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Logince is beautiful. It's all about Logan learning that sometimes not everything has to make sense and love is one of those things. And, also I saw a post about how Logan could explain how cultures all over the world have stories of dragons, so potentially dragons exist. Logan lending credibility to Roman's daydreams is adorable.

Logince is such an adorable ship. I honestly love it so much? <3 <3 <3 Love this!

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i read this fanfiction where jimin had a crush on taemin and he was fake dating yoongi to get taemins attention. i loved this fic so much so do you know any similar fanfictions where jimin likes taemin but in the end its yoonmin?

Ah, you are looking for stories similar to:

  • Nudes in Return by SnAnYu -Jimin thinks that fake dating his friend Yoongi will help him get together with his crush Taemin and helps him out for his photography project in return.  Little did Jimin know that fake dating his friend would stir up his life completely. 

Unfortunately this story is the only one I know of where Taemin is a potential love interest for Jimin.  But if you want some fake dating stories check out this ask here.  Sorry I couldn’t find any new Jimin/Taemin for you.

back to octopath traveler:

i appreciate the design philosophy of “it’s okay if the player doesn’t see everything on their first playthrough because the game is designed to be played multiple times”

hell, i love dark souls games and one of their biggest drawing points is that philosophy 

but at the same time i find myself kinda frustrated by that design 

take 2D sonic games, for example: i love the feeling of playing sonic games, but i hate the feeling of knowing i’m missing things as i zoom through stages. it’s a feeling i have to fight back to enjoy the game. plus 2D sonic games tend to be pretty short so it’s an easy enough feeling to ignore

but then you go to octopath traveler, a game with eight optional protagonists and potentially eight completely individual two hour long intro sequences 

the writing in the demo was stellar, but the idea of having to play through a Square Enix JRPG eight times just to see those pieces of story content doesn’t appeal all that much 

the intros by themselves are like two hours long, man. i could play and finish sonic the hedgehog 2 in that amount of time. 

i dunno. square’s a good company and i’m sure they’ll find a good solution when the game releases, but right now it seems kinda intimidating 

new genre concept: soft apocalypse

the world as we know it has ended and mother nature starts taking back what’s hers. there are no zombies or cannibals or murderous bandits. the most valued members of the community are those who know how to garden and farm, sew and weave, treat wounds, work wood or build with bricks, cook from scratch. 

people bond together to begin rebuilding instead of killing each other. everyone teaches each other whatever they do know and works together to figure out the stuff none of them know. books become incredibly valued resources because they’re often the only way to learn critical information. if someone is elderly, disabled, or otherwise unable to work at the same level as most of the community, they’re taken care of by the others, not told any sort of “survival of the fittest” bs.

as the generations ware on, communities begin expanding into small cities. some of the settlements even find ways to repurpose solar or wind power on a small scale and have electricity in some of their buildings. storytellers wander the countryside telling tales of the old world in return for some hot stew or a place to rest for the night, and the mythos of the new world start to incorporate elements of the past. the only thing that remains constant is that humans survive, and they do it by working together.


Welcome to a world without Light.

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13x02: Dean is John

Fairy Goddabb (and team) coming at us, waving his wand and textualising that Dean is John in a season all about fathers… Forget hail Mary’s I’m giving hail Dabb’s this year.

In 13x01 we got Grieving!Dean, canonically upset and nihilistic over the loss of Cas and Mary and the others. First every time though was Cas.

In 13x02 we are now seeing the fall out from this. Namely that he is mirroring both John’s life long grief over the loss of Mary, the grief that led him to act towards Sam and Dean in a way that led them to have so many issues that they are now overcoming, and also mirroring season 1 Sam through his grief over Jess.

We have already seen Dean drop to his knees next to Cas’ body just as Sam did at Jess’ grave and Mary did over John’s body and we had the scene where Sam pulled Dean back from Cas just as Dean pulled Sam back from Jess.

I then said here that I was expecting at some point mirroring of the scene from 1x02 where Dean offers to let Sam drive to take his mind off Jess (check!) and references to Dean not sleeping (check! - the “you were hallucinating sheep” conversation) but to get them both in 02 was fantastic :)

x x  Honestly, I want to keep a checklist of these things… I am so overjoyed!

