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I loved your reply to the Makkachin not liking Yuuri ask because I am like Victor... my dog matters too much and I trust her judgement more than mine so whenever I bring a friend and/or partner home I really pay attention to how my dog reacts to them. It just so happens that my last relationship my dog hated my partner and it turned out he was a bit of an asshole (to put it mildly) so I am 100% with Victor lolll / side note: the chapter was amazing, I cried! <3 much love!

I don’t have a dog myself but every dog owner I know says dogs are very good judges of character and if their dog doesn’t trust someone it’s a big red flag! Plus Viktor adores Makkachin and he would never get rid of him even for the sake of a closer relationship with Yuuri. But luckily Yuuri and Makkachin love each other so it’s never going to be a problem :D

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Thank you so much! <333   I can FEEL THE HYPE.  x]  
Poor Red is pissssseedddd.

I know, right?!  
Time to smooch/cuddle/make-out with everyone.  

xD  I love that everyone’s screaming.
Red’ll be fine.  Things have gone from Bad to Worse with him, but it’ll get resolved.
Uh… eventually.


I’m so glad you enjoyed that!  xD  Yeah, he was always meant to be the first one.  I tried to lean it toward Red or Stretch being the first a few times to throw everyone off.  Thank you so much!  <333

“…if they found out I wanna fuck skeles”
Omg, I died at that part. xD  I know that feel.  That’s me around all of my coworkers and most of my family.  
I hope you didn’t see anything spoilerish before reading!  And I hope you enjoy the chapter, too!  <3

Time zones, man!  But I hope the chapter was worth staying up late for.  ;)

Don’t sob!  HT!Paps wouldn’t want you to be upset!  
But I know, right?  Gah, thinking of what he went through Underground makes me want to protect him, too.  
But hey, at least we’re going to get him out of the woods and into the town.  Eventually.  

Oh yeah, he’s pissed.  xD  He’s not going to be a good person to be around for a while.  
…. Neither are the rest of them, really.  

Pleeeeaaassseee do!  I wanna see what you draw!  =D  
Oh yes, we’re going to see what happens after!  The Lady has to figure out what that kiss meant–if there was any feelings behind it–and resolve things with Red.
And I’ll do POV bonuses for both sides, too!

Yessss.  x]  I do love it!  That kiss had all the hype I hoped it would have.  
Things are only going to get better from here.  <3

xD  That’s the beauty of self-inserts!  It was you that got kissed by Axe!  Gotta look at it on the bright side to bask in the glorious moment of that sweet smooch.  
Oh yesss, he’s definitely going to be gloating.  It was no coincidence that he pulled that move in front of all of them.

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Could you write something where bakugou's s/o gets hurt or in danger with a villain and bakugou had to save her? Like after the fight and shes upset because she was so scared and he idk comforts her in his own way? maybe a kiss? I love your writing :D

Aww hehe thankyiew so much!!^^ I’m glad you like my writing!!^^

And I’m sorry….this may be a little different from what you expected…..

_:(´——`」 ∠):

WARNING: slight Kacchan cursing


He slid open the door of the hospital room, unintentionally using too much force and jolting the female residing inside to attention from the loud bang.

His red orbs met her scared, widened ones, taking note of her paled complexion and quivering lips. He entered the space, shutting the door behind him, this time with care.

“Sorry ‘bout that.”

He muttered out nonchalantly, his eyes still observing her with full attention. She turned away from him, her gaze shifting to the unstoppable fidgeting hands that belonged to her. Her expression was blank, and it seemed her mind was elsewhere.

Somewhere far, far away.

He knew why she was like that, the reason for her current condition. She may have been physically fine, with all her wounds and injuries treated and bandaged up, but her mental state was clearly not fine. Scratch that, it was the exact opposite of fine. He still remembered the terror and fear that was evident in her face as the villain’s weapon had appeared right in front of her at an abnormally fast timing. He remembered how her body was frozen to the spot, not able to move a single muscle as it drew nearer and nearer in her direction, just waiting to destroy her. Had he not been there, had he been a second too late…..

He squeezed his fingers into his palm tightly, clamping them shut with a force strong enough to draw blood.

His footsteps echoed throughout the dead silent room, stopping just beside the bed she was sitting up in. He plopped down on the vacant area of the soft silky white sheets, noticing an alarmed flinch from her shoulders, though not caring.

His arms slowly reached out with unusual tenderness, wrapping one around her waist gently as the other rested at her head, his rough fingers lovingly running through her soft locks. He didn’t know what how she was feeling or thinking, if she was at all, but he just wanted her to be okay once more. He wanted to see her smile and laugh and joke around again.

He wanted (s/o/n) back.

“It’s okay.”

His hand continued patting her soothingly, his grip around her figure tightening.

“Everything’s going to be fucking okay got it? I’m here for you.”


Ok guys, I’ve had a little chat with @codenamekaraortiz and we’ve decided that since you guys have been asking for more and because we love you guys so, so much, we’re gunna post the rest of the story up (except the epilogue, gunna leave that until tomorrow). I’ll post the chapters per usual, so expect one very soon!

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I don’t know where you’re going,
But do you got room for one more troubled soul
I don’t know where I’m going,
But I don’t think I’m coming home
And I said, I’ll check in tomorrow if I don’t wake up dead
This is the road to ruin and we’re starting at the end
 -Fallout Boy-alone together

After the Celebration cons Last Jedi spoiler pics I just had to draw them together with Kylos new scar and costume.