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Dating Kim Taehyung Would Include:

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  • He’d be happy 99,9999% of the time
  • Giggle for no reason
  • Complimenting you 24/7
  • He’d love to make you blush
  • He would make sure you smiled everyday, no matter what
  • Highkey so romantic of a boyfriend
  • he’d make you breakfast
  • sometimes he’d even surprise you with breakfast in bed
  • he’d buy you flowers
  • but not roses
  • because that’s too common
  • building forts together
  • and giving your fort a cool nickname
  • so much skinship
  • i mean it
  • he’d love to be the big spoon
  • randomly comes up to you and hugs you from behind
  • likes kissing you at random places 
  • like your nose
  • he loves kissing your nose
  • when he’s away he’s texting you at all times
  • buys you teddy bears
  • and sprays them with his cologne 
  • to hug them when you miss him
  • loves it when you wear his shirts
  • he’d find it so cute
  • and would probably take pictures of you wearing them
  • speaking of pictures
  • he’d have so many of you on his phone
  • and when he’s on tour he’d show them at the boys or people he met
  • and brag about how perfect you are
  • “Ain’t she so cute? Yep, that’s my baby..”
  • brags about you a lot in general
  • because he feels so lucky to have you
  • calls you cute nicknames
  • but his favourite is
  • “My alien”
  • because it’s special
  • like you
  • Making fun of Jimin together
  • Or the other members in general
  • and them getting mad at you two
  • “You’re just mad because you’ll never have as perfect of a girlfriend as her”
  • Getting jealous and insecure easily
  • and you having to reassure him
  • and let him know he’s as important to you
  • as you are to him
  • And telling him that you’re never leaving
  • Holding him in your arms until he calms down
  • because If you let go he might break
  • Since he’s so precious and fragile

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Got7: their s/o is cuddly when they're sleepy

Jaebum:  you already know he’d be 400% down for this, he lives for your affectionate side. Even when you’re not the type who gets touchy in general, he’s really mushy when you hold onto him tightly and press kisses along his neck when you’re sleepy.

Mark:  teases you so much about it, and wonders why you aren’t like this all the time since he could definitely get used to it. He won’t say a word as you tiredly lay your head on his chest and ask him to run his fingers through your hair. Will fall asleep shortly after you do, but not before taking a couple pictures of your cute sleep face.

Jackson:  wahhhh he’d turn into a little kid and shuffle closer to you in hopes of getting some kisses as well. He’d have to restrain himself around you sometimes if you’re not a fan of too much skinship, so he’s more than ecstatic when you shower him with affection when you’re sleepy.

Jinyoung:  he’d try and hide the fact that he’s totally dying on the inside. He won’t say too much since you’re tired and is content enough just having you play with his hands and kissing his cheek every so often. He’d smile to himself and pull you closer, hoping to fall asleep after you do.

Youngjae:  he’s 10 times more clingy when he’s tired as well, so the fact that you’re extra touchy and cuddly now really makes him love you even more. Playfully asks what he did to deserve all those kisses and thanks you with that mind blowing smile of his.

Bambam:  will push you off of him to see what you’d do. He’d giggle when you throw your arms around him again, this time in a tighter lock. He never shuts up though and keeps on poking your cheeks when you kiss him, so have fun trying to keep that peaceful and sleepy attitude when you’re with him.

Yugyeom:  gets himself ready before bedtime, and sets up a whole routine before you crawl into his arms and cuddle. He’s got the snacks ready, pillows perched up on every couch and the floor, and he’s worn his special aftershave tonight. He absolutely loves that you act like a cat, basically, and when you do everything to get his attention.

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G-Dragon scenario: going to MAMA together

WORDS: 1716


So he is your boyfriend and you are dating for 3 years, you’re few years younger than him and you debuted 8 years ago. Your relationship is public and a lot of people ship you. 

You both attened MAMA awards and he is worried about you working too hard and shows skinship in public.

