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Why the mask doesn’t come off - COMPLETE
wow this took me wAAAAAAY longer than I thought it would. It’s fuckin’ 5 in the morning x’)
anyway really had a fun time doing this. It’s messy but I like it overall cx Go take a look at my revamped version — Digital AND Colored!

  • Daichi: if u don't sit thE FUCK DOWN
  • Kuroo: ha i love my team so much my team *reads smudged writing on hand* nickleback
  • Oikawa: lol i tried kissing the cutest person ever and ended up kissing my mirror i cry
  • Ushijima: u should've joined shiratorizawa
  • Bokuto: hOOT

Second batch of expressions! Dang these are fun

Click on each of them if you can’t read the expression code and for my ocassional comments. The last one is all of them in a single picture.

Still taking requests btw

PMW 3: Laundry Day/Chores

nothing clever to say about this one!

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The nightmares aren’t that bad tonight, but they leave behind an anxiety that McCree just can’t shake off, like an oily film clinging to his skin. He doesn’t even try to go back to sleep, even after the shakes have gone and the bloody images have faded from his brain, because he knows it’s a futile effort. His skin crawls and his heart races with leftover adrenaline. His head is in a fog but his body itches to move. While he’s just cognizant enough to recognize a low-key panic attack, he’s not enough so to stop it.

Alcohol won’t help, not with this. He tries to light a cigarillo, but he fumbles the box and the lighter both, and leaves them both to their fate on the floor.

So he cleans.

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Analysis of “EVerYthInG iS gOinG tO bE oK” thumbnail

Is this all going to be actual evidence of any kind? Nah, probably not. But this has been eating away at me, so I’m gonna write it all down.

1. The old-time filter

Put next to each other, these filters over the top of both thumbnails are uncannily similar. Not even that, but they’re the exact same, even down to the most specific imperfections.

Fantastic! This can give us  a frame of reference of what’s part of the filter, and what’s the new things Jack has added in.

2.. Smudges…?

As any loyal theorist would, I ran this fuckin thumbnail through a million filters. And this was the best I could get. See, the reason this stood out to me so much was because such smudges are practically nonexistent on the left hand side of the thumbnail.


See… I would brush this off as just part of the filter, but it to be shifted to one side specifically?

Is there something I can’t see here??

Unfortunately, due to the colours of the pumpkin carve thumbnail and my inability to find the original texture, I have no way to tell whether this is just part of the filter.

And it’s driving me nuts.

3. The transparent layer

The green glitch over the top of his main face BUGGED me. I felt like, I’d SEEN something, a specific glitch, exactly like that! So I cracked open my trusty gif collection and antisepticeye compilation, and proceeded to comb through each and every frame.

I started getting worried. As a trudged through each one, I couldn’t seem to find what I was looking for. Maybe I was just getting it confused with anti glitches in general.

Glitch types seem to be split into specific categories:

1. Direct cutaways to another shot

2. Lag and quality drop

3. General bar splitting and with other filters/effects on top

So, I continued on, seeing nothing like what I really wanted, until I hit the ones that looked the most similar to me.

The Schneeplestein glitches.

Now, I might be getting ahead of myself; just riding off the revelations of my font theory, but unless I made a GLARING omission in my glitch study, these ones look uncannily similar (specifically the top right).

Okay, this is a tad headcannony; but what if, similar to the theory for the Detention series where we saw Jack in the glitches instead… this is Schneeplestein we’re seeing in that green overlay?

How CRUEL would it be for Anti to reverse the roles on Schneeplestein? Put Schneep into the place Anti was during Kill Jacksepticeye?

And, also consider this theorists; at the time of these glitches in Kill Jacksepticeye, Schneeplestein is the one in control, with Anti taking a backseat while he’s trying to overthrow him. So… if Schneeplestein is in toe with Anti now (again, elaborated more in my font theory), he WOULD be in the backseat in terms of control. So.. it’s plausible at least.

So uh… what do you think?



「 5|100」– martial law quiz tomorrow !!! i really really like the muji pens, but they smudge so much with the mildliners ??? huhuhu

anonymous asked:

Could you please do an ask for Reaper/Reader where reader really likes putting on makeup and reaper wonders why they do it when they're in an international terrorist organisation. Maybe if their relationship wasn't necessarily official yet but there was mutual pining going on? Thank you and sorry if this is too much! take you time, we love you!


Bright colors in the natural world can mean many things. On certain animals, it spells a certain amount of danger, such as poison or venom. On other animals and certain plants, they’re meant to attract insects and other creatures to them.

You have no trouble catching his attention and make his head turn (one of many) when you first enter Talon at the recommendation of another Talon higher-up. He could swear you wink at him, too, the colors of your eyeshadow burned into his mind’s eye, shimmering, haunting him.

Not even a day into your arrival, you’re quick to catch the eyes of several other soldiers, who are more than eager to attract your favor (and detract any toward himself).

“Beware of Reaper, he’s dangerous,” he hears one whisper loudly.

