so much respect for fan artists

We care about each other so much, and that’s a given, that’s kind of this unconditional thing. There’s so much love between us and so much respect. I’m her biggest fan as an artist. So for me, it’s been bliss to be able to watch her success and watch her bloom into the actress that she is. And it’s also been wonderful to have that kind of support for each other. It’s nothing but a beautiful thing.

Andrew gushing over (ex) Emma during awards season 2017.

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You know, I would have killed to have something like Clexacon when I was younger: a safe and supportive space for fans, artists, actresses, writers, directors, journalists, etc. to gather, discuss, and celebrate LGBT+ media.

What really impresses me the most is that this convention was born from the ashes of one of the most intensely painful wlw deaths on television. I have so much respect and admiration for the Clexa fans who banded together and organized such a positive and unifying event, ultimately bringing in wlw fandoms from across the board (including two of my faves of all time: WayHaught & Shoot).

I expect Clexacon will only continue to grow and flourish in the coming years. And I hope one day my family and I will be able to attend!

RFA + Saeran and V with a yandere MC

I had a problem with my internet last night and accidentally deleted this request, I’m so sorry, but here it is!

This isn’t as bad as RFA as yanderes, but it can still be pretty triggering so…



  • You always hold his hand in public. When his fans approach him, you always make sure to touch him somehow, just to remind them he’s already taken
  • Becoming his manager was a natural move for you, you would always know where he is.
  • Also, you can control his gigs. A musical with too much provocative scenes? You’ll refuse for him alleging It is for him to be taken seriously as an actor
  • In fact, you got obsessed about him becoming a respected artist, no more silly romantic stories for him, just meaningful and cult movies
  • He knows it’s good for his career, but he misses his old performances, he used to be so passionate… now everything feels so mechanical.
  • You have a strict and detailled cronograma for his daily routine, he never dares to get out of it or he knows you’ll threat telling the press how unprofessional he is
  • You barely see each other now. But the saddest part is you only smile to him when you’re sure there’s a paparazzi watching.


  • He’s adorable and unintentionally flirty to everybody, so you’re always around reminding people he’s not available
  • And when you’re alone, you scold him for being so innocent. If words aren’t enough, you make sure to let hickys in places he can’t hide
  • You don’t like when people try to take advantage of him or make fun of him. You will definitely do something to make that person pay, including physical threats, if necessary.
  • To you is just unacceptable that he lets people treat him like a child, so you always pressure him to act like a man. Is he afraid of spiders? You don’t care, you will lock him up in the same room with the animal and just release him when he kills it.
  • You start putting yourself in risky situations just so he can risk himself to save you, you know, like a real man should do. He did it once with the Mint Eye situation, why wouldn’t he do it again and again and again?
  • You also want him to succeed professionally, so you control his study hours and forbid him of playing LOLOL.
  • There’s no condition, he says he loves you, that he wants to build a life with you. For that to happen, he has to study and grow up, or else he’ll never keep up with you!
  • It doesn’t feel like a relationship anymore, it looks more like a young brother and a very angry and over protective older sister.
  • But, since he is very inexperienced in relationships, he doesn’t even acknowledge how unhealthy this is for both of you. And you definitely won’t let him know about that.


  • You are extremely jealous of any man or woman who comes to talk to her.
  • What pisses you off the most is that she’s too oblivious to notice if someone is hitting on her, so you always have to let people notice she’s yours.
  • You just hate how some people go to the cafe without giving a shit about coffee, they’re just there to see her and believe they have a chance, just because she’s being nice.
  • That makes you wonder, what if there is no cafe for people come to see her? Yes, she would be all yours.
  • So you start making a bad service on purpose. Messing people’s orders, forgetting to receive products of the distributors when she’s not around
  • You even dug up the trash in the alley to find some cockroaches and let them out around the kitchen,  this is something the sanitary surveillance can’t ignore!
  • She feels devastated when she has to shut down her place she loved so much. You comfort her saying as long as she has you, and only you, everything will be fine.


  • At first, everything felt perfect. He treated you like the only person that exists on earth.
  • Then, he got back to work, and you weren’t enjoying that his attention was not all over you anymore. But you knew if you asked him, he would take as many days off as you desired.
  • And he did, he was always around the penthouse giving all his attention to you! Oh… and to Elizabeth the 3rd…
  • Was this cat always so annoying and spoiled or you just noticed now? Everytime you look at her, you feel sick.
  • So it was no big deal for you to just… tell the securities you were taking her to the vet and… abandon her in the woods.
  • The boring part was pretending you felt devastated and guilty. What could you do? You opened her carrier bag just for a second and she ran away fastly, probably she always wanted to run away… again.
  • But you reassured him you would never run away, you were his for him to do whatever his complicated and tangled heart desired.