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Your makeup artist was just finishing your makeup for the red carpet. You were wearing short pink/white dress that matched others’ outfits too. Since you were the leader of your group you had to talk to the members and remind them of some things.
You got a call while you were talking to the youngest member. It was Jiyong. You wanted to answer, but you had to remind her to watch how she sits and not to touch her face, because of makeup. You called him back, wondering what he called for since it was the day of the MAMA show and you were nominated for a lot of awards and you were really nervous.
“Hey, what’s up?”
“Are you nervous?”
“Yeah… A bit… Like a lot…”
“Don’t worry, I’ll be there with you since our groups will sit at the same table, you are very welcome, Jagiya.”
You had no idea you sat with Big Bang at the same table.
“What?? Are you serious?? That’s awesome.”
You tried to sound as happy as you could, but you had so many thoughts about the performance and what to do if something happens. There were so many ‘ifs’ in your head you sounded really sad and worried and he could tell just by hearing your voice.
“You don’t sound very happy. If you’re worried about the performance, don’t. Because I know you’ll be great and your members are really talented so you have nothing to worry about.”
You calmed down for a few moments when you heard his sweet words.
“Thank you Jagi~ I have to go now, see you there, okay?”
You said goodbye and canceled the call. You went to the car with other members, they were all nervous so you cheered them up and told them they were great at rehearsals. You arrived at the Red carpet and someone opened the door for you. You stepped out and saw fans screaming. The other members quickly came out of the car and you walked to the MC where you took pictures and said hello to the fans and viewers on V Live. You shortly said thank you to the fans and every member did some fan service and sent hearts to the fans. That made you forget about all of your concerns.
You went in the ceremony hall. It was huge. You saw 5 different stages and so many seats you couldn’t imagine how many fans will come, you sighed and went to change your makeup and dresses in a dressing room. You saw some other dressing rooms- BTS, GOT7 TWICE, EXO, Red Velvet… and the one next to you was Big Bang. It was a little odd because they gave you dressing room right next to 2 boy groups- Big Bang and EXO. Both of them are your favorite groups.
You weren’t in a big rush so you made a video diary with the members and recorded some behind the scenes of MAMA, you also visited some of the groups where you had friends and at last, you came to Big Bang dressing room. They were all really happy that you came and Seungri loved filming with you, but he had to stop being on the camera all the time so you turned off the camera.
“Let’s take a walk, we came only a few minutes ago and we’re performing the last,” Jiyong suggested
“Just don’t do romantic stuff outside, because there are cameras everywhere, okay lovebirds?” Seungri added and Taeyang nodded.
He ignored them and you went out of the room. You walked to the other side of the hallway.
“Are you okay now” he held your hand.
“I’m just… What if we mess up? What if they won’t like us? I don’t even like this outfit, I can’t believe we have to perform in this…”
He was really worried because you started talking about how unsure of yourself you are. He couldn’t listen anymore, so he hugged you.
“You are worrying way too much. You’ll do fine. I’ll be there for you. You’re not on your diet anymore, right? You have to drink a lot of water, okay? And never ever be insecure about yourself, okay? You’re so perfect, I can’t even imagine more perfect girlfriend than you.”
You calmed down and he washed away most of your worries, you smiled and thanked him. You wanted to kiss him, but you remembered there could be someone watching you. You went back and it was time to start the award show. Together your group and Big Bang went to your tables. You saw all of the idols sitting behind you. You saw your friends from other groups and you heard your fans screaming you group name and then when you sat next to Jiyong they started screaming your ship name. You couldn’t help but to smile. It made you really happy the fact your fans were 'shipping’ you together. You were really surprised when they announced Best new female group winner because it was your group. You stood up and accepted the award and thanked the fans and your staff. You enjoyed when other groups performed and danced their choreography and sang with them. Jiyong was very surprised to see you dance so much and sing at the same time. He saw you had an adrenaline rush and stopped you.
“If you’re gonna be dancing like that you’ll be tired when you perform so just sit down and watch, okay?”
You looked at him and nodded. You sat down and he said something in your ear.
“You were really cute tho.”
You giggled and a lot of fans noticed that and started screaming even more. You were so happy that your boyfriend was so nice to you. He always cared about you and give you advice. You loved him with all of your heart and you could’ve never imagined being with someone else than him and he thought the same.
He was your everything besides your group members. You couldn’t stop thinking about him, so you forgot you were still staring at him. He shook you and you laughed, realizing you were staring at him and he smiled back.
Your manager finally came to tell you you’re performing after these 2 performances. You looked at Jiyong and he made a fist saying 'fighting’ which helped you a lot, knowing he supports you. You sent him a kiss and pretended nothing happened when you saw others were watching you.You quickly came to your stage and prepared for your performance. You performed right after Taeyeon. You are a major fan of her and her friend. The time was for you to rock the stage.
“Let’s do this shit, girls. We’re the best!” you said to your members.
They were very confident when they heard your words and then you all focused on the performance. It was a remix of your most known songs and this year’s hit. The performance was very hard, but you managed to do everything exactly like you practiced. After you finished you were out of breath and could barely walk, because you were also the dancer of the group so when others changed their positions on the other side of the stage you were dancing. Jiyong was very worried about you when he saw how you held your member’s hand while walking back to your table. He stood up when you were here and helped you sit and gave you water. You really had big wish you wouldn’t be wearing a mini skirt right now so you could sit comfortably, but if the fans liked the performance as you heard, then it was totally worth it.
“Drink more water.” he kept saying.
He saw you are really close to fainting and he was really worried when he had to leave for his performance.
“Show them who you are, okay? KINGS OF KPOP FIGHTING~!” you cheered on them and you screamed and danced their whole performance and sang with them. You like Daesung’s parts the most and you fangirled about all of them with other members. They didn’t see you were shaking from tiredness until now when it was too late.
You didn’t know what happened, you just opened your eyes and you were in the dressing room with your group, but they had to go back because you were also nominated for the next award. It was a break time so you convinced your staff and manager you were okay and to let you go at least to be there until the end.
They agreed but gave you a bottle of water and told you to drink every 10 minutes. You came back the same time as Big Bang and of course, your members made a big deal and told him about you fainting.
“WHAT? I TOLD YOU NOT TO DANCE IF YOU CAN’T. OMG JAGI.” He was angry with you for a while, but he talked pouty and cute when he was angry at you.
At the end all of the groups came to the stage and waved to the fans, then you talked with some of your friends and at the end, Seungri introduced you to Exo and you talked with them until Jiyong saw you and came to hear what you’re talking about. You said goodbyes and after that he picked you up and carried you to the backstage, making everyone scream, because the famous G-Dragon rarely showed so much skinship in public. He made you cry from laughing so hard and you had to go and fix your make up. Your members came few minutes behind you and told you how they talked with BTS and some other groups.
Although you had some problems through the day, at the end of the day you were laying in bed all tired with your boyfriend Jiyong who kept talking about how worried he was.
“SHUT UP OR I’LL SHUT YOU UP. I’M TRYING TO SLEEP.” you said aggressively.
“TRY ME~” he said back to you, making you kiss him.

