so much skinship


tired babies comforting on each other ❤️️❤️️


the complications that goes through when you ask main vocal to rap + wonho’s reactions ♡[cr]


“If I can dream the same dream as you…I will always be with you
Even if I can not be at your side. That is how I will think”


└ This is the way you two have fun off on-camera?

Cr: Documentary Film ~ Are You Happy ~

Dating Im Jaebum Would Include:

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•Many (The whole fandom tbh) view Jaebum as a dominant bad boy 

•But I can’t help but think he’s actually vanilla af 

•He’s so romantic

 •Buys you flowers 

•Matching necklaces

 •Would take you out on fancy dates

 •This boy adores you 

•You’ll have to put up with him

 •Because he’ll literally get mad over the tiniest things 

•So much skinship

 •But not in public tho

 •He always has his arms around you 

•Best friend type of relationship

 •He’ll only open up to you

 •And sometimes when he’s too emotional he’ll break down

 •His ego would be so big he wouldn’t want you to see him crying 

•So he’ll try to exit the room 

•Although he high-key wanted you to stop him

 •Which you did 

•And held him in your arms until he calmed down

 •So so overprotective

 •No guy was even allowed to look at you in the eye

 •He’d get ‘mad’ if you wore revealing clothes if you were to go out because 

• “I’m the only one who’s supposed to see you in these" 

•So proud to be able to call you his 

•That signature smirk never left his lips when you were together

 •"She’s hot right?? Too bad for you she’s all mine”

 •Inside jokes 

•Having nicknames for the boys so you can judge them without them knowing 

•Speaking of the boys

 •They’d freaking love you

 •You’d help Jaebum take care of them •When they made him mad you’d be the one to calm him down

 •And they’d all rush over to you thanking you for keeping them alive

 •He’d take so many pictures of you when you were sleeping 

•Or when he caught you doing something embarrassing

 •Tbh he’d have a whole folder of pictures dedicated to you 

•Probably have pictures of you doing cute couple things hang up on the wall

 •That’s how proud he is of this relationship 

 •At nights when you were laying on his chest

 •He’d play with your hair

 •And sing to you

 •No matter how tired he was 

 •He’d wait for you to fall asleep first 

•Morning kisses 

•You’d have to get up and ready for work

 •But he wouldn’t let you 

•If you tried to push off his arms 

•He’d just tighten his grip around your waist 

•And be all cheesy 

• “Gimmie a kiss and I’ll let you gooo" 

•"Jaebum I haven’t brushed my teeth!!" 

•” I don’t care baby doll, I want my kiss!“

 -Admin Vanillakookie 🍪

The universe didn’t make Taeil taller because he’d be overpowerful

dating seokjin [realistically]

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important disclaimer: this part of the dating series is just like the others, based on my opinion and my imagination of “realistic” only. I don’t know kim seokjin personally, so you’ll maybe see points written that you don’t agree with. If you’re not open to stuff like this, I would recommend you to not read it.  

links to other pieces;
jeongguk | jimin | taehyung | yoongi | hoseok | namjoon

• seokjin is actually the one in bts that I can imagine being in a relationship the most out of all members

• that’s because of his age of course, but also because he is probably thinking of taking the step to building his own family as well from time to time

• I feel like jin actually worries sometimes if he will ever find someone he loves

• because he doesn’t get any younger and bangtan is taking a huge part of his life which makes it really hard for him to take his time to get to know someone

• I feel like seokjin likes a matured girl who thinks good of others and has good manners

• the cute type of woman

• she wouldn‘t have to be sporty, but have a healthy lifestyle

• I also feel like jin is the one who doesn’t get that impressed by the appearance but he wants to fall in love with the qualities of her & the personality  

• wouldn‘t care if she would earn less then him or wouldn’t be worried that she could be using him for money

• jin is a real gentlemen, honestly

• he is the one that your parents would be happy If you would take him home for the first time

• he’s utterly handsome, polite, tall, wealthy, kind, funny, good at cooking and has also a good body structure

• he’s someone who could be able to offer you anything that you need

• and I feel that since he doesn’t really want something other than happiness, he would be content with just having you by his side

