so much smudging

Why the mask doesn’t come off - COMPLETE
wow this took me wAAAAAAY longer than I thought it would. It’s fuckin’ 5 in the morning x’)
anyway really had a fun time doing this. It’s messy but I like it overall cx Go take a look at my revamped version — Digital AND Colored!

  • Daichi: if u don't sit thE FUCK DOWN
  • Kuroo: ha i love my team so much my team *reads smudged writing on hand* nickleback
  • Oikawa: lol i tried kissing the cutest person ever and ended up kissing my mirror i cry
  • Ushijima: u should've joined shiratorizawa
  • Bokuto: hOOT


「 5|100」– martial law quiz tomorrow !!! i really really like the muji pens, but they smudge so much with the mildliners ??? huhuhu

Carry Memories with You (and I'll Never Leave)

“Stiles, Stiles, Stiles.”
The name rings strangely on her tongue, rolls around her mouth as the vowels stretch and echo in the stillness. The word loses all meaning after a few dozen seconds, strips down of all the identity ever built behind it.

Stiles gets taken. Lydia remembers. 

AO3 | Rated T | 1.4k

Based on this post by @slowburnotptrash

Beta read by Rachel @rongasm ‘cause she’s awesome like that. 

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So Jiwook and Bonghee did THAT just only to discover that photo on her desk and push the plot forward and stir the poo with it on max…ahhh for real writernim…-.-

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So I notice when it comes to human au’s, Jasper’s often written as that dumb, incompetent jock stereotype who sucks at school and is really only good at sports and bullying people around.

Now I have nothing against Jasper being written as jock but can we please have hella smart AND hella athletic Jasper? Especially since, in a lot of schools, most students aren’t allowed to continue participating in extracurricular activities (like football for example) unless their grades are good.

In canon Jasper’s a warrior which obviously means she has to be very disciplined. So consider that translating to her being serious as fuck about her grades, not just sports.

Things to think about:

• Jasper loves to challenge herself, so she’s always taking up extra credit assignments that aren’t even necessary.

• Jasper being super competitive with her grades. Because if that nerd over there got 98% there’s not fucking way she’s settling for a 95%. She can totally do better.

• all her peers freak out when a teacher/professor announces a random pop quiz, and Jasper’s just sits there smug and so ready because she always takes it upon herself to be prepared for any situation.

• Jasper studying in conditions that literally anyone else would find ridiculous. Like shes trying to find the sum of ‘X’ while simultaneously bench pressing something or someone that’s most liked more than half her weight adjk.

• Then lastly, at the end of a long ass school day, she completely destroys the other team at whatever sport she’s playing without so much as smudging her eyeliner.


Just got Bucky in my mail, no biggie ;u;

The wonderful and my dear friend PM has send me this artwork of Bucky and I squeed so loud that I scared my cat, bUT LOOK AT THIS OMG ;u; I had send her a little something because she wasn’t feeling very well and then she send me this as a thank you ajhsjd hOW AM I EVER GOING TO SURVIVE AN ARTWORK LIKE THIS?! LOOK AT HOW BIG AND GORGEOUS IT IS!! ;u;

Thank you so much, you precious human you. I’m so blessed to know you and call you my friend and cry to you about life and Bucky and especially hurt!Bucky. You’re absolutely amazing and I love you a lot <33