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Matsu Bros thoughts on their s/o who has natural curly hair ( You're awesome btw! One of my favorite imagine blogs 💕)

Aww thank you so much hun~!


  • The first thing he wants to do is touch it since it’s so different from the pin straight hair most Japanese people have, of course it’s up to you to decide whether or not if he can
  • Almost doubled over laughing the first time he saw your hair in humidity, and lets you know it’s more than alright to just stay in and chill on those days for the sake of your hair 
  • Will send cringey jokes and memes about curly hair hoping it will make you smile
  • Almost fainted from the arsenal of hair products you have and how expensive they can be


  • He’s seriously so entranced by the look of your hair, it’s just so pretty and different
  • Wants to know every aspect of your hair routine and how to care for your hair
  • So supportive of however you wear you hair and will show it off to everyone gushing about how stunning and lovely you look
  • Will look up videos on hair tutorials and how to take care of knots since he knows how arduous of a process that can be
  • Will shower in you in hair accessories, bows, pins, headbands, flowers, you name it you got it


  • Research, research, research!  He knows jack about curly hair and will go to ends of google looking up every aspect of it to be form informed.
  • Would totally look up tips or homemade masks to keep your hair healthy and to reduce frizz
  • He wouldn’t care too much about the style you wear it in, he thinks you look good with any look 
  • Will avoid scheduling dates on humid days and would carry anti-frizz spray just for you


  • He doesn’t really care what kind of hair his partner has, dude walks around with bedhead everywhere
  • He feels bad when you have to go through the pain of untangling a knot since he’s never really to experience that kind of pain
  • He doesn’t mind listening to you rant about some of the issues of curly hair, he’d try to help out by smuggling some of Totty’s products over to you
  • He loves the texture of the curls so much, it’s a foreign feeling that could keep him occupied for hours


  • He is so entranced by how the curls bounce when you walk they look so springy and fun to him
  • He doesn’t understand the biological components that make curly hair curly is disapointed his doesn’t do the same
  • Will have Totty curl his hair so the two of you can match


  • The hair and beauty guru has no qualms about curly hair and will get you the best products for your hair
  • Matching silk headscarves? Hell yeah, there are so many benefits from silk, and he makes sure to get patterns and colors you like
  • He’d sneak so many pictures of you because lord your hair is breathtaking and insta worthy
  • Having a bad hair day or a bad case of bedhead, don’t worry your boi has your back

~ FLAT MESS TO FAB FRO : How I take care of my hair

                               04/07/2014 ► 07/30/2015

Finallyyyyy ! A post about -almost- everything about my hair ! In this post, you’ll be able to know the phases I’ve been through to get my hair all healthy, then my hair routine/hair regimen.

1 – Going Natural

I used to hate my curly hair, like most of curly girls I would say. My cousin offered me a straightener for my 14th birthday and made me swear to use it for special events only. It was the case, though. I’ve used it for my birthday, it was my first time ever seeing my hair all straight and flat like pastas. But, people at school were complimenting me on my long straight dark hair, saying how much I look better. These same people used to bully me because of my natural curly hair, and the fact that I was half Black (it was a catholic school where I was the only « person of colour »), but that’s another story. I was so happy to receive COMPLIMENTS from people who were hating on me since day one, to see these White boys trying to approach me in a seducing way and all, asking me to hang out…you know, that I began to straighten my hair once to twice a week.

We’ve moved to another city, a bigger city in fact where there were much more diversity. But, every Black or Mixed girl was straightening/relaxing their hair, wearing straight weave.

I graduated to High School. Unfortunetely, it was a little High School -but its reputation was really good-. One more time, I was one of the rare coloured person. During my first year, I realised that my hair was damaged. But I wouldn’t let my curls take a rest. I’ve cut my hair -not that much comparing to my big chop-, it was my first time ever cutting my hair. My hair was wayyyy more healthier, but I couldn’t let my curls appear.

Finally, I was 16, I began to be more curious about things that were surrounding me. I began to be curious about my African side, that I’ve always wanted to deny. I’ve fallen in love with my own culture, and since that moment I started to embrace my Black features more than ever. I decided to stop using my straightener during Summer 2013. But it was too late, my hair was fried to the max. My hair was kind of straight, but in a really mysterious way … my curls were non-existent, my hair was flat, wavish, my ends were horrible. I realised the impact of 2 years of trying to hide my beautiful curls. I didn’t know what to do! I didn’t know how to take care of that mess that was on my head ! Then, back to school, I wanted to get a pixie haircut in order to start all over again. I couldn’t trust the hairdressers of my city; they were White, and didn’t know anything about Afro Hair. Everytime I would visit one of them, I could see their faces looking at my hair like “how am I supposed to style that shit ?”, literally. Nobody in my family wanted to cut my hair, saying how I will regret it after. I started to transition SERIOUSLY; I was doing homemade protein masks once a week, then I was using the Hair Mayonnaise which was awesome on my poor curls who were struggling to pop. I was using a really special technique to curl my hair while transitionning. I was using a handband, placing it on my head, and I would just wrap my hair arround it. If you want to try it, you should be able to find loads of tutorials on YouTube. The results went quickly, I was really happy. But not as quickly as I wanted. In February 2014, I decided to pass the step of the big chop, finally ! I just took my pair of scissors and cut my hair quite randomly to be honest, hopefully the shape was pretty nice ! I went to my bathroom to wash my hair… right after, my curls were popping like … damn ! I was so surprised, I didn’t even know my “real curls” were looking like that, even though they were a little weak and not as tight as now. At this point, I was altering between protein and moisture. But my hair was so short, I was too … “shy”… to appear with my hair down in public. It was still pretty flat, but my curls were alive and almost healthy ! I was always wearing various protective styles, except the week-end. Until July, my hair has grown and was easier to “assume”, if you want to. Plus, my curls were tighter. In August, my hair was completely healthy, and beautifuuuul. I was so happy. Since August, I’m just letting my hair grow. But, as you can see, I don’t have that much tips for my ladies who are transitionning. I was just waiting mostly, using some proteine and moisture, but that’s all.

By the way, I really advise you to take pictures every month to really see your evolution. It helps a lot because sometimes we have the impression that there is no evolution but when you look at your pictures you see how far you’ve come !

The story of my hair in some pictures here.

2 – Taking Care Of My Hair

I don’t know where to start so I’ll follow my instinct… sorry if it’s a little messy. Lol.

What I do monthly :

Masks targetting protein or moisture : I make my masks. I don’t buy them. Except for the Hair Mayonnaise that I was using while transitionning but I don’t use it anymore. I just use 2eggs or Avocado with Olive Oil to do my protein mask. When it comes to the moisture, I use Yogurt, Olive Oil and drops of Lemon Juice to make my hair shines. I put a plastic bag on my head, with 2 beanies (LOL yeah I look really ridiculous when doing that) to assures some heat and make my hair infuse all the good nutriments. When it’s time to wash my hair, I do it with cold water. When there is nothing left on my hair, I rince my hair using Mineral Water with 1 or 2 tablespoon of Vinegar Cidar. Your hair may smell a little, but when you’ll use your products after the smell will be gone.