Next is 1x04′s:

Sam “I’ve gotta find Jessica’s killer, it’s the only thing I can think about”
Dean “All that anger, you can’t keep it burning over the long haul, it’s gonna kill you”.
Sam “How do you do it?”
Dean “We help others, it makes it more bearable…and killing as many sons of bitches as we can”

Perhaps next week? In 13x03? When they go out to help someone else on a “normal” MOTW hunt? Who knows, I can hope. I can’t help NOT hope given we’ve been given so much else so far on my wishlist in such timely order. 

So anyway, yes, it’s established that Dean is GRIEVING. He is a MESS. He’s also perfectly mirroring both Sam in season 1 after Jess’ death and John his whole life after Mary’s death.

I wonder what could possibly be the link here? Hm. 

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*we just don’t know*

So then yes, Dean is mirroring John. THIS IS NOT TO SAY DEAN IS LIKE JOHN. You can mirror someone without being exactly LIKE them. Look at Jack mirroring all of TFW. It’s just a way to expose a storyline and emotional motivations for someone’s actions. OK? I am not saying that Dean is John. It’s just a link to the story of the past to show the story of now and how parts are mirrored to be ADDRESSED and SUBVERTED.

This then makes total sense when we look at Dean’s interactions with Jack. Yes he is harsh and struggling with him right now, the cause of Cas’ death, the potential big bad, because he’s grieving and a mess. Just as John was. 


There is going to be so much symbolism around John in this season and frankly seeing Dean mirroring him makes me so HYPED because this means we really should see some amazing exposition of Dean’s feelings towards John and himself in relation to John and I cannot help but hope for CLOSURE on this now. 

Then we have Jack who is a huge mirror for Sam. Sam who was the reason Mary died, though of course it not through his own fault. Mirror wise, Dean is John and Cas is Mary, Jack is Sam. 

Original story: John/Mary - Sam.
Season 13: Dean/Cas - Jack.

Still with me? OK.

So now we need to see this subverted. The ORIGINAL STORY.

Where Dean and Sam’s lives were ruined and turned upside down by all this, by the yellow eyed demon and Lucifer’s plan, by Heaven’s orders. 

The terrible original story of how everything started seems now to be mirrored and subverted into a (potential) end (but at least a later story) where everything is ‘fixed’. 

In the original story everyone was manipulated. Mary and John were manipulated into falling in love (versus Dean and Cas who fell in love DESPITE Heaven and everything against them). Sam and Dean were fated to be the vessels of Michael and Lucifer but they chose free will.

Everyone tried to manipulate Sam and Dean down a certain path. Their whole lives were a manipulation up to the point they chose Free Will. 

Now JACK has to choose FREE WILL thanks to their guidance and help. Through mirroring them and their story and through them helping him choose the righteous and free path.

Originally posted by godshipsit

He has to be the catalyst and mirror to subvert this story, to allow the metaphorical John and Mary (Dean and Cas) to LIVE and have a happy ending. For the metaphorical Sam (himself) to NOT grow up into the demon blood arc, and for the real Sam to move past this, accept the past and move onto a brighter future, to let go of his guilt over it by helping Jack past this too. For Jack to do just as Sam did do in the end in season 5 and fight back thanks to support from his family.

Jack’s story is a chance to subvert all the horrors of the start of the story for Dean and Sam, but first their story has to be mirrored for this to work.

This is what we are seeing happening. This is the set up.


What the Main RWBY characters DO and DO NOT know going into Volume 5

Since Volume 4 had six separate plotlines going on, we the audience know a lot more than each member of team RWBY. It’s hard to keep track of who knows what, so I decided to compile everything that the characters do and don’t know. That way we can be properly prepared for Volume 5. For the sake of brevity Jaune, Ren, and Nora have the same knowledge pool as Ruby.

For reference, the six main plots or stories of Volume 4 were RNJR, Weiss, Blake, Yang, Oscar, and the Villains. I might make a post for the villains later, but I do not have enough information to say anything meaningful about the confusing Ozpin/Oscar situation, and the RWBY girls are the most important in any case. Let’s get started!