  • To be honest, you actually enjoyed those days in the cabin, chasing Saeran and Vanderwood, being trapped in Mint Eye…
  • You don’t know how to explain, you just… felt a good rush with those adventures.
  • And despite all the danger, he was always so caring and sweet, he had such a need  for you never forgetting him that he was always attentive and desperate for you.
  • And now that Saeyoung was settling down and trying to live a normal life, as normal as could be, you were feeling… bored?
  • You wanted that Saeyoung back. But all the danger was fading away now… was it really? What about his father?
  • You weren’t thinking straight when you sent that anonymous letter to his dad’s office about the Choi twins.
  • But that didn’t matter anymore as soon you, Saeran and that Saeyoung you fell in love hit the road trying to run away as far as possible.


  • He was always unpredictable. One day he could be quiet, shy and distant, then suddenly he would be violent and loud. You loved them both.
  • When he was violent, he would say the most horrible things to you. At first, you would be trembling in fear.
  • But as time passed, you started to enjoy this, now you were trembling in anticipation everytime he would be like this.
  • You would even provoke him just to make him go unstable. You started being as rude and violent as him.
  • He was mean to you? You would be meaner! It became a sick competition to see who could be more hurtful.
  • The most hurtful was the strong one in this relationship, and the game is still on!


  • He says he’s over her, you now he’s not
  • It’s just impossible, you could still feel Rika’s shadow, you could smell her,hear her, see her in his apartment. So he moved, because you wanted to
  • But it wasn’t enough, you made him throw it away all the pictures he took by the time he was with her, you could not live with traces of her all over him and his memories.
  • So… if you could not make him forget her, maybe you should be more like her?
  • You dyed your hair to blond, and started acting as he told you she used to act.
  • You were pretty good at imitating her good features, but you were even better imitating the bad ones
You know, it’s been wonderful because we care about each other so much and that’s a given, that’s kind of this unconditional thing. And there’s so much love between us and so much respect, I’ll speak for myself. You know, I’m her biggest fan as an artist. I’m constantly inspired by her work and I’m constantly inspired by how she handles and holds herself. So for me, it’s been bliss to be able to watch her success and watch her bloom into the actress that she is. It’s also been wonderful to have that kind of support for each other, it’s nothing but a beautiful thing.
—  Andrew Garfield on what award season is like with Emma Stone (x)
Thank you guys so much. In 2014, this stage was actually the first time that I was authentically, 100% honest with all of you. I think it’s safe to say that most of you know a lot of my life whether I like it or not, and I had to stop. ‘Cause I had everything, and I was absolutely broken inside, and I kept it all together enough where I would never let you down, but I kept it too much together to where I let myself down. I don’t wanna see your bodies on Instagram. I wanna see what’s in here. I’m not trying to get validation, nor do I need it anymore. All that I can say from the bottom of my heart is I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to be able to share what I love every single day, with people that I love. And I have to say thank you so much to my fans because you guys are so damn loyal, and I don’t know what I did to deserve you. But if you are broken, you do not have to stay broken. And if that’s anything, whether you respect me or not, that’s one thing you should know about me, is I care about people. And thank you so much for this, this is for you.
—  Selena Gomez accepting the award for Favorite Female Artist - Pop/Rock
Robert Crumb: ‘I was born weird'

He’s obsessed with ‘spectacular rear ends’ and he calls his fans scum. Yet comic artist Robert Crumb is at risk of becoming respectable. As his new show opens, he talks about filth, fetishes and his idea of fun.

The fetish is not with Serena Williams as tennis champion so much as with her “spectacular back end.” His insistence that, “I don’t care what color they are.”

Part of the paradox of Crumb’s art is that the objects of his erotic fixation are often dynamic, powerful women, depicted in gymnastics or yoga or sport. He traces this fetish back to his childhood, explaining morosely: “I was always a contrarian. My wife says sometimes I’m too much so – born weird. I always felt there’s something odd and off about my nervous system. If everybody’s walking forward, I want to walk backwards.

