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[Miraculous Ladybug]: We All Have Our Things

It’s not Christmas anymore, but, screw it! Merry Christmas @fajitasvanitas . I was your Secret Santa for @mlsecretsanta ! Hope you don’t mind me whipping up some platonic OT4 fluff for you (first time writing them to be honest, so I hope I did alright!) Hope you enjoyed your holidays :)

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Title: We All Have Our Things

Summary: Nino walked around the table, pulled Adrien’s hand, and sat him down at the table. “Don’t even mention it, bro. Now come on, Adrien, eat up. Full day today. Lots to do.”

Adrien frowned. “Oh wait, we’re still doing all that?”

“If by all that you mean glamming the hell out for your birthday party tonight, then yes, we’re still doing that.” 

Aged-up AU where the ot4 all platonically live together

We All Have Our Things

Adrien was actually a terribly deep sleeper. When he was younger, his father actually had to get him a special alarm clock that would blare loud enough to wake him in the mornings for school. He’d kept it all these years until Alya told him to throw it out because she said, word for word, “it sounds like a baby dolphin dying inside of a damn blast furnace!” Which basically meant that Adrien had to schedule all of his college classes after noon so that he’d be able to get up in time for them.

However, Marinette recently managed to find an almost universally effective way of getting him up: her baking.

The going theory, started by Nino, was that it was his body overcompensating for all the sugar he wasn’t allowed to have back when he was a model. Either way, the first thing he realized when he woke up that morning was the smell of fresh croissants with cinnamon and raspberry filling. He blinked his eyes groggily and was met with the sight of Marinette sitting on the edge of his bed, wafting the steam of fresh croissants towards his face.

“You know,” Marinette said, deciding to pluck a croissant up and take a bite. “I have to test this with other baked goods. Would you be willing to subject yourself to experiments involving palmiers?”

Adrien snorted and rubbed his eyes. “Haha, very funny. Ugh, what time is it?”

“Ten in the morning. Nino and I have been up since like eight, and Alya only got up ten minutes before you did. So come on!” She slapped his thigh a few times. “Up, up, up, I have something to show you in the kitchen.”

Adrien groaned and kicked his feet petulantly. “It’s Saturday, Mari, come on!”

“Get. Up.”

It took her shoving all of his blankets into the hallway and threatening to eat the entire plate of croissants by herself for Adrien to pull himself out of bed and head over to the bathroom, pouting the entire way. Marinette smiled sweetly, handed him his toothbrush, and told him she’d be waiting for him in the kitchen. He could hear her turning the radio on and singing from down the hall while he brushed his teeth and fiddled around with his bedhead.

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Preference #105 He Visits You At Work

You had just gotten promoted at your job and you couldn’t be happier. One day, you were running late for work and eventually had forgotten to grab a bite before leaving. You did your makeup in the metro, since you hadn’t had time to glam yourself up at home. Your wet hair was soon put into a tight, neat bun and before you knew it, you were running towards the building. Fortunately, you weren’t tardy. Employees and co-workers greeted you as you made your way to your office. You put your bags on the table and let out a sigh of exhaustion before grabbing your agenda, preparing for the meeting that was set to start in 15 minutes. You then heard a knock on your door.
“Come in!” you said, your receptionist peeked hear head around the door, “Ms. Y/L/N. Someone with the name Niall Horan is here and claims to be your boyfriend, should I let him in?” She declared. You chuckled and signaled for her to send him up.
“Ni, we just saw each other like 20 minutes ago, what’s up?” You asked.
He was holding two cups of coffee and a paper bag in the other and said, “I’m not letting my princess go to work with an empty stomach, plus I was hungry…” he gave you a sheepish smile before you both dug into the breakfast pastries.

Lately, you just hadn’t been feeling quite right, and Liam noticed it. You said it was just work that was stressing you out; but in reality, it was more than that. It was your boss who was on his way to killing you with the amount of work he’d been making you do. With an important presentation coming up, the stress was overbearing and showed through in the way you were acting and Liam didn’t like it.
On the day of your presentation, you thought it was some of your best work, that was until your boss criticized your work.
“Did you really work on that? Trash,” he spat and the board fell silent. You sighed, fighting back the tears until the doors busted open, revealing an angry Liam who had been eavesdropping throughout the whole presentation.
I think my girl did a great job and if you don’t appreciate hard work, then maybe she doesn’t deserve to tire herself out over this,” he defended. He grabbed your hand and led you out.
“Li, how’d you know?”
“I know everything. I have connections. Don’t go back, please?” He pleaded.

You worked for Simon Cowell, and he was pretty much the reason why you and Louis had met in the first place. Louis had been busy lately, with the new fragrance and recording the upcoming album. Little did you know, he’d be recording at the studio you were at that day. You worked on arranging Simon’s meetings, appearances, as well as his other priorities. You were good at your job, and you were grateful Simon loved and treated you like one of his own.
Your phone rang and you saw it was him.
“Y/n!” Simon said. You rolled your eyes at his laziness, given he was just in the other room. “Someone’s here to see you! I’m not sure if you know them” his voice trailed off, as you hung up. Curious to see who was there, you made your way towards the studio and as soon as you opened the door, you saw Louis standing in front of you. “Hey babe!” he exclaimed. You laughed, thinking back to Simon’s phone call as the stranger he was jokingly referring to, was Louis. “Thought I’d take a break and visit my favorite person at SYCO.”
“Well, thanks for coming to see me Louis, but I’m quite busy, you may have to wait.” Simon replied. You all shared a laugh before Louis spoke up again. “Damn, well I guess I’ll just have to settle and take your beautiful assistant out to lunch instead.” ,you laughed at his sarcasm, as did Simon, before the two of you went for a delicious lunch at one of your favorite restaurants.

“Ugh!” you exclaimed in frustration as you threw all of your paperwork off your desk. You buried your head in your hands and sighed heavily, wanting to scream.
“Hey babe-oh shit,” Harry said, tone changing as he saw your current state. He placed the flowers and paper bag on your long wooden desk and helped you pick up the mess you had just created.
“I’m sorry you had to see me like this,” you pouted as you plopped back down in your leather swivel chair. Harry sat in front of you and leaned in to give you a kiss, just what you needed to remove all the fatigue from your exhausted body.
“I know you’ve been stressed lately so,” He paused for a moment to grin. “I thought I’d take a break from the studio and run down to the café that caters the lasagna you fancy and maybe we could have lunch together?”
Your head perked up at the sound of lunch and Harry chuckled when he realized that you’d forgotten it was already lunchtime. He took the food from the bag and you two ate away the stress.