Trimming my hair : Well, I don’t do it monthly. I do it between 2 to 4 months. When I feel the need to, to be honest. I’m so lazy when it comes to do that. Personally, I love to twist my hair with some Coconut Oil on my hands and cut the end, which should be “thiner”.

Cleaning my scalp : At the end of the month, I like to massage my scalp with Coconut Oil, to remove all the dirt on my scalp (and it’s also soooo relaxing). After that, I shampoo my hair using the Shampoing Sunshine Clean Citron Grenade by Les Secrets De Loly, I stay a long time massaging my scalp again before focusing on my hair to remove all the products that it could have accumulate during the month. After that, your hair and your scalp is all pure and ready for another month !

What I do weekly :

Co-washing : I co-wash once to twice a week. I’ve just remarked that I tend to wash my hair more on Sunday and Wednesday. But, sometimes I do it another day, depending on the circumstances. I usually do it the evening, so I can let my hair airdry and pineapple it to stretch it, and be ready the next morning. That’s the best option for me, personally. I don’t wash my hair and my body at the same time. I start with my hair. I just bend over my bathtub, so my head is “reversed” (I do the same thing when I wash my mask, by the way). I do this because I want to avoid having spots on my back, because the products you use stay on your skin and the back is the space I tend to forget sometimes while taking a shower. I don’t touch my hair, I don’t try to detangle them before applying the Too Shea! Conditionner from Jessicurl. I let the products on my hair for few minutes before detangling my hair using my fingers, simply, or a wide tooth comb when I find it, lol. I rince with cold water. Then, I crunch my hair and put a t-shirt as a turban on my head. I let my hair dry a little in it, so during that time I can wash my body, wash my face, do my make up, put my clothes… After that, I can apply my Lait Capillaire “Litchi-Mûre” by Les Secrets De Loly, a little bit of Confident Coils blended with Rockin Ringlets, both from Jessicurl, and seal everything with some Oil (Almond, Olive, Jojoba or Argan, it depends of my mood,lol). Then, I let it airdry. When my hair is like 90% I like to use a blowdryer (not hot) while shaking my head, to not have my roots “stuck” to my scalp, and encourage the volume of my hair. After that, I can use a pick and comb through my roots to maximise the volume. Et voilà !

What I do everyday :

Peanappling my hair before sleeping : This is my technique to sleep while not crunching my poor curls against my pillows, since I move a lot when I sleep. I just take a satin scarf that I wrap arround my head and I tie it on the front. I helps stretching my hair, and the next morning my hair is longer and even bigger !

Refreshing my fro : After the night, comes the morning, when your fro has been enduring all your movements during the night. To refresh my fro, all I do is putting some cold water on my hands, then I -kind of- massage my scalp. After that, my hands still a little wet so I take advantage of that to reshape quickly my fro and the wild curls. Finally, I put some moisture back on my hair, but not too much because I don’t want the products to weight down on my hair. I spray my hair with cold water lightly, I put my Lait Capillaire “Litchi-Mûre” by Les Secrets De Loly and my favourite oil in my fro, especially the “outer” curls which tends to be drier than the rest.

Hope I didn’t forget anything … I hope it was clear too !

Bisous ! :-*

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HOW IS YOUR HAIR SO PRETTY??!!! Detailed description of care, please !!! :D <3 P.s. Your blog is more than goals ! <3 Sending hugs !

Oh well I honestly don’t do much with my natural hair, I just use Shea Moisture Strengthen, Grow and Restore shampoo once a week. Its has great ingredients like black castor oil which is well known to grow hair, and apple cider vinegar which reduces dandruff and scalp buildup. I think it’s important to wash the hair as few times as possible per week (if you have oily hair use dry shampoo in between).

I don’t really use any products on my hair, like hair spray, mousse, gel etc so I don’t have buildup to deal with. Some times I will put argon oil on my hair.

I do use wigs, extensions and hair pieces so I can’t take all the credit haha!

viridieanfey said: The makeup I’ve got down, it’s the giant hair that gets me. The top just doesn’t like to go up. With how fine my hair is, I’m kind of afraid to backcomb it too much. X__X

There are two answers to this dilemma! And both products are from the same company!

  1. Big Sexy Hair “What a Tease” Backcomb in a Bottle. It’s a little expensive for a small bottle of product, but it’s worth it. Spray it at your roots, in sections, and you will get amazing lift. BE WARNED: the product is sticky, so don’t go running your hands through your hair, and the nozzle clogs, which means running it under hot water (and occasionally scrubbing it with a washcloth). 
  2. Big Sexy Hair Powder Play. I use this whenever I want big, tousled hair but don’t want to do any backcombing. It doesn’t give you giant hair, but it does give a lot of volume.

However, the truth is that you won’t achieve sky-high goth hair without backcombing. So perhaps keep the enormous hair for special events, and for everyday go for still voluminous, but not heavily backcombed.

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good morning, have we talked about what eliot spends his money on? because so far all I can think of are (a) a fucking absurd and totally pitch-perfect car, (b) probably knives, and (c) carnivorous mail-order plants. dude probably wasn't hurting before they made $3.5M each—is it just in a bank somewhere? i mean, some of it's probably really really well hidden in distributed locations and some is buried in a box in the woods in montana, but he must have spent SOME, he isn't parker

omg, okay, this is possibly my favorite question anyone has ever asked me, because it has led me to the glowing, glorious realization of the answer. but before i get to said answer, we must, first, discuss the cars. because you see: john rogers’ blog, which i continue to read sometimes even though i disagree with a good 75% of what he says, states that eliot COLLECTS CARS, which i choose to believe because i am so absurdly delighted by it. i am so absurdly delighted by the idea that eliot spencer is not only a car buff but a car COLLECTOR and, of all the cars in his collection, chooses most often to see and be seen in his bright orange dodge charger with the blue stripes down the middle. like. l i k e. what must the rest of the collection look like? is the orange one his favorite because it’s the ugliest or does he actively collect ugly cars the way that he collects ugly clothes? is there somewhere a warehouse full of like. pt cruisers with flames on the side??? those cars that look like toasters? or are they all muscle cars in the most eye-searing paint jobs possible? is he in it for horsepower or speed or SHEER UNATTRACTIVENESS or like, the middle of the venn diagram of all three? eliot spencer u beautiful weirdo you are so fucking weird, you act like hardison and parker are weird but honest to god you are yourself the king of weird island. HE COLLECTS CARS AND HE CHOOSES TO DRIVE THE ORANGE AND BLUE CHARGER. i just. i can’t. at all.

okay. having said all that, my beautiful realization is this: aside from the cars, in many ways eliot spencer’s spending habits are all but indistinguishable from those of your average middle-aged, upper-middle class mom.


the thing about it is that eliot hates williams sonoma. he really does. on principle, he hates them. he hates what they’ve done to average american home cook and he hates how they’ve put smaller local shops out of business (eliot believes very deeply, as we know from the canon, in shopping local). he hates that they create tools that ABSOLUTELY NO PERSON NEEDS, like this fucking avacado cuber, and then charge $17.95 for the pleasure of pointlessly owning one. he hates the whole aesthetic of the place, which suggests that if people just buy one of their products they’ll suddenly be deposited into ina garten’s life in the hamptons, instead of the low lighting of their own apartment, probably feeling like a shithead for spending a hundred dollars on goddamn colanders. he hates that everything they sell that’s actually useful and necessary for a kitchen can be found cheaper and better at restaurant supply stores, or better yet, made by actual craftsmen. he hates them. he hates them! he hates them.

and yet, somehow – like highway blindness; like those times sophie used to brainwash him – invariably, a few times a year, eliot blinks and finds himself standing at the checkout counter of a williams sonoma with his arms full of items. it’s like they have some kind of hold over his very soul. it’s like he made some sort of bargain with the devil that he doesn’t remember, and its consequence was his damn addiction to damn williams damn sonoma.