• so if jin finally starts liking you, he would think about you a lot

• I feel like he wouldn’t talk about it first, but think about it on his own

• he would probably try to figure you out a little bit more and try to ease the tension with casual conversations

• and I can also imagine so well that he sometimes flirts with you but with that smile he has when he is about to laugh

• or you know how he acts like when he really tries to flirt seriously and he just looks so confident while doing it? yes expect that too

• based on your reactions he would probably continue doing that a lot during the pre dating

• so I feel like if he wants to tell the members about it, they would be really happy for him

• because of the fact that he is the oldest hyung and everyone knows how much he deserves to finally experience the feeling of being in love

• and the person he would tell first in bangtan is probably namjoon or hoseok

• so once you both start becoming close he would constantly check up on you and call you whenever he can

• you just know that feeling of really liking someone ? Like how you always think about them and want to call them ? all butterflies and stuff? even though this sounds cheesy I can imagine him having those feelings all the time when he is about to fall in love

• dates would probably be at a restaurant or at his or your place

• the reason why I think that with seokjin it would be okay to spend the first days at each other’s places is simply because he is more mature now

• and I think that since he’s older the steps you both would take in the relationship would be a bit faster

• but I feel like nothing would happen other than talking and lots of cooking on the first dates

• jin would open up to you quiet fast

• he doesn’t seem to be that kind of person who has a lot of secrets and keeps things to himself

• he would hug you so often
• I can see so much skinship actually

• of course not in public, he looks like a more private guy when it comes to his love for you

• if you give him the satisfaction of telling him he looks handsome or has nice shoulders he would probably get really flustered but cocky

• and cocky jin is a concept
• “yah, of course I am.”
• “you can always keep looking at me since you only have me.”

• just a really playful relationship

• but other than that, jin only says those things because he knows you’ll understand they’re jokes

• since we’re talking about jokes
• he’ll probably tell you a lot of those
• especially if you’re sad or having a bad day

• (unpopular opinion but am I the only one who thinks jin maybe came up with the dad jokes because he wanted to stand out/ have people realize he’s actually funny? because I feel like sometimes he feels unwanted?? I think about this sometimes)

• either way , he is so funny and has such a nice sense of humor
• and your relationship will most likely be filled with lots of laughter

• when it comes to fights though I feel like it would take him a lot to raise his voice against you

• he seems to have a really calm nature
• so I see him as someone who doesn’t really start fights easily

• and if you do have fights they are pretty small
• but there can also be days where he is really in a bad mood and just generally upset

• unlike yoongi or jungkook, I feel like seokjin is the type of man who would turn to his partner first if he’s upset

• so expect him to tell you a lot of things once he sees you
• he would buy you so much stuff

• but not only on special days like Valentine’s day or anniversaries

• nono he’s the type of man who will buy you a gift whenever he feels like it

• since we’re talking about Valentine’s Day and anniversaries ; he would take these days so seriously

• honestly I feel like out of all bangtan members he would think about what to get you as a present the most

• remember how the members said that jin is the most romantic among all of them?

• so many kisses; hugs; gifts; phone calls

• what I really have to say as well; you know how couples usually put a lot of effort in the relationship only at the beginning and after a while they just stop caring as much as they used to? like caring about what they should wear, what they should get as gifts, what they should do on a special date,

• yeah, I feel like seokjin would never stop caring

• (sometimes I imagine jin finally falling in love with someone and honestly my heart gets so warm because I want it to happen so badly, because I believe so much in what I write down rn)

• being loved by seokjin must feel so good; in every way
• the sex would probably happen faster than the other members as well

• jin in an adult so that explains a lot; I also feel like he has a least a little bit more experience than a few of the other members

• so sex with jin would be really good
• and I feel like it would last long too

• I really can’t tell what he could be into; so I’ll just leave that aside for peoples imaginations

• but I’ll just say that in my opinion he just doesn’t seem like the really dominant type who would want you to call him petnames and choke you to death (I’m sorry but I really see jin as a sensible person don’t get offended)

