so much swag for you

I’m probably reading too much into this, but oh well.

So a lot of fans have noticed that Ruby’s new outfit looks a lot like both Penny’s and Pyrrha’s.

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But can we talk about how:

Jaune has a belt like Pyrrha’s, in addition to her armor.

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Ren also has a red belt, as well as sleeves like Pyrrha’s.

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Weiss’s new dress looks more like Pyrrha’s, similar to Ruby’s outfit change

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Yang is now wearing her hair in a ponytail, like a certain deceased red head, even though it must be harder to put her hair up with only one hand.

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And Blake’s new thigh highs look somewhat very familiar.

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Monsta X reaction to their innocent s/o doing a dance cover of CL’s ‘Hello Bitches’ with the same clothes as her

requested by anon~


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Shownu; The boys recently found out about your youtube channel and they were practically surprised to see you doing dance covers, especially Shownu. It was during break time when Shownu decided to watch some videos on your channel when he saw your recent video, a dance cover to CL’s Hello Bitches. Clicking it without thinking twice, the video of you wearing the exact replica of CL’s outfit got him flushed. And with you dancing just made him turn into another shade of red. He never expected that you’d have that in you and well, this boy would be freaking proud and…. turned on. And maybe after seeing this, he’d actually ask if you want to do a cover with him… that involves touching okay im just kidding

“Hey, babe. I just saw your recent dance cover and it was awesome.”

“H-huh?! You found my channel?!”

“Yeah, do you want to do some dance cover with me in the future?”

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Wonho; The moment your dance cover of CL’s Hello Bitches starts playing in his phone, he’d already be gawking at it. He’s never seen this side of you so he’s pretty much surprised at the sight of you totally wearing the same outfit with CL. Wonho would be speechless to the point that he’d be quiet throughout the whole dance cover. When the boys would ask him about what he’s watching, he’d just look at them blankly since he couldn’t fathom what he had seen.

Hyung, what are you watching?”

“*shows them his phone without uttering a word*”

“….. WAIT. IS THAT [Y/N]?!?!?!?!”

“*nods head and pulls his phone away before they could take a good look of how hot you were*”

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Minhyuk; This boy would be wondering when did you shoot this video. He’d be surprised but then just like the other boys, he’d be surprised. But then he’d be really curious about it to be honest. Like the two of you were always together, how were you able to study and learn the choreo and even buy the same outfit as hers and like when did you film that when we’re like 24/7 sticking to each other. And being the Minhyuk that he is, he’d for sure leave a lot of comments in your dance cover since supportive boyfriend.

“Babe, are you Minminmoong?”

“H-huh? What are you talking about?”

“Well, Minminmoong just left me a comment that I’m so hot that he can’t wait to have me to himself tonight.”

“A-ah… hehehe… Oops, I did it again? Hehehe”

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Kihyun; Just watching the very first seconds got him excited. He’d be freaking turned on to be honest. But then he’d also be surprised and ecstatic to see this side of yours since you’ve always been innocent in his eyes but now, you’re also badass and sexy. Just seeing your outfit would literally not let him take his eyes off of you. Like he’d be focused on your body, then face then back to body then back to the face. Kihyun would also download the video… so that he can watch it when he’s missing you.

Babe, where did you buy your outfit from your dance cover of CL sunbae-nim’s Hello Bitches?”

“Oh, I bought it online.”

“Really? Then can you wear it tonight?”

“W-what? That outfit is at the laundry shop tho.”

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Hyungwon; Hyungwon would be shook. So shook that he’d just be staring at the screen with a bottle of water in hands, and he’d be in that same position for the whole dance cover. But then by the time your dance cover finishes, he’d look at his members then back at the monitor, only to finally notice your outfit, making him choke in his own saliva. He’d rewatch the whole thing again to be honest, until someone from the boys stop him from drooling over you.

Hyung, for the nth time, we have to go now and stop staring at [y/n]’s body!”

“But… dang… I didn’t expect [y/n] to have this side…”

“So what now? Are you turned on or have fallen more for [y/n]?”

