so much plastic surgery

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👊 (Jackie)

((One of the main reasons Jackie had so much plastic surgery done to herself is because she grew up with low self esteem and was extremely insecure about her appearance.))

Jeffree Star is literally so ugly like it’s honestly sad that he’s had so much plastic surgery and cakes on so much makeup but is still hideous?

Ten Great Joan Rivers Jokes, in Honor of the Late Comedy Queen’s 81st Birthday

1. “I have no sex appeal. If my husband didn’t toss and turn, we’d never have had the kid.”

2. “My sex life is so bad, my G-spot has been declared a historical landmark.”

3. “People say that money is not the key to happiness, but I always figured if you have enough money, you can have a key made.”

4. “I was born in 1962 … and the room next to me was 1963.”

5. “No man will ever put his hand up your dress looking for a library card.”

6. “I’ve had so much plastic surgery, when I die, they will donate my body to Tupperware.”

7. “Want to know why women don’t blink during foreplay? Not enough time.”

8. “I don’t exercise. If God had wanted me to bend over, he would have put diamonds on the floor.”

9. “I knew I was an unwanted baby when I saw that my bath toys were a toaster and a radio.”

10. “Not all plastic surgeons are good. My cousin went to one and told him she wanted to turn back the hands of time. Now she has a face that could stop a clock.”

the twilight zone’s iconic "eye of the beholder" people are really ugly

DOCTOR: I’ve removed the bandages from your head. You can look in the mirror. But be warned, your new, deformed appearance may shock you.

PATIENT: Oh my God!

DOCTOR: I’m sorry. The plastic surgery could only do so much.

PATIENT: No, I look fine. It’s you. Your face is totally fucked up.

DOCTOR: What do you mean?

PATIENT:  You have a pig nose and a weird mouth.

DOCTOR: Yes, but everyone in this world looks like me. So I’m “normal.” It’s you who, by our standards, are now “unattractive.”

PATIENT: No, I’m pretty sure I’m hot. You’re ugly.

DOCTOR: I’m not ugly. Because beauty is relative. Do you understand?

PATIENT: You’re wearing a mask?

DOCTOR: I’m not wearing a mask. This is my real face.


DOCTOR: Okay, that’s… hostile. Just, imagine you’ve never seen a human face before. Not even your own. If someone asked you to choose the “prettier” face and showed you two photos: one of me-

PATIENT: The photo of me.

DOCTOR: Let me finish. One of me, and one of you. Which would you say is the more attractive one?

PATIENT: The photo of me.

DOCTOR: With zero basis for comparison?! Really?! You’d just instinctively know you’re more attractive?! How?

PATIENT: My nose isn’t a snout, my mouth isn’t gross, my-

DOCTOR: Fuck you! I’ll have you know I’m a ten in this universe. Okay? I’m hot. I’m a doctor. I married the fucking Prom Queen.

PATIENT: Really?


PATIENT: Was it like a pity thing?


PATIENT: Does she look like you?


PATIENT: Don’t have kids.

DOCTOR: Whatever, you’re the one who’s doomed to a twisted, ironic fate.

PATIENT: Tell me about it. I’m trapped in a world of ugly people.

DOCTOR: You’re ugly!

I hate how idols in general always get hate from netziens no matter what they do. Small? “To skinny” Kinda chubby? “Too fat”. Lose weight? “They were so much better before!” No plastic surgery? “Wow they need to do something, that face is terrible.” Plastic surgery? “What a plastic surgery monster”. There is just no winning for idols I think and it’s so sad that these people can’t live their lives the way they were born and be in the industry they want