Although he mournfully insists that his work isn’t as fashionable today as it once was, he cheers up when he contemplates the upsides of the new era. Phone cameras, for instance, which allow him and Aline to “capture the commonplace” of scantily clad women waiting in cinema queues or at ice-cream stands. And selfies, “one of the technological miracles of the age we live in.” Read more>>>

Photographs: David Levene for the Guardian (top); Eamonn McCabe for the Guardian (bottom). Illustrations: Courtesy the artist, Paul Morris, and David Zwirner, New York/London

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I think the fact that most people ask questions anonymously on here speaks volumes about nh, they're so rabid and cruel that people are afraid to draw their attention. I once wrote a nsn fanfic and the first comment was a nh fan telling me to kill myself. I have so much respect for ns artists like kiraboom and pumyteh who still post and write stuff for ns despite crazy nh fans

NH fans are wild lol, I can’t stand them -OG mod


1. Their own record of 16 daesangs held previously be EXO has been broken. EXO now holds the record of most number of daesangs with 17 and counting. when will EXO give EXO a chance

2. The FIRST and ONLY Korean artists in 31 years of Golden Disk Award HISTORY to win Disk Daesang FOUR times

3.  The FIRST and ONLY Korean artists in 31 years of Golden Disk Award HISTORY to win Disk Daesang four times CONSECUTIVELY

If anyone ever doubted that EXO, at this point, they have not only cemented their position as legends and at the top of the industry for the current generation, but can now stand side by side with so many legendary seniors. For a third generation idol, that is an incredible feat. The Golden Disk Awards are not awards whims to the desire of fans or companies wishes and hold a much higher degree of respectability and reputability than other award shows. For EXO to hold the record in this award show speaks for itself. Kings indeed.

the ppl who ‘like’ gorillaz but complain abt the rap elements in songs r fucking wild, how can u even call urself a gorillaz fan, damon albarn isn’t gorillaz, the whole premise of this work was for the anonymity/collaboration factor and damon albarn has spoken so much of his respect and admiration for black musicians which he regularly incorporates into his work, not just taking inspiration from but actually writing w a variety of different artists, this shit makes me so angry 


Got the opportunity to hang and document Mick Jenkins for The Hundreds last night. Man, it was a crazy night I just hope the images above cements that thought. 

Photographing Mick was really interesting, the guy is extremely tall yet its the tall that doesn’t really seem that tall till your close you know? The guy was extremely humble and chill, I’ve never meet a more down to earth artist who showed so much love across the board be it his fans or the guys on his team. Being more on the conscious side of rap, I thought it would be funny to share with him one of my darker jokes (too dark for tumblr). Needless to say I managed to capture a little something more than a chuckle! Much love and respect to the homie! 


Halsey (Ashley Frangipane) does not deserve all the hate she’s been getting, especially recently.

As of early March I’ve noticed that Halsey has been getting a lot of hate, and it confuses me a lot. 

I do understand that I am a fan of her and her music, which might indicate I’m in favor of her side and I don’t want her to be sad. But, disliking her as a person and an artist is much, much different than telling her destructive, abusive, and damaging things directly about her, which is what has been happening.

She has been an advocate for mental disorders, open about discussing her bisexuality, and talked about her race. I understand she might have done problematic things, and I am not dismissing those things, but for the most part she owned up to them and handled everything very maturely. 

I think she’s a beautiful person who really put herself out there, and we love her for it. You don’t have to love her, but respecting her as a fellow human being would be much appreciated.


I don’t really care about 5SOS partying/getting drunk/smoking whatever/having sex because, as someone the same age as them, I know that this is what we do- it’s their lives, they can do what the fuck they want. What I do care about, regarding this article, is 1) how much they disrespect us as fans, the people who have got them where they are today- speaking as if we’re a group of crazy, deluded little girls and 2) the way they discussed the women they mentioned. A group of deluded little girls wouldn’t be able to see what is so fucking wrong about this article, so open your fucking eyes and start showing us some respect. Just because a majority of your audience are young girls/women, does not make you any less of a credible artist and doesn’t make our opinion invalid or wrong. And if this is how you want to think, then doing an interview surrounded by beer bottles, in your underwear whilst speaking so horrendously about women, won’t give you a very good chance of breaking through with an older audience- the people you think are going to make you ‘credible’ artists. For people who spend ‘75% of their time trying to prove they’re a real band’, I would’ve have thought they’d try and do a better job at this. Michael or Luke’s tweets don’t deny anything they said in this interview, they just pointed out that the magazine didn’t use what they said regarding how they appreciate us as fans. The ways the boys discussed females in this interview is undoubtedly the way they probably discuss them when it’s just the four of them with friends- they’re young men, it’s ‘banter’, it’s ‘funny’. But when you’re trying to make a good impression on an industry and reach out to more people, being so derogatory and one-minded, will NOT help. If this is the way 5SOS wanted to try and get away from the ‘teenage boy band’ image that some major industry workers see them as then they’ve fucked up, really really bad. Following the release of this interview, all people are talking about is how ‘it’s not about the music anymore’- if 5SOS were so whole-heartedly focused on making this about the music, that’s what they would’ve discussed, not the women they sleep with. 5SOS always mention how the fans don’t give them privacy, and then go and allow an interview, that focuses mainly on their private life, to be released? Good one boys. They need to take a step back and think before saying shit like this as they’ve single handedly fucked over the fandom again- whether or not the interviewer exaggerated what the boys said, 5SOS still gave them a foundation to this interview- their opinions, their thoughts, their mistakes. The saddest thing is, 5SOS depend on us for money, we pay for the expensive thing they have, the nights out they go on, and give them the opportunity to do what they’re doing- they have zero emotional connection or gratitude towards us, but we as a fandom, depend on them so much- for happiness, support, a sense of belonging, and this interview proves they couldn’t care less about how much they mean to us.

