  15. Good hair products and makeup - Start investing in good products that don’t ruin your hair and face..When you can it’s good to invest in more expensive products when they are better quality and less chemicals.
  16. Keeping your body soft like a baby’s skin - I put cream every night on my body to keep my body all smooth and soft plus to keep my boobs, stomach, thighs and ass all firm..better to start young!
  17. Facial creams - Very important to keep your face moisturized plus eye cream is always good to start young..those SDs want a baby face not a face ruined by sun and age.
  18. Drinking lots of water - You need minimum 2 liters of water everyday..I basically only drink coffee or soft drinks but juices on occasion and I do love wine when I go out.
  19. Eating healthy - I need to be more disciplined for that because I like to eat wtv I want although I do eat vegetables and fruits everyday.
  20. Be happy and confident - Keep yourself healthy mentally..those men pay for no drama..I actually tried hypnotherapy by curiosity this year..only did 4 sessions to work on my self-esteem and confidence and it was pretty interesting to realize how I bring myself down sometimes.
  21. Teeth are very important! Having a nice smile attracts people including SDs! - Keep your teeth clean and white..I do my teeth cleaning every 9 months now (instead of 12) plus I bought a whitening kit made for me from my dentist to use at home although my teeth are pretty white already. I had braces when I was young so I have perfect teeth..I wear my night retainer occasionally to keep them straight and perfect. 
  22. Massages and acupuncture - I did both this year and need to start doing massages every 2 weeks for my back lol I’ll get a SD to pay for that!
  23. Investing in a new wardrobe - Dressing the part is important and you need something to wear for all those awesome dates you will be going on! Get a SD or POT to take you shopping and choose classic pieces that you will be able to mix and match and pull off multiple outfits with. If you don’t have anyone to pay for it, take some of your money and start buying some nice pieces or even just adding an accessory to your outfit might make the difference. You don’t have to buy expensive brands (wait for a SD to do that for you), until then buy pieces that are good quality and in solid neutral colors. Go for classy not trashy!
  24. Reading more about current events, finances and how to invest money but also some of those self help books. Be aware of what is going on in the world. - I need to start doing this more because I personally don’t follow the news or politics (too depressing) plus I want to learn how to manage my money. It’s always good to be able to hold a conversation with a SD especially if you go to events with him! You want to be the whole package of looks, brains and personality!!
  25. Learning new skills is important in my opinion plus it keeps you busy and SDs will be impressed by your hobbies, interests and skills. - Personally I love reading, cooking (I want to take some classes to get even better), dancing (I took a lot of different dance classes but I want to learn the waltz and other more conservative dances for black tie events), learning new languages (I speak multiple languages and it always impresses people especially in the US for some reason), etc.. With my line of work, I like to acquire new skills as often as I can so I can add them to my CV and stand it’s fun!

Ok so I’m going to stop here because this post is freaking long lol I’ll add more if I think about something else but just remember that you are selling a product which is yourself and you need to stand out! Being a SB is not just about looking have to be interesting too! I see a lot of SD’s profiles that mention personality and not just looks. So take care of yourself mentally and physically :) You got to invest in yourself (the product) to make money..that’s how marketing and business work and it’s the same with sugar dating! Pay your bills and then use some of that allowance on bettering yourself to catch an even bigger fish (or whale lol)!! Go get them girls! xoxo

The Yielding

Author: @sugarlips-jensen
Word Count: 3,810
Pairing: Dean x Reader
Warning(s): Unprotected sex, kitchen sex, mild cursing. (I can’t think of any others, so if you can let me know)
A/N: So this wasn’t a request, but it was the only thing that I felt like I could properly write. I promise to try and get to more requests soon!

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For @tsume-yuki, kind of a “cheer-up:)”-response to this sad sad post. It’s understandable that writers get unmotivated by that. I just hope you all will always find a way back to having fun with writing whatever you love! 

It’s incredible how you find the courage to lay yourselves bare by posting your writing again and again (that’s what impresses me the most about fan fiction writers). How can you not be affected by the rudeness on a personal level? You practically bleed into your stories, they are probably little Horcruxes carrying parts of your heart and mind.

