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hetalia irl
  • My dad's company held a multinational meeting and he described to me what he thought of each country's team that was there.
  • British: professional, calm, only asked for tea the entire duration of the meeting and were offended when they were told there wasn't any.
  • French: came dressed in very tight pants and stayed as far away from the British as possible. Only talked about biking.
  • Scottish: interrupted the British during all of their presentations and were the only ones louder than the Americans
  • Germans: rolled their eyes every time a Frenchman or a Brit spoke. Very efficient and thorough in their work.
  • Russians: secretive, hung out in a circle at the very back of the room
  • Italians: really good looking, very talkative, did not get any work done and left the meeting 2 hours early
  • Americans: came into the office on skateboards and donuts stuffed in their mouths. Argued with the British during all of the discussions before arguing with the Scottish about the British
  • He said it was the most interesting meeting he'd ever seen.

this is oli, my terrible california boy oc who is dating @swifty-fox‘s tasos, and together they are the actual living breathing worst lmao

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Honestly, I don’t think theres any chance of Jyrus being a thing. Disney is promoting Jandi A LOT. The teasers tell me that Jandi will be a thing, and I have zero faith in disney. It upsets me a little but I think Jyrus shippers are looking too deep into it. Like, that “gay silence” in that meme is probably just normal silence. Disney sucks, so I won’t be surprised one but if they don’t even touch on Jyrus.

I’m not sure why you sent this to me when I’m a huge Jyrus shipper and will continue to be but sure I can understand doubting. I know it’s hard to have faith I have doubts too it would be a big move for Disney to take and its in no way guaranteed and they have been promoting Jandi on social media. Disney has basically no history of providing lgbtq representation so it’s really easy to say they aren’t good and it may take seeing it happen before any of us can really trust in Disney doing this.

However, we aren’t looking that deep into it.  It’s right on the surface.  As of the finale Andi and Jonah aren’t even friends after her “were we ever” speech.  And in the music video that was just released it says “you learned you can be happy without him” so why would Jandi suddenly happen in Season 2?  Are they really going from not even friends to dating to boyfriend/girlfriend in like a day because that’s not realistic.  Jonah didn’t appreciate Andi and Andi wasn’t doing what was best for herself when he was involved so the split makes sense. If you compare that to Cyrus and Jonah we have a lot more examples of them spending time together, building a friendship, Jonah on more than one occasion complementing Cyrus like the “you’re gnarly” text and how Jonah finds him so funny and makes him laugh.  They also have a mutual support and respect for each other.  Cyrus supporting the team which is very important to Jonah so much so that he “loves when he comes to the games in the vest with all the swag” and making him the team MVP.  That scene where they thank each other and hug is very significant to show how close they’ve become since they first met.  Disney could ignore all of this and take the easy way out and make Jandi happen but its just not believable and would be a big mistake.

As far as the “gay silence” gifset goes.  That scene does seem to be setting up Cyrus coming out and we know he doesn’t like Andi so what will he say?  And you can argue that Jyrus might not happen but you can’t argue that Cyrus isn’t gay.  His crush is obvious, the look back happened, the video of the cast watching the look back happened and Lauren Tom, maybe accidentally, said in an interview that Cyrus was gay. “It’s called Andi Mack and it’s very diverse and edgy for a Disney show. It stars an Asian cast, complete with black and gay best friends. Very proud of it.”

MBTI types I know

 - That One Popular Kid
 - slightly irritating in large doses
 - very extraverted and therefore scary
 - friends! everyone’s a friend!

 - literal princesses
 - would stab you if they felt like it
 - probably have bad judgement (bc they like me)
 - laid-back and intense at the same time?
 - way nicer

 - “Let’s Connect Emotionally”
 - doesn’t know what small-talk is
 - asks how everyone is Doing
 - like seriously can you just talk about fandoms and space and not feelings
 - almost perfect

 - unaware of everything
 - chill
 - doesn’t care about like anything
 - great fashion sense

 - my Nemesis
 - I’m mean to ESFJs and I’m not sure why
 - literally so confusing
 - how can you be so nice and so mean at the same time

 - too many puns
 - so many friends
 - doesn’t think they’re popular tho??
 - really nice

 - needs to chill
 - yes you’re sweet but we all know you just do it to make yourself feel better
 - would be more respected if they didn’t let everyone boss them around
 - probably Needed by the world
 - probably not Needed by me 
 - stop crying

 - soft kid
 - loves all animals
 - “if you ask me about college i’ll start crying”
 - donuts

 - chill acquaintance
 - might hate me?? might love me???
 - goals
 - disappears for extended periods of time 

 - seems to be emotional, kinda like ENFJ?
 - gets offended rly easily
 - if you don’t agree with them you are WRONG

 - Yours Truly
 - always in bed
 - surprised when anyone likes me 
 - actually a loser nerd

 - logical blessing 
 - has everything figured out
 - good at socializing???
 - introvert sympathies :) 

 - dad
 - so typical
 - dad jokes
 - tries to be nice
 - is actually a robot

 - skateboards
 - so much sarcasm
 - has no friends who are girls
 - feminist 

tfw your just a kid at the skate park and your dad makes you wear this really over-the-top obnoxious safety helmet and your just trying to be fairy-kei punk :\

mission status: SICK

dvat stridass belongs to @dannysdoodles i love him and i love your art holy moly so i hope you like this as much as i do! 

phan and dabitha 100% confirmed the same ship trust me i’m science

  • inspired by a short convo w/ @cappuchiho so this is dedicated to u chi!!!
  • hongbin is a college student and part time barista to pay the bills, but his true passion is skateboarding!!!!
  • is studying economics because that’s what his parents want him to do but minors in acting because he really enjoys character study and he can’t major in skating :( 
  • when people see him in his barista get up looking like a model no one thinks he’s a skater boy…. but then they see him zooming past in skinny jeans vans and a baggy t-shirt and they’re like “huh”
  • always has earphones and you’d think he’s blasting a kanye playlist or something but no. it’s park hyo shin
  • looks super soft and sleepy in his morning macroeconomics class in his big fuzzy sweatshirt and oversized glasses, his skateboard propped up next to him …. all the girls and also all of the guys in the class have  giant crushes on him and swoon whenever he yawns cutely

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