@5sos-official it’s over to you guys now- try fix this one.


it’s heartbreaking to read that yoongi thinks he he isn’t good enough. i respect this boy so much and he deserves all the happiness in the world. so here’s a happy yoongs in kota kinabalu. give him a holiday.

fifth harmony out here working their asses off w their choreographies & vocals and being supportive and vocal about the lgbt+ (especially trans) community, preaching about women empowerment IN EVERY SINGLE THING THEY DO, trying to educate people on social justice matters, caring SO MUCH about their fans, representing the latinx, polynesian and black community, teaching young girls about self love and respect, working 10000000x harder just to get half of the recognition that any male artist gets in this fucking industry and yet this is how they get paid back??? lmao this is disgusting 

It was just beautiful singing with her, because she has a beautiful, strong voice and an amazing soul. I was honored and it was a blessing to be up there with her. I’ve always been a fan. I’ve always loved and truly, truly respect Taylor Swift as a woman, as a businesswoman, and as an artist. So I immediately said yes because I just love her that much. Taylor has great, relatable lyrics. And she is a great businesswomen and she’s a great example for a lot of women — young women and older women — to follow. Her music speaks for itself. And that’s one of the reasons why I loved the opportunity of being on the stage with her tonight, because I respect real artists, and she’s a real artist. The song ‘Doubt’ is a song that I truly love and means so much to me, and as you could see tonight, it means so much to her. So I asked her if she could sing it with me, and she said yes. And then of course ‘Family Affair,’ she wanted me to perform that. And I said, ‘Just sing all the songs with me tonight—let’s just make it a duet night.’
—  Mary J. Blige on performing ‘Doubt’ and ‘Family Affair’ with Taylor Swift 08/22/15 (x)
I pledge

To stand up for Taylor Swift when she can’t stand up for herself.

To educate people regarding the sexism towards Taylor Swift should they so stupidly display it.

To support Taylor Swift in any endeavour she takes whether it be personal or career driven.

To respect my fellow Swifties and other fans of outside artists, shall I show them the dignity and respect they deserve even if our opinions do differ.

To love myself as much as Taylor Swift loves me.

To stand proud when someone asks if I am a fan of Taylor Swift

To introduce her music and character to others who have yet to be blessed in life by Taylor Swift

To love and protect Taylor Swift until the end of my days


i have never heard some respectable artist outside 1D calling us fans good people or sick or amazing like this, nobody else has ever recognised our work and what we do and how much we love louis and what we do and are together and how we try to show it, so thank you Steve, and thank you Louis for bringing someone like him in the fandom to make sure we know how much our efforts are appreciated despite years of insults and mistreatment.

it’s just such a great feeling to see someone as down to earth as steve who actually appreciates all the work put in by fans and is vocal about it in a positive way rather than being pretentious and tearing us down like not only the media but other artists have who think believing in a boyband and their supporters somehow makes them lesser i can really see why louis befriended steve since he pours so much love into us it’d be understandable he’d want to release a song with someone similar in that way anyway what i’m trying to say is i love and respect steve aoki much

Taylor isn’t just a role model for her fans, she is a role model for her fellow artists. She stands up for everyone, not just herself, and paves the way for those in the music industry whose voice may not be strong enough yet to be heard by all. She is respectful and supportive, but knows how to stand up for what is right in the most effective and efficient way imaginable. I love Taylor so much, she is the powerful and strong woman with a heart of gold that the world needs.

  • How I like to think I'd behave upon meeting Paul McCartney: wow, I'm a huge fan! I really love and respect your work. Thank you so much for everything!
  • How I would probably actually behave: oh my gosh... Oh my gosh... I love you SO MUCH. You are my favorite artist of ALL TIME. Do you have any idea how awesome you are??!? Seriously... You're amazing. I listen to your music practically 24/7. Want to hear a list of all of my favorite songs of yours? There are like 300. Ooh... Could you sing Hey Jude for me? I can't believe you're an actual person that I'm talking to. Oh man... I have such a crush-