so much shirtless i was in heaven


  • you jog shirtless past my house every morning au
  • we’re the only single people at this wedding table lets get drunk and bitch about everyone au
  • “i’m a radio host who indirectly mentions you and flirts with you on my show but you’re so goddamn clueless, please just notice me i’m so desperate for you it’s kind of sad (see: welcome to night vale)” au
  • ‘we take the same elevator every day and due to a misunderstanding I assumed you didn’t speak english and I’ve been talking to my friend about how hot you are for three weeks and apparently my friend has known from the start but you agreed not to tell me bc you both think its hilarious what the fuck’ au
  • you’ve been sleeping at mine because your house is being renovated and we aren’t even dating, yet every time you wake up to the baby crying and sigh, “i’ll go” i feel like we might as well be married
  • “you’ve been awkwardly inching your way towards the human sexuality section of the bookstore i work at for like fifteen minutes are you looking for something in particular or –?”
  • “We’re both cosplayers and we somehow always manage to meet each other at cons dressed as a popular ship and people want photos of us in compromising positions and oops now we’re kissing” AU
  • preacher’s daughter falls for a bad boy
  • “I’m in a bookshop and I really need that book can you get it for me??? Wait you’ve read that book? let’s have an in depth conversation about it.”
  • “You’re afraid that you’ll lose me in big crowds so you always hold my hand but now you just hold my hand when there’s only, like, five people around and I’m getting vry suspicious”
  • “Our dogs whine whenever they’re apart so we spend pretty much every day together” AU
  • “I walked in on your ex yelling at you so you grabbed me and kissed me  so she’d go away and I’m kind of freaked out I literally just met you last week” AU
  • “i accidentally took your laundry but just so you know you have awesome taste in underwear” au
  • the walls are really thin and i can hear everything you’re saying could you please shut the fuck up new neighbour au
  • you jog shirtless past my house every morning au
  • awkward teenage seven-minutes-in-heaven au
  • foreign exchange student au
Random things I remember from the Monsta X show last night

-the line situation was weird? But since I had seats I just chilled on the corner until they started letting people in.

-show started late, and a bunch of people (especially p3-p5) got in late

- @bukkeukgom and I’s sad yet hilarious attempt to find eachother in the crowd.

-as soon as the show started I stood up, and the girl behind me asked if I coukd sit down. LOL NO MA'AM. After the intro ended everyone else stood up so she had no choice. I’m sorry, I don’t come to concerts to sit on my ass and wave my stick.

-ILL BE REAL WITH YOU GUYS. Shocking to absolutely no one, I had a hard time keeping my eyes off Jooheon. He be doing TEW MUCH on that stage, whether its his part or not. He’s mesmerizing. Born to perform. King of charisma. Etc, etc.

-Wonho is somehow more beautiful and more buff in person

-Minhyuk really impressed me. He’s a little ball of energy and he was doing some moves that had me going OKAY THEN. He was so, so cute during his unit stage.

-Wonho destroying my entire life with his solo and having the AUDACITY to be shirtless under his jacket.

-Kihyun’s beautiful voice in my ear = heaven

-actually aww-ing outloud at Shownu’s English

-even though he’s not the leader I felt like I.M did a great job kind of taking the lead of a lot of the talking parts.

-the adorable intermission videos that gave me time to sit and rest my feet because i’m old


-“please, calm down”

-when the screen in the back was focused on Jooheon and he smiled and his dimples were really apparent and the girl next to me made a strained “uughghh” sound and I was like “girl, same”

-that one VR clip where Jooheon said “this flipping school” and everyone around me was like “LOL FLIPPING” and my boyfriend kept adding “flipping” to his sentences for the rest of the night

-everyone screaming extra loud whenever Hyungwons parts came up

And so much more. I love Monsta X.


Summary: Things take an unexpected turn when you and Wanda decide to unplug from your electronics and embrace the great outdoors [Inspired by an episode of Broad City titled ‘The Matrix’].

Word Count: 3.1k

A/N: I just wanted to write a little story about my favorite Captain. Enjoy :)

Originally posted by aphroditce

“Okay…I don’t think this a good idea,” you wheezed, skidding along the pavement on your roller skates as Wanda rolled her eyes at you, skating on the sidewalk with ease. “Maybe we should go back and call an Uber,” you suggested tiredly, your face lighting up at the thought.