• other than that, just imagine his lips;
• his plump lips on your body,
• everywhere he can reach

• lots of cuddling! after sex

• jin could be such a good husband
• he wants kids too; so he could be a great father as well

• when he meets your parents, which would also happen quiet fast, they would love him so much
• because he really knows what to say to people so they would like him

• when you meet his parents they would probably already love you simply because of the fact that their son is always talking about how happy you make him

• and I feel like after he falls in love with you he would really not give up on you so easily

• no matter how many burdens they will be;
• no matter how hard it might be for him it would take him a lot to really end things with you

• and that’s simply because I believe that if kim seokjin falls in love;
• he falls hard

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"detain people trying to be discreet but aren't at all" is this about Jikook's date at ISAC that one year?


And I love how you’re calling it a straight up date because it straight up was XD

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Got7: their s/o is cuddly when they're sleepy

Jaebum:  you already know he’d be 400% down for this, he lives for your affectionate side. Even when you’re not the type who gets touchy in general, he’s really mushy when you hold onto him tightly and press kisses along his neck when you’re sleepy.

Mark:  teases you so much about it, and wonders why you aren’t like this all the time since he could definitely get used to it. He won’t say a word as you tiredly lay your head on his chest and ask him to run his fingers through your hair. Will fall asleep shortly after you do, but not before taking a couple pictures of your cute sleep face.

Jackson:  wahhhh he’d turn into a little kid and shuffle closer to you in hopes of getting some kisses as well. He’d have to restrain himself around you sometimes if you’re not a fan of too much skinship, so he’s more than ecstatic when you shower him with affection when you’re sleepy.

Jinyoung:  he’d try and hide the fact that he’s totally dying on the inside. He won’t say too much since you’re tired and is content enough just having you play with his hands and kissing his cheek every so often. He’d smile to himself and pull you closer, hoping to fall asleep after you do.

Youngjae:  he’s 10 times more clingy when he’s tired as well, so the fact that you’re extra touchy and cuddly now really makes him love you even more. Playfully asks what he did to deserve all those kisses and thanks you with that mind blowing smile of his.

Bambam:  will push you off of him to see what you’d do. He’d giggle when you throw your arms around him again, this time in a tighter lock. He never shuts up though and keeps on poking your cheeks when you kiss him, so have fun trying to keep that peaceful and sleepy attitude when you’re with him.

Yugyeom:  gets himself ready before bedtime, and sets up a whole routine before you crawl into his arms and cuddle. He’s got the snacks ready, pillows perched up on every couch and the floor, and he’s worn his special aftershave tonight. He absolutely loves that you act like a cat, basically, and when you do everything to get his attention.

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BTS Reaction to you loving skinship-

(for anon)


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Sweet Jin doesn’t mind your clinginess at all. He holds onto you and gives you as much skin to skin contact as you want. “Come here you little koala bear.”


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Yoongi doesn’t mind that you love skinship so much. He’s pretty neutral about it and actually loves it when he needs extra care and love after a stressful day. “I’ve had a long day. Come give me a hug.”


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Loves loves LOVES your clinginess. Wants to have skin to skin contact just as much as you do. “Crossing the street, hold my hand!”

Rap Mon-

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Like yoongi, namjoon didn’t mind your clinginess. And even appreciates it when he’s feeling lonely. “I need you, please come here.” He’d say opening his arms to which you happily jumped in.


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Jimin was sort of clingy himself so he loved your love of skinship. You two were always holding onto and touching eachother in some way. 


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Liked the fact that you’re clingy just cause he loves to feel needed. He loves to feel like he’s doing his job as a boyfriend and making you feel happy.


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You two sicken everybody with how touchy feely you are with eachother. But that didn’t matter to the two of you, so long as you could continue having your skin to skin contact.


“Why do you want to kiss me?”

“What’s wrong with kissing my girlfriend?”

G-Dragon scenario: going to MAMA together

WORDS: 1716


So he is your boyfriend and you are dating for 3 years, you’re few years younger than him and you debuted 8 years ago. Your relationship is public and a lot of people ship you. 

