so much sexiness in one picture

So I’ve had this idea for some superhero lesbian romcom type story that I dont have the skills or focus to really develop but man do I want it.

Main POV is on the hero character. She’s terse and high strung in that vulcan “im calm and collected and cool outside but eternally screaming on the inside” way. Overthinks Everything.

Her main nemesis is some catwoman style jewelry thief who GLEEFULLY lives up the “ridiculous sexy villain” aesthetic. She’s gonna be comfortable but that doesnt mean she aint gonna look GOOD because these tiddies DESERVE to be appreciated via a cleavage window.

This is almost entirely why the hero has dubbed this mostly harmless thief as her nemesis like who fucking does that some of us are trying to do respectable work while she goes around feeding into EVERY sexy cliche I hate it so much I keep this picture of her to remind me of how much she annoys me and sleep with it every night.

Anyway. Hero one day sees her Nemesis in a mundane setting like at work or a coffeeshop and recognizes her INSTANTLY (reason 3 she’s annoying: actually thinks a dainty black eyemask is a DISGUISE)

Hero is like “hooollllyyy shit holy shit it’s her jfc she is FOLLOWING ME she’s trying to PSYCHE ME OUT!! Well ill show her im gonna go over and pass some hints that im on to her shit!!”

Goes over and is bamboozled when Nemesis is just all “oh hey i was wondering when you’d stop staring and come talk to me ;)” and next thing she knows theyre sitting down and having coffee together and then it hits her.

Not only did Nemesis not recognize her (of course she didnt because SOME OF US know how to do a disguise with voice changers and all) but she is now on a date. It’s a good date. Nemesis is flirty and cute and oh no she runs a charity organization for street kids fuck thats where the money all goes oh no oh fuck

And then dates?????? keep happening??????????? but moonlight chases across the city also keep happening????? Hero is Very Confused and Conflicted and it’s a constant hilarious comedy of errors of her almost coming clean on who she is then chickening out and in a constanr state of lowkey existential crisis.

All leads up to some scene where theyre doing the Hero and Villain thing and Hero cant stop from flirting hardcore and laying it on thick (bc she is now starting to warm up to this whole catsuit and titty window look she sees the benefits)

Only to have Nemesis go “oh honey thats sweet but im not gonna let you off easy for it. Also I have a girlfriend anyway”

Cue another lowkey existential crisis of being stuck between “I JUST GOT FUCKIN REJECTED BY MY OWN GIRLFRIEND????!?” And “holy shit she called me her girlfriend and turns down people for me oh my god ❤❤”

Plot twist: when she finally comes clean over breakfast Nemesis is like “oh thank god i was wondering when you’d say something because pretending I didnt know was getting too old to be fun anymore, like I caught on around our third date, anyway you want some more pancakes?”

Whipped…boyfriend!!! (PT4)

Y/N likes to think everything had gone back to normal after that dreadful morning. Harry hasn’t touched the subject, and he seems to be doing fine. She likes to think everything is okay, maybe he was just having an unpleasant day and there’s no point at even asking about it and upsetting him all over again. But she can’t erase the image of his body racking with sobs, eyes pleading and repentant. 

She wants to be able to get past it, but her mind keeps going back to how she’d cried silently while he was in the shower. How every minute that passed, sat alone on his couch, all she could think about was that there was a possibility that when Harry came out, he would tell her that he couldn’t anymore. He’d break her heart with words of ‘still wanna be your friend. We can still be best friends, like we were b'fo’.’ But it wouldn’t be like before.

She wants her mind to forget his gasps of ’m'sorry, love. M'so so sorry.’ But it’s like they’re forever etched into her brain. And every time she looks at his sleeping body next to her in the morning, it’s all she hears, those words.

So no, everything is back to normal in terms of appearances, but she’s been having an inner battle with herself that hasn’t let her sleep at night.

It’s been about two months or so since Harry’s breakdown. They’ve kept to their daily routine; breakfast, work, the occasional surprise lunches, and dinner among other things; but they don’t talk about it. And it’s like when she tries, Harry diverts the conversation to how thrilled he is to start Dunkirk promo, and of course Y/N can’t press the subject when Harry’s got a wide smile on his face, happy to recount and retell moments on set.

And though she still couldn’t forget about it, she’d enjoyed breaking routine, especially for the beautiful scenery that was a wedding in Hawaii. Harry had been a ray of sunshine. He had introduced Y/N to the few amounts of people that hadn’t met her yet. Some of them were interested enough to ask how Harry, a lad who didn’t often engage in proper relationships, had managed to pull such a beautiful lass. Y/N admits she’d gone a light shade of red at the comment, never one to confidently accept compliments, and Harry just wouldn’t shut up about her after that. Not until Y/N playfully slapped his arm after he’d brought up how she’d made him think she was going out with some other bloke, blatantly lying to him to his face.

He’d played about with a sweet little girl who’d taken a liking to him, boop'ing her nose and faking having tripped over something when she was chasing him, letting her tag him only for her to end up trapped in his arms. And she loved seeing him so content.

She loved the short stories everyone had to tell about a too drunk Harry who cuddled anyone from a friend, to a plant he thought was a friend. 

She can’t deny that she’d loved that he was showing her off too. Especially when his friends would make a comment about how whipped he was, which only made him smile wider as he kissed her hand (and she’d squirmed and giggled because his stubble did tickle some). 

It’s safe to say that by the end of that trip, everyone and anyone who’d watched Harry mindlessly kiss Y/N’s temple, arm slung around her shoulder whilst talking with his friends, were convinced they were it for each other. 

She had never really attended a wedding with him before either. And she realised that there was something about getting to see him in that setting that had her wanting exactly that for them one day.

So one can only imagine Y/N’s excitement when Pixie’s invitation arrived. She’d jumped at the idea of going to Spain, and being Y/N, Harry couldn’t deny her that. 

And now here they are. Watching the sun set over beautiful waters; rays of orange and yellow and blue adorning the sky. 

It doesn’t take much to convince Harry for a picture. All she really had to is smile at him and he was putty in her hands.

“Say cheese.”

“Wanna look sexy." 

"Harry! Just, show me those pearly whites." 

"Jus’ take the picture, love.” He’s adamant. 

“Harry.” Her tone monotonous, a hand at her hip like it as she glared at him, a smile playing at her lips.

“Wanna look cool, babe.” He chuckles.

She rolls her eyes, huffing jokingly and holding the phone up horizontally.

And though he’s not exactly smiling, Y/N can’t think of a better way it could’ve come out. 


Today is nothing short of a fairy tale for Y/N. Her arms around Harry’s necks. And Harry’s hands on her waist, swaying to none other than “Song Bird.” He takes to whispering the lyrics to her ear, and he can feel Y/N’s smile widen when she buries her head in his neck. 

Harry likes to think he’s a good dancer, even though he tries to abstain from any. But with Y/N, it’s different. He’d only halfheartedly tugged his hand back from hers when she’d tried to pull him up and off his seat, smile much too sweet to actually deny her of a slow dance. And although usually he has to have some amount of alcohol in his system to confidently show any of his moves off on the dance floor, Y/N has him spinning her around gracefully.

When the song nears the end, Harry gives her waist a squeeze before pulling away and taking her face in his hands, firmly pressing his lips to hers in hopes he could convey and express every ounce of love he was for her in that small gesture.

“Ye’ look beautiful, pet,” he whispers, lips grazing hers, pouting just the slightest for them to meet in a chaste kiss, “always look beautiful.”

“You’re too much,” she giggles, fingers wrapped around his wrists.

Harry can only press another kiss to her mouth, too drunk on love to care about anyone watching. 