Wanda halted and turned around, gliding towards you as she exasperated a sigh. “Are you serious, Y/N? We just left the apartment building,” she remarked, gesturing at the building that was only a few feet behind you. “You said so yourself that we need to take a break from our electronics and embrace the environment around us,” she reminded as you gazed around, the smell of trash and pollution filling your nose while the sounds of the city pervaded your ears. “You said that we needed to embrace nature and that’s what we’re doing now!”

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Imagine #130 Troubles speaking Spanish 

I was on my way to Spain, to meet with my sister Shakira. The difference between the two of us was the fact that I grew up in London. My parents moved from Colombia, so I was not good at speaking Spanish at all, even though my parents talked Spanish I grew up surrounded by people talking English.

Shakira lived with Gerard and they had to kids, so I never had the occasion to spend more time with the two of them, but since I just graduated, I had 3 months for myself, what better vacation then going to Barcelona.

I landed in Barcelona and Gerard came to pick me up after his training, because Shakira was at a shooting. After all this years I was still impressed how much taller he was next to me.

“Welcome back” he said as he hugged me strongly.

“Hey!” I said happy that after 5 months I was able to see this part of the family.

“How was the flight?” He asked once we got inside the car.

“It was okay, not long.” I smiled as I looked around the amazing car he had, “are Milan and Sasha home?”

“I think Milan is still in kinder garden, but Sasha is home yes.”

“So excited to see them!”

“So is Milan, he is already planning to go at the aqua park with you.” Pique laughed.

“I promised him we would go together.” I was so happy he remembered that.

When we were finally at their house I ran inside and threw my bag to go see little Sasha. He was in the kitchen, since his nanny was making him lunch.

“Sashaaaaaa!” I shout, scared the nanny but made him smile, “you are growing up so fast!”

“Welcome back miss (y/n)” the nanny suddenly said.

“Oh call me just (y/n), I’m not famous or anything.” I hugged her and then went back to Sasha to play with him.

After lunch Shakira finally came back home.

“You came!” She said excited as she noticed me in the living room. She was not alone; she picked up Milan and walked with him.


“(y/n)” he said and ran to hug me as I picked him up. However, I was not able to talk a lot with hi, since my Spanish was bad.

We all sit at the table, since Shakira and Milan had to eat and we talked for a while.

“Want to come meet Messi?” Gerard suddenly asked out of nowhere.

“What?” I asked shocked as Shakira laughed at me. They both knew I was a big fan of Messi, I had the occasion to go see a game, but never talked with anyone from the team.

“We have an extra training tonight, want to come?”

“Of course I do!” I said as happy as ever.

“But please try to stay calm” he laughed.

“Will there also be Suarez, Mascherano, Iniesta and the others?” I asked freaking out.

“Yup, everyone from the team.”

I quickly got up and ran to get ready, while they all laughed at me. Shakira kept teasing me that I must have a crush on someone from the team, because there is no reason for me to get dressed up to go watch a training.

She was kind of right, I did like Neymar and Rafinha, but I was 70% sure that Rafinha was not going to be there, but Neymar will, so to look good was a good decision.

“C’mon admit it, which one is it?” She asked sitting on my bed, while I was looking for something to wear.

“No one, I just don’t want to embarrass Gerard.”

“Yeah right!” she laughed at my stupid answer.

“Let’s think this trough. He is probably your age, so we have… Marc, but he is already a father, we have Sergi Roberto, yet he is taken, there is Rafinha, but I am sure you know he is not going to be there and then the last one is Neymar. Who is 100% your type of guy, am I right?”

“You forgot Ter Stegen and Munir tho.” I said hoping this might distract her from the right choice.

“Yeah, but I know you are not in to shy guys, plus you always root for Brasil.”

“You are so annoying already.”

“So I was right! It is Neymar!” She jumped excited.

“Neymar what?” Gerard suddenly walked inside.

“Noth…” I tried to finish but Shakira stopped me.

“She likes him; c’mon help her get to him.”

“What? No, I cannot do that. She is like a sister to me.”

“So? Make her happy.” Shakira smiled, but I was so embarrassed I wanted to get in my suitcase and travel back to London.