Dating V would include

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Kim Taehyung
- Okay this boy
- You’d never know what to expect
- One moment he’s there then the next you turn around and he’s gone???
- Where’d he go???
- You would steal his jackets and he wouldn’t even be mad because oh my gosh you’re wearing his clothes
- He could double as a pillow/ teddy bear while sleeping
- There would seriously never be a boring moment
- Ever
- Couples clothes
- Building forts together, esepcially in the colder months
- Lazy mornings
- Lying in bed together, cuddling while it rains
- Or playing in the rain, it varies
- Whispering in the dark to each other at night
- His precious square smile all the time
- Really deep voice omg
- You’d want him to sing you to sleep all the time
- And he’d happily do it
- If anyone makes you upset you know he’s ready to fight them
- But first he’s going to hug you and make sure you’re okay
- He’d probably rock back and forth and stroke your hair to calm you down
- Best friend couple tbh
- You trip each other and wrestle
- But it turns into laughing and cuddling and cute smooches
- He looks pure but he’s a sexy lil shit
- And he k n o w s it
- That tongue
- Frick
- You think you have a date with Taehyung
- But in reality you have a date with Taehyung, Jimin and Jungkook
- You’re third wheeling on his dates with the maknae line
- Or even fourth wheeling
- Okay just putting this out there
- If you guys have kids
- He will be such a gREAT FATHER
- He’d just be so kind and loving and all tHIS WILL PROBABLY BE COVERED IN A LATER MORE IN DEPTH POST
- If you’re also weird and outgoing, Yoongi might cri bc he just wants to sleep
- But he cannot because you and Tae are just doing something
- God knows what
- Probably rapping Cypher together outside of Yoongi’s door
- While Yoongi is lying in bed with a pillow over his face
- You’ll be there for the day Tae finally gets to have his own Cypher
- (please let that day come)
- You’re really supportive him and he’s really supportive of you
- You honestly might come home to a pet goat one day
- “Tae.. what is this?”
- “A goat.”
- “Yeah but- you know what okay.”
- It’s better to not ask questions with him
- B A C K H U G S
- So much cuddling
- And snuggling
- So much skinship in general tbh
- He just wants to make you feel loved
- Have u seen his hands
- U get to hold those hands
- You’re just so lucky to have Taehyung be your boyfriend let alone be in your l i f e he’s just such a blessing
- Everyday will just be full of love with you two
- So much that the other boys will be sick of your love (secretly jealous)
- But like I said, it’s just such a loving relationship


“Why do you want to kiss me?”

“What’s wrong with kissing my girlfriend?”