Focus (Tyler X Reader Smut) Part One

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Pairing: sub!Tyler x Reader/                                                                      Warnings:Blowjob, Cussing/                                                                                   a/n It’ll get far more intense, believe me.           

“And Y/N, you’ll be working with Tyler.”

Your eyes shot up from your paper, blinking a couple times at your professor, trying to figure out if you’d heard her correctly. “S-sorry?” You mumbled, a confused frown pulling at the corners of your lips.

“You’ll be working with Tyler for this project.” She confirmed, smiling at you as if she was doing you a solid. You shot a look to the boy in the corner who was smirking cockily back at you. You internally groaned, returning your gaze to the paper on your desk. Tyler wasn’t exactly the easiest kid to work with, he was either tediously hyper-active or depressingly solemn, and you needed someone you could trust for this paper. You needed this credit.

“Y/L/N?” You looked up to see your professor looming over you.

“Yes.” You answered bluntly, not even attempting to hide your annoyance.

“I know it’ll be hard for you to work with Tyler but it’ll be good for him to spend some time with someone like you. He needs some control. Plus there’s extra credit in it for you if he passes this class. Also, who knows? He might bring out another side to you to.” She smiled again before placing a project brief down in front of you and continuing her rounds of the classroom.

You leant back in your chair, staring at the ceiling before pulling yourself  together. “Extra credit.” You muttered to yourself before getting up and moving over to the desk next to Tyler.

“Hey.” He spoke, quieter than you were expecting.

“I’m doing this for me. You better pull through.” You spat, without so much as a ‘hello’.

You watched him timidly pick up the coffee cup in front of him with his hands, which had been covered by the sleeves of his sweater. He blew on it lightly and looked up at you before breaking into a full grin.

“Relax. I’ll behave. I’m a good boy.” His tongue darted out to lick his lips before quickly returning, leaving your stomach in knots and your jaw slightly slack. You cleared your throat, crossing your legs to relieve some of the tension that seeing another side to him had caused.

“Well, I’ll fail if you flunk this. So don’t fuck up.”

“Got it. Don’t fuck up.”

You winced at the sound of the dirty word coming from his pretty mouth. “You shouldn’t cuss.”

“Why? You do.”

“Yeah but I’m- I’m…” You stuttered, trying to come up with an excuse.

“In charge? Fair. It’s only acceptable in extreme cases, right? When there are no other words to describe what your feeling? Okay.”

Your breath caught in your throat as he stared at you shamelessly. You stared back, taking the time to study his eyes, his lips, his tanned skin. You’d never given him so much as a second thought before, but now…

“Y/N?” He giggled, waving a hand in front of your face.

“Sorry. What?”

He let one last bubble of amusement fall from his lips before continuing. “I said when are we gonna start working on this?”

You groaned again as the realisation that he wasn’t just something pretty to look at hit you square in the face. You wanted to get this over and done with as soon as possible. “Tonight.” You spoke bluntly, pulling a scrap of paper from your notebook and scribbling your address down on to it. “6:30. Don’t be late.” Almost as if on queue, the bell rang and you got up from your seat, throwing your bag on to your back and exiting the classroom, leaving the annoyingly attractive boy behind you.


6:28. There was a knock at the door. Your parents were out so you left your room and went downstairs to answer it.

“Hey.” Tyler stood before you in a different outfit to the one you had seen him in previously that day. Black skinny jeans and a black muscle tee, show casing tattoos you didn’t know he had, his red backpack hung lazily from his left shoulder. You felt somewhat insecure in your mom jeans and a baggy t-shirt, he seemed like he’d made an effort, you certainly had not.

You brushed the feeling to one side and returned his casual greeting, simply turning on your heels and muttering a “this way” before returning to your room. He sat on the floor and pulled out his notebook and a pen, looking up at you for instructions on what to do next. You took a moment to appreciate how pretty he looked, knelt on the floor, and your mind began to drift.

“You keep zoning out on me, everything okay?”

You blinked, snapping yourself out of your trance and pulling the project brief out of your bag. “Y-yeah, I’m fine. Let’s just get to work.”

It was only fifteen minutes later that you felt his eyes on you. The two of you had been working in silence, and there was an undeniable tension in the room. You looked over at him, and sure enough, were met by his dark eyes staring right back. Once again, he didn’t make an effort to look away. You felt a shiver run down your spine but quickly composed yourself, regaining your serious façade. “Focus.”