“Can you two stop! I don’t need you to set me up with no one. I just want to meet Messi and the team. Now let’s go.” I said annoyed and walked to his car, because it was time to leave.

While driving I was quiet, since my stupid sister just told him that I was in to Neymar and I did not know what to say. He was also a little bit confused, not knowing how to deal with it.

“So this where we can leave our cars.” He said as we got out. There was so many amazing cars, from Ferraris to Audis and many others sport cars I would die to have.

“Geri” I suddenly heard from the back, as this was not embarrassing to me enough it was Neymar the first one I got to meet.

“Ney bro!” Gerard said as the two hugged and then looked at me, “this is Shakira’s sister (y/n)”

Neymar shake my hand and quickly hugged me, I guess they get friendly quickly, I could feel my cheeks getting red.

“Neymar, nice to meet you” he said as I almost forgot how to present myself, “I’m (y/n)”

“Oh, I can hear an accent there” Neymar laughed and looked at Gerard.

“Yeah she is from England” Gerard joked, imitating and English accent, even though he was terrible at it.

“Well don’t worry I’m not excellent at Spanish either.” He winked at me, with a smile that I swear looked like heaven.

The three of us walked to the wardrobes and I walked looking at my phone, when I suddenly bumped in to someone around the corner.

“Sorry!” I said in Spanish, but then looked shocked as I noticed Messi in front of me. Shirtless.  He was not alone, there were also Bravo, Suarez and Arda.

“No problem, is she Shakira’s sister?” he asked looking at Gerard smiling, “they look so much alike. Pleaser to meet you.”

“The pleasure is all mine!” I said and leaned down, as if he was a king. Well, for me he was a god.

“No, no.” Messi laughed at he pushed me nicely to look back up at him and Neymar and Gerard laughed.

“Can I take a lunch with you?” I asked as I took out my phone, but they started laughing as if I said the joke of the year.


“I am taken you know” Messi joked, as I realized what I actually asked him.

“Oh my… I am so sorry I meant a….”

“Photo” Gerard helped me out still dying of laughter.

Therefore, we did take a photo together and he signed me a shirt I had with myself, but I felt like shit for embarrassing myself like that.

Then I waited outside the changing room, while the others were walking inside and I decided not to talk with anyone anymore, even though I wanted to take pictures with everyone from the team.

“So she is Shakira’s sister?” Mascherano asked as everyone started walking out and noticed me.

“Yes.” Gerard said still not fully dressed. As I just smiled, since that was the best thing to do after what happened with Messi.

“She might ask you out you know,” I heard Arda from the changing room and Pique laughing instead of protecting his poor family member, who was teased by the entire team.

“I have to say you are a beautiful young girl, but I am taken you know.” He joked and then walked away.

“Oh guys c’mon, stop teasing her. (y/n) stand up for yourself, say something!” Neymar laughed, and I swear I wanted to punch him in the face. I was good at understanding, but I was bad at talking and pronunciation.

“Okay, okay. That is enough leave her alone.” Gerard finally decided to “protect” me, still laughing though.

“Don’t worry; half of them were not able to greet people when they came to Spain.” Iniesta said, the only one who was mature and kind to me.

Then they all walked pass me to go and start training. I was walking behind them all so I would go sit in the corner somewhere, but I did not realize I was not the last. Suddenly someone gently bumped in to my shoulder, Neymar. He ran and looked back at me as he winked, “I was joking before.”

I thought it was cute so I smiled and then showed him my tongue as a joke and he smiled. So once I got there I said hello to Luis and sit down in the corner as I promised Gerard I would. It was funny to see all of them playing and messing around.

Neymar and Gerard were always provoking each other and laughing, it was nice to see them so connected, the entire team. However I noticed multiple times that the two of them looked in my way and laughed or just gossip about me, so I was afraid of what Gerard might have told him.

When it was over I once again decided to leave last, also because Luis talked with me a while, asking me about my studies and future. Then when all of the guys, who were walking without their shirts on, went inside their changing room I was just about to pass the door, but Neymar walked out of it.

“I was looking for you.” He said which surprised me.


“So, Gerard told me you might like me?” He said proud of himself.

“No.” I said in panic, not knowing how to defend myself, “Omg I am so pregnant now.”