Dating Minhyuk (Monsta X)

Jooheon ver // Shownu ver // Minhyuk ver // Hyungwon ver // Wonho ver // Kihyun ver // Changkyun ver //

- I associate Minhuk with candy for some weird reason

- He’d probably ask you out using a cheesy pick up line

- *holds up a bag of reese’s pieces* “You stole a piece of my heart, go out with me?” 

- Playing video games with eachother and the other members

- doing that really cute thing where you sit between his legs while he plays video games, I MELT

- Supplying him and the guys with junk food at pratice

- if you are insecure about your body in anyway, you can rest assure that he will kiss your every nook and cranny and tell you, you are beautiful

- Minhyuk can get insecure himself sometimes

- Just hold him and reassure him he’s perfect in every way

- I can imagine him trying to cook breakfast for you but burning it horribly for some weird reason

- Apologizing for burning everything by kissing every inch of your face

- A switch when it comes to spooning, but when you’re big spoon it’s mainly beause he’s upset or sick

- tickling you to wake you up

- Arguments are very rare

- Minhyuk hates seeing you upset

- But when you are mad at him you can count on him standing out side your door, waiting for you to let him. He won’t leave until you let him in.

- Firm believer of “Never go to sleep angry” 

- So Much skinship

- kisses you in public

- holds your hand in public

- hugs you in publiic


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BTS: dating Namjoon would include

▪ though he’s very intelligent, he wouldn’t know how to approach you about his feelings at first 

 ▪ ofc since they’re so close, the other guys would have to push him and tell him to go for it 

▪ he’d be hesitant bc of his job, and he knows once he confesses, there’s no going back 

 ▪ but he’d be so elaborate and plan the most romantic way to tell you 

▪ ofc involving the other idiots, but they’re just there to record everything and for moral support 

▪ and jin standing by with a fire hydrant bc we all know how clumsy this boy is 

▪ but they’d all cheer and squeal once you tell him you felt the same way

 ▪ so now get ready for all the teasing in world 

 ▪ this man would just pick up his phone to call you, and suddenly all 6 of them are breathing down his neck 

 ▪ “are you calling y/n, hyung? Is she coming over?” “Tae stfu, she’s not playing with you or jungkook" 

▪ you two can never be in the same room as them I swear 

 ▪ you’d have to be at least 10 feet away from each other to avoid the smirks and whistles from those dummies

 ▪ but when you’re all alone, he’s the softest teddy bear ever 

 ▪ you feel so safe wrapped up in his arms as you’re listening to music 

 ▪ but he also likes it when you’re the big spoon 

▪ bc for once it feels like he’s letting go of everything and just relaxing

 ▪ you being super impressed with his English, and asking him to speak it for the majority of the time 

 ▪ cooking for you when he has free time and making it super romantic

 ▪ you having to remind him to be careful whenever he goes somewhere

 ▪ bc this boy will get run over by truck while he’s taking pictures of something that he saw 

 ▪ so clumsy smfh 

 ▪ but it’s cute when he’s got food all over his face and you have to wipe it off 

▪ he’ll kiss you after and laugh while saying he wouldn’t know where he would be without you 

▪ you kissing his dimples and him blushing 

 ▪ you constantly being in awe of his brain and smarts 

 ▪ morning cuddles

 ▪ him pulling you by your legs when you try to get out of bed 

 ▪ getting really flustered and happy when you cheer him on during their performances 

▪ and always making sure to blow a kiss your way 

▪ while the others cringe or swoon 

 ▪ him really appreciating that you look after him, even when it’s little things like reminding him to eat or telling him to get some rest 

 ▪ sometimes you’d take his glasses off and kiss him to stop him from overworking 

 ▪ sitting you down on his lap as he’s showing you new music that he’s been working on

 ▪ so much skinship when you’re both really comfortable around each other

 ▪ leaves his hand on your leg when you’re sitting next to him in public, and drawing patterns absentmindedly 

▪ your biggest supporter and loves everything you stand for 

 ▪ pls love this boy for me 🤒

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Tae was straight up manhandling Yoongi this episode!! I couldn’t get enough!! And it’s a must to come to tumblr right after watching so I can see all the beautiful Taegi gifs that I can only dream of making….. 

Massage {FLUFF}

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You knew yourself how tiring can be doing a show, not that you were an idol but being a supporting dancer can teach you a lot of things when you accompany them on their shows. The rush, quick outfit changes and all the screaming coming from the audience can put some pressure on them to push themselves to the limits of physical pain, you had put yourself through that kind of pain too for many times.

You knew Hobi wasn’t alright the minute he went off the stage - his face was showing all that he was feeling. You could see his back muscles incredibly tense under his tank top. He was pushing himself for almost three weeks without stopping, with stadium shows, rehearsals, and TV shows. No one would put such a great effort on things like Hoseok does and for that, you were proud of him.