“what is this?” parker says, jerking eliot out of his reverie in one of their dallas locations. they’re hanging around for a few days after wrapping up a job, just in case the client ends up needing any further assistance; parker and hardison wanted to go to some video game store and there it was, across the street: his nemesis, williams sonoma. eliot doesn’t even remember coming in here, much less hardison and parker following him in – he likes to think that he still retains at least enough of his sense of self-preservation that he would have stopped them, kept them from witnessing this particular source of shame. and yet: here he is. here they are. there’s a basket of monogrammed kitchen towels in his hands and he doesn’t know how it got there.

“it’s a fucking stupid useless insane thing nobody needs, why the fuck would anyone buy a mortar and pestle made out of salt,” eliot thinks, but what eliot says, god help him, is, “it’s ours now, that’s what.”

“hey look!” hardison calls, “it’s a cutting board i can hack,” and even that – even that – eliot buys.


a truly, truly absurd amount of money is the amount of money eliot spends on hair care products. more money than any person should spend on hair care products. more money than any five people should spend on hair care products, especially since (as febricant and i joke about all the time; this thought, like, tbh, most of my leverage thoughts, is as much, OR MORE, febricant’s as it is mine) eliot is otherwise the type of guy who like, washes his entire body up to and including his face with the same bar of dial yellow soap. (“you wash your FACE with the same soap as your BUTT??” demanded hardison, aghast, the first time he witnessed eliot screwing his eyes shut and scrubbing the yellow bar across his forehead and cheeks. “oh my god, eliot. were you raised by WOLVES?”)

but hair care; forget it. that boy takes his hair care SERIOUSLY. he replaces his blow drier with the newest and best models at every new innovation; he owns three different flat irons at any given time, the use of which he rotates based on a complicated equation of how much heat he’s put on his hair this week, the weather forecast, and the types of products he’s used that day. he has rinse-out conditioners and leave-in conditioners and he uses a different shampoo every time he washes his hair – in theory these too are in rotation but in practice he has so many different kinds of shampoo that a rotation, in the traditional sense, would be impossible. he has argan oil and macadamia nut spray-in volumizer and every kind of brush imaginable. he cuts his own hair (evidence: the rundown job, DEAR GOD), mostly because he would never ever let another person that near his neck with a pair of scissors, and so he has that crap too – hair-cutting scissors, yeah, but also the assorted clips and smocks and shit that come with it. he has highlighting kits, because you better believe those aren’t natural. he has more than one of those fancy fabric shower caps, as well as a whole drawer of the plastic ones he always makes sure to take from hotels.

and the thing is that it’s not about looking ~stylish, or, come to that, even good – hell, half the time his hair is unwashed and greasy as fuck, or curled up all to hell from moisture, and he just throws it under a hat and could give a shit. truth is, when he started growing it out it was just to cultivate a new look, confuse anyone who might be after him, but maintaining it, keeping it soft and flat – or at least as flat as possible in wet/humid climates – it got to be kind of…. well, shit. he got to liking it, that’s all. taking an hour or so of his time, every few days, and devoting it to nothing but taking care of part of himself. that’s the long and short of it. it’s not something he likes to look at too hard.

in any case, it takes him a long time after he makes it official with parker and hardison to let parker see the whole ritual of it, and even longer before he lets hardison. even though hardison is the one, of the three of them, who spends the most time and effort on his physical appearance – even though parker’s hair is the way that it is naturally, and she only bothers to tease it into anything approaching a style if it’s for an alias, part of a con – eliot himself had to shake off enough of the hard-coded masculinity shit that he’s a little afraid hardison might… not judge him, exactly, because hardison wouldn’t, but say something. make a joke. eliot’s weirdly bothered by the idea; it feels like something he could lose, the pleasure he takes in it, to something as small as a quip that cuts a little deeper than hardison meant it to. eliot’s not sure it’s worth the risk.

when eliot finally gets over himself, though – the first time hardison comes in to the living room to find eliot on the couch, parker with her feet in his lap for a foot massage, eliot’s hair twisted up onto the top of his head and pinned with a clip, something wet and white (a conditioning treatment) streaked through it – he feels pretty stupid about worrying. hardison raises his eyebrows for a second, but then he flops down next to eliot on the couch and throws an arm around his shoulder, dips his head down to nose at the side of eliot’s neck and breathe deep. “mmm,” hardison says, “whatever this shit is, it smells awesome. why don’t you smell like this all the time, man? hey, can i borrow it and put it in lucille? lucille needs this, okay, she needs it to live.”

“steal my conditioner and die,” eliot says, and presses his thumb a little harder than he means to into parker’s foot for emphasis. she moans, which is pretty distracting, and eliot ends up leaving the conditioner in too long and looking like he walked through an oil-slick the next day, but it’s worth it (especially when hardison starts finding increasingly flimsy excuses to pull him close, breathe deep).


in one of the early episodes, eliot says he grows all his own food and makes the time to do so by only sleeping 90 minutes a day; i think both of those things are scurrilous lies, but, like most scurrilous lies, have within them a grain of truth. the sleep thing, of course, speaks to persistent insomnia issues which have no bearing on this particular post, but as for the food thing, while i think the idea that eliot grows all of his own food is ridiculous crap, i do absolutely believe that he has a plot in a community garden under an assumed name, and probably like, one of those window box herb gardens in every one of his windows. i bet when they move to portland he is privately THRILLED to discover the intensity of the local farming movement; in boston he had to content himself to a teeny tiny little fenced-off plot set in concrete next to a bunch of other teeny tiny little fenced-off plots, mostly populated by little old ladies growing flowers; it was barely enough to be worth the time he took to maintain it, and the alias that went with it. but in portland he gets a whole section of open field, and most of the other people who plant there are decent, salt-of-the-earth types – yeah, a few of them are awful hipsters, but they easily identify themselves with their plaid and their fixed-gear bikes, so it’s easy enough for eliot to avoid them.