“I think…. so… Omo…. My heart’s beating so fast right now.. I think I should watch this again then watch [y/n]’s other videos.

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Jooheon; Jooheon would be freaking proud to be honest. Not only his baby’s innocent but also has this wild and sexy side. He’d be watching the video with Changkyun and would throw lots of praises and compliments on your performance and he’d even thought of having you as his main dancer for his performance. But then, he’d also be like Kihyun to be honest… he’d also download the your dance cover just in case you take down the only video with you wearing that kind of outfit. And he’d be surprised to see so much swag from you. 

Honey, where did you find this video of me?”

“Youtube. Changkyun and I found your youtube channel and wow, you’re pretty amazing baby.”

“B-but… Oh gosh, this is embarrassing.”

“Don’t be. I was even thinking, would you want to be my lead dancer for this performance that also involves that kind of outfit?”

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I.M; Changkyun would be up for it. He’d be constantly rewatching your dance cover and he’d even share it with the boys!!! It was the first time that he’s seen you wearing that so he’d better flaunt it to the boys, telling them that your his and he’s sorry for them and whatnots. Changkyun would also be that type of person who’d tease you until you die from embarrassment. He’d take multiple screenshots, and those screenshots are….. on the sexy side… 

Dang babe, when I saw your dance cover of CL’s Hello Bitches, you literally turned me on that I had to see you right away that night.”

“Shut up, Changkyun.”

“Man, I never thought that you’d have that side of yours. You were sexy and cute at the same time… even when we’re–”

“OKAY CHANGKYUN, I THINK I’VE HEARD ENOUGH. U-uh, why don’t we go and get some i-ice cream? Yes? Alright, let’s go.”

lets all look at the camera like we some lowkey savages and not tell seokmin,,..and ignore the fact that samuel is photo bombing us with a peace sign

Monsta X's first impression of a tomboy (like amber level tomboy)

requested by @a-rogue-hope ~


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  • the two of you met during this gathering with your mutual friends
  • and then shownu met you 
  • at first he’d thought that you were tomboy tomboy but when your friend told him your ideal type, he’d be ‘oohh’
  • but then when he first saw you, he thought that you were pretty cool since you had this vibe that says that you’re cool
  • and when he approaches you with your friend
  • he can really say that you’re cool since the way you acted with him and your friend was like how you’d treat someone you’ve known for such a very long time
  • and yeah, because of that you and shownu would become best of friends
  • he’d be really used to the way you dress up and the way you always have you hair cut short and what not
  • but when your friend makes you wear a dress and a pair of heels with some make up on since it was your punishment
  • he’d be freaking speechless to see how gorgeous you are 
  • but then he’d actually prefer the way you dress up 
  • since that’s what he liked about you, you were true to yourself
  • that you didn’t give a damn about what others said
  • but then he’d be worried for you
  • since what if you might not get you self some s/o
  • but then just thinking about that
  • made shownu realize that he likes you
  • yas like he’d be overprotective of you
  • he likes you but he won’t confess since he wasn’t your ideal type…. maybe????
  • so yeah, shownu’s first impression of a tomboy you (amber level) would be he’d find you really cool 


  • wonho wouldn’t mind the way you dress or act and whatnot
  • it was during a party when he met you since you were friends with jooheon
  • and when he first saw you, he’d not really pay that much attention to you since you guys weren’t yet introduced to each other
  • but he’d be glancing at your direction from time to time when jooheon bursts out laughing
  • and then he’d really think that you have the same swag level as jooheon
  • and when jooheon introduces you to him
  • he’d be stuttering and would flush when you gave him a smile and a pat on his shoulder
  • when he got to know you, he’d find it fun to spend time with you
  • especially those crazy antics that you come up with 
  • and you didn’t care whether you looked like a some meme or something
  • since you like being who you are
  • and that what wonho would admire
  • yeah, you’re a tomboy so what? wonho doesn’t care
  • he’d be surprised tho if jooheon told him your ideal type
  • since he didn’t expect that from you
  • anyways, he’d also love to go shopping with you
  • since you help him out with some fashion but then he’d always been curious on how you’d look with feminine clothes and long hair
  • so he’d be making you more like forcing you inside the changing room with some dress and wig, he’d be so surprised on how good you looked
  • but he wouldn’t buy you the clothes that he made you try on but buy maybe some sweater that was a little bit feminine but not that feminine
  • and wonho would feel so comfortable talking to you about the most random things that would come to his mind
  • so yeah, wonho’s first impression of you would be you have so much swag