  • That Qrow and the rest of RNJR are ok
  • The basics about Salem, the Maidens, the Relics and the “Gods”
    • Since Qrow did not describe the Gods as being interventionary
    • I will assume that they are not until canon states otherwise
    • They are more backdrop than characters at this point
  • That Mistral is likely target for next Attack
  • That she is wanted by Salem for Silver Eyes stuff


  • That Yang has a new arm
  • That Yang is coming to visit her
  • That Blake has Sun with her
  • Why Blake left
  • That Blake might be coming
  • That Blake intends to take over the WF
  • That Qrow and Raven can shapeshift
  • That Raven is the Bandit Chief
  • That Weiss is coming to Mistral
  • The extent of Weiss’ awful family
  • That Atlas is preparing for war
  • That Watts or Hazel are bad guys
  • That Lionheart is compromised
  • That Ozpin is in Oscar
  • That Winter is in Mistral
  • That Raven might have the Spring Maiden
  • Anything about Cinder’s condition
  • Anything about Ilia
  • Anything about Sienna Khan
  • That Adam is planning a WF coup



  • That Winter is in Mistral
  • That Atlas is preparing for war
  • That Ironwood does not trust Lionheart to be decisive
  • That Mistral is the likely next target


  • That Ruby and RNJR are in Mistral
  • That Ruby is wanted by Salem
  • That Yang has a new arm
  • That Yang is en route to Mistral
  • Why Blake left
  • That Blake is with Sun
  • That Blake intends on taking over WF
  • That Qrow is in Mistral
  • That Ozpin is in Oscar
  • The basics of Salem, the Maidens, Relics, and “Gods”
  • Anything about Raven
  • Anything about Qrow’s Semblance or shapeshifting
  • That Hazel, Watts, and Tyrian are baddies
  • That Lionheart is compromised
  • Anything about Ilia
  • Anything about Sienna Khan
  • That Adam is planning a WF coup
  • Anything about Cinder’s condition



  • Something about Sienna Khan, surely
  • That Adam is planning a WF coup
  • A LOT about Ilia
  • That Mistral is next target


  • That Ruby and RNJR are in Mistral
  • That Yang is en route to Mistral
  • That Weiss is en route to Mistral
  • That Yang, Weiss, and Ruby were all separated from each other
    • That those three have been lacking each other’s moral support for months
  • That Yang has a new arm
  • That Qrow is in Mistral
  • That Winter is in Mistral
  • That Ozpin is in Oscar
  • Anything about Raven past the Vol. 2 talk
    • No knowledge about bandits
    • No knowledge about portals
    • That Raven saved Yang from Neo?
    • You would think that Yang would tell her, but since the scene does not appear in canon I will assume that she does not know
  • That Hazel, Watts, and Tyrian are baddies
  • That Lionheart is compromised
  • That Atlas is preparing for war
  • The basics of Salem, the Maidens, Relics, or “Gods”
  • That Ruby is wanted by Salem
  • Anything about Cinder’s condition



  • That Ruby, RNJR, and Qrow are in Mistral
  • That Mistral is the likely target for the next attack
    • Either Ruby told her or she deduced it from Ruby’s location
  • That Raven is somewhere around Mistral
  • That Raven is driven, ambitious, dedicated, and a steamroller both in battle and in life
  • That Tai blames Raven for the breakup of Team STRQ
    • as well as emotional damage to his family
  • That Raven is dangerous BUT ONLY IN A VAGUE SENSE
  • That Adam is a high-ranking WF member
  • That Adam was Blake’s partner
    • Blake says as much in Volume 2, chapter 10

MIGHT know:

  • That Blake is on Menagerie
    • She sailed on the same ship as Blake
    • With the same gossip-loving captain
    • Who might have told her about the Sea dragon
    • And the Hunters that saved him
    • Since the scene was not shown in canon, I leave it at a maybe
    • It is too important to Yang’s arc to happen offscreen


  • That Ruby is wanted by Salem & co.
  • That Weiss is en route to Mistral
  • That Blake is en route to Mistral
  • Why Blake left
  • That Blake is safe
  • That Blake may be coming to Mistral
  • That Blake had her family and Sun to look after her
    • Again, Blake could have told Yang about her parents, but since we have no canon scene I will presume she has not
  • That Blake is planning on taking over the WF
  • That Raven is a Bandit Chief who has killed entire villages 
    • Or ordered their deaths
    • Or left them to Grimm
    • In any case, Raven claims responsibility herself in her conversation with Qrow
    • Tai or Qrow could have told Yang off-screen, but since this discovery is so important to her character arc, I severely doubt it.
  • That Raven can shapeshift
  • That Raven has a “family” that she apparently values more than her biological family
    • Her tribe
  • That Raven is still playing “the game of thrones,” for lack of a better word 
    • despite her isolation
  • Whether Team STRQ broke up before or after Summer’s death
    • We don’t know either
  • That Raven may have the Spring Maiden
  • The basics of Salem, the Maidens, the Relics, and the “Gods”
  • That Winter is in Mistral
  • That Ozpin is in Oscar
  • That Atlas is preparing for war
  • Anything about Sienna Khan
  • That Adam is planning a WF coup
  • That Hazel, Tyrian, and Watts are baddies
  • That Lionheart is compromised
  • Anything about Qrow’s semblance or shapeshifting
  • Anything about Ilia
  • Anything about Cinder’s condition

That’s everything I have! I hope that I helped clear up any confusion. At the very least I helped myself be less confused. Here’s to Volume 5!