Another is all too willing to interject, full of unjustified machismo that Reaper is almost too willing to crush. “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you from him.”

“Oh?” The flippant lilt in your voices sinks its hooks in him. “But I like dangerous.” And your words sink him.

For days, those words bounce around his mind, mocking, teasing.

You’re poison.

It should annoy him that a mercenary like yourself pays so much attention to your own looks. (But then again, Sombra decks herself out more flamboyantly than should be appropriate for a hacker. Though, he supposes that’s partially his fault for encouraging it with his silence which she takes full advantage of.) But that thought is quickly buried when he watches you take out training bot after bot without so much as smudging your eyeliner during your evaluation.

He finds that he can’t take his eyes off the way you brandish your pistols, small things that were easy to hide, but with enough fire-power to take out the bots with a well-aimed headshot. Your evasive maneuvers are smooth and efficient, better than anything he’s seen from a no-name.  

His stomach twists like the mist.

The expert display pulls a begrudging, “Not bad,” from him at the end to which you flash a haughty grin and blow a bright yellow kiss that he turns his head away from with a growl.

Sombra teases him with the same colored lipstick on her lips for weeks after, blowing kisses that Reaper absolutely does not shy away from.

Reaper concedes that your skill with a gun is equal to that of your brushes, and he has no right to deter you. It’s a show of benevolence toward an unstoppable force of nature.

Your first mission with him is a true test of his kindness. Most agents would at least wear the standard issued helmet, but not you, no. When he shoves it into your hands because he prefers a head on his soldiers and you toss it, your only explanation to him is: “Because I’m beautiful.”

Your bold declaration slaps him across the face, and he decides amidst the simmering anger that he does not care if you get a bullet to that pretty face of yours.

But throughout the mission, he cannot help the way his eyes flit over to you.

‘I like dangerous.’

The man won’t admit it, but the memory of you jumping from the dropship like a god descending upon the battlefield, confident and ethereal among the carnage and deafening noise is so clear in his mind that he sees it even when he closes his eyes.

Even in the midst of the gunfire, you keep your word to remain beautiful even when injured. The blood on your temple, gliding down your face does nothing to dampen the absolute authority over that unwavering confidence.

It’s enough to make his chest stir.

More than once, he disappears into smoke that blinds their targets. Selfish as it is, he thinks the smoke will hide you. It definitely does not hide him from the wink you give.

The mission ends without too much incident, less casualties than expected. And then there’s you sitting all-pretty on the ship, fixing the edge of your eyeliner. A grin pulling at your colored lips as he come up.

“How’d you like that, Mr. Reaper? Did I meet expectations?”

He grunts. “Don’t get too cocky.”

The laugh that bubbles out of you burns something in his soul. “Strength is beauty, Mr. Reaper. I think I have every right to get…cocky.” Again, you wink with that damned eyeshadow of yours flashing.

There’s a tinge of satisfaction that sings in his bones when you begin to splutter on the fringes of the mist he leaves behind. Doubly so when he notices that you’ve smudged that lipstick while coughing.

But on the way, he thinks of your words: strength is beauty. It is normally words best left for people like Akande who glorifies strength like a god. However, the intended meaning of those words seep into his skin. It would be annoying if you didn’t have the mettle or the skill to prove your words. All that make-up is inappropriate for a mercenary. It’s unnecessary, but the effects are undeniable.

You’re flawless, gorgeous.

You’re poison.

When someone marks their lover with lipstick kisses

Just,,, imagine ur otp, go d, i love that so much,, just like, smudged lipstick on their mouth, face and neck, y e s g o o d

theendeavor  asked:

Did you see that J0ss is claiming credit for "Everybody Knows" being in JL? Someone posted a verse on Twitter, and he retweeted saying, "I stuck it in Justice League too." I don't wanna believe him, but IS ANYTHING IN THIS MOVIE ZACK'S? The two scenes that I can seriously identify as Snyder front-to-back is the first scene with Victor and Silas, and the WW bomb scene. That song totally sounds like something Zack would like, and I don't believe Wheethin is nice enough to make a gesture like that.

Omg I swear I haven’t been more angry about anything else in this extended debacle. Like, first of all, Joss didn’t do any of that footage, and he certainly didn’t pick that song he is full of shit, so what he’s vaguely taking credit for is NOT REMOVING the best part of the film that remains from the film.

He wants credit for that, and to make matters worse, he claimed credit for that in a way that is ambiguous enough that it will cause people who don’t know better to try and give him credit for work. he. didn’t. do.

There is literally not an ounce of grace, professionalism, or class in that man’s body and he is the biggest fucking scumbag in all of this. He’ll slip away scott-free, too, because he always does. There were zero lasting consequences for the botch job and the misogyny on AoU, and like every other smug white dude in Hollywood, he has been allowed to screw it up over and over and over again without so much as a smudge on his career and unlimited amnesty. It’s just proof that if you throw in with these fucks, you can spend your entire career with your dick in your hand and thrive.