  • this boy would actually approach you right away to be honest
  • he’d find you pretty friendly and fun before he could even talk to you
  • and his instinct was right!!
  • you were fun to be with and pretty honest with those around you
  • and when someone told you to wear a skirt or something
  • he’d be impressed when you turned down their suggestions and told them that you’d rather wear the types of clothes that you’d normally wear rather that wearing something that you’re not uncomfortable with
  • he’d be damn right impressed that he’d want to hang out with you more often
  • and once the two of you would become close and whatnot, he’d be able to see the snapbacks you own and the clothes that you own
  • you’d even let him borrow some of your clothes since why not??
  • and when there’s a party, he wouldn’t be surprised to see you wearing some leather jacket and leather pants
  • but he’d be surprised to see you with red lipstick that he’d find you attractive despite how you can be a tomboy sometimes
  • and when your hair starts to grow up to your shoulder, he’d actually stop you before you could even have it chopped off
  • he’d take thousands of photos of you and would literally have it framed since it’d take him how many months to see that hair length again
  • anyways, minhyuk wouldn’t mind on how you’d act, dress and whatnot
  • he’d totally support you
  • and when you opened up about lovelife to him, he’d be all ears and would ask you about your ideal type tho
  • making him squeal like a girl… since he likes hearing that stuff 
  • and sometimes he’d even just introduce you a guy that he thinks suits your tastes
  • but would just be told off by you since it was awkward and yeah
  • minhyuk’s first impressions of you would be he’d want to be your friend right away since you looked fun to be with and friendly


  • this boy would be confused at first tho
  • he’d take a good look of you before nodding, thinking that you had that amber vibe
  • and would find you cool but a little bit intimidating tho since he thinks that the two of you might not get along
  • but when he gets introduced to you by shownu, he’d change his mind completely about you
  • you were pretty cool and sometimes cute since yeah
  • and he’d be so impressed with your cooking skills despite being a tomboy
  • like damn he can’t even beat you
  • and when the two of you become good friends, he’d be surprised to see you with some eyeliner and lipstick when going to the night club with them
  • but hey, he’d compliment you tho but would also tease you
  • only to receive a smack from you
  • a strong smack yes
  • sometimes when the two of you would meet up, he would find it funny when the two of you have the same choice of clothing
  • like he would be wearing a pair of black ripped jeans and a black hoodie, you’d also be wearing something similar but the only difference between the two of you was the headwear
  • you liked snapbacks, kihyun was more on the beanie side
  • and sometimes, kihyun would even borrow a snapback from you whenever they go abroad or when he visits your place
  • and sure why not, you’d just let him borrow it
  • and when kihyun would be abroad, he’d see this snapback, he’d be reminded of you and he’d buy it as a souvenir for you
  • and he’d immediately give it to you, saying cheesy pick up lines and whatnot, making you just look at him with a ‘._.’ before thanking him for the gift
  • and yeah, he’d be more comfortable around you that the two of you would have each other’s back no matter what
  • so yeah, kihyun’s first impression of you would be you’re cool but intimidating at first glance