Harry and Y/N are sat back at their table now. He’d groped at her hip and plopped her on his lap after the ninth song when Y/N began to complain about her feet hurting from walking around all day in heels. He’d moved her hair to fall over her shoulder and kissed across her back and at the exposed flesh of her neck. They stay like that for a while until he pats the side of her thigh, at which point she moves to her own seat. Silently, he gestures for her to lift her legs, and then grabs her ankles and brings her feet to lay on top of his lap. One by one he unstraps and slips off her heals and proceeds to dig his thumbs into the dip of her foot, alternating between the two. And Y/N can’t help but look at how her boyfriend’s brows furrow in concentration, the tip of his tongue peeking out from the corner of his lips as he works to ease the tension in the muscles. She hums at the touch, Harry smiling in accomplishment, and squeals when he starts tickling. 

“Went from a whipped friend to a whipped boyfriend! S'a step up Harold!” Grimmy pats his friend’s back, a lopsided smirk with a clear intent to insult plastered in his face.

And it’s certainly not helping that he’s helping her strap her heels back on. But again, he doesn’t mind being whipped.

It wasn’t the first time tonite that he’d made the remark either. He’d made it a game actually. The first was while they were conversing with Lou. Grimmy had cheekily strolled past them with a smirk and whisper of ‘whipped’. The second, Y/N was at the fruit bar helping herself to a plate, and Harry kept feeding bits into her mouth as she went about picking what she wanted. He’d offered to take her plate back to the table while she reached for the cutlery, and though Grimmy might have not meant for her to hear it, she still caught the faint ‘whipped’ directed at Harry. The third had been the most embarrassing, at least for her. They had been chatting to an elderly couple, the husband retelling of a vacation he’d surprised his wife with only to find out that cruises weren’t her cup of tea when she wouldn’t come out of their suite bathroom because even though it was smooth sailing, her tummy just couldn’t handle it. At one point Harry had perfunctorily brought up their intertwined hands and pecked at Y/N’s knuckles. Grimmy had, yet again, silently walked up behind them and sing-songed ‘whi-hipped’, at which point Y/N swung her arm around, overestimating her aim, and socked him where she thought would have been his shoulder but was really his neck. Harry had doubled over in laughter at that. Even the wife whose eyes had gone wide couldn’t hold back. After that, Grimmy didn’t bother him any, only playfully shot her a glare when their eyes met.

“Nice t’ see ye’ too, ass.”

Despite his comment, Grimmy leans down to press a kiss to Y/N’s cheek. “I’ll take tha’ as an invitation t'sit down with m'favourite couple." 

"Grimmy’s just jealous he’s got no one to rub their feet." Was it childish that Y/N stuck her tongue out at him? Maybe so, but that’s how their friendship works.

"Oh no sweets. Even if I did m'not touching anyone’s stinky feet.” Dry humour’s always been Grimmy’s specialty.

“Ye’ really are a catch mate,” Harry jabs, taking a swig from his water bottle. 

Grimmy narrows his eyes, “s'tha’ the same outfit ye’ were wearing not even two weeks ago, 'arry?”

“Heyyyy!” Y/N chimes, scolding Grimmy with the sternest face she could pull, “s'my favourite suit of his.”

“Yeh, s'her favourite suit of mine,” Harry mocks. And they all laugh.

After that, any intention Y/N had of staying sober went out the window the second Grimmy came up with the brilliant idea of a game where they’d have to take a shot every time George kissed Pixie. 

You’d think she’d turn it down after the last time she’d gotten sloshed and the fact she’d vowed to take it easy when she did decide to drink. But Grimmy had called her a ninny because ‘s’okay if ye’ can’t handle ye’ liquor, babe.’ And even if she couldn’t, which she thinks they both know he’ll probably end up the winner, she’s certainly not gonna give him the satisfaction of not even trying.

But now, looking back at it, 6 shots in and already feeling it, Y/N really should’ve known better, should’ve thought before hastily agreeing. Of course the bride and the groom are expected to share kisses various times throughout the night at their wedding party. And it was so like Grimmy to demand they kiss every ten minutes, Harry laughing and nodding his head in amusement, or disapproval, Y/N’s not entirely sure at this point.

But she does have to admit she’s having a grand time dancing to “The Time of My Life.” Harry dancing circles around her with his arms up, mouthing along and shoulder shrugging to the beat, an immense smile on his perfect face. She throws her head back in amusement, laughing lively. 

She secretly thanks the heavens that Harry isn’t partaking in any drinking, choosing to stick to water, allowing her to use him as leverage whenever she begins to stumble. 

“Okay, think she’s had enough, Grim,” the comment comes when Grimmy tries to hand Y/N another drink, only for Harry to take it himself and set it at the edge of the round table, away from Y/N who’s got her head on his shoulder and is beginning to fully lean into him from exhaustion. 

“Oh, poo, you’re no fun.” He sticks his tongue out at his sober friend before excusing himself when it’s announced that it’s time for cake.

“Feeling a'right, pet?” His thumb rubs circles on her palm where their hands clasp atop his thigh. 

“Hmm.” Her hooded eyes open a tad slighter when she feels his lips press a kiss to her head before pressing his cheek against her hair. "Yeah. Need to use the bathroom though." 

"C'mon, then.” He takes her hand into his, careful in helping her up, his free hand at the small of her back to steady her.

“M'fine, babe.” She smoothes out the wrinkles on the skirt of her dress and grabs her purse from the table. 

“Ye’ sure? Don’ mind going with ye’." 

"I’ll be fine.” And the giggle emitting from her mouth when she pecks at his exposed chest can’t be any more endearing. He watches her walk past tables of guests, a breath of relief to see she’s good on her feet despite the amount of alcohol she’s consumed.

He sits back down, singlehandedly undoing another button on his shirt as he brings his arm to rest on the back of the chair Y/N was just sitting on. 

And then…

Harry never thought he’d be seeing her face again. It took him a while to control his paranoia, his hyperactive mind conjuring up what he thought to be every possible scenario in which Y/N finds out about what he did. But not this one. 

It catches him completely off guard, his body stiffening at the sight. What throws him off even more is when she spots him and begins making her way to him.

The closer she gets, the farther he wants to get away. 

“Didn’t think I’d be seeing you again.” Her voice sends shivers down his spine. She’s looking at him with…desire? It’s all unappealing if he’s being honest. It feels like she’s trying to lure him in, the way her eyebrow is raised, eyes a bit squinty as she struts closer. He’s making it clear he’s uncomfortable, and if she realizes this, she doesn’t show it, and it doesn’t halt her either.

How was he to know she was a childhood friend of the groom? He’d never seen her at gatherings before that unfaithful night, but in retrospect, he too is guilty of going an endless amount of time without talking to his childhood friends. Harry thinks this is the universe’s way of punishing him for not coming clean. 

His brows furrow in concern. Y/N will be back any second and he’s sure she’ll ask who this woman standing before him is. And it could go one of two ways. 

Harry can introduce her as a friend, but that’d be betraying Y/N on a whole other level. Introducing the woman he slept with to his girlfriend. But he can’t do that. He won’t.

Or. Or what if this woman has the audacity to bring it up. What if Y/N finds out in the worst way possible. 

His hands are sweating in his pockets, body tense. 

“Left so early that morning. Didn’t even stay for breakfast.” The smug look on her face has Harry’s tummy twisting, and he really wants to slap her hand away the second her fingers make contact with the fabric of his suit, fingers running over at the lapel.

And he should stop her right there, but his throat is dry and he’s afraid the second he opens it to add how much of a mistake it was and that he has a girlfriend, is the moment Y/N over hears the conversation.

“You’re a good fuck, you know. Best I’ve ever had." 