And once again as I said that he burst in to a laughter. I was so confused, I did not know what I said, I thought “embarazada” meant embarrassed, but I guess not.

“Who is the father?” He asked laughing, not stopping at all.


“You said you are pregnant” he helped me out showing a big belly so I would understand. I felt so stupid and all I wanted was to go home after this.

“It’s okay, I’m bad too. It takes time.” He then said as he saw I was feeling bad about it, “but hey, I would love to have some lessons together, huh?”

“I’m okay with that.” I said happy to hear that. Maybe it was not a date, but it was something.

“Great.” He said and kissed my cheek then walked back inside.

I could not stop smiling as I walked my way to Geri’s car.

“I heard you have a date?” He said once we got inside.

“What did he say to you?” I asked excited, but embarrassed.

“That you are cute and then he asked for your number. But hey, you have to tell me if he tries something without permission okay?! You’re my little sister okay.” He said as I nodded my head, happy to see that Neymar actually asked for my number.

Quite the Charmer

A/N: I was charged with “doing the thing” yet again. The ladies of the podcast wanted some more scenes with Killian and Alexandra and this is what came out :)

Emma awoke to a constant drumming noise as she opened her eyes to the sun pouring into their bedroom. After all this time, and all of the effort to get where they were, she could finally say it:

Their. Bedroom.

As she slowly came to, she realized the drumming that woke her was the sound of Killian heartbeat, thrumming against her ear. At some point in the middle of the night, she curled into the nook he created on the ride side of his body, his chest turning into a pillow for the remainder of the night. It’s cadence almost lulled her back to sleep, but she knew she needed to get up. She cocked her head, looking up to his face. Seeing him so relaxed without a care in the world made her heart swell. This man had given up so much for her, and wanted to be a better man who was worthy of her love. How could she not love him?

Careful not to disturb him, Emma disentangled herself from his embrace, lifting his arm up slightly, and placing it gently back down on the bed. Thankfully her bed wasn’t very noisy (she said a silent “you’re welcome” to the neighbors), so crawling out of it didn’t cause him to wake. Only in her green underwear from last night, Emma grabbed Killian’s long-sleeved dark navy shirt and threw it over her head. She opened the door quietly, leaving it open a crack. Emma padded down the hallway to the stairs, and almost ran towards the kitchen. Emma needed her coffee, and needed it now.

As the grounds became liquid and poured into the coffee pot, Emma was lost in thought about how utterly at peace she felt in that moment. That was, until she was startled a pair of arms wrapping around her, causing her to scream.

“My apologies, lass. I didn’t mean to frighten you.” Killian tightened his hold around her,

“Could you at least wait until I’ve had my coffee before sneaking up on me like that?” she joked, trying to will her heartbeat to slow down.

Killian kissed the back of her head. “Far be it for me to between you and your true love: Starbucks.”

Emma turned in his arms, gave him the “you want to continue this?” look, and went to grab the pot. “Coffee has been in life for many years, through good times and bad. But recently, there’s been this other man in my life…”

Killian’s eyebrow rose. “Do tell.”

“Well, he’s very sure of himself, a big fan of leather…and is pretty damn good in bed.”

He smiled, holding out her favorite tumbler for her, and asked, “Is that so? Well, I have it on good authority that he is just as good out of bed as well. Sofas, floors, kitchens…” he winked.

Emma took the tumbler from Killian’s hands and poured herself a steaming cup. “Good to know. And even though I would love to see if these claims are true, we have to get ready. Ashley and her family are coming for lunch.”

“Oh that’s right! What is that you told me about little Alexandra?”

Emma rolled her eyes, knowing Killian just wanted her to repeat that bit of information. “Ashley said that after the morning in the diner, Alex couldn’t stop saying, ‘Hook.’”

The shit-eating grin that came up Killian’s face made Emma want to kiss him and slap him at the same time. “What can I say? Blondes love me.” That statement did earn him a slap on the shoulder. “Quit abusing my person!”

“You like it and you know it,” Emma said, sticking her tongue out at him.

“If you do so with your tongue, I’d say that is a much better form of punishment…”

“Haven’t even finished my coffee and already he’s thinking with his dick,” she quipped as she took another long sip of her hazelnut heaven. “If you want some, I would get it now before I finish it all.”

