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What she says: I’m fine
What she means: In the 2012 movie adaptation of Les Mis, why does Grantaire go from sitting on the front of the carriage wearing a coat and a hat to sitting in some random cafe with a girl on his knee in a matter of seconds? Was George Blagden acting as an extra and the directors just hoped we wouldn’t notice? Or were they suggesting that Grantaire couldn’t bear to see Enjolras die so as soon as the conflict started he ran away to bury his sorrows with wine and a girl? If that was the case how did it happen so quickly? How does time work in the Les Mis movie universe? At the start of the film Fantine is shown to go from fairly ‘normal’ to having a cough in just a few scenes which are probably set over a matter of days, weeks at most. Does time pass differently in France? Do they experience shorter days and shorter years? Back to Grantaire, when he kisses Mme Hucheloup off her chair why does he go from wearing a sash around his waist to not wearing one even though the shot didn’t change? Is Grantaire always doomed to have trouble in the wardrobe department?

J’en suis

Ok, this is one of my favorite quotes from Les Mis, so headcanon time!!!

When Grantaire starts going to Les Amis meetings, he doesn’t exactly believe he is one of them–he always feels slightly like no one actually cares if he’s there or like he doesn’t actually fit in and belong, and it doesn’t help that he and Enjolras are always at each others throats, so at the end of one night when he’s had a little too much to drink, he starts softly venting all of this to Bossuet. Of course Bossuet listens to Grantaire and tries to comfort him, but Grantaire still can’t shake that feeling…

What Grantaire doesn’t know is that Enolras heard everything.  So, yes, Enjolras works on being nicer to Grantaire during meetings, but he also takes a green post-it note and writes on it in flawless calligraphy “J’en suis” and at the next meeting subtly slips it into R’s bag, who doesn’t notice it until he gets home, but smiles none the less and begins to think maybe he does  belong there after all.

From then on, Enjolras always carries that green post-it notepad in his bag, and whenever he can see that R is having a bad day, he manages to somehow write “J’en suis” on a post-it note in perfect calligraphy and slip it into Grantaire’s bag–all without anyone noticing.  Grantaire won’t tell anyone, but those post-it notes have helped him through some pretty tough times, and he keeps every single one he gets.

Courf drags Marius along to Les Amis one day, only to have Marius be dragged by Ferre’s “to be free” (you all know the scene), so at the end of the meeting Enj asks an angry, exasperated Marius to give their meetings one more chance, and at the next one is a purple post-it note waiting for him at the same empty table he had sat at last time. The note reads “J’en suis” in perfect calligraphy.

When Musichetta joins there’s an obnoxious neon green post-it note for her, while Eponine gets a soft teal, and Cossette gets a bright pink one. 

It slowly starts to spiral into something larger.

Whenever Joly has a panic attack or his leg is acting up, there’s a post-it note waiting for him, light blue with the phrase “J’en suis.”

Whenever Feuilly hasn’t been to a meeting in over a month due to his jobs, there’s “J’en suis” on an orange post-it note waiting for him.

When something goes wrong, which happens a lot with Bossuet’s luck, or when he gets mad at himself for screwing something up, there are post-it notes with lucky shamrock backgrounds and the famous “J’en suis.”

When Jehan comes out as non-binary, they get a purple one (their favorite color), with “J’en suis” written over a background of flowers.

Bahorel gets one when he finally decides stop following his parents’ dream that he would be a lawyer and starts to follow his own dream of opening a patiserie. 

Everyone else is weary when Jehan starts to bring Montparnasse along to meetings, and he almost decides he isn’t coming back, until he feels Enjolras slip something into his pocket (of course he knows it’s Enjolras, he is a master pick-pocket and Enjolras would have to be ten times better to fool him), and when Parnasse takes it out, there’s a black post-it note with “J’en suis” in red pen. He never tells anyone it’s Enjolras, but when he comes back to the next meeting he greats Enj with a rare smile, as an attempt to thank Enj for the note.

Speculations about the mysterious note-giver goes around, and when Enjolras is quickly ruled out–because there’s a reason Combeferre takes notes at meetings, and that reason is partially because no one can read Enjolras’s disastrous handwriting–Enj just smiles, knowing his secret is safe.

