so much product and hair spray

Okay so these are a list of some of my staple products/hair care regimen

-herbal essence conditioner to co-wash. I use it every time I wash

-I don’t really have a staple shampoo product but the one I’ve been using for awhile is palmers olive oil keratin shampoo in a lime green bottle

-then for oils I use pretty much any kind of oil. I mainly use olive oil, argon, coconut, jojoba, & peppermint oil

-for leave in and deep conditioner I use the “Cantu Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream” product. So you can use that for two purposes and it’ll save you money on that.

-And another good deep conditioner is Profectiv’s Mega Growth! ✳️I always deep condition under a hooded dryer it helps a lot😃

-Also for leave in sprays I love using the argon oil leave in conditioner spray if I don’t already have my own mixed

-and then if I want to style my hair I use the Shea moisture style cremes (depending on the style because normally I can just use my leave ins for a style)

-Eco styler gel of course for edges and any other use lol.

-When I want to really clean and clarify my scalp I wash my hair with apple cider vinegar by placing that in an applicator bottle (adding only 25% of the bottle with ACV & the rest of the bottle with water). This really helps remove buildup from products your shampoo couldn’t get out.

-When I want to clean my scalp while I have a protective style such as braids, twists, etc. I use witch hazel. I just pour witch hazel on a cotton ball go through sections of my head patting the cotton ball on my scalp and then I go back over my scalp with oil when I’m done with the witch hazel. I found this method to be more helpful and convenient then me going through a whole washing process especially since I don’t want to risk my hair frizzing or popping out of my box braids since that’s what I normally wear for protective styling.

Hope this helped someone out there 😀😊


For anon these are a couple of ways I’ve styled my hair thus far. The first one is natural with a little beach spray to make it wavier and the second one is the uriequiff because I obviously had to try brendons style, but there is so much you can do with it and I may update this in time! (btw I wasn’t naked don’t worry, I went to shower so my hair was clean and free of product to take these pics and I had a towel on, I am not that brave!)