You both attened MAMA awards and he is worried about you working too hard and shows skinship in public.

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Your makeup artist was just finishing your makeup for the red carpet. You were wearing short pink/white dress that matched others’ outfits too. Since you were the leader of your group you had to talk to the members and remind them of some things.
You got a call while you were talking to the youngest member. It was Jiyong. You wanted to answer, but you had to remind her to watch how she sits and not to touch her face, because of makeup. You called him back, wondering what he called for since it was the day of the MAMA show and you were nominated for a lot of awards and you were really nervous.
“Hey, what’s up?”
“Are you nervous?”
“Yeah… A bit… Like a lot…”
“Don’t worry, I’ll be there with you since our groups will sit at the same table, you are very welcome, Jagiya.”
You had no idea you sat with Big Bang at the same table.
“What?? Are you serious?? That’s awesome.”
You tried to sound as happy as you could, but you had so many thoughts about the performance and what to do if something happens. There were so many ‘ifs’ in your head you sounded really sad and worried and he could tell just by hearing your voice.
“You don’t sound very happy. If you’re worried about the performance, don’t. Because I know you’ll be great and your members are really talented so you have nothing to worry about.”
You calmed down for a few moments when you heard his sweet words.
“Thank you Jagi~ I have to go now, see you there, okay?”
You said goodbye and canceled the call. You went to the car with other members, they were all nervous so you cheered them up and told them they were great at rehearsals. You arrived at the Red carpet and someone opened the door for you. You stepped out and saw fans screaming. The other members quickly came out of the car and you walked to the MC where you took pictures and said hello to the fans and viewers on V Live. You shortly said thank you to the fans and every member did some fan service and sent hearts to the fans. That made you forget about all of your concerns.
You went in the ceremony hall. It was huge. You saw 5 different stages and so many seats you couldn’t imagine how many fans will come, you sighed and went to change your makeup and dresses in a dressing room. You saw some other dressing rooms- BTS, GOT7 TWICE, EXO, Red Velvet… and the one next to you was Big Bang. It was a little odd because they gave you dressing room right next to 2 boy groups- Big Bang and EXO. Both of them are your favorite groups.
You weren’t in a big rush so you made a video diary with the members and recorded some behind the scenes of MAMA, you also visited some of the groups where you had friends and at last, you came to Big Bang dressing room. They were all really happy that you came and Seungri loved filming with you, but he had to stop being on the camera all the time so you turned off the camera.
“Let’s take a walk, we came only a few minutes ago and we’re performing the last,” Jiyong suggested
“Just don’t do romantic stuff outside, because there are cameras everywhere, okay lovebirds?” Seungri added and Taeyang nodded.
He ignored them and you went out of the room. You walked to the other side of the hallway.
“Are you okay now” he held your hand.
“I’m just… What if we mess up? What if they won’t like us? I don’t even like this outfit, I can’t believe we have to perform in this…”
He was really worried because you started talking about how unsure of yourself you are. He couldn’t listen anymore, so he hugged you.
“You are worrying way too much. You’ll do fine. I’ll be there for you. You’re not on your diet anymore, right? You have to drink a lot of water, okay? And never ever be insecure about yourself, okay? You’re so perfect, I can’t even imagine more perfect girlfriend than you.”
You calmed down and he washed away most of your worries, you smiled and thanked him. You wanted to kiss him, but you remembered there could be someone watching you. You went back and it was time to start the award show. Together your group and Big Bang went to your tables. You saw all of the idols sitting behind you. You saw your friends from other groups and you heard your fans screaming you group name and then when you sat next to Jiyong they started screaming your ship name. You couldn’t help but to smile. It made you really happy the fact your fans were 'shipping’ you together. You were really surprised when they announced Best new female group winner because it was your group. You stood up and accepted the award and thanked the fans and your staff. You enjoyed when other groups performed and danced their choreography and sang with them. Jiyong was very surprised to see you dance so much and sing at the same time. He saw you had an adrenaline rush and stopped you.
