so much pink i friggin love this

i don’t even like pink that much but I am friggin proud to rock my sweet pink power armor

Valentines Lyrics (Courtesy of @nbhdfacts on insta)

to those of you in which I choose
to always be the closest to
something that you need to know
loving me is not a joke

you can put it all on me
you can laugh & you can bleed
& I’ll adopt it all because
that’s just what a buddy does

I loved you from minute one
the iced tea to my lemonade
never one to hit & run
soaking every minute made

you can give me all your juice
I can squeeze it out for you
all I ask you in exchange
love me back through every phase

if it ever comes off wrong
or leaves you with a bitter taste
just remember you’re the tea
& i’m your sour lemonade (2x)
tropical iced tea & hot pink lemonade 🙃