You cared a lot for him, even thought you were just friends. You felt like your feelings for him were a one-sided love and because of that, you never told him anything.

“Nam, can I come to the dorms later?” you asked his leader.

“Hm, sure, Y/N. But we’re going out for dinner, only Hoseok and Jimin will be home…”

You agreed with him and then went to join the rest of you dance fellows to go back to BIGHIT so you can do a report of how was the show and leave the costumes there. A few hours after you did that you went to BTS’ dorm to talk to Hobi, being greeted by Jimin.

“Hoseok?” you asked him.

“At his room. He was so tired that didn’t say a word since we came home… that’s a record.” Jimin replied you, going to his own room and locking himself there.

You knock the door twice, but he didn’t reply so you entered the room. It was dark, with only the table’s lamp light to spread some light on the room. Hope was lying on his bed, still awake but too tired to move.

“Take your shirt off,” you said, sitting by his side and looking for something inside your bag.

“WHAT?!” he said, surprised “You want me to get naked.”

“No, you silly… I will make a massage on you.” you shook your head and he sat straight “I know you’ve been too tired and as a good friend, I came to help you…”

He didn’t argue with you, taking his shirt off and making you hold your breath with the vision that was his naked torso. He’s just too pretty to be real.

You took an oil you usually massage your feet with, after your dance rehearsals and put a few drops in your hands, rubbing them on his back. The feeling of his warm skin under yours was amazing and he started to get relaxed as soon as you touched him. You never had so much skinship like that.

“This is… hm… really, really good…” he was saying while you were massaging his neck, undoing all the knots.

You were smiling while he was almost moaning. You knew how to treat a dancer, being a dancer yourself. Half an hour later, you had ended the massage. Hobi cleaned his back with his towel and then handed it to you so you could clean your hands.

“Hm… Y/N?” he asked, while you were up cleaning your hands.


“That was quite…”

“Good?” you completed.

“No… erotic,” Hobi said and you were surprised for him being so close to you, still shirtless.

You felt your body heat increase while the distance between you two was decreasing.

“Hobi, I…"

“Y/N, now that I know that you can take good care of me and that you do great massages, I can’t let you do this to anyone else… I’ll make you my private massagist.” was what he said before kissing you furiously, pinning you against the wardrobe and making you wrap your legs around his waist.

“Holy shit…!!!!!” you heard a high pitched voice coming from the door as the lights went on. Jimin was standing there. “My eyes… I don’t think they’re pure anymore…”

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Hello beautiful:) can you write a scenario for me? When you love pda and do it for your boyfriend mingyu when you hang out with the boys and he told you to stop and you stopped even in home and he feel bad about it. Hope it make sense. Sorry for my bad English. And thank you for your hard work;)

Thank you so much for requesting! Sorry it took so long! I hope you like it! 


You moved about the kitchen, immersed in perfecting a new recipe and listening to some of your favorite songs. You hadn’t heard the door open and close nor had you heard your boyfriend call out for you as he kicked his shoes off at the door. You gave a small jump when his hands found themselves on your waist.

“Hey beautiful.” He greeted as he leaned in for a kiss. You smiled at him.

“How was practice?” you asked, putting your headphones aside.

“Boring after you left.” He said, picking at the leftover bits of carrot on the cutting board and popping them into his mouth. Mingyu kept talking about the new choreography, but your thoughts were drifting to earlier. You’d stopped by to bring Mingyu and the boys some snacks.

“Mingyu!” you squealed excitedly as you wrapped your arms around your boyfriend in a big hug. You buried your face in his back, inhaling his scent and squeezing him. You felt his body tense under you and looked up to see the slight blush rising in his cheeks.

“Hi Jagi.” Mingyu said while he patted your arm, a smile on his face as he wiggled from your grip. You smiled anyway and greeted the other members who’d come up to say hello. They playfully nudged and poked at Mingyu before thanking you for bringing food and fighting over who was going to get what snack.

“Have you eaten yet?” you asked, reaching for his hand.

“No, not yet. Thanks for bringing us snacks.” He said. “I’ve got the best girlfriend ever.” You smiled, reaching up to push a few strands of hair out of his eyes. He subtly pulled away from you, his height enabling him to duck away from your reach.

“Could you please not do that?” Mingyu asked quietly.

“Do what?” you asked, genuinely caught off guard.

“Could you not be so…touchy?” he asked.

“Are you listening, Jagi?” Mingyu asked as he reached for another carrot. You hadn’t been listening.