“If you’re gonna be dancing like that you’ll be tired when you perform so just sit down and watch, okay?”
You looked at him and nodded. You sat down and he said something in your ear.
“You were really cute tho.”
You giggled and a lot of fans noticed that and started screaming even more. You were so happy that your boyfriend was so nice to you. He always cared about you and give you advice. You loved him with all of your heart and you could’ve never imagined being with someone else than him and he thought the same.
He was your everything besides your group members. You couldn’t stop thinking about him, so you forgot you were still staring at him. He shook you and you laughed, realizing you were staring at him and he smiled back.
Your manager finally came to tell you you’re performing after these 2 performances. You looked at Jiyong and he made a fist saying 'fighting’ which helped you a lot, knowing he supports you. You sent him a kiss and pretended nothing happened when you saw others were watching you.You quickly came to your stage and prepared for your performance. You performed right after Taeyeon. You are a major fan of her and her friend. The time was for you to rock the stage.
“Let’s do this shit, girls. We’re the best!” you said to your members.
They were very confident when they heard your words and then you all focused on the performance. It was a remix of your most known songs and this year’s hit. The performance was very hard, but you managed to do everything exactly like you practiced. After you finished you were out of breath and could barely walk, because you were also the dancer of the group so when others changed their positions on the other side of the stage you were dancing. Jiyong was very worried about you when he saw how you held your member’s hand while walking back to your table. He stood up when you were here and helped you sit and gave you water. You really had big wish you wouldn’t be wearing a mini skirt right now so you could sit comfortably, but if the fans liked the performance as you heard, then it was totally worth it.
“Drink more water.” he kept saying.
He saw you are really close to fainting and he was really worried when he had to leave for his performance.
“Show them who you are, okay? KINGS OF KPOP FIGHTING~!” you cheered on them and you screamed and danced their whole performance and sang with them. You like Daesung’s parts the most and you fangirled about all of them with other members. They didn’t see you were shaking from tiredness until now when it was too late.
You didn’t know what happened, you just opened your eyes and you were in the dressing room with your group, but they had to go back because you were also nominated for the next award. It was a break time so you convinced your staff and manager you were okay and to let you go at least to be there until the end.
They agreed but gave you a bottle of water and told you to drink every 10 minutes. You came back the same time as Big Bang and of course, your members made a big deal and told him about you fainting.
“WHAT? I TOLD YOU NOT TO DANCE IF YOU CAN’T. OMG JAGI.” He was angry with you for a while, but he talked pouty and cute when he was angry at you.
At the end all of the groups came to the stage and waved to the fans, then you talked with some of your friends and at the end, Seungri introduced you to Exo and you talked with them until Jiyong saw you and came to hear what you’re talking about. You said goodbyes and after that he picked you up and carried you to the backstage, making everyone scream, because the famous G-Dragon rarely showed so much skinship in public. He made you cry from laughing so hard and you had to go and fix your make up. Your members came few minutes behind you and told you how they talked with BTS and some other groups.
Although you had some problems through the day, at the end of the day you were laying in bed all tired with your boyfriend Jiyong who kept talking about how worried he was.
“SHUT UP OR I’LL SHUT YOU UP. I’M TRYING TO SLEEP.” you said aggressively.
“TRY ME~” he said back to you, making you kiss him.