hardison has absolutely no interest in the gardening thing when he finds out about it – “call me when it’s food,” he says, “actually, no, wait, call me when it’s that chocolate chip zucchini bread you made last year, that shit was DELICIOUS” – but parker asks a bunch of questions about whether his plants do things, and what the garden is like, and doesn’t he ever get bored just… digging or whatever? and it takes eliot a round or two of these questions before he realizes that she’s doing that thing she almost never does, where she’s a little shy about wanting to ask for something and so talks around and around it. when he does work it out, he sighs and says a not-actually-all-that-sorry mental goodbye to his solo gardening time, and asks parker if she wants to come with him to the garden store.

and look, eliot spends so much money at the garden store that EVERYONE THERE KNOWS ELIOT BY NAME, even though, okay, it’s the name of his alias, which is joshua. still, they know him and keep things aside for him that they think he’ll like, and all the people who work there (mostly women, a few men) think of him as a terrible flirt, because joshua-eliot’s-garderner-alias has always been a terrible flirt, because hey, eliot enjoys that even though he’s very embarrassing at it every single time. parker thinks the gardening supply store is going to be boring at first, but it’s pretty fun to watch eliot be somebody else, especially somebody else that he decided to be for no reason other than that it pleased him to do so; then she finds the section with the hand-held cultivators and starts running around with a few of them in each hand, yelling “RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH” and terrifying passing shoppers (but deeply entertaining their children, who follow her like a tiny army). eliot would make excuses for her, but joshua-eliot’s-garderner-alias is a very low-key kind of guy, so he just rolls his eyes and is kind of like, “family, what can you do?” he buys her two of the cultivators (“two, parker”) and some pumpkin seeds because she’s really into the idea of growing her own halloween, and a gardening tool belt because – not that he intends on sharing this with her – she looks so fucking cute in it, and takes her out to his garden.

and it’s weird, because even though she pokes at all the plants and demands explanations for them, and sprays him with the hose a lot (usually right in his face), and at one point gathers up a bunch of dirt in a bucket and then dumps it over his head, cackling, before she scurries away; even though she steals a veggie or a flower from every plant in everyone else’s garden and hides them on or about his person; even though he has to explain to her like five times that no, parker, weeds can’t be allowed to flourish, and no, parker, i don’t care that you like how they’re spiky – even though she’s so very parker about it all, after the first time it’s hard to imagine how or why he ever did it without her. she likes digging and turning over the soil and can’t be trusted not to go overboard with the pruning shears, which is an oddly good incentive to make eliot use them, something he used to hate; they work silently sometimes and laughing about nothing other times, and either way it’s more fun, a lot more fun, than he used to have alone. at least once (and usually more than once) in a given visit parker will find a bug that’s not good for the plants – a katydid or a praying mantis or a spider who’s built its web somewhere inconvenient – and pick it up between her cupped palms, carry it off to the treeline where she can release it safely, cooing to it about how it’s a menace and she’s making it homeless as a punishment. eliot kind of wants to follow her when she does that, pull her into the trees and kiss her a minute or two, for being so odd, for showing her softness in such strange places, for being so unapologetically herself. he does it sometimes, too, even though more than once she drops the bug down his shirt for his trouble (though only, he’s noticed, the ones she knows won’t bite).

he could swear the food he grows with her tastes better, too, than the stuff he grew by himself. he knows it’s crazy, but there you go.

Got7 in the Shower

Jaebum: gets impatient when someone takes too long but ends up taking 30+ minute showers. frequently changes the temperature and ends up using all the hot water. doesn’t know how much conditioner to use and is the reason there is no conditioner left. forgets to bring a towel.

Jinyoung: don’t join him in the shower or else your skin will melt. comes out of the shower with pink skin and says it feels nice. everyone is concerned. likes to lather. there’s a lot of bubbles. has rose scented body wash. will find out if someone used his rose scented body wash. will punish whoever used his rose scented body wash.

Mark: tells himself he’ll shower. ends up forgetting to shower. showers at night because he’ll fall asleep in the shower in the morning. wonders why his legs look so weird from this angle. gets dizzy because he was looking down too much. takes too long because he plays with his hair. sits down on the floor. uses whatever hair product he sees and nobody notices. 

Jackson: takes showers right when he wakes up. sometimes showers twice a day. vigorously scrubs. likes strawberry blast but uses Axe brand because he wants to be cool. either takes 7 minute showers or 30 minutes showers. there is no in between. wants to take baths everyday but can’t. 

Youngjae: can’t face the water because he doesn’t like getting sprayed in the face. marked the ‘perfect temperature’ on the shower handle. hums the song stuck in his head. sometimes sings. prefers showering at night but ends up showering whenever it’s convenient. 

Bambam: takes cold showers?? because he likes them?? doesn’t like hot showers. surprisingly doesn’t take long. only faces the water. washes thoroughly. follows a routine and gets mad when he forgets to follow it. poses sassily while he washes his hair. wears the same clothes he wore before showering after showering.  

Yugyeom: listens to music in the shower. is too shy to sing along so he mouths the words. gets yelled at to hurry up even though he takes 15 minutes max. dances. it’s a miracle he has never slipped in the shower. can’t leave the dorm unless he showers. his hair is not manageable unless he showers. 

Harvest Goddess Magical Melody Wig Tutorial

Okay so, keep in mind, this tutorial is kind of long, the entirety of this wig is very expensive (overall, it cost me a little under 250$ CAD but if you’re NOT dealing with the horrific USD/CAD exchange rate, it probably won’t be as expensive). Also, disclaimer that I’m not a professional, most of this is pure bullshit, and if I ever did this wig again I’d want to change a LOT on how I went about it. 
Also, if this wasn’t clear before, I don’t recommend this as a beginner project if you don’t already have experience with some intermediate cosplay stuff. 
Some tutorials I based this off was echoing-artemis’s (DA) Rapunzel wig tutorial and quite a few scattered wig dyeing tutorials. 

The stuff I got for this were:
2x Epic-cosplay Asteria Wigs in Fusion Vanilla Purple
3x Matching long wefts (also from Epic Cosplay)
Wig clips 
Those little hair combs you sometimes see added to Arda wigs. I didn’t get these because I had no idea where to get them from and I ran out of time but it probably would’ve made a huge difference.
1/2m of thick batting (idk how much I used really but 1/2m is probably a safe bet)
FW ink in purple for the gradient
2x bottles of rubbing alcohol
Empty spray bottle
Gloves for dyeing 
Long necked wig head. This will subsequently be destroyed
2x Wig stands. Okay, you’ll need at least one, but mine BROKE halfway through so…keep a spare one handy. Or you’ll be duct taping your wig head to the table and also plying friends to come over to hold your wig head for you.
Wefting needles. Whatever kind you like working with.
Wefting thread/Upholstery thread. Something thick, not that all-purpose kind. 
Tacky glue
Hairspray (I used got2b)
Spray adhesive. Everything is temporary, except for Kryolan Easy-Tack. Kryolan Easy-Tack is forever….(seriously, protect your surfaces when working with this shit)
Wig combs/brushes and spray detangler
Probably some kind of container your wig can drip into while it dries from the gradient dye.