He looked at you blankly for a moment. “What?”

“You should be staring at your work, not me. Focus. I’m not your project.”

He continued staring before nodding timidly and returning to his work, you smiled to yourself before doing the same. Five minutes later though, his eyes were on you again. You didn’t even bother looking up this time. “What, Tyler?”

“I-I need help.”

You refused to look up. “What question?”

“N-no, something else.”

You looked up this time, curious as to what he was talking about. You were greeted by the blushing boy, his hands doing nothing to hide the obvious tent in his pants. “Oh my god Tyler. Go to the bathroom.”

He nodded meekly and got up, still covering his crotch. You heard the door to your bathroom shut and smirked to yourself. He was cute, and the thought of having control over him in the way he was suggesting you did sent your mind down the gutter. The door shut again, and you turned to see Tyler in the door way, still fully clothed.

“I- I need something…”

“Goddammit.” You cursed, getting up and pulling him into your room before shutting the door and pushing him against it. Dropping to your knees in front of him, you began to unbutton his jeans. You looked up at him, the sight of his bottom lip caught between his teeth setting butterflies free in your stomach. “If this is what it takes for you to do the fucking project, then so be it. But I’m in control, touch me and I’ll stop. Take off your shirt.” You ordered, watching him pull off his shirt -revealing more tattoos- before nodding frantically, silently begging you to continue. It didn’t take much.

You pulled down his pants along with his boxers, wasting no time. You knew you could get him to cum quickly, and that’s exactly what you wanted. You took his large cock in your hand, the slightest touch emitting a whiney and beautiful moan from his soft lips.

“You needy for me baby?”

“Mmm- p-please.”

You chuckled at the way he begged before licking a long strip up the underside of his cock, teasing him with your tongue before taking him in your mouth, his vulgar moans pushing you forward. You began to suck, pumping what you couldn’t fit with your hand. You looked up to see his head tilted backwards, his hands scratching down his chest to stop himself from touching you. Loud moans spilled from his mouth, curse words and your name. The sounds drove you crazy, and you found yourself working him faster, desperate to reward him for his beauty. Soon enough, he was breathing deeply, his moans whiney and needy as his chest and abs tensed uncontrollably. You felt him spill in your mouth and swallowed, holding on to his thighs to give him extra support.

“Fuck.” He breathed finally, opening his eyes.

“You scratched yourself up pretty good.” You chuckled.

“I-it was the o-only way I could stop myself from t-touching you.”

“Well, you didn’t, good boy. Such a good boy, that if you continue to do what I say and finish your project, there’ll be a lot more where that came from.”

Sparring. A Rowaelin Oneshot.

  Hiya Guys! This whole story is a lot more angsty and long than I had intended, but ya know…. This was my first fic that I’ve ever had someone submit me a prompt. That wonderful person was @targaryenqueenofvelaris.

Prompt: Aelin is hurt while sparring and has to calm down Rowan.

Aelin grinned a bit as she watched Connall slap Fenrys upside the head, the dark twin snarling as Fenrys laughed. It was refreshing to see them kid with each other in spite of the last month’s events. She shook her head and braced a hand on her hip. She still couldn’t believe she was standing there; in the sunlight, breathing, feeling, living.
  She had survived Maeve and Erawan, and now she stood in her Castle, watching her friends— her family train.
A laugh escaped her lips, and Rowan, who had been leaning against a tree a few feet away from her, cocked a brow.
She shook her head, “Nothing, nothing.”
 Rowan shoved of the tree, his eyes bright as he walked towards her. She took him in as he walked closer, his powerful body at a sort of ease she had rarely ever seen.
“You know, Princess, you should be out there training.”
She rolled her eyes, “First of all; I’m a Queen. Second of all; I was going to ask you if you wanted to spar, but since you’re being a pain in my ass, I’ll ask one of the twins.”
 He stepped closer, close enough that they shared breath, “Really?”
Aelin hummed and slid a hand up his chest, over his shoulder. “Really.”
His eyes danced, the green dark in the shade of the tree, and pang of love went through her. She laughed again and stood on her tiptoes, kissing the bow of his lips softly.
 “You know I can kick your ass,” she whispered against his skin.
Rowan huffed a laugh, “Why do you think I love you so much?”
  With another laugh, she slanted her mouth against his, her other hand coming up to tangle in his hair. Rowan slipped a broad hand around her waist, his fingers making idle strokes along her back.
Behind Rowan, there was a sharp wolf-whistle. Two guesses from whom it came.

