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What can a female character do without being criticized mercilessly? [insp.]

Why Otabek is the best.

Wasn’t there a saying that the people who are the most quiet notice the most/has the loudest thoughts?

Well in this case, meet Otabek.

Otabek is a character genuinely misunderstood by a lot of characters but adored by the fandom. 

Here, we have this:

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He takes off his sunglasses when he is talking to people, even when that person is JJ (who no character really likes all that much tbh). This is so respectful. He removes his glasses and makes eye contact when he is spoken to, even if he is just declining a simple offer. He’s badass, but he’s very, very polite. 

At 18 years old and being the NATIONAL HERO of his country, he’s still very, very humble.

He positions his medal so that the media can get an easy shot of him. He’s making their lives easier. He’s looking out for them! And even though he just won gold, he doesn’t show any signs of being cocky. He simply, once again, makes solid eye contact with the camera, showing respect/care. 

We have him here again, giving the photographers a clear shot of him; looking straight into the camera. He’s standing upright, being very, very proper. Furthermore, I find it so sweet that he’d rather cover up his medal and show his country’s flag instead! He truly puts his country’s pride above his own and I find that beautiful. 

However, sometimes his elegant etiquette is misinterpreted as being perhaps too archaic for this generation of bubbly, emotional, and loud skating talents. 

(Notice that his entire body is facing towards the person speaking to him, even though he later verbally expressed no interest in hanging around JJ.)

And even after JJ mocks him, he doesn’t reply or shoot back some snarky remark. 

Instead, he politely declines JJ’s request in the most fucking formal way possible. Not breaking eye contact. What even.

Anyways, let’s move onto his adorable interest in Yuri. After meeting perhaps his inspiration ever, he gets called an asshole. BY HIS MUSE. BY HIS INSPIRATION. PROBABLY HIS ROLE MODEL.

What does he do? Otabae remains silent and simply walks away. He’s unconfrontational, unlike Yuri, but his silence is demanding.

And guess what, it immediately piques Yurio’s interest.

In the video, Yurio’s eyes trail after Otabek. Now Yurio’s curious about him.

Yurio has a weird tendency to look at Otabek this way. It’s almost as if Yurio somehwat reveres his presence. It makes sense because I’ve done a past meta on why Otabek is probably everything Yurio wants to be/likes (physically at least).

I think someone’s mentioned this before but Otabek arrives WAY TO COINCIDENTALLY FOR IT TO BE AN ACCIDENT. Like it or not, Otabek has always planned to talk to Yurio. Hell, he was probably driving around to try and find him…and of course, saves him instead.


And guess what? This cutie pie tosses YURIO a helmet. Because safety is cool kids.

TDLR: Otabek is fucking bomb.


87 + 71

I want to be better, like Sid. I want to be better every day. I don’t want to be number one in Carolina. I sign a big deal here because I feel we can win every year. I want to play with Sid a long time.


top 50 otps of all time ☆ #49. Isadora Smackle & Farkle Minkus

“Isadora, Farkle finding the one and only Smackle lets me know the universe has order, and our existence is not just random coincidence.”


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I like that you don't treat Ryuji like he is the worst option of the boys( though tbh, you don't treat ANY of them like that. They all pretty much stand on equal footing with you).

Personally, my opinion on characters isn’t so much about their flaws as it is how they handle and react to their own shortcomings, or the consequences inflicted upon them as a result of their actions. Ryuji, just like the other boys, has his share of flaws, but he takes full responsibility for his mistakes and I admire that maturity so much, since some adults can’t even do that. ;_; So I definitely don’t think he’s the worst option.

tbh rafael would be a lot more tolerable to me if he stopped preaching about how family is the most important thing to him when he continues to treat his mentally ill, alcoholic sister like trash, and continually ignoring his daughters in favor of mateo because of his feelings for jane. 