(^2x wigs + 3x wefts)

First, take your first wig, and harvest it’s wefts. I basically took off all the wefts and left the skin top. So yeah, very carefully get all your wefts out. You now have an entire wig’s worth of wefts. Sew this into your second wig, making sure to brush out the wig roughly every couple wefts you sew in, because if you don’t it WILL get tangled just because of how friking long this thing is.

Next, add that first pack of wefts to it. Make sure you also add the wefts for the bangs, don’t skimp on the bangs. 

(^ still wefting…)

Hooray. Now your wig weighs as much as your small dog.

Next, you want to sew in your wig clips. I just put two at the very front, because I’m a butt and forgot to put two at the back. If you do have those hair combs, definitely insert those as well. The more support the better. I didn’t put it on a scale to weigh it, but I did hold up my 10lb dog and also held up the wig, and they weighed pretty much the same so…

Okay now dye it. Go search up some tutorials on wig dyeing. I just mixed 12 drops of FW ink into my spray bottle, and stuck in about half a cup of alcohol. That’s supposed to be overdoing it, but my wig did not end up crunchy or felt like it had product in it, so I just went with it because I didn’t want to dye it 4 times since the alcohol smell gave me a headache. You might want a face mask in this step it gets pretty stinky. Make sure you protect your surfaces somehow because this mixture will stain. Spray dye your wig up to the gradient. Let it dry. Repeat. I did mine twice until I was happy with the colour.

(^ dyed and brushed out) 

Okay so this is where the fun ended and I started hating my life. Brush out your wig. Make it nice and smooth. Brush it out again, if you have any tangles here, GET RID OF THEM, or there is no going back once you proceed. First, I divided the wig into two large sections, plus two smaller sections for the braids. I braided the two smaller sections and just put some elastic on it and pinned them at the top so they’re out of the way.
Now, with your two large sections, divide those again. The Harvest Goddess’s hair in Magical Melody are these two big twists. They’re not really braids, they’re just like…twisted pieces?? So there’s your twisted pieces, you have pieces 1, 2, 3, 4.
Cut a length of batting matched roughly to the length of the wig. My batting wasn’t thick enough by itself, so I cut double the width, folded it lengthwise and just quickly basted down along the edge using my sewing machine so it stayed put.

(^ cut batting)

(^ folded in half and basted. You can see the one I already attached to the wig in the background)

Cut the batting to the length of your wig. You don’t want it exactly as long as your wig because you do want it slightly shorter so you can get that point at the end of her twists.
Get your glues (I used tacky glue and Kryolan Easy Tack for this step). I would recommend actually just taking that batting, spraying easy tack all over one side. I originally tried to do it with tacky glue and tbh wasn’t worth it, the hairs ended up tangled and everywhere.
So now you have that batting nice and soaked on ONE SIDE, attach that one side carefully to one of your sections of hair. Make sure you smooth everything down so that at least the majority of your hair pieces are stuck to the batting. Don’t worry if not all of them are. You just want to cover the batting in as much hair as possible so the batting doesn’t show.
Now spray the other side. You’ll want to place some kind of protective plastic sheet or something behind so you don’t get easy tack on anything other than that batting. Attach the other side. Okay great, now repeat for all four sections. Now you should have four wig covered batting sections. This bulks out your wig. 

(^ you can see where I did the braids and pinned them on top of the wig just to get them out of the way. I used some large hair clips to keep each section of hair separated. The big thick chunk in front is the fully attached wig-covered batting piece. What I’m holding up is the massacred remains of the first wig that I took apart for wefts)

Take the remnants from the skin top of the first massacred wig and start caulking the ends and filling any gaps. The less gaps you have now the easier it’ll be in the next step. 

Once everything is dry, you can start twisting the hair together to form her giant twists. This is the part where my wig stand finally broke, and my wig came crashing to the floor which made all the fibres mess up so…that was a lot of clean up and fixing to do. Hopefully this doesn’t happen to you…

(^Wig laying on the ground. One side is halfway done being twisted, and the other is the two separate sections ready to be twisted)

Twist those giant sections together, and then secure the end with an elastic. I used caulking to style the ends of her twists into a point.
Then, take your second pack of wefts, cut off the bulky top part so you have pure fibre, caulk the fibres together, and start patching up the wig again. Patch. Keep patching. Don’t stop patching until everything is nice and filled and you cannot see batting. Blend into the original wig fibres. You can do this on the stand or on the floor. I really don’t know if most wig stands can take this weight right now tbh so the floor might be safer.
Also, don’t forget to cover up that elastic at the end with a lock of wig hair. It looks a lot better that way trust me.

Take your hairspray and kind of spray that wig in place. I didn’t glue all the fibres down pat because I didn’t want it to look like it was stiff, but you’ll want to spray that then so those stray wig fibres have less of a chance of getting loose.   Style your braids accordingly. Good thing you pinned them up beforehand huh.
At this point, I actually redyed my wig a THIRD time because those wefts I put in to patch up the wig no longer matched the gradient colour.

Style the bangs. I just honestly pushed them back and sprayed/glued them in place. I wanted a lace front at first for her hairline, but there was just no way I could find a lace front wig in that length, nor that colour. If you have the time to turn your lace into a lace front, look into that I guess? For me, just pushing back the bangs and spraying them worked fine.
This probably is letting some cosplay secrets out of the bag, but I got a bunch of the fake flowers you see on the final cosplay and glued them on my wig in parts where I could see either patches of batting showering, or where my patched fibres weren’t blending in as nicely with the original wig fibres. Shh….no one will know in the final piece…
Plus they matched the ones on my dress so…

I don’t know if you want to do this too, but I attached fishing line from my wrist to the wig so that I could pose my hair. It didn’t actually relieve that much of the weight, but it did make it so it didn’t just drop down and so it could hold that curved shape that you see in the games. To do that, I looped fishing wire through a small button and just hot glued it straight to the ends of each twist/braid where I had secured the elastic. I made little like…fabric bracelets, put some vines and tiny flowers on it to make it look pretty and just stuck the end of the fishing wire straight through the fabric, knotted it, and hot glued in place again. The fabric bracelets had a snap closure to go around my wrist. This method worked for me, I didn’t have any costume malfunctions and the hot glue was strong enough to hold it. I just stuck a flower over where the fishing line attached to the wig to cover it up. 

 I think that’s it? Overall, it took me about a month and a half and I never want to do this again. If I could do it again, I would probably not make that wig one big piece and do the braids separately and just attach them to the base wig. 

Again, this is just how I did it. I can pretty confidently say this was the wrong way to do it, but it worked out for me in the end so take what you will from this tutorial. I ended up staying 6.5 hours in the cosplay, and most of the time was in horrific pain from how heavy that wig was. It’s not going to be a comfortable cosplay to be in so I’m not going to sugarcoat it but it was a good learning experience and it was pretty fun being a beautiful fairy thing and also being too large to fit in the washroom. Anyway, remember, if it looks bad, stick a flower on it. 