It’s been 6 years and it still baffles me that OUAT had every opportunity to do something truly amazing and make the birth mom fall in love with the adoptive mom and let them be a happy family and raise their son together, but instead they just decided to go with the most boring hetero romance story that’s been told a million times before and is neither modern nor original. 

more wholesome friendship arcs, less unnecessary forced romances

so; blog change!

like I mentioned in my @thebbros blog, my mlp blog was gonna get a magor makeover and here’s why:

I said I was gonna make this about the Fusion Ponies I maid, but, I didn’t see much potential in them

sure I had fun coming up with their designs and backstorie, but stories and a univers around them? I couldn’t see that happening even if I tried

so I’m just going back to my oldest rearcarnation of mlp,

if any one knows me from my oldest days on Deviantart; you’d remember these from 2013

yep, my anthro pones are back, on tumblr this time!

of course the style is not the same cause this art is old, and their feet aren’t that huge anymore; but other then that, the designs remain the same

mostly they’ll be in mini comics and 4-komas making fun of the show; untill I decide to try other things with them

(maybe I can do some more fusion ponies here and there, but this blog ain’t about them anymore)

that’s it!

Hey Voltron Fandom, what the fuck?

I’m going to get straight to the point, you guys are self-destructive and are going to kill the fandom over your petty arguments and stupid self-entitlement. There hasn’t been a day since the beginning of the fandom that everything has just been peaceful for once (and I’ve been here since it’s birth) You all should be ashamed of yourselves, fighting online and hurting real people over fiction (this is not specifically towards ships btw) And I’m putting my foot down at all of this bullshit and trying to stop it

This is pretty lengthy so everything is under the cut

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Me: I’m over Disney canceling Wander Over Yonder, yeah it sucks that they made that decision but the crew moved on to other shows and honestly I should too

Craig McCracken: posts really cool art of something that would’ve been in season 3

Me: gets angry/depressed once more

Ok so I feel like some people still don’t get it:

Like, do y'all not realize that Zendaya is the MCU version of Mary Jane?? She’s obviously not the same character exactly, just like how Liz’s character wasn’t exactly the same as Liz Allen from the comics, but it’s the same general idea. Liz from spiderman homecoming is peter’s high school crush, and vice Versa from the comics, however in the movie version there was a modern twist-just like with Zendaya’s character.

And news flash: there’s NOT going to be another Mary Jane popping up later in the movie series: it makes no sense to have two ppl be nicknamed “MJ”. Just face the facts: Zendaya is MJ/MCU Mary Jane, and will be playing a much larger role in the future. Otherwise, there was no reason for her to be in the first movie at all.

You can see the looks she gives peter in the movie, signifying that she likes/is interested in him. The directors did not chose to do that for no reason. This MJ or “Michelle” is being set up to be Peters official and canon love interest in the next films, or else they would not have Zendaya doing so much PR with Tom alone, have her chemistry read with him, and so forth. Zendaya’ already been more or less confirmed to return in the second movie, which will allow them to develop their relationship more, but the fact stands:

(SPOILER BELOW 🚨) Zendaya is M(ichelle)ary Jane Watson. Maybe not exactly the same from the comics, but she is serving to be Peters canon and main love interest in the series by coining her nickname MJ, proving that there can be yet another twist to the oh so familiar spiderman story that we all know. Why do you think the directors chose to create Michelle’s character in place of the original MJ?? Why is aunt May so young?? Why did they make Liz allen’s father the vulture?? Why do you think they left out uncle ben’s story, or peter getting bitten by the spider?? Because it’s something NEW. They wanted to be original and modern with something being rebooted for the third time in a row. (Also iron man was in no way this involved with Peter’s life in the comics or any other movie but I don’t see y'all pressed over that..💅🏿)

I guess I just don’t understand why everyone is in so much denial over Zendaya being MJ–it could be a race or ignorance thing, idk. But that doesn’t change the fact that she is MJ and she is potentially Peter Parkers love interest. So stop all that whining with the “she’s not Mary Jane” cuz she clearly is the marvel version of it, and deal with it, it won’t kill you.