He knows she’s trying to get a response out of him, anything that might assure her that he’d had a good time too. 

But he’s not able to get anything out when he notices her stare trail behind him.

"Harry.” Her voice just above a whisper, the sound of heels clicking against the ground growing closer.

No. No no no no. 

RFA React to MC looking at Them like They’re the Entire Universe and More in a Photo

ok so this sounds like a dumb scenario but i just took a picture with a few friends of mine a couple hours ago and in the picture i’m looking at my boyfriend while laughing and it looks like i’m in love with him (which i am) and also like he’s my entire world and more so i wanted to make this a scenario of sorts idk man

if you all like this enough i could do v + saeran and possibly vanderwood but it really depends haha. that’s all for now please enjoy!

-y'all went to a fishing trip with the RFA that saeyoung suggested as a way to get ‘closer’
-yoosung was really excited because he got to spend time with some of his favorite people ever as well as you!!! what else in the entire world could he have wanted more than that??
-so you two packed up what little essentials for fishing you had and headed out for the day
-when you finally got there most of the time was spent trying to explain to jumin that no, he couldn’t pay someone else to do this for him and then at other times helping calm down zen after a fish came too close to his 'precious’ face
-even though there were moments where jaehee looked like she was about to kill saeyoung for throwing a fish into her lap it was a fun time
-to commemorate the day together y'all decided to take a picture together with your phone
-while saeyoung was focusing the camera yoosung said something funny that made you burst out in a small fit of giggles while staring at him
-before you could even prepare the picture was taken and you felt yourself grow embarrassed at the outcome
-everyone was smiling and doing cute lil hand poses but you
-you were definitely smiling but you weren’t looking at the camera, instead you were staring at yoosung with this sparkle in your eye that caused a deep red to cover your face
-“the way she looks at him, it’s almost as if though he’s her entire world and more.” jaehee said while hiding a small smile
-“get you a girl that looks at you like MC looks at yoosung.” saeyoung said while choking back a small laugh
-“wow! look at mc you guys, looking at yoosung like she’s in love with him!” zen continued on with a small smile
-“maybe she looks at him like that because they are in love??”
jumin said in a confused tone, obviously not catching onto the jokes
-a few of the members groaned at jumin’s obliviousness as they looked over at yoosung who was smiling at the picture on your phone fondly
-you peeked at his face while trying to calm the violent blush painting your features
-“it’s funny you’re looking at me like i’m the universe and more, when you’re even more than that to me.”
-cue everyone literally blushing and internally dying at how precious their youngest RFA member still is
-yoosung now keeps that photo framed in his office, even after years of taking it, just so he can be able to see your precious face looking at only him like that

-aight so this man loves taking selfies
-it didn’t take you that long to figure that out
-at every moment of every day you were together he would come up to take 'unexpected’ pics of you
-but he was a fool! after a week of surprise selfies you got used to it, and could now strike a cute pose to match zen’s beauty in every picture
-one day y'all were just having a normal rehearsal dinner with his cast when zen (who else would it have been??) declared they should take a group picture that he could post on social media to hype up the release of the musical
-so everybody agreed and begin to come close together to take the picture
-zen unexpectedly put his arm around you and said something along the lines of “smile, my beautiful princess”
-so ofc you were all smiley and blushy while looking over at him
-before you even had time to snap back to reality the flash went off and the picture was taken
-everybody was passing around zen’s phone looking at the picture making vague offhand comments about 'the look in mc’s eyes’ when it finally got to you and zen
-zen stared at it for a second, a wide smile pulling at his features before he looked over at you with a small blush painting his cheeks
-“what??” you finally said
-“look at the way you’re looking at me babe.”
-he handed you his phone and you looked over at yourself
-your eyes were all glazed over because of the flash and a warm smile was on your face all while you stared at a gorgeous zen smiling at the camera looking like the most beautiful man in the world
-“ah, true love.” a co-star commented
-you were beyond embarrassed!! the way you were looking at zen was so precious and whimsical and god it was just so embarrassing
-“do you really love me so much that you look at me like i’m the entire night sky babe??? aahhh that’s so sweet of you. it makes the beast inside of me awaken just a tad-”
-he has the pic as his profile picture on all his social media accounts, each one zoomed in onto your face and eyes, staring lovingly at his gorgeous face

-you guys rarely took pictures together since y'all were so busy with the cafe all the time
-but today was a special day!!
-it was the one year anniversary of the cafe opening and you saw it necessary to take a picture to commemorate such a big milestone
-jaehee was a little hesitant but agreed on the terms that some would be professional and others would be silly
-so y'all set up a camera on a stand and put it on a timer and started taking a bunch of silly pics together, some of them being professional
-you didn’t realize even realize it but at one point all you were doing was laughing at jaehee trying to push all her hair out of her face
-when the little photo shoot of sorts ended y'all went into your shared apartment and started looking over them together
-the first few were cute, just mundane peace signs and sweet smiles
-then at one point jaehee’s bangs went in front of her face and you looked like you were dying of laughter
-towards the end of the of the pictures there was one particular one that jaehee looked at for a long time
-it was one where she was laughing while tucking her hair back into place and you were smiling fondly while looking at her with such a loving gaze
-she blushed and said nothing and just continued on to look through them, commenting now and again just how silly some of them were
-the picture was never brought up again but a few weeks later you found out jaehee had not only put it up as her profile picture in the chat room but also printed a copy and stuck it neatly on your bedside table
-you didn’t say anything about it but every time you saw it you were embarrassed but also a little glad to know that it was clear to see just how much you loved her

-the only pictures that are ever released the public of you two are serious ones or ones of you both looking absolutely gorgeous while getting off your private jet or coming home from the airport
-but there have been dOZENS of pictures of you that jumin has always kept hidden from the world and all of his friends
-pictures only he could ever see.
-these pictures were usually taken during silly photo shoots, a small thing you both did every month
-you let him try to take pictures of you just smiling and he struggles but he’s trying his best to capture your cute lil poses stop teasing him!!
-most of the time you’re the one taking pictures of him struggling to do a peace sign but other times you take pictures of you both doing cute poses or kissing one another
-one time v offered to take pictures as a way to celebrate your wedding anniversary and you both agreed because v was a close friend and jumin wanted a chance to see his beautiful partner in wedding attire again
-so you two began doing the photo shoot with serious and sweet poses
-one photo was of jumin tipping your chin up to meet his gaze
-another was of him wrapping his arms around your waist and laying his head on your shoulder and there were dozens of others alike to those two
-but then in some you both were making stupid faces to each other and then finally, in the last one jumin said something that made your heart curl
-“i love you with all my heart mc, i wish i could marry you over and over and over again, just so i could see your precious face smiling at me while i slipped the ring onto your finger. is that selfish of me? i hope you feel the same, my love. let us spend the rest of our lives together, a life that will hopefully be filled with all your silly jokes and faces. things i fell in love with just as much as i fell in love with you. happy anniversary darling, i love you.”
-you were on the verge of tears and had no words to even explain what you were feeling but you just let out a small chuckle while staring lovingly at him while he looked over at the camera
-next thing you know the flash went off and you were now going over all the pictures together with jumin
-all of them were absolutely gorgeous (what else did you expect of v mc??) but your favorite had to be the one where you were sticking your tongue out at jumin and he was doing the same to you
-his favorite was the very last one
-one where you were looking at him with so much love in your eyes he could practically feel it radiating off the camera
-though you were embarrassed you were really happy
-he soon after put the picture everywhere he could
-in his office, in your office, in your bedroom, in a giant portrait right above the sofa
-though it was embarrassing it made you happy so it was alright