How would a poly relationship with Kang Daniel and Ong Seongwoo be like:

  • it all started as a joke with Seongwoo inviting you on a date, but bringing Daniel as well 
  • it went on like that for a couple of months and you started developing feelings for both of them 
  • and somehow you three just complete each other and it always feels perfect when you are together 
  • you usually keep the relationship to yourselves, so there is not much skinship in public 
  • other than maybe holding hands or hugging 
  • they would have moments when both of them fight for your attention
  • and there are also moments when you and Daniel fight for Seongwoo’s atttention and the other way around
  • you would have the most fun and chill dates ever 
  • and you would mainly drag them everywhere with you and they do the same 
  • movie night dates, dinner dates, shopping dates, beach dates, picnic dates 
  • on their days off you would all be standing in the living room and building a fort 
  • spending rest of the time pillow fighting with Seongwoo pinning you down and Daniel tickling you 
  • then all of you would fall asleep cuddling 
  • they would always insist you to be in the middle when cuddling because they both want to feel you close and hug you 
  • they would spoil you quite a lot 
  • and always bring you little gifts or cook for you and help you with anything you need
  • I somehow feel that Seongwoo is the one prone to get jealous the most in this relationship 
  • he would be happy that you and Daniel love each other because he loves you both deeply 
  • but then again… there are some moments when he would want to be only with you and Daniel would be in the way 
  • or moments when he just wants to cuddle you close and kiss you
  • but Daniel just had to bring his cats home to cuddle with you
  • arguments won’t happen often and if they do, they are usually short-lived 
  • it would all end up with one of you saying a terrible joke and the others face-palming themselves 
  • “why am I even in a relationship with you?”
  • “you love me. both of you.” 
  • your sexual life would be interesting, to put it that way
  • somehow I feel that you would get teased a lot 
  • and i mean A LOT in the bedroom 
  • soft kisses as they caress your skin and undress you slowly 
  • both of them would love to take in your sweet scent and every curve of your body 
  • as much as all of you love being together, somehow both of them would like having you only for themselves sometimes
  • they would both be dominant 
  • Seongwoo would be the more demanding one
  • he would love seeing you all sweaty and a moaning mess; he also loves the sight of you riding him while kissing Daniel 
  • but his favorite part would be you on all fours as he has a hand gripping your hair harshly and your pretty lips wrapped around his lenght 
  • as for Daniel, he enjoys making you scream so loud that your neighbours would come to check if you are alright 
  • he enjoys kissing you all over your body and spending more time with his head in between your thighs 
  • his tongue moving in circles against your clit, tugging and kissing it sweetly 
  • lots of dirty talk which is usually iniated by Seongwoo
  • both of them love hearing you moan their names and you telling them how good they make you feel 
  • but mostly, they love the way you beg for them standing on your knees and purring out that you can’t take it anymore and need them inside you 
  • “that’s a good girl, I think it’s time to give her what she wants Daniel”
  • “moan, kitten. I wanna hear you say who you belong to. I want everyone to know who is making you feel like this” 
  • “you look so good all choked up on my cock, baby” 
  • “I love it when you grip the sheets like that princess, it shows that no one can fuck you as good as us”
  • I feel both of them would be into marking; Seongwoo loves leaving hickeys on your chest and collarbones while Daniel is more of a inner thighs guy 
  • they both love it when you wear lingerie 
  • and also blindfolding or handcuffing you and just do whatever they want to you
  • after care always comes in the form of cuddles and taking naps all tangles in the sheets 
BTS: dating Namjoon would include

▪ though he’s very intelligent, he wouldn’t know how to approach you about his feelings at first 

 ▪ ofc since they’re so close, the other guys would have to push him and tell him to go for it 

▪ he’d be hesitant bc of his job, and he knows once he confesses, there’s no going back 

 ▪ but he’d be so elaborate and plan the most romantic way to tell you 

▪ ofc involving the other idiots, but they’re just there to record everything and for moral support 

▪ and jin standing by with a fire hydrant bc we all know how clumsy this boy is 

▪ but they’d all cheer and squeal once you tell him you felt the same way

 ▪ so now get ready for all the teasing in world 

 ▪ this man would just pick up his phone to call you, and suddenly all 6 of them are breathing down his neck 

 ▪ “are you calling y/n, hyung? Is she coming over?” “Tae stfu, she’s not playing with you or jungkook" 

▪ you two can never be in the same room as them I swear 

 ▪ you’d have to be at least 10 feet away from each other to avoid the smirks and whistles from those dummies

 ▪ but when you’re all alone, he’s the softest teddy bear ever 

 ▪ you feel so safe wrapped up in his arms as you’re listening to music 

 ▪ but he also likes it when you’re the big spoon 

▪ bc for once it feels like he’s letting go of everything and just relaxing

 ▪ you being super impressed with his English, and asking him to speak it for the majority of the time 