There are probs already posts like this but I haven’t seen one so ima say it anyways

They didn’t design Keith’s dad to look similar to Shiro on accident okay hear me out

It’s so clear to me that Keith does miss and want his father around. The pained look on his face when he says ‘of course I do’ in his little hallucination dream sequence makes that painfully obvious. In Keith’s bio on the Voltron site it says that he joined the garrison after being orphaned at a young age.
So what I’m thinking is… little newly orphaned Keith joining the garrison because he has nowhere else to go/live and he misses his father. And then he meets shiro and imprints on him because he makes the connection in his brain like ‘looks like father = new father figure’
Keith looks up to shiro and finds this paternal bond with him, and Shiro takes Keith under his wing. That’s why their father/son/brother dynamic is so important to the story and honestly I think it has so much potential to be interesting as long as they write it properly. It’s so painfully clear that they see eachother as family and I want more info about it!!

Just wanted to post some more photos from the marriage equality rally in Melbourne yesterday, and take the chance to tell a couple of stories because there was so much love in my city and I’m so proud of everyone. Long post, sorry, but there’s a bit to cover - ye be warned.

I spotted this cute couple as I walked out of Melbourne Central (a shopping centre and train station all mashed together) and told them they looked fab. Spotted them again and asked for a photo - they were very happy to oblige when all of a sudden the ABC came up asking for an interview, and I took this pic. They were beautiful people.

I’d seen this guy post in the Facebook event just before I left home, and suddenly found myself standing right next to him! We had a quick chat about how many people had arrived and then waxed about how AMAZE it would be if Lady Gaga parachuted in to the masses. Really funny guy and I’m glad to have met him. I swear I’m so much more personable at these things. 

I do love a simple home-made sign. I don’t have a story about this guy, sorry. Actually from here on in it’s all random stories of the day, assume the pics are unrelated.

The Greens senator Janet Rice got her rainbow family on stage while she was talking. Her wife is the Nobel Prize winning climatologist Penny Whetton, and she just happens to be trans. Senator Rice mentioned that in order for a married person to transition they must first divorce their partner. This information drew an audible gasp - fifteen thousand people had just heard this information for the first time and were disgusted.

A timely reminder that marriage equality doesn’t just effect the L and the G.

I spent my time during the speeches standing with the Greens, who I vote for (in the Senate at least) and who gave me a free shirt, so I felt obliged. They’ve been in this fight ever since former prime minister John Howard changed the marriage act - without the need for a plebiscite or survey - so I felt very comfortable chilling with them. I was about to take a photo for them when an organiser came up and announced that Senator Rice was about to do a press conference. They wanted representation in the shot, and as I was standing there and very obviously trans they asked if I wanted to be involved. I’m not a member yet, though, and declined. Besides, I am way too shy for that shit.

There were these two young girls - actually, side note, its amazing how many kids were not only there but openly passionate about the topic of the day - but these two girls couldn’t have been more than seven or eight, and they were leading a cheer as we marched:

One, two, three, four: equality is what we’re for!
Five, six, seven, eight: rainbow families are so great!

They were incredible, and you better believe that people were chanting along with them, these two young cheerleaders who were so full of life and love. 

When the speeches started, the organisers said there were, as I said, about 15,000 people in attendance. Trams were not able to travel on Swanston Street, because people were covering the tram tracks. The lawn and steps leading to the State LIbrary was covered in people, myself included. People stretched down the street and crowded nearby balconies and you couldn’t get out of Melbourne Central on the Swanston St side like, at all.

When we marched, we picked up a lot more people. And I noticed at one point that we covered three entire streets - Latrobe, Elizabeth and Burke - and that doesn’t include the people that had decided to wait on Swanston. By the time everyone got back to the State Library we numbered twenty thousand.

Twenty thousand beautiful, loving, amazing people. It was incredible.

Finally, just a pic of my free shit (and also the free ribbon I received). I had a great time at the rally. More importantly, I’m galvanised. I haven’t campaigned for a political cause since Howard tried to implement an industrial relations bill called WorkChoices, which cost him the 2007 election. I was kinda active then.

Nothing can stop me now.

I’ve signed up to drop leaflets in my neighbourhood. I’m going to as many rallies as I can. I’m going to try and get involved in planning sessions for further action. I’m going to fight for this.