Killian walked over to the coffee pot as Emma took in his shirtless form, only dressed in his tight black jeans from the night before, the fly not done up completely. He poured himself a helping into his “Like a Boss” mug (a silly housewarming gift from Henry), and grabbed the bottle of rum tucked behind it, adding a splash of liquor to the coffee. Emma smiled over the top of her tumbler as the both took long swigs.

“How about I make us some breakfast, Swan.”

“Mmmm sounds great. What’s on the menu?”

“Pancakes, of course,” he winked.


Hours later, Ashley, Sean and little Alexandra were at their house, having a hearty lunch of homemade grilled cheese and tomato soup. Alexandra ended up getting more of the soup on her pale blue dress than into her mouth, much to the frustration of her mother. Ashley picked up her daughter and escorted her to the bathroom in the hopes of saving the dress momentarily.

Killian looked over at Sean and said, “That lass you have there is adorable.”

“She really is, but there are some days that Ashley and I just need a break, you know?”

“Well, if you ever need any assistance…” Killian offered.

Sean was actually quite taken aback at his suggestion. “Are you serious?”

“Of course.”

Emma leaned over to Sean and whispered, “Alex isn’t the only one who found a new friend.”

Sean s just smiled. “In that case, I will tell Ashley about your offer.” Killian nodded his head. They heard Ashley call for Sean in the bathroom, so he left the table, leaving Emma and Killian alone.

Emma just looked over at Killian, a slight blush creeping over her face. “Are you ok?”

“Of course, Swan. I do apologize if I went ahead with this plan without speaking to you first. It’s just…” Emma took his hand in hers and rubbed her thumb across the top.

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s just with us living together now, and starting our lives together, I just felt something I never felt in a long time: wanting a family of my own.”

Emma’s heart fluttered. She would be lying to herself if she wasn’t thinking the same thing, especially after seeing him with little Alex in the diner. When he smudged the whipped cream on his nose and made those funny noises at the gorgeous blonde child, all she could see was him doing that to another blonde child, but one that has his gorgeous blue eyes. Trying to keep her emotions in check, Emma placed her palm on him cheek, leading his forehead closer to hers. “Killian, there’s nothing to be sorry about. In fact, I’ve kind of been thinking the same thing. I wasn’t ready when I had Henry, and there will always be that lingering feeling of not being worthy enough to stay with, but you have shown me time and again that you aren’t that kind of man.”

Killian’s voice cracked. “Swan…Emma…”

“Yes, Killian?”

“You’ve already given me so much, I would feel like the luckiest man on earth if you―”

“I want to start a family, Killian.” They as their foreheads parted, lips met in a kiss that could only be described as the start of a new beginning. “But we have to wait until later. We still have guests.”

“Too right, love.”

Just then, Ashley, Thomas and Alex came back into the kitchen. Ashley had a worried look on her face. “Emma, Killian, is there any way you guys could watch Alexandra for a bit? Clorinda just rang; she’s in labor, and I need to be with her.”

“Of course! Go on, we have everything handled here!” Killian practically pushed them out the door, leaving them with little Alex. Killian held onto the girl in his arms, brushing her hair out of her eyes. “Now, my little charmer, what do you say we have some fun with your doggie?”

If watching Killian play with a stuffed dog didn’t pull at her heartstrings, seeing him cuddle up with Alex on the couch, reading Henry’s storybook did. He recited them with such passion; Emma got lost in the stories as well. By the time they were about to get to the story of Charles and Leia, she noticed that Alexandra had fallen asleep on his lap. He quietly closed the book, and sat there watching the little girl sleep. As much as she loved seeing him with Alex, Emma just couldn’t wait until they were able to start on theirs.

As soon as Ashley and Sean came to pick up a sleeping Alexandra, and the door to the house was shut, they christened the kitchen.

(9 months later, their little bean Cocoa Ava Jones was born)

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150320 Unite The Mic Fancams

Just a list of my fancams from yesterday’s concert to share with you all! Unfortunately I didn’t get much of San E’s performances, but I got some clips of Jay Park and Ailee! I used my iPhone since it was the best I could get, so sorry if the quality isn’t that good. ;;


- I Will Show You

- Heaven 

- Singing Got Better 

- U & I

Jay Park:

- Girlfriend


San E:

- Body Language