so much sass in this show

  • person: The dub totally ruins Yugioh. It's cut and censored, the the dialog is completely changed. What's so good about it?
  • me: Well, we got Joey and Bakura's adorable accents, Kaiba's sass level turned up to eleven, toned down the whole "love triangle" with Tea, Yugi and Atem, and the occasional jokes about Yugi's hair and height.
  • person: But it still changes the plot and characters too much. It feels like the whole show turns into a joke.
  • me: We also got Dan Green.
  • person: Okay, I'll give you that one.

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Hey I discovered ur blog like 3 hours ago and ur my fav. Can I request yurio p getting sick during his performance and yuuri being a dad taking him to the bathroom and helping him until otabek shows up and takes over? Thanks so much <3

this is way long overdue, and i am so so sorry for that.  thank you very much for your kind words <333 i hope you enjoy!

WARNING: descriptions of vomit below the cut

His performance, incredibly enough, had been quite good, overall.  It was quite possible, if the judges didn’t take Yurio’s last moments on the ice into account in their scoring, that the boy would make the podium.  At the moment, though, those last few moments were the only thing Yuuri cared about.

“Yurio!”  Yuuri rushed onto the ice without considering the consequences.  No matter what they were, Yurio’s wellbeing came first.  Lilia was out taking care of Yakov and Viktor, who were both down with a stomach bug; a stomach bug which, if his hunched, shuddering back was anything to go by, Yurio had caught.

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Everyone, I was so pleasantly wrong about this doujinshi when I mentioned it a few months back. It’s not Jason/Dick, it’s Dick/Jason. So here is the even more rare bottom Jason fanbook for your viewing pleasure!

Title: Birdcall
Artist: Maisuke
Rating: R18

Artist Contact:
*Please be sure to give the artist some love*

Translator: ShiroiTenshiNoYume (Thank you so much Yume!)

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Being a Winchester son/daughter would include...


  • You being the judge of their rock/paper/scissors wars
  • Irritatingly long training sessions
  • Them being so protective over you you get annoyed but at the end of the day you know it’s because they love you
  • Being a totally badass hunter
  • You begging to go on more difficult hunts with them
  • Them saying no so you make your own way regardless
  • “Okay fine but you need to stay behind me the whole time”.
  • So much fluff 
  • Constant hugs
  • You saving their asses more times than they’d care to admit
  • Every time you’re hurt they go insane with worry


  • Him teaching you all about computers and research- nerding out 24/7
  • He tries to get you to eat more healthily (key word: tries)
  • Worried glances 
  • “Hey have you seen my laptop?”
  • Moose hugs
  • You always out-sassing Uncle Dean
  • You occasionally showing signs of telekinesis
  • Him being the master of knowing when something’s wrong
  • Him being so proud of you, even when he doesn’t say it


  • “Y/N, where’s my pie?!”
  • “Will you two quit listening to AC/DC?!”
  • Him letting you ride shotgun 
  • Tough love
  • “That’s my girl.”
  • He goes crazily angry every time a guy/girl shows an interest in you
  • ‘Uncle Cas’
  • Random Dad-winks

A/N: this wasn’t technically requested but I felt I’d be better off writing something like this because if I write an imagine atm it won’t be great as I’m super tired. I can do a sister one if you guys want btw.
Stay patient and stay awesome!

I do not own these gifs

Dating Clint Means...


Constant sarcasm 

SASS so much sass

Him teaching you how to shoot arrows

Watching shows like Arrow or movies like Hunger Games and him critiquing their poor form when shooting an arrow


Him being very observant of what your favorite things are

Being best friends with Natasha 

Being there to pick you up when you’re feeling low by telling you to basically suck it up and fix it or continue to whine and be dissatisfied 

Him always being cool, calm and collected 

You giving him multiple nicknames such as Oliver Queen, Merida, Katniss, Legolas, ect.

Him being very protective of you

Being there for him when he’s frustrated about having to read people’s mouths when he doesn’t have his hearing aids


Watch no tomorrow on the CW!!! It is so important to me and I don’t want to see it get cancelled! Here are a few reasons you should.

•Lesbians of color (not fetishized)
•interracial couples (not fetishized)
•jokes about Donald Trump like all the time
•dynamic characters
•goofy comedy with deep undertones
•addresses serious issues in easy ways
•Joshua Sasse aka galavant is the main dude
•surprises you all the time.
•so much more! Please look it up! This show has helped me through so much and I’m not ready to say goodbye.


Okay how about a Mulan Au?!!! Think about it

Marinette is Mulan because she kicks but and she parades around as a soldier (Ladybug) and Adrien is Li Shang with his super successful general father Gabriel!

Plagg is of course Mushu because Plagg contains just as much sass as Mushu and the LUCKY cricket is Tikki!!!

Master Fu of course is the emperor because well he looks like him.

Oh and let’s not forget that Marinette is already Chinese so this is kind of perfect.

The Huns are Hawkmoth and his minions and well I got a lot of characters I’ve assigned…

I literally have sooooo many headcannnons for this  and more art to come for this AU!!! Let me know what you all think :)

Sorry the quality on here isn’t super great

Also please dont steal or repost- and ask before posting anywhere else thanks!!

I blew 2/3 of my babysitting money (basically, most of my money for like a month. I’m a dumbass. [I promise I will get more for my trip, Sass, I promise *sobs*]) on dice, so I figured I might as well show ‘em off. 