  • hyungwon would actually like your sense of style tho
  • like he’d wonder where you got those limited edition snapback from and whatnot
  • but then he wouldn’t really approach you right away since shy hyungwon and quiet hyungwon
  • you were like some cool kid for him to be honest
  • and when you’d approach him, he’d be stunned and would be really flushed when you offered him a hand and a smile
  • and yeah, he’d talk to you and after like a couple of hours, you two would be like best buds who haven’t seen each other for such a long time
  • when the two of you would meet up, he’d sometimes ask you where your shorts are 
  • or isn’t it too hot for you to wear those jogging pants or something
  • sometimes when the two of you are hanging out at their dorm, he’d let you borrow maybe a sweater and some caps when you’re too under-dressed for him at this weather or something
  • and sometimes he’d see you as a brother tbh
  • but then sometimes he’d see you as a sister when you do some aegyo
  • but then you’d only receive no response from him
  • sometimes he’d invite you to the amusement park
  • and the two of you would ride some thrill rides 
  • that would leave him speechless, while you are having fun
  • sometimes he’d wonder if you were a girl or what
  • but then you are girl but just amber level tomboy
  • there would also be times when the two of you would meet up and he’d be pouty since you cut your hair again and it was short…..
  • but then hey, he’d be your number 1 fan when you start dressing up like a girl because of a dare and whatnot, he’d even become you bodyguard like he’d push away potential sasaengs coughchangkyuncoughjooheoncough
  • so hyungwon’s first impression of you would be that cool kid that he’s be too shy to approach


  • this boy would want to be your friend to be honest
  • seeing how much swag you emit, he’d be in awe to be honest
  • and when he approaches you, you’d be so open to him
  • that he’d be touched and would really have fun with you because you were so outgoing
  • that you also reminded him of jackson by the way you act
  • and he’d literally have fun 
  • that he’d also see you as a brother sometimes
  • but then he’d only be reminded that you are a girl when you couldn’t stop staring at this guy who was totally your ideal type
  • and sometimes, he’d just burst that bubble 
  • since he’d be overprotective of you tho
  • that he’d treat you out to dinner after not being able to see each other and whatnot
  • and sometimes, whenever you meet each other, he’d like all the snapbacks that you wear like legit he’d love them
  • he’d even visit your apartment to look at your collection of snapbacks and shoes
  • sometimes the two of you would even exchange or swap some stuff here and there
  • but then when it comes to you doing some cute things or aegyo
  • he’d have some aegyo battle with you while hanging out with jackson
  • only to be disappointed by jackson’s choice, which is himself
  • anyways, jooheon would really cherish this friendship since he doesn’t give a damn about what you like to wear or how you want to act or something
  • since that who you are you are unique, and one of a kind that he’d bark at those who’d try to fight you
  • so anyways, jooheon’s first impression of you would be he wants to be your friend since you have so much swag and you’re fun to be with


  • changkyun would be weirded out at first but wouldn’t mind it 
  • since you were harmless and you looked really nice and approachable
  • that when he approaches you, he’d be asking himself why didn’t he approach you in the first place
  • when you introduced yourself to him and did this fist bump with him, he’d be laughing his heart out
  • totally doing the same thing to you
  • and when you have this ideas, he’d be totally up for it
  • for example when you decided to invite him and the boys over to your apartment to have a melon eating contest with them
  • and it’d be a blast since the boys would also have a mini fashion show at you place
  • since they’d be trying out some of your stuff
  • maybe asking you to give it to them which you’d just give it to him
  • but then when you have your haircut
  • he’d totally compliment you about it like dang you looked good
  • and when the two of you were going to the beach with your friends, he wouldn’t be surprised when you wore beach shorts and some sleveless while the others wore bikinis
  • sometimes, you’d have this soft side of yours that he’d have this urge to protect you or something
  • that it’d remind him that you were still a girl tho
  • but just a tomboy… yeah.
  • sometimes, when there would be a truth or dare, the two of you would always end up wearing funny clothes and have some make up on your faces done by the boys
  • but then when he sees boys hitting on you, he’d actually have fun when you’re too oblivious to notice their feelings, friendzoning them at the same time
  • but then hey, he’d also be all ears when you talk about your ideal type and whatnot
  • for changkyun’s first impression, he’d be weirded out at first but you looked really nice and approachable

anonymous asked:

Can I have a BTS reaction to where your guys' child (preferably baby, but it's okay if not😊) sneezes so hard that they fall backwards? I luv ur blog💖💝💘💜💙❤️💚💛

AWWWWW ANON THIS IS SO ADORABLE I CAN’T EVEN.. *runs away and hugs teddy bear tightly*. BTS ft babies are the cutest thing on this earth.Thank you for requesting~ Here’s BTS reaction


Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Namjoon :

*Falls backward with a shocked face before he breaks into a smile*

“Ooohhh my little one just SNEEZED!!Daddy is so so so PROUD OF YOU” DAYUMM…Y/N, I think our son will blow away the girls with his sneezing “

Originally posted by vminv

Jin :

*hides his face in case the baby’s saliva hits his face*

“ oh~ Our baby is growing up very well…*pinches the baby’s cheek * But baby…you know that sneezing in daddy’s face is very impolite! Y/N, please teach her to not sneeze in my face.My skin is sensitive “

Originally posted by booptae

Jimin :

*Smiles sheepishly cause’ he’s proud of his baby no matter what*


did he just said he gave birth to a child?wathever…its jimin lol

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Taehyung :

*Gasps in happiness as he falls off his chair*

“OMG Y/N, OUR DAUGHTER’S JUST SNEEZED!!! DID YOU HEARD HOW BEAUTIFUL IT SOUNDED?! How come our baby looks so cute no matter what she does!″

did he just called a sneeze beautiful? lmao

Originally posted by ky-ngsoo

Jungkook :

*Claps like a proud Seagull dad*

“ Whoah, even his sneezing sounds extra manly!!! Look at this babe! Our son is gonna be Jeon Cena #2 .He’ll be breaking hearts just like how I used to wreck bias lists in the past”

Originally posted by hugtae

Hoseok :

*Hyperventilates and fans himself ,cause’ he’s astonished*


Originally posted by yoongbeans

Yoongi :

* grins like a nostalgic grandpa*

“Yoongi Junior, You got so much swag , I even fell off my chair when you sneezed. See this everyone , IT’S MY SON!!! MY SWAG HAS BEEN GIVEN DOWN TO THIS GENERATION!!”

You can request ANYTHING from my blog :) REQUEST BOX IS ALWAYS OPEN !!I’m open to answer anything whether it be ships(CLOSED)/bts reactions to “___”/scenarios/drabbles/ bts fb status/bts text conversation/ bts snapchat AND MORE !!! IM LITTERALLY OPEN TO ANYTHING just please ask me what you want and I’ll make it come true
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Gif reaction of bts when they find a positive pregnancy test in your trash??? Loveee U

Thank you ^^ i hope you enjoy your request!

~~ ADMIN Abbie

JUNGKOOK : *Finds pregnancy test*

“ I-is this….No way! it cant be i mean we have always used-……No wait…..HOLY!?!? BABE!!! DOES THIS MEAN IM GONNA BE A FATHER NOW!?!”

JIN :  *Finds pregnancy test*

*squeals* “IM GONNA BE A DADDY?!?!? FINALLY!!!!”

JHOPE :  *Finds pregnancy test*


JIMIN :  *Finds pregnancy test*


RAP MONSTER :  *Finds pregnancy test*

“So another God of destruction will be entering the world…..I need to write a song about this”

V :  *Finds pregnancy test*


SUGA :  *Finds pregnancy test*


I hope you liked it!! please keep requesting ^^ love you guys!!!

Yoongi Scenario: Sand and Salt Water.

Request: Yoongi and you are married and go to the beach with your two sons.

Genre: Fluff / Family

-Sunscreen? -


-Towels? -


-Diapers? -


-Extra change of clothes? -


-Formula? -


-Why are we taking the stroller to the beach? - Yoongi’s confused voice made you turn to him.

You were checking one last time all the things you had to take with you today to the beach, and Yoongi was the one in charge of reading the list you had pre-made for him, you were checking everything in the bags.

-Why won’t we take the stroller? It is useful! -

Yoongi sighed. –Yeobo, we are going to the beach, you know? As in sand and salt water beach-

You rolled your eyes ignoring his comment. –Yoongi, the stroller could be useful in any kind of situation-

He was lying on his side of the bed with the list in his hands and looked at you over the paper. –It’s just going to take more space in the car-

-Fine, we’ll leave it. But don’t whine when we need it later-

Yoongi chuckled. –Oh you’re so sure of yourself. We won’t-

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BTS Reaction


Anonie Asked:

Awwww you don’t know how I fangirl right now because of that *-* and since you mentioned swag xD could you pls do bts reaction when another member sais that their gf has more swag than him :D

Omg this one is good. im gonna enjoy this one.