  “Break it up, love-birds, we’re out here to train, not fornicate!”
Without breaking the kiss, she showed Fenrys her favorite finger, but Rowan too soon pulled away.
 “We did come out here to train,” he murmured against her. With a deep, dramatic sigh, she nodded, but gave him a quick peck on the lips before skipping over to where Connall and Fenrys stood, smirking.
“Do I have to be extra careful with the Queen today, don’t want her injured before Coronation?” Fenrys purred as she approached, that maddening smirk spreading across his face.
 “No, actually, I was hoping to go up against your brother,” she said as she drew the sword strapped against her back.
 Connall, the wise man, paled and scratched at his wrist. “Are you sure, Your Majesty? I—,” Aelin raised a hand to stop him.
 “I’ve been getting tired of playing with these ones, need some new blood in the monotony.”
Rowan slid behind her, and she knew he knew what she was doing.
 Even since after she’d been liberated from Maeve and after Connall, Fenrys, and Vaughn had been freed from their bloodoaths, Connall had been…Distant.
 The male was kind, gentle for a warrior, and Aelin genuinely liked him. And he and Elide got on like wildfire, but he always seemed like he didn’t know whether or not he was wanted in her court.
“Well, come on then,” she jutted her chin towards the center of the field they stood in. Connall swallowed and followed her, glancing once towards Fenrys.

She paused at center, and smiled as Connall cautiously approached her, his own fine sword drawn.
 “Count of three?” She asked softly, watching out of the corner of her eye as Rowan and Fenrys sidled up to watch.
 Connall nodded, a strand of his inky black hair slipping out of its tie.
“One.” she crouched lower. “Two.” Connall flipped his sword, the blade glinting in the light.
“Three!” She struck.
  Rowan watched as Aelin struck first, Goldryn whining as it struck Connall’s blade. He grinned in delight as a look of shock spread across Con’s face. Why he was surprised, Rowan didn’t know. The male had seen Aelin take on armies of demons and survive.
 But, in his defense, Aelin had seemed much… Stronger since forging the Lock. Everything about her seemed amplified, her strength, her power, her magic, and even her beauty. Rowan crossed his arms as he watched the two whirl around each other, a few strands of Aelin’s golden hair slipping from its braid. She was beautiful, a storm of fire and ash and—
Tan skin and … Blood. There was so much blood. Too much.
She was dying— his mate. Rowan screamed again as he tore through the dying Valg that swarmed around his queen.
 No no no no. She was screaming his name, and he could feel her magic pouring out into the world desperately flowing towards Erawan and the Lock, but death loomed over his shoulder. The Golden Queen, bloodied and gaunt and dying and—

Shit. He’d done it again.
Fenrys was glancing at him with a concerned look in his golden eyes.
“You look like you zoned out for a moment.”
Rowan shook his head, trying desperately to focus on the match before him and not that damned day.
“Sorry, sorry, I was thinking.” He murmured, a faint flush creeping up his neck.
 He’d faced battles so terrifying, so blood-ridden he refused to allow himself to think about them, but still that battle…The carnage that reined. And Aelin— Never in his life would the image of Aelin’s body lying at his feet leave his mind.
A loud grunt brought him back to attention as Connall advanced, swinging a leg out to trip Aelin, but she nimbly avoided it.
 “Don’t tell him, but I’m hoping Aelin beats his ass.”
Rowan let out a low laugh, shifting on his feet as Connall twirled slashing at Aelin and missing only by a few inches.
 Aelin ran her eyes up and down the male before striking again; her blade making a neat arc through the air before striking Connall’s.
 Neither of them had landed a hit yet.
“Rowan trained you, didn’t he?”
Connall paused for a moment when Aelin said that, as if remembering Rowan had trained the queen as well.
  Rowan watched in amusement as Aelin used that momentary pause to her advantage, swinging out a leg then—