Only Combeferre and Courfeyrac know it’s Enjolras, and that’s only because they live with him and have to deal with the fact that their appartment has become over-run with pads of post-it notes. Plus Courfeyrac is the only person in the world Enjolras would go to for ideas on which post-it notes to order for each person.

After a particularly bad day, Enjolras silently sneaks out of a meeting early. When R finds him crying on the fire-escape, he doesn’t say anything, just slips a red post-it note into his hand as they continue to stare up at the stars in silence. When Enjolras finally dries his eyes enough to read it, he sees “J’en suis” scribbled across it in Grantaire’s chicken-scratch. That’s the moment Enjolras realizes he likes Grantaire. 

Fast forward a little, and still no one knows who the secret note-giver is, but that doesn’t matter anymore. What matters most is that these notes have helped everyone through some horrible times, so Grantaire has the idea to get a tattoo of the mysterious writing.  Bahorel, Jehan, Bossuet, Musichetta, Combeferre, Eponine, and Cossette–and Enjolras–all want to do the same thing, so they all go as a big group, but it’s only a week later when Grantaire realizes the tattoo Enjolras got wasn’t “J’en suis” in flawless calligraphy like everyone else’s tattoo–it was the same scribbled “J’en suis” from that night on the fire-escape.

Fast forward a little more, and after they have been dating for a few years, Enjolras gets down on one knee and proposes to R with a ring bearing the inscription “J’en suis.”

Courfeyrac, Marius and Grantaire go on vacation to Spain at a beautiful beach with clear water and white sand!

  • Marius has never been to the beach and Courfeyrac and Grantaire enjoy how excited and amazed Marius gets with the new experiences!
  • Grantaire bought his cheap camera and they take a lot of fun pictures of themselves, of their rooms, of the beach, of the food, and of cute animals that somehow follow them (there are a lot for some reason?)
  • They take pictures with matching sunglasses! Ridiculous poses! Carrying the sun! Sunbathing! Hearts made of sunscreen! Fake moustaches! “Draw me like one of your French girls” !
  • And they also take disgustingly sweet and sappy pictures: Kissing in the sunset, holding hands, matching bracelets, forehead touches and nose kisses and cuddling together…
  • They take a ferry to another neighbouring island and Courfeyrac climbs on the highest part of the ship and declares himself a president of the world.
    (M: “Isn’t it ‘king of the world’?”
    C: “I’m against monarchy.”
    R: “That’s –”
    C: “Hush, I’m having a moment!”)
  • They see wild dolphins and turtles!
  • They go snorkelling and see colourful beautiful fishes!
  • They go cliff diving!
  • Grantaire distracting Courfeyrac with a kiss and then throwing him into the water.
    (“I declare war, Capital R!”
    “Come at me, de Courfeyrac!”)
  • Up on the roof of the cheap hotel they stay at, watching the sunset and counting the stars
  • Walking along the city in the evening, at the stores along the beach, and dancing to the live music that come from the bars and restaurants that have small open air stages.

And then, at the end of their trip, they drive back in Grantaire’s old rusty Jeep, the trunk packed full with memories and souvenirs for their friends, and Marius and Courfeyrac are sleeping on the back seats; it’s peaceful and too silent, so Grantaire turns on Elvis Presley’s “Love me tender” on low volume so he doesn’t fall asleep, and he thinks about how lucky he is to have them, how happy he is to be in love with such wonderful people.

les amis & co as beautiful greek words (part i)

bc i couldn’t resist // btw u can ask me about the pronunciation of any of these words

part ii /


  • διαπρύσιος // someone who declares or supports something with particular intensity, passion, or daring (adj. masc.)
  • ρηξικέλευθος // innovator, someone who brings about progress, who creates new pathways (in politics, finance, or social issues) (adj. masc.)
  • φέρελπις // someone who brings about or inspires hope (adj. masc. and fem.)


  • αμετροέπεια // to speak excessively, lack of moderation with your words (fem. noun)
  • ηθοποιός // actor, literally “he who creates ethos/value/feeling” (masc. noun)
  • νηπενθής // someone who doesn’t grieve, who does not cause sadness, who rejects sadness (adj. masc. and fem.)