-he has like a thousand and one pics of you on his phone but little to none of you both
-all the pictures he has of you range from you in sexy lingerie to a bad angle of you sneezing while brushing your teeth
-he loves all of them just the same though
-one day he wanted to do a cosplay photo shoot with you which you agreed to since most of the time it was fun teasing each other back and forth about just how short your maid skirts were
-so he set up a camera you didn’t even know existed and immediately started posing all cute and such
-you tried to follow his lead but fell behind after a while and just stood back basking in all of his cute and over the top poses
-at one point all you were doing was laughing while he made the most ridiculous 'sultry’ faces he could at the camera
-when it was over you two stayed in your costumes and went over the pictures
-you couldn’t stop laughing at all his silliness and he couldn’t stop laughing because you were laughing!!
-it took forever because of your constant giggles and chuckles but you both made it through all of the photos
-you caught what was just a glimpse of one more photo which was just of you smiling at saeyoung while he side eyed you, a smile of his own pulling at his soft features
-you felt your heart leap in your throats as he wrapped his arms around your waist and kisses your forehead
-“thank you, mc. i’m really happy.” was all he said as he pulled you closer towards his torso
-you hugged him back and you both stayed there for a while, just embracing one another silently
-a few weeks later you came into your shared bedroom casually, almost missing the giant portrait of you two that was covering up an entire wall
-“yeeesss honey??”
-“why, why is there an entire wall covered in a picture of me staring at you.”
-“because the way you were looking at me was just so cute i couldn’t just let the opportunity of your cute smiling face pass by so easily!! look at you!! look at me!! look at our outfits! this is the best picture we’ve ever taken together.”
-“oh. saeyoung?”
-“i hate that you are the love of my life so much.”

idonotagreebitch  asked:

Hc about MC who has soooooo much trouble to get up from bed? Like she needs 12h of sleep and she is so ded when she must wake up at 7 and only RFA can wake her up but its so hard because she keeps falling asleep and they must watch for her she won't do it again and when they finally wake her up she's in bed for next 30 min. And when she finally gets up she is soooo slow and guys must do her hair because she is so sleepy and she is ALWAYS late for work? Lolol please I want to read this so much

Once he notices, Saeyoung times MC on her off days to see;o_O wow, you really…. thought this one through. Are you okay?


  • These two never get out of the house on time
  • Okay, between school, LOLOL, and other things, it took Yoosung a good… two to four years before he realized how bad it was
  • Like, he knew that MC had trouble getting out of bed, but it took Yoosung having a regular sleep schedule himself to figure that out
  • Yoosung experimented to see what exactly was the best way to get her up
  • He tried feeding her and giving her coffee in bed, but she’d eat while dozing off, then thank him and curl up to go back to sleep
  • He tried setting five alarms for her, but she just turned all them off while still half asleep
  • Yoosung even considered splashing water on her face, but he didn’t do that because he realized that was a really stupid idea
  • In the end, he asked if MC had seen a doctor about all this, as it didn’t seem normal or healthy, and it turned out she had and was fine
  • In the end, they figured out a morning routine together, and it mostly consisted of them scrambling through all the necessities in the last half-hour before they had to leave
  • These two are a mess in the mornings, but a joy in the evenings


  • Jaehee is on top of this
  • Once Jaehee knows all MC’s morning obstacles, she makes sure that MC gets to bed early enough that she has enough time to get up and go through her routine
  • In the morning, she always has coffee ready, and is never afraid to help MC get undressed and into the shower
  • And redressed, as MC wanders out of the shower dripping and naked, searching for coffee, if she doesn’t
  • Before Jaehee got a routine down, she occasionally had to help MC eat and once spoon fed her cereal
  • As thanks for taking care of her in the morning, MC takes care of worn-out evening Jaehee everyday


  • He picks her up and carries her to the table on more than one occasion
  • Zen may not be able to cook much, but at the very least he can cook breakfast
  • So he gets them both their coffee and breakfast ready everyday, then helps her get dressed (usually while planting kisses on her to try to motivate her)
  • When she falls asleep at the breakfast table, sitting up or face down, he sometimes takes pictures because she’s so cute
  • Zen would totally help her into the shower, too, and if she’s too sluggish that morning, he’ll help her bath ;) (it’s really not that sexy, but he can’t help laughing sometimes)
  • The one that Zen can’t understand is why she goes to bed so early, but still can’t get up by herself in the morning


  • Upside to being married to Jumin, she can take her time
  • Maybe they rarely have breakfast together, but she’s able to take all of her sweet time getting up and out of bed
  • However, Jumin figures out a routine with her that helps her wake up faster so that, when he does have time off, they can spend as much time as possible together.


  • Once he notices, Saeyoung times MC on her off days to see;
    • How long she sleeps
    • How long it takes her to get out of bed
    • And how long it takes her to be awake
  • He treats the whole thing like a science experiment, and once he has all the necessary data, he sets up a few tricks
  • First, he makes sure that all clocks set themselves forwards two hours at midnight, so that it goes off when she sets it, but its earlier than it needs to be, thus giving her extra time to wake up, then they reset at 10am, by the time she’s already gone. It also works to scare her out of bed if she’s slept for longer than she meant.
  • Then, he has Meowy ready, if he’s not there, to help MC by doing a little dance for her and playing music until she gets out of bed
  • And the coffee maker is set on a timer so that it automatically has fresh coffee brewed and ready by the time that she is up
  • Basically, he uses technology as their mutual best friend
Sexy texts

To be honest, and I’ve mentioned this before, I’m a huge fan of keeping sexy pictures to give as treats. Most every Sunday, I’ll get in some cute undies or outfit and set up a self timer next to the window in the afternoon when the light is great. I’ll take a whole bunch in different positions, different lingerie, etc. I pick through and save my favorite ones. I export them to Keepsafe so they aren’t blatantly on my phone. Then I wait for good times to distribute.

I usually send Racecar 4-5 at the start of the week with well wishes. We don’t see each other much so that’s the least I can do. I send one when I’m frisky to Travel Daddy or a series when I know he’s on a business trip. And usually a couple days before asking for a favor. Tequila sent me money yesterday for my STD test ($200) so I sent back a thank you with a topless pic as a treat.

All of them don’t include my face and I clear the data on them. I wouldn’t care if one ended up on the internet, I look good! And to be honest, it makes me love my body more! I usually end of with my vibrator after because I get turned on by the idea of voyuerism.

And old dudes LOVE that shit because they never had it growing up. I like to keep various ones locked away in my Keepsafe app when I need to ask for a favor or say thank you so I can train them that a favor for me, is a favor for them.

They all have different responses too which is funny. Racecar always says I’m gorgeous, beautiful, so sensual etc. Travel Daddy tells me I outdo myself… every single time. And Tequila is less descriptive with hot or sexy. But they all say it drove them crazy whenever I see them in person.

I just love you that much // Alex Ernst Smut

Pairing: Alex Ernst x Reader

Requested: yes “ Hello! Could you do an Alex Ernst imagine? Where the reader is really famous and Alex and her are dating. The reader is doing a show at the Staples center and Alex and the entire squad go watch because they love seeing her perform and all the girls are like talking about how good the reader is doing and stuff like that! Also could you add some major Alex fluff??💗 “ -unknown

Plot: You’re a famous singer, you’re dating Alex. You have everything you’ve ever wanted in you life. As you’re about to go and do your show in Staples center something happens …

Warning: swearing, fluff, kissing, sexy talk etc.