Contact ch. 8 (Trixya) - Stella

A/N: Katya devises a plan to move in but not actually move in with Trixie after the attack at her work. Trixie is more perceptive than Katya would have hoped. Big thanks to Trash who is a literal angel and has read over my past couple of submissions, I’m an asshole for not giving props earlier! Also, this is Rated E.

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anonymous asked:

i think that 2d's makeup looks vary from geometric eyeliner and royal blue lipstick to dewy highlighter and pink glossed lips he probably look good i. anything honestly

I see him as being very experimental with his makeup. Breaking down makeup norms and “rules”, not doing the full face, skipping the concealer, trying out bold combinations, et cetra. Nothing over the top and distracting, but pretty out there. Just being very original with it, making you not know what exactly he’s going to do next.

His favorite products would definitely be something outlandish like rainbow highlighter or glossy eyeshadows, anything interesting. Hair chalk and color sprays, too, He likes crazy eyeliner colors, but his hyphema prevents him from wearing them often. Same for false eyelashes. He’d be wearing those deco ones with the fun-shaped glitter glued onto them if they didn’t irritate his eyes so much.

That dewy highlighter/pink gloss combination would really be a Look™ on him when paired with his hair color. He’d be so pretty in it.

Okay so these are a list of some of my staple products/hair care regimen

-herbal essence conditioner to co-wash. I use it every time I wash

-I don’t really have a staple shampoo product but the one I’ve been using for awhile is palmers olive oil keratin shampoo in a lime green bottle

-then for oils I use pretty much any kind of oil. I mainly use olive oil, argon, coconut, jojoba, & peppermint oil

-for leave in and deep conditioner I use the “Cantu Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream” product. So you can use that for two purposes and it’ll save you money on that.

-And another good deep conditioner is Profectiv’s Mega Growth! ✳️I always deep condition under a hooded dryer it helps a lot😃

-Also for leave in sprays I love using the argon oil leave in conditioner spray if I don’t already have my own mixed

-and then if I want to style my hair I use the Shea moisture style cremes (depending on the style because normally I can just use my leave ins for a style)

-Eco styler gel of course for edges and any other use lol.

-When I want to really clean and clarify my scalp I wash my hair with apple cider vinegar by placing that in an applicator bottle (adding only 25% of the bottle with ACV & the rest of the bottle with water). This really helps remove buildup from products your shampoo couldn’t get out.

-When I want to clean my scalp while I have a protective style such as braids, twists, etc. I use witch hazel. I just pour witch hazel on a cotton ball go through sections of my head patting the cotton ball on my scalp and then I go back over my scalp with oil when I’m done with the witch hazel. I found this method to be more helpful and convenient then me going through a whole washing process especially since I don’t want to risk my hair frizzing or popping out of my box braids since that’s what I normally wear for protective styling.

Hope this helped someone out there 😀😊


So Fresh And So Clean

Men’s Grooming Essentials

I know this blog is mostly about the fashinz but today let’s talk about a subject that goes hand in hand with your overall steez. After all, grooming is part of the full package when it comes to looking good so it’s time to step your game up gents! Check out my review of some new hair and skincare products I had the chance to try out and let me know what you use as part of your daily grooming regimen in the comments.

Gentleman’s Brand Co.

  • Face Wash - I have pretty sensitive skin so it’s hard to find a cleanser that isn’t too “sting-y” and leaves my face feeling raw instead of refreshed. With just a small dab, this face wash lathers nicely and is super gentle enough to use twice a day for my morning shower and after the gym.
  • Daily Moisturizer - It’s made with all natural botanical oils, and even though I don’t really know what that means, I do know that this stuff is amazing. No ashy elbows or knees anymore, this moisturizer hydrates well and is fragrance-free so it won’t clash with your cologne.
  • Body Wash - I’ll admit that I’m a loofa guy because I’m a fancy New Yorker now and this body wash is giving me every reason to switch from my typical wash aka whatever’s on sale at Duane Reade. From the tropical scent that makes me want to drink it like a pina colada (ed. note: please do not actually try that at home) to the soft feeling clean it gives your skin, I think I’ve found my new favorite shower soap.

Bad Norwegian

  • Facial Cream - Unscented, non-greasy, and no-shine - what more could you ask for in a daily face moisturizer?


  • Chap Skin & Lip Remedy - I always find myself losing my chapstick but this is one I’ll definitely want to hold on to. Non-shiny (this ain’t lip gloss) and does exactly what it’s supposed to. Bonus points for the cute masculine package design.

Mr. Natty

  • Clay Hair Preparation - The secret to my “Asian pompadour” all lies with the perfect hair product. This hair clay works perfectly to add volume to my very fine hair. I use a small amount palmed through my blow-dried hair to lift and style it into the perfect shape. Holds well on its own with a matte finish but because I’m from Jersey I can’t say not to a little, well a lot, of hairspray to finish it off.


  • Ocean Mist - Literally my favorite hair product discovery to date. As I already mentioned, I have very fine Asian hair and this product adds such a great almost crunchy texture to it. I’ve tried this out on  my towel-dried hair with a few sprays and then combed it through. The best part is that you can reshape and play with your hair throughout the day without getting any flakes and it even provides a decent hold to use without any additional hair product.
  • Hair Repair - I tried this out on my hair at the end of the week to undo a week’s worth of hair product residue buildup. After shampooing, I pretty much used it like a conditioner and left it in for 5 mins (directions actually say 5-10 mins but I’m impatient so…) and then washed it out. It actually does leave your hair feeling amazingly soft and has a great tropical/outdoorsy scent as well. Highly recommend using it a few times a week in place of your usual conditioner.

Special thanks to Serena for helping me with these photos.



For anon these are a couple of ways I’ve styled my hair thus far. The first one is natural with a little beach spray to make it wavier and the second one is the uriequiff because I obviously had to try brendons style, but there is so much you can do with it and I may update this in time! (btw I wasn’t naked don’t worry, I went to shower so my hair was clean and free of product to take these pics and I had a towel on, I am not that brave!) 

zombievag  asked:

Hey Rosie! I just watched your alopecia video, and I've been suffering from a lot of hair loss for a few months now, and I was wondering if there are any products you've used that have helped to regrow or thicken you hair. I'm willing to try anything but I've been so worried about spending a lot of money on a product that won't work :/ Any suggestions? P.S. You have beautiful hair. I never would've known you struggled with hair loss! <3

YES. My shampoo from Lush called ‘New’. Rose uses it too and it has made our hair so much thicker! It takes about a month or more for your hair to start getting thicker so stick with it, and get yourself a really nourishing conditioner for your ends. Argon oil also seriously helps with growth and keeps it healthy. I use a conditioner with Argon Oil and a spray. See my product review video on my channel TheRoxetera to see what I’m talking about! Life changing products right there! xxx

Products I Currently Want To Marry&Kiss

Bumble&Bumble Thickening Dryspun Finishing Spray (29.00, Sephora) This motherfucking product. How dare this motherfucking product be the best thing that’s ever happened to me and be a bajillion dollars. Sephora, do you have a bumble&bumble tree in a magical tropical island I can shake a couple of these babies off of? Because I want to be buried with this product. This is my moon and sun. I have shitty hair in the summer because it is flat on top and curly/frizzy, but I want to KEEP the curls, and it’s thin silky kinda hair and there’s a lot of of it and it’s also oily and it never keeps style. It’s shit hair:

and if you suffer from any of these, I urge you to try this and burn your money and surrender your money to the Lord of Light. Okay it is like 8 products: It’s a dry shampoo but it’s translucent so it doesn’t make you look like Lady Cokehair, it’s an instant volumizer so it adds oomph to your crown, it’s a TEXTURIZER so it makes your updos stick and teasing your hair a dream, it makes your curls better, and it’s also a hairspray so it STAYS. AND IT SMELLS GOOD. And you get to have big pageant-hair with volumized curls. KILL ME. KILL ME NOW YOU MISERABLE PRODUCT I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.