 ▪ cooking for you when he has free time and making it super romantic

 ▪ you having to remind him to be careful whenever he goes somewhere

 ▪ bc this boy will get run over by truck while he’s taking pictures of something that he saw 

 ▪ so clumsy smfh 

 ▪ but it’s cute when he’s got food all over his face and you have to wipe it off 

▪ he’ll kiss you after and laugh while saying he wouldn’t know where he would be without you 

▪ you kissing his dimples and him blushing 

 ▪ you constantly being in awe of his brain and smarts 

 ▪ morning cuddles

 ▪ him pulling you by your legs when you try to get out of bed 

 ▪ getting really flustered and happy when you cheer him on during their performances 

▪ and always making sure to blow a kiss your way 

▪ while the others cringe or swoon 

 ▪ him really appreciating that you look after him, even when it’s little things like reminding him to eat or telling him to get some rest 

 ▪ sometimes you’d take his glasses off and kiss him to stop him from overworking 

 ▪ sitting you down on his lap as he’s showing you new music that he’s been working on

 ▪ so much skinship when you’re both really comfortable around each other

 ▪ leaves his hand on your leg when you’re sitting next to him in public, and drawing patterns absentmindedly 

▪ your biggest supporter and loves everything you stand for 

 ▪ pls love this boy for me 🤒

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hiya vivi, have you seen that one older vampire au where the s/o is mad at their s/o and puts on a bunch of silver to keep them at a distance. imagine binu where eunwoo is sitting at a mirror just putting on all the jewelry he owns and when bin whines about what he's done wrong eunwoo is so passive aggressive and is like nothing at all. "babe what are we eating for dinner" "italian" "BBY COME ON"

dshlfkajdhfs hi i’m sorry this took so long but i thought of this in the shower today and started laughing really hard this is pure fluff