“Of course I was listening.” You said back. “Don’t eat that, dinner is almost ready.” You said. You quickly made two plates and handed one to your boyfriend.

“Thank you.” He said, leaning in to kiss you on the forehead. You enjoyed the feeling, but pulled away first. Mingyu looked at you with a confused face. You smiled encouragingly and moved past him to the table to eat.

Mingyu, being a big fan of movie dates, had brought home a new movie for you to watch. Once you’d both eaten and had placed the dishes in the sink, you both moved to the living room. You sat on the opposite end of the couch and tucked your feet under you. Mingyu looked over at you, his face blatantly confused. You smiled over at him and turned your attention back to the screen.

“You wanna come sit over here by me?” he asked, extending his arm out to you.

“I’m okay here.” You replied.

“But I can’t touch you from alllllll the way over there.” he whined. When you didn’t respond, Mingyu moved towards you with a look of concern. “Are you alright, Jagi?” he asked.

“I’m fine.” You said, forcing a smile on your face. Mingyu looked dumbfounded and scratched the back of his head. “Are you sure?”

“Mhmm.” You said. Mingyu cautiously picked up the remote, as if you might spontaneously combust any second, and started the movie. Every time he tried to touch you, to hold your hand, or even to scoot closer to you, you gently rejected his advances.

“What’s the matter with you?” Mingyu asked halfway through the movie.


“Something’s wrong.” Mingyu insisted. “Did I do something? Please just tell me what’s wrong.”

“I’m fine. Honestly.” You said.

“Then why can’t I touch you? Every time I try, you shrink away from me.” Mingyu asked. You bit your lip sheepishly.

“Well…you told me to stop.” You said. Mingyu’s face went blank, as if he couldn’t comprehend what he’d just heard.

“No I…when did I…?” he asked.

“Today, before practice, you didn’t want me to kiss you.” You explained slowly. “You didn’t want to hold hands, you didn’t want to hug me when I left. You told me not to be so touchy.”

“Jagi,” Mingyu said, drawing out the word as he reached for you and pulled you into his arms.

“I just got embarrassed. I’m not used to so much skinship in front of the rest of the guys.” He tried to explain.

“So…you’re embarrassed by me?” you asked, trying to clarify.

“NO! No, it’s not that at all. I swear!” Mingyu said. He kissed your lips, as if hoping his kiss would relay what he wanted to say but couldn’t find the words. “I didn’t mean to make you feel like I was embarrassed by you. I just…” he stopped to try and word his next phrase carefully, taking both of your hands in his. “I’m just not comfortable with public displays of affection. But that doesn’t mean I’m embarrassed by you or that I don’t love touching you or you touching me. I’m sorry if I didn’t make that clear.”  

“I thought that maybe I’d done something wrong.” You said, the relief washing over you. Mingyu smiled and brought the backs of your hands to his lips.

“No, I’m so sorry.” He said, pulling you closer and kissing you on the lips again. “You know I love you, right?” he asked. You smiled and nodded. “And that you make me the happiest guy on the planet?” You nodded. He smiled back and kissed the tip of your nose. “Good.” He said, pulling you back with him so that you could lie on his chest while you two watched the rest of the movie. You snuggled up to him happily, enjoying the warmth of his body against yours.

SHINee: being best friends with Taemin

•  first of all, you’d have been friends since childhood
•  he’s really not the type of person to befriend someone quickly, he just seems like the type to have trust issues and have a hard time getting close to someone
•  so you’d be of the few people he tells everything to
•  having a compitition to come up with the cheesiest nicknames since you were kids
•  him always winning bc he’s a dork and it’s so endearing
•  you always being in awe of how hardworking and passionate he is
•  like he gets so excited to finally share whatever new secret projects that he’s been working on
•  and asks for your opinion
•  teaches you the dance routines to his songs and cheering you on even when you fail
•  becoming pretty close to Kai
•  and third wheeling sometimes to dance studios
•  but who’d mind tbh
•  if he finds out you liked Jongin, this boy would make it his mission to get yall together
•  and jumps at the opportunity for his best friends to fall in love with each other
•  so sometimes you’d have to pull him away from his work bc he’s stressin HELLA
•  going to the park at midnight to just relax and talk about stuff
•  breaking down in front of you when things just get too tough
•  and getting mad when someone or something makes him upset, bc he deserves the world, and nothing but the best for his perfect self
•  never wanting to leave your side when you’re sick
•  bc who else is gonna cheer him up
•  he’d deal with all of the snot and the coughs, and pats you on the back and assures you it’ll get better
•  having weird traditions like making a wish at 11:11 when you’re together
•  and never eating the crust of the pizza
•  people actually thinking you’re dating bc there’s so much skinship
•  but it’s just natural to the both of you
•  plus he’s used to you always clinging on to him randomly
•  and him always placing kisses on your cheek to cheer you up
•  and annoying people by calling each other ‘baby’ or ‘love of my life’ or 'my other half’
•  taking selfies when wearing your crazy colored contacts with him
•  matching socks for every holiday you can imagine
•  trying to cook together when he’s free
•  you can never prank the other members anymore bc they’d always see it coming
•  buying toothbrushes and mini tissue packets when he’s traveling
•  bc you know he always forgets, and he’s always so thankful
•  just memes being memes together for life 💑