China Glaze Nail Polish in Turned Up Turquoise (Drugstores, 6.50) So far, this is the only nail polish that actually is turquoise not blue-y greenish or too blue or too green but actual mermaid-in-Arizona-wearing-a bunch-of-turquoise-necklaces, so thank you for this.

Vaseline Spray'n'Go Moisturizer (Drugstores, 6.50) It is a spray! It is coconut smelling moisturizer that all you do is spray on, which is obviously fun but also practical. Great for when you find patchy dry spots on your legs or arms right before you are about to leave the house and instead of getting slime all over your hands and you render yourself unable to open any doors, buy this.

Bikini Zone Anti-Bump Gel (Drugstores, 8.00) I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure this weird, antiquated product has the monopoly on the shaving-the-general-vicinity-around-your-vagina market, because I’ve only been able to find this one at Target and Drugstores and the packaging looks majorly 80’s fresh. Either way, it does the job. I think you should shave as much or as little as you damn well please down there, but my preference is keeping it silky around the “this is where all the pubic hair would potentially pop out of my bikini bottom” and this stuff is weird, doesn’t lather, and smells like nothing but I haven’t had a zit-ingrown-hair-is-this-a-disease bump since I started using it. So props to this old thing.

Headwraps from Forever 21 (F21, 1.80-4.00) We all know my love/terror with F21, but I pledge my allegiance to their accessories, and they have majorly cute little headbands that are a) all cloth so no headaches b) make you passably adorable when you refuse to wash your hair cuz you’re sweating. They are so cheap so you can literally throw them in the garbage when you get tired of them. But they won’t, because they make lazy-day hair the absolute best.

#5 You Find Out He's Going To Propose

Liam: You could taste the morning and your hair resembled that of a nest, but you still were softly padding your feet around the apartment you share with Liam, looking for him. A figure bumped into you when you turned a corner and you screamed, your heart beating a million miles an hour. Sadly, it wasn’t him, but your best friend, Eleanor, Louis’ girlfriend.

“Jesus, El! You scared me!” You backed up against the wall and rested your head against it, clutching at your chest.  "Where the hell is Liam?“

She spooned at the cereal bowl in her hands and shoved a heaping spoonful into her mouth before answering, "Well 1, go brush your damn teeth and 2, he told me to keep you company today, he went out.”

You had her go upstairs with you to the bathroom so you could brush your teeth, but still ask her a few questions.

“Is he with the boys?” “No.” “His other friends?” “Nuh-uh.” “His family?”

She shook her head and took another bite of the sugary mixture, and you took the bowl from her hands and dumped it into the sink.

“Hey! That’s my-” “El, If he’s with none of them, where is he?”

She huffed and jumped up onto the counter, her feet swinging back and forth. “I was told not to tell you anything, but since you ARE my best friend….” You stuck the toothbrush in your mouth and began to brush, egging her on.

“He went golfing…..with your dad.” You abruptly spit into the sink and coughed before declaiming, “He WHAT? He hates golf.”

“Oh, we all know, even him,” she replied, “and Louis told me that Liam got Niall to show him some pointers to impress your dad, apparently today is a very, VERY important day.” She winked and it took you a few seconds before you caught on.

“Is he….?” You trailed off, eyes filling with hope. She squealed and frantically nodded her head before the two of you jumped up and down, shouting, not bothering to hide the happiness over the fact that at that very moment, your father was clasping a hand down on Liam’s shoulder, proudly welcoming him to the family.

Niall: You were backstage with the crew, hanging out, waiting for the concert to start. The boys were on the stage now, going through sound check, when you noticed a few hair products on the table. Since Niall wasn’t in your reach and you had nothing better to do, you took them to her, besides, you really liked Lou. Her room seemed to be a mile away as you lugged hair spray, gel, and numerous brushes in your hands. Somehow opening the door, she instantly noticed your appearance and quickly gathered the products in her arms, placing them down, not showing one sign of a struggle. “Thank you so much! I knew I was missing some stuff,” She turned to you and something must of registered because before you knew it, your left hand was in hers and she was bouncing up and down.

“The ring! The ring, I want to see it!” You made a confused face and her features softened with each passing moment, her realizing that you had no clue what she was referring to. “Oh….. there’s no ring.”

Your eyebrow raised as she plastered on a faux smile and widened her eyes, looking away.

“Lou…” “Hmm?” “What ring are you talking about?” She tightened her lips together and shrugged her shoulders. You backed her up against a couch, the back of her knees hitting the edge, making her fall onto the cushion.

“You tell me right now..” “HESGOINGTOPROPOSETOYOUANDITHOUGHTTHATWHENHETOLDMEITWOULDVEBEENREALLYSOONBUTIGUESSNOTSINCETHERESNORINGONYOURFINGERYET.” She gasped for a breath at the end of the sentence and you rubbed your temples, shaking your head.

“Slower, please? C'mon, Lou.” She stood up and placed a hand on either side of your arms, looking you dead in the eye. “From what Niall has told me, there may or may not be a ring on your left ring finger soon.” You overflowed with excitement and hugged her tightly, never wanting to let go. “Oh, oh my god! He- he’s going to propose!”

Harry: You, Harry, and both of your parents went up to your log cabin in the mountains for a weekend. The bitter cold made you and Harry hastily bring your bags inside, trying to shield off the nipping frost. Once inside, the two of you curled up by the fire with a blanket as your moms talked in the kitchen and the men went into the media room to watch “the big game.” Breathing in the scent of him, feeling the natural heat that radiated off him, you knew there was no other place you’d like to be in this moment.

“I love you,” you whispered, as you nuzzled your face into his neck. He let out a breathy laugh and pulled you tighter to him, “I love you more than anything,” he reciprocated.

It was about to be dinner time, your mom calling everyone into the kitchen, when you forgot your phone. It was still in the car.

“You guys, I’ll be right back, I forgot my phone in the car.” Your mom nodded her head, signaling that you can go. You ran outside, leaving everyone in the kitchen, when you also remembered that you had no jacket on. Going back inside, you heard them talking, but you couldn’t make out a word they said, until you heard Harry speak.

