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Name: Christina 

Nicknames: Pilot!! Mostly Pilot, also Chrissy, other than that nothing really. Anything online people call me Pilot

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Height: 5”3

Orientation: Bi-sexual!

Ethnicity: Uh. Uuhh im… mexican. and irish. I think thats it. also native american somewhere in there. But mostly a greenbean

Favourite fruit: Shit I dunno haha. Pomegranate? 

Favourite Season: Fall!!!!! I love sweaters and cooler weather

Favourite Book: I straight up don’t know don’t ask me that. Just go read The Mistmantle Chronicles, the Dresden files and the Waggit books. Yes i know Waggit is a young kid book but i love it so damn much 

Favourite Flower: Marigold and red-gold hued roses. Sunset Roses. 

Favourite Scent: Rain on sidewalks

Favourite Animal: I like pangolins, wolves, barn owls and kangaroo rats!

Coffee, tea or hot cocoa: Tea!

Cat or dog person: Dogs! I like both but if i had to pick dogs.

Favourite fictional character: I refuse to choose. So Nino- ML, Loke- Fairy Tail, Garrus- Mass Effect, The Tenth Doctor- Doctor Who, Hawkeye- The avengers

Dream trip: A quiet trip across Europe in nice hotels in the rain

Blog created: Like when? no idea

Number of followers: 7,955

What do I post about: Nino mostly

Do I get asks on a regular basis: Yes! and i love it

Aesthetic: Is rebel space pilot an aesthetic, because rebel space pilot. Like cool torn jackets, goggles, space, the interior of a space ship, mechanic oil stains, watching galaxies go by

Favourite band/artist: I mostly listen to OSTs, but one of my fav bands right now is The Unlikely Candidates 

Fictional characters I’d date: Nino because he’s perfect. Loke because I just love him and he’s snarky. Garrus from mass effect. I’d also high key date Sun Wukong from RWBY. And also Yang from RWBY probably. I’d also date Hikaru from OHSHC

Hogwarts house: Gryffindor, no escaping it. Everyone i’ve ever asked tells me Gryffindor, and i love it so im good with it!

Alright i am not tagging twenty people though cause i just dont waaaant to. Do it if you’d like!

Jean-Marc, Cécile, David, Enoch, Baltazar, and Medor 


@heavenfell-au is salt momma and @huntertale-au is father fluff

Aqua from the Kingdom Hearts series.

Aqua’s design was the first I ever worked on, and the one that started all this! I was inspired after watching 0.2 teasers and gameplay videos. I think she’s such a queen, which probably explains all the red and gold.

Thank you so much to everyone who reblogged and liked and showed their support!! And thank you to those who gave requests and suggestions as well! Due to popular demand, Xion will be up next! Followed by Olette. I also received some requests for the male characters as well, hehe.

Don’t be discouraged if I don’t respond to your messages – I see everything and I will definitely acknowledge it when I work on your request. So keep those suggestions coming!

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Hetalia characters and when they start celebrating Christmas
  • It's the 1st of November, you know what that means ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
  • America: The second Halloween ends, he's feeling 2jolly4me.
  • England: The start of November. He complains that Christmas stuff is sold too early yet his cupboards are full of store-bought Christmas cookies.
  • Canada: Mid November, but he puts so much effort into decorating. His whole house is red, white and gold. Kumajiro is a reindeer.
  • France: December 22nd, you filthy barbarians.
  • Russia: A week before. Ho ho homo
  • China: Early December. Is getting more accustomed to Western celebrations. Actually loves it.
  • Japan: A week before. Spends a lot of his holiday with America. He thought he could have a relaxing Christmas.
  • Prussia: November 1st at 1am. Has prepared for this day for the whole year.
  • Germany: Mid December. Thinks of it as a relaxing time at home instead of one big party like his brother. Takes lots of pictures of his dogs in santa hats.
  • South Italy: The night before. Is a real grouch.
  • North Italy: Mid November. Spends ages making these beautiful gingerbread houses and shoves them all in his mouth at the 25th because he likes (ginger)bread.
  • Spain: Mid November. hO hO hOMO
  • Finland: Mid June.
  • Sweden: Goes along with the wife. Sets up lots of mistletoes so he can kiss Finland but ends up walking under one with Denmark.
  • Denmark: Is always a slut for Christmas.
  • Norway: Mid December.
  • Iceland: Mid August. Is forced by Norway to tell the Mall Santa what he wants for Christmas and sit on his lap.
  • -Admin Canako

~ ❧ Autumn Magick ❧ ~

There is a special magick to be had at the changing of seasons from light to dark. The air grows colder, the shadows deeper and the nights longer. The leaves turn from green to gold, red and ochre. With so much change, energy flows abundantly ..witches energy, the kind of energy for spells and enchantments.