  • λεξιθηρία // the pursuit of rare words (usually with the motive of impressing the reader) (fem. noun)
  • φυσιοδίφης // someone who researches and observes nature thoroughly, specifically plants or animals (adj. masc. and fem.)
  • μειλίχιος // characterized by the sweetness of his behaviour (adj. masc.)


  • καιροφυλακτώ // waiting for the perfect opportunity to proceed with saying or doing something (verb)
  • νείρομαι // to wish for, desire, want something a lot (verb)
  • ετοιμόλογος // someone who can respond wittily with alarming speed, someone always ready with a response (adj. masc.)


  • χειραφέτηση // the act of becoming independent, of taking your fate into your own hands (fem. noun)
  • χαρμολύπη // the coexistence of joy and sorrow within a person, sadness and repentance for past wrongs and joy and hope for forgiveness (fem. noun)
  • ευήθεια // naivete, purity of thought (fem. noun)

Courf: I’ll be damned if I let you go out dressed the way you dress!

Courfeyrac helps Marius get dressed because Marius can’t see himself in a mirror. Vampire issues…

Where is that vampire Marius post, I was thinking about you, I want a fic of it where is my fic do I have to write it my goddamn self fuck me

Les Amis & Co. friendship headcanons Part 2

Cosette and Grantaire. Grantaire and Cosette having weekly brunches together what sounds all fancy and mature but it’s actually just them eating lots and lots of pancakes and gossiping about boys in their pyjamas at 11am. Sometimes Valjean joins them on Saturdays or Sundays and they talk about art and music until someone has to get up to make more pancakes.  

Marius and Bossuet. Marius and Bossuet always sitting next to each other during Les Amis meetings because it just became habit since Marius already knew Bossuet even before he knew Courfeyrac who introduced him to the rest of the group. Marius still being kind of shy and feeling guilty because Bossuet lost his college place for him but also so, so grateful and Grantaire and Joly might be pissed when someone talks shit about Bossuet but Marius is terrifying.

Musichetta and Combeferre. Musichetta and Combeferre being the mother hens of the Amis and having perfected the art of collective sighing. After group trips when everyone is safe back home and in their beds Combeferre and Musichetta just sit down together, drinking something strong and celebrating themselves for not losing their minds. Most times they’re so exhausted that they just fall asleep on the couch together after half an hour

Jehan and Enjolras. Jehan and Enjolras going to yoga lessons together twice a week. They don’t talk about some of the things Jehan tried before that to get Enjolras to relax but let’s just say the methods ranged from belly dancing to underwater whale sounds. Also they found out that Enjolras is really fond of dancing when he’s stoned. The videos are hilarious.

Éponine and Joly. Joly being number one on Éponine’s speed dial list because he’s the one that always picks up even in the middle and he because whenever something happens to Gavroche (when he got into a fight or fell down the stairs or got hurt somehow) Joly’s professional medical knowledge makes it easier for her to stay calm and reassured than anything else in situations like that.

Grantaire and Musichetta. Grantaire and Musichetta actually knowing each other before they realize they both know Joly and Bossuet as well because they‘ve been taking Latin American dance lessons together since ages and no one knows about it until one night they just perform a tango in the middle of the Musain that leaves the others speechless and/or really aroused.

Feuilly and Jehan. Jehan taking care of Feuilly’s apartment, watering his plants or just staying there because they really like the light in his living room and the way it smells like paint and wood and smoke. Jehan making Feuilly calming tea when he comes home or giving him massages when he’s too tense to relax and Jehan’s massages. Jehan’s massages are actually the eighth world wonder.

Courfeyrac and Bahorel. Courfeyrac and Bahorel going clothes shopping together and everyone else dreads the aftermath of these days because Courfeyrac encourages Bahorel to buy the brightest purple waistcoat and Bahorel picks the most ridiculously patterned bowties for Courfeyrac and they both just love it while everyone else honestly wonders if a rainbow puked on them.

Part 1

i’ve seen les mis west end four or five times now, and every time at the end of ‘a little fall of rain’, eponine leans up to kiss marius, and he pushes her gently down, and then she dies.

every time except tonight, which was the end of the run for the actors for both eponine and marius (carrie and rob), where eponine leant up to give marius a kiss, and he leant down, and they shared a kiss just as she died.