But it’s supremely shitty that Australia even finds itself in this situation.

Back in 2004, as I mentioned, John Howard made changes to the Marriage Act so that the legal definition was exclusively between a man and a woman. This change happened in parliament. Politicians on both sides did not feel the need to formally consult the people before voting unanimously for the change.

In desperation a few years ago (because we queers had gotten very, very loud), then prime minister Tony Abbott (he of the many memes) proposed that if queer people really wanted to get married then they could vote for the right to do so, in a plebiscite. In Australia, if you want to change the Constitution then you hold a referendum, and the result of that is binding on parliament. Marriage, however, is not part of our constitution - furthermore, a plebiscite result does not bind the members of parliament to vote in accordance with the will of the people. It was a delaying tactic, nothing more.

A couple of months ago Minister for Immigration and Horrible Shitty Human Being Peter Dutton proposed a new idea if the plebiscite-enabling legislation was blocked once again by the Senate: a postal survey.

It is, again, non-binding. It’s not compulsory, unlike regular voting. And a survey doesn’t require legislation to acquire the funding. This idea really excited the badly-named Liberals. The expectation was that the No voters, overwhelmingly those who are over 50, would vote in droves while those who would be more inclined to vote Yes would fight each other over ideas of boycotting and have no time to persuade the most powerful group - young people between 18-24 who support marriage equality at a factor of 81% - to post their ballot forms.

That makes the twenty-thousand strong crowd at yesterday’s rally truly astounding. We’re not fighting about boycotts - those that have suggested it have been mostly convinced otherwise. We have all the time in the world to convince young people to vote and in fact the electoral roll has swelled with close to one hundred thousand new enrolments. In a small country like Australia (pop. 24 million) that’s a lot of new potential Yes votes.And queer Melbournians have never felt so much love before, we’re all a bit awed.

We could do with a little help though, especially from those of you who live in a country where marriage equality exists. We don’t need much. We just need you to tell stories. Talk about that big gay wedding you went to last week. Mention how your friends just got engaged and how you’re thrilled for them. Above all, share stories about how the world didn’t end, that people didn’t marry bridges, and that the only thing that really changed was that there is more love being openly celebrated. 

We know that 70% of the country supports marriage equality. We also know that 1 in 5 of those people aren’t sure if they’re going to vote. So a little bit of convincing from internetionals will go a long, long way.

That’s all from me. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I love you all.

And remember: superheroes vote yes!

when I was a kid I frickin loved warrior cats. that’s what got me into digital art (on scratch, if anyone remembers that haha) in the first place. now, like 9 years later I stumble upon @climbstudio and this reawakens my love for this world of dumbass cats (though I read like the fourth series just now and realized it’s actually not very good writing at all lol)

and then i found @warriorsredux and I love that a lot more than the actual series!! so much potential!!! now a redux fan 

anyway long story short this is Spottedleaf, my favorite kitty of the redux series (her personality is so much better……..) 

I talked to my uncle/3rd-best-friend about how is Danny Phantom and how is the Phandom, and this is his opinion:

About the show:

“Vlad is right. Fuck the Fenton parents.“

“Wow, they reversed the popular-girl-and-poc-character by making Paulina the most popular girl whilst the blond-white-blue-eyed is her minion.”

“Ember is hot.“

“Sam is cool. I like her.”

“This could be so cool if DC put it’s hands on it and made it officially a dark show.“

On ‘Shades of Grey’ “Wait, she canonically tortured him?!”

“The parents want WHAT?!“

“WAIT, all of his enemies know hid secret identity BUT not his parents?!”

On Danielle “Well, fucking hell, that girl is gonna grow up with a lot of traumas and seeking male aprobation. Which member of the animation staff was letting loose their own traumas?“

On Cujo “Hey, the puppy’s story is sorta cute…”

On Poindexter “Wait… did he commit suicide…?“

“This has a lot of potential for a children cartoon.”


Now, on the Phandom:

“The creator provoked a Shipps War? Didn’t he know that you can’t decide how the fans shipp?”


“Oh, forget the traumatized little girl, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?”

“This is way too much gore for a children cartoon.“

“You are all crazy.”

“Ok, yes, this show has dark potential, but you are way too much.“

After some phanarts “Oh… what is wrong with you?”

“And you are part of all this?“ “A little part, but yeah.” “Ok, I’m paying for your therapy.“