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Boyfriend Jaehyun

this was requested by @why-cody , hope you like it !! ~

  • shit this is going to get too serious because we can all agree that jung jaehyun is boyfriend material af
  • im so happy you requested this
  • and im even happier that i’m writing this
  • okay let’s start

  • you’d probably be working at a cafe or something like that ,

  • and he’d be a regular there that never failed to catch your attention
  • because he’s the definition of perfection honestly ?
  • everytime he comes he’d smile at you
  • you guys chatted a few times before on a few occasions
  • he probably hit you up a few times before with smooth af pick up lines
  • but back then you weren’t too into him so you brushed it off as a joke
  • you missed so many chances girl why
  • “ Has anyone told you what’s wrong today ? ”
  • “ No .. why ? ”
  • “ Good , because there’s nothing wrong ”
  • and you laughed it off and thanked him but didn’t think that much
  • until one day he did it again ,
  • “ Would you like to fill up a survey for me ? It’d be really quick ”
  • and you’d agree because you wanted to help him
  • and when he passed you his phone ,
  • you’d blush like mad and smile crazily ,
  • because he handed you his phone with the ‘New Contact’ screen open
  • that night he messaged you and the both of you chatted for hours
  • and eyebags could be seen on each of your faces
  • and both of you would laugh it off when you saw each other at the cafe
  • and you’d probably get ticked off by your manager because instead of taking orders you were talking with jaehyun
  • he’d wink at you and shoo you back to work while he sat at his usual seat , staring at you
  • one day he’d go to the cafe just 30mins before it closes ,
  • just to wait for you to end work so he could take you out
  • “ Jae i thought you weren’t coming today , why’re you so late ? ”
  • “ I’m waiting for you to end work , i have somewhere to take you ”
  • “ Oh shit give me like fifteen minutes more i still have things to finish up ”
  • “ It’s okay , take your time , i’ll wait for you ”
  • and then he brings you to the restaurant you told him you wanted to try out very badly just two weeks ago
  • he even reserved a private table for the both of you ,
  • ordered the dishes you liked ,
  • and treated you like a queen
  • you’d get suspicious and ask him ,
  • “ Jae why are you doing all these ”
  • “ For this special day .. ”
  • “ … special day ? …. ”
  • “ Yes Y/N , i’ve had feelings for you since a long time ago .. Are you willing to be together with me ? ”
  • you’d stare at him without saying anything because you’re too shocked and couldnt comprehend anything he said
  • but after awhile you’d smile and nod your head
  • and he’d smile like a child , his dimple showing
  • then the waiter serves you a cake and you’re like ????
  • how long did jaehyun take to prepare all of this ??
  • okay this guy would show you off anywhere ,everywhere
  • he probably went home that night to call all the other members to tell them about the relationship
  • and soon enough the whole neighbourhood knows the both of you are together
  • because he’s always holding your hands when you’re out together ,
  • his arms around your shoulders or waist
  • and if you were standing alone doing something he wouldn’t be afraid to backhug you and place his head on yours
  • he LOVES skinship so much i cant even
  • probably lots of teasing and jokes ,
  • mainly because he loves seeing you flustered and laughing ,
  • and it puts a smile on his face too
  • “ there’s a bee behind you babe don’t turn around ”
  • and you’d literally freeze in your seat with your eyes widened
  • and he couldn’t help but burst out laughing - “ you’re so cute baby , i cant even- ”
  • when you smacked him back he’d continue laughing , trying to catch his breath
  • and you’d just sigh and end up laughing with him too
  • he loves complimenting you though
  • you could be brushing your teeth in the morning with your messy hair and face,
  • and he’d still hug you and call you pretty
  • when he’s jealous , he gets really really protective
  • he’d probably have a really straight face and he’ll keep you behind his back like you’re his child
  • and when the both of you are finally alone again he’d kiss your forehead because he’s glad nothing happened to you
  • when you’re sad he comforts you and takes care of you no matter how wrecked you were ,
  • he might sing you songs and make some silly jokes for you
  • lots of kisses and hugs !1!1!
  • they’d would cheer you up so much because he just has that positive vibe ??
  • but when he’s sad he gets really quiet , unlike his usual self
  • he’d talk to you about it and ask for advice ,
  • because he needed your words and encouragement the most
  • people are legit jealous of the both of you because y'all are like the perfect couple
  • cause like couple fights hardly ever happened - like not even once ??
  • how is that possible y'all
  • he fetches you to and from work everyday without fail
  • and as a supportive boyfriend ,
  • he orders multiples times a day to help boost the cafe’s business
  • like he’s so sweet why
  • he loves hugging you to sleep ,
  • and waking you up with kisses
  • and have i mentioned you’d be blessed because he’d cook for you everyday ?
  • and you’d be so fascinated by his skills
  • when you tried to help , he’d make you do the basic things
  • like cutting and peeling the ingredients
  • because no one disturbs chef jaehyun when he’s cooking , he gets all serious
  • he’ll shower you with love and affection 24/7
  • he’s the sweetest and most caring boyfriend you’d can find basically
  • i’ll stop here before i switch lanes to Jaehyun
  • gotta stay loyal to mark