(I’m in a giddy mood, so read the captions if you’re up for my brand of humor/rambling. Also, more explanations and hilarious dice babbling under the jump-cut.)

The shiny ones are my new main dice set, along with the “metal” ones I guess. The metallic ones are actually metal-plated, but they’re hella so I laid down the dough. Srsly, tho, can’t wait to use them in a game. (I should also put metal dice on my wishlist omg.) 

Omg I also got a bunch of teeny tiny dice. The pastel ones and the sparkly ones sitting on the burlap-y bag (it’s actually hemp, but it reminds me of the burlap on those homonculi from the movie “9”, so ye, my fave thing tbh) are SO SMALL, like, dime-sized, srsly, and they are such adorable fuckers. I have dubbed them dicelings.

Additionally, I’m stoked about the cool stick-dice thing. I still don’t know it’s merits as opposed to a regular ol’ dodecahedron die, but I wanted at least one. I’ll prolly be back for more. Oh, and I guess I know have another store to fuel my dice addiction. (I love Black and Read so hard, they have SO MANY SELECTIONS, but I love my local store, Adventurer’s Quarter, and I’d hate to see them leave, so…*aggressively throws my money at my favorite local businesses and makers*)

Oh, and btw my mom, after MONTHS of me buying dice to add to my hoard, still had no clue what they were for and legit asked if they were “magic dice” (a.k.a. are they used for witchcraft [she’s been antsy ever since I started collecting stones and using them for some measure of spiritual healing]). I ended up having to explain to her what an actual nerd her offspring is, and go through the many delightful uses of dice in RPGs and table-top gaming. She was honestly quite fascinated. 

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What if one of the kids as teens sass/back talks to Sonny or Raf

Okay, so the sass depends on whether or not it was meant to be jerkish-sass or funny, playing around-sass like the Barba-Carisi family so often does. I mean, you can’t grow up with Rafael Barba as a dad and not develop some sort of knack for snarky banter.

Normally, they don’t get in trouble with the sass since it normally errs towards the kids just trying to tease and outwit their dads. But when it errs more so towards back-talking, Sonny and Rafael absolutely put an end to it right then and there.

Sonny and Rafael obviously want their kids to be respectful, and if they aren’t showing that they are at home, how can they guarantee that their kids aren’t sassing adult figures outside of it?

So they definitely shoot their kids A Look anytime that they so much as peep a word of back-talk, and normally Sonny and Rafael have such good dad glares that it doesn’t need to go farther than that. But on the rare occasion that it does, Sonny and Rafael are quick to take away the kids’ extended weekend curfew or something of that sort.

The Girl With The Best One-Liners - Allison

Oh, Allison. Only you could make your first impression be about appreciating the beauty of nosebleeds and being interested in hemophilia, yet still wind up being one of the most loved contestants from this show. The thing that I love about Allison is that she’s this super shy/meek girl, but she actually has a lot of sass hidden in her inner thoughts. She’s also just kind of a dork, so naturally I found pretty much everything that came out of her mouth to be hilarious.

And who can forget her epic lines during the white girls versus black girls battle royale after Celia called out Tahlia in elimination?

Nico king of Sass #3

Nico meets Wills mom a bubbly semi ditzy country singer…

Will: So Nico what did you think of mom

Nico: (fake smile) She’s great! Love her! Big Texas hair!

Will: Careful you might sprain your face. Now tell me the truth!

Nico: I wanted to pull my own eye out with my hands very slowly and throw it on the table just to show her how much pain I was in just being in her presence.

Will: Yeah I hate country too

oops I watched the entire new season of Grace and Frankie





Every episode leaves me with such a warm feeling and affection for these characters. Grace and Frankie’s relationship is everything. I adore them and their journey, like, unabashedly. I love their children and their coming to better terms with their ex’s, and their business venture, and their mutual growth and working out of their problems and I just find everything about this show so so loveable. Not to mention all of the delightful relationships in this strange family unit- Frankie and Brianna, Mallory and Coyote, Bud and Brianna- there’s so much richness to every character and how they interact with one another. 

And another season ender of Grace and Frankie together in euphoria  IS WHAT I’M HERE FOR.

I’m just so down for honest depictions of female friendships, y’all. The ups, the downs, the love and the sass. I’m here for all of it. 

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everyone’s like “baby!damian!!!” but I’m so here for dad!dami headcanons…. consider:

-dami buying his children donuts whenever he upsets them even a little bit on patrol because he doesn’t know how to apologize
-his kids totally playing him for said donuts
-awkward dad relationships where he wants to date someone but is afraid of hurting his kids
-armani golf shirts
-cute forehead kisses because he’s so fucking tall
-dad jokes with swearing tacked on the end
-him probably thinking its a smart idea to give coffee to a 6 year old
-sass that spans generations
-a villain going after Batman thru his kids and no one seeing them ever again
-“uncle dick”
-dami loving his children so much it physically pains people around him
-wallet of baby photos as essential as his pocket knife
-does he stop the riot in arkham or go to the 4th grade art show?? find out in the next issue of batdad


#13  “Friend Like Me” - JT and Robert

(Dance at 6:23)

This routine was perfect for JT and Robert! It’s fun and snappy and upbeat. Plus it’s Disney so this is an automatic favorite of mine. 

I love the facial expressions in this dance. They’re all filled with sass and Robert and JT look like they’re having so much fun! I love the lifts and the hip shaking and just the over the top style of this routine. These two are characters and I’m glad they got to show it in at least one of their dances this season.