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i've seen a lot of people talking about the shatter me series lately. a while ago there were a lot of mixed reviews about it so i decided not to read it, but now i'm hearing great things?? if you don't mind, could you give me a few reasons why i should check it out?

[cracks knuckles]
- okay so the main protagonist, my mother who gave birth to me and raised me herself, juliette ferrars? she’s locked up in an asylum by her parents who just ~couldn’t deal~ with her being different & basically hurried to get rid of her
- she keeps a journal bc it’s the only thing that keeps her alive and sane?? also shatter me is set in a dystopian world where there are no books (in the present time) or things to occupy her mind other than her own extremely depressive and often suicidal thoughts
- long story short she’s been through a lot and she’s VERY fragile at first like she just wants to be able to touch someone but she can’t
- in comes the shatter me malaria™ but don’t worry it’s not like r&r at all he’s dealt with accordingly (later in the books)
- hands down THE BEST character development i’ve ever witnessed with my own two eyes
- she goes from a meek crybaby who’s afraid of hurting people to a fully fledged hbic in no time and she OWNS UP TO HER POWER
- anyway i’d die for juliette ferrars (inspiring, strong, KIND despite everyone treating her like shit or like some kind of weapon and not an actual human being) in a heartbeat moving on
- BOI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- the fashionista style icon of sector 45
- that’s leader of sector 45 for you
- beautiful golden boy who’s more of an antagonist/anti hero bc goodie two shoes character are boring we all know that unless it’s purposefully written as a precious cupcake of some kind which warner is not
- in fact some ppl rly believed he was EVIL in the first book but trust me he’s NOT he has his own agenda that has to do with juliette but it’s not what you think 👀 hope that was mysterious enough
- warner: kills people
also warner: pets a dog?? loves dogs?? a dog person?? protect him??????? if you won’t i will
- juliette agrees too don’t worry
- HE LITERALLY CALLS ADAM A.K.A THE MAL EQUIVALENT “ rotting innards of unidentified roadkill” HE!!!!!!!!!!!!! DOES THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! b o i
- okay i’ve said enough now here’s the cherry on top, the dessert of the full course meal that is shatter me:
- who’s not sidelined or stereotyped like he’s funny and smart and playful and very bi you can’t convince me otherwise
- he teases juliette all the time and they’re the ultimate brotp
- no really their friendship?? is amazing?? beautiful?? so important/??
- but then there’s warner/kenji…….. that’s like A Thing all on its own bc they both talk so much shit about each other but they have SO MUCH respect for each other too it’s a beautiful thing to behold tbh
- every moment where this perfect trio interacts is A Gift From The Goddess Herself™ and by goddess i mean tahereh mafi
- kenji has some superpowers of his own… in fact everyone does but his are super cool okay
- has some of THE best zingers/one-liners EVER
- there are some a+ girls but we don’t get to see them that much
- hOWEVER we were promised more female friendships & female characters in general + more lgbt characters in the shatter me sequel restore me… coming to a bookstore near you (the release date is may 6th 2018 so mark that down)
- the writing is so unique and beautiful it’s like poetry flowing through you (out of juliette’s mouth)
- literally don’t listen to a single negative review you see on goodreads they’re liars the whole lot of ‘em
- shatter me is one of the most gripping amazing a++++ series i’ve ever reaD PLEASE READ IT so you can get ready for restore me

i was on the bus home when i started thinking about the gorons and how some of their biology is bullshit. the “some” being the fact that they can grow hair.

like, they’re fuckin rock people, it doesn’t make sense for them to be able to have hair. since they’re made out of rock there’s no potential way for them to have follicles.

them having hair is also useless because hair traps in heat to keep us warm, meanwhile gorons have always lived in volcanic regions so there’s no point. i can’t see them having sweat glands either so either they pant like dogs or there’s some other way for them to get their excess heat out. is it really just for aesthetic reasons.

idk why this annoyed me so much but it did avsksgdka.