I lowkey forgot about this series, OOPS oh and I’m working on a mark scenario that’ll be up later so look out for that ;) I've also written up a few prompts for new scenarios whoop whoop. Also thank you so much to the people who are supporting me and enjoy my writing, it honestly means so much to me :”) AND! HAPPY TEN DAY!! hes 22 but he acts 5 and i love him sm :”)

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“Yoongi always pets Hobi, touches his legs, teases, and pokes him. there is so much skinship and it just looks natural. They aren’t doing it for the camera. They always seem like they are in their own little world and don’t realize they’re being filmed ❤”

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Topp Dogg: hugs/cuddles

P-Goon: he doesn’t seem like the type to be into too much skinship, so I feel like if yall are in public then his hugs would be short and simple. Not bc he doesn’t wanna hug you longer, he just wants to save these private moments when you’re all alone. So ofc he he’d love to cuddle all up on you and be a teddy bear when he wants to.

Hojoon: would keep his hugs simple and to the point also, but if you were just around your friends then he’ll get a little more clingy- an arm around your waist, laying his head in your shoulder, playing with your hands, all that stuff. He’s so soft and squishy and cuddles with him are the best. He’ll hold you super close and keep you super warm and gives you little Eskimo kisses every now and then.

Sangdo: v v affectionate when he wants to be…which is always. But sometimes he’s gotta hold back bc he doesn’t wanna seem too touchy in public. He’ll only hug you if he hasn’t seen you in a while, and there’s people around. But when you’re cuddling with him, he refuses to let you go. His whole body is intertwined with yours and you’re not going anywhere anytime soon.

Nakta: ahh he’s so complicated, I feel like he really would be into hugs no matter who’s around, but other times he might be too shy. But cuddles with him are so chill and relaxing and yall never say anything. He just pulls you to his chest and tucks you under his chin until you’re both sitting in comfortable silence.

Hansol: this kitten does not a give a single heck who sees him hugging you or being affectionate with you. He’ll probably do it to piss them off anyway lmfao he loves you and wants everyone to know. He loves it and you’re the big spoon and hold him in your arms. He’ll wrap his legs around yours as you hold him to your chest and play with his hair.

B-Joo: kinda reserved with hugs and touching in public, so don’t expect too much. He’ll do it when there aren’t many people around or too many people to notice yall. Would let you do whatever you want when cuddling with him. Snacks? Games? TV? Whatever you want, you got it. He’s just content with you laying on his chest and breathing in your scent.

Xero: like Hansol, really doesn’t care who sees him hugging you. But he actually won’t even notice other people, his main focus is you. He’ll come up behind you and wrap his arms around your torso and peck your cheeks. Cuddles with him are so nice bc yall just sit and talk and kiss each other and he’ll be complimenting you till your socks fall off.

A-Tom: he’s hella wild and too crazy to care what people think when yall are together. He’ll hug you whenever he wants, and expects you to do the same. He’ll turn into a completely different person when cuddling with you, he just seems so fragile and small when you hold him after a long day. All his charm and wit goes out the window when you two are holding each other at the end of the day.

Yano: lmao he? Doesn’t? Care? Literally will pick you up and press kisses all over your face or blow kisses from across a cafe just to act cute and make you smile. Also will turn into an actual puppy when you pull him in close and wrap your body around his. Will never admit it, but he always feels like he’s on cloud 9 when he’s cuddling with you.

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