 Aelin let out a groan as Connall’s blade slid through the side of her thigh, the blood already spurting from the wound.
She hadn’t even seen him move.
Connall dropped his blade, his hands sliding beneath her arms before she could collapse.
 “Your majesty— I am so— Oh, gods, I’m.”
He didn’t have a chance to finish before Rowan was there, practically shaking with rage.
  “What the hell!” He roared as ran near, almost shoving Connall away from her. She would’ve rolled her eyes, had a wave of sickening nausea not rolled over her. Blood loss.
“Lay her down!” Rowan barked, a hand going out to brush the leather of her pants.
“Ro’, I’m fine. Just a flesh wound.”
Rowan didn’t listen, he just came to her side as Connall laid her down, the faces of the three males loomed over her as Rowan crouched down. Her mate stretched out his hands over the wound, a faint tingling moving through the wound as he healed her.
 “What the hell were you thinking?” Rowan growled again, and something sifted within her at the ire in his pine eyes.
 “Rowan, he didn’t mean to—”
“No! He should have been able to stop, he struck his own queen!”
Aelin sat up, already feeling back to normal. She glanced down at her leg; the wound was barley a scar now.
  “Rowan! Calm. Down.” She gritted out through clenched teeth.
Rowan locked his eyes on hers, and she saw the panic, the sheer terror within.
Rowan glanced down at his hands, now covered with her blood, and sucked in a shallow breath.
His hands began to shake over her; those mighty, strong hands.
She threw a look to Fenrys and Connall, who were now watching them with concerned eyes.
“Go,” she said softly.
With a nod, Fenrys seized Connall’s arm and winnowed off.

 When they had gone, Rowan jerked up, fisting hands in his hair. His breathing was shallow as he paced away.
 “Too much blood. Too much.” He mumbled, his eyes squeezed shut.
She stood slowly, walking towards him with her hands outstretched.
“Rowan.” She murmured softly, the wind stirring the grasses along the edge of the field.
He shook his head again, his breathing getting quicker.
 His panic was making her heartrate pick up. In the back of her mind she registered that this was a panic attack of some sorts. She was all too used to them.
“Too much,” he groaned.
She crossed the distance between them, reaching up a trembling hand to slid it over his chest. His heart was thundering.
 “Look at me, Rowan.” She commanded.
He sucked in a deep breath and opened his eyes. She made herself calm down, willing her heart to settle.
“Give me your hand, Rowan.”
Rowan lowered his arms, hesitantly slipping a hand into hers. She made sure he saw each movement she made as she took his trembling hand and guided it to her chest; right over her heart.
“Do you feel that? I am alive. I am fine.” Her voice was soft; more reassuring than she felt.
Rowan’s fingers contracted and uncontracted over her chest, and she stepped closer.
“You’re not going to lose me again, Rowan. I’m not leaving you.”
Her mate loosed a shuddering breath, “You died, Aelin.”
 She swallowed the lump in her throat. “I did. But I’m here now, we’re together.”
Rowan began to slow his breathing, his eyes calming.
“I— I keep seeing you laying there. I keep seeing you dead, and— I keep feeling you die.”
  A single tear slipped down his face, and Aelin reached up a hand, wiping it away.
“I keep seeing the blood covering you, and I can’t breathe—I can’t focus on anything besides the blood. There was so much blood.”
A deep breath.
“And the damned cut on your leg and the blood. I’m sorry, I—”
She placed a finger on his open lips in a hushing motion. “Don’t apologize. I get them too.”
 Rowan cocked his head a bit. “Them?”
Aelin looked toward the Castle, the silver and green banners whipping in the summer wind.
 “I get the nightmares, the flashes of the War, the memories of being in the coffin.”
She didn’t like thinking about it, but those memories… they would always remain. But she’d heal, and so too would Rowan, and her people and the lands and her friends. They would heal.
Rowan very methodically wrapped an arm around her waist, pulling her closer and pressing his brow to hers.
 “We’re going to get through this, Fireheart.”
She smiled up at him— a real, lovely smile, one she knew he loved.
“We always relish in beating the odds.”
A laugh warmed her mouth, and she wrapped her arms around his waist.
“I love you.”
“I love you, too. To whatever end.”


