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Slytherin!Tom AU - Two

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“He went back to get the flower?” I shrugged, looking away bashfully. It had been three days since my last interaction with Tom, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I had seen him in classes and in the hallways, the cafeteria and even when we went down to Hogsmeade. He avoided me, and I could only assume it was because he knew that I knew he went back for the flower I’d given him and he thought I’d out him to his friends. But, truth be told, I liked being Tom’s secret pleasure – knowing that even though he deemed my House a joke, he still favored me.

“It’s not a big deal,” Beatrice and I walked into Honeydukes, trying to find something for Beatrice to send back to her mother for her birthday – her mother had quite the sweet tooth and being a Muggle, she insisted there was something sweeter in ‘wizard candy’. “Besides, Tom hasn’t even spoken to me. Maybe he just has a favorite flower.” Beatrice scoffed, sifting through the arrangement of Cauldron Cakes, looking for the best one.

“Slytherin’s and flowers? Highly unlikely, I’m more than positive it was less about the flower and more about who had left it there.” I ignored the blush rising from my neck and threatening to flood my entire face while I picked up some Sugar Quills for myself.

“Just because they’re Slytherin’s doesn’t mean they’re void of all feelings, Beatrice.” I put down the Sugar Quills and picked up a few Chocolate Wands instead. “And maybe he just picked it up as a joke – the whole lot of Slytherin might be laughing it up from it right about now.” I argued. “Have you found something for your mother?” I desperately tried to change the subject. “I still have to study for Flitwick’s Memory Charm quiz and I’m craving some Butterbeer.” I turned to face her, “So, can we go to Hog’s Head?” Beatrice looked up from the items in her arms and frowned at me.

“I’m sorry, I can’t. I have a – uh, a date.” My eyes widened. “Yeah, it’s no big deal… You know the Ravenclaw boy in my Creatures class I told you about? Ryan? He asked me to lunch and I promised I’d meet him.” I shrugged and lightly smiled.

“That’s fine, I suppose. But, just this once.” I winked at her, both of us laughing as we paid for our things. “So, when are you heading out?” She glanced at her watch and her eyes widened. “I guess you’d better leave now, before you’re late?” She nodded rapidly.

“Did you want to head back with me?” I shook my head.

“I’m gonna head over to Hog’s Head. I still have that craving, if I don’t satisfy it I’ll get a headache.” She smiled at me, leaning in to hug me. “When I get back to the room, I want full details, okay?” She stuck her hand out, prompting me to shake it.

“Deal. Have a Butterbeer for me!” I watched her receding figure until she was no longer in sight before heading the opposite direction toward Hog’s Head. It was very quiet in here, considering it was Sunday and most of the young wizards were all probably studying in the library back at Hogwarts. I sighed as I set down my things at an empty table after ordering the Butterbeer. I pulled out my notes from my sling bag and read through the charm. I repeated the word in my head: Obliviate. I nodded to myself before moving on to the hand motion. I lifted my index finger to imitate a wand and motioned it in a disoriented circle motion.

“Studying for Flitwick’s quiz?” I opened my eyes, not realizing I had closed them in concentration. I looked up from my notebook, seeing Tom standing in front of me with two Butterbeer’s in his hand. “I offered to bring yours to your table,” he placed one of the drinks in front of me on the table, “this seat taken?” He motioned to the seat across from me and I shook my head, gesturing for him to sit down.

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guys NU’EST W looked so friggin beautiful in pink today our fandoms colour, literally I think I love the pink suits almost as much as the red, the shattered glass and scattered chandeliers were so friggin beautiful. Hoping we get a stage next were the camera person isnt drunk tho lmao (what were those angles??) 

Anyway my point is NU’EST were born to wear pink and they are the prettiest BG ever OK BYE

P.s someone make a nu’est wearing pink compilation gif set cos i love death

Valentines Lyrics (Courtesy of @nbhdfacts on insta)

to those of you in which I choose
to always be the closest to
something that you need to know
loving me is not a joke

you can put it all on me
you can laugh & you can bleed
& I’ll adopt it all because
that’s just what a buddy does

I loved you from minute one
the iced tea to my lemonade
never one to hit & run
soaking every minute made

you can give me all your juice
I can squeeze it out for you
all I ask you in exchange
love me back through every phase

if it ever comes off wrong
or leaves you with a bitter taste
just remember you’re the tea
& i’m your sour lemonade (2x)
tropical iced tea & hot pink lemonade 🙃