Word count: 1 918 (shorter than I expected)

Age: +15

A/N: I’m back again and posting as often as I can. I’m planning on doing a Q&A day every Thursday, posting at least one story every week and just being more active in here as my blog is literally growing everyday and I want to keep it that way. So follow me for more smuts, imagine oneshots etc Enjoy! xox

I do not own that picture! Also I just made up those song lyrics so there’s that.. :D xx

Sometimes I think, why me? What did I do to deserve this? All my success, all my friends, my family, my fans and of course me loving boyfriend. He’s really and angel. He’s always so supportive, protective, loving, sweet, sexy and so much more. I really love him.

We’ve been together for a year now and it has been nothing, but amazing. We met, when Liza started dating and my music career basically exploded. I’ve been friends with Liza since like we were maybe 10 or so. I moved here, to LA and I had no friends, but her so she introduced me to her friends and that’s how I met Alex.

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anonymous asked:

New MM Blogs..? HELL YES!!<3 SO EXCITED! Hope everything goes well.~ Onto the Ask, How would the RFA+Searan+V(Sorry if that's a lot of people....) React to Finding out MC Is Like a Super Tall, Gorgeous, Curvy Model?~ Thanks!!=^v^=


  • Can you say “Power Couple”????
  • Because the two of you will really be unstoppable
  • For real though, when you first meet him on day 7 he thinks you’re someone from the agency
  • Nearly faints when you reveal yourself as MC
  • “No way… MC? From the chatroom??”
  • He ascends to another plane lowkey; he’s met an angel and he wants you to believe it
  • Does kinda get insecure around you sometimes but for the most part he just loves loving you
  • and so many couple photoshoots omg


  • Oh no, he’s super insecure around you
  • Seriously, constant feelings of inadequacy
  • Especially since he’s an inch or two shorter than you, more when you wear heels
  • He’s nervous when you take him to one of your photoshoots
  • All these people are so gorgeous, how could he possibly measure up??
  • You quickly put that to rest when you kiss him hard in front of everyone
  • He’s shook but he’s proud to be yours


  • He’s used to being around beautiful women, and he’s prone to ignoring them
  • So it’s not your beauty that catches his eye
  • But once he falls in love with you as a person, he can’t ever stop admiring you
  • You’re not trashy or artificial like those other women- you have this natural beauty
  • And although he can’t blame others for wanting to capture your beauty
  • He does get jealous
  • HELLA jealous


  • More than anything she’s blown away by the combination of your femininity and confidence
  • Being Jumin’s assistant taught her to suppress a lot of that and she really admires it in you
  • She’s never been one to ogle at “sexy” women in public
  • But your body is like art to her
  • Art that rivals even Zen’s
  • And as far as your business goes, she makes sure to protect your career as fiercely as she does with Zen’s
  • She’s your #1 fan now


  • Your SNS profile gave him a nosebleed
  • Like with so many other things, Seven has internet stalked you to hell and back
  • And he is counting down the days until he can meet you in person
  • He can’t concentrate on his work, trying to imagine how much of those pictures were photoshopped and how much was natural
  • So when he does meet you, OH BOY
  • Is even that 쌍꺼풀 real???
  • Admires you from afar though, just because of the circumstances of your meeting


  • He doesn’t really have a standard for traditional beauty
  • But even he can see that you’re drop-dead gorgeous
  • This man’s emotions are very complicated and so are his feelings towards you
  • On the one hand he wants to indulge in you and your beauty
  • And fuck your brains out
  • But on the other hand he feels very strongly that he doesn’t deserve you
  • The result is that he spoils you senseless


  • To him, you are a piece of fine art and you need to be treated that way
  • Holy shit does he treat you like a princess
  • He’s got the dough so he uses it you buy you nice things
  • And, of course, he is always always asking to take pictures of you
  • You’re by far his favorite model
  • And he always goes with you to other photoshoots
  • He likes chatting it up with the other photographers- a lot of them are even his friends
  • All in all a perfect couple

anonymous asked:

Hi, can you do either a freezy or minter imagine where they do a "exposing __ phone" and y/n has a sexy/naughty picture and the guy sees it and gets a boner?

This was really fun to write! I got slightly smutty with it but not too too much (you’ll see what I mean ;p) I really hope you like it!! Sorry if it’s no good, like I said on my last one I’m sure I’ll get better the more I write these (:

. . . . . .

“(Y/n) you ready to film?” You heard Simon call out to you.
You wouldn’t usually be in the boys videos but you lost an odds are so you now had to film a video with Simon
“Yeah Si I’ll be right up” you yelled back to him as you were going up the stairs in the sidemen house.
You walked into his room and he had everything set up already. You took a seat in the chair right next to him. “So what’s the video?” You asked him.
“Exposing our phones, If that’s okay with you?” He said.
You nodded in agreement. “Yeah that’s fine I don’t think I have anything to hide on here” you laughed pulling your phone out of your pocket.
Simon got up and turned the camera on. “Yo guys what’s going on! ” Simon started. “I’m here with my good friend (y/n) and today we are EXPOSING EACH OTHERS PHONES!”
You weren’t expecting him to get that loud towards the end so you jumped a little bit making him look at you. “So dramatic” you said looking at Simon then at the camera.
A bit of time passed and you guys were about half way through with filming. The picture you had just picked for Simon to explain was a good one so you both were still slightly laughing. Simon stopped laughing and froze and you looked over at him.
“Simon? What is it??” You asked.
His eyes were so wide they looked like they could fall out of his head at any moment.
You grabbed your phone out of his hands and…
“Bloody hell” you said shocked looking at the naked picture of you on the phone
“Uhhm care to explain that one (y/n)??”
“Simon that… I I meant to delete that I didn’t know that was in my phone” your cheeks felt like they were on fire you were blushing out of such embarrassment
Simons cheeks were pink as well.
You had accidentally glanced down at his basketball shorts. There was a bulge. It took you a second to process what had happened. You then realized…. Simon was hard. But not only was he hard, he was hard from the picture of you.
“Si you’re uhm…” You said.
“Alright well that’s it for today’s video thanks for watching don’t forget to subscribe and see ya” Simon quickly mumbled to the camera and got up and turned the camera off.
You got up too and walked towards him.
“Simon I swear if I knew that picture was there I would have deleted it”
“(Y/n) it’s fine” Simon said. He couldn’t face you for two reasons. Reason one he was still hard and reason two he was embarrassed.
You knew this situation should have made you uncomfortable, but it didn’t. Simon was your friend but you had always liked him more than that. You never said anything about it because you didn’t want to risk losing your friendship with him.
“Simon, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about you know” you said reassuringly.
“If you want… I could help you?” You couldn’t believe you just said that.
Simon turned around “what?” He said.
You still shocked that you suggested that just responded with “nothing.. I probably should start heading out.”
What you didn’t know was that Simon felt the same way about you as you did him. He grabbed your hand and gently pulled you closer to him. He placed his right hand on the side of your face and his left on your hand. He pulled your face into his and placed a kiss on your lips.
You felt like you were melting into him.
With his left hand he brought your hand over to his hard on.
You craved him and he craved you.
*Really loud crashing noise from downstairs*
The noise startled you both so you two quickly pulled apart
“What in the hell was that?!” He said
You both run downstairs to make sure everyone’s okay and see Josh and Vik on the floor laughing while cleaning up a mess over something they had dropped while they were filming.
Simon looked at you “can we maybe continue what we were doing another time when we’re alone? I really enjoyed where we were getting at” he whispered to you.
“Yeah, I’d like that” you said with a cheeky grin.