  • eunwoo thinks bin has to be the snuggliest vampire ever 
  • never mind vampires, he highkey thinks bin is the snuggliest boyfriend ever
  • the moment eunwoo gets home from work?? bin’s clinging to one of his limbs
  • the moment eunwoo finishes preparing dinner?? bin’s backhugging him and dragging him to the sofa and peppering him with small kisses
  • and eunwoo whines a little about it every day because who can prepare their meals with an over-grown man-child-who-happens-to-feed-off-of-blood clinging to him????
  • ???? not eunwoo 
  • do vampires as a general population even cuddle?? eunwoo wants to ask or is it just bin?????
  • except today 
  • today is weird
  • bin’s calmly lounging on their sofa when eunwoo gets home
  • no hugs, no kisses
  • eunwoo sneaking a peek from where he’s chopping ingredients in the kitchen 
  • bin flipping through channels like eunwoo isn’t even home????
  • ???????
  • eunwoo calling out for bin to come help him get the onions out of the fridge 
  • bin sliding into the kitchen and humming and handing eunwoo his onions
  • and at this point he’d usually backhug eunwoo and hum into his ear and ask how his day went 
  • eunwoo narrowing his eyes at bin
  • eunwoo: “no kisses?”
  • bin humming and beaming at eunwoo before sliding back out into the living room with no response 
  • eunwoo: ?????????????
  • ngl, he already misses bin’s skinship
  • sure, it made stuff like chopping vegetables and stirring noodles hard and he complains about it but 
  • eunwoo sulking a little and finishing up his meal prep and setting all his ingredients on the counter
  • eunwoo going into the living room and settling himself next to bin on the sofa, arm to arm and leg to leg
  • bin just stopping himself from melting into eunwoo’s touch 
  • he wants to wind himself around eunwoo, he really does but !!!!
  • eunwoo complained yesterday about how he couldn’t do the dishes with bin’s arms wrapped around his middle and bin’s nose in his neck
  • and so today bin has Resolved to Keep His Hands Off
  • see how eunwoo likes that!!!!!
  • not that it’s working very well
  • especially with eunwoo glancing at him every minute
  • eunwoo pouting at bin
  • and wiggling under bin’s arm and doing That Pout™
  • you know
  • this one
  • bin’s heart is slowly weakening
  • he!! a vampire!!! with no heart!!!!!!
  • bin coughing and disentangling himself from eunwoo and standing up and heading into the kitchen to get some water
  • eunwoo looking at bin in slight bewilderment because what is bin doing??????
  • all eunwoo wants is a cuddle :-(
  • and snuggly bin is usually very forthcoming with cuddles but today ????
  • ???????
  • eunwoo sulking 
  • fine, two can play at a game
  • he knows bin is weak for skinship and no matter how hard he’s holding out now and no matter the reason bin’s doing it for, he probably won’t last very long without cuddles 
  • eunwoo gives it until he starts cooking dinner for bin to give in 
  • but in the mean time 
  • eunwoo going into their bedroom and changing and heading straight for his jewelry drawer
  • eunwoo pulling out a cute silver ring mj gave him a while ago 
  • eunwoo slipping on a silver chain rocky got him from his trip to america 
  • eunwoo contemplating some silver ear cuffs jinjin got him before shrugging and slipping them on too
  • if bin intends to not cuddle him then eunwoo will help him as best as he can 
  • bin walking into their bedroom to see how eunwoo’s holding up without cuddles
  • bin walking up behind eunwoo and straight into a rippling silver wall and bouncing off slightly 
  • bin: D: 
  • eunwoo: “oh hey binnie!!”
  • bin making a whiny noise 
  • eunwoo: “what’s wrong?”
  • bin pouting: “what did i do wrong???” :(
  • eunwoo blinking calmly at bin
  • eunwoo, adjusting the clasp on the silver chain: “nothing?”
  • bin narrowing his eyes and sulking 
  • eunwoo brushing past bin to head into the kitchen to prepare dinner
  • bin trailing behind eunwoo like a slightly lost puppy
  • bin pouting more as he sees eunwoo start to pull noodle packets out of the cupboard
  • it’s usually this time when bin starts hugging eunwoo but eunwoo also usually whines for bin to stop hugging him when he’s near fire so 
  • bin hoisting himself up onto the kitchen counter and just barely stopping himself from whining at eunwoo
  • eunwoo: “what’s wrong, binnie?” 
  • bin sulking because eunwoo has silver on, that’s what’s wrong!!
  • he can’t go near eunwoo!!!!
  • not that,,,, he was supposed to anyway,,,,,,
  • bin looking down at his hands sheepishly 
  • bin: “so what’s for dinner?”
  • eunwoo, humming and pulling garlic out from the fridge 
  • eunwoo: “italian?”
  • bin, retreating from where eunwoo’s holding garlic in his hand: 
  • bin, truly about to weep:
  • bin, from the doorway: “BABE, COME ONNNN”
  • eunwoo: ?
  • wow he was intending to Not Cuddle and Not let eunwoo wearing silver and eating garlic affect him since he originally meant to not cuddle eunwoo anyway but
  • but obviously it isn’t working because bin is a weakling for skinship
  • and it’s not like eunwoo can fault him!!! all bin wants is love :(
  • and cuddles!!!
  • bin: “i promise not to cuddle you when you’re cooking now pleeeeease please stop” :(
  • eunwoo: “oh, is that why??”
  • bin: ?????? :((
  • eunwoo, pouting slightly: “is that why you refused cuddles the whole time?”
  • and eunwoo’s suddenly laughing brightly and walking over to bin 
  • bin retreating further into the living room because !!! eunwoo still has garlic in his hand!!!!
  • bin, looking with slight fear at eunwoo’s hand and eunwoo laughing more 
  • cue eunwoo chasing bin around the house with a clove of garlic until bin is a giggly mess and pleading with eunwoo to stop
  • eunwoo laughing and putting the clove back into the kitchen before going over to kiss bin
  • bin wincing when eunwoo comes too close and gasping out a “silver!!”
  • eunwoo blinking and laughing and tossing off his jewelry (onto a table, because eunwoo’s actually responsible) before peppering bin with small kisses 
  • eunwoo might think bin’s the snuggliest vampire ever 
  • but really? he’s just as soft for bin’s cuddles as bin is for his 

i, too, want cuddles :(