Suga: I think it is soo sad that yo gurl got more sweg that you bruh…just sad.

RapMon: bitch dose it look like I care what you think.

External image


V: Bruh how come I saw yo gurl with some fresh Jordans and you got on some Nikes?

Suga: cuz I don’t fu*k basic bitches


External image

 (they were doing a video log when)Jimin: Yo hyung, no disrespect but yo gurl got so much more swag than you.

Jin: Okay bye I gotta cut this little bitch.


Jin:hahaha. bruh compared to yo gurl, you ani’t got any swag. 

V:yeah that’s a good one but compared to my dick, you got a vagina

External image


RapMon: You know yo gurl got like suitcases of swag while you carryin around a Ziploc bag.

J-Hope: THAT was one funny joke man, you should be a comedian bruh.(sarcastically)

External image


Jungkook: Hyung no disrespect, but yo gurl got time 10x more swag than you.

Jimin: yah maknae if you don’t shut up I’ll rip you vocal cored out of your ass


Suga: yah maknae me and rapmon is gonna take you shopping you yo gurl don’t have more swag then you, okay?

Jungkook: wow hyung I guess you guys really don’t care about my self-esteem huh?

External image


Side Note; I don’t really know a lot about shoes so if Nikes are better than Jordans I’m sorry 

Okay but I’m not done I just got a lot of BAP reaction request and I’m on Winter Break now so you now what that means…


okay I’m gonna do the BAP ones first bc I’m really good at making though then ill do the bigger groups like Topp Dogg

Okay Bai for now

External image

Dance With Me? (Jungkook)

drabble about being a backup dancer for BTS/Jungkook’s dance partner as requested by growlwolfexo! hope it’s to your liking~

Genre: kookie’s so shy and sexy at the same time wtf no

Word count: 2688

Rating: K for why don’t you just Kill me now Kookie

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“Come With Me” - Bitto

A/N; I highly suggest listening to “Come With Me” while reading this, it sets the mood

Originally posted by wando-tomato

  • when he first saw you, he was already drawn to you
  • you felt familiar
  • when he approached and talked to you, both of you already clicked
  • Bitto feels like he can be himself when he’s around you
  • first thing he does is invite you to the dance floor, duh
  • “come on, Y/N. Let’s dance!” //Bitto starts to show off his dancing skills//
  • ofc you were amazed how can this boy have so much swag like how????
  • so you dance with so much energy in return
  • Bitto is surprise //cue him putting both of his hands in his mouth and widening his eyes// aka the cutest thing
  • after that night, he’ll definitely want to be more close to you. he wants to know what makes you laugh, cry, and happy
  • dates with Bitto will include lots of food.
  • he’ll cook for you when you’re hungry or order pizza for u
  • if you cook for him, you’ll have a happy kid by your side
  • he’ll take these little notes on his head every time you’re together
  • “Oh, okay. Y/N doesn’t like this, gotta remember that!”“Y/N smiled widely when I did this, maybe I should do it for her more often.”
  • As a gift, he’ll choreograph a song and perform it only for you
  • ohmygod this boy is so sweet because when you guys are lying on the couch comfortably, he’ll play a romantic song and starts to invite you to dance
  • he’ll be treating you like a princess, his princess. he’ll twirl you around, hold your hips from the back and sway you around
  • even if there was no music, you’ll still dance with him since there’s that beat that only the two of you could hear

     - Admin M

bammiesmysoulmate  asked:

Omg gurll I've seen ur work n I'm in love with it! Can u kindly do a flirty Bambam texts plz? Like he being flirty cuz he likes the reader ? If yes then thank u😘

~~hello hello hello~~

finally i have your answered request posted and i hope you like it 😎

Originally posted by ch4nhvn

 it was super fun to do lmao, plus i hope i justified your request :)

thank you so much for requesting, i lob you 😘

*dabs* SWAG.