Things I adore about Changkyun
  • His nickname is ‘cave boyx
  • Always apologises for not being able to communicate well but he’s actually really great at speaking, both Korean and English
  • He’s the ‘hawkeye’ x
  • He said one of his positions in the group is to ‘look old’ x
  • Okay LISTEN, he is so good at rapping. I am not being biased, it’s a fact, he is an amazing rapper and when his mixtape comes out it’ll be straight up fire x
  • He is so funny without even trying x x x
  • Once pretended to grab the sun and eat it x
  • He is actually so good looking omg his visuals needs a separate post of appreciation tbh x x
  • Apparently there’s a hierarchy within the group and he rules them all x
  • He actually takes the best selfies, this boy knows angles x
  • That neck grab thing he does in Stuck PLEASE x x
  • That one time in Right Now where he said he wouldn’t have any facial expressions on the Viking ride, but he ended up having the best expression out of all of them x
  • Just watch this video and pray for him x
  • “Be quiet I’m speaking right now okay?!” x
  • Wonho’s second job is to annoy the crap out of him x
  • He’s the true dance king x
  • Okay his opening of this performance got me so SHOOK, English and Chinese, boy was playing with my feelings x
  • “I’m Wonho who is in charge of being the maknae.” x
  • Okay it wouldn’t be an appreciation of Changkyun without talking about his amazing friendship with Jooheon, ugh it’s so pure and beautiful x x x x
  • When he fell down because he missed his chair and got so embarrassed and just sat on the floor looking over the table omg he is so cute x
  • He actually does rule Monsta X I swear, they all adore him so much x x x
  • He is literally Kihyun’s child x x
  • White looks SO good on him x x
  • He has such a beautiful smile x
  • That one time he wore the Nirvana shirt and his hair was parted in the middle and he was cute all day x x
  • He looks so good with glasses x x
  • His vocals got everyone shook x
  • His version of the Amen special clip was the most adorable thing I’d ever seen, those CAT EARS, that LIP BITE x
  • Not only is he cute af he is SO SEXY it’s insane x x x
  • I live for these pictures of him and Shownu x
  • I love how he’s a fighter, he didn’t let being disliked by the others in No Mercy get him down, instead he used that to prove he belonged there and worked so hard and I am so thankful and so grateful that he made it through.

the-random-kitten  asked:

How would the suitors react if the princess sent them nudes? ( i hope your feeling better btw :p )

Hey thanks! I am getting a little better… hopefully in a couple days I’ll feel normal again :)

I hope you enjoy… I guess this is just an AU where they have cell phones, lol.

*Slightly NSFW*

Albert -His lover is in Wysteria and he’s stuck in Stein - one day unlocks his phone and opens a text to see a topless pic of the Princess = instant nosebleed. He runs into an antique vanity in the hallway and hurries back to his room for damage control. He doesn’t even acknowledge Nico calling after him down the hall- “Al, where are you going? We’re supposed to meet Byron!”

Leo - he’s sitting in a bureaucrat meeting about to die of boredom. His phone vibrates and he peeks at it to see a sexy pic of the Princess that says “Your bed is so cozy.” He straightens a little in his seat, but he’s quick to control himself- he takes a side eye glance around and excuses himself to the restroom. Then goes running down the hall to his bedroom, lolol.

Louis -The Princess is away for royal duties and he’s about to give a dance lesson when he pulls out his phone to see a sexy pic. He spends five full minutes just staring at it with his mouth gaped open - when his students ask him if he’s ok, he hurriedly fakes an illness and retires to his chambers to further enjoy said picture.

Sid - he’s gone on some business, searching for info. He’s talking to some guy in a sketchy bar outside of town when he gets a Snapchat from the Princess- she’s kinda into him and he’s kinda into her but nothing serious yet. The full body pic that says “I kinda miss you” gets his sex drive going so he excuses himself for a moment, goes the bathroom and sends her a dick pic “here’s a little keepsake for ya.”

Byron - you know he’s in some important meeting when he checks his phone (it might be an emergency) and he sees this sexy pic from the Princess - he forgets what he was talking about, probably says “umm” for the first time in his life, his face gets all flushed so he tells Albert to carry on. Once he’s not in the spotlight he lifts up that eyepatch to get a good look at that pic. Oh my…

Nico - when he gets the Snapchat he squeals and claps his hand over his mouth and yes, he proceeds to do a dance to himself. He’s outside in the garden and someone comes up to him and asks what the heck he’s doing. He has no idea how to cover it so he just chucks the phone into a nearby fountain. Eventually -he gets another phone and sends a pic of his ass.

Alyn - he’s in training when his phone buzzes and he pulls it out of his pocket. He sees so much skin before his eyes; his face turns beet red has to bite his lip to keep from giving it away- Holy Shit - he hurriedly shoves his phone back in his pocket and goes to splash water on his face.

Robert - looks at it intently. Texts back that “a Princess shouldn’t send pictures like that - it’s not ladylike.” Also responds with- “but I’m going to keep it for anatomy artwork purposes.” Fufufufu

Giles - gets the sexy pic and stares at it for a good while. Sends a message back “That is no way for a Princess to behave,” then proceeds to text her one of his already posed nudes with; “This is how to send a nude pic Your Highness.” Later he tells her she’s due for a spanking ;)

Rayvis- nearly drops his phone when he sees the pic and goes clamoring for it across the floor. Looks at it five times until he’s about to hyperventilate and has to go take a cold shower. Guuhhhhh ….

Batboys and Bruce With A Short S/O Would Include...

Tim wasn’t in here due to him already having his own separate head \canon with a short s/o

p.s written by a small person :)


  • He just lovesss how short you are
  • It’s different and he likes it
  • Your hands are so small compared to his so expect him to just play with your hands all the time
  • Kissing them
  • Playing with your fingers
  • Especially comparing you hands with his
  • It’s just… THEY’RE SO SMOOLLL
  • When you guys are sitting next to each other he can’t help but look at your little feet and then his which are huge next to yours
  • He just loves when you have to stand on your toes to kiss his cheek
  • It makes him so happy
  • Dick likes to sleep with you on top of him since you don’t take up too much space so he’s actually comfortable with this position
  • He also begs you to do some acrobatic acts with him, simple ones because your size is just perfect for certain moves
  • This Dick (haha see what I did there?) purposely puts his elbow on the top of your head
  • He does it to get your attention or just to get you riled up
  • It usually ends up in a play fight which he lets you win
  • You know he would beat you easily but it’s still fun to do


  • OMG
  • Jason loves when you’re mad
  • But he also hates it when you’re mad
  • He can’t help but think it’s cute when he looks down at you with a pout and your arms crossed trying to look all tough and stuff
  • Jason loves to give you piggyback rides and just drop you on the ground randomly, that little shit
  • You can literally get lost in a hug
  • No one can even tell you’re hugging him since his body practically suffocates you due to his muscular frame
  • One of Jason’s favorite things has to be seeing you in his leather jackets
  • His sleeves are too long for your small arms and the jacket is drowning you and ugh so cuuute
  • When you guys have long make out sessions or things get heated he’ll just pick you up by your thighs making it easier for the both of you to kiss
  • Cause sometimes bending down so much to kiss you can get his neck sore
  • He would so call you a bunch of nicknames to piss you off
  • “Hey pipsqueak!”
  • “Well Napoléon over here…”
  • He is not a big fan of heels
  • You get elevated near his height and he loves his own personal short stack
  • But he also can’t deny that you look sexy in them
  • Doing the run-jump hug to be dramatic
  • Forehead kisses galoreee
  • Especially when he’s in a rush
  • He’ll just run past you and place a sloppy kiss on your forehead with a quick “I love you” and he’s off
  • One of his favorite things is to hug you from behind and place his chin on your head
  • It’s not because your hair smells nice
  • Okay maybe it is…
  • He always makes sure to have you near him
  • He does not want to lose you in big crowds so yeah he always holds your hand
  • A Lot of supermodels have thrown their sleeves at him in the past but you were different
  • You were sweet and kind
  • He didn’t give a damn that you were shorter than models, you were way more beautiful in his eyes
  • Hates when someone points out your short
  • “Okay thanks for pointing out the obvious?”
  • It really ticks him off since he hated being called short so he won’t let you have to go through that ordeal still
  • Doesn’t call you any nicknames unless you’re okay with it
  • He is so considerate
  • He makes sure to leave all things he knows you use on the lower shelves so you won’t have to pull up a chair to get them