[170606][Morocco → Beijing]
★ Boss was back after finishing filming movie “Operation Red Sea”. Fans said he bought a lot of Morocco specialities.

→ Note 1: All photos were brightened A LOT hahaha.
→ Note 2: Why our boss came back to Beijing instead of Shanghai (his home)? In order to give someone those specialities? Ok I just know that Weizhou is also in Beijing now…


a sunny group holiday with sprolden and narlie (from solitaire) (aka doodles from my holiday this week in menorca <3)


“Oh, come on, Shawn…“ she giggled, stretching out the syllables of his name, handing him the Tequila shot. He shook his head vigorously.

 “No, Jo! No more shots,” he replied, raising his eyebrows at her and she just shrugged and licked the skin between her thumb and index finger.

 Shawn bit his lip, looking on as she put a little bit of salt on her moisturized skin, her pinkish tongue poking out cheekily.

 He shook his head slightly, mesmerized by her beauty.

 There were only a few things that could leave Shawn speechless.

 When the crowd would sing back at him.

 When he found that line that fit the song perfectly.

 And her.

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BTS Reaction | seeing you tanned and with bikini marks

request: “Hi! Can you do a reaction of the boys when they see you super tanned and with bikini marks? Thank u!”

Kim Seokjin

You lay in bed on a lazy Sunday afternoon as Jin jokingly said: “You really love the sun, don’t you?” He gently stroked over your back, admiring your tan lines. “I never noticed how tanned you got but I love it.”

Min Yoongi

He walked towards you from behind and wrapped his arms around your waist then placing soft kisses on your neck. “You got pretty tanned lately.” He would say while pushing the fabric of your shirt to the side to reveal your prominent tan lines. “I love it.”

Kim Namjoon

His look rested on you as he watched you slowly undressing to take a shower. “Woow. Baby, how do you get to tanned?” Namjoon jumped out of the bed and walked over to you. “I like that. Maybe I should join you?”

Jung Hoseok

His hands slid under your shirt pulling it over your head to reveal your bikini marks. “Sweetie. I never noticed that you got so tanned.” He would think it’s quite sexy and pace kisses along the lines around your neck. “Can you even get more beautiful?” 

Park Jimin

You wore a tank top that clearly showed your tan lines that you got recently much to his surprise. “You’re so tanned baby. I love your current skin tone.” He would gently stroke along your lines, making you shiver under his touch. “I wonder what they look like under this shirt?”

Jeon Jungkook

“How can you even get so tanned? Every time I try, I just get a sunburn.” He kissed along your neck where the bikini marks were the striking his eyes. “I love your darker skin tone. It suits you perfectly.”

Kim Taehyung

He took your arm and held it besides his to compare your skin tones to one another. “You really are tanned right now. I look like a ghost besides you.” He looked up and gave you a warm smile. “I love it. You look pretty as always.”


★he’s so bashful 

★just a simple glance at you 

★and he’s flustered 

★bc it still hasn’t sunk in that he’s married to his best friend 

★and you’ll be by his side for the rest of your life 

★he’d take you somewhere quiet 

★so the two of you are completely alone 

★and so you won’t get caught when you have sex 

★bc you two are going to be having sex anywhere 

★at any time 

★even though you both end up semi-regretting it

★bc it’s sooo warm

★you’ve burned so many breakfasts bc of your need to be intimate with him 

★you two would spend so much time out on the sand

★catching them rays

★his tanned skin bathing in the golden sun 


★him wanting to cuddle you all the time

★but it’s too warm

★so he does it for like 5 seconds

★before whining about it

★and moving away

★will hold your hand though

★no matter what


★the moment the sun is down

★and the stars are twinkling up in the sky

★his clothes are off

★and he’s in the water

★’babe it’s warm! come on in!’

★’you’re ridiculous!’

★’get your clothes off and get here!’

