so much respect for syd


Inside Reign: Syd & Pinoe

-So you guys do seem like you get along pretty well.
-Not really.

Happy One Year, Gain Train!

I’ve been apart of this GC that started out as a place to talk about Stranger Things for a whole year, today marking the official one year anniversary that this GC was formed - I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting this chat to really last, I’ve been apart of them before in the past and they usually die out with time, but somehow we’ve managed to stay just as strong (if not stronger) and I find that… really fucking incredible ??? It’s not even JUST a ST GC anymore, we literally talk about our day to day lives and other interests and it’s just amazing how well we bond over just about anything and everything. 

I didn’t have the time or motivation to really gif or put together a video in honor of this day, but I figured I’d be a huge sap and write to y’all directly. 

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