  • He always has to bend down when you want to talk to him at loud places
  • The media has gotten so much pictures and they can not get over how cute you both are together
  • One of his favorite things to wake up to is you in one of his shirts that almost pass your knees
  • His shirts look big on you and it gives him bubbly feelings
  • You’re usually the little spoon
  • But on rare occasions things switch up and he’s the little spoon
  • Bruce will not admit it but he secretly enjoys being the little spoon
  • He is obsessed with your legs???
  • They just look so damn sexy to him
  • Expect him to ogle at your legs especially when you’re in heels
  • Bruce loves to compliment you and if you ever feel down about your height he is always there to point out all the amazing things about your shortness

So I was out shopping today when I passed an Aerie store. My cousin pointed out that the butt in the huge advertisement (second photo) had stretch marks. I was confused. But after second look I realized that there were stretch marks. “Wow!” I thought, “I can’t believe they didn’t airbrush that out!” I wanted to take a picture but there were people sitting on a bench in view of it, so I decided to to go in and find the picture. Much to my surprise, she was not the only one displaying imperfections! Their slogan is “The real you is sexy.” In amazement I took pictures throughout the store. I’m sure they thought I was a creep but that didn’t stop me. I had to pass this along to those who haven’t seen it. My question is, how isn’t this a bigger deal? Am I weird for thinking this is so awesome? I even made a point to say “Wow, I have to take a picture of this, that could be me!” A sales associates just chuckled. But little did she know I was so serious.


I was tagged in the Sims I’d like to F…(.. fap over) challenge by @tyrellsimsoficeandfire…thank you so much!! 

There’s surely a sim out there, you’d like to fondle…Well, it’s time to tell it to everyone. Don’t be shy!

RULES: Choose a sim made by an another simblr you’d like to fondle if he/she was real… and then tag up to 5 simblrs.  *If you can find a picture of your SILF, it’s better but not mandatory.

I chose 4 Sims because I’m greedy. In no particular order…number one is Lliy by Simsgonebye. I was devastated when her Tumblr  was deactivated but her Sims will always live on in my heart, none more so than feisty, sexy, rebel-with a-marshmallow-heart Lily. Number 2 is @applekissims‘ delectable Marcellus Weber…I know I have said many times I’m not into guys with long hair, but Marcellus is the drop-dead gorgeous exception that proves the rule, and look at those lips…JUST LOOK AT THEM ;=). Number 3 is @caterpillarsims’ handsome, brooding, conflicted cop, Ulises Gutierrez, and number 4 is @spladoum’s inimitable Mei-Shin-Yi ….whose filthy thoughts I would love to drown in very much;=) Phew! I am tagging  @boxofsims @ninjaofthepurplethings @spladoum @igglemouse and @yuriingha. Cheers, possums!


Summary: Dan had always been one for making bold fashion choices. And Phil had always played along with the resulting hype. But one fashion choice made by Dan-a certain pair of ripped jeans-changed Phil’s reaction for the first time.

Word Count: 1,859

Warnings: Nothing I can think of lol

Notes: Heyo anon who got me out of my writing slump-this is the fic for your prompt about Dan’s jeans pic having Phil flustered! I hope you like it, and if so, feel free to drop another prompt in my ask-this one was great and much appreciated! 

Hope you all like it! If you want a specific fic, feel free to drop a request or prompt into my ask box at any point:) (And to the anons who’ve already sent in prompts-they are in progress and should be out soon!)

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I love the whole Three Musketeer thing! I feel like the first time they are all at the GPF together they are going to get so much Musketeer swag :)

Viktor scanned through the trending tags on twitter:  #3musketeers #viktorismyfavmusketeer, #chrisismyfavmusketeer, #yuuriismyfavmusketeer, #musketeersGPF, #musketeerpodium

He really liked the last one,  He looked around.  “Yuuri!  Chris!  Selfie time!”

Yuuri shook his head, but was dragged along by Chris anyway.  “Embrace your sexiness, Yuuri! Pout for the camera.”


Viktor would agree with that.  Chris needed to stop trying to get Yuuri to do hot things.  It wasn’t fair.  He knew that it caused mayhem with Viktor’s heart and other parts of his anatomy!

Picture taken, Viktor set about to posting it on Instagram.  “New hastag.”  He smiled at the other two and flipped the phone toward them.


“Really?” Yuuri just lifted a brow.  “You don’t have low expectations do you?”

“Yuuri, are you saying that you can’t?”

Yuuri clenched his jaw.  “I can!”  He marched off.

Chris just shook his head and slung his arm around Viktor’s shoulder.  “You know, I think you get him all riled up like that because it turns you on.”

Viktor shugged and watched as Yuuri warmed up for practice not far off.  His ass really did look good.  “Well, you wouldn’t be wrong.”


These are some of the first official ichiurki drawings Kubo did and I love them, now tell me that they don’t look sexy and badass af!!!! Look at Ichigo in the wsj cover licking Rukia’s sword ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and look at Rukia in the second picture all over Ichigo with her mischievous eyes aghfkhfsjfgjdhglkjdshgj HOT (can’t you feel the platonic brotp feelings all over them lol) my sexy, dangerous, badass, beautiful otp is flawless.

anonymous asked:

*shyly comes into your inbox* friendship headcanons with kenma? thank you!!!

AN: literally physically emotionally crying


  1. Besides Kuroo, you are the only other person that Kenma is 100% comfortable around. He can play his games around you without worrying if he’s ignoring you and being rude, he’s comfortable voicing his opinions around you, and genuinely enjoys your presence; you make his days a little brighter.
  2. During the day, he gets really drained from interacting with so many people, school, and practice, but he’ll always save a little bit of energy for you, especially on the weekends. If he knows you’ll hang out after practice one day, he has to mentally prepare himself the night before.
  3. At first, he wasn’t sure how to handle you if you were upset. If you were sad about a bad grade or you had a fight with your parents, he’d always be there to listen, but wouldn’t really say anything back because he couldn’t find the right words. But one day, when you came crying to him about someone talking shit about you, never in your life would you ever think you’d have to hold him back from confronting someone.
  4. Makes sure that you’re right next to him when he’s talking to cashier or some sales associate for assistance.
  5. Got you one of those sexy figurines from a gaming/anime convention as a joke.
  6. Always shares his apple pies with you.
  7. He’ll send you pictures of literally anything and everything that made him think of you. His favorite picture was a kitten tail butt plug, which was worth you not talking to him for the rest of the day.
  8. You hang out at each other’s place so much that he has one of his lesser favorite consoles and games at your place so he can play when he comes over.
  9. Likes to drag you into adoption centers to play with as many pets as you both can and gets a little sad when you don’t have time to play with everyone (this damn child).
  10. When he’s feeling a little lonely on some days, he’ll ask to facetime just to have your presence there.
  11. He keeps snacks in his locker and backpack so he doesn’t have to hear you complain about being hungry.
  12. Takes a lot pictures of you and with you when you hang out for his aesthetic instagram. He asks you to help him arrange the food and open up the flashlight app for better lighting for food pictures.
  13. Made you name Espeon after him.