★he’d wrap his arms around you

★and sway with you in the moonlight

★randomly stops to tell you you’re his

★he packed extra shirts 

★so he can see you walk around in them

★he’ll also read to you while you’re laying out on the sand

★and have a playlist for when you’re doing the good good

★to make it more romantic

nsfw from here

★sex sounds so fun  

★which it is  

★you two have sex eveywhere  

★it’ll vary between slow sensual love making 

★and full on fucking bc you’re desperate to feel eachother

★he’ll bury his face in your neck

★’cum for your husband’

★he’ll smile down lovingly at you

★and kiss you for what feels like forever 

★’i love you so much’

★but after

★you’re both sticky

★and you can’t cuddle

★bc you feel like you’ll combust

honeybeewolf  asked:

hey there and great blog! I was wondering if you might have any tips on when it's a good idea to directly state certain details (regarding characters and the world around them) in the narration versus allowing readers to form their own conclusions from dialogue and perhaps subtler narrative clues. thanks in advance!

Hi, love!  Thanks for the question and the compliment :)

So this is a tricky question, since revealing and withholding information are both valuable tools in narration and should be assessed on an individual basis.  I’d say that in general, it’s good to be direct – with necessary information, characters’ actions, and generally anything that doesn’t benefit from subtlety.  It’s good to cut down on all the extra words it takes to hint, reference, and beat around the bush if it’s not helpful to the narrative.

However, there are times that being vague is helpful or more realistic than directness.  A good example: think about when two characters talk about something or someone that hasn’t been introduced to the reader.  We’ll say it’s a mutual acquaintance named Alex.  Alex is Character A’s ex-boyfriend who broke up with her years ago; he was a bum who partied a lot and hated commitment.  Now, you could explain all this to the reader, in description or by Character A recounting the details verbally.  But that’s not realistic if both A and B already know this information.  Instead, you’d do something like:

I saw Alex the other day,” Tara said.

Gross.”  Jess crunched another chip loudly.  “Where?”

“At Starbucks.  We actually talked for a bit while we waited.”

“What’s he like now?”

Tara shrugged.  “He’s settling down, apparently.  Moved in with some girl.”


“I shit you not.  Her name is Abigail and she’s a vegan, and I think he is, too.”

“Really.  Is ecstasy vegan?”

She rolled her eyes, cracking a smile.  “It’s been a few years.  He’s probably not like that anymore.”

“You don’t have to keep making excuses for him,” Jess muttered.  “That’s Abigail’s job now.”

It’s also important to think about the process of unraveling subtle information, as this is work for the reader and should be rewarding.  Being vague about irrelevant details is complicated and time-consuming – and it’s one of the reasons many “classic” pieces of literature are almost unreadable without hours of devotion to the text.  That’s one of the problems a lot of people have with thick literature, like Paradise Lost, for example.  Even the basic details of what each sentence means are obscured by layers of references and metaphors.  The process of interpretation becomes tedious and not rewarding.

However, choosing moments to talk around something can be a beautiful experience for you and the reader.  Describing something traumatic in a character’s past is a great time to be vague and emotional – rather than saying:

“My father abused my mother and me when I was young.”

You could take it to a different place:

I loved summer as a child – I loved camp, and the beach, and pool parties, and everything sunny and bright.  Sunny days made everything so much easier.  Tan skin concealed bruises like a magic eraser.  I wouldn’t have to wear long sleeves – wouldn’t have to smile so much.  Mom always told me to smile, to everyone I saw.  “Smile, and they won’t think a thing.  Smile, and they won’t ask questions.”

This replacement feels like an actual thought process – a memory.  The previous version feels like something you say to open a therapy session; the latter feels like storytelling, and it gives the reader something to visualize rather than a fact sheet.

So when writing, ask yourself: is being vague more realistic than being blunt?  Is the reader going to benefit from the process of interpretation?  And is being vague going to take up too much of the reader’s time?  Use this information to make your decision, and once you do, take a moment to think about the prose and the most effective way to use it.  Even when you’re vague, don’t meander and waste words.

That’s all I have, so I hope this answers your question!  If not, be sure to send us another ask with more information :)  Happy writing!

– Mod Joanna ♥️

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Don’t Want Shelter is the hate to love fic that I’ve been working on lately. Louis and Harry are both in their mid-forties, have known each other since childhood, and have hated each other since college. This snippet takes place present day. Here’s another snippet that I posted the other day that takes place a couple of weeks before this and there’s more of a summary in that post as well. Please excuse any mistakes because it’s not been read by my beta yet.

Hope you like it!

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