Quietly grabbing your coat off of the rack you heard him, “Okay, now that she’s gone and I have you all with me, there’s something that I’ve been meaning to ask you guys.”

You buried you face into your coat and made a noise, not letting everyone hear you. “Is he doing what I think he’s doing?” Your thoughts were running wild as he continued, “I love your daughter more than anything in the world and we’ve been together for 4 years, long enough for me to realize that I can’t see myself being with anybody else. What I’m saying is, I would like for your permission to ask your daughter to marry me.” Your eyes went wide and you quietly went back out of the house, your coat now on. You knew your parents would say yes so you didn’t bother to hear their response. You immediately jumped up and down, kicking the snow and throwing it up in the air, laughing and making excited noises.

“Baby?” Harry asked, popping his head out of the doorframe, a goofy smile playing on his lips, “What on earth are you doing?”

You gave yourself a few seconds to collect yourself and cleared your throat before holding up a finger and retreating your phone. Putting it in your pocked you then pointed at him. “Get your coat on, we’re gonna go play in the snow.” He smiled and rolled his eyes, going back inside before you heard, “As you wish, my snow angel.”

Zayn: “Babe, do me a favor and go in my closet and pick me out a tie, yeah?” Zayn was fiddling with his hair and his sports coat in the mirror as you nodded you head. You see, he has some ultra-super-important meeting with the band about next year and they all have to look on their a-game, for Liam and Niall have also sent you pictures asking about their ties. In his closet, you never failed to be over whelmed with his amount of clothes. You found the tie rack and picked one out with ease, but looked at the other sport coats. You then chose a different tie after a few moments of thinking and went to grab the coat that went with it when it fell off he hanger and onto the ground. Mumbling to yourself, you went to pick it up when a box fell out of the pocket.

“No, no no no no no no.” you murmured, your smile getting bigger with each syllable. “Oh my god.” you whispered, picking it up to look at the box. It was a ring box, of course. You just couldn’t believe it. He’s going to propose. Hiding your giddiness, you sent a picture on your phone of the box to your best friend and hurriedly put it back in the coat, picking out the previous tie and going back downstairs.

“What took you so long? Did you get lost?” He laughed and took the tie from you, pulling you to him by your waist.

 "No, no no, I just couldn’t decide which one would look better on you.“

Louis: Louis was out with Niall, going to watch a football match that the two of them have been sweating over for the past month. You took this time to have a day to yourself back at his place, painting your toes, giving yourself a home-made facial, watching reruns of Orange is the New Black on Netflix, drinking your favorite martini, today was your day. During a heated part that made you want to punch a nearby throw pillow, the phone rang. Groaning, you shuffled over to the phone and answered it, immediately plastering on your "happy” self.

“Hi, is there a mister Tomlinson?” A seemingly older lady asked, “He’s not home right now, but I can surely pass on the message to him.”

“Oh, good, well I just called to tell him that his custom Diamond Candle has been shipped today, and that he will be receiving it within the next day or two.” “What exactly is a diamond Candle?”

“Well, my dear, we are a business that specifies in candles that when you burn them down enough, a ring will appear. They’re used very highly in anniversaries, proposals, that kind of stuff.” “Oh… proposals?” you asked, becoming hopeful, scratching your head. “Yes, why do you ask?”

“I’m his girlfriend.” A bit of time passed before you heard her mumble, “Oh no,” and then she got back on the line, “Oh Dear, I think I may have just ruined it,” you could tell she was embarrassed and so were you, at this point. “Could you please tell me why he custom made this Candle?” You just wanted to hear it, hear that he’s going to propose to you.+

“Well, he might have told us that this candle needs to be special, because he wants only the best for the most beautiful girl in the world.”

You thanked her and hung up, squealing and hopping, alternating feet. You couldn’t believe this was happening. Finally, after 3 and a half years, he was going to ask you to marry him.

// after experiencing a photo shoot myself, there are a few things that i would like to emphasize over and over again.

1. most of the time, the girl in the magazine doesn’t even look like herself. today a make-up artist did my hair and make-up, and i swear i have never looked like that before. he did an amazing job and spent 30 minutes on my make-up. during the shoot, he would come in and adjust my hair or touch up on my make-up in between the shots, making sure that my make-up is perfect and my hair falls in the right place.

2. the lighting in the studio is amazing. like seriously, i saw my photos and i loved them because the lighting made me look so much better than in real life. they also make sure that you are portraying your best angle (and sometimes that means micro-adjusting your face a million times to get that best profile).

3. the wonders of hair spray. i mentioned before that my hair is perpetually messy when i do yoga, but this time, my hair stayed in place all the time because of hair spray. i am not one who uses hair spray on a daily basis (i am the laziest girl ever) so i am really amazed that my hair is rock hard and is staying where it should be. and of course, there will be people coming in to adjust your hair when you’re in the shoot, and make sure that they are in a perfect angle.

and of course there’s photoshop. i don’t think i will be photoshopped much - i really don’t know, because i have yet to see the final product yet but we all know how amazing photoshop can be.

at the end of the day, i just want to say what has already been said over and over again on tumblr and the internet. the things you see on the magazine are carefully curated with the perfect lighting, with professional make-up artist who does make-up for a living, and professional photographers with huge lighting and know where to get that perfect angle. so, magazines are never the place to base your standards or benchmarks upon.

there’s of course nothing wrong with reading magazines, i read magazines to look at beautiful clothes, shoes, bags, and make up. but i don’t let the models on there defeat my self-esteem because that is just unrealistic. <: if i don’t look like that 99% of the time, i don’t think anyone else in the magazine really looks like how they look on magazines <:

don’t get me wrong, i am not bashing these wonderful people that i have worked with. i totally understand that it is a part of their job and they need to present the best in their magazines! i think what’s problematic is that sometimes some magazines make you feel bad about yourself, and sometimes we find ourselves comparing against the models on the magazines without realising how unrealistic that is <:

Hair Products I Enjoy

I am not so good at the hair. Makeup is definitely my thing. I feel confident about cat eyes and doing lipstick. Hair? Not so much. I have curly/wavy, thin hair that needs frequent washing. Also, I air dry it because I fucked up my hair so badly in high school from straightening it every day. And then I fucked it up again by dying it My Chemical Romance Black, Wendy’s Girl Red, Hot Topic Blood Red, and that chocolate cherry color that looks good on about 300 people in the whole world. So now I just use as little heat as possible on it to keep it healthy and purdy, save for special occasions when I do it up. Lack of blowdrying or curling means I need to have an arsenal of products at my disposal to make my hair not look like dog shit–with nothing but luck and the hands of the Mighty Hair God, who is definitely Jennifer Aniston or Mila Kunis. Side note–do you know how many times I’ve showed hair stylists Mila Kunis’ head before a hair cut? Do you know how many times I’ve been called Mila Kunis? Okay. Great. So here’s what I use:

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