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Hi cutie!!! Can you please do a mtl about who are more into bootys?? Thank you!! I really like your reactions ♡

Hi, sweetie! ^^

This is based in my opinion! c:

(Btw,, I hope you’re talking about booties in general, not big ones)



  • Kino: He loves dancing to girl groups songs, which, normally, include a lot of booty shaking. Although Korean girls, in general, aren’t very curvy, that doesn’t mean you can’t love their booties believe me I can give you proof if you want. Anyways, it doesn’t matter if your butt is big or small, he’d love it. He’d teach you how to twerk if you didn’t know how to. He’d love seeing you shake that booty! And would ADORE dancing with you and seeing you dance! Believe me, one of the best things you can give this boy is a lap dance.
  • Hongseok: As I said in the boobs MTL, I think he’s very Americanized when it comes to beauty standards, so not only he prefers booties over boobs, but he also likes big ones. Like Kino, he’d love dancing and twerking with you. I think he’s the type of boy who checks out every time he can lmao so he’d probably look at that booty a lot. He’d buy you sexy underwear too. When having sex, I picture him spanking you a lot. A lot.
  • Wooseok: He’s also a little Americanized in my opinion, thus he’s into booties, and he prefers big ones, but would give as much love to small ones too. He’d love grabbing it while making out, or just touching it when you walk, or resting his hand on it when you sleep. He’s definitely into booties. He’d 100% buy you sexy underwear too and ask you to dance when you try it out. 
  • Shinwon: He has said he liked curvy girls, so hell yeah if you have a big butt he’ll like it. I don’t think he’d pay as much attention to normal/small booties, but would absolutely like them, I think he’d just find larger ones more sexy and fun to play with. He’d love grabbing it a lot, anywhere, but discreetly, though. He’d tease you and give you signals that he’s in the mood by caressing your butt. Like 2seok, he’d buy you tonnes of sexy underwears.
  • Yuto: Okay, I don’t think there’s a reason he’s here but the fact that he just likes booties. He likes them all! At first, he’d be shy and wouldn’t really look or touch it, but as he gains confidence I see him touching it a lot when cuddling or making out and spanking you while having sex. He’d love to see you in thongs! Would probably ask if you could go around your house without pants on, though or without anything really
  • Hui: PLAYFUL, A LOT OF BOOTY PLAYING. And admiring, whether it’s small or big or average he’d love it anyways. When you’d lay down, he’d sit on your back and pinch, grab, rub your butt; just a lot of playing. Would tell you if it looked good, “those jeans make your butt look rounder” and never if it looked bad because honestly, to him, you never looked bad. If you want something, just do some lap dance and you’ll get it. [Ass]ured.
  • Yeo One: He’s a lover of every type of booties. He wouldn’t really mind about physical appearance, but would appreciate what you’ve got. He’d remind you every day how beautiful and sexy you are. He’s so cheesy he’d probably tell you a good thing for every part of your body when he’d shower you with compliments, like “Your hands are so delicate” or “Your hair is super soft” and for your booty he’d say “Your butt is like a baby’s” lmao. Changgu, the type of boy who would spank you if you wore shorts when it’s cold.
  • E’Dawn: Although he doesn’t really pay attention, he likes them. He’d like when you dance sexily, lap dance, twerk, etc. He’d be so into booty grabbing while making out, or sometimes laying his hands on top of them while sleeping or cuddling.
  • Yanan: He’s so pure he doesn’t even think about looking at it. Obviously, he’d like it and think you have a nice butt, but he’s too shy to actually touch it or talking about it. Though, like Yeo One, sometimes he’d spank you a little if you were a ‘bad girl’ or didn’t dress warmly. He’d shyly touch it while having sex or making out. If he were super super comfortable with you, if he had enough confidence with you and if he weren’t shy anymore around you, he’d randomly squeeze it. 
  • Jinho: He’d be too shy, like Yanan, to even look at it! But I assure you, he’d appreciate it and think it’s beautiful, because it’s part of you and he’d love you and he’d think you’re just stunning. When he’d have more confidence with you, he’d play with it sometimes.


I hope you liked it anon! Thank you so much for your request and for your kind words! <3

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Excuse my bad English! It isn’t my first language :’v

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(prompt) how about maggie discovering alex wears glasses (as chyler wears them in rl) and how maggie finds it really cute

Things were different with Alex.

They actually dated, for starters. When they didn’t hang out at the bar, they went to restaurants, saw movies and on one occasion, spent the evening at an indoor rock-climbing place. They chatted and they laughed but, most importantly, they got to know each other, what they were really like when they weren’t all guns and badges. It was nice and it was new. The last girl Maggie had properly dated was Emily. Any and all of the relationships that had followed had started physical and ended quickly and, predictably, nastily.

Maggie always knew that Alex would be more than just a month-long fling.

Maggie always knew that she liked Alex in a way that she had never felt before, a way that absolutely terrified her.

They took things slow, going on many dates before they had sex.

Getting to know Alex Danvers was fun and exciting and it made Maggie gradually lower her walls. After six weeks of dating, Maggie had never felt more at ease with anyone than she did with Alex. In past relationships, Maggie would have balked at the thought of spending a whole night cuddling. Sex was fine but stuff like cuddling always felt too lovey-dovey, too intimate. Yet here she was, in Alex’s apartment on a Friday night in her fluffy fleece pyjamas, under Alex’s duvet, looking forward to a night of kisses and cuddles. Alex had had a crappy day at work and had said she wasn’t in the mood for anything more and Maggie didn’t mind in the slightest – with Alex, she loved all the lovey-dovey and intimate stuff.

After what seemed like an eternity, Alex emerged from her bathroom in pyjamas and glasses. The sight made Maggie smile, and made her unable to tear her eyes away.

‘You’re staring.’

‘You’re wearing glasses,’ Maggie replied, pointing out an obvious, yet to her new, piece of information. A wonderful piece of information – a wonderful discovery. ‘And it’s, uh, kinda a turn on.’

Unconvinced, Alex shuffled under the duvet with narrowed eyes behind her black rims. ‘Are you making fun of me?’

Maggie was quick to shoot down that idea, her heart sinking at how she could have made Alex feel uneasy with her eyes and her comment because it was a turn on and she didn’t want her to think that it was anything but. So she ended up rambling. ‘No, God no! I just think you look cute with them. Sexy.’

‘Hyperopia is sexy?’

Maggie frowned. ‘Hyper-what?’

‘Farsighted! Hyperopia is the clinical term for farsightedness.’

‘Oh, okay that makes sense. And yeah, with those glasses, it’s sexy as hell.’ Somehow they made Alex Danvers even more gorgeous and Maggie feel even luckier. ‘So you wear contacts normally?’

‘It’s much more practical for work. At home though, it’s glasses,’ Alex said, stretching her arms above her head, something that Maggie had soon discovered she did every night before bed. ‘Do you really think I look cute?’

‘Hella cute. And hella sexy.’

Alex’s smile was shy. ‘Wow, okay. It’s just I was teased horribly at school because of them.’

‘If I saw any of those people now, I would punch them,’ Maggie remarked. ‘But I do mean it, you look even more beautiful with them.’ Maggie pulled her phone from its charger and nestled into Alex’s side. ‘Smile Danvers. I want a picture with my sexy ass girlfriend in her glasses.’

They did a normal selfie, followed by a goofy one and, for the last one, Maggie put her lips on Alex’s cheek. It was a tough call between the first and the last but the first one with their content smiles won and became the wallpaper on Maggie’s phone – the deciding factor being how much Maggie knew the boys at the precinct would rib her for the last one if they ever saw it.

Maggie purposely zoomed in in the photo, so that Alex was all but the focus. The centrepiece. And the masterpiece. ‘God, you’re gorgeous.’

‘Oh shush,’ Alex said, trying to hide her blushes by hiding her face in Maggie’s shoulder.

‘Never, Danvers. Never.’

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