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  • My dad's company held a multinational meeting and he described to me what he thought of each country's team that was there.
  • British: professional, calm, only asked for tea the entire duration of the meeting and were offended when they were told there wasn't any.
  • French: came dressed in very tight pants and stayed as far away from the British as possible. Only talked about biking.
  • Scottish: interrupted the British during all of their presentations and were the only ones louder than the Americans
  • Germans: rolled their eyes every time a Frenchman or a Brit spoke. Very efficient and thorough in their work.
  • Russians: secretive, hung out in a circle at the very back of the room
  • Italians: really good looking, very talkative, did not get any work done and left the meeting 2 hours early
  • Americans: came into the office on skateboards and donuts stuffed in their mouths. Argued with the British during all of the discussions before arguing with the Scottish about the British
  • He said it was the most interesting meeting he'd ever seen.

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Yay for Fushimi with a pet owl! Owl dislikes anyone mean to Fushimi though right? It remembers all the angsty moments of Fushimi right after a confrontation with Yata. So post-rok when he and Yata are trying to rebuild their friendship Yata finds himself being stalked by the owl and random bad things keep happening to him (like maybe it poops on him or on his food everytime he eats out) until Fushimi sets it straight. Owl is cautious and protective of its Fushimi.

Fushimi’s owl is a very protective owl XD Maybe Yata didn’t even know Fushimi had an owl, like Owl was usually hanging around when Yata and Fushimi fought but it knew better than to interfere with the actual battle so it was watching from somewhere in the distance. It also got a general idea that Fushimi Does Not Like this person, like Owl always only saw the two of them fighting or Fushimi muttering annoyed things about Yata under his breath later on once he’s back at work and so it basically got the idea that Yata Misaki is someone who needs to be pecked and kept away from its precious master. When Fushimi infiltrates jungle he mostly has to leave Owl behind, like while he’s still earning his way up in rank he uses it for transferring secret messages to Munakata on occasion but once he’s underground he has no way of getting into contact with even his owl (and I just imagined the owl catching sight of Fushimi from a distance when Fushimi and Yukari are sent to convince the Prime Minister to fire Munakata, say Kotosaka goes with them and Owl is suddenly very sad and jealous because it thinks Fushimi has a new bird. Birdy betrayal and eventually reconciliation follows). As a consequence, the owl doesn’t see Yata save Fushimi and instead thinks Douhan saved him, Douhan is now on very good terms with the owl.

Meanwhile, after the defeat of jungle Yata and Fushimi are now slowly getting on better terms with each other. However Fushimi’s owl remembers that Fushimi and Yata used to fight all the time and that Fushimi always looked pained when talking about Yata and so Owl pretty much still sees Yata as enemy number one. Yata didn’t even know Fushimi had a pet owl and he probably thinks it’s so cool at first, like dude you have an owl I thought you hated birds. Fushimi doesn’t see what the big deal is but naturally Yata wants to befriend the owl and reaches out a hand to touch it. Owl immediately tries to peck his hand off, Yata’s like hey Saru your owl just tried to kill me. Fushimi initially probably finds it kinda funny, like he gets to tease Yata about how much his owl randomly hates Yata’s guts. Yata’s not so into it, like the owl keeps randomly causing chaos whenever Yata’s around and drops dead rats on his head and all kinds of things. Finally maybe Yata and Fushimi are having a night out at a bar together and the owl ends up flying in and causing a mess, covering Yata in spilled drinks, and Fushimi has finally had enough. He grabs the owl and just glares at it, Owl doesn’t understand what it did wrong. But then the owl sees Fushimi helping Yata to his feet and being all awkwardly friendly and slowly it realizes that Yata is not an enemy but an important friend. (And then the owl does a couple turn and is super protective of Yata too because after all if its human wants to protect Yata then Owl will do it too.)

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Ballet isn't as easy as it look and sounds. I can't even tell you how many foot injuries I've gone through just from an hour of practicing. Oh gosh it's even worse when your pointe shoes are dead. Aside from that I really hope you capture the elegance and stamina of the dancer :) this reminds me a bit about my bf and I because he's a skater (also an artist), well not professionally haha but as a hobby

ahh, I really hope I don’t disappoint you! researching more about ballet for this fic has made me come to realize how much I truly respect and admire ballet dancers. it honestly opened my eyes because I’ve seen so many videos and articles about ballet dancers tearing muscles or spraining their ankles and how much going on pointe really takes a toll on the body and, from an outsider’s point of view, ballet hardly seems as strenuous as it really is. trying to look effortlessly elegant while you’re on the tip of your toes looks like it’d be such a tedious and hard task and yet ballet dancers pull it off so easily. I can’t even imagine what it would be like with old/worn out pointe shoes. honestly, major kudos to you and every other ballet dancer out there!! 

mission status: SICK

dvat stridass belongs to @dannysdoodles i love him and i love your art holy moly so i hope you like this as much as i do! 

tfw your just a kid at the skate park and your dad makes you wear this really over-the-top obnoxious safety helmet and your just trying to be fairy-kei punk :\

Yes new boy alert woo woo.

Real Name: Edward or Eddy (doesn’t like to be called Edward AT ALL)
Gender: Male
Age: Died at age 28
Cause of Death: Hit by a car trying to save a dog
Personality: Goofy, clumsy, sweet, caring, foolish, impulsive
Bio: While he doesn’t look like it, Epsilon is the among the same ranks as Delta. Everyone confuses him for a stupid intern however, but he doesn’t mind too much. He looks up to Delta a lot and follows him like a puppy, much to the later’s annoyance. He can never leave someone in need, and he always sticks his neck out way too far for people.
Fun Facts:
-He likes to make little origami frogs and he puts encouraging notes in them and he leaves them on his coworkers desks.
-He LOVES dogs so much
-He likes to skateboard and usually carries his skateboard with him. It might be the only thing he doesn’t hurt himself on.
-Likes to make people happy at all costs, even if that means making a fool of himself.
-Lives on mint flavored food like its going out of style. 

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Thank you so much for the skateboarding/surfing sigils!! they're rad!!! In my local mall we have these little stands that make stickers!! ITS GOING TO BE AWESOME MY DUDE!!

You’re totally welcome m8!
That’s awesome omg! Send me pictures when it’s done!